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January 9, 2020

Thought I’d do two humor posts in one day:

o humorless

It’s true the Left has control over our media, our movies, our comedy shows, and all our entertainment,  but their “humor”  is definitely of another stripe.    There is NO moral  equivalence here;  there is no “the other side does it too….”:

oPELOSI skewers trump

(Seen in a triumphant Leftist newspaper)

This  was a comment on the “impeachment” proceedings.


There was a Giggle Moment at a press conference today.    The oh-so serious Leftist lawmakers were talking about causalities this week in Iraq and Iran.     But the two young beauties in the background could not restrain their giggles over some shared joke.


When confronted later on with the inappropriate giggles,  Rep. Omar explained that she was suffering from PTSD.     Also not too funny.


Here is a statement recently made by someone famous among the Leftists:

o Tom wishes

“Just Joking,”  right?  “I don’t think he’ll even hire a hit man to do it….”   Really?


How about a Left-Wing comedienne:

o just a joke

No visit by the Secret Service.  It was “just a joke, again”  right?

I had forgotten her name until I saw this and realized our enemies are watching:

o death


I think this was meant to be funny –  again, I forgot this guy’s name –

o Media one of the dems

Truly,  he’s having “fun.”

(Trump disrespected women too?    Right?    But, remember,   he was a Democrat way back then, and it was before he was married to Melania,  a Catholic.  No moral equivalence.)


Is this supposed to be a joke?  In today’s news:   Bernie Sanders just got the endorsement of a new voter:

o endorsezs bernie

Can  this  be a joke?

TIED Most Admired

The headlines say these two are tied for the “most admired” in America.  Oh –  I guess it’s the poll that’s the joke.


More anti-West humor:    I hope everyone finds this guy’s humor un-funny.

Fadi Zraika laughs

Faid  Zreika

This is Faid Zraika,  a M  o  s  l  e  m,   just after he was arraigned in Australia for starting one of the deadly brush fires.   Released from jail until a “trial.  Apparently he  has many compatriots doing the same thing down there.    Over a hundred arrested –  that’s no laughing matter.

Ever hear of the For es t Ji- h- ad?   That is a deliberate policy to start forest fires in Europe, Australia – and the United States.   It’s been quite effective – and costly.

well,  Faid  finds something funny.

Remember,  there are those in our country who hate America.  They are hoping for a Civil War . . .

Civil War FLAMES news

Civil Wars are definitely not funny.     But they can happen.




October 22, 2019

v something


If you know anything about real Vikings,  you’d discover that they are not the marauding oversexed berserkers that television and movies usually portray.

Their culture survived for many centuries, at least four times longer than the U.S. has been in existence!    We have fine examples of their clothing, housing,  literature, even goldsmithing skills:

v sword handle

I’d wear this Viking bracelet!

v id waer it


And how would you like to fasten your plaidie with this beautiful broche!!

v broche

The Vikings even had a kind of proto-democratic organization within their clans.   It was called The Thing . . . all could vote, all had a say in matters of common importance.

V thing

Men, of course, are the interface between family and the outside world, in matters of politics and war.   (Vikings had great love and loyalty to their families, their wives, and to their children.  Do you think they would disregard them during political wrangling and voting and trample all over their wives’ best interests?   No.    Just . . . no.)

Viking men –  men in general, are straightforward, black and white,  right and wrong, let’s-get-the-job-done kind of people.

I like to tell the story of the time my husband and I were sleeping in bed when suddenly I woke up because I heard the sliding glass door of our walk-out basement  slide open.  My husband sleeps the sleep of a self-confident man.   What did I do?  I listened.  I listened more.   I assessed the noises I was hearing…..  Someone  was definitely down   there!

I woke up my husband and apprised him of the situation.   What did he do?  He sat up;  he flew out of bed;  he grabbed a baseball bat from the closet; he sprang forward towards the basement.   

I’m thinking, “Are you nuts?”   “Are you nuts – there’s  a bad guy down there!  You’re only one man!!” 

Well, there wasn’t.    He inspected the whole basement, and its door . . .    I was tiptoeing right behind him.     I guess he was right.  No one there.   And he was kind enough not to ask me if I were nuts!

I got a firsthand view of a man in action (sure, he’s probably a Viking descendant,  but I think this is generally a reaction of men in general)   —

Now,  except for this:

CRYING climate disrupter

That’s a still shot from an Australian video of a grown man who says he’s the father of two (holding their photo in his hands.)  He’s NOT laughing.    He’s sobbing, out loud.   He’s sobbing like my daughter sobbed when she was a little girl – same noises.  He is overcome with the sadness of what his children will face in just a few years:  a ruined world, a dead planet,  oceans overcoming the land;  scorching deserts all over . . . .

The interviewer had to ask him questions while he cried and writhed on the ground.

He is a part of a worldwide movement called the Extinction Rebellion.    Those poor humans don’t want to go extinct and they want everyone to know it.   Those  poor humans disrupt traffic, prevent taxis, truckers, firemen and ambulance from doing their jobs for us.  Those poor humans strap themselves to the tops of airplanes  (as in London recently)  so that  airplanes won’t fly anymore.

I don’t know.  I think they don’t eat meat, which is probably why they cry and sob like children.

The poor man.  The poor, poor man.

Such men may be laughable, pitiable,  gullible, naive, (silly,  dumb) . . .  but those who are promoting them and using them are deadly serious and dangerous — and quite wealthy.

This is not a non sequitur:      You must learn everything about the French Revolution — all the details and developments, because behind the rhetoric and the antics is the spirit of Revolution which seeks to overthrow  elected governments around the world.

And that spirit  (of Revolution)  is rising strongly all over.

I would ask my fellow citizens:  How far is America from 1793?

If there are no Vikings left. . . .


October 2, 2019

It is absolutely unconscionable for American parents and aunts and uncles and big brothers and sisters and teachers and  other adults to say and do nothing about the moral corruption of our children.

I just downloaded the latest bimonthly edition of   a newsletter called  “Catholic Truth Scotland.”    Now, I have an affinity for all things Scottish,  maybe because my ancestors sailed south and raided the place, thus giving the Scots their reddish-gold or blond hair and bright blue eyes as they dropped a little DNA in the process.


But Catholic Truth is universal,  so you don’t have to know much about Scottish things to appreciate what’s in the newsletter.

The first article mentions the Mos lems in Scotland ( and I presume in England too).   They report that Mos lems in British schools are fighting “tooth and nail”  the embedding of LGBT propaganda into British schools.

Well, here is an excerpt:

Unlike the Muslims, who are fighting LGBT dominance in English schools tooth and nail,the Bishops of Scotland have actively enabled the embedding of LGBT+ propaganda in Catholic schools.Scotland pushes LGBT agenda into Catholic schools. Bishops hope ‘impact…will be positive for all’,

And then the newsletter sternly asks:  “positive in what way?”

Sodomy has always been wrong in the human experience — and, no,  pederasty in pagan  Greek history was not quite the same as today’s aggressive homo-agenda.    That it has long been in existence is not an argument for it, because so has murder long been in existence,  so has infanticide,  so has abortion, so has torture, slavery, and aggressive behavior. *

I acknowledge the reality in America that practically every immoral act mankind can come up with has been legalized in recent decades.  Americans have the legal  “right”  to do anything that is grossly and objectively immoral.  There are plenty of people who push these things onto us in every arena.

And I don’t endorse the Muslim solution in their lands:

bodies thrown

Throwing sodomites off the top of buildings in a “modern” city;  and,  no,  it’s not a stunt for the camera,   they always go through with it:

body went thru with it

But apparently in Great Britain,  the Muslims  are fighting the dominance of the sodomite cause,  transgenderism,  the confusion of sexes  (gender confusion),  cross-dressing, and whatever else they are aggressively advocating.

I keep using the term “aggressive.”    Remember the story of Lot in Sodom?   Later in the Bible it says that Lot’s conscience was “grieved”  while he lived there.  I can imagine!   But on the night when God destroyed those cities,  (Sodom, Gomorrah, and three others),  He sent angels to get Lot and his family out of there.    The residents of Sodom came to Lot’s door and asked for, then demanded that Lot send out those two beautiful young men so they could use them.

They demanded with shouts, accusations,  fists pounding on the door and outer walls of Lot’s home.  It must have been frightening inside, to hear all that aggression.


(Or, if you prefer,  a much older illustration where Lot comes out and tried to reason with the sodomites):

lot 2

Every time I read about another incursion of homosexuality into our culture,  I see the aggression,  their assurance, their mean dominance,  it reminds me of the aggressive sodomites banging on Lot’s front door.   Their mannerisms haven’t changed a bit.   “Love us — or else!    (Or else:  you can’t bake your cakes,  you can’t print your wedding invitations,  you can’t have your flower shop;   or else we’ll write mean things in your comm box;  and you can’t have your own children’s minds!)

So, yes, I applaud the Mos lems for doing something right and pushing back on this cultural incursion.  We may have different reasons, different motives, different laws,  but,  for goodness’ sakes —

—   they’re  doing something!



Bar Cross in middle


.*      As a traditional Catholic,  I can honestly say that not one of these evil acts  was not atoned for on the Cross.    His nails are made of Love.   Christ died for the atonement of all these things, for the redemption of all humans.   As traditional prayers commonly say:  Christ’s atonement is way bigger than any mountain of sin that God sees.

Our sins,  your sin,  is not too big for the Cross to atone for.

It is, however, the only place through which God accepts us.


September 11, 2019

9-11-19  is a palindrome.      They happen several times a century, but I heard that this is the last one for this century.  Can hardly believe that.


I can put my “Buffalo Days”  behind me now, I think.  (Might be jumping the g  u  n   here,  but  I am noticeably better and have confidence it  will last all day today.)

Why “buffalo”?    They are some of God’s strongest creatures.   Long shaggy hair of various thicknesses depending upon the season of the year; perfectly adapted to their environment for many, many, countless thousands of years.

Powerful legs that can produce great speeds.  You cannot outrun a charging buffalo.  Want to feel up close and personal to a herd of buffalo?    That then stampedes?   Read The Oregon Trail by Francis Parkman for the feel of an eyewitness experience by a very good writer.   Buffalo  should be able to outrun danger.

And then their chests –  broad, barrel-shaped place of pure brawn; rumbling, resonating vibrations, grumbles, roars, snorts, like a menacing machine; at the ready   all indicating massive power . . .

And yet –  they too are vulnerable to  the vicissitudes of life.   Floods.   Blizzards.   Sickness.    Even they can be overcome.

They can , like us, be overcome by Time.   Here are some 14,000 year old bison (buffalo)  carved into the clay sides of a recently discovered cave.  *

BUFF 14000

The artisans tool marks can be seen, fine and precise.   The buffalo that were the models for these clay figures lived during what we call the last Ice Age.  They passed through near extinction event earth catastrophes, and emerged after the comet collisions,  a sun micro-nova, the Younger Dryas Boundary geological changes,  a refreeze,  then a sudden catastrophic “warming” – worldwide flooding . . .  they emerged slightly different and smaller.

Their first world disappeared.    A good analogy:    Our successive worlds and civilizations change and pass away.    September 11th finds the USA in the process of devolving – probably.   Historical sciences tell us that the average age of a republic is 200 years.   Our nation has passed that lifespan and still exists,   in a way.

But not if we’re vigilant.    “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance,”   our Founding Fathers repeated to us in their writings.     But the biggest manifestation of a dissolving, devolving republic came on that September 11, 2001.

(I’m not talking about American citizens who showed themselves to be good and courageous and self-sacrificing, going all out to help others nearby.   Americans are by    and large good and generous.    But it’s the Rulers above us that can bring down catastrophe on our republic.)

We are good, as individuals, but we are also naive and trusting, with a fatal Bias to the Normal.   We seem to let things be done to us.

Although The New York Times tweeted today that “the airplanes did it,”   we all know who was responsible.   Someone analyzed America’s response to the  (Is – la – mic) attack and saw that from about 2001 to 2003 our response was vigorous, directed, and purposeful,  but then powerful forces behind the scenes put those 18 months to an end.

“Powerful, behind-the-scenes forces.”    By 2004,  an (Is- la – mic)  flag was proudly placed over the vacant space where the Towers stood.   Yeah.   Victory!  Victory over those Towers and everything they represented.   American citizens protested, but they didn’t have a public voice and they didn’t have the power to stop this blatant victory symbol, no matter how our enemies dressed it up as respect or  “homage” – or whatever.

Placing your flag over some territory means you own it.

That’s symbolic.  What is much more of a new mighty force in our country is the so-called Pat-ri-ot Act.    Signed within a couple months after 9-11.   Have you ever heard of the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch of our government working that fast?  And yet we are supposed to believe they created a multiple-thousand page set of comprehensive  laws and regulations, touching nearly all aspects of American life,  in such a short time.

No.  The president was handed these thousands of pages that were pre-written several years before,  under the administration of Bill Clinton and his global handlers.   Every time you turned around you noticed another loss of freedom for our citizens,  and the losses of freedom were accompanied by lies, cover-ups,  denials of evidence, and whatever else it took to keep the Americans compliant with a new kind of legislation.

Keep it quiet.  Do it quietly,  and with the passing of a few years, we’ll have a young adult generation who  have never experienced privacy and freedom and a sense of self-determination.

We seem to be letting anything happen to us if it’s justified by the word “safety.”

I’m going to repeat this for those very, very young adults in case they haven’t heard or realized the implications of this:    “If you give up freedom to gain a little safety,  you will end up with neither.”

Spoken by people who have experienced just that.


We might could change all that.  We might could return to American values and make this nation strong again – and not just economically,  but strong in every way.    We’d have to re-learn what our grandparents and great-grandparents knew and worked for.    We might could become a truly sovereign nation again,  determining our own laws and creating our own culture.

Omigosh.   That would take so much work!   So much reading and true education.   That would take so much strength!

Like a buffalo.

Next short post about a relevant Whole Foods experience……



. *  Bull and Cow Bison found in the Le Tuc d’Audoubert cave, Ariege,  France.   Estimated 13,500 – 15,000 years ago.

“Oh Give Me A Home Where The….”

June 18, 2019

“…where the buffalo roam …”    No,  no buffalo, anymore.  At least not usually roaming free on your ranch.


Can you dream?    Can  you take time to enjoy your recurring daydreams?


I like this picture.    She’s a lucky lady.    For some reason, in all my cross-country driving trips,  it was Wyoming that I fell in love with.  And Montana.     The scenery is spectacular.    And it’s large.  Expansive.     There’s room to breathe.       I like the people there too, so I think I’d fit in.

I can move there if I want to, but I won’t leave this state in the Far North, surrounded by the Great Lakes.      I like it here too.     But I can dream.

Cowboy Mag

Up until a few months ago I had a long-standing subscription to this magazine and enjoyed every issue.  Some of the issues helped me plan my trips out West, but mostly I enjoyed reading about the people and the work they do.   There was a lot of pretty interesting photos too.

Then I changed to this magazine:

Cow Ind Mag

It’s not really about Hollywood style “cowboys and indians.”    It’s just more good articles about life in the West.     We can all recognize what life used to be like in these United States, no matter where we Americans lived.

The magazines are worth a little look if you ever see them on your newsstand.

It’s been a week – again – since I’ve posted here.   Health scary feelings again,  but also a new thing for me:  allergies!    I don’t get allergies, but I’m experiencing them this year for some reason.  I didn’t realize they came with a general feeling of lethargy.  And malaise.   Lots of wasted time.   Seems to be a general complaint by everyone around here too.

Things are resolving now;  troubles  don’t usually last.   I’m catching up on my reading, cowboys magazines and the news.

Cowboy scene

I think we should change the words of that song to:  “Oh give me . . .  my home back!”    If you did live on a ranch in the southwest,  you’d not be having a debate about whether or not America is having a migrant-invasion crisis.   You’d be seeing it and dealing with it every day on your own property:

CARAVAN across river

“An evening in the southwest”

One rancher was surprised by 18 people from the Philippines knocking on his door, asking for “help.”

I can’t remember which group of foreign citizens were caught entering our country without our permission,  but there was a group who were all holding “fistfuls” of American $100 bills.

Ranchers cannot keep up with the garbage and debris and castoff items left behind by people from foreign countries walking through their property.

Among the debris that is frequently found are prayer rugs!   Have you heard that?      There have been several news articles in the past month that are reporting these small prayer rugs found on the ground,  on people’s ranch properties.

So,  who uses prayer rugs?

The authorities,  ICE, I think,  have been advertising for French-speaking people who’d be willing to act as interpreters.

What Central American country has French for their national language?    Whose national language is French?

Some African nations.     Young men who are  citizens   of some African nations are  walking across our southern border.      And then they’re collected and are flown, at our expense,  to . . .

Aliens flying nito cities

. . .   to . . .   Surprise!   Might be to your city.       Our Rulers don’t ask our permission.     They just send them here.   I can’t remember which group of foreign citizens were caught entering our country without our permission,  but there was a group who were all holding “fistfuls” of American $100 bills.

Americans don’t get a vote on who moves in to their country.

And the “who”  could be some very, very sick people.   There are several thousand right now “quarantined”  with chicken pox.     And others with mumps.  And  others with drug-resistant tuberculosis.    And with the ever “mysterious”  EV-D68,  which was noticed to have popped up  in our country at the same time as  the overwhelming numbers of arrivals from Central America.     EV-D68 is also called “polio-like influenza”   which the authorities now declare has been here since the 1960s, so, no, the drastic increase could not have come from Central Americans where this virus is endemic.      Right?  It  just massively, mysteriously  increased.

And then there are the thousands from the Congo  (Belgian Congo, which once was civilized but is  now the socialist and struggling  People’s Republic of the Congo)  and that nation is struggling with the ebola virus,  the biggest outbreak since more than a decade.

No screening for that.      (It’s not just diseases. *)

Anyone remember studying Roman history, as in the “decline and fall” of the Roman Empire?     Many factors weakened the empire,  but what was it that finally finished them off?      So many foreigners pouring into the Empire that the Romans were no longer able to fight off the various types of invasions.

And, no,  most of these people who are citizens of foreign countries are not particularly interested in becoming Americans, learning our language and our customs and our history.     If we don’t give them what they’re demanding,  they don’t like us very much, as tweeted by one person:

they re hondurans


If we don’t accommodate them,  they’ll call us “Nazis”  and burn our flag.

One commenter, at the end an article about these people said:     If you import the 3rd World,   you will soon become the 3rd World.

Remember that.






. *  If you can still take any more bad border news:


Here are some people who are citizens of  a Middle Eastern country.     Here is part of the accompanying article from CBN (news):

A captured and now repentant Canadian ISIS fighter recently revealed a plot for operatives to travel from Syria and gain entrance into the US through the southern border with Mexico, using active routes taken by migrants.

The International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism reports that even though several lawmakers in Congress didn’t acknowledge President Donald Trump’s warnings about the southern border being vulnerable to terrorists, ISIS took note.

Abu Henricki al Canadi, a Canadian with dual citizenship with Trinidad, was apprehended in Syria by the Syrian Democratic Forces last month. In an interview with researchers, he revealed a plot in which he and other Trinidadians were invited to attempt to penetrate the U. borders to mount financial attacks on the US economy. . . .

“They were going to move me to the Mexican side of the US southern border via Puerto Rico,” he continued. “This was masterminded by a guy in America.”

The ISIS fighter told investigators the mastermind was from New Jersey, so New York’s financial institutions may have been the target of the attack.


Well, good thing someone was “repentant.”


https:/    /www1

(remove spaces if you want to go there)




6.666666666666 . . .

April 30, 2019


“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”

Well, it could be just a coincidence.    I like funny coincidences.  I like jokes.


You get that number if you divide the number 500,000  by 75,000.  The answer is:



When King Solomon “went bad”  and let all his power and riches go to his head,  he walked away from God-Most-High and went his own way,  building up a dictatorial kingdom, demanding from his subjects absolute obedience and compliance.

Spies and surveillance,  24/7.

He incorporated many foreigners into his realm.


Many, many crossed his borders

Many were very “foreign:


(MS-13 among the invading forces)

King Solomon  surrounded himself with a huge bureaucracy,  magnificent office buildings,  and great riches.    He was admired by all the known world.   He married and made treaties with all the surrounding powers,  and he “honored” them by accepting their religions into his Kingdom.

P0   “All religions are welcome!”      He was supposed to worship God alone, but instead he allowed other religions to worship in Jerusalem and even set up their altars and held “worship services”  there.   The place where the most false religions were worshiped is still called today Mons Scandali  or Mountain of Abomination  or Mount of Offense.  Various names on the map.

God was not pleased.


All religions in a Catholic Church (“The Sacrilege of Assisi”)

To support his kingship,  King Solomon needed to impose heavy taxes.     It is said in the Bible that he  annually demanded in  taxes 666 talents of gold.   Pure gold.   666.  (III Kings 10:13)

In his later life he becomes a forerunner of the anti-Christ.  A ruler of a one-world government  and the head of a vast economic system which linked everyone to him.

For those of you who know only the Modern Version of the Catholic Church,  there may be no recognition,   no alarm bells.     I’m not a part of the New Version of the Church.


In fact,   I am one of those who is described with terrible words coming ouot of the Vatican, because  I have kept to the original teachings and practices of the Church.     I worship with the same language and meaning as  St. Augustine;  and   St Albert the Great, St Thomas Aquinas, St. Francis of Assisi,   St. Anthony,  St.  Bellarmine,   St. Francis de Sales;  I even worship the same way and believe the same things as someone as recently as St. Therese of Lesieux.    St.  Padre Pio,  St.  Maximilian Kolbe  . . .   GK  Chesterton  (not a saint!)

No changes.   God does not change his teachings.

I cannot predict what will happen to the “Catholic Church”  in the near future.   I know that Pope Paul VI gave his papal crown to the United Nations.  I don’t know what that portends.


The World acclaimed him.  He was pretty popular.



And now today’s pope has also garnered a lot of worldwide praise.

So let’s get back to those “funny” coincidental numbers again:


All the young men of military age who are citizens of other Central American countries who are climbing into the United States much faster than we can stop them — well,  they get stopped temporarily in Mexico. . . .

The current pope has zeroed in on 75,000 of these people who are still in Mexico;   and he has announced that he – in his Vatican – is donating  $500,000  to help them out.

$500,000    divided by  75,000.

Just a funny coincidence.


March 27, 2019


Kind of an explanation;  kind of a diary entry record for the Spruce Tunnel.


“Into each life some rain must fall . . .”   Remember that old saying?     It’s true, of course,  but , oh, such a gentle picture compared to the deluge that real life can give us sometimes.


It became a song, too, in the 20th century.  Actually, the Inkspots did the nicest rendition,  to my ear.  Here’s their three-minute song, if you have the time.   (Bonus:  the wonderful voice of Ella Fitzgerald!)


Yes,  “Too much Has fallen in mine….”

So:     Sorry I’ve been gone so long.

Old Hag JPEG 90There’s been  a lot for a “old lady” to cope with.     Pain:  lots and lots and lots and lots of pain (self-inflicted; my fault)   and  breakdowns and home repairs and new studies to prepare for and . . .

Um . . .  that picture is not me, exactly, but here’s what I’ve been up to.

And here’s what started it:

branch cutters

They’re heavy!

Especially when you have to hold them up above your head,  arms extended:

branch cutting thick

And especially when you want to cut thick branches, way  high over your head…it’s already hurting me. . .  and then I really wanted to push those blades together and cut that thick branch….

And . . .  blam!

branch cutting up

Pushed those things together with all my might and ripped and tore things inside my chest, which is already home to a pretty bad disease.  Who knows what happened in that moment,  but the result, the pain, was with me for weeks.   I think those branch cutters severed nerves and tendons and ligaments and bones . .  .

But I really love to work in my back yard.

You wouldn’t think there was much to do in the early Spring, here in the Far North,  but the snow is gone . . .  only ice:

Deck Right Mid-March 2019

It’s not very pretty, lookinginto my back yard.  Old wrinkled ice,  brown grass, and bare trees,  but it’s a sign of Spring — and a sign that there will be a lot of outside work to do in the coming days.

Going to be pretty in places, though.


Crocuses arrived.     How are YOUR daffodils doing?

While I was moving about the house, trying hard not to move my sore arms and shoulders and chest, my garbage disposal failed.   Had to get a new one.

Then the furnace failed.

furnace repari

Didn’t have to get a new one . . .  thought I would have to.  So that was good news.
Double good news – the furnace repair man repaired my hot water heater.  Didn’t know it was broken!

Very nice furnace repair man who went over and above his call of duty.    Of course his extra time and parts were on the bill — but it was worth more than that.  An act of kindness.    I need to Pay It Forward.

spigot   Speaking of “water,”  I made the pretty big decision to have a reverse osmosis system put into my house.   For health.   Or at least for the hope of healing.     It’s not the purity of the water I was after,  but the alkaline.  The installer has it set at 8.8 pH —  quite alkaline.    I’d been buying alkaline water anyway at the price of $2 or more per 1 1/2 liters  and drinking about two a day.

I never did want to add that up per month.      That little spigot will save me lots of money.

The sweater is done and sent on to the High Sierras.

Sweater Sent


Next big (complicated) endeavor –  Our Bible study classes came to an end of one project, and we are turning now to a new one, a study of Calvary.

Bible Rosary and Glasses 270

I thought I knew most everything that happened there,  but I chanced upon a small book called The Six Miracles of Calvary.     My goodness!    What a reward for dusting off my bookshelves!    I thought I’d get it read in an hour or two and then pass it on,  but it was such a treasure trove of insight that I knew I must share it with my classes.

So I’m creating “Lesson Plans.”    Old teacher-habits die hard.      It’s keeping me away from the computer (and from blogging)  but this is a welcome task.     I feel sorry for my classes:  I won’t be able to bring to them half as much as I’m learning from this little book.  Deus vult.

Perhaps during Holy Week I can summarize it for you.

We’ve all endured a “terrible’  funeral.  The loss of a good friend from our class.   I don’t have the words to describe him;  good man;  gentle with us;  smart,  full of faith in God his Savior;  loved the Church;  loved and honored and served at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass;   knowledgeable and generous with his knowledge;  and funny!    The sense of humor that hits you a few seconds later with a big impact and makes you see things through his funny lens.      Sorely  missed.   (Oh, I guess tghose are a few words to describe him….)

We’ve managed to have some recorder practice sessions, my musical friend and I.   Sometimes at her house, sometimes at mine.   And then comes the dessert.   She always, always sets such a lovely table;  seasonal and pretty.

Vicki good centerpiece

This was Winter berries and cardinal.

The “dessert” is superb.

Vicki's Spring Table 370

We always try to please each other with special food.    This was a lemon cake with raspberry sherbet –  Spring tastes!     Do try it sometime.  It’s one of those combinations that is better than the sum of its parts.

My turn today.  I served a homemade almond  cheesecake,  thick and rich and pretty good tasting, along with homemade peanutbutter cookies — well, that’s not a usual combination but it worked —  and some Fair Trade Organic Guatemalan  coffee.    The coffee was excellent.


How can I bake with wounded shoulders and chest?   Well,  thanks to God, the Great Physician, and with appreciation to St. Jude,  the pain has subsided.  So much of it has subsided that I’m beginning to think more is healing up in there than just the  injury.

I’ll let you know.


Meanwhile,  I’m back in business . . .   Ordinary life:

I have my Brackets completed and well on their way to . ..   well, pretty good success.   I’m not a basketball fan, but much to my surprise, I’m enjoying the NCAA Playoffs this year!

BRACKET Mueller Madness

Not those brackets!   I’ve been listening to the news too much — comments later.

Back to ordinary life in the Spruce Tunnel too.

“Random thoughts,”  as it says.






January 18, 2019




Maybe I shouldn’t combine these two stories . . .   Maybe not,  but they are both contributing to my experience on this Friday –  one funny and serious;  one unfunny and serious.


Funny and serious:

So it’s Friday today!   Who doesn’t like Friday!!!!?

These guys don’t, apparently:

sad fish 300

I was shopping  for some fish this week,  at a store that is known to fly in its fish twice a day.   The fish is always fresh and it tastes just the way you’d hope the fish would taste.   I took a few photos of their colorful display of fish of all sorts of varieties, and when I got home,  this photo caught my eye.

What a sad group of little guys lying there on ice!     Their expressions stopped me in my tracks.     They look almost human in their . . .  sadness.

sad fish cr

So, well,   it’s Friday today.    A day of abstention from  meat.   One way to get good daily protein is by eating fish, although right now, as a type these words,  I’m eating a nice hot bowl of red lentil soup (but the reason for that I’ll put in the next posting).

Fasting and abstention, among other religious practices, have been a part of the Hebrew and Christian religions for far more than 2,000 years.

Since Christ died on a Friday  (the end of the Thursday/Friday Passover feast),   Christians participate in that act of sacrifice by their own acts of self-denial and penance, abstention from meat being the most common and the easiest to do.    Sort of easy.

These fish seem to understand the tragic necessity of Good Friday.


Unfunny and serious:

Another thing that I’ve experienced on this Friday is not abstinence,  but absence.   And that’s not funny.

I knew that the annual March For Life was going to be held today, but I waited until today to really pay attention.    But I couldn’t find it anywhere.   Radio news, television news,   not even the DrudgeReport  carried the March.  Maybe it was just me.  Maybe they did carry it but for such a short time that I missed it.


I watched my local TV station,  and there, at the end of an hour and a half of local news was a 10 second mention of people from our state and the state next to us who had left on buses today to attend the March in Washington . . ..    That’s it.   I went to their Website.   Same short video.

I went to  our local  newspaper’s website;   nothing.  I used the search engine and typed in  March For Life.   I got ONE result,  an article about  the 2017-2018 March For Life –  I don’t know how they combined them.     Then I searched for March For Life 2019.   I got nothing, except for a warning that I had only one more “free” article to read, and then I’d have to pay 99 cents for more.

Yahoo “news”  had an extremely   short mention of the March,  just the what, when, and where, and that it happened.    I went to the Washington Post Website and found a slightly longer article,  what, when, where,  followed by a long refutation of everything the Right to Life people believe in, throwing statistics around as though they were invented out of thin air.    Uh,  maybe . . . .

Finally I came across an article on LifeSite news which reported exactly what I had been finding.  ABC/NBC/CBS  according to their findings,  had completely ignored the March For Life  event this year, but spent a lot of time on the pro-abortion, pro lots of things  Women’s March on Saturday.   (Full of controversy itself, as liberals are pulling out of it, afraid to be tainted by anti-semitic members in the movement.)

So I wasn’t wrong.


But this is serious,  far more serious than we all care to admit   I sure hope I’m wrong    about that.

Not too long ago,  in living memory of some people still here with us,    Germany began marginalizing a group of people.   Here’s the process:

First they ignore and and de-legitimize that group

Then they demonize that group, calling them names,  making up false stories  (fake news) about them;   mocking them;  making them look ridiculous

Then they make that group look un-social, anti-social,  dangerous to society

Then they begin to identify members of that group and isolate that group.

(In today’s world they would have “de-monetized”  any member of that group and pulled their videos and messages off of YouTube and Facebook, etc.)

Then the State criminalizes speech.    It criminalizes that group and everyone who thinks like the group.

Then criminal sanctions are applied . . .  fines . . .  arrests . . .  imprisonments . . .  and,of course,   execution is the inevitable and most efficient way to get rid of the opposition.

That’s serious.

Just pay attention to the words and attitudes of our entertainment-news media and see for yourself how far along this pathway we’ve come.



Memorize that process.    It’s still a mystery why the very highly educated,  cultured, and refined German nation slipped into that process.


It’s the very opposite of  the free discourse, political discussion,  that any culture must have in order to survive.

no right turn




October 22, 2018

bear paw bracelet


I told you,  I told you, Dear Readers, I told you I told you about the Bears. 

bear talking to you You go along in your everyday world,   doing everyday things,  handling everyday issues,   everything is ordinary and everyday — but all along you don’t know, you didn’t know,  you were being stalked by a “bear.”


And it sometimes decides to jump out at you — and then you know you’re no match for the bear.    Or as my Dad and Mom and I found out,  Dad’s  .22 rifle was no match for an angry mother bear who jumped out at us during a nice walk in the woods.

Bear Brown snarl 350

Well, we weren’t eaten,  but I learned a lesson back then when I was just a child:  Bears can jump out at you anytime.

Bears are metaphors for the unexpected bad things in life.  Everyone is stalked by bear.  They don’t always attack — but they always could.

There are little bears too.  And sneaky bears.  And maybe . . .  cute? . . . maybe cute bears if you’re not around to see what they’re doing.   Cooper’s World got visited by bear a few weeks ago.

Bear Pair Looking

Cooper is my grandson.  He lives in this house in  the High Sierras of California,  on Donner Lake, specifically.   A neighbor took these photos one afternoon when Cooper and his mom and dad weren’t home.    That’s the deck on the side of their home.

They relax there.

They give parties there.

I’ve relaxed on that deck at times.

Cooper and his mom and dad were away doing ordinary, everyday errands.

This pair was on a mission:

Bear Mission

They knew where the goodies are kept, all locked up in an airtight refrigerator.

But not locked up enough;  not airtight enough:

Bear Mission Accomp 380

Yep,  they found the”beverage” supply.   Beer beverage.   Wonder if that was Baby’s first taste.

Bears do cute things.    They’re . . .  cute, maybe.     But I remember sitting in that nice pink chair on their deck, with my eyes closed,  enjoying the brilliant mountain sunshine.

Bears are there.   “Bear” are everywhere.    In my difficult, mixed-up, dangerous, deadly, and almost deadly world of my past four months,   “Bear” have been all over this place.  Deaths,  disease,  disappointments, distrusts,  dying cars and dying TVs, schedule conflicts and extra repair time, self-inflicted injury  —  I think I’ve had them all.

Strength.  Resilience.   Coming back for more like a little Weeble-Wobble.   Faith.  Hope.  Trust that the Bears will let up for a while.   And the certain knowledge that we are not meant to be happy in this life,  but in the Next.    (That is Christian teaching.)


I told you there were Bear in this world, ready to surprise you with an attack.

But so did Jesus.    He didn’t promise us an easy life,  but He did promise us He wouldn’t leave us as orphans.   And: “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”    “I will send you the Comforter,  the Holy Ghost . . .”    “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away.”

That means some day the Bear will be gone,  but God will remain for us.


Bar Cross in middle


I guess I can handle all the Bear. 

weeble wobbling




October 7, 2018


St. Therese of Lesieux,  Little Flower,  who promised a shower of roses on us, 

Meg Yellow Rose 380

.     —  shower on Meghan now your intercession for her soul,   and your   “Little Way of Love”  on all of us she left behind.

We can do nothing more . . .   we  too  are “little” . . .  all that is left is love.


What I feel strongly today, this first day after Meghan’s funeral service,  is not what I truly believe;   nevertheless,   it is what I feel:

M eg Flowers 380

It is this:

I give the fight up
Let there be an end
A privacy, an obscure nook for me
I want to be forgotten, even by God.

(from Parcelsus by Robert Browning 1835)

Usually it’s the poet Blake that I quote here for you.   And often Yeats, since God saw fit to place me in this place and time, this most wicked, inhumane, un-religious, God-forsaken century. *   Our Heavenly Father’s love and care for us is still there, infinite and eternal, but we have so thickly veiled it  that it takes  effort on our part to see through that cold, dark veil.

Our Dear Meghan  touched so many lives, and circles of lives, and so profoundly,  that as one of her friends put it, we all have her  flame like  a little “pilot light”  burning in us, each in our own way,  because she knew each of us, each in our own way,  and she gave herself to us wholeheartedly with cheerfulness, proficiency, and unconditional friendship.

She herself was the bright spot in any room.

In observing all the people that came to honor Meghan,  and the young men and women of Son’s circle of friends — Son’s and Meghan’s circle because to know one was to know the other ––   in observing all these people,  I could see that Meghan’s light was in them too, and they live and talk in reference to her . . .  and they are better people for it.

Works in progress, of course, even as I am,  but we want to be like she was.

Here is the young man,  Meghan’s,  at the end of it all:

Meg Son there

“….A privacy, an obscure nook for me…”

At the end of words.   At the end of thoughts.

Viking blood.  Viking courage.   Viking strength.   Viking-size feelings.

He’ll be all right.    He has a surprisingly close group of friends,  the young men standing by him;  I call them a Band of Brothers.   Who else commandeers an extra table at the funeral parlor and writes a sign with the words   “Care Package”  with a calendar for his friends to sign up on certain dates marking when and how they will do something to support him, my Son?

He’ll be all right, but not just yet now . . .

I give the fight up
Let there be an end
A privacy, an obscure nook for me
I want to be forgotten, even by God.

It’s about feelings now,  not belief,  not faith,  not Truth.  Just feelings.



Advice from a Mom (me):

Meg Book of Friends

When you go to a funeral or to a Memorial, go to it!    Help the family set up and plan  for it, if possible.    Those are difficult days between the death and the funeral.    Sign the book!     Mix and mingle with others who come. Make new friends and acquaintances – you belong there too, having known the loved one, now absent.

Sadly,  I give that advice to all of you because we will all experience someone’s death, eventually, and some day our own.

Don’t ask:  “For Whom the Bell Tolls.”    John Donne had the answer.     It’s a good time to look it up and review it.


(Not the book, not the movie, not the song . . .  the poem, in plain, simple English.)




.*   Don’t misunderstand:   I have NO complaints about God’s wisdom in placing me in this “here and now.”    He was right,  this is the best time and place for me to be able to be directed back to Him.

(And for you.)



August 27, 2018

Are you among the Best?  Or are you among the Worst?

Unsolvable Problem  – 3    Pederasty in the Church



(Pardon the absence.    After that traumatic month of July, the death of my younger sister, and the discovery of four deadly physical conditions in my body,  two of which have been known to cause  sudden death –   most likely not in me – after all this,  sometimes I withdraw and retreat, just to process everything.   Then I come back all okay.)

(One thing a period of time like that produces is a desire to speak truth plainly.  Just put it out there.)



Once a well-known saying for anyone who was educated,  it means, roughly, “the corruption of the very best is the very worst” (that can be done).

I will get back to my series of “Unsolvable Problems”  in a minute,  but all weekend,  I wanted you to know that there is a purpose to such “gloomy”  writings.  There is a solution.   If your feet are on  Solid Ground,  you will discover the wisdom and receive the power to effect changes for the better.

So we’re not stuck.

It’s gloomy only if you don’t know what’s going on.

Are you among the Best?  Or are you among the Worst?

To all nations that have been formed (in their past)  by Christianity,  it is common knowledge  (not accepted by all,  but known by all)   that “The Church is the pillar and ground of our Truth.”     (That’s in the Bible, for you Bible-only type Christians.)

That firm foundation for action in our lives,  that Solid Ground for us, is the Church.

Corruption of the best is the worst.

Today the Church stands in the mists.

Church in the Mist 390

After the Great Infiltration of the Church by the World in the mid-Twentieth century,  Church leaders took a GIANT step to the Left, taking with them the majority of Catholic laymen — who did not so deeply understand their faith anyway.

As one Church theologian said:  “We have accomplished the French Revolution  in the Church.”    (That’s not a good thing.)  (quote from Cardinal Suenens)

We have to look back to the fourth century to find a similar march into heresies by the bishops, cardinals, priests, laymen, and perhaps even the aging,  somewhat confused pope.    At that time,  St. Athanasius consoled his people by saying “They have the buildings and the institutions;  we have the Faith.”

Among the things that entered the Church in the last century is the sexual deviances of the World.    Let’s call it  “sexual practices that stand in opposition to the firm, unchanging teachings of the Church.

Step away from those teachings and you no longer stand on Solid (safe)  Ground.

So today, we read the headlines:   POPE REFUSES TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT THE SODOMITES IN THE CHURCH WHO PREY ON TEENAGE BOYS.”    Something like that.

A shock?   Nope.   Given  the Extreme Left politics of the man  who is in the office of the pope,  this is no surprise at all.    Do not the Left in our own country praise and promote those who are openly homosexual in our entertainment media?   then why should he take a heavy hand remove the sexual corruption in the Church?

Pope John Paul II is reported to have pounded his fist on the table, shouting “WHAT is going  on with those Americans?”    after receiving a report of rampant homosexuality in the  seminaries. Pope Benedict XVI demanded to know how bad the sexual activity was in the Catholic world.     Is there really a Lavender Mafia?  Is there really a St. Gallen Mafia club?      He received a 200-page summary of the study that was done . . .  200 pages never made public . . .  after which he suddenly and perhaps  contrary to canon law “resigned.”   St. Gallen wins?

Are you among the Best?  Or are you among the Worst?

Fish in greek

Every field of knowledge seems to be saying that the world cannot go on much longer the way it’s going.   The financial world.  The military world, with super weapons that can destroy human life.  The natural world with earth changes and perturbations.     The social world, with increasing chaos, totalitarianism,  and impending civil wars.   And Christianity in general,  co-opted by the World it was meant to bring the message of salvation to.  .  .  .

Things will end.  Quite badly.    The Age of Pisces is ending.

Jesus told His Church,   “When I come back,  will I find any faith left in the world?”

If anyone can, He can –  and He expresses doubt that He’ll find any!   Or at least not much.  The corruption inside the Church is very severe.   The lack of knowledge inside the Church is very severe.   The lack of faith inside all Churches is very severe.

What about  “. . .the gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church . . .”?    Well, first of all, think about what that means.  A gate.  Gates don’t rise up and march against its enemy.   Gates provide a kind of barrier.   Perhaps it’s the Church itself which is supposed to knock down the Gates of Hell.

Whichever way you take it,   those Gates can rise to predominance pretty far, and by the end of the World,  it will seem that they have prevailed.   The Church seems not to be able to tell the World anything!

In case you don’t know The Age of Pisces,  the Age of the Fish,  that ancient sign of Christianity,  here is an explanation:


Pisces seems to be ending.   It was predicted.

When I say we have “unsolvable” problems,  I mean they are unsolvable without supernatural aid.   We cannot do it by our own physical power,  our own brain power,  our own good will.

They are unsolvable to us alone.

“There is only one name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved.”

So don’t despair. . .

We won’t know where to start if we don’t know what’s going on!

Are you among the Best?  Or are you among the Worst?




August 21, 2018

I made a comment in the last post that the problems of our culture are actually  to the point of being unsolvable now.

See if you think these “problems”   I’ve been observing have an easy solution.    I can start with the problem of  the  deliberately managed migration of Third World peoples into nations which have vastly different cultures and societal expectations.

In other words,  this “migration,”  whether in the name of  “refugee” or not,  is actually an invasion and colonization.     I’ve studied history long enough to recognize an invasion when I see one.    And I recognize attempted colonization of another geographical region by a culture which feels superior to the one they’re invading.

One day’s, one small example:

Here is victim Spain, once a mighty empire with a rich heritage,  a viable, distinct and valuable contributor to European culture.      Recently overtaken by Socialist governance,   Spain has now been severely weakened:

Africans Climbing.jpg

This is a fence on the border between Africa and Spanish sovereign territory.  When several hundred made it over the fence,  they sat down, were given refreshments,  and were video’d doing victory dances:

African triumph.jpg


Africans triumph dance

Some even included fists in their triumphal dances:

African triumph fists

Spain, France, Italy, and Greece all share border invasions.

Sub-saharan migrants are seen aboard an overcrowded raft during a rescue operation by the Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms in the central Mediterranean Sea, 21 miles north of the coastal Libyan city of Sabratha

They come across the ocean, and they march across the land into European territory.  Any idea how common this is?

And do you see any mommies and little girls?

Any mommies little girls

In our own southern border there are men from Central America,  from Pakistan,  from Afghanistan,  from Syria,from other Middle Eastern countries, as well as a few Chinese citizens.    Each has a different agenda, none plan to “assimilate” into American culture,  and all can claim “refugee” status, until our authorities make a show of figuring it out.   There are also a few children, girls and boys,  kidnapped,  stolen,  sold,  whatever,  who are used as props for the True Believers,  those who believe that these are “refugees.”

And then the new arrivals are released into our lands.   And just as in Europe,  crime rates go up in “refugee” areas;  education levels go down;  hospitals and other resources are strained financially, even to the point of having to close down services; No-Go zones are devleloped;   and political-minded people use their presence to divide the population of the victim country.

So, how do we devise a solution?    The powers in control of things have no interest in a permanent solution.  We can see that by observing what they don’t do, and we can easily believe our governments are taking orders from some international Global “Influence” dedicated to the destruction of Western Civilization which stands in their way.  The operations of this migration is  well-funded by such men as this one,  true enemies of Western Civilization:


With such governing influences coupled with tight media censorship of what is truly going on and the effects of this mixing of unmixable cultures,  where is the solution?

These invading migrants are indeed citizens of other countries.       What nation is able to afford the influx of citizens from other countries?

Who would be willing to send them back to their homes and help them improve conditions – in their own homelands?

How is a consensus formed even if there were a good solution?

What army is willing to oppose the mass movement of Third World people?

What leader of what nation is willing or able to protect his own nation?

Right now I answer such questions with  Silence.









June 20, 2018

pink 400


A couple posts ago I showed you this little pink cloud in the  evening above my hotel down here in Florida . . . .

It caught my attention.    A sunset is attractive.  It’s  pretty.    It could turn us to thinking of higher things.    But it could also get us thinking about  “the sunset of a person’s life.”  The closing of a day/the closing of a life.


You could write poems about  a person’s life “drawing to a close.”   There are sweet songs,   some  bluegrass songs that I know,  about a man knowing his life is ending . . .   and looking back on his life.

Another song about an older man’s acknowledgment that he will be leaving this world soon,  you know?   And how he wishes his son would come to know Jesus so that they will be together when both die . . .  It’s called   “Father’s Table Grace, ” something like that.  His son was at the table and heard his father’s prayer –  and he changed his life around.  A happy ending.

But I am here in Florida, 1,500 miles from home because my very own young sister has apparently reached the end of her life.  It’s been a kind of difficult day.  I helped her move into a nursing home for hospice care.   We were optimistic and very grateful for the space.

But the reality is . . .  no,  the end of a life has some very ugly, painful,  terrible sensations to endure.

The surroundings can be nice,  but the person’s body is failing.

Not all sunsets are pretty.


In Catholic evening prayers,  your nightly prayers,  you pray for “those who are dying today” and that God will be with them somehow in their last agony.    It used to be something I  “included”  in  my prayers.    I meant it,  but I didn’t understand it.

Up to now.

praying at sunset


March 31, 2018


Pardon the doom and gloom, here;  it’s a dark, rainy, gray day today.  Perfect for this particular Saturday. 



rainy shadows


They.    We.     Experiences in common.    Experiences that affect the universe.   Universal.    “Catholic.”     Such events are often recognized on the universal/catholic Calendar —  and today is “Holy Saturday,”  the day after the Crucifixion.

It’s not a throwaway day, just to mark time between  Good Friday and Easter.   It’s a time to mark the experiences we all have  . . . from  time to time.


Disillusionment.     They were so sure, and then the disillusionment came.  As it does for all of us born into this world.

We were so sure about our parents.

Beginning when we are tiny  little children, we blindly follow our parents wherever they go, whatever they tell us.     We’re only three or four or five or maybe even six years old.   We’re so sure they know what to do.

And then we get old enough, observant enough, sensitive to the truth, we sense that  sometimes they’re lost,  the don’t know the right thing to do.    We see that our mom or our dad was really Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.      We wonder what that means and we feel  really  alone in that knowledge.

We were so sure about our home.

We were so sure that our homes were a refuge.  of peace and safety.   But when we get  a little older and we see that our parents  do some things   “wrong.”    And they told us never to  argue and fight with each other — and we see there is no unity, no togetherness in our family, and we feel so “un-together” with them,  so alone.

We were so sure of our friends.

We’re in Middle School and High School and we count on our friends to be our “family,” and to understand us, but our friends let us down sometimes, and we realize our friends are really in the middle of their own problems,  every man for himself, and we feel alone among our friends.

We were so sure when we got married.

Marriage promises so much, and we find it doesn’t solve problems, it just makes more problems  . . .  Two people – alone together.   Marriage isn’t the answer.  It’s just bigger, more serious, adult problems.

We try to be sure about our religion or philosophy or politics.

We look for great answers and meaning and purpose,  but all we find is hypocrisy.  Eventually.  And we see hypocrisy in us and we are separated from what we believed in.   Alone.

It is all the same disillusionment that was felt on that Saturday.

Twelve hours before the Crucifixion,   there was hope and assurance  that this man,  the Messiah,   who said he was the Son of God,  would fix things and make us happy and   strong!    They followed him gladly.

Then he was arrested, and convicted,  and executed among criminals.   And our friendship with him incriminated them.      It was a very dark Saturday.

rainy daywindow


All the world is disillusionment,  and we can join those first disciples as they stood about or sat and watched out the window  . . .   and prayed with shredded spirits for a Why.

Surely God wouldn’t leave them so alone.

Holy Saturday


They were so sure.

They didn’t know what was coming next . . . .



March 21, 2018


(A rambling, sprawling, catch-up visit with you all):

I sleep with my radio on, of course. 

radio cartoon

  I woke up today  to a radio news report that got me asking “Why?”    But first . . .

I always feel as though I have to “explain” myself when I’m  away from The Spruce Tunnel  for several days.   I don’t, I know.   But I’m making kind of a record — so I  will.

I wrote this SIX days ago!     (Quote:  me)  –

Well, another glitch, another breakdown!     I missed seeing today’s news because my computer monitor had begun strobing out at me in flashes and flutters, and then a few nights ago it blossomed into a lovely shade of light pink in its lower quadrant.

So, FYI,  if you use a monitor,   this is not a good sign, but a pretty good warning of its soon demise.    And today my monitor went BLACK.        (It was weird to have a black screen where I usually see lively colors and videos — and work to do — but it’s okay,  there is  a new monitor on its way, and I transferred an old, old monitor to this  somewhat newer main computer.)

Then Hubbie’s big red van broke down –  and though it’s old,  I’m  happy to maintain it for him now that he’s gone.    The parts didn’t come in  when the shop requested it, so I spent more than a week “in suspension,” so to speak,  waiting to have my household made whole again.

Both problems are taken care of as of last night –



This was not at all enough to keep me out of The Spruce Tunnel.    Instead it was  a series of “difficult”  news coming from my friends and family which affected me deeply and came coincidentally all within a two-week period.    No details here because none of my “friends and family”  should feel as though I can’t bear their . . .  troubles –  but the categories are:   a terminal illness;   a shocking “psychological lapse”;    a mortal danger;    a serious moral “lapse,”  which I suppose is actual “mortal” too, spiritually speaking;  news from someone which resurrected some deep conflicts;   oh . . .  some other things, and all during this time my “entertainment”  was watching all the seasons of a popular gut-wrenching dramatic (soap-opera) series offered by PBS ….

The reason for the umpteen hours of entertainment is this:

knitted more 370

After I got the pattern established I needed something easy to keep my eyes and attention on why I made progress on my sweater.    Usually I can read and study while I knit,  but not with this pattern!   And so I  overlayed all the recent real-life troubles with the near-to-life troubles of  a dying social system,  a dying moral world,   and the constant though natural  departures of   people from one another:


Highclere Castle

   —  the home of the present-day Lord Carnarvon,  whose ancestor was an enthusiastic Egyptologist who financed and took part in many expeditions to Egypt,   thus opening up the knowledge of ancient Egypt with all its wonders and glory to the rest of the world,  including the expedition that discovered  King Tut’s tomb.

This castle was the scene of the Jeeves and Wooster series, as well as the Downton Abbey series, which, as I’ve alluded to,  I saw for the second time these past days.  I was not enthusiastic the first time through, and I missed so much;  I “got it”  this time . . .

Taking too long to get to my radio news?    Well, the tragic collapse of a moral and well-ordered society  (along with its excesses) should acutely inform our emotions as well as our intellect, because an emotion is energy –  and it fuels motivation . . . .

(From the Good Teacher in The Spruce Tunnel:   acknowledge your emotions,  feel them;  you need not give in to them or even show them to others, and never inflict them on others;  but use their energy to  help come to terms with whatever difficulty,  real or imagined,  caused them.    Emotions can feed your very useful imagination, and you and your world can be a better place . . .  Intellect,  emotions,  imaginations are some of the necessary tools given to us by our Creator.)

So filled with all the “energy” of the past two weeks from all the sources,  I heard that the Austin, Texas,  “b.”  (perpetrator of the random explosions that put such fear into the population down there),  was tracked down, shot at, and exploded himself in his car at a motel . . .

Now that he’s dead,  investigators are going to work hard to find his motivation.  Here’s where I asked “Why?”

So we can understand him – and people like him?      So that . . .    “why?” – what will we do, what will we change?   Actually change?

So we can understand “society”  that made him do it?    “Why”   “What do we, as a society, have the will to change?     Because it takes a very strong collective will to get any changes done.

So we can  look for more laws to change or add to our nation?    (Better watch out whose strong “will” is behind change-making.)

So we can make new regulations against bullying victims into criminals?   Bullying is only a symptom of lawlessness  in our society and in our schools.

So we can educate our children better?       I was a teacher in this new education system when we made the changes that we were told were for the better.   My strong opinion on what changes should be made is this:

bulldozing the schools

There is no fixing of a system of education which abuses our children in their growth and development.     We must start again.

When we do find out what may have motivated this criminal activity in Texas,   then what?

The bewilderment and consequent lack of action should point to a cause.  Maybe we’d all have to take a second look,  “watch a second season,”  about our culture.

I think it’s not that we cling to  “our bibles and our guns”  as the Barack Hussein person stated it when he was frustrated that we didn’t go along with all his Progressive ideas.  It’s rather that we are comfortable, we don’t want “discomfort,”  and so we cling to the Status Quo.

Go ahead and find out that Texas man’s motivation.      That what we do – in this present culture.   We give ourselves the illusion of “doing something.”

But as far as the state of our culture goes,   (our society, our education, our politics),   when a train derails,  we must go back to the point of derailment, in order to find our way forward.

train de

Cultural destruction.


There is much to bear in this “modern”  world.




June 22, 2017

(Unfortunately, we can hear death speak all around us)

1917 – 2017:    “… or else, Russia will spread her errors throughout the world.”

Interviewer:   “Does that include America?”

Sister Lucia:  “Yes.”


Of course,  the  Russian people didn’t invent those errors;  the Russian-Soviet government just became expert at implementing them and spreading them into other nations —  by war and, as I said in the last post,  by the spread of economic and Cultural Marxism.

(For you old-timers,  “McCarthyism has come to mean a hysterical search for “communists”  under every bed, in every closet.  However,  when Soviet documents were released in the mid-90s,  it came to light that Senator McCarthy hadn’t been aware of even half of the communist infiltrators into our society.)

Economic and Cultural Marxism:   They bring ruin wherever they are spread.

Venezuela ran out of basic consumer goods,  and toilet paper, and food.   The news reports that the average Venezuelan has lost about twenty pounds;  the hard way.   Here they share handfuls from a garbage bag.

soc dumpster diving

The authorities in Venezuela ran out of something too:   tear gas.

Soc tear gasd needed

They’ve used it all up trying to keep their angry, starving citizens under control and they’ve put out a request to other countries for more.    Such a beautiful country – but now you have to get permission to cross the border to buy basic goods in the next country.

The United States is heading that way into bankruptcy too.    Illinois, for example, no longer has enough money to run the government – for real.   If you buy a lottery ticket in Chicago, chances are the authorities will not be able to pay you your winnings.     Detroit?    California?    I have so many examples to give you of one-party rule because once they get into office . . .  they find ways to stay.

This isn’t a catalog of woes caused by  communism- socialism –  liberalism – the Progressives – the Democrats –  whatever they want to be called.  It’s just that the same -ism mindset leads to poverty,  oppressive laws,  control of the individual,  loss of choices,  loss of freedom,  and tyranny — and to death.

The reason is awful – ly  simple.   The ideas that begat all these -isms  were begotten themselves by the ultimate Source of death.    Suppose you rejected the Author of Life,  the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.    Suppose you began listening to the voice of God’s Enemy and your writings create a World Undone.

desk a world undone by hellish vapors

The author of all these bright new ideas that begat all the -isms that plague us today is this man,  Karl Marx.

desk marx writing

And he knew what he was doing.   He was a tortured man, and he wrote about what forces inspired his theories:

The hellish vapors rise and fill the brain

Till I go mad and  my heart is utterly changed

“See this Sword,”

the Prince of Darkness  said to me.

For me he beats the time and gives the signs

Even more boldly I play the Dance of Death.

In this, his poem,  he’s telling us that he listened to the Prince of Darkness.    And further,  he tells us that he knows  the consequences:

 Thus heaven I’ve forfeited

I know it full well

My soul, once true to God,

Is chosen for Hell.

He played the Dance of Death and gave that Dance to the world.

Death follows.   Then Hell.



Can we turn away from Death and begin following the principles of Life?

No.  apparently not.    Not on our own power.

























May 17, 2017


(Turning serious, now, because it’s Wednesday. ) 

Wednesday 1.jpg Wednesday.  Our culture calls it “hump day,”  a term I don’t like,  but on some Wednesdays I write about the big “hump”  the Western World has to face, and to get up and over it,  or more “Joys”  will turn to “Tragedies.”

We have to face some differences.


There is nothing more joyful than watching  a 24- year old young man — (in general, of course) – – reaching the prime of his life,  the prime of his strength,  the prime of his self-confidence,  optimism, courage, self-assurance.  He’s so “full of himself” !!     Bursting with life.  And fun.       (Another reason why mothers have gray hairs.)

conga fun bl wh

It was with my young, approximately 24-year old Hubbie that I danced on a table in a German bar,  and we all danced the Conga, right out the door, into the parking lot,  and back in through the kitchen, snatching up kitchen staff as we passed through.

Oh, wait.  We didn’t do it in black and white:

conga 1

More like this.   In fact,   I was wearing a tiny dress like that which I had made – out of one yard of brightly colored material!     (Very long blonde hair covered the rest of me.)   Hubbie had fun too.   He eventually “matured” and life went on.

Ein prosit!!

ein prosit


A 24-year old man should feel young and joyful and full of life.  He has much to learn, and he needs all that courage and strength for the life that is coming to him.   He must mature and begin to help solve the serious problems  of the adult world.   He must soon know that some 24-year olds don’t live in a free and joyful culture.


It’s  different in a Different World.    Some 24-year olds are busy trying to escape their World:

sign says for sale

Here are young men;  told to wait out there in the blazing sun.    The white sign above them, the one with the Arabic letters,  says:  “For sale.”     Those young men are for sale.    In the Islamic world,  slavery exists.

One 24-year old escaped his captors, after physical hardship and torture, and he, Muhammed Yusuf,  was able to report this to people from the Western World.

As a matter of fact, although slavery has existed everywhere from the beginning of written history,  it was only in the Western World,  the Western hemisphere and Western Europe,  that people worked hard to abolish slavery.   The popes first called for its abolition from the 16th century  onward,  until finally it became a serious movement and men of European heritage — that would be Caucasian (white)  Christian people — finally enacted laws abolishing slavery in their lands.

The (Christian) Western World is a world apart from the Islamic world.

They have different values from each other.

Every day now I read of one or more attacks by “extremists”  against people of the Western cultures.   Here’s one that appeared in the news just today:


This young man in his mid-20s is being detained on a cathedral floor, just after he has stabbed a priest in the neck, as the priest was saying Mass.   Mexico  City.    The young man is a Muslim.

A Different World.    They do not respect what we respect.

A few days ago we heard that Bin Laden’s son has declared Revenge on the Western World,  us,  and has called for our murder.

Meat Cleaver

Anytime.  Anyplace.

They do things differently.   It’s a Different World.

I wonder sometimes why the full implications of these differences do not motivate us more. 

But our government (through the entertainment-news media)  has given us a vocabulary that emphasizes a false sense of  Sameness,  obscuring deadly differences.

Our schools – and there are plenty of examples –  are teaching our children to accept the ‘differences”  that come from a Different World.

San Diego Pub Schls

These are California schoolchildren, learning that all worlds are “equal”  and “diversity”  means Sameness.

Leaders in government don’t seem to realize there are two Different Worlds.

Trudeau among worshipers

Here is the young leader of our neighbor to the north seriously practicing Sameness with the Muslims.

And tragically,  those leaders who should be teaching us the differences,  have just voted to welcome those adherents of Islam who are colonizing the Western World:

Toe the Mark Islam

As old as some of these men are,  they do not appear to have been given a classical Western education, or at least they have  rejected Classical education and are therefore unable to make intellectual distinctions between one set of values and another.

Appalling and deadly ignorance.    They cannot tell victims  of persecution from the Colonizers.      They call them all “refugees”  but accept only the Islamic ones.

Young men of military age from a Different World.

Poor Refugee

Call them refugees, but I don’t think they plan to assimilate into any Western nation that opens its doors to them.






February 13, 2017

(Well, just from my point of view – we don’t seem to be fighting.   Haven’t seen any battle axes or Crusader flags around lately . . .)


72 of these guys . . .

    . . .   officials warned  us . . . .


    . . .    72 guys like this entered our country in the recent rush to get in after the suicidal  9th circuit “court”  exceeded their jurisdiction and stopped the temporary halt of immigration from a few of the  countries in the world who are known and internationally recognized sources of terrorism.

I guess if anyone says “moslem ban”  then you can  laugh in their face.  With justification.  (It’s not;  and they know it’s not.)

The moslems praying in the street in my last post were photographed in Paris.   They stopped Paris traffic.    They have a right to stop traffic in Paris.    They believe.   Are you aware of how many hundreds of cars are torched every week in France?     (By “immigrants.”)

There are hundreds of No-Go  zones in European countries.   “Zones”  where Europeans cannot go.


In Sweden a couple days ago  some policemen tried.

They were responding to  a call for help.   Doing their duty led to fires, riots,  and three policemen getting injured.    I guess Sweden doesn’t own all of Sweden.

Where is the Swedish government?     Where are the Swedish leaders?   Where are the Swedish men?

Unfortunately,   we have an answer:


They took a trip to a moslem country.    To make nice.  To make deals.   Maybe to learn a thing or two.   Like How to Wear a Hijab and long black coats – because . . .  you’re just a female.   That parade of women in front of the two males are  the Swedish government at this present time.    They are proud of themselves.  They call themselves the “first feminist government in Europe.

The woman on the left is Swedish.       The women were learning to be . . .  learning to act like moslem women.


I don’t know.    Learning to capitulate, I guess.

The most hated man in Sweden right now is the former chief of police of a  city in Sweden who couldn’t stand it anymore and turned whistleblower.     He told the truth about the moslem takeover of Sweden, about who is responsible for most of   the crime in Sweden, and about how poorly the country is doing economically.

He is now being investigated for hate crime.

That was a Mr. Springare,  former chief police investigator in Örebro,   if you want to look it up.  This week another policeman spoke out about the coverup of moslem criminal activity in Sweden.   Tomas Åsenlöv.       He stands to lose everything in his life too.

Why should we care?   Why should an American care?       Because it’s not happening only in Sweden.

Weiße dominanz

And neither is this happening only in Germany:      Weiße dominanz —  you can probably guess what those two German words mean:  weiss =  white  and dominanz =  dominance.


Weiße dominanz,  as in   “End White dominance”  —  in Germany!!!     It’s a big movement.

Aren’t the Germans . . .  Caucasian?     Aren’t the Germanic people largely White?

Should not the Germans dominate  in  their own country?

Who is trying to push them out?

Die Linke, for one.    The Leftists — allied with the moslem invaders.    We in America are just now becoming aware of the affinity between the Left and the moslems who aim to promote sharia in this country too.

Are your children,  your  sons and daughters,   nieces and nephews,  grandsons and granddaughters  learning to recite the moslem prayer of submission to the moslem god?   Are they learning to memorize the Five Pillars of Islam?

Have you checked what moslem groups like C.A.I.R.  are  telling our schools what to teach?

America is a land of Legal Immigrants who assimilate into our culture which is founded in and identified by Judeo-Christian principles.


A classroom in Georgia,   for instance,   doing their lessons on Islam –


Classroom in Tennessee, taken by an angry parent during moslem lessons:


Blond-headed Dutch schoolchildren:


A page from a lesson one day  for German schoolchildren:


“. . .   und es gibt keinen (g)ott ausser dir.”          Oh, really?


Ignorance is (not) bliss.




November 4, 2016

No,  I’m not going to go all Shakespeare on you tonight“…something rotten in the state of Denmark … ”  (Marcellus,  in Hamlet.)

It’s Day 5.  That’s just two more 48-hour periods of time  before the election.    Somehow  that gives me comfort.   When it’s over,  I shall purge my computer of the hundreds of stories and pictures evidencing the rotting,  decaying odious stench of thoroughly corrupted people in the top offices of our nation.


I wrote about my shock three weeks ago when I opened my well-stocked freezer and discovered that the cord had been pulled out of the wall plug, probably a couple weeks   before.  It was a physical shock mostly.  The freezer contained something that smelled like a rotting corpse.  Took me many days to clean that up.  The smell is not completely gone from my memory.

Two more 48-hour periods of time.

We kind of know now, don’t we,  after this most recent set of leaks from whistleblowers,  just why the criminal legal proceedings have been advancing in fits and starts.   It is a wrestling match.


Clear-cut evidence,   willing witnesses,   a long list of charges,  a legal system waiting — and then nothing.

The “highest legal authority” in the land says:       No.   Don’t do it.

Okay,  no charges.

Other legal proceedings are ongoing –  hitting roadblocks,  delays,   but the prosecutions of the cases persists.   These are prosecutions going on against corruption within  our very precious and now precarious  American system of   government!  

Corruption to this degree is  against us!

But  evidence continued to pour in.      Even while the entertainment-news media is feeding us handy words to use like  “no intention,”    “no convictions.”   and “it’s all conspiracy,”   more and more words spoken and written by  R.oyal  C.lintoness and her Corrupt Criminal Clan  are being revealed to the public — that  would be “revealed to us  the American citizens,  who don’t want our government leaders sucking wealth and honor away from us.

Then the wrestling match continues:  Oh,  yes,  we have enough evidence now to revisit the case,  as I promised I would,  (James Comey.)   The investigation is back on.


What was that sudden wrestling move applied to our politicized FBI and that couldn’t be overcome by our highly political  Justice  Department?

I think it was this last move  by the New York City Police investigation  against the noted New York resident,   R.oyal  C.lintoness.       What we’ve learned yesterday and today was probably so compelling, and it netted in so many high top-level  federal officials,  by name,   that these people don’t have a counter move  against the NYPD.

A wrestling match that may end  badly for Them;  may end well for us,  the American people.    May.

Because this wrestling match is “above human”   Or,  “above human only.

Here’s that picture  again:


This is  Moloch,  Molech,  Molok,   etc.,  however you want to spell his name.  He is part of the ancient  Ba’al  system of gods which directed so much of the philosophy,  religion,  thought patterns and actions of  past humans.

I’m still a teacher.    I’ve been teaching my present subject for seventeen years now,  (and in another capacity,  the same subject for  “decades”  before).     Believe me,  the teacher learns a lot!     More than once I’ve had cause to observe: “The old gods are coming back.”

Moloch (et al.)  was  served by sacrifices,  human sacrifices,  child sacrifices,  (and not just clandestine airplane trips to “Orgy Island,”   stealing children from Haiti,  etc.,  in the name of “relocating orphans.”

Moloch (above)  was served with  LOUD music and drum beats,  drugs that would alter your “consciousness.”    He was served by  “doing the fertility thing,”  which would be sex, good old-fashioned fornication and adultery;  and sex with men and women,  virgins,  children,   little boys,  little girls,  and animals.  Sex, drugs, and rock n roll.   You wouldn’t have wanted to be around during those times of overt Ba’al worship.

His servants were identified by tattoos,   body piercings, cuttings,  scarrings.     Proud and defiant markings.

I’m talking about history,  right?

Moloch demanded human blood and other body fluids.    Serving him was as low and degrading to human dignity than humans can imagine.     And his influences reverberate down through human history.

Humans have an Enemy that hates us with a savage and murderous hatred.  But we’ve known that for a couple thousand years:   “For we wrestle,  not with flesh and blood,    but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.  (Ephesians 6:12)

“Against Moloch and the other Ba’al type gods which have been identified  in our history.”

Wickedness ends in death.

Those of you who  have read some of these latest disclosures about our Rulers in high places,”  know what the wrestling match is all about.

And you know the main problem is stealth.  Stealth!   Stealth!   Stealth!   Accomplished by distraction and misdirection  and darkness.

But the wrestling match is going on, it’s there for us to discover  if we can pierce the darkness and tolerate the stench.

Election 2016:      One of the candidates is NOT involved in these activities.



(I’ll  soon purge my computer of everything that has to do with this election, and I’ll probably delete the last two weeks’  worth of blog postings too;  and depending on who they tell us won the election,  it will be either immediately, or else soon after.)

Purging The Spruce Tunnel  too.


October 15, 2016

I can get into some pretty good funks once in a while.


When I write about them here, it’s usually with self-deprecating humor;  self mockery.  It’s actually kind of funny to be in that deep blue funk for a while, knowing that there’s really no good reason for it.      Just “enjoy” it while it lasts.

But this is different.   It’s been growing,  like a deep shadow just at the edge of your vision that becomes larger and larger until you can’t ignore what’s causing the shadow — and you have to confront it.

Things creeping up on you –


I wrote last time  “… you should see the expressions on the faces of the people I know ….”  Their expressions expressed what I was feeling about current affairs, about politics, about the future.   I had hoped that talking about things would make us feel better,  but no conversation can do that now.   Everyone seems very concerned.

I was with someone this week, having a conversation,  maybe hoping to get some perspective.   I was funking quite doomily for a while,  but I wasn’t getting any push-back, and I wasn’t being contradicted.    Turns out we probably have the same perspective.   Different experiences, same perspective on things.

It’s more than this:


Follow that red line,  curving downwards right now at the first section end.   That’s my “emotional”  charting.     Biorhythms.      They seem to follow reality.    So I’m right down scraping  bottom — but it’s not that.

This funk began a few weeks ago when I start fearing – actually fearing – this election.

As I also wrote in that last posting about October 13th,    our Hundred-Year Probation is on its last year.   This is it.   It begins this month and the likelihood of doom increases each month.    No more time to reform ourselves, I guess,  or for reforming our nation,  for steering our nation into a different, safer direction.

We’re going to get hit.

hrc-stern-70  The Poor Sick Lady promises to “shoot Russian planes down” if she gets elected.   I wonder what that will lead to.


The latest report on World Debt is that the total owed by the world is well over 152,000,000,000,000 — and that’s by deceptive accounting practices used by world banks.   Actual auditors estimate that the World Debt is quite a bit higher.  (If every country in the whole world sold everything of value and all the world’s value was added up together,  it would still not be enough to pay off the world’s debt.)

Why does Debt matter?     Because historically,  every time big bankers (or countries)  have gotten into impossible debt,  our Rulers have started a big war.


And now we know from Wikileaks and her emails that she tells Wall Street that she is squarely on their side,  she just has to do some “campaign rhetoric”  against them   You know,  she says,  a Public Persona for the people,  a Private Persona for us insiders.  She’ll do their bidding.

Our Rulers make back some money.    We die.    It’s called an oligarchy, and it’s never good for ordinary citizens.   It’s always good for the Establishment politicians.   The ones who know how to “win”  an election.

But my Funk of Doom tells me this has to be.     I can read Ezekiel 38 and Zechariah 14 as well as the next guy.    We all know this world system has to be brought to an end.       I’m expecting a bad, bad outcome to this election.

But, hey;  I’m no politician.

And it’s my funk, doesn’t have to be yours.