1. Introduction
  2. An Old Story
  3. A New Story


It’s horribly early in the morning;   I hope I remember to use the words “elect”  and “election”  as I write…..


“Elections have consequences.”      We’ve heard that.     Well,  what are the names of your county officials?   What is the name of your county prosecutor?   For that matter,  what is the name of your assistant county prosecutor?   What are the consequences wrought by these officials?

Introduction –

This is  a true story of an assistant county prosecutor,  running amok, in the Far Far North.  It’s not quite where I live,  but the man on the radio was talking about this and I guess that’s what woke me up this morning.    It’s about the illegal, unethical, harmful actions of a radical Leftist female dominating prosecutor who is in a position of  “Power.”

How did she get appointed to that office?   How?   She is an unknown;   a non-entity;  nobody knew her name.

And she opposes both conservatives and the Second Amendment.   With her “Power.”


An Old Story   –

angry porcupine

an angry porcupine

I’ve told this story before, here in the Tunnel.    When I was a little girl my Mom, Dad, and I were visiting our family’s little lake in the middle of the vast forest in the Far Far North.   My Dad decided that we’d take a walk around that little lake.

He took his .22 with him.  What?  To protect us?

From an angry porcupine?

Threatening squirrel  Even as a little girl I knew that a .22 would be effective only against, say a threatening squirrel, not a bear or wolf or pack of coyotes.    Well, angry, chittering squirrels do exist in the forest, when their territory and sense of power is threatened.

Truthfully,  angry, chittering  “squirrels”  exist among  our elected officials too.

rabid raccoon

My Dad’s .22 could be effective against a sick, rabid raccoon that might  make itself known to us in that  Far Far northern forest.  But we’ve recently seen some  “rabid raccoons” among those elected to government   positions too.   They are trying to “Transform”  our nation into a very sick society.

(Oh,  Bernie:  Not again!   Stating Tuesday evening that you want to “Transform”  America?)


snarly bear  Well, my Mom, Dad, and I had a harrowing  15-minute walk, then run back to our cabin.

Obviously, we made it.   I learned that day that there are real dangers in the world.  Be alert.  Be prepared.  Take action to protect yourself.

Forever, now,  bears have become a metaphor for the hidden dangers that pop up unexpectedly.   You think all is well,  you think you’re reasonably safe in life –  then Bam!   I mean,  “Roar!!!”   And you’ve got a problem to deal with that threatens your life.



A New Story –

So, the New Story:  Last Fall there was a young man, 20 years old,  returning to his small college in the Far Far North where he was studying to be a police officer, taking those classes that would get him into a police academy.    He is law-abiding,  a Conservative (in a radical, politically correct snowflake college)  and he believes in the Rule of Law.

But he had a sense of humor.  That summer he had made a legal purchase,  brought it to school with him for convenience when hunting,   took it right to the lock-up safe that the college provides for students with such possessions….   That’s all – until he decided to share a photo of his new possession  (I’m being intentionally vague here) with his friends in a PRIVATE text group.  Not even Facebook.  And he made a joke about  melting the snowflakes –  a double entendre, of sorts,  because if you use this “possession,”  you create some physical heat.  You lay it down and you’re going to melt the snow under it.

A human snowflake peeked over the shoulder of one of his friends and saw that photo.  She reported it  (“she”  because “shes”  have so much  righteous power in this society) ;    it was reported to the campus police, then to the local law enforcement authorities, and then to the federal government!!     As an act of You-Know-What.

The young man who had broken no laws,  was arrested,  given a $250,000 bond which the family couldn’t afford for a while.   He has spent 83 days in jail awaiting his trial,   interrupting his college studies . . .

He is “tethered” of course, and not allowed to travel to the county that his college is located in.  And no Internet allowed.  And no cell phone allowed.     Basically,  house arrest, isolated from his friends.

The “Assistant County Prosecutor”  intends to prosecute this case fully because —  Because???   She does NOT like what this young man legally purchased.    She intends to prosecute based upon an imaginary law that she thinks  should exist.

If you’re an attorney, or know anything about the law,  you’d know there was a case here for Instant Dismissal –  but that might not be successful because Elections have put  radial Leftists in place, in positions of power,  right down to the smallest unit of government.

Radical Leftists need us to be disarmed –  by any means possible,  to quote them.

They’re in place.  It’s worse than facing angry porcupines.   They’re trying to hold the life of our country in their grips.   They are snarling bears.

Elections have consequences,  even the ones we don’t often pay attention to.

You know who does have that attention?

George Soros –  and his kind.   Very wealthy Global Socialists who spread their money around into even the smallest elections of countries around the world.    His footprints have been found in every state.    He  kind of retreated from the publicity of openly financing the elections of presidents and Congressmen, and everyone wondered why.   He had  found it was more effective to change the tenor of our society –  at the local level.

It’s a near certainty that most of our state Attorneys General were backed by Soros money in the last few elections,  as well as many of the lesser known junior congressmen who most had never heard of before.   And they’re changing  not only our reliance upon the Rule of Law,  but also the very nature of our society.

“Transform America!”    (Please look up “The 45 Communist Goals For America”}


Each small election matters in November.







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