I don’t “wish upon a star”  anymore, but I did as a kid and thought it was fun.      And I no longer make a wish on  “Star Light, Star Bright,   very  first  star  I  see  tonight … ”

And I don’t see omens, good ones or bad ones, when I see a meteor flash across the sky,  but I try to look for them during every known meteor shower.

 But –  when it’s in my backyard  —

Meteor in back yard

That white line is just about what I saw in my backyard trees last night,  shortly after 8:00 p.m.     (For my friends who have looked out my back windows.)

I was talking, leisurely , on the phone, sitting in a chair, looking out the window into the dark snowy night.    While my friend was talking, I saw this flash,  a narrow bright rectangle of light that lasted about a second and left a”spot” in my eye, as though a flashbulb had gone off.

I didn’t interrupt my friend,  (maybe it was just a big chunk of snow falling from the tall trees?)    but shortly after   ( a minute or so?),  I did interrupt her and said,  Oh, my goodness, something just fell onto my deck!    She said,  Go and look!    I got up right away  to look for what had thumped, but told my friend I see no disturbance on the snow on the deck.   It all looked clean and, well, undisturbed.    We decided just that the “house must have shifted” — you know, it’s been pretty freezy cold around here.

Later that evening I found out that that bright short-lived streak was a meteor – big enough to be called a bolide,  and that thump I heard was a 2.0  earthquake, probably caused by the crashing of that meteor onto the earth, more than a hundred miles away.

It had a pathway from western Wisconsin to Pittsburgh, PA.

Ahhh,  when it happens in my own backyard,  then I feel lucky!!    Lucky to have seen it!

Spaceweather . com  has some more photos and a promise to follow up when more information becomes available.

Here’s a photo from our local news:

Fireball text

The “fireball” looks like a ball.



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