Rant 2/3 –  how to Lose a country.

mem flags

After watching some Memorial Day celebrations,  speeches,  songs,   from Washington DC,   my tiny little rants seem hardly significant.    But there.    I’ve already titled this trio of postings . . .

My second “tiny” rant began with a determination to honor our war dead by watching some of the great war movies.   I chose to start with the Vietnam War.   I started with an intent to be patriotic and more informed.   After all, I lived through the Vietnam era, which means I really didn’t know what the war was all about.

My friends who came back from the war wouldn’t talk about it.  They would NOT talk about their experiences in southeast Asia.

Unfortunately,  the communist funded protest movements took  over the Vietnam war narrative.     And these people wouldn’t talk to the soldiers who came home.

Vietnam War Protests. Andy Blunden,


I can only cringe at all their unAmerican rhetoric.     The story of the war – not fair,  just one-sided.    The accepted catechism of the war –  not comprehensive,   just an exercise in anti-American propaganda —  such that one of our presidents and his wife and daughter were all heard saying, with great disdain,  “We  l o a t h e the military.”

mem bill hil


It was then, after hearing those words spoken, that I decided to divorce myself from any Leftist pseudo-idealism and ideologues.    They are not in America for America, for  the good of American people, and for American values.

mem hot dogs   What American values?    Values that flow out from the Judea-Christian moral tradition.  Hot dogs, Mom, and apple pie.   Something like that.   The freedom to enjoy hot dogs, Mom, and apple pie.   Freedom of assembly ( assembly at picnics, outdoors, together with friends, out  in the open);     our families and their safety;    the pursuit of happiness — and the proud and free expression of whatever has lasting value. . .  and . . .

. . .  without being told you are a sexist, a racist,  a xenophobe,  a triumphalist, a patriot, a nationalist, a white supremacist . . .  whatever “dirty word” the Left comes up with and spreads throughout our entertainment-news media.

Like our past heroes who are not heroes in the minds of the Leftists.

Which brings me to my tiny rant.  

mem helos

I sat down to watch my first Vietnam era movie.

I know it was well made.   I know it dealt with a very serious and real issue.   (War does psychological damage and makes the unstable go crazy.    Mental casualties of every war.)

mem deer

I’d seen the movie long, long ago,  but this time, in my own family room with Closed Captioning I saw and heard every word.   I wasn’t “young, innocent, and open” anymore,  open to any thoughts that were confidently and strongly expressed.

Some strong,  prevailing thoughts are just wrong and injurious to our society.

Unless you are trying to tear down the moral fabric of our society.  And unless you are trying to devaluate the values which built our country up — because no great nation rises on   selfish and inferior values and no great nation lasts when selfish and inferior values are prominent among the citizens.

You cannot have hot dogs, Mom, and apple pie without practicing honesty, fairness, loyalty, equaility before the Law, hard work, piety,  self-reliance,  “rugged individualism,” and so on.

That’s where we all have a part to play.   Each individual, “tiny,”  unknown citizen of our country builds up American values or tears them down by neglect or attrition.

mem doors red

When I read every word and  the lyrics of every accompanying song in these movies,  and with the perspective of decades in which I could witness “which way is all this going,” —  as an audience I was insulted, assaulted with obscenities, porn, degrading moral activities, insolence, disrespect, a resort to torture and violence not necessary for the war effort, and an overall sense that there is no sense to war.


The Greatest Generation fought for nothing?    The Communists would be wonderful, kindly leaders when they overran southeast Asia?   The rise of enemy hegemony over the world would be good for our freedoms here in America?

Not every  is so bad.  But so many are.  So many that we took for granted and applauded.   Without realizing that we were participating in a whole new re-writing of our history and a realigning the world to spurious values.

The Silent Majority seemed to be powerless against this anti-American assault.

These Leftists  are our children’s  “teachers”  today.

We could almost say we have a duty to protect the younger generation from those teachers – and teach  the good things America stands for  and the good things America has done,  correcting, self-correcting our faults down through generations, providing opportunity for more and more people.


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