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I hope this posting will make you happy — really  happy and grateful for what you might have in your life.      I mean,  Home Sweet Home, right?

I got this photo today    (which I took as an invitation – ha ha! )   —

Picnic Donner Lake 300x400

Never mind that the invitation comes from about 2,000 miles away.    Daughter lives there:  on the shore of Donner Lake,  High Sierra   (as in:  Donner Pass which closes regularly during the winter snows.)    Their property is ideal for summer picnics and parties,  so they get to be the hosts for all their friends for summer fun.

Hold on to that for a moment.

Then,  I was driving home one day and saw this beautiful contrast in Green:


(I know, I know;   some of my friends think I shouldn’t be taking pictures as I drive.)   It’s been a very nice Spring around here this year.  Lots of Green!


So I got home to my front yard.      Everything in a kind of monochrome bright green.  Leaves,  bushes,  grass,  all the same shade of Spring Green.

Back yard,  same thing:

DECK m id May right 380

Never in a million years would I,  a “poor”  kid growing up in Chicago,  ever dream that I’d own property like this.    Daughter has done well too.  Son has done well too.    All our neighbors have done pretty well too.

Whether it’s out West in California or here in the Far North,   we and most of the people I know Own Property.

I humbly thank God for this property.

I proudly thank our soldiers for  making it possible to hang on to our property,  defending our country and our Constitutional freedoms – with their lives.

Here’s the Memorial Day thought:     We have the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.     Which part of that does it take to actually own some property?

To own some property, no matter where it is and no matter what it looks like and no matter how big it is?   What does it take?

You can teach your children or young friends this:    It takes  the Freedom to look at some property that you’d like to have,  dream about it,   and then do what the people who live on property like that had to do in order to become owners.

They had to go to school and do good in school and then get trained to get a job that pays steady, living wages with a little bit more for savings.  ( I know some men who did not get married until they had saved enough to buy some property,  and a house,    for themselves and their future wives.)


If you have your mind set on a bigger, more beautiful house and land,  then you do what those kind of people did to get into a bigger, more beautiful house.    Usually that takes (1)  starting your own business)  and/or  (2)  going to some college for  a degree in some job that pays well . . . or very, very well.

And it usually takes  (3)  time and making small steps.  Hubbie and I didn’t’ start out in this house.

Another thing is to NOT do the things the people with nice property didn’t do either.   Like partying every weekend;  like not saving money  religiously, as they say.     Like spending lots of money on entertainment.    Like doing illegal or immoral things that sidetrack you with “complications.”       Like always choosing the easier route.

Contrary to what you see in the entertainment-news media.  Americans  ALL have the Freedom to choose their lifestyle as well as to choose what kind of property they’d like to earn.     Freedom to Pursue Happiness.

Thank you and God Bless all our men in uniform who keeps this possibility going.

Flag don't tread




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