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December 11, 2015

At least I don’t,  and the people I know don’t like being made fun of,  being mocked.   But mockery can be a powerful tool, so this is a photo-rant against such mockery:

The ongoing programmed invasion of the Third World, non-Christian cultures into the First World, Christian-influenced cultures – with the intention of breaking down the First World Christian-influenced cultures –  will continue on in the near future.

I don’t know what the outcome will be.  I’m a historian.  I’ve seen civilizations come and go.   I’ve seen what happens when good people “do nothing.”   I don’t know if there will be enough people today to rise up and defend their own cultures.

But I do know that good people who are defending their lives have been mocked.    We have been told by an  anti-American leader  that we, the American citizens,  are “afraid of women and three-year-old children.”  Remember that?

We are afraid to let these little guys “immigrate” into our country:

I  5 yr old

Okay,  he might be a little older than “three years old.”




Well, okay, that’s a pretty big knife.   She might be older than “three years old ”  too.


But how about another children’s class with  teddy bears and cute stuffed animals?


The video had been “removed” —  i.e. censored — off the media,  but the accompanying article described a class in which very small children were being taught how to hack off the heads of all kinds of “cute little stuffed animals.” And some  were “three years old.”

How about the “moms”?



Nothing to fear there?      There are moms;  such moms.

Ask the ladies:

Islam ask the ladies

The “ladies”  come with papers.  That proves they’re friendly, right?.

(Headlines today:  “ISIS found with passport-printing machines.)  Or as the media said, “may have.”    They  don’t want to scare us too much.

Or you can ask the Muslim-friendly leaders if we have anything to fear:

The three islamists

And you’d better know who the Muslim lady in purple is.  She rules the one who was placed in the office of the American presidency!

Do we have anything to fear?  You can ask the guy in the middle who is bowing really low —  oh, never mind.

O bowing to many

Can’t ask him.  He’s the one who mocked us in the first place.

This is the season of Advent.   We look to the coming of this planet’s Messiah,  the first phase of it and the second, final,  phase.  We hope to understand more during each annual remembrance.

The Bible, both the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament  indicate that the Babe in the Manger had come down from Heaven as a conquering Warrior, into this Land of Doom,  this Land of Destruction,  and He will defeat all that has given us reproach and ruined us. *

And the Word of His mouth is like a two-edged sword.

I asked my class this morning to design a new kind of Christmas card . . .

We had a good laugh.

But we were not mocking.



  *     (see Zephaniah 3:14-18  and Wisdom 18:10-15 and Hebrews 4:12)        “Do not fear, O Zion; let not your hands grow weak. 17The LORD, your God, is in your midst, a warrior who gives victory.








December 8, 2015

Short one today:

After reading headlines today from various news sources,  I began to think that perhaps the word “dhimmitude”  is not really understood.

One headline:  

 DHS Secretary to Hold Press Conference at Mosque Tied to Muslim Brotherhood:       Jeh Johnson to hold brief with imam tied to organizations with links to Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas


question mark . . .  does this man, this “secretary,” not understand the word dhimmitude * and how it operates?


Another headline:

Democrats to Attend Prayer Service at Radical Mosque
Former home of terrorist spiritual leader Anwar al-Awlaki, who reportedly mentored two of the 9/11 hijackers.


question mark  . . .  do they think they are serving “multiculturalism and diversity”  by ignoring their dhimmitude?   Do they know what that word means?


Then I moved over to a religious news service and found this headline:

          Dalai Lama: “We Must Dialogue With ISIS”

Okay.    He is a grown man and has chosen his religion.    It’s a religion that says (later in the article)  that  “each of us is responsible for universal harmony.”    

(Attention New York Post:    Here is an article full of empty “platitudes” if you’re still looking for some.)

These headlines:  “we must dialogue . . .”   Does he observe what “dialogue” means today?  Does he know what politically correct “dialogue”  is?

Let me illustrate:

two bull moose


Close up.   Head to head.  Eye to eye.  Unintelligible grunts and groans and meaningless platitudes.

How do you think their dialogue will end?

(Funny how the first “vocabulary word”  will ultimately lead to the next — providing we continue to excite ourselves with meaningless platitudes and slogans.   “Dialogue” leads to “dhimmitude”   which  dictates “dialogue”  which confirms the “dhimmitude” . . . . )



December 8, 2015

(An impassioned rant today)

This is what men fight for:    “Mom, hot dogs, apple pie, and baseball.”

And granddaughters.


That’s my Grandpa and me, a long, long time ago.     Grandpa fought in WWI.         Navy:


One of those men is Grandpa –  I think in the middle, back row.    He served on the USS Utah in 1918.  Transport ship.

On the deck of the Utah in the Atlantic.


Swedish descendant of the Vikings.   I think he enjoyed his time in the Navy.

Then the ship was decommissioned   and brought to Pear Harbor.

USS Utah

There she is.  No longer seaworthy,  but doing her part in keeping the Navy strong and keeping American defenses strong.   Protecting grandchildren — as well as moms and sisters and wives and daughters.

She was used as target practice at the Pearl Harbor naval base.

Until December 7th,  1941.

shps blow

I hope children in school are taught the details of our military strength,  of the attack on us that day,  of the many men who lost their lives that day, and of the many thousands of men who rushed to sign up to defend our country in the Navy, the Marines,  and the Army (and Army-Air Force).

But I fear children have not been taught why we fought in those days.    There is no other reason why a generation or two of people, under age 45,   have not raised a mighty protest at the news last week that young women are going to be placed in Combat  situations.

Combat.   A fine waste of womanhood — because they can’t do it!   They can’t do what men do in battle.  Women have aptitudes and skills and courage and determination and certain abilities that are needed by any society,  and even in some places in the military — but they can’t do combat.

Unless you think that being a soldier just  means “pulling a trigger.”

The strongest and biggest, most well-trained women still have 40% less upper body strength than men.

The strongest, biggest, most well-trained women still have the lung capacity of a 50-year-old man.   Nothing wrong with 50-year-old men;  it’s just that we don’t expect them to do the same work as a strong, young 22-year old warrior.

Women don’t produce much of the hormone needed to be aggressive enough in battle (combat) situations.    There is a level of aggressiveness that is needed in battle — that would horrify most  peace-time Americans.

Our  Marines just spent many millions of dollars  (36 million)  to  determine whether women can perform as well as men in combat situations.      They can’t.     36, 000, 000  — spent on what our grandparents and parents already knew.    The Marine Corps also spent a lot of money to produce female infantry  officers.     No woman passed the course.

Shame on political philosophies which ignore human reality.  Shame on the nation that puts its women in “combat”  situations.   Shame on the society that dishonors its own women.    Shame on the political agenda that weakens our military readiness.    Shame on the generations who allow themselves to be indoctrinated into “gender neutrality.”

Men are important for certain things in a society.  Women are important for certain things in a society.   Men are not women.  Women are not men.

Mankind has known that instinctively —   but as we know,  instincts can be (almost) bred out of an oppressed society.    Political Correctness and Distorted Role Models are hammered into people.

December 7th – and a movie?    I would highly recommend The 13th Warrior.     Don’t fret that it is a classic tale written down in the early Middle Ages and handed down orally from centuries before that.   I suspect it’s based on actual history and it’s very relevant for today.  Perhaps even an antidote for the effeminacy that has been inserted into our society.

Watch it for the comparison of a civilized culture  (the Moors),  a half-civilized culture  (the Vikings).  and a primitive, rather uncivilized culture.    Observe the differences.

Sure, there is blood, gore,  battles, fear, death,  and  mysteries,  but there is also the defense of what is important to human beings:  courage, intelligence,  determination,   comradeship,  earned respect,   men of good character who communicate across cultures.

A brutal, savage attack brings out the best in the men and the attack is repulsed. . . . and civilization can continue to develop in that area of the world.

Best lines of the movie:   The refined and cultured Moor asks, “I don’t suppose we have a plan . . . ”      The rough Northmen:  “We ride until we catch up to the enemy and then we kill them all.”

That’s a virile, courageous answer.   That’s what’s needed when men are called upon to be defenders.     That’s what protects “Mom, apple pie, hot dogs, and baseball. ”   Or whatever is your way of life.

Women,   children,  families,  your tribe, your clan, your ethnic group,  your nation, your empire — whatever it is,  you protect it in order to continue on with the best your society offers.

December 7th, 1941 – Pearl Harbor Day,  when America also was attacked — and men rose to the occasion in combat.

(Please don’t play the marxist conversation-stopper game:  “But what about the . . . .”       “But what about women, don’t leave them out; they can do things for the war effort too…”    Of course they can.   That wasn’t the point. )

Let us keep Pearl Harbor Day as a “Day of Infamy,”     yes,  but also a day to be proud of our fighting men who answered their country’s call.   Our enemies meant to defeat us,  but our soldiers pushed back and fought back.

I wish we would stand up and push back and fight back and take our country back.    If not, if we don’t blush with shame at out Rulers’ agenda for us,  to confuse us and weaken us  with their agenda of “gender neutrality,”  we’ll lose it all.

In the real world,  men are not women and women are not men.



“Into the Land of Destruction”

December 2, 2015

In the midst of our Christmas preparations,  that phrase,  “into the land of destruction”  that I quoted in yesterday’s posting,  got further clarification today,  regrettably.


We are preparing for a worthy remembrance of the coming of the Messiah as the Babe in Bethlehem,  who, as it turns out,  is this planet’s only Messiah who is able to effectively (and eventually)  destroy evil, wickedness, sin, and death that is rampant in our world — also known as “the land of destruction.”   

This “land” destroys our souls –  or it can.     The Messiah comes to destroy the Destroyer.

An act of terrorism is an evil act of destruction, straight from the heart of mankind’s enemy.    Already this afternoon,  there were tweets identifying today’s Destroyers in San Bernardino.


Not too far in time from this tweet came  a name:


As news spread,  fellow “Destroyers” — those who want to invoke in us pain and fear —  were celebrating the news:


Celebrating, that is,  and giving praise to their ancient desert warrior crescent-moon-god.

Invoking this crescent-moon-god to spread fear into the homes of the Crusaders.   Uh . . .  that would be us.

That would be Christendom, and all of us who though we may or may not be Catholic or even religiously christian,  still enjoy, by force of historic momentum,  all  the benefits  of once-Christan Europe.   Europe,  the New World,  and all the places where Catholic Christianity spread.

As much as anti-Catholic forces in the modern world wish to smear the reputation of the Church by inventing evidence for such things as “Hitler’s Pope,”    it would be much better to explore the close links between National Socialism and the anti-semitic Muslim world.  Closer to fact,  there is a “Hitler’s Mufti.”

hitler lus amin

Close ties.  Close cooperation.  Close planning.  Strategic operations linked.   Mutual material aid.    That photo would be Hitler and Amin Al-Husseini.

The Barack-Hussein person in our country,  his closely-held liberal media,  and anti-Catholics everywhere seem hard-pressed to find evidence of white, male, Christian perpetrators in today’s horrendous crime.    The Barack-Hussein person would like to blame Crusaders who are on “their high horse.”

The language is the same.  The sentiment is the same.

That’s all I ever want to write about this terrible event of Destruction today.

If I may,  I’d just suggest that we all begin to seriously heed the warning of Hilaire Belloc,  who saw all this coming in the early part of the 20th century.   Although he lived in a time of the rise of National Socialism,  he saw that the biggest threat to the West was the rise of militant Islam.  Once  again.   As in centuries past.

If we don’t take him seriously,  if we allow the Destroyers to sneak in with all the Syrian invaders –  as they boast that they are already doing! –   then we might as well join the Hashtag Crowd:

( h a s h t a g a m e r i c a _ b u r n i n g)

Get it?   Because they do.   And Ignorance is not going to lead to “bliss.”

It’s Advent.   Let’s prepare for the first phase of the coming of the Messiah, do Him honor,  and know He will come again to this “Land of Destruction”  and put an end to all that Destroys.

Christmas is serious business.







November 21, 2015

If a man says that he didn’t say something,  but a young, passionately liberal media reporter says he said it . . .

    . . . did the man say it?

That’s not a nonsensical question.

Today,  without reflecting,  we are more schooled by what we see and hear on the entertainment-news media than by our common sense.

It is a kind of surrender.





November 17, 2015


One last look at some international affairs before I retreat into my yearly introspection, reliving the November of 2010.

Before I do that,  there are a few more photos to “use up”  on my desktop concerning the European invasion.

They say they are traveling northward to work.   Some are.

workers not let in to their hotel job

But at this hotel job opening, in Germany somewhere,  I think it was,  hundreds were turned away because there were no jobs to give out to these young men of military age.   In fact, the hotel itself was being closed as a hotel,  to give the rooms to the newcomers.  So . . .  even fewer jobs for the Germans too.

We’ve all seen the photos of uncounted thousands of people marching across fields and across the country roads of rural Europe.   It’s hard to imagine the magnitude of the mass movement of human beings.

Here they come

And then, where do they “live”  now that they have left their own land?

Have you seen these encampments?


Eastern Europe somewhere.   I remember the article had said this was one of several giant encampments.     How many ?

There have been strife, wars,  revolutions,  coups,  civil wars, and deadly disturbances in the Middle East for many decades in the modern era,  six or seven or eight decades.     There has never been a  previous mass migration into Europe.      Why now?

Most major cities in Europe have No-Go zones now where Europeans are not safe – or welcomed in their own land.    Can it be true that the population of  Brussels is now 30%  Muslim?

Instead of a conquering army of men on horseback wielding Saracen swords,   the conquering is done by the mass movement of men who then occupy the cities of Europe and claim territory as their own.

There have always been non-Europeans living in Europe.   

But this is a different matter.       Many of the “migrants”  are giving messages to the countries they have come to, such as this video directed at France:

video it came from

I mean, a photo from the video.    The video was recorded in French. Here’s the transcript:

    If you are sincere to Allah in your worship and in your creed and are unable to make Hijra
    Then operate within France. Terrorize them and do not allow them to sleep due to fear and horror.
    There are weapons and cars available and targets ready to be hit.
    Even poison is available so poison the food and water of at least one of the enemies of Allah.
    Kill them and spit in their faces and run over them with your cars.
    Do what ever you are able to do in order to humiliate them, for they deserve only this.


America has this “matter”  to think about too.     One night I listened to the truck drivers on the radio comparing their experiences at truck stops.   They would be taking care of their trucks,  and then buses would pull in to the truck stop,  let the passengers out,  the passengers would not talk or look around but just “use the facilities,”  buy something to eat, and go back into the bus.   The passengers were Middle Eastern men.

Busing in them

The American government is also flying them in on our large passenger planes.      Into our country.

Nope I want more

He has plans for lots and lots more.

And using the Liberal Fiction called “vetting.”     Vetting many thousands of young men whose country of origin keeps no databases:  no financial databases,  no educational databases, no medical databases;  no centralized recordkeeping.    They are going to vet them . . .  how?

I guess that will be the job of the news media,  to find out who the men were, after they have made themselves “known.”

Now I turn away from such serious matters, for a while,  to matters closer to home.  





November 16, 2015

Well, that was an interesting message, not from Western Civilization,  not from France,  but from the “other side.”    The ones who are attacking Western Civilization in the current phase of their centuries-long  war against us.

Here’s a second message, just to drive it closer to home.  Did you hear about this?     In case you can’t read the language as written,  it’s translated right below  —

We are in yr state


The “other side”  has a message for several American locations.   They’ve given us more than a year’s warning.

In one more recent  message five specific states are mentioned:    California, Virginia, Maryland, Illinois and Michigan.

I guess we are their “GOALS.

Whatever can that mean?

(Oh,  the note was held up in front of an identifiable building in downtown Chicago,  just so people would know they’re here for sure.)



November 16, 2015

Well, sitting still for hours and hours with an unaccountably sore foot is a bit vexing,  but it has given me the opportunity to check out all the pictures I’ve been “saving”  for The Spruce Tunnel.

Time to use them.

So I thought I’d start with a little message from the Attackers in Paris last Friday,  just in case you wondered what they thought they were doing.

And who’s the   “Greatest”?    (They tell you at the end.)

other side


Who’s the Greatest?


(Note:  WordPress has given us a New-Improved Editing version to use;  I’m already missing some familiar features,  but we’ll see how this looks.)


November 13, 2015

There are two streams of information to watch tonight as we become informed about the attacks in Paris.   One is just “what happened.”  Just the official facts, as they are released.    The other stream is the eyewitness testimony from people who were there or who have loved ones that were there tonight.  They make it real for us, and immediate.

I’m thankful to hear these reports.     I’m glad people from all around the world have access to these reports.

But.     Well, maybe . . .    “he”  doesn’t.

O getting ready to pray - Copy“He” is taking off his shoes here,   in a mosque, because that’s what they do when they get ready to  pray.

So he may not be seeing the same news reports that we are.   What is he doing instead?
The Man-Who-Was-Placed-Into-The-Office-Of-Our-Presidency   proclaims today:   “ISIS has been contained . . .”

The Man-Who-Was-Placed-Into-The-Office-Of-Our-Presidency  declares“I do not want to speculate on who did this.” 

The Man-Who-Was-Placed-Into-The-Office-Of-Our-Presidency plans publicly:
The Obama administration is moving to increase and accelerate the number of Syrian refugees who might be admitted into the United States by opening new screening outposts in Iraq and Lebanon, administration officials told Reuters on Friday.

The move comes after President Barack Obama pledged in September to admit an additional 10,000 Syrian refugees in 2016, torn by four years of civil war and disorder.

(…as reported here … )

Spokesmen tonight from all the various security agencies have stated on television interviews, each in their own way,  that we have no way to know who is coming into our country.  They’re all agreed that these men, misnamed “refugees,”   are 90% or more young, strong men of military age.    Yeah.
Maybe it’s time to scroll down the headlines offered by Atlas Shrugged.


November 12, 2015

Finally what most have known:    the truth that “dare not speak its  name.”  

Eyewitnesses.   Childhood companions.     Chicagoans who know him.   Fellow members of his gay bath houses.   The “underclass”  of society.    International diplomats know.    And news readers everywhere.

Will we be strong enough to neutralize the ridicule and deception of the mainstream news-entertainment media?   Are we to continue to be ruled by their intimidation?   Will America continue to choose to be hoaxed?

On the cover of this disgraceful magazine,  they acknowledge their own:


2,800 years ago, people knew that wars,  economic failure, and weak leaders are all a punishment for a nation’s collective immorality.

One writer from those times said that God would remove from the nation the leaders who are  experienced,  wise,  strong, valiant, and men of good judgment.   In their place would be . . .  Well,  read his words:

And I will give children to be their princes, and the effeminate shall rule over them.   And the people shall rush one upon another, and every man against his neighbour: the child shall make it tumult against the ancient, and the base against the honourable.

That’s the prophet Isaiah,  in his book,  chapter 3,  verses 4 and 5.   As a matter of fact,   he starts off his book by saying  “Even the ox and ass know who their master is,”  unlike the people who don’t know their own God.     Think of that when you choose Christmas cards this year.   Why is there an ox and an ass in manger scenes?

Because those two animals are honored for being smarter than a lot of nations who reject God’s good and masterful  leadership.

And look who we’ve got in positions of leadership in this country.


November 11, 2015

November 11.  In this country it’s Veteran’s Day,  honoring all those who have served in the armed forces.

And all the veterans of our armed forces certainly and emphatically deserve our honor – and our deep thanks.  I could write a lot of what others have said  about our veterans, about how they’re treated today –others have written well about our veterans.

I just want to remember today something a bookmark taught me.   I came across it unexpectedly in a book I was reading:

 Ironically,  I was reading about the Russian Revolution — the  destruction of Russia by the Marxist socialists.  Their socialist revolution turned Russia into a giant political prison camp  for the next several generations:    The State is in charge of all activity.      Surveillance by government forces.    Politically correct speaking.    Group thinking.    Citizens spying on citizens.  The dreaded “knock in the middle of the night” — with no one daring to look at what happens next.    A complete shut-down of society.

And then I noticed what my book mark said:   “Freedom is not free.”  

If you think you’re a “free”  citizen  in this country,  thank a veteran.    For the sake of political freedom,  we must especially revere those who fought and died in wars,  hot or cold wars,  that kept us free from the aggression of our external enemies.

I could also write about today’s  weak echo of our military armed forces compared with the Force they used to be.   I could write about how all the branches of the military, here in this country,   have been decimated by presidential fiat.

Purged.    All those experienced commanders of all ranks who are loyal to the United States have been put out of active military duty —  not infrequently right before they would have earned a pension . . .  because they represent a threat to the Man They Have Put In The Office Of Our Presidency.    While all other nations are working hard to build up their military forces,  ours have been reduced to about 1920’s level. *    (These from our internal enemies.)

I don’t know where this will lead.      I don’t know how many even know what’s been done to our military.     I don’t know if there are enough who will “push back”  and attempt to restore our military to levels safe for our country.

I do know my grandchildren will have far fewer  “veterans”  to honor.     Just plain . . . fewer.

bar dissolve er

* (Use a Search Engine;  use terms like:   “officers . . . purged . . .   from . . .   U.S.  . . .   military.    There will be a variety of sources.   Don’t use one of the well-known  Search Engines that censor the results.)

A quote,  for example,  from the Washington Times:

Senior officers must be extremely careful these days, in both their professional and personal lives. They must understand that they are under the microscope, and their careers have never been more vulnerable. If admirals, generals, colonels, captains and commanders feel like they must act like saints and walk on eggshells, well, that is today’s reality.


November 2, 2015

I didn’t have much time to spend this weekend when we had to set our clocks back an hour.  And all but two of my clocks are analog — for a reason.

However,  the clock on my stereo system is digital and flashes brightly and annoyingly at every power outage.  And then came the Time Change:

Press CLOCK until time flashes.

Rotate MULTI-JOG  to set the hour

Press SKIP FORWARD  to shift to minutes

Rotate MULTI-JOG to set the minute

Press SET to save settings

Press STOP to quit settings.

But not all knobs and dials and little indentations were labeled;  and the ones that were labeled were medium gray embossed onto lighter medium gray — in microscopic print.

On a shiny surface.

So a flashlight didn’t help much.

bar dissolve er

The following day I received an email from my bank which informed me that the bank was changing its online automatic bill paying system, so all E-BILLS will be suspended for two weeks, and I’d have to make “other arrangements”  to pay my bills for that time, and then come back and set up my online  bill paying in the new system.

So I looked at my bank  statements.   I had less than a week to do this for some of the bills.    The bills that my bank handles automatically are listed on their statement variously as E=PAYMENT;   E-BILL;   AUTOMATIC WITHDRAWAL;   AUTOMATIC PAYMENT;  and one just ended with the company’s phone number.

So . . . ?

When I followed the link in my email and got into my account  (don’t DO that from an email message),  I discovered that in order to see an overview of what bills the bank paid automatically for me,  I’d have to “sign up”  for E-BILL payment.    Which — wasn’t I already signed up if they’re already paying my bills?   And now I had to agree to a new set of privacy statements.  And I didn’t want to.  But a few minutes later I got an email “welcoming” me to their online bill paying service.

After a trip – in person – to the bank today,  it was mutually agreed that the unhelpful instructions which I had printed out is their fault.  They weren’t seeing it from the customer’s point of view.    See,   all those words in capital letters,  that wasn’t the bank’s designation,  it was the label  the different companies put on the automatic payment.   In other words,  the “E=BILL” on my bank statement wasn’t the bank’s “E-BILL.”

We have wonderful customer service people at my bank.   She explained it all so clearly.   I’m pretty sure she knew what the bank was doing.    Their IT people just weren’t aware of actual Customer experience.

bar dissolve erI once bought a cheap digital watch that I liked because you could set a chime to ring at every hour.  The salesman showed me how to do it.    But when I had to set the time back,  I couldn’t figure out from the instructions how to  do it, . So I bought another similar one which was set to Daylight Savings Time.    So I alternated throughout the year.   But after they each needed new batteries . . .   well, I’m not using either one for now.

bar dissolve er

And so,  I’m just blowing off steam.   I think we need writers who write for real people who are going to read their writings.   If you know what I mean.    So many instructions and memos and letters are written without knowing what it will sound like to the reader.   I once sat down just for fun and “corrected”  a letter that a teacher had sent home with our daughter.   ( I was a teacher too once! )   But letter after letter, through the various teachers —   it just  got to be too sad.  Too alarming, actually, as the years went by.

You all probably know by now where I think we are in the great cycle of civilization.  This is more than  a mere fin-de-siécle *, it’s an absolute collapse of civilization.    Reading and writing are marks of a civilization.    Our local news reported recently that an assessment of Detroit school children shows that  93% of children are not proficient at reading;  and 96% are not proficient at math.    That means they can’t read or do math as expected.     But that’s old news.   Twenty years ago there was a study in some big eastern state that showed that a little more than half of the graduating seniors could not read their own diploma.    And again,  another eastern state,  something like 70+% of teachers could not pass the high school proficiency test needed to graduate from high school.

The majority of people I know say they “don’t like to read”  or don’t spend any time reading — or the great cover excuse:  “I don’t like to read fiction, I only like to read about real things.”      Which reveals an enormous misunderstanding of what fiction is.   But as a teacher,  I recognize an excuse when I see it.

But let’s have fun with mangled English.

Trying to navigate written instructions reminds me of that great Website called  engrish   .  com.  You can get to the Website using that URL,  no spaces.

Try these instructions:

engr cap itOr pay attention when you’re at an airport!

engr  eating carpetEspecially follow the instructions when you’re thinking of using a toilet:

engr toilet paper

It’s international —

engr russianI could stay on the Website for a very long time.

I’ll take good humor wherever I can get it.


October 27, 2015

Normally,  I’m pretty unflappable.

But I’ve been “flapped”  by a lot of things lately.    It’s not Writer’s Block here at The Spruce Tunnel.   I’m writing a lot.  It’s just that by the time I try to post something, days have gone by because more serious issues have come up.   And I thought recently that these “issues,”  both public and private,   both in my personal life and issues out there,  have all kind of knocked me “off the rails,” as the saying goes.

The whole month of October has been like watching the world go by from the windows of a speeding train, ready to go wildly off the rails.

train tracksI’ll be all right pretty soon.   That I’m posting at all is a sign that I’m hanging on to the rails.

But meanwhile,  I’ve missed a lot.     I’ve missed writing about important personal and historical anniversaries and events . . .    Sometimes I say,  ‘Join me for a walk in the Spruce Tunnel,”  and then I show you pretty pictures from the Tunnel.  But now I’m going to say,   “See those black windows in the little train?   Join me for a wild train ride as I try to catch up with the world before October is completely gone.”

It all started with my birthday, at the end of September.  With my cake, specifically:   (with a darkened view out of those “black train windows.”)

 I remember it!      Beautiful, no?    (No.)     “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”    Not only was this the very, very tasty, rich chocolate cake that I wrote about previously, home-made for me,   but it was also “home-decorated.”     Yeah.     Beautiful.

It is the memory of this that sustained me through the following weeks.

October is a month of significant religious significance.  Here is a painting of a great battle —

Train Lepanto jammed ships—   wall-to-wall battleships at Lepanto, off the coast of Italy,  not very many of them Christian.   Yet another Islamic onslaught against Europe in their never-ending Wars of Expansion.    Europe won.    Otherwise Europe would be worshiping at the sign of the desert crescent moon god —  the image which got the young men at the time of the Maccabees into so much trouble.

The battle was won with the help of prayers and processions called for by Pope Pius V —  Saint Pope Pius V —  which included a call for prayers with the help of the rosary,  that great retelling of the Gospel and personal immersion in its power.

It is said that there was a business meeting at the Vatican on the final day of this battle, and that the pope got up from the table, walked over to a window, and said with great joy,  “This is not the time for business”  but for great thanksgiving and rejoicing, for the battle has been won.      This,  long before there were technological means of up-to-date communication.   He knew.

Train rosarySo, from the dark windows of that speeding train,  I was aware that October is the month dedicated to the rosary, and to its power.     It’s a serious dedication, meant to deepen our habit of prayer.

Then there was another anniversary that I watched, passing by without notice here:

Train fatima70,000 witnesses present in the fields that day,  and an additional estimated 20,000 who saw the Miracle of the Sun from the peripheries, from  windows in houses in nearby cities;  witnessed by believers and witnessed by very decided unbelievers, scoffers of everything Catholic,  determined to prove that a so-called miracle could be explained away by scientific thought.

But they couldn’t.   Of course we don’t think the sun actually approached the earth on that day,   but something happened that looked very much like it.    It was so much more than an optical illusion,  and given for the very powerful, fearsome mystery of it.    More happened that day to the people, to their clothes, to the muddy fields . . .   but I’ve written about it before, and the story is easy to find on a Search Engine:  October 13,  1917.   And the warnings accompanying the strange miracle.

Warnings which involve the dissolution of our civilization,  witnessed by “me”  as that black-windowed train sped through October, 2015.

Today,   the clear teaching of the Catholic Church has not changed,  but it is very much out of focus —  especially if you get your news from the entertainment-news media on television or through bloggers.

Train st peter'sSt. Peter’s is still there. . . but sometimes those within it can blur and obscure that spiritual authority and that moral voice which ought to be crystal clear.    “Those within it”  took part in a synod on the “Family.”     It was not about the family.    It was about “how far can we change church practice to make it resemble the socialist disruption of the family” — a necessary task,  because  strong,  intact  family units  get in the way of strong, centralized governments.

(That would be the old “divide and conquer” —    Divide the families into individual demographic groups, and then control each demographic group:  men versus women versus teenagers versus children versus babies and above all:  parents versus their own unborn children.    Then make it all “fun” and “modern”   — Promote  sexual fun and liberation,  sexual immorality of all kinds,  sexual envy, sexual perversion, and sex-without-consequences.)      Presto!!   No strong  families!!

(Uh,  you have read the Communist Manifesto, haven’t you?   The Humanist Manifesto?     They told us about all this ahead of time.  They needed to break down society before they could “transform” it.)

Not a pretty picture from out of those black windows . . .   but if the train goes fast enough,  we won’t be too troubled by all this.

I was thinking of removing the Fukushima links from the right-hand column.      Nuclear power plants are an expensive and  suicidal way of getting “power” but no one seems to mind very much.   How about the results of all the accidents around the world,  poisoning, now, our rivers and our ground water?  how about the mind-boggling ongoing radioactive pollution spreading out from Fukushima?   How many October stories told us about the death of fish and mammals in vast areas in the Pacific Ocean. . .

How about a dolphin —

Train dolphin deadPoor thing.    Lots of other specimens that look just like him.

It isn’t only the oceans at our feet:

Train Skies PoisonedMore and more people are photographing their skies above,  stripes of fuzzy white trails, sometimes intersecting,  sometimes curving  (all this against FAA laws);  sometimes analyzed and examined for their chemical and heavy metal components…  But we’re not really allowed to do anything about it.    The Project is too big.    Meanwhile — breathe in that aluminum.  And cadmium.    And barium.    etc.          Shhhhh.

Then I saw China’s  “Practice Cities” —    Little areas built in China, with great care and accuracy,  for Target Practice!

china targetsSatellite view.   Nicely done.    They’re practicing   b* om * bin *  g the Eiffel Tower?   An Interstate exchange?   And then “America”  says “You’d better not use those islands in the South China Sea” — and they did –  and then . . .   nothing.    But three Chinese warships have been invited to a harbor in Florida.   Act of good will.       Inscrutable.

I saw, from this speeding October train,   ongoing acts of violence against Christians and Jews:

Train Joseph burning

I thought this view was “odd.”    Sad and odd.    This is the tomb of Joseph — you know,  Joseph of the Coat of Many Colors?   Joseph,  the Patriarch who saved Egypt and the surrounding Middle Eastern area from the severe seven-year famine.    Joseph,  whom God appointed to be the protector of the Israelites during this famine, and thus assure their continuing existence.

What was odd is that I came across a news article I had printed out several years ago.   Same thing.    Same Islamist hatred against Jewish  shrines.      And other historic shrines and archaeological sites.    I understand  Palmyra lost some valuable historic sites. .  .      The ongoing War of Expansion.

These people are still “in the way”  and so there is a new “meme”  going around.    See if you can catch it from the two following photographs:

STAB -school-lessonsSo you get instructions,  lecture and visual aids.

And students:

I want to STAB

Nasty view from out of those black train windows.   I take offense at this.     Two people who are very near and dear to me,  two people in my own family, whom I love very, very much . . .  are Jewish.

The world, in general,   does not take offense at this, though.     Or maybe they have lost their moral authority,  their sense of right and wrong,   their spiritual strength.

Maybe we haven’t reached a Tipping Point yet.    I wonder about this.

When I went to church this weekend,  I didn’t know that just a few hours later,  others like me would be going to church too,  in Syria.   Only during their Mass,   as people were getting ready for the actual Communion,   a bomb was lobbed onto the roof of their church building.    400 people inside.

The roof held, and only a few people were injured.    Had it not held, it would have been a massacre of great proportion.    People, just like me,  doing what I do.

Here are some words of the report:

OCTOBER 26 – A mortar shell last night hit the Latin church of Aleppo dedicated to Saint Francis, in the Aziziyeh district, while mass was being celebrated in the building. The grenade, coming from areas held by anti-Assad rebels, hit the roof, tearing its dome, but did not penetrate inside the church, . . .   “Bishop Georges Abou Khazen, the apostolic vicar of Aleppo, said that ‘if the grenade had exploded inside, there would have been a massacre.’”

So,  things are getting dangerous,  because that’s only one report of the almost daily attacks on Christians.

I didn’t even want to look outside that “train window”   and see the Invasion:

Death of EuropeA small portion through Europe’s fields.

They leave behind tons of garbage and throw garbage and feces and obscenities at the relief workers:

Mig Iitaly Austria dump

This video and others like it made the rounds in October.

Look what I stoleHe is boasting about the things he stole from the stores in his “host” nation,  the one that invited him in.   On the table in front of him,  obscured by the black frame,  are a half a dozen or more  iPhones.   Proudly stolen.

I take this one personally too —    It happened this month in Sweden:

All your women belong to usThe Islamist is shown hitting the Swedish woman,  then knocking her down and kicking her,  injuring her severely, as it turned out.     The video that this photo came from says:  All your women are ours.”

Want a European video?  I think I can make it happen.  A short one:      It’s here,  if you want to see what happens when you realize you’ve “lost”     —     I think it’s called “Meanwhile, in an average German city.  ”

Well,  whatever,     Civilization rose on the Natural Law formulated by the Greeks, and consequent understanding of Natural Morality and Society and Politics administered by the Romans;  then fully developed by Judeo-Christian moral foundations, and brought into being by Christendom.

Toss out any of this,  reject Christianity, for example,  and then civilization – civilized life, as it’s commonly understood — has no leg to stand on.  Anything goes.   Might makes right.     You lose.   Even if you’re one of the Powerful,  because  the Powerful always eat their own.    Anything goes.

But to preserve what is familiar to us:

“Itaque fratres, state : et tenete traditiones, quas didicistis, sive per sermonem, sive per epistolam nostram.”

The operative word being:   sta’te    (two syllables)   —  Stand fast!       (The above quotation from II Thessalonians 2:14)

Stand fast,  hold fast to the teachings that have been handed down to us;  so things don’t fall apart.

So that was my October.    Flapped.

I’ll get off that train now,  and turn to other things, closer to home.   Domestic affairs.   Domestic treasures.     Watched over by Christ the King,   whose feast day we just celebrated.   The King is not absent.   Viva Cristo Rey!

Time to re-watch the movie:  For Greater Glory.    Pretty difficult scenes from that train too.


October 6, 2015

Much has happened in this past week.  I’ll get to all those things later; after this.

I see I left off with the Oregon community college shooter and the growing  present-day martyrdom of Christians.    Two things to follow-up on:   (1.  Growing persecution of Christians) —

Perhaps you haven’t started reading the Roman Martyrology, which I speak of from time to time here, and you haven’t yet experienced its benefits to you.    Perhaps you don’t know where to buy one, or can’t afford it.  Perhaps you don’t know where to find the daily  entries online.  And anyway those martyrs were a couple hundred years ago.   Or five hundred.  Or eight hundred. . .    Or 1,900 years ago.

So let’s keep asking questions about today’s Christian martyrs.

Columbine shooters too long ago?   “Are you a Christian?”   they asked some of their victims.    One father wrote a book about his daughter’s courage to say yes. . .

This month’s  Oregon shooter:  “Are you a Christian?”    Yes?   “You’re going to meet your God.”     Boom.

Let’s go to the Middle East currently.     A Christian father and his young son.    The attackers cut off the little boys fingertips one by one in front of the father, saying they will stop if the father renounces his Christianity.   He refused.  Two other Christian friends came to help.    How did this all end?     The three men and the boy were crucified. Date reported:   Oct. 2,  2015.   Why did they do it this way?     Here is their instruction:  “When your Lord inspired to the angels, ‘I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.’” (Qur’an-Sura 8:12)   Christians are those “who disbelieved.”

In Syria:  12 Christian men and one 12 year old boy “brutally tortured and murdered”  because they wouldn’t renounce Christianity.

Also recently:  Eight Christian Aid Workers including two women;   refused to renounce Christ.     Beheaded.

Martyrdom doesn’t always mean death, although I’m skipping a half dozen other recent incidents..

United Kingdom  (England)  —    Here’s a Christian family,  but it’s in the middle of their story.

UK familyI’ll keep their photo small.    Their attackers demand that they leave Christianity, and have hounded them out of two homes so far.   The threats continue.  The threats increase.   They’re appealing to the public to help because they think  the officials in the UK will protect Christians.   As I said,  it’s still in the middle of the story of this Christian family.

How about going to church in India (Chhattisgarh) and having your church surrounded by a mob of 40 Christian haters who violently beat the church goers, two women so badly they may not live.

Luke Sarker.   52 year-old Christian pastor.    Opened the door to three young HIndus in Bangladesh pretending to be interested in Christianity.    They knifed him, leaving him for dead.

Nepal:   Two Christian churches bombed during their “services.”   A third church spared because that bomb didn’t detonate.   Anti-Christian pamphlets left all over the area.

Africa:  Ushahemba and Sughter Kumashenge;  two brothers;  Christians.   Ambushed and killed while they worked on their farm by Christian-haters.

Africa:  19 year-old girl brutally, repeatedly raped because her parents are Christians, so the attackers said.   She was left alone on the road overnight;  it’s not clear whether she will survive.

These stories — and more — were in the news I read in just one day!


No need to purchase a Roman Martyrology, I suppose.

Just know what’s going on in the world around you.  It’s happening in every country.

Hatred of Jesus Christ and hatred of His followers is on the rise all over.   It may be beheadings.   Knifings.   Shootings.   Beatings.    Driving people out of their homes.   Drivings people out of their jobs.   Refusing employment or fair advancement in their professions.    Demanding that Christians violate their conscience.    Making Christians pay ruinous fines.   Character assassinations.   Deleting any positive reference to Christianity in textbooks,  movies, songs,   general fiction,  and anywhere in the entertainment-news  articles.    Lying about the contributions Christendom has made to civilization.

We have a lot to learn from paying attention to martyrologies,  ancient or current.      Keep asking questions:

How did they do it?

How did they act?

How did they stay faithful to Christ?

Why did they stay faithful to Christ?

How did they suffer.   How could they?      How much . . .?

Could I?

Would I?

Can I follow their example?

Why would I?

St.  Paul acknowledged that it doesn’t make much sense to live so precariously.    “If in this life only we have hope,  we are of all men most miserable.”   (I Corinthians 15:19)

It’s all about love, though.  A Creator that thought us up;  loved the idea of us; went ahead and created us;  picked the best time for us to be born;   draws us to Him,  hopefully;   and plans for a life of love, here and forever.    Love, in the next life forever.

It’s all about true quality of life.    Think about the martyrs.   If you can, pray for them.     When this is me,  I know I’d need all the help I can get.


September 20, 2015

A terrible blog title ––  but I like to meet reality head on.

And I’d like you to “meet”  a young man.   Not yet 20 years old.

Ali-Mohammed-al-NimrHis name is Ali Mohammed al-Nimr.     He’s not a Christian,  but he’s a living soul,  and he’s the “wrong kind of”  Muslim according to the Muslim sect that controls the area of Saudi Arabia where he lives.

He has been sentenced to death by crucifixion.   His uncle will be crucified this week,  and this young man’s crucifixion will probably happen not long afterward. *

Of course all the “international appeals”  have been made.   By all accounts, there is no evidence for the charges presented to the Muslim-type court,  but there is evidence of his being tortured until he signed a false statement of guilt.

There are no knights in shining armor,  no Crusaders,   to rescue him.     Christian men don’t . . .   don’t . . .  don’t take up arms to help victims of . . . you know.   At least not in great enough numbers to change the situation in whole regions of the world.   Not enough Christians to spread Christianity . . .   There is a very small group of Christian men who are doing this on their own;  removing an Ocean of Terror with a thimble.

Not that they shouldn’t try.

Here are the names of two such Christian men:  Louis Park and Brett Royales.      And just a very few others.  They’re training Christian groups in Iraq and Afghanistan to fight off Muslim oppression.

And here is a quotation from one of them:  **

“I’ve been given a skill set. I’ve honed it over the years. I can’t sit home and watch what’s going on here — the atrocities, crucifixions, rapes, sex slaves, people being driven out from their towns. It’s unacceptable to me, so I’m here to do what I can to get people back in their homes and protect their way of life,” Royales told Radio Free Iraq.


book title

It’s a good and worthy thing to read the Roman Martyrology each day.        Martyrs have been recognized and remembered   since the earliest days of Christianity.    Knowing their examples does two things:

  1.    Remembering them honors them and   can perhaps encourage us to hold on to the Faith.
  2.    Remembering their lives and deaths helps us to keep in mind that life is serious and death is always near;  and we must be ready to choose death rather than give up our Faith – so be sure you’re in the right Faith!

Here is the book I read, pretty much daily:

book frontI show that only because I want you to know where I’m getting some information from.    The names and short remarks given for each day are all actually corroborated by history and by contemporary accounts.  ***    We know their experiences to be true to actual life.

Lately, in that book,   there have been a lot of martyrs who died by crucifixion and by beheading.     There are two  historical times when this happened:  Under some Roman emperors;   and under Islamic rule in parts of Europe and Africa during several phases of history.

Hilaire Belloc warned of a third phase coming up, beginning at the end of the 20th century,  but I’ve already written about that here.    You can google his warning  too.    His warning was written for us,  for us who are alive today.

The Roman Martyrology is a witness to times of Beheadings and Crucifixions.    It doesn’t seem that that the book has been finished yet.

Look again.   Remember Ali.   Remember the uncounted other current and contemporary victims.   And the ones to come in the near future.


The last book of the Bible says:   Then I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was given to them And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony of Jesus and because of the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received the mark on their forehead and on their hand; and they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.    —     Apoc 20:4  (Rev.)

These are past, present, and future martyrs, gathered together in heaven.

Bar Cross in middle

If you’d like to read one of the articles about this young man . . . click link.

**  Here is their article . . . click link.

***     The Roman Martyrology arose out of historical times and can be confirmed by historical writings,  unlike “Foxe’s Book of Martyrs”   which was written strictly for propaganda purposes  — and much to my surprise,  when I studied history in the university,  discovered that the stories in this book were either false,  they never happened,  or the stories were so biased as to not resemble contemporary accounts.     When I was very young, I had thought it was a “true book”   —   but I began to question its motives a well as its veracity as I began to learn more about history.  


September 14, 2015

(I don’t think we’ve fully entered into what historians will call the “21st”  century — it does not yet appear what the full consequences of the 20th century are.  But I’ll go by the calendar.)

judge agreeableJudges deserve respect.  Of course they do.    But if the man who is appointed to be judge knows nothing about civil law,  ethics,  a just society,  and the objective  and unchanging principles of human philosophy,  he has, then,  only popular opinion to be  stand on.   Or: “He is being responsive to the changing times,”  which, of course,  means he has only popular opinion to stand on when making his “decisions.”

Popular opinion is not a benign force.   It evolves out of the power some people have to influence others,  and  money that exchanges hands to create that influence;  and it produces confusion, unrest,  discontent,   changeableness,  servitude,   loss of choices, and eventually loss of freedom.

And someone or someone’s agenda is usually behind the development of some “popular opinion.”

Judges left(I don’t lean that way.)

Listen to an American Supreme Court judge writing about a matter of supreme moral importance:    “The core of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe,and of the mystery of human life.”       (Justice Kennedy) 

Yep.  Pretty much covers every topic that might come up.

You get to define things the way you want to.   (Except if you disagree with these people.   No tolerance for you if you disagree.  And, as Kim Davis found out,  no freedom either.    She will never be a quiet, anonymous citizen again.   She will always be watched by the media “in case” she acts against popular opinion again.  She will never be really safe.   The most vile, the most horrid, the most pornographic and violent threats have been made against her.    )

Again — this is what you have to believe:  every man for himself,   every man his own god,   and there is no way to discover objective moral standards that keep our society safe and strong:         “The core of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe,and of the mystery of human life.” 

Here is what another American Supreme court judge commented on that (majority) opinion:   This “mystery of life” principle kicks the struts out from under the rule of law and makes it impossible to resolve conflicts of rival moral visions — except by imposition of power.     (Justice Scalia)

No.   Way.   To.  Resolve.  Conflicts.

“Except by imposition of power.”

That would be “power over you.”   There is no appeal if you’re on the losing side of the conflict, unless you have enough to offer the ones who are currently in power. 

“Imagine a world where there is no”   Ten Commandments?      No.    Better we should all be “rightly dividing”  the meaning and application of an objective set of Commandments that transcend human intellectual invention.

That’s a lifetime of humble work.


September 4, 2015

So let’s “imagine”  alongside  the “Four Persuasive Crooners of Bygone Hippy Days”;    let’s imagine as they told us to,  that there is no religion,, no religious restraints on our behavior.    We’ve seen the moral mess and mayhem that results from that idea in the eight previous  “Imagine no…  commandments.”

So now the Ninth.   “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife.”  Remember — this is an internal sin, so to speak.   It’s committed in one’s heart and mind, one’s imagination.   And it often leads to the breaking, then, of the Sixth Commandment,  “thou shalt not DO the actual adultery or fornication or perversion. . .”  (a little paraphrase there).

Or, as Jesus said, “whoever looks upon a woman with lust in his heart . . .”  (You know . . .  has already committed adultery;  there is that close a tie between internal desiring  and actual  doing.)

Jesus teaching them

But internal or external,  a sin is a sin nevertheless.  And sin separates us from God.   “Fine” for now I suppose,  until we meet Him face to face.

So how to avoid an “internal” kind of sin like “coveting”  someone’s wife!

Here is some old-fashioned kind of instruction:     There are steps that are taken that develop a spirit of covetousness in a person,  and knowing the steps helps a person recognize if he has taken any of these “steps.”


Coveting a woman who belongs to some other man  begins with Attention.   Paying attention to her,  taking time to notice her,  and her qualities.   Looking her over. . .    Imagine:  a woman walks into a room,  a store, a business office,  whatever;  and she knows she’s  being . . .  assessed.

The next step in coveting is Admiration.  Oh, yes.  Simple admiration.    What a beauty!  What a desirable beauty!   She’s a 10!        And “imagine”  all the appraisals going on all over;   women reduced to  personal, physical characteristics, and then given a score.     That ought to ruin  relationships between men and women!

But the next step after admiration is Desire.   From Attention,  to Admiration,  to Desire:  I want that!    (I want her.)

And next:    I Deserve her!     Desire tells your mind that you Deserve what you Desire.

And then comes the Necessity to have her.    It has come so far that your mind is convinced that you need that man’s wife.    Imagine a world in which a man’s wife is fair game for another man’s “need” to have her!

The man who is coveting is already Visualizing how he’s going to get at her;  how he’s going to convince her to “come along peacefully”  — and participate in his lust.    Unfortunately,  in this benighted century,  there’s lots of help in this visualizing process.   Magazines,  videos,  advertisements,  images all over.    Let coveting go this far, and you’ll have lots of help,  lots of people making a profit on your weak character.    And you’ll be creating a climate of “uncomfortableness”  among the women around you, because . . .  they know.   Women often just know.     Imagine a world with uncomfortable women,  thinking about what the men have in their minds.

Visualizing leads to Planning how to remove obstacles.    Plotting.   Planning.


Pity the poor human who lives a life of wishing for someone else’s wife (or husband).   A wasted, unhappy, frustrated life; nervous about getting found out, fearful of getting caught.

Imagine a world full of unrest and unfulfilled desires.  Or worse, a world of fulfilled, illicit desires, and the consequences.  Imagine a world without the Ninth Commandment.

I think God knew what He was doing when He commanded that we not covet a wife (or a husband)  that belongs to someone else.


August 31, 2015

Turns out there are many ways to “imagine”  a world without the 8th Commandment.   Lies,  calumnies,  bias and distortions,  character assassinations,  deceptions, manipulations,  deliberate misdirections seem to be such a pervasive part of modern life that we just . . .   expect these kinds of things.

Dishonesty comes to us from many directions,  and never so powerfully than from the entertainment-news industry.   It was easy to write a few possible blog postings on this —   but dishonesty also came to me this morning with a humorous twist.  Giving credit to the source,   the following cartoons are from the Patriot Post newsletter  (URL below)*

How about their power to make one side look bad and the other side innocent?

Friends and EnemiesThree elements here,  two proven enemies of American life.

How about the media power to  protect or to demonize certain causes?

Gun damageThat  “MSM”   on the wall in the background stands for Main-Stream Media – a polite name for the entertainment news media industry.   “Drive-By media”  is another polite name, referring to the tendency of the news readers behind the microphone to read for you only the most shallow description of an event —  about as much as you would learn by driving quickly past the event,  but not even understanding the issues themselves.

Okay,  how about the power of the MSM, then,  to misdirect our attention, to  tell us who we ought to think the enemy is?

No oneknew he's gay

“Misdirect our attention.”    Now, this last one is near to my experience.   In one of my classes we talked about recent “news” stories.   They all showed the “approved”  emotional response to a recent shooting  (in the bottom photo),  but NOT ONE had heard from the entertainment-news media industry that the shooter was black and that he was gay and that he had left behind lots of writings that showed he was a racist and hated white people and that he was homosexual and  hated straight people.      (Not a Hate Crime, therefore;  just mentally ill, poor thing.)

Not one had heard that from their televisions or radio.

Sheeeesh!    (Pardon the language.)    It’s not their fault,  it’s the fault of the “Drive-By” media who themselves are prevented to look beyond the most superficial  descriptions of the event.

The entertainment-news programming is just that — programming for our minds.  Every one of the three-letter names of the various news services are meant to program correct thinking into us.

The entertrainment-news industry(no, that’s not a misspelling)   is in the service of the general overall Revolution which has taken down Western Civilization, and has given us a violent,  smut-filled, anti-religious biased version of a few of the events that have transpired in the world.

Programming.  Entrainment.

It’s not the nice people in front of the television camera or  in front of the microphones.   It’s the industry that’s in charge.  And the hands that run the industry.

IMAGINE a world where there is no 8th Commandment.   Not only could we not trust our own friends and family to tell us the truth,  but neither could we trust public news services.

But maybe —   maybe instead,  imagine a world in which the 8th Commandment is respected and honored.  imagine that harmfully deceptive public  programming that insults or calumniates anyone    — anyone! —    is illegal – and stopped — for the sake of public order and decency.    Maybe it would be a much easier world to live in, with the 8th Commandment respected.

8 forked tongue(They really do have forked tongues!)

*   You can find their Humor section as well as other sections that provoke thoughtfulness about current events on their website:  http://www.  patriot post . us         (No spaces, of course.)   (And it’s offered as an alternative source of information for you to balance out all the other sources.)


August 22, 2015

There were three young Marines involved in the take-down of the gunman on the French passenger train,  not two.  Here they are:

Marine UpdateNames and faces.

Pray for them.  Pray that they’ll feel the honor due them by their heroic action.   Pray that they’ll be strong and courageous heroes all their lives.    Pray that their fellow countrymen treat them like heroes and hold them up as good examples.

Then there is that other young man.  26 years old.

gunmanWell,  that’s the back end of him, with his hands tied behind his back.

Pray for him too.     He has a soul.


August 21, 2015

Will interrupt the Ten Commandments with a joyful and proud tribute to our United States Marines!

Dad in Dress BluesThere’s one.   There’s a Marine.   That’s my Dad in his dress blues.    Impossibly young!   He was eighteen years old, a year and a half before I was born.

Well, today in France young Marines just like him did a heroic deed, saving many, many lives on a high speed commuter train.  It happened here in Arras:

MAP Marines hero“Always faithful” to their … duty,  one of them noticed a nervous passenger going into the train’s restroom.  A minute or so later, he recognized the sound of a weapon being loading.  Now,  I wouldn’t know what that sounds like if you loaded your gun in front of me,  but these are highly trained young men — and alert.

What the young Marines heard was the sound of magazines being loaded into a Kalishnikov.  The nervous man came out of the bathroom,  raised the Kalishnikov and opened fire on the passengers.   The Marines jumped into action, and though they were both unarmed,  they tackled the gunman and pinned him to the floor until the train stopped and the French authorities took over.

A couple passengers were injured.

Marines feet outThe authorities said the action of these two Marines prevented what would have been a bloodbath.   And why not?   Citizens are not allowed to carry guns.  They are sitting ducks wherever they go.

As I said,  they probably saved “many, many lives.”  Here are the magazines on the floor which could have produced a real massacre:

Marines targetLots of ammunition!    One of the young Marines was shot in the neck as he brought the gunman down,  but he will most likely be all right.

Congratulations —  and thank you to all Marines.   You make our world safer!!

Semper Fi !

Oh –  the gunman’s name is:     Ayoub el-Qahzzani