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November 15, 2019

Well, this happened two years ago,  I think.

Happened here:


This country’s  “Bureau of . . .  Corruption”  (that does investigations into allegations of political corruption within their country)  received word that some officials colluded with the Democrat Party in the United States to influence the election.

(To throw the election in favor of  Mrs.  Bill Clinton who was running for president at the time.)

The main person being investigated was tried, found guilty;  i.e.  convicted of collusion with Hilary Clinton, specifically.    That person is in prison right now.

To make it clear:  The Ukrainian government convicted one from their own government  of colluding with Hilary and the Democrats to throw the 2016 election for Hilary.

Just so you know.


As the US former ambassador to the Ukraine seems not to “recall”  or be aware,   so she says while being questioned by Hilary supporters in the US Congress..



Their new Ukranian president and his new government were elected to clean up the political corruption going on,  some of it bought and paid for by the U.S. Democrat party, giving them material goods, finances, and strategic planning for how to overthrow a government  (which they did, actually, under the administration of the Barack-Hussein person and his State Dept. head,  Hilary.    “They were not amused.”

(All this covered in news reports, videos, released documents at the time.)

On a side note:  It is against US federal law for a president to allow American financial aid to go to a country that is steeped in corruption and not doing anything about it.   (I guess you could make a phone call to their president and asked what’s being done about corruption;  is there anything we can do to help.)



If you get your news from one of these places . . .


News Sources

. . . then you may not know these things.



September 25, 2019

Behind the scenes.     You should know.

Two phone calls to the Ukraine:

phone ringing 90x70

One:     Someone (unnamed) became a “whistleblower”  when he reported (to the media)   that someone else (unnamed)  told him that he found out from someone (unnamed) who had heard a phone conversation between President Trump and Zelensky,  the Ukrainian ‘president’ ,  in which President Trump talked about possible illegal activities  being done in the Ukraine by an American citizen  (among other topics of conversation).

(“You got a problem with one of our citizens?  I want to know about it.”)

The unnamed people involved assert that Trump  might have talked about Hunter Biden, and he might have put pressure on the Ukrainian government to prosecute the matter.  Furthermore,   these unnamed sources say that Trump could have threatened to withhold money from the Ukraine if they didn’t do so.

And then it was admitted by some unnamed sources that they never actually heard the phone conversation, they don’t know what was talked about.

But IF  this is true, the Democratic-entertainment-news-media reports,  then that could be an impeachable offense.    IF Trump said this.    IF Trump threatened that.   IF Hunter Biden was targeted for political reasons.    IF, when the phone call was made Trump could foresee into the future that Joe Biden would be a candidate for president in the next election . . .  IF Trump knew that ahead of time, then Biden would be a political opponent.

Upon that basis of “might haves”  and “IFs” the Democrats and the Democratic-entertainment news-media are running amok,  declaring that they are going to start an  “impeachment inquiry.”

Start an inquiry?    Do they count on the America public to forget that on Day One of President Trump’s taking office  70  (seventy) Congressional elected officials already  began an inquiry into impeachment — on the basis that they didn’t win the election and they don’t like President Trump.

(Not an impeachable offense, to be disliked by the Democrats.)

The “impeachment inquiry” announced by Nancy Pelosi is not news.    They’ve been doing this during the whole Trump presidency.

Newspaper readers and television watchers are bring told this is a big new development.     And they’re serious about it!

People running amok don’t  do rational things, nor do they think through the consequences of their statements and actions.   They have demanded that a transcript of the phone call be released   so they can be sure.  Only they don’t really care about the transcript, do they.   They already started their new inquiry one day before the transcript is supposed to be released.

No,   the media reporting about what some unnamed sources have said might have happened was enough for them to spend out taxpayer dollars and waste time on an inquiry into something that isn’t even illegal.   Oh,  unless IF they find something out during their inquiry.

Well, good.  Let them spend their time in Congress pursuing meaningless projects and keep their hands off American laws.

phone ringing 90x70

Two:      How about another phone call to the Ukraine,  this time by Joe Biden – when he was Vice President of the United States!   During the administration of the Barack Hussein person,  Joe Biden used his high position in US government to get his two sons into positions of power and influence (lucrative positions)  in the Ukraine and in Red China.    

Hunter Biden was given a position in a crucial energy company that operates within the Ukraine, where he proceeded to amass huge personal wealth and mismanage the administration of this energy company, to the point where his corruption was noticed even by the Ukrainians and the Russians.

(I do remember reading about this several years ago, independent news sources.)

They began a formal investigation into Hunter Biden’s activities.   A special prosecutor, an attorney general was assigned to the task.

At this point,  Joe Biden made his phone call to the Ukrainian government.  We have his account of this phone on video!!!!!   In his own voice,  he seems to be boasting about his power to threaten that government unless they stopped the investigation and fired the prosecuting attorney. 

Fire him – or else.   Or else 4 billion dollars of funding would be immediately withdrawn.  Then Biden says he told the Ukrainian government that “If you don’t believe I can do that, check with the president.  He’ll back me up.”

This is one of the several shady Ukrainian deals that the Barack Hussein person was aware of an involved in, in some way.   Democrats in power see to run amok among foreign governments too.    Remember how the legally elected pesident of the Ukraine got overthrown?   Remember Arab “Spring”?

IN HIS OWN WORDS,  Joe Biden reported that he, himself, put pressure on the Ukrainian government on behalf of his son, Hunter Biden,  during an infamous and politically illegal phone call.

No ifs, ands, or buts.

So the Democrats in Congress are investigating . . . . President Trump.


informastion newsboy

So there’s some information you can use today . . . .


September 22, 2019

(Phooey!  This is a big topic,  too big for one post.)

When Left becomes “Right”   —  and I don’t mean “Correct.”  I mean When Leftist-Socialists “become”    Far  Right on the political spectrum.

Why can that happen?   How can that happen?    When the deeds of the  Leftist-Socialists become so repugnant to the public that the Left wants it to be called “Right,”  that’s when.

This is not related to what can be  truthfully  observed   —   this process is related to overall, long-term public perception.

Perception.   Your perception trumps Truth.  (They hope.)

EcoFascistgirl 2

The National-Socialist Party in Germany became experts in molding public perception.   They were Socialists and  used Socialist methods of ruling over people, economies, their military, their scientific research . .  .  a Socialist must rule over everything:  “from cradle to grave.”

The young girl in the National-Socialist poster above influenced many Germans to accept their ideal of young, healthy Na..zi  youth:  she is  blonde,  Germanic looking, healthy,  willing and able to breed more youth.    “Kinder, Küche, Kirche.” *   That’s where young women belong, according to them.

It was an effective image:   very young; blonde; traditional pigtails, one on each side;  slightly  offset eyes;    innocent face of a true believer.
Re-read that above paragraph!

EcoFacsist girl

(not Photo-shopped,  according to the source – “Diamond”)


Very young, blonde, two pigtails, true believer —  you might recognize the face of the girl they are using in the present day to promote the VERY SAME Leftist goals!**   As you may remember, her name is Greta Thunberg.    What is she being used for?  (Quote)  “To raise global awareness of the dangers of climate change.”

Presumably  anthropogenic climate change — as in “humans are a disease on the planet and are destroying the world! ”

Wait . . .    how did National-Socialist propaganda become mainstream Leftist propaganda?

#1    Hitler called his socialist Party  “Nationalist”  because he differed with the goals of worldwide global socialism  promoted and dearly longed for by the Soviets.    Hitler hated the Slavs, the Russians,and put many in concentration camps.    No, Germany was to rule over the world, not Russia and their worldwide socialism.   You can’t have a Third “Reich”  if you share power with other Socialists,.

So now we have the National-Socialists named,  and shortened into the word  Na…zi.

#2    Hitler and his regime became so repugnant that after the war, everyone wanted to condemn it and distance themselves from it.    Understandable.    But the Socialists — who use the same tactics as Hitler’s regime in Russia,  Africa,  Red China, some South American countries;   and becoming common and recognizable elsewhere . . . .  those Global Socialist-Progressives-Democrats do not want to be associated with the National-Socialists are not Socialists.

#3  The last step in  distancing themselves from what happened in Germany under the Socialists there is to take control of the media and education systems around the world.  National Socialism is so bad, that we’re just going to deny they were Socialists and give them a new name . . .  we’ll say they are on the Right. ***

Stalin and Boy Rdg

Socialists-Progressives-Democrats   educating  children

Think they can’t call Left Right now?    Well, how common is it to believe that Na…zis are radicals of the far Right?   I mean,  you go a little bit Conservative,  which is a normal Right point of view, and smear all those on the Right with the name Na…zi.

Why,  you call people on the Right either Nationalists or Fascists —  and then you get  revolutionary groups on the Far Left calling themselves”Anti-Fascist”  i.e.  Antifa,  using Fascist techniques of social disruption themselves.  . And everything is acceptable if it furthers the  Global Socialist Revolution —   which is far from over.

Anything –  anything – the Left doesn’t like will get you labeled as a Na…zi,  and Nationalist,   a Far Right Radical . . .  and politicians don’t like that.  People don’t like that.

The label is an effective silencer.      Just take note of  Google’s  new algorithms.   And Facebook’s.   And Twitter’s.  And YouTube’s.    Actually,  everyone in the entertainment-news media — people feel they’re not being given  “balanced”  information.  And they know they are no longer being given a public voice.

Google Dictator






.*     “Kinder, Küche, Kirche.”    German for children,  kitchen, and church — where German women fulfilled their duty to the Fatherland.    The Left had to drop this because you can’t fight the Feminists who follow Marx and Engels and Lenin to “get the women out of the families and into the factories” —  so now there is a duty to NOT have children, expressed by so many female celebritioes today.


.**  UN representatives, in speeches and videos,  as well as Margaret
Thatcher, as well as many scientists who recognize this — have all been quoted as saying that the “manmade”  Eco-disaster purported to be occurring right now is a massive worldwide scheme to transfer the wealth of First World countries to the UN Global Governance system, where they will determine where that money goes and for what purpose.   A massive transfer of wealth.

Scare people (children)  enough, and it will happen.   Ridicule those who are not supporters and it will happen.

.***   See the movie  Death of a Nation  by Dinesh D’Souza for which he was demonized, ostracized, and brought up on false legal charges.)


April 3, 2019

Hard to be strictly funny about politics nowadays.


It’s that time of year . . . .

“There’s nothing more certain than death and taxes, ”  so the saying goes.


I just wrote out all the checks for my taxes,  four separate envelopes,  four separate destinations.

And that was right after the month in which I had to pay for a new garbage disposal,  a big furnace repair,  a hot water heater repair,  and a water purification system for my home.

So I kind of understand the question up there in the cartoon.   If I’m trying hard to support my own household,  do I have to work so hard to support my   (largely unelected)  government officials too?

For more than a hundred years of our nation’s history  our federal government paid its operating expenses without an income tax —  and without a deficit.     There were brief periods of income tax ,  usually after costly and necessary wars,  but this permanent duty to pay an income tax is scarcely more than a hundred years old!

Don’t know what all to conclude from that.

But what I do observe is that recently the various departments of our federal government have become highly politicized,  including the IRS,  which has been used to suppress and put out of business numerous Conservative functions and social organizations.

Just observation.  And saving news articles.

All pointing to the fact that you pay less and you operate more freely if you agree with the radical Left.   Socialism and transforming American society by rejecting traditional Western values of humanity,  religion, and equal justice before the Law.

Like being “on the *Farm”:  “All animals are equal.   Some animals  are more equal than others. ”

Highly politicized government functioning.

It could be a dangerous time in America.



.*  Animal Farm by George Orwell.  Short book.  All Americans should know it well.




October 31, 2018

“A little”  (history)  being the operative phrase.

Pumpkin Pals.jpg 370

It’s Halloween!   A perfect week to read or re-read The Screwtape Letters, the highly enjoyable allegory by CS Lewis.   Well, “enjoyable,” if it weren’t so true!

CS Lewis remains an important literary influence in the English language for those who are in the process of being educated; for those who don’t have to be persuaded of the importance of being educated.

(For that reason I won’t give a synopsis of The Screwtape Letters,  just one quotation.)


(This is Screwtape talking, the demon educator who is instructing Wormwood on how to corrupt the education of humans.  That is,  we’re the ones being “Screwed.”)

“To regard the ancient writer as a possible source of knowledge  –  to anticipate what he said could modify your thoughts or behavior – that would be rejected as absolutely simple-minded.   And since we (devils) cannot corrupt   the whole of the human race all of time,  it is most important thus to cut every generation off from one another, for where learning makes a free commerce between the ages, there is always the danger that the characteristic errors of one may be corrected by the characteristic truths of another.”

Know that quotation well.     It is the whole reason our socialist education system prevents you from knowing (or respecting)  history.)      For corruption and evil to make headway,  you must cut off each generation from its own history — lest people learn from past mistakes!

When an entire culture is floundering around in ignorance and corruption,  it is easy to tell the members of that generation anything!

Don’t know what your Constitution says?    There is someone waiting to tell you what they want you to think it says!!

Don’t know the history of your own nation?   There are those who will tell you what your history is – and how evil your nation is . . .  and how all our heroes aren’t really heroes at all!!

Don’t know how to distinguish objective truth from opinion?   There are those who will tell you how to think and feel.

Don’t know where humans came from?   There are those who will describe human creatures that developed, by chance, out of the slimy muck,  with no more dignity than a common animal.

Don’t know the wisdom that comes from your parents, your grandparents,  the culture of your great-grandparents?   There are those who will tell you they don’t have anything to offer you and who will give you their own purposes in place of the wisdom of the past.

And so on.



I’m not going to read Screwtape Letters tonight.  I’m going to read more of the book that presented that quotation:    Reasonable Pleasures  by  James V.   Schall,   highly recommended for all-around general understanding of our times.

I am going to do a different Halloween thing, though.


I’m going to watch The Haunting (of Hill House), (1963 version)  and then I going to watch the modern Netflix series version of it.    Just for comparison . . .  research, you know.

I’ll probably have the lights on all night long!

pumpkin banner

Thanks to Son for carving the pumpkins;  and thanks to our little family for picking them out of the pumpkin patch.

Pumpkin Patch the three.jpg 160



October 31, 2018

Kitchen Mess.jpg 350

My kitchen floor is in pieces,  all rolled up and discarded;  I’m squeezing between the “storage disaster”  that has become my home, to use the keyboard of my disarranged computer,  just to make some comments — which, because I love my country (I love my nation;  call me a nationalist!) — because I love this nation,  I think are important   (the comments, that is).

Two days ago, I think,  I heard on the radio that the president is looking into some ways to end the anchor-baby  problem which is harming our country.  He said he was going to make a “directive”  to have some people, some experts see how this could be done.

(“Exploring how”  not “dictating.”)

The next time I heard the news,  he had either added a comment or else the “news” people decided to report more of what he had had to say.   The further comment was that he was being told by some of his advisers that he could just issue an executive order to eliminate the anchor-baby procedure.  He didn’t sound enthusiastic about the executive order method.

(It’s possible, but the Barack Hussein person in the White House so much overused the executive order,  changed the system with his orders, and exhibited such unhealthy glee in doing so — Remember his  “I have a pen and a cell phone and I know how to use them,”       Remember that statement?)

So that first day I didn’t know what method our current president would use to alleviate our anchor-baby-non-citizen-parent problem.

However!   Every time the “news” came on the radio,   there seems to be hysteria about this president using an executive order to “change the Constitution”  !!!   the debate rages — rages, I say —  about his use of the executive order and about the “difficulty”  of changing  the Constitution,  et cetera,  et cetera,  et cetera.

Now the 14th Amendment to the Constitution that the “news” people are discussing was put in there to allow the children of former slaves — in 1866 –  to be considered American citizens.   Their parents hadn’t been;  but after the  War Between the States,  they were — and their children could be.

Later the 14th Amendment was also applied to American Indians tribes,  or nations.  Children born of American Indians were to be considered American citizens.

The key phrase that applied to both instances was that the parents were not under any foreign jurisdiction.   Neither former slaves nor American Indians were under the jurisdiction if any foreign nation.

So babies born to them are American citizens.

Hope that’s clear.

The thousands of young men (and a few women and children)  who are coming this way:

on their way feed etc

.   .   .    .   these young men are citizens of foreign countries.  They are under the jurisdiction of a foreign nation.   Their babies do not become American citizens —   at least until socialist policies began to prevail in our judicial system.

That is the wrong that needs to be righted.   That is the intentional misinterpretation of the Constitution that needs to be corrected.

By some means.

We’ll see.



September 21, 2017

(It’s quieter and more peaceful here since The Spruce Tunnel “cut the cable,”  but every now and then something from the leftist media will ooooooze  in.)

 Extreme Leftist Sub-Leaders of the One World Government:


The president of the United States recently gave a speech here.    I read it.   It made me feel good and safe and relieved.    At last!   At last, someone is saying it’s okay to be an American and it’s okay, as an American,  to love my country and want to see it thrive.

And it’s okay to feel that way about your country too, if you are a citizen of another country.

If we don’t care about our own native land,  then what good are we for dealing with the larger issues we all  have in common?

62, 000, 000  of us voted for this particular president because he articulated what we had been feeling and what we hope for.   (We cannot know how many supported Mrs.  Bill Clinton,  because so many reports are coming in now of confirmed and evidenced voter fraud that put her in the winning column,  precinct after precinct,  city after city . . . .  Who could ever know how many real votes she got?)

Supporters of these international Extreme Leftists at the United Nations include the entertainment-news media.      Somewhere around 96% of them say they voted for . . .  of course,  the Extreme Leftist Mrs.  Bill Clinton.     Journalists.  Vote.  Left.  

They have been waging an extreme and unrelenting war against their own elected president.


Surprise!    Independent analysis has shown that  91% of news coverage of our president has been negative.    Surprise!    (not)    That’s 91%.      Some big famous “news”  outlets are in the high 80s percentage of negative (and false) news coverage of the president.

Just facts of  “modern” life.

So, after looking into the speech the American president made at the U.N. on behalf of our country,   I was amazed to hear just about 99%  negative comments on the speech.    There were no words that inspired those comments,  but there was plenty of animosity that inspired those comments.  I shouldn’t have been “amazed” – but I was, at the vitriol and mendacity of the assertions.

The difference between real life and the entertainment-news media has never been greater.

The so called Ninety-One percenter president hit a 100%  home run with many, many Americans.





January 20, 2017





















Have a good day.  Get on with it now.




December 3, 2016

(Or:  “Meat in Cuba.  Not.)



I’m not the sentimental type.   I don’t really cry when I read a touching book.   But decades ago when Ernest Hemingway was fast becoming one of my favorite authors,  I needed some summer reading and chose  The Old Man and the Sea.    And I cried then,  not for anything specific that happened in the book,  but for the unrelenting, helpless tragedy of the whole  human situation.


I read it the next summer;   same reaction.  Next summer;  same reaction.   It became a tradition,  something to mark the coming of summer.    I began to struggle through the book in German – that distracted me –  but I still “feel” that same awful, helpless feeling when I think of The Old Man and the Sea.

That wasn’t my first emotional experience with Cuba.

It was 1962, and I came home from school to see my big strong Marine Corps veteran dad sitting in front of the TV with a white face.     It was the Cuban Missile Crisis.    My dad’s exact words were:  “This could be it.”


He feared nuclear weapons, which were about 90 miles away from our coastline.   I didn’t.  I mean I grew up with the threat of being instantly incinerated without notice — it was common knowledge —  but to my dad it was a new threat.

Neither of us could do anything about the current threat that Cuba was presenting to us.

Later, as a young adult, I saw the Godfather movies.    Got a good firsthand glimpse of how Cuba had been changed by the Socialist Revolution.      Our family’s country-of-origin was strongly affected by the Socialist Revolution of Russia.  My Grandma would never wear the color red.

I read about Saint Anthony Mary Claret,  a wonderful, hard-working sainted man who was sent from Spain to Cuba and fell in love with the new land  and the people.


He suffered physically and emotionally there  as he  brought the Gospel to the people, climbing up and down the beautiful green mountains of Cuba on foot – so he’d be sure to reach all of the Cuban people he could find.


Beautiful hot, humid, mosquito-infested,  disease ridden mountains.     But lives were changed for the better as the people learned of Christ’s love.  Villages became workable and more prosperous.  Both crime and despair lessened.


I admire this man very much.  I admire his faith in the goodness of God and His power to change lives.   I admire his faithful persistence on behalf of the Cuban people and his love for them.     He was actually made the Bishop of Cuba and his memory is honored . . .   was honored.

More Cuba:   After I had children of my own and they had grown up safely  (whew!),  I watched as people fled from Communist Cuba.



Conditions were so bad that they tried anything and everything to get away.   Tires, tied together,  attached to sheets of plywood or canvas — and off they’d go into the ocean, towards America.


They would drown,  often in sight of Castro’s gunboats –  who were ordered to NOT save them as they went under the waves.   Thousands of people died.

And then Elian  Gonzales fled into the ocean, with his family.   He was the only survivor.  He was picked up near our coast floating on some tires and was happily received by his own relatives here, who began to get him set up with his own room, new clothes,  good food,  a school . . .    They rejoiced at having him here with them.

And then the socialists  who had infiltrated some high offices in our government —  global socialists  ….


…. kidnapped him — our own government kidnapped him out of his own  new home.

And they sent him back to Cuba,  where after a short time he was taken from his  “biological father”  and placed into the group dormitories the socialists built for little children  where he went to school for a few hours and then picked sugar cane or tobacco for the rest of the day — to enrich  that socialist government under the dictatorship of Fidel Castro.

That was a pretty emotional experience with Cuba for me.

Fidel Castro.    A man of the people  luxury and privilege.     Lived in a $900,000,000   compound with more luxuries than I even knew existed and  had many other estates.   “One of his estates came replete with a rooftop bowling alley and indoor basketball court, as well as a coastal villa next to a private marina with pool, Jacuzzi, and sauna.”

Here’s another quotation from a book by his former bodyguard,    Juan Reinaldo Sanchez,          “With its orange, lemon, mandarin, grapefruit and banana trees, the estate resembled a veritable garden of Eden…”

Two wives,  several mistresses,  hundreds of “lovers” flown in,  and at least nine sons….

Oh, wait.

This is supposed to be about  MEAT IN CUBA.

The government owns it all.  The socialist government own the pastures, the herds, each dairy and beef cow,  and all the meat.     You line up at government offices,  prove who you are and how many people eat in your household,  and then you get  ration  vouchers    . . .   you do this  once every fifteen days!    And you don’t always get a meat ration.

You can have some milk twice a month — if you are pregnant, or if you are under seven years old.

Before socialism,  there were more cattle than people in Cuba.  The island people were prosperous,  hard-working,  and they fed themselves and exported food to others.    Now, another quote:  “Beef is elusive.”       ” All cows are property of the government and anyone caught cooking beef have been known to commit suicide rather than face incarceration. Some farmers would fake a death of a cow just so they could eat them legally. “

Meat in Cuba?

Ask Fidel.

Ask the hundreds,  thousands,  of United States journalists,  movie actors,   and college professors, who praise Fidel,    all  (nearly all)  of whom are radical,  leftist, socialists.

Ask Elian Gonzales how he’s eating today.

Pray for Cuba.





November 28, 2016

Yep.   “fake”  is a four-letter word.  *



We’re hearing a lot about “fake news” lately.  Of course,  the danger to us is:  Who decides for us  what is “fake” ?  


Fake (a definition) –   adjective▸made to look like something real in order to trick people

You fake something for a purpose.   What do you have to lose?  It might work.    What do you have to win?   Try it out;  see where it goes.

Whenever you suspect something might not be true or real,  ask yourself that age-old question:

                       Cui bono?

Fake news maybe?    Well,  cui bono?     Who benefits?   What does the source have to lose?   What is the source after?

So here are two examples,  one trivial (like gossip);  and one rather important,  touching on the content of our US Constitution.

First the “fun” one –  fun, as in ridiculous:

You might have seen this or heard this on some headline news story  —

“I  would spray him with mace” ?????    It’s a Fake,  but horrible if true –  and it could be true because it’s all over the social media and even in some print media,  right?

But it was fake, and the source was traced back  to a comedian making a bitter, mean-spirited “joke”  and he got it from a little fake quote printed in that box outlined in red.    And then it was repeated and repeated,  here and there,  repeated until it became a news story.


(Well, anything to discredit the Trump family.   Some people will believe anything.)

Now here’s a more important Fake with more serious, perhaps deadly consequences.


“Someone”  offered Jill Stein   (Green Party)    a lot of money – a lot,  a lot! – to push forward the idea that she could win the election if she initiated a recount vote in three states.

Never mind that she got only 1% of the vote – and that 99% of Americans voted NOT for her.     If she got the votes in all these three states,  she would . .  .  what?    Win?      No.

Since that doesn’t make sense,   she and her campaign are calling for the old fake news that it’s the “Russians”  who have  “hacked”  our election process to make sure Hillary didn’t win the election.      The “Russians”!      Although this has been disproven and no evidence has been found for Russian interference,   “the Russians”  is a vague enough bugaboo to cause many uninformed people to suspend further thinking.

And so – maybe the “Russians”  did do it.    Right?     Whatever.

She won’t be elected.    Something is wrong with this effort.   Cui bono?

What does she have to lose?

What does she have to win?       ( a better question)

Money.   Money, money, money.   A recount campaign costs a lot of money.   There are lots of people to be paid.   (Paid and encouraged. . . )    Last week we saw that every few days the “cost”  of doing these recounts increased by quite a bit.  Up, up, up in steps, to very high levels.

And – to respond to this financial need –  money poured into the Jill Stein campaign – Wow!    A great deal of funds came her way,  way beyond even what she said she needed.    She received MORE funds for this recount campaign than she received for her election campaign!     Who funded her?   Who all funded her?

What do they have to lose?

What do they have to win?

My readers can ferret this out.   Pay attention to what’s being said and not said . .  .   Oh, yes –  and note  Hillary getting on board with the Jill Stein  effort.   Does Hillary want Jill Stein to win?

Of course not.

(Do you think Jill Stein et al.  would like to have a recount in states like Illinois?  California?   . . .   (heh heh). 

(Do you think Jill Stein et al.  will start advocating for pictured voter I.D.? . . .  also a big “heh”)





Note the purple.   Is George  Soros’s  Purple Revolution really going to get going  —  any way it can?   Paying for fake recounts?  Paying for fake protestors?  Paying for fake news?  Promoting fake racism?  Fake sexism?  Fake identity politics?




. *  “Four letter word”  used to be a polite way of referring to curse words.   (“Hell!”   or  “Damn!”    —  only later,   after our culture fell,    did other four-letter words become more common in everyday discourse,   four letter words referring to  human bodily functions, especially reproduction.)     

But the new four-letter words also indicate a curse on our nation.  Fake news,  a kind of self-cursing, if we fall for it.








DEAR “WORLD” from U.S.A.

November 13, 2016


YOU KNOW WHAT?    You have to PAY people in America to go out and act angry !!!


“Morning and evening shifts” ???

I’m still reading headlines from around the world concerning our   “surprising”  election.   The Russian news service has a headline banner which says:   “American Population  Divided After the Election.”

So,  I just thought I’d say, “Well, no;  not really.”       Only in a world  that the entertainment-news media create does it seem that the American people are at odds with each other.

Guess it sells newspapers to say so.

Depending on which studies you read,   68%  to  75%  of the American people  wanted to change our country away from the extreme Leftist policies of the Barack Hussein person;  wanted to turn away from the Bush-Clinton-Bush- Clinton  dynasty;  and wanted to get rid of  crime and corruption in politics.

And then  most Americans voted to do just that.

Actually many people on the Left, in our Democrat party,  voted for Donald Trump; record numbers left that  party to vote for him.     More ethnic minorities,  more women,  crossed over party lines to vote for him.

We all  wanted someone who has experience in business, and maybe help build  a strong economy for us.  We want to get out of these endless wars and meddling into other countries’  business.  No more foreign destabilization policies.  We want to protect ourselves, as is every country’s right.   We want to get along with other world leaders,  with a leader who is an experienced negotiator.  We want to go back to “equality before the Law,”  and stop protecting criminal  behavior in the name of “diversity.”   If we have a religious faith,  we want it to be safe to practice a religious faith.

So, why would it be unexpected for us to elect Trump as our president?     How did the media miss that?   Well, as we are seeing now in endless and frantic  televised discussions,   “Maybe we ought not to have worked so hard to elect Hillary.”

“Maybe we should start reporting the straight news rather than trying to influence people to accept leftist policies.”

According to Russia Today,  another news banner: “World media is changing their tone about Trump.”

Good.  Let’s be realistic  and work together on very real problems.  Maybe Donald Trump  can lead the way and help us begin to accomplish a few good things.


November 12, 2016

I’m not going to show photos of the children out on the streets imitating the demonstrations of their grandfathers during the Sixties.   You’ve seen the videos on television, I’m sure.

I’ve been perusing through lots of tweets from these oh, so nice Leftists who sit behind “news” desks and who are out on the streets,  defying the police.    Some of the nasty tweets from the Leftists who are known to preach Tolerance are calling for the “sni   pers”   and  “de  at h ”  to the Pre  s. Elect,   etc.   One female granchild out on the streets warned us that there would have to be  death on both sides of this “revolution.”

: )

The funniest tweet was the one that threatened Americans with World War Two if the election is not overturned.    Uh.    I think her teachers missed teaching her something, like  we’ve already had World War Two.

Why are they out there?  Well, this leads us eventually to Putin of Russia.

First,  did you get your Invitation? released the following press release Wednesday afternoon:
    Americans to Come Together in Hundreds Peaceful Gatherings of Solidarity, Resistance, and Resolve Following Election Results
    Hundreds of Americans, dozens of organizations to gather peacefully outside the White House and in cities and towns nationwide to take a continued stand against misogyny, racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia.                                                                                              The gatherings – organized by and allies – will affirm a continued rejection of Donald Trump’s bigotry, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and misogyny and demonstrate our resolve to fight together for the America we still believe is possible.                    

    WHAT: Hundreds of peaceful gatherings of solidarity, resistance, and resolve nationwide

    WHEN / WHERE: Find local gatherings here. Major gatherings include in New York City’s Columbus Circle and outside the White House in Washington, DC.

    RSVP: Please email to confirm attendance.

Looks like many of the recipients did indeed “RSVP.”

As far as bigotry and racism go,  we are seeing racism at its worst:    Many reports have come in this week of violent racism committed against:  white people.     Hope you’ve been keeping up with some of it;  just so you know what our Leftists are like.

I’ve seen videos of white men puled out of their cars and beaten;  I watched the video of the California white teenager who was kicked repeatedly,  held down by her hair,  had her earrings ripped out of her ear . . .   The bully was not white.

And it’s not just teenagers or adults who are victims:


You like children?    This eleven year old boy was beaten up in school after a mock school election   (which is actually an abuse of children anyway)  and when the children of Leftists found out he had voted for Trump . . .  they hurt him,  enough so he had to be taken to a doctor.    (School refuses to say what was done to the juvenile bullies.)

Sometimes I do get worried.   What if more people respond to that “invitation”  above, and others like it?    Where did that come from?  Who is  “mo  ve.  on.  dot or g”?

Community organizers.   Acorn-like action organizations.   Saul Alinsky types.  Leftists.    “Black Lives Matter.”     Political arms of the Global socialists.

Which,  by the way,   is where the money is coming from.  I was dismayed to hear how many hundred of millions dollars have been pouring into our country to agitate,  to foment civil unrest,  to encourage political  upheaval,  to teach and lead and promote riots over the past few years;  and now to interfere with the outcome of our national election.

Who’s donating all that money?

George Soros.    International,  global socialist Billionaire.


Truthfully,  he is doing this in other countries too.   Causing social instability.

Which,  by the way,  is why  Putin,  as the leader of his country,  has put out a reward for the arrest of George Soros.    Putin’s order will – if successful – not only remove a major threat to his own country,  but to many others around the world.    American citizens seem to be the last to know. . .

He is promoting the  fighting between people and their governments and between one nation and another.

The opposite is peace and order.

Ironic,   that it is Putin who is trying to bring about peace.





November 11, 2016

A little “high school”  English assignment:

A few posts ago I wrote about how the media creates “paperdolls”  for us to fuss about.    They created two paperdoll figures and gave us “paper clothes”  to dress them up with,  and then we were supposed to make them fight and argue and then we would vote for our favorite one.

The  media made one of them really, really good, and the other one really, really bad.


And then the not-so-glamorous one:


And lots of people believed it.

So if the entertainment-news media has been doing this for many decades,  carefully molding its viewers and readers into socialist thinkers,  then how would they know it was being done to them if they don’t  have any other source of news to compare with?

Here’s how we were taught in high school,  long ago when students were expected to read,  and this is the assignment:

Have the three leading weekly news magazines in front of you.   (Time.  Newsweek.  U.S.  News and World Report)

Open to their articles on  . . . (the same major current news topic)

Read that news story in each of the three news magazines.

See if you can recognize  any bias in any of the three;  see if you can discover what the writer’s personal political point of view was.

Write an essay supporting your findings

I remember thinking “This is interesting.”   I didn’t realize  “adult”  news magazines might have some bias in them, but now I suspected that some author bias can creep into an objective news article.  Could I find it?

The three magazines had different writing and editorial styles.  I certainly don’t remember the particulars but I did find a few examples of what probably was bias,  where the author was approving or disapproving of something, without letting the reader decide.

In the 1950s Americans found out that the news industry and the entertainment industry had been infiltrated by our enemies,   the soviet socialists who wanted to “transform”  our country.

In the 1990s, after the Soviet Union had “fallen,”  hundreds of thousands of documents from that earlier era were released.      It was shocking!   In the 1950s Americans had no idea to what great extent our news media was increasingly biased towards the Left!

But who could tell us?     Only the news industry itself!     And they called the Congressional investigation a “witch hunt.”

Now we live in Leftist bias as a fish lives in water.    “Water?   What water?”

Turn on any of the “news” channels.     Pick any one.     Remember the name of Russia’s major newspaper?   It is Pravda.    It means  “Truth.”

Now you know why I call them the “entertainment-news” media.    It’s entertainment of the most skillful and insidious kind.  And it’s not “news”  at all.


(Do these rioting college children have any idea that they’re being lied to?)


November 7, 2016

A little humor tonight.      Or not.

The Romans had to use ox carts and horses to haul in hundreds of thousands of non-Romans to support the politicians and generals who were all trying to grab a piece of the Roman Empire and overthrow its traditional form of government.


Today,  we bring ’em in by the busload.  

It’s a bigger vehicle than the Democrat machine van of old Chicago days that carted my Mom and Dad and others to the voting booth –  and scared them off of voting forever.   I think my Dad wasn’t scared,  he was super-disgusted.

A bus brings in more voters all at once.


They’ll bring in as many as needed.   Last night’s news story was about a bus who stopped off at a western Pennsylvania voting place and was told it wasn’t needed here  but they do  need more votes across state lines, over there in Ohio.   They’ve got voter registration names already prepared.   The bus proceeded on – where the “voters”  could be more useful.

There aren’t merely numerous “accusations”  against fraudulent voting,   there are eyewitnesses,   recordings,   legal charges,   ongoing prosecutions,  usually in “highly contested” states and so far,  all of  Democrat activity.

Several people, some over-zealous college students have been caught making up names to put on voter rolls.    Sometimes there are dozens and dozens of different names –  all with the same address,  same birth dates.

And then there’s the video evidence today:   An  undercover journalist just wanted to see what would happen if she slipped on a birka and claimed to be Huma Abedin of New York City –  then could she vote?    Only after answering the question:  “Will you be voting Democrat or Republican?”

“Democrat”  was the correct answer.   She was handed a ballot.

Sometimes the bus is late:

Sometimes the bus doesn’t make it on time but those votes are desperately, desperately needed.  So,  in Las Vegas,  the bus was late.   Dark of night in the desert.

This is a called a Vote Travel Bus.


They held the voting place open several hours after hours so the bus could arrive and they could do their thing.    As instructed.

Absentee ballots arrive in the mail, as requested,  but with political material urging the voter to vote for Hillary.    Sometimes instructions come with “Sample Ballots”  to show you how to fill out your ballot…   indistinguishable from the real thing,  but with  Hillary’s name already checked off.   Just for an example, you see.

Too many for a bus:

60,000    felons were given approval to vote in this election by Virginia’s Democrat governor.    Virginia is a hotly contested state.   It will be close.  Or it would have been close.  “Vote for Hillary –  Your Get Out Of Jail Free card.”   What Monopoly player would have guessed that!?

How is it that so many “warm  bodies”  get to vote without proving who they are?  I asked last time,  could you or I walk into France or Germany or the United Kingdom or Italy or Greece or Russia . . .   and demand to vote in their national elections?   Of course not!   Civilized nations do not give their votes away to unqualified citizens or to non-citizens.

Here,  the Leftist-stacked   federal and state courts  have pronounced it illegal to ask a citizen for his I.D.     No wonder the world is laughing at America now.

This election will determine not just the direction of America,  but the existence of America,  its values,  its culture,  its genius.    But you  DON’T have to give your I.D.  to vote in most locations.

You DO  have to give your I.D.  for the following:

buy cigarettes
buy alcohol
cash a check
open a bank account
apply for food stamps
apply for welfare
apply for medicaid
apply for unemployment
buy house/apply for mortgage
drive/buy/rent car
get married
purchase a legal gun
adopt a pet (this one I didn’t know)
rent a hotel room
apply for a hunting/fishing license
buy a cell phone (didn’t know this one either)                                                                                    get a library card – renew your library card
visit a casino
hold a legal rally or protest
give blood
buy an “M” rated video                                                                                                                         purchase nail polish at CVS (only CVS? I wonder)
purchase some cold medications

I especially hate that last one.    That hits me personally.   Some of you may know that Son is a pharmacist.      I have to take out my driver’s license and show my I.D.  to my very own son!!!!     But I know my activity is not being registered by him;  it’s being recorded by  Big  Brother – our Rulers.   I call it  “getting permission from the Gestapo.”     They say whether or not I can get my certain  rather mild  OTC allergy medicine.

And then I start dreaming of Patagonia……..

Never mind.

Election  2016:    Well . . . . .   Well,    the Roman Empire fell.    Couldn’t afford to feed and care for the massive influx of non-citizens.    They had corrupted the culture and overwhelmed the system.

But the Crooked politicians  held office for a few more decades.

4 – STEAMING KETTLE – “It Takes A Village To . . .”

November 5, 2016



We’re supposed to think of this kind of village.     Not war-torn villages devastated by Islamic armies.      Just normal happy villages.   I’ve actually never met an African,  in my  “many”  decades of living, who was fundamentally unhappy.   In fact,  their inner happiness and optimism is infectious,  and I’ve always afterwards questioned my own  deep,  dark, doomy   Scandinavian thinking.    After all, we have six months of brooding winter darkness in our blood!

African village children are like happy children,    secure in being loved and cherished.   They have been raised by their very own family,  near their extended family,  their friends and neighbors,  all who love them.  Of course that’s a “stereotype,”  but it’s one that’s seen often enough.

But when a globally-minded Leftist tells you about  “village,”  they mean the  whole world,   the whole world population of numbers, vast numbers,  divided into  manageable demographic  groupings  (NOT families),  and all controlled into a  state of peace by an elite group of Rulers who know it all.

“Peace.”     As in no unrest.    No push-back against a loss of freedom. No complaining against the Rulers.

This is the World Village that the Leftists,  Progressives, The Clinton Crime Clan,  the new   Democrats,  Global Socialists,  whatever they can  call themselves —  it’s the World Village that they have in mind.

The  Village will raise your children,  by the command of the Rulers.    The Village will train your children into the right attitudes.  The Village will train your child into new global ways.

(Just  one example):    James Paul Warburg.   1950 –  We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.

Better look him up.   He is the one who said that thoughts of national sovereignty and national patriotism  must be removed from our children by “education,”  and the ideals of global governance entrained into them.   This is the intent behind  groups like UNESCO.


Better look him up.   He’s one of the influences behind  the arrogance of our Rulers who tell us that “parental rights end at the school yard.”      That the medical industry must dumb down our children with series of substances injected into them at regular intervals.   That our textbooks must be purged of religion,  nationalism,  American  history,   individualism,  self-reliance,    wholesome stories that build good character.

Better look into those textbooks your children are struggling to read.

Warburg is one of hundreds,  thousands,  of effectively influential people who assist that World  Village to take control of the raising of your own children. R.oyal  C.lintoness,  who couldn’t hide her illness again this weekend,   cheerfully declares that It Takes A  Village . . .     She’s so  “for the children.”     But it’s just now coming out what she uses the children  for,  thanks to FBI investigations,  federal  investigations,  the NYPD investigations,  state government investigations,   and whistle-blowers from everywhere.

Clintonesque  words are carefully  and scientifically chosen to give the most positive illusion of meaning.   They stand by the poor.   They stand by the working class.  They stand by the coal miners.   They stand by people who need medical insurance.   They stand by schools for our children.

Makes me so mad that we can’t trust any of their statements.   How can we even have a political discussion when they have different meanings for their words –  and different intentions for our very own country!

Yes,  “It takes a Village to take our children . . .  away.”

Election 2016:        Hang on to your children!   Hang on to your families.    Hang on to your freedoms.

This election will determine our freedoms for many decades to come.      The health and freedom of common,  everyday, normal,  working  families are at stake.



6. STEAM KETTLE DAYS – Avoiding Besmirchment

November 3, 2016

Besmirch  (applied to reputations) :  to sully;  to tarnish;  to smear;  to dirty;  to corrupt

To follow up on the last posting about those who are moving “onward and upward,”  shedding truth and reality along the way,   there are those who step up by stepping on other people —  by  The Politics Of Personal Destruction:   “eliminating” them  or by besmirching reputations or by criminalizing them in some way.

Attorneys.    The White House Travel Agency.    The I.R.S.    The Media.   Congressional Investigations.     DoJ.   DEA.       (et cetera)

I had asked a while ago if  we knew of any department,  bureau,  agency, or organization of our government that has not been corrupted by the activities of  R.oyal C.lintoness Crime and Corruption Clan.

It’s so sad to hear the chaos in the FBI  and the tarnishing of their reputation  once the topmost officials began to act “politically.”        It’s quite possible that even the top people haven’t become politically corrupted so much as politically intimidated, and then came off looking weak and directionless.      That too is activity not worthy of the honorable FBI.

So it was not a surprise to read today that the New York City Police Department is wanting to avoid the appearance of cover-ups and corruption,  and instead of looking the other way when evidence is mounting against Clinton and her Clan,   they have reported that they have evidence to build a case against, and to be able to indict, this group.

They want it to be known that they know what Clinton knows that the public does not know.

You will either hear about this from an  entertainment-news media source – or you won’t, so I’ll just get to the bottom line and copy down some of the active, ongoing investigations they are doing – and where the investigations are leading.

They are leading to an astonishing list of actual charges,  based on evidence,  in the following areas:

    Money laundering
    Child exploitation
    Sex crimes with minors (children)
    Pay to play through Clinton Foundation
    Obstruction of justice
    Other felony crimes

If the highly politicized FBI and the highly political Justice Department does not indict in these areas,  the NYPD says they will file the charges themselves.


There used to be a fond nickname for city cops:  Flatfoots!      It’s because city cops walked the beat, their beat,  they got to know the people in their neighborhood – at the cost of their own feet, which became . .  .  “flat.”     Hard to run after crooks.  Hard to keep walking around all day looking for crimes.   Very hard to do their jobs.

Looks like the NYPD doesn’t want to get caught flatfooted here.


November 3, 2016

Well,  it’s Election Day minus 7


Hard to keep that Steam Kettle boiling over at a time like this.      Hey!   Life goes on.  There’s  life apart from election news . . .  and Chicago has just won the World Series.     I’ve spent a little time in Wrigley Field . . .     but  never a  win like this.   ( If you know about the Cubs,  you’ll get the reference to The Goat.   Right now,  he’s history!)

As a matter of fact, Son just texted a pretty interesting comment.   “A few moments ago,  nobody could ever say they saw the Cubs win the World Series.”    A few moments later,  we live in a whole new world:   we are people who can say  WE saw The Cubs Win the World Series.

Just like that –   the World  changes.

But it’s not easy to change our world:

Try try try

      Work hard Work hard Work hard

       Fight Fight Fight

       Hope Hope Hope

And then the moment of proof comes:

You win the World Series.

Or you win the Election.


Or you die and enter Heaven.   

The Church has not forgotten what time of   year it is.     November has begun and we  are directed to remember all those saints in Heaven, designated to be our examples  and helpers, as they’ve died in Christ,   with Christ in them,  and so they remain in communion with us.  (That’s what you say in the Creed.  “…. I believe in the communion of saints ….”

Remember them!    Get to know them!

The very next day we remember all those souls who have died,  “All Souls Day,”   on their way to Heaven,  diamonds in the rough, so to speak,   but within the communion of believers.

And so during all of November it is appropriate to remember the dead,  especially our dead loved ones.      God is outside of Time;  our prayers for them matter no matter “when” we pray.

Our dead loved ones are still loved by us.     They remind us that one day we will be like they are now.      In the blink of an eye, our world will change.

As a matter of fact,  the world we exist in will change from this world . . .   to the next.


The Rose is red: the grass is green
The days are past which I have seen
As you are now so once was I
But as I am now so shall be ye
Prepare for death and follow me.


October 30, 2016

(Happy Interlude Topic #2)

You’ve seen the photos during the past few decades:


Devil’s Night !!

It’s a not-so-fun night of mayhem and madness – and arson, first held in Detroit on the night before Halloween, and then spreading to other “inner urban”  city arenas.   I don’t know whose brilliant idea it was to start the tradition,  but it has resulted in the loss of many businesses and homes, and when you add the gunshots,  loss of life too.

Every October 31st we’d wait to hear the news of just how bad it was during the night before.

Well,  this year I woke up to the Detroit radio station having a discussion  about something new.  “Angel’s Night.”    This is a grass roots type of activity started by some Detroit citizens who were tired of having their hometown trashed in reality and by reputation;  so  a group of them met together and made a plan.

For the past few years,  and this year,  this group forms citizen patrols, in coordination with the Detroit City police,  and they inform residents of safety tips for October 30th, including keeping outdoor house lights on all night.

Whatever all the things are that they do,  it’s been working.   Crime is down on October 30th, and little or no arsons committed.

That’s all.     Good citizens rising up to fight against crime in their local area.

Push-back.        They pushed back against the criminals.

And it’s working.


We can do it!!


October 30, 2016

This is a bit of an interlude – a time-out from my steaming mad posts . . .   Because there is evidence of effective push-backs and today,  three interesting areas.  Three related topics.

 Topic # 1  –    This post   –  – The Trump Family.

See this lady?


I don’t know her name (and an unexpected Microsoft update took away my notes.)   She lives around Mesa, Arizona.     Very, very hot day in the desert and her car broke down, in the middle of the road.  Traffic backed up behind her.   She is hot,  thirsty, and pretty upset.   She’s phoned for help.

The car right behind her was a big car,  on its way to some “important”  place;  and one of the men in it jumped out –  the other passengers saying “No!  No!”  —   but he jumped out anyway and spoke to the lady, and before you  knew it,  that man was helping to push her car out of the way, onto the side of the road.     Good thing he was wearing jeans.

Then the man, knowing that a wrecker would take a while to arrive,  went back to his car and took out ALL the bottles of drinking water from his car and gave them to her, because she was going to get pretty hot in the Arizona desert.

Much to the lady’s surprise,  the man turned out to be the son of  Donald Trump.     She said no one would believe her story,  so Mr. Trump   happily agreed to have some photos taken with her.

It’s nothing unusual to the Trump family ethics.    Born with a “silver spoon in his mouth”?    Maybe.    But neither he nor his father were treated that way.

Because of recently being in the spotlight and having his personal activities reported on, we are finding out story after story of Donald Trump giving out large amounts of money to individuals in need whom he comes across, randomly.   He doesn’t seek them out;  he doesn’t seek public knowledge of these personal donations.

Donald Trump has a “star” in Hollywood,  you know the kind that celebrities get.  He became a celebrity as America counts celebrity.  I’ve never watched his television show, but I think he might have gotten his star for that.

And to answer my friends who truly believe the entertainment-news media opinion that “Trump followers cause violence,”  I wonder if you’ve been told that an angry, arrogant Hillary supporter  defaced the Star of Donald Trump.    Some people tried to protect it from further damage,  but only one lady stayed for a long time.  Turns out she was a homeless woman.     She was attacked and beaten up by . . .    Hillary supporters.

She was missing for  a little while,  then found, treated and released, as they say,  but last I heard she went “under the radar;  and finally the ones who beat her up were arrested.

That’s NOT the end of the story.   Donald Trump is offering a substantial reward of some kind TO the homeless woman.   As his friends know,  he likes to take people who are having a hard time and personally give them help of a kind that he is able to deliver.  Not always cash money.

The help offered usually greatly benefits the person, except in the case of one young lady who was being used by the Leftists to make a case against Trump –  a certain, what, Miss Universe?  who had trouble with her weight . . .   and Trump offered her help in this area     . . .    Well, the facts have been so muddied and distorted now  —

We all should offer our help,  but there’s no guarantee that your help will be received in the way it was  intended –  and third parties watching on can really become your enemies.

The spontaneous stories that are told by people who know Donald Trump describe him as generous, kind,  he listens to people,  sometimes taking their advice,  he’s “a perfect gentleman,”  I’ve seen more than once . . .

And oddly –   he doesn’t smoke, do drugs, or drink alcohol.

(Contrast this to the Poor Sick Woman who is known to be frequently drunk in the daytime, with plenty of accompanying photos through the past years,  and whose aides wonder how soon they ought to get her “sobered up”  for the next event,  and who today —  Sunday!  —  directed her campaign from a Florida bar –  a serving-alcohol  type of bar.)

I don’t want my president having to work her way out of a hangover when that Red Telephone rings.   I don’t want my president having to be “sobered up”  before she meets some world leader.      I’ve had only one hangover in  my life, a very long time ago, when my new husband wanted me to be more like his friends and  gave me something I didn’t know what it was.

I couldn’t manage my own household the next day, let alone my own country!

I suspect there are a lot of good secrets we haven’t been told about Donald Trump.  He himself is like the rest of us:    He pushes back against the trouble he sees.    He learns,  he absorbs information from situations around him,  he evolves,  he improves, he changes his mind carefully.      We do this too;  we want to be better now than we were before.

He’s from New York.   He “talks”  differently from the rest of us.    Blunt.  Plain.  To the point.   Rudely, it seems to the rest of us.    Because he thinks being politically correct is phony.

I think so too.



10. STEAM KETTLE DAYS – Merely Symbolic?

October 29, 2016

steam-kettle “Woe unto those who  call evil good and good evil. . . .”

  We have so little time left . . .  and the ones I love are going to fall under that  rapidly approaching time of woe.



What I had thought . . .


. . .  was that these flies landing on her . . . without her even noticing


. . .  were supposed to be symbolic:    –


Beelzebub,  Lord of the Flies,  ancient Philistine god, is just a symbol of the Ruler of other gods.      (Psalm 95:5 – “All the gods of the pagans are demons.“)

Just merely symbolic.

 But what do I know.

There will be a final show-down, a Final Battle, and it’s called the Time of Woe.      If there are not enough people pushing back against corruption and evil and indifference to God,  my loved ones will be caught up in this Time of Woe.

And that makes me really steam-kettle mad. 


(It can’t just be her really thick camera make-up because these flies land elsewhere.  But I cannot even show all the sickening photos of flies landing on the face of the Barack Hussein person.   Too icky.)