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January 11, 2020

I’m being a little personal here, and rather speculative.  Maybe.   But: “Random thoughts” for the Spruce Tunnel, as it says.   Thoughtful weekend reading here.



Let me be a little personal here:  once I was a young, very young woman;  tall, blonde, blue-eyed, and I was told “pretty.”   I became engaged to a young man: blond, blue-eyed,  good-looking,  and the popular leader of our evangelical youth group. He also sang solos in church, and he sang tenor in his men’s gospel trio.  They invited me to be their piano player-

BANG- Bang- Bang a-Banga-  bang – bang-  babababang – Bang – BANG- BANG!!!!   

tr piano blurry fingers

(notice “blurry”  fingers!)

So.  Much.  Fun.  ….   on those piano keys!!


That young man and I were so much in love, as the manner of young people is;  a kind of out-of-your mind fervency, eyes only for each other.

But then he suddenly found himself far away  in Biloxi, Mississippi, for basic training at Keesler Air Force base.

tr Keesler

His parents saw our devastation, and when Basic was over and he was allowed to have family visitors,  his mom and dad graciously drove me down with them for a visit.  Oh, my!!!  To see him in uniform!!!    Guys,  a uniform just does something to a young woman!

Tr Air Force basic Tr



Now,  here’s where there’s a “Trump nexus”  —

While in Biloxi, I received the very reluctant permission of the officer in charge of my young man’s choir.    Later on, my fiance told me that they were all under strict orders to clean up their language in my presence –  and that went for the choir director too!   I was a lady and was to be protected from such coarseness.

That impressed me but it also taught me what “locker room”talk is – and how common, it is.   My fiance did not swear, as far as I knew, but . .. well, young men do, sometimes,  just to impress their friends.

I did not marry that young man, I married Hubbie instead, and it certainly was God’s will that it happened that way.


Now think of about twenty years ago, when a younger Donald Trump was recorded (unknowingly) with a friend doing their “locker room” talk, boasting about what young women “like.”

tr and green van

You know the story… “grabbing some…”    Mr.  Trump was a Democrat then, thick with Hollywood type people. He was   “one of the boys.”    (He was certainly different from my fairly saintly evangelical fiance!)

tr Melanis

Things developed, and he eventually married Melania, a Catholic who takes her religion seriously, especially now, I would imagine,  since she has a son.

Do you believe a husband or a wife can have an influence on his spouse?


Let me intersperse a Bible verse here….. I Corinthians  7:14 – “For the unbelieving husband has been sanctified because of his wife, and the unbelieving wife has been sanctified because of her husband . . .”      A wife can help her husband become changed; saved; sanctified. According to Catholic teaching, it is an important secondary duty of a husband and wife to help each other get to heaven.

tr melanis veil

She certainly has a modifying effect on Donald Trump.     Don’t underestimate the power of the presence of someone’s sincere faith.

Donald Trump was ‘modified” in his outlook and changed in other ways.   Still a successful businessman,  but  God is not against rich people – perhaps rich people need God even more than poor people, and God can certainly use their money for good.   Poor people are not saints by definition.

Donald Trump eventually became a Republican and, seeing the many problems our country has and being a problem solver himself,   he ran for president
Without any political backing from the politicians, of course.


I heard a guy on the radio last night say that when Trump speaks at a rally,  he is speaking to people as though they were all sitting around a table, “smoking a cigar,” having a good talk.   I don’t know about the cigar thing, but people do like what he says. It’s normal talk.   It’s realistic, and usually spoken in crude New York-ese.    It sets forth simply the things he has accomplished for us, the American people, and the great genius of our country.     And people who go to his rallies like that.

He’s still not  a polished politician.  And that’s a good thing to me.




Or are we defined only by our worst behavior?

The genius of America is that it is eventually self-correcting.  We need not be identified with the worst in our history.

Can a person change and begin to acknowledge God – sincerely?  ( If not, then we are all doomed.)

Trump's Christmas Words