Do we realize what we might almost be getting into?


Two  BRIEF  facts:

Fact One –

.1.   Every socialist dictatorship has engaged in purges of their political enemies;  that is the “conviction” and often execution of those government officials who came before the newly “elected” political group.

We know that happened, notoriously,  in the Soviet Union, by  Kerensky, Lenin, Stalin,   even Khrushchev and Brezhnev . . .    It happened when regimes changed in Communist China and in North Korea, as well as South American countries who changed over into socialism.

Fact Two –

.2.    Today,   Ms. Sen.  Elizabeth Warren stated that when she is president,   she will set  up a commission to investigate any criminal activity of government officials in the (previous) Trump administration.

Hope you see a problem here.


(And I won’t even mention the vile things spoken and caught on video threatening gulags, re-education camps, and guillotines . . . ”  for their political enemies.      Nor will I mention the state senators in Connecticut who are proposing that their State Police have a department to go after “extreme right wingers,”   a rather loose and slippery term for those on the Left to use.)



I believe that’s a quote from George Orwell.

(Inform, warn, and vote.)


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