I’m not a man     Because I’m not a man I’m very interested in this issue:

Texas!    A long, tall  Texan!   Quintessential masculine-type man!

tex built

Now,   I’m  just having fun with these pictures.   Of course not every man from Texas looks like this.     And not every man needs to look like this . . .  to be a man.   But strength of character,  directness,  watchfulness,  decisiveness,  honesty,  plain and gentle speaking, protectiveness  are some of the qualities looked for in a man.

A well-known Texan:

George Strait


The well-known Texas law man type:

tex ranger one

A Texas Ranger exemplifies a good honest lawman that is capable of getting the bad guy.

tex rangers two

You just get the feeling that they are “man enough”  to get the job done.     You’re safer with lawmen like this.      And they have a fine, long and honorable  history

Tex historic

Manly men.

Hard-working men:

tex business


I love hardworking cowboys.

They know what they’re after;  they know how to do it.:
tex cowboys

I love to see men in plaid:

tex plaid

(Is this getting too personal?)

There’s a reason I’m “having fun”  with photos of men like this.      It comes from the University of Texas which is just the latest focal point of anti-masculine doctrines.   Schools and universities all over our country are promoting the idea that there is something wrong with being masculine.    Television “programming”  have been doing that for many years in their entertainment and in their advertising.

According to an article in PJ Media,   “masculinity”  is now a Mental Health Issue.  This Texas university has allowed its counseling department to develop a “healthy” masculinity program,  by which they warn against – of course –  actual healthy masculinity.

Here’s the problem in their eyes:

The program is predicated on a critique of so-called “restrictive masculinity.” Men, the program argues, suffer when they are told to “act like a man” or when they are encouraged to fulfill traditional gender roles, such as being “successful” or “the breadwinner.”

Did you men realize you are “restricted” for being just what you are?

Who are these people targeting?      They are targeting young boys and young men who are in the process of assimilating the characteristics of masculinity from the good role models around them.

A very precarious process, I hear,  nowadays.

Take heart.  There are plenty of women who feel comforted around normal, natural masculinity.     Your moms;  your sisters;   your daughters.

And, oh yes,   those women who are looking for a good, reliable husband.

It’s the natural order of the world.





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