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July 13, 2018

“They”  are not “Us.”    We had to work out our opinions on how strong a role that a central government should play in our nation versus how much should arise from the citizens.    (Power up; Power down.)

Our Founding Fathers wisely and prudently wrote the American Constitution to set forth a LIMITED  central government.  The powers of Washington DC are actually limited by the constraints put into the Constitution.

Our Founding Fathers knew well the dangers of centralized authority growing into tyranny.   They had already experienced power coming from the Top down, and they felt that Americans had enough sense to govern themselves.*    Governing power rests with the citizens; and the exercise of that power flows (“upwards”)  from the people.

POWER rests

Our opinions are divided according to how much power the people should have relevant to how much power the central government should have.

We’re divided on the Source of power:  up, down.

“They”  on the other hand are divided into Left and Right,  locked into a paradigm that arose out of the disturbances of the French Revolution.


Sit on the Left in the parlement,  you support Revolution and Regicide.   Sit on the Right in the parlement,   you support the king.

And so has the Left always been for . .  .  Revolution.    Overthrow the existing order – and there are always leaders standing by who are ready to take up the sceptre   “on your behalf.”     As long as you are part of the vast “collective”  of people, all thinking alike and acting alike,  you are easy to predict, easy to control.

“The Left will fix your social and political problems.”


Global Power towering over you

All citizens  need to do is to let a big and powerful State reign over them.   The bigger the State, the more problems it promises to fix.

Except — a big State uses your money to do what it wants to you – and it never has enough.            Work for the State;  pay  high taxes;  sit back and relax.    

“All Power to those in Power!!!”

Left wants that.

Right, the Right today,  want a limited government, as well as the right to govern one’s own country.   “Populism. ”   “Patriotism.”     “Nationalism.”

“Pride in one’s heritage, no matter what that heritage is.”

Because each human has dignity and value and a voice.

Flag don't tread

I really wish we would reject being forced into this Left-Right paradigm.


Because they both stem from the same goal of Big Government.  Call it  Communism or Socialism (Left)  or call it Fascism (Right.)   People’s Democracy.   National Socialism (Nazi);  or  Marxist Socialism . . .  Fabian Socialism . . .  Gramschi-ism . . .  Progressive . .  .

Left or Right –   in the end, their goal is power OVER  the People and diminishing power
FOR the People.

Watch out!


.*    The one caution,  the one caveat is that the citizens be well-informed and of high moral character.       An ignorant, dumbed-down,  immoral citizenry is incapable of governing itself . . .  for very long.

You could:    Work  hard at  being truly informed;  do not allow yourself immoral behavior.

Or you could:      “Work for the State;  pay  high taxes;  sit back and relax.  “