One thing we in the Western world lost, since our government Rulers and our pop cultures have divorced themselves from Christianity, is the charming progression of familiar events as we go through each year.

We’ve also lost free time in the mad dash to keep up with the demands of our secular culture. We work far too much!  Far too long hours!   No time out for common festivities and holidays!

What’s to celebrate?  A new gadget? A new electronic device?  A new car? . . . . A new entertainment experience?    Hmmmph.  That “newness” doesn’t last long.

How about a festivity with depth and love and charm and decency – and lasting and eternal significance?

Today is January 12,  the day we celebrate the Holy Family;  Joseph,  Mary, and the Child Jesus, in their home, together.  We have a subtle, inborn desire to be part of this family.

holy fam

Working at home.  Learning at home.  Happy little visitors to the home.  Security and stability and love.
We have a whole day at least to contemplate the charms of  home life, and this particular home, which Jesus chose to be a member of.    Why?    How many whys!!   How many hows!!

This is my favorite depiction of the Holy Family:

HOLY FAMILY and st therese

St. Therese of Lesieux is at the door, scarcely daring to enter.  She always thought of herself as a rather little nobody, although she longed to be holy and worthy of being included in the picture.

And that gives us hope too, if we also desire to be holy – and worthy of notice by the Holy Family.   “He that cometh to Me, I will in no wise cast out.”

A Christian is part of a great big “holy family.”  We belong!   The pope put it more  meaningfully and profoundly —

Reflecting on the Feast of the Holy Family Pope Benedict XVI observed:

“When he was 12 years old, [Christ] stayed behind in the Temple and it took his parents all of three days to find him. With this act he made them understand that he ‘had to see to his Father’s affairs.’ …This Gospel episode reveals the most authentic and profound vocation of the family: that is, to accompany each of its members on the path of the discovery of God and of the plan that he has prepared for him or her. Mary and Joseph taught Jesus primarily by their example: in his parents he came to know the full beauty of faith, of love for God and for his Law, as well as the demands of justice, which is totally fulfilled in love. From them he learned that it is necessary first of all to do God’s will…”

 What an antidote to the sadness of today’s society!


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