There’s not a more lovely melody than that of Debussey’s  Prélude à l’aprèsmidi d’un faune. . . .     faune being fawn in English.   Those haunting strains will be with me for a while, just because I’ve thought of it now.   I’m fortunate to have played flute and had the experience of playing this musical piece . . . .  (high school level ! )

You can hear a two-minute selection of it HERE …

Oh,  or just here, if you have a moment.    2 minutes. Just long enough to remind you of the melody.


I played flute.  Son played the french horn that you see — but unfortunately never  at the same time.



So . . .    fauna, again.   Animals.   I remember writing that last post and feeling almost overwhelmed at the number of critters that live in this world.   When you stop to think of it,  the animal world outnumbers us by far.   They’re all over the place!

I am routinely wakened by a family of raccoons who visit my back deck in the middle of the night — turning on the motion sensor light as they munch on my bird feeders … and the bird food inside.   Even when I remember to bring the bird feeders into the garage,  they still come looking.

Deer in gardfen

The deer regularly visit and relieve me of my roses too.   Every few days the blossoms “come back”  and every few days the roses are “harvested” again.

But Mama brought her babies a few weeks ago.  That was so cute:

deer mom and son 380


It’s fun to see them, especially when the fawns are frisky.   I don’t know if there is a Mama with twins  and a Mama with one fawn;  or maybe . . .   one Mama and something happened to the other twin.

But I worry about the little thing when he gets too curious:

Deer at ponds edge 380

That   baby   deer  spent  a good five minutes testing his ability to get down close to the water.   Mama was watching carefully nearby.  So was I.     In the end,  Mama snorted or hissed or something,  and the fawn backed up into the grass and off they went, down into the creek and out up the backside of the creek and into the woods .

(There was water there!   A lot safer to explore than in my deep pond!)

I wrote about gators last time too.     Our local news has reported at least three very recent stories of alligators being found our here in our wilderness – way too close by!  Pet alligators let go in the wild when they got too big.     Hope the deer know how to avoid the reptiles.


Rodents?    At least four  media videos and news articles have reported the rodent problem in Baltimore.   Even the former mayor of the city,  Kathleen something.    She took a tour of her own city and delivered  an  expletive filled narrative of what she saw including all the rats and the smell of dead animals on Baltimore’s city streets.

A famous racist minister also described the rats in the city,  all the depressing filth,   and described Baltimore as having Third World conditions.    “Reverend”  Sharpton, was it?

But when President Trump concurred,  agreed,  and commented on the rats in the city,  of course you know what he was accused of, producing another Twitter storm and the ingredients for another “entertainment-news media” week-long show.

And then — then —  a young anti-Trump media personality took a camera crew and went to Baltimore to report for herself and prove that,  yes, Baltimore has “problems,” but it’s not as bad as Trump says.

But her camera crew told the story while she was talking:


For the minute or so that the camera was rolling,  along came the star of this show, running across the scene.   Yick.

Has this been shown a lot on the national entertainment-news media?    “Nope.  No rats here.”     Hah!



I need to report what’s going on “in the Amazon,”  but I’ll do that in the next post, I think.  It has something to do with animals too;  all the fauna,  all the critters that the certain Amazon tribe chosen to be the exemplary of the whole Global Society via the mind of the  uber-socialist pope of the new-version of the Catholic church.

amazon men

This poor Amazon tribe (“who has so much to teach us”) live with an amazing array of poisonous spiders, snakes, disease carrying insects, mosquitoes, rabid bats, and dangerous wild animals.   Although this tribal area has the  second highest homicide rate in the world (!),  the survivors suffer from disease, parasites, and poor nutrition in addition to the violence that kills fifty percent of their young men.

But right now  I’m just focusing on the bugs. The insects.  The poisonous spiders.  The snakes.   Leeches and maggots.    Jaguars.   Wild boar.    Troops of dangerous monkeys who can snatch small children.  


My deer bring ticks with dangerous diseases.    The raccoons chew on things important to the house.   Even the chipmunks chew up air conditioning wires and cords.     Birds leave droppings on my tomato plants.   There are bats around her found with rabies.

Garden of Eden we are not.  Anymore.

Oh- yick yick yick…..   I’m done writing about animals for a while.

bear scary





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2 Comments on “FAUNA AND FAUNE”

  1. Robert Roma Says:

    Kris…Debussy is my all time favorite composer. His “Prelude To The Afternoon Of A Faun ” is hauntingly beautiful. It’s great that you got to play it !

  2. Yes, wonderful example of how beautiful music c a n be!

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