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March 23, 2018

I’m sure I’m one of many, many millions of Americans aghast at what went on this week by our “elected”  officials.

tax stack

Just four – FOUR –  people, two from each political party,  met in secret  – SECRET – for a few days and decided what should go into the more than 3,200 pages of the “omnibus”  tax bill that was signed into “law”  today.

These four did not by any means  write all those pages, I don’t know who did,  but those Secret Four had a ay in what went into those pages.   The rest of the people we voted for,  435 in the House and 100 in the Senate    (we voted for them . . .why?)  —  all those 531   “lawmakers”  had NO SAY WHATSOEVER  in what went into today’s tax bill.

The tax bill means we not only continue to give money to our Rulers,  but we will now be giving even more money to them. *

And not only do our “representatives” not have a say in what our money will be spent on,  but we don’t either.

No one has read this new bill,  not even the president who (somehow)  agreed to sign it.   Something is very foul.      A few provisions of the bill have leaked out to us, the voters.   It is a very, very bad bill.   Everyone will have some reason to be dismayed.

Two egregious  provisions:     the CPB/PBS   will be getting a very large sum of  American money to continue to push their Radical leftist agenda into  American society.  They have a legal right to do so,  but we shouldn’t have to pay for it.  They make plenty of money through donations and fundraising.

And NO!   They are not providing a “public service”  –   they are a biased source of opinion and entertainment  that we should be able to choose.

The second egregious provision of this “omnibus tax”  bill  is a half a billion dollars going to Planned Parenthood to continue to facilitate the killing of most of the 3,000  or so of our littlest ones  –  each day!

And NO! –  they are not there to “provide healthcare to women.”

So something as important as paying taxes was given over to unknown authors, somewhat influenced by four “elected” people who met in secret and would not allow any other elected official in on the discussion, who then presented more than 3,200 pages to the rest of Congress that they were not able to read and who were then told to SIGN IT!  after which the president was told he could not read it and he’d better sign it!

Anything we can do about this?

Once we started a revolution because of No Taxation Without Representation!

for the record,  I don’t want a revolution like that.


.*  In every study I’ve seen over the last few years,  Americans who work and pay taxes give 50% – 60%  of their money to taxes.  (Including all kinds of taxes, state, federal,  gas,  sales, etc.)       That why you hear about the  “tax free day”   coming somewhere in June.     You work until about the month of June paying the government,  and then you get to sort of keep the rest.