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February 15, 2018

Lent begins as   . . .   Wednesday follows Tuesday:


On Tuesday, according to law-enforcement sources, this is what was written in the letter that delivered the suspicious white powder to the home of Donald Trump, Jr.  —

“You are getting what you deserve.   You are an awful person. This is why people hate you. You are getting what you deserve. So shut the f–k up.” 

This message arises out of the hate and violence fanned daily into flames by our divisive and hate-mongering  entertainment-news media and those they support:

You may  know  what this is —

Kehinde Wiley

But do you understand what this is?      It’s a Black person  holding the severed head of a White person,  which is the most famous product of the artist whose odd depiction of the Barack-Hussein person was made public this week.   (Kehinde Wiley)   Fanning the flames of hatred and division are all around us.

On  Wednesday,  we all watched information about the Florida school shooting on television (our entertainment-news media).    Some private observations:

(The shooter) – marginalized by his society;    full of hate and resentment;    wounded, adolescent pride;    psychologically alone and abandoned by his peers . . .  The sum total of all his responses to these psychic insults was his shooting at the high school which rejected him.  A wicked act;  yes,  a sinful act.

Now,  he was mean and scary to his peers;   the school did have justification to expel him;  people were right to report his threats to the FBI;      . . .

. . .  Let’s see . . . . . .   read the package insert –   “Side effects:  homicidal tendencies and suicidal ideation . . . .”       Yep  –   turn a blind eye to the side effects and give him these  psychotropic drugs;  that will quiet him down . . . .    Abandoned, alone,  no uptick in the intensity of the counseling and spiritual instruction . . . No understanding of what it means to be a human being,  a man. . . .

. . . .   for that matter,  most likely no man (or a man and his friends)  to provide a good spiritual role model for this young man   —    18 years old?  19 years old?  We can’t even get his age right . . . .

Now society wants to kill him for his crimes.  Justifiably, I guess.   But to send him to Hell after a life of misery .  .  .  At least in Christendom, a condemned prisoner was given a priest to talk with,  to hear his confession,  to give him hope,  to give him understanding of the necessity of his death:  “a life for a life” –  Or perhaps to stand by him as the appeal process goes forward and the young man is confined to our dungeons for life.

And what of the victim families?    All we have are words and feelings, so far –  sympathy,   prayers,  “my heart goes out to them,”   my heart is heavy”   ” we are with you  . . .”     Good things to say and to feel.

If all you want to do,  if all you have time for,  is to analyze  (endlessly)  the problems in our country,  (cluck your tongues along with the media),  then stop here –  fine.   Just realize that the White Powder (sent to more than one address now)  and the School Shooting are closely related and arise out of the same broken culture.  This is a culture that cannot work anymore, as we Americans presently live it.



   . . . ..  “Say nice things to the victims’ families  but we,  as a society,   as observers of what our culture has become,  we want to do something, so this  “never happens again.”

And so we must, if we truly want to see less of these tragedies.    But it’s not a political matter.  It’s not a legislative matter.   It is absolutely a matter of the spiritual underpinnings of our culture.   “No man is an island,”  the English poet tells us.   In this case, it is true,  our culture changes one person at a time.  Some  persons will effect needed procedural changes.   Some persons will feel responsible to teach and to mentor.

But all persons in a viable culture must dedicate themselves to civilized living,  all equal before God,  all responsible to know God’s mind and to subject himself to It,  and all  persons living out freely their God-given talents and characteristics.

I would commend to you the writings of JW Unwin,  a philosopher and observer of Western culture,  especially his book:  “Sex and Culture.”      (Not a favorite of Amazon’s and general liberal sources,  even though Dr. Unwin began his study by believing that a free culture should allow free sexual conduct, including divorce, remarriage,  and “free” sexual behavior — that is,  “if you have an itch you should be allowed to scratch it.)

But his scholarly and well-researched writings concluded that any culture which lets go of strict adherence to high moral values, including monogamy,  eventually and inevitably crumbles, falters,  and fails, disintegrating to barbarisms such as “Might makes Right,”    “He who has the Gold Makes the Rule,”   “Every Man for Himself,”   and   “If it feels good, do it.”

I want to do it,  therefore I have a right to do it.      If someone hurts me,  I’ll hurt him back.

In a well-ordered and morally-restrained culture,  right and wrong is derived from intellectual and unchanging truths –  not from the Situations around you.   Circumstances do  not drive “right and wrong”  in a mature human society.

If Americans really want to “do something about it”   then we’ll all have to recover lost knowledge,  go back to school (self-schooling please),   and learn what it is our Founders knew and cautioned us to adhere to – or else our nation is . . .  over.     Freedom, safety, stability, happiness . . .  over.

Tuesday slid into Wednesday this week, and the beginning of Lent;  so I also commend to you this writing of  Amy Welborn, who reminds us that Lent is not for the aggrandizement of the Individual  (that is, our own self-improvement).   Rather it is a collective exercise of Christendom –  what is left of it.  We join, as a Body of Christ,  in the rightful penance that will detach us from temporal things, which will come to an end,  and attach us to eternal things –  to things of God, who cannot ever fail.   Lent is about living in a Christian society;  promoting the strength and truth of the Body of Christ,  not our own bodies.

You can find her writing on this blog (remove the spaces):

https: //  amywelborn.wordpress . com/

Have a good Lent – and don’t do something childish like  “give up coffee” or “give up “chocolate.”   Not, at least, if you think of yourself as a grown-up with an adult mind – responsible to know right from wrong.

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