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Like the man in the classic movie “Rear Window” who sees something horrific through the window at the rear of his house,  my body also confines me to home, for now, looking out, not a window, but looking out through the great world-wide window of the Internet,  and I’ve seen some pretty horrific things too –  which I’ll write about next time.


But for now,  I want to “share” with you an interesting summary of how we get our information.


So . . .  “Let’s Play Telephone!”     One person calls up and reports some information.  That person calls someone else and passes on that information.  Then the third person passes on the information… sort of.     You know the game,  each time the information is used by a caller, it gets more and more distorted from the original message.

This was a favorite game of my first-graders.  We’d sit in a circle.  I would whisper in the ear of the student next to me some sentence, some information.  Then that child would pass it on in a whisper to the one sitting next to him,  etc. , all around the circle.


Now,   I had to introduce the idea of Winner –  we would all win if the the end result was the same as the beginning sentence.   Otherwise, we’d have some deliberate silliness.  If the end result was not the same, well . . .  we didn’t lose, we just had fun.

So here we go in real life today:   Each time you read the “news”  on social media, hear it on TV or on the radio,  wherever the “mainstream media”  lies,  you’ve just played Telephone!

Here is why:

Something happens,  it is a reality, a fact.    Then professional “news” people choose what facts or what aspects of the fact is worthy of reporting.

These carefully chosen ‘facts’ are then passed on to ‘trusted’ news reporters.

They get passed on to their cautious editors who in turn hand them over to producers concerned about the bottom line.   (Conformity to a politically correct, currently accepted agenda increases the value of the bottom line.)

Those producers will curate the words we finally hear.

The final details far removed from the original facts.

Voila!    You’ve got the news!

And if you take such “news” uncritically,  at face value, then you’ve just played the game.

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One Comment on “LET’S PLAY “TELEPHONE” !”

  1. Robert Roma Says:

    Exactly ! Hence the term “Fake News ” !

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