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January 9, 2020

Thought I’d do two humor posts in one day:

o humorless

It’s true the Left has control over our media, our movies, our comedy shows, and all our entertainment,  but their “humor”  is definitely of another stripe.    There is NO moral  equivalence here;  there is no “the other side does it too….”:

oPELOSI skewers trump

(Seen in a triumphant Leftist newspaper)

This  was a comment on the “impeachment” proceedings.


There was a Giggle Moment at a press conference today.    The oh-so serious Leftist lawmakers were talking about causalities this week in Iraq and Iran.     But the two young beauties in the background could not restrain their giggles over some shared joke.


When confronted later on with the inappropriate giggles,  Rep. Omar explained that she was suffering from PTSD.     Also not too funny.


Here is a statement recently made by someone famous among the Leftists:

o Tom wishes

“Just Joking,”  right?  “I don’t think he’ll even hire a hit man to do it….”   Really?


How about a Left-Wing comedienne:

o just a joke

No visit by the Secret Service.  It was “just a joke, again”  right?

I had forgotten her name until I saw this and realized our enemies are watching:

o death


I think this was meant to be funny –  again, I forgot this guy’s name –

o Media one of the dems

Truly,  he’s having “fun.”

(Trump disrespected women too?    Right?    But, remember,   he was a Democrat way back then, and it was before he was married to Melania,  a Catholic.  No moral equivalence.)


Is this supposed to be a joke?  In today’s news:   Bernie Sanders just got the endorsement of a new voter:

o endorsezs bernie

Can  this  be a joke?

TIED Most Admired

The headlines say these two are tied for the “most admired” in America.  Oh –  I guess it’s the poll that’s the joke.


More anti-West humor:    I hope everyone finds this guy’s humor un-funny.

Fadi Zraika laughs

Faid  Zreika

This is Faid Zraika,  a M  o  s  l  e  m,   just after he was arraigned in Australia for starting one of the deadly brush fires.   Released from jail until a “trial.  Apparently he  has many compatriots doing the same thing down there.    Over a hundred arrested –  that’s no laughing matter.

Ever hear of the For es t Ji- h- ad?   That is a deliberate policy to start forest fires in Europe, Australia – and the United States.   It’s been quite effective – and costly.

well,  Faid  finds something funny.

Remember,  there are those in our country who hate America.  They are hoping for a Civil War . . .

Civil War FLAMES news

Civil Wars are definitely not funny.     But they can happen.




January 9, 2020

News from Iran and Iraq this week is no laughing matter,  but humor sometimes makes a point.


Depending on your point of view, that will either evoke a little smile — or it will provoke exaggerated righteous indignation.

What were they doing?

Here’s another humorous observation:  Ever notice that whenever President Trump says something or does something new, anything really,  then the anti-Trumpers disappear for a few hours or for the rest of the day?

What were they doing?    They were having small-group meetings to decide:  “How can we make Trump look really bad about this?”

Then after they reach a consensus,  they come out in front of microphones and put the worst possible spin on the new events, often using the same vocabulary, the same words and phrases.   Doesn’t matter if they are factually untrue;  it’s just important to get the anti-Trump chorus out there in front of the public — or whoever still watches the entertainment-news media.

It’s almost funny.

“How can we put him in the worst light?”         Ha ha ha ha     At least they stopped using the orange spotlight on his hair and face!    Also funny.

President Trump has  a Scottish heritage.   Many Scots have that reddish gold/butterscotch color hair.    But now enhanced by our anti-Trump media with orange coloring, either by adding color afterwards or by overhead lighting.

Any of you remember the time they showed him sitting at a dinner party and the lady next to him was also partially smeared with an orange color?  Half of her hair and her arm were . . .  orange!!


Headlines:     “TV editor Sacked for Making Trump Appear More Orange and Making His Tongue Loll Out during Speech.”


Maybe that passes for “entertainment”  on the entertainment news media.

Although that was reported by a British newspaper — and the British are usually taught to hate President Trump.

Who’s telling you what to think?