Some “scary ”  charts below.


We all know the old saying:  “Figures can’t lie, but liars can figure.”    A helpful comeback when debating someone about something.


Well, honest to Pete!     I just read yet one more story about a father who reports that his seven-year-old son is scared to death about the world ending –  due to Climate Change –  and evil people are doing it!

A talking backAlthough it’s gratifying to read several times a week  that yet another highly-regarded scientific organization expresses doubt for and even objection to the idea that  human activity can influence the climate of the earth,    I don’t know how else this  nonsense will stop   until every thinking human being talks back to these people –  challenge their statements,  throw facts into their face, object to their arrogant certainty,  and above all,  expose the global goal behind this Climate Change  Hoax.

That might means confronting your child’s teacher, or contacting your local TV news repeating the required climate statements, or writing to your state legislators, or – hardest of all – gently objecting/correcting  when your neighbor or friend mindlessly repeat stories about climate danger.

We just can’t allow life-changing policies and ruinous taxes to be imposed based upon   false science.

Here are some visual examples of Liars do their Figuring:

Does this chart scare you?  It’s supposed to!A Look scary to you NOThis chart records the average annual  measured high temperatures in the “thermosphere” –  the sky above us.  Look how much the temperatures rose since 2010!

Wow!    Wow,  if that’s all they show you,and  not including all the peaks and valleys from 1950 onwards.    Nah,  just look at the last inch of that chart.

The year 2019:

A chart coldest record


The blues and dark blues show where record cold temperatures were recorded in our country.    Looks like the southeast had some record warm temperatures.  What is usually shown to people is a similar chart during the summer months showing widespread record high temperatures, here and there.  In the summer.

They’d be partly right.


The following chart has been used to show that it’s  getting hotter and hotter:   “2019 was the second hottest year on record . . .  and we can be certain that human activity is causing it.”      (Actually heard on the radio and local TV this week.)


They usually show the public only those bars in red.


Have you been aware of the big forest fires we’ve been having lately?   Summers get dry,  people are not allowed to pick the kindling off the forest floors, the Forest Service is not allowed to create fire breaks in  forested acres. . .  and the results are heartbreaking and costly.

But — have we been having more?   Are human beings creating the conditions for more and bigger forest fires?


About a hundred years’ worth of forest fire statistics.    We’re doing all right today.  We have less forested areas is part of the reason today’s numbers are low, as well as more forest fires used to have to burn out on their own,  covering larger areas.

Now see what the Figuring Liars showed us in official publications, including books for our children:  (same graph)

A Forest Fire False

Only the part in the rectangle is given.   Looks like maybe we should be scared of increasing forest fires!

With all this talk about heat and fires, no wonder people can be talked into believing the world’s ocean levels are rising.

But — should we really be concerned?

A Sea Level Rise 20000 yrs

Yes!  Wow!   Look how sea levels have risen from 20,000 years ago to 8,000 years ago!     The oceans are rising!     Way back then.   Presumably before man-made industrial activity.

Where was all that water before the ocean levels rose?    That water was locked into world-wide glaciers.   Whatever catastrophe made those glaciers  melt all at once, relatively speaking,   the glaciers gave up unimaginable volumes of water – without human help, quite nicely.


Well, just read this, one of many similar quotations you can find.  You’ll see the Official Reason for promoting the world-wide scare about the climate:

A Climate Truth Outs Poster


“Climate Policy”  is the means to redistribute wealth.    Your wealth (small as it might be,  it’s still yours).    Human-caused climate change harms the environment?   Don’t worry.   This official says it has nothing to do with the environment.   The very authoritative and prestigious United Nations and the International Panel on Climate Change say so.



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