January 21st:     An act of regicide and the cry of ‘Vive la Republique!’


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Wow!   On this day, January 21st, someone is having fun with us humans.    It’s either the Fates, or Karma, or maybe the dangerous Trickster giant feared by my Scandinavian ancestors, Loki . . .



I began the day with “This Day in History,” and a good account of January 21, 1793, the last day of the good and pious King Louis XVI.      However, under his reign, the Revolutionary Radicals, the Leftists of his day, had been allowed to go way too far.   They were a force majeure.     They lied and bullied the French population into a state of hysteria.

(Remember the hysteria of the entertainment-news media yesterday who tried to convince us that we were about to be under siege by the Peaceful Gun Rally participants? Yikes! Noooooo guns! These people are dangerous and must be stopped – or legislated out of existence!)

Using  clever slogans, promises, and murderous force, the Leftists of the late 18th century got their way and produced a bloody, violent revolution which resulted in regicide.  They triumphantly brought King Louis to the guillotine!

louis xvi

(Remind you of some female entertainer holding up the head of Pres. Trump?)

Here are some words of the king’s last official letter, knowing he was falsely accused and unjustly tried:

Dec. 1792 – I, Louis XVI King of France. . . involved in a trial the end of which it is impossible to foresee, on account of the passions of men, and for which one can find neither pretext nor means in any existing law, and having no other witnesses . . . (allowed by the House) . . .


And so what is happening today?

Jan 21

The unjust, unfair, politically motivated impeachment trial is starting today, January 21st.     According to an observer (John Ratcliffe from Texas) : “The House Democrats had a weak case even on a slanted playing field where they made the rules, changed the rules and broke the rules to their advantage.”

But even more eerily, James O’Keefe (of Project Veritas) released yet another tape of Democrat Party operatives  calling for the destruction of their enemies and sending “billionaires” to the guillotine!

You don’t think they mean Mayor Bloomberg,  do you?  Tom Steyer?  Bezos?  Zuckerberg? Any of the super-rich Democrats we know?

Nope. I think they’re referring to the same man they are trying to remove from his office,  the leader of our country   . . . so far in an “unbloody” manner.

These Democrats on video  were  calling for a violent overthrow of the US government and the executing of their political enemies once their Revolution succeeds. (Their words.)

But, sheeesh, you guys.   Be careful what you wish for! Civil War and Revolution is no laughing matter.

Fr Rev
Again:     Wow – on this day, January 21st, someone is having fun with us humans. It’s either the Fates, or Karma, or maybe the dangerous trickster giant feared by my Scandinavian ancestors, Loki . . .


I think it’s more likely that they who don’t know history are DOOMED to repeat it.


If you don’t get the connection,  thank a teacher:



Yes, our Red-Communist-Socialist trainers of our children.

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