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March 15, 2019


Students around the world!    Don’t go to school today!!     Take action against climate change!

“Bark”  or  “Bare your teeth”    —  either way you’ll have no effect on the SUN!


We don’t know all the reasons that wolves howl under a full moon.   Maybe they don’t; maybe it only makes a dramatic picture.

cc wolf


But I think we know why the “students”  are being told to go out and bark at demonstrate against the sun.

As is repeated many times,  U.N. officials freely admit that the “climate change” idea is a great scheme to tax the industrialized (successful) nations of the world, and with the excuse of distributing that money to “needy” nations,  carbon tax money will pour into U.N.  coffers, enriching our would-be Rulers along the way.

cc redistribute

You’ve got to get this tax money flowing by first putting out the underlying propaganda that somehow cyclical changes in climate are anthropogenic;  that is,  that mankind’s activities can affect climate change.

Talk about howling at the moon!   Hah!

cc dorught   We are bombarded by falsified charts and computer projections, accompanied by highly selected and doctored photos of drought, extreme storms, wind damage, diseased and starving people, and of course that famous polar bear stuck on a piece of ice floating ever so far from shore — because he’s running out of ice — a photo carefully cropped to give elementary school children reason to cry themselves to sleep for love of the poor polar bears, as reported by the entertainment-news media.

(Have these children also been told that the polar bear population around the world is at  its highest since measurements began?) 

It is the changes in the sun that drive climate and climate change and climate catastrophes upon this planet.  *

The sun’s changes especially and immediately affect our climate.   Some of the changes are cyclical, some are random.     There are so many charts and diagrams and studies available for us to examine.

The sun affects earth’s climate changes.

Against Climate Change

Our dear youngest generation of (superannuated)  children  were told to go out into the streets today  and bark demonstrate against the sun!

cc fierce dog

Maybe they think it will help.

Our global rulers do.    Global socialists –  if you earn money,  they want it.



.*    At this present time there is a a drastic reduction in sunspots, resulting in less protection by the actions of solar wind;  but in addition we’re also experiencing  a dramatic lowering of the earth’s protective magnetosphere;  a measurable and observable warming up of the entire solar system;  and the results of our present location in  a cosmic “cloud”  full of energetic particles, adding “energy”   to our weather systems as well as probably heating up the core of the earth.

All science points to a coming ice age, although “weather swings”  will first become noticeable. 

















April 6, 2018

I just want to have some fun now:    It’s the end of a long tiring week with  “motherly-grandmotherly”  concerns and “teacherly ”  concerns and  Internal Revenue concerns.     Nothing wrong.   Just “concerns.”

I’m fairly sure there are very few people left who  “believe”  in Global Warming/Climate Change anymore.   Maybe only those whose jobs depend upon maintaining the fiction.  We’ve seen enough of their faked weather measurements,  false inputs into computer programs, and skewed algorithms.

Latest exposure of the falsification of temperatures:

GRAPH Adjusted

The blue line of past temperatures is the truth,  based on actual measurements.  The red line is the “adjusted” measurement of past temperatures.    If you make it seem as though temperatures in the past were lower,  then today’s actual temperatures look like they’re higher, and going up!       (Voila!  Global Warming!)

Actual measurements and observations show that the temperature is slightly decreasing, and increasingly decreasing,   leading many to postulate a coming Ice Age.

Blank sun

See the sun lately?   Again,  no sunspots for long stretches of days.    And we’re in a   long period of years in which the  sunspot count has been very low.   I hope you know what that means.    (B-r-r-r-r-r-r)

So what did our last recent Ice Age look like?    What would a mile-high glacier look like?    What would an Ice Age feel like?

You would have to go into the past, beyond 11,500 years  before the next warming trend on earth began to end the Ice Age.  We’re at the end of that warming trend right now.

11,500  years ago.     Or about “10,000 B.C.” (if you enjoy movies) .

There were animals alive that did not make it through the transition.  Here is a herd of mastodons coming out of the icy mist:

MastHerd 1

Yummy!    The life and health of your village would depend upon bringing one of these creatures down – and then knowing how to use every last bit of the mastodon for everything you need.

That’s why we need the strong muscles and hunting  skills and courage of our men!

Mastodon and Hunters

There were large predators too that didn’t make it through the transition out of the last Ice Age (thankfully!)   –

Mas Saber in village

Your village may have received an unwanted visitor!

A very large predator!     The saber toothed tiger.

Mast Saber approach

We can visit his remains, safely,  in museums around our country, but if you lived in the last Ice Age,  you’d have to deal with him, alive, from time to time.

Mas Saber in your face

(The movie ended well, by the way.   Goodness and courage prevailed in humans who were  just like us.))

It’s actually fun looking into Ice Age living conditions.  It wasn’t really so long ago.   Having fun while learning about interesting things keeps you young.

Fortunately  Son reminds me to stay young.  Here’s my new mug:

Mug Skeleton 2

And the rest of him:

Mug skeleton 1

There’s hot tea in that mug –  and that’s why you can see the bones.

When cold . .  .

MUG (2)

. . .   you see the whole T-Rex.

(Thanks for the gift!  I still love it.)

You’re never too old for toys!



March 3, 2018

(Well, after all that “thumb-blood” pouring out of me a few days ago,  I have  a ridiculously small mark on my thumb and I have no excuse not to get back to the keyboard.)


chi mts without

I read a headline today, offered by Breitbart News, that read:  “US Catholics More Worried About Climate Change Than Christian Persecution.”      My guess is that you don’t have to be a Catholic –  or have any religious practice at all –  in order to be indifferent to the suffering of our fellowman,  for whatever reason.     Lots of things to distract us.

But no human being has the right to make another human being suffer, except perhaps in the course of a just punishment,  but even then Christ commands us to be merciful.

The Twentieth Century  (of which we are still philosophically a part of) has seen the most widespread, severe, and horrific persecution of citizens by their governments than this world has ever experienced.  Deaths over a hundred million –  death by government decree.    We hope it’s over . . . .

But persecution continues.    (And grows for some.)

chin mountains

We don’t hear much of massive deaths, such as during the Cultural Revolution in China a few decades ago,  but, nevertheless,   there are ongoing government-decreed killings  of two kinds of people in China,  the born and the unborn.

The Church there is under severe and increasingly severe persecution.

Tucked away in the valleys, in distant places beyond administrative reach, here and there,   Catholics practice their faith in China,  quietly.

chi vallley

They are “patriotic,”  in the American sense of the word.  They are proud to be Chinese and they are glad to be Catholic.

They should be just like us, following the same Master,  come to teach us, His children.

chi and Jesus


They should be able to hear the same words in the Mass and in the Bible and to meditate upon those words, without fear or distraction.

chi Jesus and siciples

The Chinese have hearts and souls and minds and bodies like we do, and so ought we to have compassion for them when we hear of their persecution.   And it’s getting very much worse for them.

“US Catholics More Worried About Climate Change (stories) Than Christian Persecution”?

The Chinese Catholics are being persecuted right now on two fronts – from within and from without.  We can understand that a socialist, materialist dictatorship does not want competition and is deeply suspicious of loyalty to anything but themselves –  and devotion to God is seen as disloyalty to the government.

That’s why those Chinese Catholics are usually found in far away places, leading quiet lives,  wishing to not attract attention.       This has worked fairly well for a long time.  “The mountains are high, and the emperor is far away,” as the Chinese say.

chi shrine

Quiet devotion in isolated areas.

But there is a modernist and very arrogant,  heavy-handed,    lead-footed  (lead-booted?) unwise group of men in the Vatican today.    So far are these men from the prudent men of broad and liberal understanding of Catholics in past generations,  that I hesitate to say these Modernists even have a Catholic spirit.

These Modernists have stirred the political pot in China, pointing out that   HEY!   You’ve got Catholics in your country!!!!!    Let’s make a DEAL!!!!!       And so discussions concerning Catholic freedoms in a socialist country have been fired up needlessly.

Heated debates- all ‘graciously’ conducted in diplomatic meetings –  have led to government commands  to crack down on Catholics, to demolish churches and shrines, to restrict freedoms,  and most noticeably to insist that the government has priority over selecting Catholic local leadership.

Socialist leadership over Church matters?    There are a lot of  “Church” issues that must give way  to the government.  Catholics must bow to the government.    Kowtow,  I would say.

The stakes are high.   Loss of government-approved employment.  Loss of homes.   Separation from family.  False charges.  Imprisonment.   Execution.  And the worst of all  –  the  forced choice between “patriotism” or the compromise of one’s own beliefs.

So . . .  just so you know.

The Chinese are included in the Universal  Church, our  universe.   Our brothers and sisters.   Can we spare a prayer for them after we worry about Climate change stories?


Thanks again to Breitbart for pointing this out.








June 1, 2017

After today’s announcement about our country’s non-participation in the Paris Accords,  I see there has been a lot of hysterical,  illogical,  non-scientific pronouncements coming out of Mainstream Media,  Social Media,  and Hollywood actors and actresses.

I trust  there are many among us with love for our planet,  love for our country  (The United States of America),  a love for science and invention,  and a can-do attitude.    Therefore,  I give you,  the up-and-coming generation,  THREE WORDS:

Zero.   Point.   Energy.




Zero.  Point.  Energy.   (it goes by other names and there are variations)



  1.    It’s all around you;  you just have to find a clever  way to get it.


2.   It’s challenging, dangerous work;  don’t get killed.


3.    “Fossil” Fuels  are not made from “fossils.”    The planet isn’t about to run out of  smooshed dinosaurs – and there is no such thing as peak oil.  Therefore,  you have plenty of time for this project.


4.   “Solar power”  and “wind power”  require more electricity  (generated from coal, etc.)   to create its electricity  than what these techniques can  even generate.      So far.    It may take a very long time to make this technology viable.


5.   It will soon become apparent to all just how lethal nuclear power plants are.   It is the most deadly way humans have ever invented in order to simply boil water and generate steam.


The three words:  Zero Point Energy.    The old-timers will laugh at you;    but you will be on a righteous mission and you’ll save the planet.

Just keep your newly discovered technology:  Open Source!





June 7, 2016

This must be Sissy Weather –

Sissy Pond

See any goldfish in there?     Nope.

I have more than three dozen so far this year, and they’ve all disappeared because it got a little chilly out there.   The big sissies.   They’ve been gone all day.

For my part,  I’ve been enjoying the cool winds all day.   I kept the windows open today, in 62 degree temperatures, so now my house is . . .  about 62 degrees inside.   It’s going to get down to the low 50s tonight – and I’m NOT turning on my furnace.    Quilts,   hot tea, and a stack of books are what cold houses are for!

We’ll see.

Sisssy herbs

The Weather Channel has not announced our three or four spells of “unseasonably:  cold weather this Spring  –  temperatures   “way below average.”    (They do, however,  enthusiastically announce wherever the temperatures are warmer than average.  Must be that that “climate change” is going in only one direction.)

I’ve been much more active in this cool weather.

I’m just getting started on my herb garden,  and I promised myself I’d take a year or two off of tomato growing.  Maybe the Great Midwestern Tomato Blight will be done by then.    I live around enough Amish farmers to make a trip to the Farmer’s Market a  better alternative.


All of my neighbors are busy trying to keep up with late Spring yard chores, so that the summer’s growth doesn’t become overwhelming.    Like these pretty flowers surrounding St. Joseph –

sissy invasion

I didn’t plant those flowers.    Every day they seem to get bigger and thicker.   Turns out they are an “invasive species”  and they are efficiently invading my space.   So rather than “growing” things  this year,  my summer will be busy “ungrowing”  things.

Sometimes we need to  stop growing things,  to “ungrow,”  to cut back, to weed out — oh, I think I’m talking other things:  my books,  my extra possessions that are “extra”  for no particular purpose,   all my photos,   and all the photos on my computer desktop waiting to be used . . .

I’ve just taken a kind of interlude from more serious issues.    I need the courage and prudence to say things in just the right way,  because our civilization is at stake.   It’s so easy to let it go,   to make no remarks,   for “good people to do nothing,”  —  to be a big Sissy.

Sissy white pond

Well.      That’s not our gray sky through the trees.   That’s still looking down at the pond, at the empty pond;  still nobody there.

The big sissies.


August 4, 2015

( Global Rulers are demanding our money.   They’re in charge, because few will rise up and oppose,  even though only a minority of “scientists” and “popular opinion polls”   agree with their Scheme to justify their theft of money from good citizens of the world.)


The justification is that there is “climate change”  —  which I found discussed in my science books many, many decades ago  —  and that we must believe that human activities are suddenly responsible  and we must agree that a few of the countries of the world must be beaten down economically to “pay for”  aeons old climate change.   Originally it was “global warming”  and massive ice melts and ocean rises.

The man that They put into the chair of the president of the United States promised the American people that he would make the ocean waters recede — by seven inches worldwide !! — and that man promised that one of the ways he would do it is by “making our utility bills skyrocket.”      (His word, not mine.)

Skyrocketing utility bills?   Skyrocketing prices for electricity, heating, and air conditioning?

That’s the Plan for us proposed this week by the Barack Hussein person,  seconded by a strange religious “prophet.”

2 Marxists understanding each other

So “let’s do ice,”  because that is the most comical “evidence”  for man-made climate change.

CHART   Ice global sea iceSee the up and down blue lines on the chart?    That’s a record of the extent of global sea ice.  It’s how much ice has covered the globe from time to time — since 1979.   The chart’s curves do not match the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  No relationship between carbon dioxide and ice formation or ice melting.

Ice coverage tends to go up and down,  but remains about the same throughout the decades.   No rise in ocean levels.    No loss of ice for the polar bears.

ice polar bearThey know what to do in ice and in water.   Especially when their environment is not really changing!

Here is an aerial view of last year’s ice coverage in the Arctic region.   The Red line shows the average amount of ice cover.  The picture is from 2014.

Ice Aerial Average Ice Red lineNot much difference.     The polar bears are safe.     Shame to the elementary school teachers who caused some of their children to have nightmares about drowning, starving polar bears  (as reported in news stories).   Shame to the adults who believed the spurious science studies.   Shame to the adults who shrug their shoulders on the issue.

As undersea volcanoes increase, certain ocean currents warm up,  bringing warmer air;  therefore certain coastal glaciers recede, even as other glaciers are increasing, worldwide.     Carbon dioxide doesn’t make ice or melt ice.     It’s not the very small  amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,  less geologically speaking now than there has been in the past — before humans.

There is no global climate change.   The ice tells us that.

Mount Erebus, Antarctica

I guess the Barack Hussein person doesn’t have to work his magic on ocean levels.

And he really doesn’t have to cause our utility bills to rise — or cause large regions of this country to lose their means of making a living,  shutting down coal fields.

But he will try.

Because he has an agenda.   He has a Scheme.  He’s doing the bidding of our World Rulers.   He is well protected.  A man wo considers himself above the Law cannot be stopped.

And never has it been known that the public dares to defy its Caesar.