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July?    July already?    Already?   Already?    Already?




Ten or Twelve years ago Hubbie saw me receive in the mail another volume of Aquinas’s Summa, and he asked me when I’m going to have the time to finish all my books.

Hadn’t thought of that before.   But I answered him that I’ve made a “bargain” with God:  “I promise to read all these volumes if He would just let me live enough years to complete the set.”

Well,  don’t you do that.

I think I’m being given “enough years” to read all these volumes . . . but the unforeseen trick is that the years are going by so fast that . . .   well, I should be done with all these volumes by now,  but I haven’t had the time!


And now it’s July.    We’ve entered the last half of the year 2019!

So quickly time goes by — a reminder that all time is fleeting, our lives are so short (so say almost every 90 year old you talk to).      Since this is the human situation, God has some advice and wisdom for us – to “set our minds on things above” . . .    because Eternity is where we’ll spend all of our existence, except for this brief time on earth, which does, of course, determine where we spend our Eternity.

Knowing with my Knower

If we do it wrong,  we don’t come back and “try again” — because, in the first place,  even those who believe in reincarnation acknowledge that we “come back to earth”  having forgotten all that we learned “the last time” we were here.    What would we “know” to correct the next time around?

Of course, reincarnation does not happen.   We are all one soul-body person, with a powerful weapon that gives us all we need for a good Eternity.  That “weapon” is our Free Will.   A hopefully well-informed Free Will,  and  then we’ve got to use our Free Will to search for what is the Most Important.

blood drop   So,  July is a Big Deal,  because the Church has designated this as the month of The Precious Blood – with the implication that we will learn how to best exercise our Free Will in the time we have left.    Hopefully, those stuck in the rather squeamish Victorian mindset as well as today’s Snowflakes won’t be too turned off by thinking about blood.

Eventually we’ll all have to, one way or another, especially in our dying days,.

Blood.  “The life of the body is in the Blood.”     When our body separates from our soul, at death,  our blood ceases to flow and deteriorates, back to the elements of the earth.     When Jesus died on the Cross,   we say “he poured out His Blood for us.”

blood logo

The only present Source


Efficacious death.  Salvific death.  Sacrificial death.    The only One’s death that could actually make a difference.    He died, so we don’t experience a second death – a very bad Eternity, indeed.     And the undeniable symbol of Christ’s death is the pouring out of His blood — Precious Blood.

blood banner

July 1st is the “kick-off” so to speak;  it’s the Feast Day of the Precious Blood.   This is the day set aside for us to take some time to meditate on the willing sacrifice of Jesus and what it means to the human race, and to us, individually.

Time.  We still have time.




This Feast was instituted  on the occasion of the evidence of the true efficacy of prayers, about 170 years ago.    That prayers of the people are efficacious is not a new teaching,  but the occasion was new,  the crisis was new:

During the First Italian War for Independence in 1849, Pope Pius IX went into exile to Gaeta. He went there with Don Giovanni Merlini, third superior general of the Fathers of the Most Precious Blood.

While the war was still raging, Merlini suggested to Pope Pius IX that he create a universal feast to the Precious Blood to beg God’s heavenly aid to end the war and bring peace to Rome. Pius IX subsequently made a statement on June 30, 1849 that he intended to create a feast in honor of the Precious Blood. The war soon ended and he returned to Rome shortly thereafter. *


And there will always be new crises. 

America’s is coming soon, very soon I think.


There are prayers available for us:

blood prayers

“For us”   who are Catholic;  or for us who are in the New Version of the Church; or  for anyone who is concerned with their Eternity;  for all humans.



.*  Source (remove spaces, as usual)   —

https://   aleteia.   org/2019/07/01/heres-why-july-is-dedicated-to-the-precious-blood-of-jesus-christ/






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