Not too long ago I wrote a title called  Not All Sunsets Are Good Ones.   Got nice responses from that.  It dealt with some harsh realities we all will face at the “sunset” of our lives.”

Surprises can be fun.  Sometimes as we grow up, adults find it fun to express our affection for one another by giving them a little surprise once in a while.  We’re delighted when they’re delighted.

But a few days ago I had the bad kind of surprise.  Out of the blue, a few minutes before noon,  I suddenly couldn’t breathe.   I could move my chest up and down but not much air was moving.  There was searing hot pain.   And fear.

When that happens to you or someone you’re around,  it is a medical emergency!

Unfortunately I couldn’t think straight.   Unable to call Son for help, even though I was sitting right next to my phone,  and unable to call  911,   I waited until the struggling subsided.    A few bad decisions later I was staying at Son’s house “so he could observe me.”

That ended with a surprise  ambulance ride  to the emergency room.    Not a good surprise.      And watching the EMTs trying to put an IV needle into my arm on the bumpy ride there was a little surprising too.

There were good,  very good,  emergency personnel at our hospital and they got to work on me.  Oxygen is truly a blessing.  After tests and an X ray the surprising diagnosis, in the words of one doctor,  is that it looked like my chest was  shot up with buckshot.   Both my lungs were filled with numerous blood clots.

Not surprisingly,  I got  admitted to the hospital,  and then tied down with a spaghetti mess of tubes and  cords.    I have only my left hand to wave around.    My body feels like the inside of an unhappy porcupine.   I think it should be illegal to stick a person so many times in so many places.

But I’m breathing again.

Unless I move.

I’ve got a little ways to go.

I talked to little grandson Cooper out in California today.    I asked him if he knew where Grandma was.  He told me in a quiet sober voice where I was.   He spoke two more quiet, serious, joyless sentences.   (I’ve got to get better for him!)

My posting will be very slow for a time.   I can’t tell you for how long.

This whole thing is a surprise to me.

If you know the God who made us and sustains in existence every molecule of our body from moment to moment,  the God of Love and Life and Health,  please think of me (and my family)   in prayer.   I have some plans for the future.  God permitting.

I’ve used up all my strength now…   Bye for a while.







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  1. Bob Roma Says:

    Kris.. I’m so sorry to hear that you are in the hospital. I am praying for you. please let me know what nursing home Nancy is in so that I can go and visit her. I am her friend and your dad and I had a band together. I met you a few years ago at your dad’s house. I really would like to visit with Nancy before it is too late. Thank you and God Bless You… Bob Roma

  2. email reply coming, Bob…..

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