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November 29, 2019

“Stupid is as stupid does.”

Forrest Gump may have been the star of a funny movie,  but he was no dummy!   One of his most famous statements is  “Stupid is as stupid does.”    I can’t find fault with that truism!!


5 ha ha colors

Over and over again the Leftist,  True Believers, demonstrate their inability to think rationally – and they don’t even know it!    They themselves are a comedy!


Here’s one of their  “true beliefs”:     The Pilgrims didn’t come here to America because they were being persecuted for their religious beliefs:  They were the persecutors!   Of the native Indians,  the land and its resources . . .  whatever.

Teach the children!   “Pilgrims are the colonizing persecutors!”

Stupid is as stupid does.


Another:    Holiday meals, like Thanksgiving dinners,  leave an unacceptably huge “carbon footprint”  which will destroy the planet in … oh, about ten or twelve  years.

Teach the  children!        Eating is a political act.  Meat is bad for you.   No more guilt-free meals!

Stupid is as stupid does. 


Another:  There is no God to give thanks to.   We and all we enjoy are just a matter of random material evolution.

Teach the children!   There is no objective reality;  there is no meaning to life;  we might just as well be dead, not alive.  No One cares.

Stupid is as stupid does.


Another:  Sex is just a social construct.      “Gender”  (and they’re misusing a grammatical term here)  is “fluid.”
Teach the children!    You can be whatever sex you want to be – at the moment.   Too bad if you change your mind after you get a chemical or physical castration or you get your young breasts cut off  —  no one to help you there.  

Stupid is as stupid does.


Another:    If you love your country,  you are a racist (or supremacist or imperialist of a xenophobe).

Teach the children!    If you are patriotic,  you are no better than a National Socialist  (pronounced Nah —  tsi.)

Stupid is as stupid does.


One more:    If you are President Trump,  everything you are and everything you do is wrong (evil)!

Teach the children!   Trump must go.   By any means necessary!   He is so bad that he spent his thanksgiving indulging himself in his luxurious home, playing golf all day.   You can tell that is true,  because Newsweek magazine published that story!    

Stupid is as stupid does –  and that includes the entertainment-news media.

So where was Pres. Trump really?

trump thx

He spent his Thanksgiving in Afghanistan with the troops.  As Commander  in  Chief,  he went there to show our support and to encourage them and bring them hope.    He also opened up negotiations with the Taliban for the possibility that they may reach an agreement that would make it unnecessary for our soldiers to keep on risking their lives in that part of the world.

Might not work.    Should he not try?

He is not only Commander-in-Chief and a diplomat,  but also a statesman.


Trump 2

(Trump  “not in”  Afghanistan on Thanksgiving)

5 ha ha colors



Here’s the caveat the Leftists require that we say:    “Of course we don’t agree with everything he says or does or the manner in which he says things . . . .”



November 28, 2019


A little (true) holiday reading:


So many providential circumstances led to  the survival of the small Pilgrim colony at Plymouth in the early 1600s.  It was as though many unrelated little pieces were brought together to form the  mosaic which became the Massachusetts Bay Colony,  England’s foothold in New England.


The first “piece”  was a series of unjust laws put into effect by England which led to the persecution and attempted eradication of all Catholics from England in the 16th century.  That wasn’t good enough for some Englishmen, called Separatists,  who wanted to completely get rid of any vestiges of “popish practices”  and appearances and to “purify”  the newly founded Church of  England.

These “Puritans” themselves were looked upon as dangerous non-conformers and were  persecuted by the Church of England.     The Puritans then fled to  Holland where they thought they could carry on their own form of worship.

(Each Protestant group is its own “pope”  and decides what to believe, leading to disunity, scattering, and disbursement.)


During this same time,  the mid-16th century,  the Vatican became aware of the discovery of native people in all the Americas.  In a series of letters, decrees, and papal bulls, the Church officially forbade the exploitation and  slavery of the native Americans, commanding respect for their cultures, the most famous of these being  Sublimis Dei, opposing the mistreatment of the native Americans in any way.

(No,  greedy, immoral men didn’t get the message.   Mankind is unfortunately free to disregard Church teaching.)


The first  English explorers and “governors”  — not being Catholic — captured from New England a couple dozen native Americans, intending to bring them to Malaga to sell them as slaves.    Most died en route,   most were sold,  until some Franciscan monks intervened and rescued  Tisquantum,  the Patuxet Indian whom one we now know as Squanto.   They cared for him.   He became a Catholic  and expressed a desire to go “home” – wherever that was.

He was sent to England where he worked at shipyards for a while, learned to speak English, and eventually was taken back to  America.   But he was alone.  His own tribe had been wiped out by disease.  He was the last remaining Patuxet Indian left.

(We don’t now what disease, it wasn’t smallpox, and the source may or may not have been contact with the Europeans since other plagues were raging from time to time, wiping out whole tribes before the explorers got there.)


The individual tribes in this region warred against each other, and this “spirit of warfare”  is what saved the Pilgrims, who had shortly before landed at “Plymouth Rock.”   There were many raids against white settlements,  and when it was known that the Pilgrims had carried with them some cannons and other European type weapons,  a raid was planned on the struggling, starving, ailing Pilgrim colony – who would have been defenseless.

Squanto, probably the only  Catholic in the area,   suggested he go to them peacefully and negotiate, since he spoke their language.    He then stayed with the Pilgrims for almost two years, and this is where we get the stories of Squanto showing them how to plant and harvest corn  (an unknown crop among the Englishmen),  how to fish, and how to use the fish and fish parts as fertilizer for the seed corn.

(If it weren’t for the warlike nature of the American tribes,  they would not have targeted the Plymouth colony, and Squanto  would not have been sent to them.)


That second and more successful harvest assured the new colony would be  able to feed themselves,  and a harvest celebration of  thanksgiving to God was held,  thus going down in American history as “The First Thanksgiving.”
The Pilgrims took all these events to be providential – a sign that God was with them in the founding of the New World.     They were to be that “Shining City on a Hill”  to give hope to all the world.

Stories about  this time took shape and became part of our history,  part of our heritage that used to be taught to all American schoolchildren   (until recently when many of our children are being cut off from their historical roots, with the intention of molding them into a different society.)

But  facts are facts.  And it really happened that way with Squanto,  his Catholic faith, and the rescuing of the little Plymouth colony.

The country that became America:  we have much to be thankful for.






















November 26, 2019


It’s the week when we make our preparations for our Thanksgiving dinners.  If you’re having a home-cooked dinner,  there are many things to put on your grocery list — takes careful planning.


But it’s not this kind of list that I want to write about tonight.   After all, we don’t spend every waking hour planning for dinner;  and even while we’re eating and watching the games on Thursday,  there are still other Thanksgiving things we naturally think about to make the day more than just about our indulgences.


And those “other things” include The First Thanksgiving that provides the foundation for our own day of thanks-giving.  And that’s where another list would be very handy  because we have two generations of Americans,  at least two,  who really don’t have much to put on that list.

I know.   I was a public school teacher, and I saw the changes in our schools, when we were told that fun and games and self-esteem and enjoyment was far more important than learning any facts about the world.

disorganized kids

Actually, the word “fact”  became a four-letter word!

So we have at least two generations of superannuated children who are pretty much devoid of facts and information.   As I said in the last post,  we have to be the ones who improve our situation.  We  have to be our own teachers of the things we ought to have learned.

So I’ve been thinking of a  “list” of things you ought to know about The First Thanksgiving.  Q&A -.    No,  just Q.    You do the A.

Thanksgiving involves Pilgrims.  

Pilgrims 2

 Q.  What is a Pilgrim?

Q.  What is a Puritan?


Q.  What’s the difference between a Pilgrim and a Puritan?

Q.   What country did they live in?

Q.  Why did they move to Holland?

Q.  Why did they have to leave Holland?

Q.  Why did they want to go to the New World?

pilgrim map

Q.  What was the name of the ship they crossed the ocean with?

Q.  What is important about the Compact they drew up while on board that ship?

Q.   What time of year did they land in North America?

Q.   What were conditions like when they landed?

Q.   What was the name of their new settlement?


Q.   Why did so many Pilgrims die during their first year?

Q.  What was their guide book?

Q.   What form of government did they begin their settlement with?

           A.    (I’ll give you the answer to that one):  It was a form of communism.  Everyone held all their land “in common,”  and all were expected to work on it.    Then, all were expected to receive an equal share of the results of their collective labor,  even though all did not put in the same effort.

Q.   What was the next form of governing themselves?

            A.   Private ownership of  property.   Self-reliance.    Responsibility for one’s own property and plot of land.

 Q.   That second form of governance resulted in an abundant  harvest.  How did they celebrate?

Q.    Who were they giving thanks to?

 Q.    Who was Squanto?

plymouth indian

(Some surprising things about him in the next post.)


Bonus questions:

Q.    Who was John Winthrop?

Q.   What is “The City on a Hill” ?




November 24, 2019

Not time, like  on the clock,  but time like Times and Seasons.

Liturgical Calendar 150

It is the ending of one time, the beginning of another, today,  as we move into the last week of the Liturgical Year,   just before Advent.     Not that the entertainment-news media would make mention of it.

No,  some things we have to do on our own.  and if there’s nothing there,  some things we have to generate on our own.   Our own.    It’s on us.

Example?   Meet a football player named Jamal Williams.    Disadvantaged background.   Father left the home,  abandoning his children.  Minor trouble with the law for a while. Angry young man with an irascible personality.

Then one day Jamal Williams decided not to be mad at his dad anymore.   In fact, decided  not to be an angry person anymore.  He was able, then,   to develop a talent for the football game he liked so much.   I saw him dancing on the sidelines today during a game.     He looks like one happy man – and he’s playing good football!    They say he is grateful and content.

He did it himself!

I was driving down a local street a few weeks ago   —    (I’m not changing the subject!)

DAISY Car distance

Ordinary drive.    Ordinary day.

Then I noticed something that made it a special day.  Not too special,  just cute – gives you a smile and makes you think well of people:

DAISY bumper 359

I zoomed up on the photo —  actually,  I  “zoomed up”  with my car and got a closer look.    Someone had  decorated the bumper of that silver car with a row of pretty white daisies.    Although people decorate  their cars all  the time, on this particular day it was like a little message to me – to be better and happier and appreciate things — which is really a recipe for making a person want to  make the whole world a better place for everyone.

DAISY bumper cr

Unless you are aware of little things around you,  you don’t have the inspiration or “impetus”  to know what to change, or how — and that’s personal to each of us.  Like Jamal Williams,  we have to do it ourselves.

Back to the Liturgical Year coming up.

Father Reading to children

You may not have had a father who gathered you and your brothers and sisters round his lap and read from a good book,  lovingly, patiently instructing his children in the things that are important for them to know. *

Few of us did, but that little picture signifies something we know deep down inside us:  that there is knowledge and wisdom that needs to be passed down from the previous generations, in order that civilized (safe and orderly) society can exist, and we long for such a mentor,  such a tutor,  such a father figure to tell us what we need to know.

Again,  like Jamal Williams,  we have to do it ourselves.  We need to lovingly become our own dear mentors.**    Or like my ordinary drive down an ordinary street which presented me with a view of the world as a “nicer place” and the thought that maybe I could contribute something there;   well, maybe I’ll have to  do something about that on  my own.

I hope I can incorporate all that into this new year that Advent is bringing us.   Advent is a time to “prepare”;  yes, prepare for Christmas,  but this preparation is rightfully done interiorly – inside you, privately, yet actually,  and includes an increase in self-discipline (fasting and acts of penance), specific learning and deeper study of fundamental truths, and prayer in order to establish and/or deepen our daily, hourly relationship with Our Lord, our Savior.



So it’s important to know and live the Times and Seasons, and to be aware of  the
Season that flows around us  just as the gentle wind blows through the trees.
That’s on us.   We make ourselves aware.  We make ourselves stronger.



.*   (The father, and by extension the mother, is the first most significant  teacher of every child.)  

.**   “. . . And the second Great  Commandment is this:  Thou shalt love thy neighbor  as thyself!”


November 23, 2019

I guess it’s not really so surprising, this follow-up on my last post.

People wondered why all of a sudden Chick-Fil-A  stopped making major donations to Christian organizations.    Well, here’s a Paul Harvey type news item,  “the rest of the story”  —


According to FrontPagemag,  the  executive director of Chick-Fil-A  is “Rodney D. Bullard, a former White House fellow and Assistant US Attorney.”    He worked under  the Bush  administration so people assumed he was a Republican, maybe kind of conservative in social values.

He’s not.   He voted for and donated to both the Barack Hussein person  and Hillary Clinton!

Slowly, in the past few years,  Bullard introduced Leftist language into Chick-Fil-A’s  legal and public documents. Social warrior type stuff.    A Rules For Radicals technique.    Fooled Chick-Fil-A.

Then he made his move, this announcement of withholding funds to people who don’t agree with his political ideology.

Right.  “Worked  “under the Bush administration.”      Kept himself under a rock until the time was right.

The only surprising thing, really, is how many of these Leftists have infiltrated every aspect of our society.


Notice his former position?  “US Attorney General.”     WATCH the attorney general elections of your state.   It’s where the global socialists are putting their money.


November 19, 2019


We all choose which master to serve.   It’s called freedom of religious expression, and it applies to you and to me.





It’s very very very important to break up the family and put families on the run.   Otherwise, the Revolution cannot go forward   The Revolution is basically antithetical to families as well as harmful to individual men, women, and children — and whole societies.

To repeat,  it is very very important to break down the family and family values,   “by any means possible.”

To wit:   Once there was a husband and wife and two children who lived in a small city.  It was, for example,  very very important to pound on their doors,  pound on their walls,  and force them to violate their family values.



I used to love to watch these people on a sidewalk near an intersection,  dressed in their neat and spiffy uniforms,  sometimes playing music for us on their trumpets and trombones, sometimes singing.    With their navy blue uniforms they  called themselves an “army” — in a good way.



I know they served food to every needy person, without any discrimination at all;  they got clothes for those who needed clothes  (a crucial act of charity here in the Far North!),  and sometimes they helped them find housing.  Anyone.  No discrimination,  ever.

They were kind and nice people, whose purpose was to demonstrate the love of Christ for everyone.


Goes without saying that they obeyed the teachings of Christ their Lord.




They need our money and our donations, especially around Christmastime.    Big  kettles and “annoying”  bell ringing.

Actually,  there are many other organizations like this which helped the truly needy, although not all of them wore uniforms.


So what happened?     A successful, popular multi-billion dollar corporation that sells delicious chicken in many forms   contributed  millions of dollars to charitable organization like the one in Item # 2 –  the Salvation Army  (and others).

But now they won’t.


And that’s because 2% of  our population, and actually a small percentage of those,  have bullied this corporation into stopping their charitable giving.     They want to pick who gets the  money.

2%.    Consistently 1.8% to 2.2 %.

Just like the husband, the wife, and the two children who lived in Sodom displeased the bullies outside their door,  this corporation also displeased today’s bullies.

The dark green wedge in that pie chart is the 2%.  WE  are all the rest of the pie chart, in all our various forms.    The 2% get to call the shots for the rest of us.  Apparently.   The 2%  want us to not just  accept, but to approve and promote their immorality –  which consists of one of the four sins that “cry out to God for vengeance.”   God’s vengeance,  because it is such an affront to His created human beings.


What a sad day.

What a dangerous sign.

What a loss of integrity.



I wonder why so many people remain passive against the aggression of the 2% Bullies?!

Maybe . . . start them young . . .

DQ bigoted

. . .  and let bigoted people teach our children.

And if we object,  they’ll call us “bigoted.”

Oh, dear.



November 15, 2019

This is the third “Brief”  posting.      A brief Brief, because there’s not much to argue here.  You can’t change your verdict, and no do-overs.

I’m on my way to class soon.  And since it is just about the close of the Liturgical Calendar,  I know what the class will be hearing in their Readings for this Sunday.  In looking for some context to help them understand their Readings, I came across this picture:

HELL hands in fire

Lurid, but not inaccurate in meaning.     The Four Last Things:  Death.  Judgment.  Heaven.  Hell.

The warning:    “The way to Heaven is very narrow and few there be who find it.”

The verdict:    “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”

The Judgment:   “Hell.”

Here are about 70,000 people who heard the warning and understood:

Hell 70,000 getting it

They got the point.   1917.  Portugal.

It was supposed to teach us, in these last 100 years.

Looking back,  the “Lord of This World”  seems to be winning.

demons 400




November 15, 2019


Yes, I saw it:

Browns punch Steelers

“The Punch heard ’round the sports world.”

Browns player takes off the Steeler’s QB helmet and smacks him on the head with it.  Big smack, but he seems to be okay.

Now, what came before is a hard smackdown of this QB (Mason Rudolph)  followed by Rudolph’s anger, getting up, grabbing Garret’s helmet  He didn’t get it off his head, but it did manage to inflame the anger between the two even further.

Punches began to be thrown, and that’s when Rudolph lost his helmet and got the hit.  Both men down.   And then Steelers players began kicking the back of Garrett, while he was down on the ground.

And everyone seemed to get in on the act.

Garrett will be convicted some day.   Possibly only ejected from this year’s season.  Possibly worse.

Honestly,  I have no opinion on the whole thing.     I didn’t get my temper  “inflamed.”


November 15, 2019

Well, this happened two years ago,  I think.

Happened here:


This country’s  “Bureau of . . .  Corruption”  (that does investigations into allegations of political corruption within their country)  received word that some officials colluded with the Democrat Party in the United States to influence the election.

(To throw the election in favor of  Mrs.  Bill Clinton who was running for president at the time.)

The main person being investigated was tried, found guilty;  i.e.  convicted of collusion with Hilary Clinton, specifically.    That person is in prison right now.

To make it clear:  The Ukrainian government convicted one from their own government  of colluding with Hilary and the Democrats to throw the 2016 election for Hilary.

Just so you know.


As the US former ambassador to the Ukraine seems not to “recall”  or be aware,   so she says while being questioned by Hilary supporters in the US Congress..



Their new Ukranian president and his new government were elected to clean up the political corruption going on,  some of it bought and paid for by the U.S. Democrat party, giving them material goods, finances, and strategic planning for how to overthrow a government  (which they did, actually, under the administration of the Barack-Hussein person and his State Dept. head,  Hilary.    “They were not amused.”

(All this covered in news reports, videos, released documents at the time.)

On a side note:  It is against US federal law for a president to allow American financial aid to go to a country that is steeped in corruption and not doing anything about it.   (I guess you could make a phone call to their president and asked what’s being done about corruption;  is there anything we can do to help.)



If you get your news from one of these places . . .


News Sources

. . . then you may not know these things.



November 12, 2019

It was the bloodiest, cruelest war involving the most peoples of Europe at one time that had ever been experienced.   IMO, it marked the true ending of a very promising century, one full of human “achievement” and  “greatness,” in their minds, and one which showed that there was no problem that mankind with all  its new science and technology couldn’t solve.

And then the sinking of the Titanic slapped the world in the face, and then the  war between 1914-1917 mauled the soul of mankind.

It was possible that nothing had changed and we  hadn’t made progress after all.


(No one suspected that a remarkably murderous century had just begun.  No one had anticipated more than a hundred million people killed and enslaved by their own governments.)

mass grave

No one had heard of Lenin, Stalin,  Hitler, Castro, Pol Pot, Chavez,  and all the tyrannical dictators of Eastern Europe.   No one had anticipated that socialism would result in so many human deaths.


barbed wire

And no one realized that war itself would become cruel and unhuman on a massive scale, aided by all the “progress” we had made in technology.


But World War I signaled the beginning of all that.

Still, in 1917, when this horrifying world war had finally ended,  there was  a bit of misplaced optimism.   They called that war The War To End All Wars.     The end of the war,  the laying down of arms,  the Armistice, was signed on November 11th.

Why that date?

Those world leaders who signed the Armistice came out of Western Civilization,  and Western Civilization was created and built up by the Catholic Faith.   These world leaders knew all its history and values and one of them,  King George V,  chose November 11th to honor “Martinmas.”

Martinmas is the feast day of St. Martin of Tours, a Christian soldier in the army of the Roman Empire.   A soldier-saint of war?    No!    A soldier for a while, but an uneasy soldier.    His life was changed after an act of Christian charity:

Martin was riding along on his horse one cold day and passed near a miserable-looking beggar.   The poor man did not have enough clothes to shelter himself from the cold.

(As I write this ,it is 8  degrees outside so far,  and going down!)


Martin stopped and took off his thick, warm military cloak, tore it in half, and wrapped one half around the beggar.  (Some stories say he gave the beggar his entire cloak.)

Then he rode on, attending to his duties.    That night while he slept he saw Christ.     He saw his Lord!    And his Lord was wearing the cloak he had given to the beggar.   realizing what this meant, he withdrew from the army and sought secluded places to live and pray and study, and to find out more about his Lord Jesus Christ.

Stories say people around him recognized his great holiness and eventually sought to make him a bishop.  He hid from them among a flock of geese —


—  who promptly sent up a honking commotion and gave away his hiding place.    Martinmas was ever after celebrated with a hearty goose dinner!

Because of the significance of Christ’s approval for our least acts of charity,  the Church celebrates with pageants, parades, and general rejoicing    (although, truthfully,  the New Version of the church has lost this tradition and its meaning).


Western Civilization and all its values for mankind has been attacked,  chipped away,  destroyed in many places, possibly irreparably.   I am one of those who believe we can rebuild civilization but that we won’t.    Perhaps another evil century of blood and brutality will be needed before we ask ourselves why.     What did we put aside that is so vital to human peace?

We have been warned and pleaded with to turn back to God, or the consequences will be dire.     Maybe we will listen.


Lonely soldier


Maybe one day,  sooner or later,  our soldiers will not have much to do.






November 11, 2019

Yeah, we  had some snow today:

Snow little space between 380

That’s the railing of my back deck today.   It’s fun; it’s beautiful;  and it was serious for some.  Three people died in our local area, and many hundreds lost their “fenders”  today.    I can’t yet shovel snow so I was snowbound, but that’s okay.   Probably can’t drag my big garbage dumpster through the snow tomorrow out to the end of my driveway, so I’ll miss garbage pickup.   But that’s okay too.   The temperatures will be so far below freezing this week that nothing’s going to start smelling anytime soon.

I see the young newsreaders on TV  are excited about  “HUNDREDS OF COLD RECORDS HAVE FALLEN!!!!”

Mmm-hmmmm . . .   Global warming for sure – which brings about  climate “extremes.”    We’ve got to DO something – fast!        How about a petition?    “Scientific Democracy!”  We saw this on the news this past weekend:

Petitiob bits


Uh . . .  except they didn’t.  11,000 scientists  didn’t sign a petition warning us of “untold suffering…”   I mean,  you could have signed it!!!

Here’s a petition:


You just go to the website and fill in the blanks with your name and position:

prof mickey mouse

Professor Mickey Mouse did it.   (3rd name down)   And so did many college students and assorted other non-scientists.

What are the real scientists discovering?

Arctic Overestimate


That they have reported more global warming that there actually is.    And that they have also over-reported the loss of glaciers and arctic ice  —

Greenland ICE growing


“. . . Gaining Ice . . .”

So,  the global-socialists have convinced many people   (or at least the people who read the scripts on the entertainment-news media are convinced)  that “humans cause global warming.”   Have they ever explained how we cause global  cooling?    How are we getting the planet to cool?

Because that’s the way this planet is trending.  We are entering a probably long period of cooler temperatures — and it’s not under our control.  It’s controlled by the output of the sun.    Observations show:  “The sun is about to enter a prolonged cooling period.”


Solar Cycle #25  is going to be even less.    We are entering it now.

All those high school and college age kids out there  obediently protesting Climate Change?  We ought to be collecting scarves and mittens for them.


November 10, 2019

I wanted to write about this sooner, soon after the Tuesday election, so we wouldn’t forget…(but someone dialed up the  pain a few notches around here, so I had to get a handle on that….think I’m okay for a while now…)



I’m just going to have to have an ongoing series on next year’s national election; it’s less than a year away now.  I’m not confident about the whole ordeal, but what makes me really concerned now is . . . .

Well, do you know why there are no more zoo animals left in Venezuela?

Venezuela,  that richest of South American countries;  swimming in oil;  playground of the rich;  lively, happy people. . .

I just finished watching the second season of Jack Ryan  (Tom Clancy’s character).   The first season was superb;  this second season was pretty good.   It took place largely in Venezuela during a time of their presidential election.    Many subplots (just like a Clancy novel) but chiefly focusing on election fraud by the current  Leftist (socialist)  president. In order to retain power,  he had to shut down the voting early because his opponent was winning.

So why no more, or hardly any, zoo animals left in Venezuela?

Because  in real life  the leadership there has been uber-radical Leftist for quite some time now.   All the money has gone to the very few socialists at the top of the government, and the people are unbelievably impoverished.   No more “goods and services.”   Some, who can, have to travel to neighboring Columbia in order to buy food and other necessities.    Toilet paper is non-existent for most people.

Medical observations reported that Venezuelans have each lost an average of twenty pounds of body weight!       Society has broken down and is chaotic and dangerous.   Hungry people are desperate people.    Desperately hungry people will eat anything they can get their hands on.  Cats and dogs were eaten.   And so were the zoo animals.  No money to pay for the salaries of the zookeepers, no money to pay for the upkeep of the animals.   It was reported that zoos were broken into by people searching for protein.

The Jack Ryan story shows how this begins, and it begins with election fraud.  Once Leftists are in power,  although it varies country by country,  they will do anything to remain in power and to gather more power.

“By any means necessary.”    That is the motto of these marxist/socialist/progressives.

I see in Europe elections are held, the people vote for something, but the election results are ignored if they do not conform with the socialist agenda.   (They’ll just keep arranging for more elections over the same issue, so the people don’t get too angry.)



And that goes for the United States too. We are not immune.   Our Founding Fathers told us that the price of freedom is Eternal Vigilance.

So what do we need to be vigilant about?   That’s what I want to do, from time to time,  in this year of the 2020 election – put the spotlight on some things you should know.

I’ll start with a small story about a big issue – voter fraud.   I wrote about a lot of voter fraud during the 2016 election – but it’s happening again.

Remember the Kentucky voting just last week?   A big, big deal was made of the fact that a Democrat won the position of governor, even though the state went overwhelmingly Republican for other offices.   The Democrat won by a very small margin – I think the count is still being contested –  but now we find  out how this “win” was engineered.

You’ve heard all the controversy about registering voters at the Department of Motor Vehicle offices,  the DMV where you get your driver’s license?    Of course it’s controversial:


Now sort that out!!!!    In many cases,  you need just a driver’s license in order to vote.

I’m tired, not feeling too well, so I’ll just copy-and-paste a short article here.  It’s a story about   175,000  “Mr. and Mrs. Tore’s”:


Just weeks before the Kentucky election, 175,000 purged voters were put back on the registration rolls after Democrat challenger Attorney General Andy Beshear sued to have the inactive voters reinstated.

A recently released recorded phone call between the Kentucky Board of Elections office and a journalist named Tore shows that Tore and her immigrant husband, who is ineligible to vote, were placed on the Kentucky voter rolls as registered Democrats.

The only problem is, Tore and her husband haven’t lived in the state Kentucky for years and both of them have never registered as Democrats.


The Democrat candidate petitioned to have these non-existent, non-qualified names put on the voter registration lists.

“By any means necessary.”

(I don’t have a dog in that Kentucky fight,  and I know both candidates are flawed,  but I recognize voter fraud when I read about it.)

Who gets to vote in your state?     Do some people even know that they voted?

Eternal Vigilance?    What are we supposed to be looking for?



How can I find out if my Mom and Dad voted in Florida?  (They died a few years ago.)


November 6, 2019

Good thing English is my first language or I’d never be able to enjoy playing around with our words!

Banner snowflakes

I’m in a good mood today; exalted, really.   My soul “magnifying”  the beauty of our Creator and  His Creation.    The reason?    Snow!      The diseases in my body required a short rest this afternoon, so I had the opportunity to look out the window, which is when I noticed there was a light snowfall.

Each little snowflake a true little marvel.

They say no two are alike.      The molecules of water forming crystals in the cold  until they get heavy enough to precipitate . . . and  just fall,  right out of the air!   The whole air,  filled with these little crystals!   It didn’t have to be.      What human mind could have invented snow?    Only a Mind that is the Originator of beauty would invent a little detail like this.

On All Saints Day the Spruce Tunnel speculated a little bit about what makes a person a saint,  what is “sanctified,”  and what is “holy,”  the other word for saint?    Comes from God, the Creator, of course.    And there are many explanations, many instructions about how to be holy and please God.

 ( I Peter 1:15, 16  –  But according to him that hath called you, who is holy, be you also in all manner of conversation holy:  because it is written: You shall be holy, for I am holy.)  (Or:   Be holy, as your Father in Heaven is holy.)       

Many instructions, because it’s not a statement, it’s a mandate, and the guidance shows us some components of holiness:  knowledge, abstinence,  patience, godliness, virtue, love . . . .  courage, prudence . . .

So here are two heroes for our times when the new version of the Church is faltering as it turns to secular virtues of social justice,  immorality,  indifferentism,  and compromise. Today’s hero is Alexander Tschugguel:


A handsome young 26-year old from Austria who, along with his best friend,  flew down into Rome and removed the offensive pagan idols from out of a Christian church  ( in the Vatican!)  and threw the idols into the Tiber River  (as many of you have heard).

(Is it stealing, is it vandalism to clean out an offensive abomination from a Christian church?    No!   I think it was a spiritual  janitorial service.)

But these two young men were apparently the ONLY two in the whole world who actually took action!!!!

Many others have done similar things in past times.   But we can go all the way back to the Germanic regions of Europe in the 8th century to see another instance of destroying pagan idols:

Boniface anew

That’s St. Boniface, and that tree is no ordinary tree.   It was central to the worship of these Germanic pagans, and if you hurt it in anyway,  the god it represents will have the same effect as the South American Pachamama  idol;  that is,  the earth would react with destructive force and lightning would come down to kill anyone who disrespected it.*

As a matter of fact,  if anyone dared harm a sacred tree (the locus of the god)  the Germanic pagans themselves would . . .  do unspeakable things to the man who did it, usually involving disemboweling as the first part.

Knowledge?  Courage?  Godliness?  Love?    I think so.  St.Boniface,  in his love for these pagans then taught them the Source of all Love.   God is Love.  God is Love itself.

There are other saints, living quietly today:

Man Rosary

rosary in hand

Mind on God.    Praying.    Mind on the Gospels, via the rosary.

But there are also other pagans living today, even in the Vatican!!

laying down cross

Yep.  Laying down a cross (an empty cross)  onto the “mandela”-like cloth containing all  the objects of worship accompanying those Pachamama idols.

Quite a ceremony!    No Christian soldiers in sight.

We need another axe like Boniface wielded.  We need more acts like Alexander and his friend.



“In some causes,  silence is dangerous.”  St.  Ambrose



.*   Of course this sounds reasonable to me, a descendant of Vikings.  did not Thor wield thunderbolts?


November 5, 2019

“They”  want to give us “smart” everything,  so how about we give them Smart Deniers!


Truly  I’m getting a little bored with the continuing climate change hoaxing . . .  mostly because there is NO science behind it, but we all are supposed to act as though many scientists acting as “scientists”  believe mankind is responsible for climate change.

Now, I  love science.   All kinds of science, which is why I’m not an expert on any one topic —  I’m interested in it all.  Here’s a great photobomb of the Crab Nebula:

Photobombing the Crab

It’s gorgeous if you use just an infrared camera or an ultraviolet camera or many of the other light spectrums we can use,  but this photo is a composite of many of them.   Try looking at the Astronomy Picture of the Day on many websites . . . .

It’s not hard to find true science out there, but every once in a while it becomes evident that the general public really hasn’t taken the time to learn very much of it.

Cimate hoaxing

Kind of funny.   And kind of not.   It’s not funny when international policy is imposed upon the world,  counting on the general ignorance of all things scientific.

But, hey,  if water can be “dangerous,”  maybe carbon dioxide can be too!

I wonder how many people realize that carbon dioxide is plant food?     If carbon dioxide has been declared a “pollutant”  and certain of our Rulers have declared that the goal is to eliminate carbon dioxide from the atmosphere,  I wonder what they think the plants are going to do?  Certainly not grow food for us!

(If we want to eat in the future,  maybe we should all try breathing harder and exhaling more!)

Scientific observations just don’t support the claims of the man-made climate change true believers.

DETH from climate


Oh, phooey — it’s her again:

So, fake science is boring…..    I don’t want to keep writing about it.   Just keep aware of new economy-stifling legislation and restrictions on our personal freedoms.    And just let’s keep pushing back, wherever we can.

Rolling our eyes and snickering is a good start.

5 ha ha colors






November 4, 2019

Since I mentioned climate change in the last post,  now’s a good time to use up some  climate related photos I’ve been saving, so :  Science Through Pictures!


  BAD NEWS for Greta and all the climate change activists:

Excursion Magnetic Names

That  “Y”  stands for “Years Ago.”     This chart names the past magnetic excursions and  polar flips  which brought about total destruction on the earth, including drastic climate change.

(Notice the intervals, and notice where we are in this year, 2019.   The north and south pole are already moving rapidly,  developing a place for their new locations.    The protective magnetic field around the earth will disappear briefly as this happens  — for 3 days?   as in The Three Days of Darkness predicted by many saints?)  


What happened approximately 12,000 years ago?   Some of you may instantly recognize that that is when many of the large animals (saber toothed tiger,  giant sloth, giant cave bears, giants of all kinds)  went extinct and the climate changed first to a severe mini ice age bump of about a thousand years, and then a sudden melting of the ice which flooded vast areas of the planet, scrubbing everything off the surface.

And then a period of warming  began,  allowing us to start over again,  rediscovering technology and sciences, and allowing our recent human history to flourish for the past eight thousand years.      And then the planetary disaster will recur.

All this change is triggered by our sun.   The sun controls climate change.   The sun controls climate change.  The sun controls climate change.

We don’t.

Here are gigantic forces coming from the sun that is  hitting our upper atmosphere, warping it downwards towards the surface.  It’s a screenshot of a video showing the solar forcing rippling through space and slamming into the earth.



So . . .  turn off your car engines,   everyone.   Maybe we can stop the effect of the sun on us!

The sun controls climate change.   The fewer sunspots, for instance, the colder the planet becomes:


Doesn’t look good for us in our very near future.

Think Greta and her friends will be able to get the sun to stop doing that?



Greta et al. say they are worried about all the pollution in the air, forgetting that volcanoes send more “pollutants”  into the atmosphere in one big eruption than all the “man-made” pollution sent into the air since the Industrial Revolution.


This is an intriguing view of a recent volcano from a satellite.    That’s not smoke poking through the cloud cover!   That’s all kinds of gases and particulates that spread out over the planet and create beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Too much of that will fill the atmosphere with “earth-warming”  pollution for sure!   How would you like this in your back yard?

Volcano in backyard

You would’ve had it if you lived in Mexico recently.   That beautiful fire and smoke is doing a much better job of polluting our planet than we humans can ever do.



Greenland Ice Core

Just read the right half of the graph.  Notice the right half  begins at the “Gothenburg”   magnetic  excursion event,   approximately 12,000 years ago, at the Younger Dryas event which began to take us out of the last ice age period.    But then look at the squiggles on the chart:   a little ice age, nearly at the end of the graph,  followed by our present years —  labeled, ironically,  “Present Global Warming.”



If you “deny” what the Climate Activists are trying to convince us of,  you are not alone, and more and more scientists and other officials are seeing the hoaxing aspect of climate change.

Finlad Climate

That’s one of many articles quoting people from many countries who find good reason to oppose the climate change activists.      Many are noticing that the earth is NOT warming at all.

Greenland in French


July NOT


Articles like this are easy to find   (but maybe not on a Google or Facebook search engine.)    But if you say too much, you will get into trouble:


CLim Ch attacked



Roll your eyes and giggle.  That’s the best response to sincere and sincerely deluded man-made climate change believers.

On the other hand,  if you’re a good christian gentleman,  you’ve got to agree with this poster.

Against Climate Change


Genesis 1:26 –  And He said: Let us make man to our image and likeness: and let him have dominion over the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the air, and the beasts, and the whole earth, and every creeping creature that moveth upon the earth.

Genesis 2:15 –  And the Lord God took man, and put him into the paradise of pleasure, to dress it, and to keep it.

There is still a lot we can do to take charge and “make this earth  GREAT again.”    Keep the earth clean.  Work to make it productive and safe for humans and animals.    Enhance the beauty of the earth.   Plant lots of flowers in your own garden!

And for goodness sakes, California,  cut and haul away all that dead underbrush!!!!!  




November 4, 2019

Poor Greta has a big transportation problem.

Greta squelch critics


(1)    I heard, randomly  on the news this weekend, that Angela Merkel,  who is leading Germany into the New World Order,  has decreed that within ten years she wants there to be one million charging stations for electric cars in Germany.  *

Hmmmm.      You plug your car into a charging station and electricity comes through the cord and into your car.

(2)     Greta Thunberg  (and the eco-fascists that are using her)    is demanding that the world stop using “fossil”  fuels to create that  electricity.

Ms. Merkel,   meet  Greta.  Perhaps the two of you could discuss the fact that there is no viable and economically sustainable way to produce electricity.    Wind “power”  and solar   “power”  and green algae “power”   need massive funds from their governments (tax-payers)  in order to make their corporations even survive . . .  because the technology is not there but the dream  will come true “some day.”

These alternative sources of electricity also pollute,  kill birds,  endanger human health with either strong  low-frequency hums or by creating an intolerable amount of heavy metal waste, that will be in our environment for a very long time.

I’d like to overhear that conversation!     “We must stop polluting …..”     “Oh.”

Speaking of poor Greta Thunberg  (I don’t mean poor in money – her parents are quite wealthy eco-whatever climate change promoters) — but poor Greta has an insolvable  transportation problem:

See, she’s been traveling around this part of the world, being celebrated and giving ecological promotion speeches,   but next she really, really wants to attend the UN conference on climate change in Madrid, Spain — across the ocean!

In an  article called   “Can You Help?”   Breitbart News explains:

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is looking to the world for suggestions as to how she can re-cross the Atlantic after next month’s U.N. climate summit in Chile was unexpectedly scrapped.

Ooops, sorry for the big letters.

Here are her actual Tweets:

As COP25 has officially been moved from Santiago to Madrid I’ll need some help.
It turns out I’ve traveled half around the world, the wrong way:)
Now I need to find a way to cross the Atlantic in November… If anyone could help me find transport I would be so grateful.

Any ideas?

And, speaking of Tweets,  while she likes to Tweet,  she will brook no opposing Tweets.  In another recent news article about her she is considering leaving the Twitter World and Facebook altogether – because they’re not fair to her in allowing criticism of her position on “climate change.”

Again, her words, in a bit of a scolding tone:

The celebrated Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has threatened to quit Facebook if the social media platform refuses to silence her critics.

“I am, like many others, questioning whether I should keep using Facebook or not,” Thunberg wrote in a Facebook post last week. “Allowing hate speech,** the lack of fact-checking and, of course, the issues of interfering with democracy… are among many, many other things that are very upsetting.”

“The constant lies and conspiracy theories about me and countless others, of course, result in hate, death threats and ultimately violence. This could easily be stopped if Facebook wanted to. I find the lack of taking responsibility very disturbing,” she added.

The public has taken to mocking her and impersonating her on Twitter.     And, she says,  Twitter is not protecting her identity.

Sighhhhh….. it’s a busy world out there.   Gotta keep on your toes.



.*  Reported by ABC News,  Bloomberg, and Reuters (UK) —  far leftist media sources.

.**    “Hate Speech”  is any speech  you hate.      (And there oughta be a law against it!)








SAINTS, Saints & saints

November 1, 2019

So,  where do the “Saints”  in All Saints Day come from?     November 1st is a Holy Day  on the liturgical calendar;  it’s the “hallow”  in yesterday’s  “hallow-e’en.”       Hallow is “holy,” and we all have a sense that saints are “holy”  in some way.

Where does it all start?


Heaven's B lue

Not the “sky,”   not even a location at all,  but rather an impossible-to- illustrate Being who is fundamental to everything that exists.    That Being, who gave His name as “I AM” is an always-existent Being that is Love and Goodness — and He is Good because He is Love.


He is a Person, with intelligence, awareness, capable of interaction;   and although he is self- sufficient,  yet He chose to share Himself, His Love, His Divinity,  His Goodness with a whole set of spiritual beings, long, long before humans were ever created.
Through some of these spiritual beings,   thoughts and actions of not-God entered the picture.

Not-God  is, by definition,  evil.   Evil is anything that is not-God.    That’s where the concept of the Holy comes in.    Holy is anything that is purely  of-God;    as infinitely far away from evil as you can even imagine.


Serpahim,   burning with God’s holiness.

Then humans were created, to share in the Life and glory of God –  because He loves us and wants us. and will help us share in His holiness.


Holy in Latin, the Church’s language,  is  “sanctus.”     Every Sunday we chant or proclaim:  “Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus”  imitating the Holy Seraphim who stand on the “train”  of God’s holiness in Heaven, as seen by the prophet Isaiah.

From sanctus we get the English word saint.

Back to God who wants to share Himself with us, to give us a share in his divinity through His power,   His actions in our lives, and through His graces.    Any human who is open to that  receives help from God to become holy as He is.

(And we know from the last book of the Bible that “no unholy thing” can enter Heaven.)

The ancients understood the concept of holiness, and at rare times even saw the bright physical manifestation of (some of) the holiness that comes with God’s presence:


Brightness developed around the Ark of the Covenant.   Brightness made the face of Moses glow at Mt. Sinai, scaring the people half to death.   (Put a covering over your face!!! they said.)   And the brightness of God’s glorious holiness came down when the First Great temple in Jerusalem was completed, filling the temple so much. . .


. . .  that King Solomon and the priests who were there to dedicate the temple actually had to run out of the temple —  no one can stand before the glory of God.

We don’t understand this.  We don’t have the words for the overwhelming magnificence of God’s holiness.  We can’t even depict it accurately.     We can only signify holiness with light and brightness and a force and heat without burning.


We’ve come to the Saints.   They are those who have given themselves over to God and gradually take on his holiness.  We try to signify that with light and brightness too, usually painted as a circle of light around the saint’s head:

de sales

(If you can see auras, if you have ever seen the aura of a holy person,  the aura is a brighter white than any earthly white we can imagine.  Hard to describe.  Whiter than white.)

So on All Saints Day we remember all those who came before us who actually did attain holiness by what is often called “heroic virtue.”     Being good and virtuous is good;  but some have a degree of virtue that can only be called “heroic.”   These the Church examines and declares that their lives are worthy to be our examples.


Ordinary baptized believers in God, following Christ their Savior, faithful and attentive to the things of God are saints too.    St. Paul  addresses his letters in the Bible “to the saints who are in ….”   then he names the city he is writing to.   So, yes, in a way, all believers in Christ are “set apart”  for Him;  made holy;   sanctified.

We are all here on earth, we’ve all been conceived and incarnated by the will of God — in order to become holy so we can be with God in eternal joy, forever.     His holiness, in us.

We can all attain holiness.  It’s not impossible for humans.


This is disturbing and confusing.   The new modern version of the Church has put forth its own criteria for naming saints.   I won’t mention names,  but these new saints could NOT undergo the scrutiny that Catholic saints have to go through.

They’ve made it so easy to become a saint that communists,  Liberation Theologists,  and socialist revolutionary workers have been declared by the new version of the Church to be saints.  Even, I must mention a man who, as pope,  had a woman stand before him,  nude from the waist up,  reading some Scripture in public;  and who had the blessing of the red dot placed on his forehead by Hindus,  had the cleansing ceremony of burning sage performed over him,  has had  sexy dancers dance in front of him,  has bowed his head and kissed the Koran of a pagan religion,   who has been photographed in his younger days as a seminarian scantily clad in summer clothes sitting next to a young woman, also in scant summer clothes,  having a picnic together in the Alps, belonged to a theater group associated with Madame Blavatsky  …. and who in seminary studied a philosophical ideology that is in conflict witht he teachings of the Catholic Church –  this man who became pope became an expert in “phenomenology.”


This was “sanctified”  and declared holy by the new version of the Church, apparently to justify the new teachings of ecumenism, syncretism,  indifferentism,  modernism,  universalism,  etc.

So  some day,  maybe fifty or a hundred years or more in the future,  these modern ideas of sainthood will be revisited, sorted out,  and not a few will have their halos yanked away from them.

In the year 2019 we have complex and serious issues before us.    All Saints Day brings us to a consideration of one of these “complexities.”

ALL  humans are called to sainthood!   It’s the most serious “work” we can do, if we are a human.     ALL humans must become holy — or else!



Tomorrow is All Souls Day, when we remember those who have come before us and died but have not attained any great degree of holiness.  They are not dead-dead;  they are “somewhere.”     We pray for their souls.  We pray for mercy for their souls.