Apologize for absence.    Health issues . .  I think I’ll be okay now.    And during it all,   a new refrigerator was delivered . . .   had to move out of one and into the other.  Able to do that now – and to blog again.



I write here about “Son” sometimes.   It was his birthday today . . .

Boxes 370

He liked the gifts I gave him.    We had a wonderful day, enjoying things we like to do together.   Menu:   Lake Trout and lobster.   And a  birthday cake called “Death By Chocolate.”

They say Love is wanting  the best for the other person.  Wanting his best.    Doing whatever is best for him.    Doing the things he likes   —  because the things a person likes reflects the way God has made him, and so his interests help him become the person God wants him to be..

Son seems to be well on his way to doing that.

Keepr 370

I think I’ll keep him!!



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5 Comments on “GONNA “KEEP HIM””

  1. Robert Roma Says:

    Kris..You are a good mother. Happy Birthday to your Son. Prayers for you.

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