Hi.  I’m pretty sure I’m on # 23  in my What’s It series.    These are photos of genuinely unexplained things . . .  and they’re just for fun.    Some day — I promise — to figure out how to get them  all on a Page, so they’ll be easier to find all together rather than using the Search box.


I just thought I’d run out of little mysteries.   But here’s another:

Rat creatures movin g



Whoever found these on his kitchen floor and took a video of them calls them “aliens.”

I don’t know.    They’re tiny.   You can see he’s holding them in the palm of his hand.  And there were a couple dozen of them.   They were moving and squirming in the video.  They do have rat tails or maybe mice tails, but the bodies didn’t move like mice (or baby rats),  but they have no ears.

They’re deformed . . .  somethings.   Not all of them had faces.

Just a couple dozen tiny unformed living things that found there way onto the middle of  someone’s kitchen floor.

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