deus et patria


On my way home from  church this morning,  I was traveling through a couple towns behind a great and magnificent Harley.    It was a beauty.     Then I remembered –  It’s Memorial Day Weekend!!  That means  Rolling Thunder!!

So here’s just a peek into how many others are celebrating our Freedoms, purchased by the death of so many of our young men during wars.

rolling eagle

Every year on this weekend hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists ride to Washington DC to call attention – and honor – to all those who are Missing In Action;  presumed dead and dead.

They are Rolling Thunder –

roll 2

They come from all over our country, some of them leaving home a week ago to make it in time for this weekend.     (You may have noticed a slightly greater number of motorcycles on the road in your city streets this past week.)

Men, women, and children – and babies! –  meet together in Washington DC —


I remember reading,  many years ago,  how strong and peaceful  this group is, and some news magazine praised them for leaving behind no crime incidents and hardly any sign that they were there, by way of trash or broken anything.

(Compare to the Leftist-organized “protest”  demonstrations,  promoted and paid for by Globalists,  Global-Socialists,  and any other Anti-America me-too group,  where people and property are injured and the clean-up lasts for days.)

Literally  millions of people are involved as Rolling Thunder members or as admiring spectators.

roll many

Well, I just wanted to call your  attention to this event.    There was a time when my younger self didn’t’ even know about this.

It used to be that PBS stations broadcasted the event live each year.   Perhaps they did again this year.      Here’s a link to the schedule of events of these four days,  Friday through  Monday:

https: // www. rolling thunder

                                                                    (remove spaces)

There are full, busy days of rallies, speeches,  music,  picnics, and a running event.

This is American Patriotism in Action!

Hope you can take a peek.  See some video footage.    Celebrate our Freedoms and the men who fought and died for them.

Have a picnic!

Watch some of the Top War Movies this weekend!   (Or watch some again.)

Saving Private Ryan

Tora!  Tora!  Tora!

American Sniper

Sergeant York

Band of Brothers

The Longest Day

The Patriot

Bridge Over the River Kwai

The Great Escape

Schindler’s List

Each one of these is a winner.   Thanks to Breitbart news for reminding us.


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