Young people don’t realize how many crossroads they’ll come to.   Throughout our lives we come to crossroads, make our decisions,  and then  get on with things.

Here is a photo of me at a “crossroad”  in my life.

Hubbie and Me PROM - Copy

I was going through “old papers” recently, and came across this photo of Hubbie and me at a prom,.  It wasn’t our prom,  we were chaperones at the prom of the school where we both taught.    You want a date?   Seems to me that the theme song for the prom was “Knights in White Satin,”   bravely sung by a  twelfth grader with a shaky voice.

I was dressed in my best formal Hippie dress, mostly of blue and white flowers.  I’m surprised the photo was taken  in black and white.   My hair was down to my waist,  my feet were in open sandals.

Demonstrations and protests were in the air.      We were not philosophically inclined towards any of the Causes of the protest movements,  but it seemed we ought to be able to find something to protest.    Everyone was doing it.

protest and police


We almost found a Cause.   At the time, with little information,  we couldn’t understand why our troops had   “crossed the border”   into Cambodia, so  we were interested.  We got out there and had our first experience with tear gas –  leftover tear gas,  it wasn’t much.   In those days the lingering smell of tear gas was sometimes as common as the lingering smell of Mary Jane.     (We live in a university town, after all.)

Our impressions at the end of that day were that the protests were dumb:    unorganized,  unfocused, purposeless,   messy,   really dirty,  obscene,  overly emotional,  and, in the end, ineffective.

Which, I think, is my point.     “Jenny”  from Forrest Gump and I made our opposite decisions in those days.    She went one way,  I went the other.

Hubbie and I sure had big bumps and problems from time to time,  but the overall structure of our lives was  steady,  purposeful, focused,  pretty clean and organized, family-first,  and effective.

Now that I am reaching the end of my time and trying to clean up all the ordinary lifetime debris of papers and keepsakes,   I can read back over all the events,  all the headlines,  all the hopes and causes,  all the chatter from the Leftists who began all that “protesting,”  and what I see is:  THE SAME HEADLINES, THE SAME HOPES AND CAUSES,  THE SAME ANTI-AMERICAN ATTACKS FROM THE LEFT are still occurring!

Sometimes I would not be able to place old headlines and editorials in the proper decade.

I care.  I care about some things . . .  but not too much about the latest chapter of politics.     Not too much about the latest scare tactics from the Left.  . . .    Not too much about “changing the world.”

I care.   I have a different way to “protest”  the wrongs of this world.    But, to resurrect good advice from the Sixties:  “Cool it.”      Do what you can, but we’re on this planet for such a short time and this experience  is so very important,  so very crucial to the rest of  our eternity.

We’ve got time now, maybe lots, maybe only a  little,  maybe unexpectedly time’s up!    Our business is actually our Selves,  our Souls,  which, along the way includes taking care of the other souls in our immediate lives.

You know,  “save the world, one person at a time” – starting with you.

It all works out.   Unless you’re a prince or a king or a president or elected to some high office that could make huge differences int he world,  the rest of us people have only a very tiny role to play in “earthshaking” movements.

Very tiny compared to to one Soul you’re responsible for.


Heaven going to Heaven




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