Good people  acting good can achieve much good.

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I wasn’t going to write about the State of the Union speech tonight…   I wanted to keep my thoughts to myself,  and,  anyway,   I was afraid the entertainment-news media would make it all political and nasty.

But just a couple things —

Most memorable statement that I heard:    It’s not he, the president,  or the Congress that makes America great;  it is the Americans themselves who make America great.

I noticed right away  that as President Trump entered the room, he was warmly and enthusiastically received.   First time in my whole life   — and I’ve seen a lot of presidents!  — that I’ve seen such warmth.   I noticed how many men and women wanted to just put their hands on him, touching him, patting or stroking his arm, almost subconsciously.

That was interesting – and impressive.

The guests brought in by the president  were not just “token” guests but they were true exemplars of certain positive characteristics of the people of our country;  totally appropriate and inspiring choices.   We can stand behind each of them and the values they represent.

I’m not sure what specifically encouraged me so much, but, again,  I’m very proud to be an American.     I think our country is good.     It doesn’t matter that our Founding Fathers were not exactly Christian, we can debate that,  but they so constituted our country that we are free to be Christian,  or not,   and the vast majority of Americans today identify with Judeo-Christian values.

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD.”



This is not the time to watch all the negative chatter from radio and TV for a few days.

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