Unsolvable:   We can see the problems,  but we have no way,  yet,  to deal with the problems that wouldn’t make bigger problems, and we don’t have the collective political will to handle the problems.


So, Foreign Relations.    I’m not for “foreign interference”  or “entanglements,”  at all, but I am for national self-defense;  so that’s what will underlie my words.   The problems have been growing more and more complex and unmanageable under the administrations of both political parties, although our most dangerous enemies  —

(Yes,  there are indeed nations out there that consider themselves to be our enemies.)

—  most of our most dangerous enemies have socialist governments,  that economic system which is opposed to the American way of life.   Indeed,  socialism is contradictory to the best interests of free human beings in any place.

I can’t go problem nation by problem nation,  so I will give you an example of the complex unsolvable “problem” of just one nation,   the People’s – Democratic – socialist – something – something of China.

china flag

Hearing much about China on our entertainment-news media lately?   Well, that’s okay;  these people are not into giving us any  information,  useful,  critical,  or newsworthy,  but here are some things that have been reported in News outlets:

You probably know of the huge economic and military presence in Africa.    They are influential in just about every African nation.     Influential.    Don’t let that pass you by with a ho-hum.     Many nations are economically dependent upon China now.   That makes them allied, willingly or unwillingly,  with China’s interests.

china everyone trades.jpg

Everyone tries to trade with Africa?    Many do.   But see the size of the arrows going eastward.    There is plenty of analysis on the Internet, if you’d like to wade through it all.  This litle graphic is just a hint.

But China’s interests go beyond obtaining laborers, trade,  and mineral rights;   Africa’s value to China is its geographical nearness to Europe and America.

china abms

Observers have recently reported the  placement of “giant”  missiles in several places in Africa.    To keep the peace?      To defend Chinese personnel?

These are LONG-range missiles with a huge payload.  (That means “super big” bombs.)   Chances are if  one of these gets launched,  they will miss any enemy in Africa and soar right on to Europe or America.  So why are these larger-than-needed  missiles being placed in  Africa?

And what kind of diplomatic storm will result if anyone tries to stop them?

China is moving into Afghanistan now too.  Of course,  China has its own problems with militant M  o s  le  ms . . .   more than a million of them have been put in Chinese jails;   but Afghanistan?    That’s interfering with the West’s  major  heroin trade  source.  And that move is putting them side by side with American and European forces. . .    How will this end?

I’m sure you have heard of the latest reported weapon developments.    Was  it six or eight years ago  that they developed a missile big enough to take down an aircraft carrier?     First effective weapon against a vessel the size of an aircraft carrier.

china aircraft c

They are now the only nation  who can destroy one of ours.   That’s big.

China doesn’t have matching aircraft carrier groups of their own,  but they have been building islands along major trade routes in the Far East for military use.   New little islands,  big military bases.

china creating islands

Anti-satellite weapons.   Cyber weapons.    Biological weapons.

Rising military power.  Rising economic power.    Somewhere in all my notes I recorded that we went from having a trade surplus with China to the tune of around 80 Billion dollars.    Now,  after policies and inaction of the past several administrations,  we have around a 130 billion dollar trade  deficit.  That’s how much capital is leaving our country and going to China each year.    (Do they still teach what capital  is in schools anymore?)  That’s a big turnaround.

china market

Pres.  Trump is not “starting a trade war”  with China;  he’s trying to reduce the deficit,  that unfair drain of money out of our economy,  making trade policies a little less unfavorable to us.       (Socialist-friendly politicians and media people use the term  “trade war.” )

There is another interesting modern-age threat from China.  China has become the testing ground for censorship  algorithms.   We already know  about Google’s  obedience to China’s demands to censor Search Engine results.

chin agree to censor


  Beware of Project Dragonfly, Google’s censored seach engine for China.   “According to a Google employee who worked on Dragonfly and talked to the Intercept, information about the project was restricted to a “few hundred” employees.  . . .  “What is done in China will become a template for many other nations.” This Google’s project illustrates the direction that American high tech companies are going to implement top down centralization conformity systems and test their operations before imposition on our own society.    credit to:    http: // www. batr.org/totalitariancollectivism/080718.html   (remove spaces )

A template,  a practice exercise for more effective worldwide censorship.

The other big information-control corporation,  Apple,  is also  very busy in  China.

china apple

From the same source as above:

Apple hands control of . . .  iCloudanyone to China Telecom. . ..iCloudanyone is the prototype for even more advanced systems of surveillance.  “China, already the country whose citizens endure the most all-encompassing and inescapable surveillance in the world, has just been gifted yet another way to keep its beady eyes on all and sundry. The iCloud data belonging to Apple’s China-based users has effectively been handed over to the Chinese government because all the texts, emails, pictures and videos of Chinese users of iCloud will henceforth be “managed” by the state-owned telco, China Telecom.”

How long will it take to implement in the U.S. a similar version?

Ever since Bill Clinton   handed over the entire contents of the U.S.  patent office to the government of China in the 1990s,  and gave them  (or allowed them to take) CDs of  military  know-how,  guidance systems, etc.,  from  Los Alamos,  and then his wife was positioned into the State Department,  China had made such astonishing technological advancements so as to become a very real  threat to world peace.

china soldiers

Economic power;  information and technological power;    focus;  long-range planning;  military power;     manpower.   Nearly 70,000,000  more young men than women;  there is no hope that these young men  will ever have a wife and a family.   Their energies are being channeled elsewhere.



An interesting related side note:     Socialist revolutions in Africa,  the Belgian Congo in particular,    the attempted secession of the Katanga province,  is wonderfully portrayed, on a human level,  in the movie  The Siege of Jabotville,  available on Netflix.   This is a tense, high action,  heartbreaking true story of an Irish regiment under the command of the “peacekeeping”  United Nations.

(The story is compelling in itself,  but it will give you a sense of the chaos in Africa as the revolutions of the 20th century were occurring.     Unfortunately,  these revolutions have resulted in continued civil war,  lawlessness, economic failure,  starvation, and a ready playground for corporate “health”  experiments, as well as economic exploitation.  )

The movie is concerned with just a few Irish men and what happened to them — and I cried as I watched and read what the final outcome was.







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