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In all my years of studying history, from university onwards,  I don’t think I’ve ever come across a country in the world which did not have enemies.   Some of their own making,  some unasked for.

Always there will be “enemies.”   Of Nations,  countries,  tribes, clans,  ethnic groups:  Jesus said as things heat up towards the end of this age,  “Nation will rise against nation, kingdom against kingdoms.”      . . .   meaning   more so than usual,   increased enmity between nations will characterize that last age.


But there was always something I puzzled about when the Bible talks about the End.    As the end of this age approaches there will be increased numbers of Christian martyrs,  we’ve all heard that, but the Bible shows that many who will become martyrs during this time will become martyrs by being beheaded.    Beheaded?      As though the Roman soldiers were going to come back from the past.

However,  I wonder if you’ve heard the news in the past two or three weeks. . . .

Like about this young sixteen-year old teenager – healthy, strong,  religious.   I would like you to know about him.

16 yr old shiite beheaded

He was watching a peaceful anti-government protest meeting and decided to text some friends about it.

This is that government:


This is the government that was being petitioned and protested.    That young man was arrested for  “te^^”  ro – ris -^  m   because of his texts, imprisoned for a few years, tortured, sentenced to  death — by beheading.

Which was carried out a few weeks ago.

And then there was a 17 year old who took part in a peaceful demonstration;  the kind of demonstration where you love your country, you want to make it better,  and you want to point out some things that should be improved.

He didn’t last long….


But of course there was vicious, violent,  unspeakable tortures he had to endure, including threats to his mom and dad’s lives unless he confessed to . . .   whatever.

I think I just want to state the names of these two young men, remembering that 35 others also died a few weeks ago in that mass beheading.

Abdulkareem al-Hawaj

Mujtaba al-Sweikat



How could a culture give rise in modern times to such actions?    Well, it’s in their Book for one thing.  They study it.

Not just “over there,”  but here — under the Red, White, and Blue.  In this country there are many schools which teach children the ways of this culture.    Here is a video from a school program in one of those schools.   It’s a “musical.    Middle Eastern music.

CHOP children

And then the girls had a turn at the mic:

CHOP OFF chldren

The subtitles of the entire song were words of violence, hatred, and killing.   The “shame” these children are being told to feel will one day be gone because of their actions.

During the 1930’s when Hitler was on the rise and Western leaders were noticing,   some literary figures in England were brought together for comment. It was 1938 and it was expected that they would all say something about the extreme threat  they were facing from Germany.

Hilaire Belloc was among them.    He gave them all a surprise:

The celebrated historian and British parliamentarian Hilaire Belloc was convinced in his day that Europe and America had forgotten about Islam to their own peril, and were unaware that the Muslim religion could rise again and would pose perhaps the greatest threat of any enemy of the western world.

“It has always seemed to me possible, and even probable,” Belloc wrote in 1938, “that there would be a resurrection of Islam and that our sons or our grandsons would see the renewal of that tremendous struggle between the Christian culture and what has been for more than a thousand years its greatest opponent.”

“…had forgotten about Islam to their own peril…”

“…for more than a thousand years its greatest opponent (enemy)….”

What is the “Cradle of Christianity”?   What is the Birthplace of Christianity?     The Middle East.  Palestine in Roman times, Israel today.    And why is it that observers are predicting that within a decade, there will be no more Christians in the Middle East?

Where else did Christianity take strong hold and flourish and produce many notable saints and scholars?    Northern Africa.       Any Christians there today? 

Belloc further argued  that “there was no reason that Islam would not return to its former power and once again threaten the peace and well-being of Judeo-Christian civilization.”   

No reason at all that they couldn’t.  Or wouldn’t.

Or shouldn’t,  given that they too can rise in material strength as we have — but they are already far ahead of us in another item:

While Islamic culture “happens to have fallen back in material applications,” Belloc wrote in a damning indictment of European Christianity, “there is no reason whatever why it should not learn its new lesson and become our equal in all those temporal things which now alone give us our superiority over it—whereas in Faith we have fallen inferior to it.

Belloc indicts Christianity for its inferior Faith.     Material superiority makes the West superior in material things, but other nations can catch up and surpass the West.

Praying Alone 200cr   And that is because it’s not material things that make a nation strong,  but faith, piety, reverence, and the practice of religion.       The Greeks knew this.  The Romans knew this.  Right through the Middle Ages and the founding of Christendom people knew this.

As in the title of this post,  it’s where we’re “falling behind.”

Speaking of End Times, it is madness to crawl in bed with enemies who want us gone from the face of the earth.       On the other hand,  this “madness” has a new logo:

Islam-Cath LOGO 2

If you take the green and orange crossed swords as a distorted image of the Cross,  then you might wonder:  “Who encircled whom?”      “Who swallowed whom?”



War is not always won with swords.



To be totally safely politically correct, add the word “radical”  before each of the “I” words!


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