Leaving a Brief Visit Behind

Come take a very brief visit to the ocean with me.


Well, this whole southern trip was long –  almost three times as long as I had expected.  That’s okay,  there was a lot to do.    What the brief visit was is this:

m beach

I don’t live anywhere near the ocean,  and I thought I wouldn’t even have time to go to the beach this time, except for Daughter, who lives  in the mountains,  and who managed a visit to see her aunt – and me –  and the ocean.   With Daughter’s encouragement,  we did manage a brief visit

Over the causeway –

down causeway 390


Then on to Merritt Island, to face the ocean.

1 surf


Sea shells on the sand   like stars in the sky –

1 shells like stars


It was a short visit to the beach, but we enjoyed the water, the surf,  the sounds,  the people,  and the little tiny dog that played in the surf.

Daughter wore her matching beach shoes –

1 shoes matching

And we had the famous pizza experience at Bizzarro’s on the beach –

1 pizza

Daughter’s was a thick spinach-stuffed pizza, mine was plain cheese — my life had become complex enough, so I just wanted “plain.”    The piece was so large I had to “shorten it” for the picture.    Bizzarro’s was opened many years ago by a New York family,  father and sons,  with a rapid-speaking incomprehensible Bronx accent.  But they do know how to make an excellent pizza!

Later we had a serious meal at Squid Lips –

squid and ocean

Very good sea food, but,  coming from the Far North,  I never understood the concept of eating  OUTDOORS in 95 degree heat,  which people smile and say, “Oh,  but there’s such a nice breeze from the ocean . . .”

squid inside

A95 degree breezes doesn’t make it any cooler.
















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2 Comments on “Leaving a Brief Visit Behind”

  1. Bob Roma Says:

    Hello Kris.. I have been trying to get in touch with you. i met you a few years ago at your dad’s house. She and I had a band together about 25 years ago. I’m aware of Nancy’s illness and I visited her when she was in Palm Bay hospital a couple of months ago. I read your post where you said that she is on Hospice in a nursing home.Which Nursing home is it ? i would like to visit her. Also if there is anything that I can do to help you in any way, please let me know. I have a Ford Ranger pickup truck. My phone number is 321-727-3066. E mail :robertroma2@aol.com Thank You Kris..Bob Roma

    • Bob, hello. I do remember you, just a little. Dad thought highly of you. Ill reply by email in a little while. Had a kibd of major health problem when I returned from Florida so email is easier.
      Neanwhile, Nancy is at her home again today. A bit fragile, but can receive visitors. You will probably elevate her spirits.

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