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February 4, 2018


A brief interruption in my Sunday-Christian theme writing  . .  . or maybe not.

The Patriots didn’t win today.   That’s kind of okay, because the Eagles played like they were worthy to beat them.  They played well,   They were gutsy and surprising and skillful and determined.

Nick Foles

And they had Nick Foles.  Quite a young man.   MVP for football this season — but more importantly,  a Most Valuable Young Man not only for the sport, but for his generation, and for our country.   An unabashedly  Christian American  family-man  leader of his team.    Worthy of being a  Most Valuable Role Model.


What is going on here?  I’ve never seen so many men in on-camera, after-game interviews who gave credit and honor to Jesus Christ.       So many famous football names, Nick Foles,  Carson Wentz, and others . . .   leading Bible studies,   taking part in Bible studies . . .   Could these young men be emblematic of a whole new generation of Americans?     The quiet, strong, new leaders that the entertainment-news media doesn’t pay any attention to?

Nick Foles, et al.   I’m going to keep my eye on them in the coming years.

And I’m NOT going to have to give up on football!




February 4, 2018


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Tomorrow, Feb.4, 2018.

Barring a snowfall that interferes with driving   or  certain recurring “health” problems, both of which are quite possible,   I shall be at Mass tomorrow.   

Not everyone around the world will make it.  And of those who do,   not everyone will make it home again. 


Holy Face 130


Catholicism is not a happy-clappy religion.  And it’s not for the faint of heart.

Saints pray for each other.