Sarek  Well, I hope I don’t sound whiny to you if I have a little rant again.

I  like to think of Sarek’s words:  “The cause is sufficient.”

(He was a wise diplomat, ready to hear and understand, and to respond with prudent and self-disciplined  restraint.  He was, of course, Mr. Spock’s father.)


This is not Memorial Day.   This is Memorial Day Weekend,  which I hope doesn’t squeeze from our memories what Memorial Day is all about.    These guys have not forgotten:

RT coming

They are Rolling Thunder.   Several decades ago about 3,000 bikers rode to Washington DC on a Memorial Day Weekend to remind the country of their fellow soldiers who never made it home again.   They are Missing in Action.

It grew to a nationwide salute of several hundred thousand bikers – a salute to the estimated 82,000  soldiers  still  Missing in Action.

RT marine.jpg

I cannot imagine what it would be like to have left a comrade behind, not knowing his fate, not knowing if he is dead — or if he is still undergoing torture behind enemy lines.  Most of those captured soldiers did not make it out of those prison camps alive.  A very few were found alive – sort  of – many, many years later in an Asian country we are no longer at war with.

So there’s hope.   Maybe not good reason for hope, now,  after all these years,  but hope —   what if . . .

Rolling Thunder reminds us each year that we honor our war dead on Memorial Day.   Not all veterans,  but those young men  who gave their lives fighting our country’s battles.  Those are the KIA – Killed in Action.   They deserve a day of honor and thanksgiving.

And then the MIA – Missing in Action.   The probablies.    Neither dead nor alive in our minds,  but neither are they here, back home with us.   They deserve to be remembered too.

Except that . . .   this is the last planned Rolling Thunder.   2019 will bring the last Rolling Thunder campaign in honor of the MIAs.


RT final ride


And here’s my reason for a little rant:    The bikers normally have always had permission to park at one of the Pentagon’s parking lots, after paying a little fee.

The Pentagon.   Military,  right?

Under the previous administration,   the hostile  Barack-Hussein-person’s administration,   the “Pentagon”  turned hostile to this patriotic memorial.     The fees have been raised so high that it is impossible to continue; and the open opposition and obstruction of Pentagon appointees have made the Rolling Thunder event unable to continue.

2019.     The Final Ride.


It shouldn’t be.


RT hung

Sons, brothers,  husbands,  fathers.


RT watiing


RT waiting




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