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chi mts without

I read a headline today, offered by Breitbart News, that read:  “US Catholics More Worried About Climate Change Than Christian Persecution.”      My guess is that you don’t have to be a Catholic –  or have any religious practice at all –  in order to be indifferent to the suffering of our fellowman,  for whatever reason.     Lots of things to distract us.

But no human being has the right to make another human being suffer, except perhaps in the course of a just punishment,  but even then Christ commands us to be merciful.

The Twentieth Century  (of which we are still philosophically a part of) has seen the most widespread, severe, and horrific persecution of citizens by their governments than this world has ever experienced.  Deaths over a hundred million –  death by government decree.    We hope it’s over . . . .

But persecution continues.    (And grows for some.)

chin mountains

We don’t hear much of massive deaths, such as during the Cultural Revolution in China a few decades ago,  but, nevertheless,   there are ongoing government-decreed killings  of two kinds of people in China,  the born and the unborn.

The Church there is under severe and increasingly severe persecution.

Tucked away in the valleys, in distant places beyond administrative reach, here and there,   Catholics practice their faith in China,  quietly.

chi vallley

They are “patriotic,”  in the American sense of the word.  They are proud to be Chinese and they are glad to be Catholic.

They should be just like us, following the same Master,  come to teach us, His children.

chi and Jesus


They should be able to hear the same words in the Mass and in the Bible and to meditate upon those words, without fear or distraction.

chi Jesus and siciples

The Chinese have hearts and souls and minds and bodies like we do, and so ought we to have compassion for them when we hear of their persecution.   And it’s getting very much worse for them.

“US Catholics More Worried About Climate Change (stories) Than Christian Persecution”?

The Chinese Catholics are being persecuted right now on two fronts – from within and from without.  We can understand that a socialist, materialist dictatorship does not want competition and is deeply suspicious of loyalty to anything but themselves –  and devotion to God is seen as disloyalty to the government.

That’s why those Chinese Catholics are usually found in far away places, leading quiet lives,  wishing to not attract attention.       This has worked fairly well for a long time.  “The mountains are high, and the emperor is far away,” as the Chinese say.

chi shrine

Quiet devotion in isolated areas.

But there is a modernist and very arrogant,  heavy-handed,    lead-footed  (lead-booted?) unwise group of men in the Vatican today.    So far are these men from the prudent men of broad and liberal understanding of Catholics in past generations,  that I hesitate to say these Modernists even have a Catholic spirit.

These Modernists have stirred the political pot in China, pointing out that   HEY!   You’ve got Catholics in your country!!!!!    Let’s make a DEAL!!!!!       And so discussions concerning Catholic freedoms in a socialist country have been fired up needlessly.

Heated debates- all ‘graciously’ conducted in diplomatic meetings –  have led to government commands  to crack down on Catholics, to demolish churches and shrines, to restrict freedoms,  and most noticeably to insist that the government has priority over selecting Catholic local leadership.

Socialist leadership over Church matters?    There are a lot of  “Church” issues that must give way  to the government.  Catholics must bow to the government.    Kowtow,  I would say.

The stakes are high.   Loss of government-approved employment.  Loss of homes.   Separation from family.  False charges.  Imprisonment.   Execution.  And the worst of all  –  the  forced choice between “patriotism” or the compromise of one’s own beliefs.

So . . .  just so you know.

The Chinese are included in the Universal  Church, our  universe.   Our brothers and sisters.   Can we spare a prayer for them after we worry about Climate change stories?


Thanks again to Breitbart for pointing this out.







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2 Comments on ““THE MOUNTAINS ARE HIGH . . .””

  1. larryzb Says:

    Being indifferent to the suffering of others constitutes a sin of omission: failing to love one’s neighbor or fellow man. This violates Christ’s second commandment to be sure.

  2. So right. A friend today commented about how overwhelmed she is because her prayer list is getting longer and longer. I thought, how happy she is to be doing Christ’s work with her prayers. We must be tenderhearted, uncomfortably tenderhearted!

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