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March 12, 2019

(Maybe I’m not quite actually a Luddite.  After all,  I use the Internet many, many times a day for many different things.  )

But I can still think like a Luddite —  and make a case against the Internet.

My last posting was “A Death.”     My friend’s death is still very much with me . . . and so maybe I’ll be a little more gloomy.   (Than usual.)

There he is!

Gloomy Gus

“Gloomy Gus.” 

Gloomy Gus with a “Good,  but on the other hand,”  type of commentary.


LDY pc   In the early 1990s I could hardly wait to get the Internet in my home.    Thank goodness Daughter, who was a business woman by then, convinced  her Dad that our home just must have a real computer . . .  which needed a connection to the Internet.   No questions asked.

It was fun.  It was interesting.   It was entertaining.  But I could see that the things I did, even  though I could do them on the Internet,  did not require the Internet.  I still had easy access to  books and libraries,  encyclopedias,  a word processor, a post office and stamps.  I could communicate with friends and family,  pay bills,  study and learn, play games (with real people) — I still had a familiar off-Internet life.

Bottom line(s) –   it’s been a mixed blessing,  with the scale tipping towards the negative.

In these last 30 years bill paying, for instance, became convenient, automatic, almost forgettable,   but we realize that we’re now vulnerable to the existence of a healthy, functioning Internet,  not in our control;  and vulnerable to hacking and criminal activity with our personal information.

Has the Internet helped our doctors use and store and access information?    Well, now my private medical profile seems to be free for the taking!  (Several times.)

Letter writing became less an act of thoughtful  friendship and more, just,  email.  Then chatrooms, IMs, PMs, DMs.   Texting.      Quick “sound bites” while swatting away  spam and trolls.

More enemies to take measures against:  hackers, worms, viruses, privacy breaches, censorship,  shadow-banning  — criminals,  foreign interest groups,  Deep State  — even “dark heroes” to push against our Rulers.


Mr. R…..

Reading the news and reading news opinions became a quick glance at headline aggregates,  and  the frustration of reading “click bait”  knowing a half an hour has gone by without  ever having reached a broad overview of the events of the day or gaining any deeper understanding of current events.

Political analysis became he said/she said about the latest scandal, usually over-hyped and dependent upon fake stories.   Or some were fake.   Or maybe some were not.   Or if you follow it long enough maybe you’ll figure it out.   Or not.

lady lib down

Attitudes, and emotions became the foundation of decision-making.   Justice is subject to polls and popular opinion.

Our attention is drawn to flashy bits of flesh,  cute kittens, and disaster photos.

The promise was the Internet would  open up the whole world to us:  travel,  explore new cultures and customs, more information at our fingertips,  learn by seeing things . . . and it was fun, until we realized the easy availability of limitless information came with a thin layer of superficiality in what we saw and what we thought.     Superficiality became boring.

Now we are  overly-informed, overly-surveilled,  overly-confused,  overly jaded,  overly concerned —

Wait,  maybe justifiably concerned:   Never before have our lives been so vulnerable to the vagaries of Nature.   Large, disruptive CMEs and solar flares are very likely in the near future.  EMPs from our enemies.   Failure of the electric grid for large periods of time.

Imagine life without those modern “considerations,”  both natural and man-made.

Imagine life with letters from friends;   a satisfying stack of bills paid, ready to to be mailed;  a friendly trip to the bank, or local store, seeing familiar faces;    books from the library or a book store;    photos that are special and cherished – because they are less common;    magazines and newspapers that had to be informative, or else people wouldn’t buy them;    entertainment that involved other people;   traveling by actually .  . .  traveling;   using a recipe from my mother’s handwriting;   and having time —

Time, because everything takes more time, and life slows down to the speed of humans.

A Luddite wishes to live at the Speed of Human.







February 18, 2019


Putting the entertainment-news media on the dock, in this post.


Children’s games are fun because children have the capacity to blur the line between reality and imagination.  These childish games are less fun  as the child matures because he’s beginning to have a firm grasp on what is imagination and what is reality.


So here’s a common pretend game many of us learned in childhood —

We all know that men pray,

ch men pray


And we all know what this is:

ch pic

So the game starts like this:

Put your hands together and intertwine your fingers.  (“Here is the church.”)

ch do 3 is 1


Now place your thumbs together and  rotate your hands outwards so you can see your thumbs together.     (to make little doors)

c h do 1

Now move your two forefingers upwards and make them touch at the tips.   (“Here is the steeple.”)

ch 2


Now  OPEN   your hands apart,  and  “See all the people!”  —

ch do 4


Wiggle, wiggle,  wiggle  your fingers.  Those are the PEOPLE!
ch see thepeople

Little ones,  3, 4, 5, years old giggle with delight when they feel that blurry existence between “fingers”  and  “people.”    6, 7, even 8 years old  do it again to feel their “distance”  from childish beliefs, and they smile inwardly knowing they  know better,   they’re  becoming mature.

It’s a natural process,  children do it  themselves.

(This is why you don’t yell at your five year old for “lying” because he really doesn’t yet have the capacity to always, fully grasp when his statement is a ‘lie.”    In fact, you’ll retard this process if you respond with parental intimidation . . . the child will never feel safe when he contemplates, on his own,  what is reality and what is imagination. and so the process may never completely mature)

Maybe that’s what happened to the entertainment-news media.  They seem to get more howls of delight and glee (and rating$)   if they blur the line between what really happened and what they pretend had happened.

And they capitalize on how much of an agenda some of the public has internalized.   The entertainment-news-education media has taught many people that “America is a racist society.”    “Institutionalized racism,” they explain.

So dearly do they want to hang on to this idea that a young hijab-wearing student in an Ivy League University can fake an attack on herself and claim it was “white Americans”  — and be taken seriously without any proof.  Later, when she admits she lied, she receives no societal punishment, legal or otherwise.

Homosexual college students write homophobic  epithets on their own dorm room doors!

Political ads show outrageous atrocities committed against Black victims,  all imaginary and dramatized to imply these things are being done today.

Jusse Smollett,  an actor of some kind,   claimed to be attacked for his race and for his sexual proclivities by  some “white” men (who later turned out to be Black)  and was taken seriously by the news readers on network television.

Why did this almost work?   Because people on the network entertainment-news programs  solemnly intoned:   “This  . . .    is America   . . .     in 2019.”      I watched one woman say that on television,  just like a 6 year old discovering her wiggling fingers-people.

Furthermore:    “And those attackers were “wearing MAGA hats . . .”    Why that detail?   Because, it is repeatedly  and solemnly declared:       “Trump   . . .    divides this country  . . .   because he . . .    is a racist . . .   and a homophobe  . . . . ”

This would be a pretty long posting if I gave you so many more examples –  daily, really.

Maybe it’s our entertainment-news-education media programs that have never really stopped blurring the lines between imagination and reality.

ch whole thing

Here is the church

And here is the steeple

Open the doors

And see all the people!


I would be remiss if I stopped right there.    Because- –   if we as a society live in that blurry magical line of what is real is what we want to be real,  then, like children,  are playing with fire.

It is the fire of Civil War and destruction, a collapse of all the societal safety nets that America has built up over the last two centuries.

Of course there’s a remedy, within easy grasp of every adult qua adult.


There is NO conflict between faith and reason,  between religion and reality,  between private and public  religious thinking.       Our Founding Fathers knew this, and also warned that the continuing success of this Republic,  based upon our Constitution,  relies upon the goodness and moral behavior of the  people of the United States,  “We The People.”    Alexis de Tocqueville observed and reported this about America in the early 19th century — as we were growing as a nation.   “America is great because America is good”  he said.

Post Govt needs Morality

The American people  were informed by their Christian faith –  not each individual personally,of course,   but in our laws and institutions, and public behavior.

As in the last two postings here,    Christian faith,  Christ – ” Christ is the Light of the world,”   ” His Light is the Life of Men, ”    the true enlightening of men’s minds, so that we can be a good and moral people:

ch the way


If, as a society, we can stumble our way back to Him,  then there is hope that we too, like an 8 year old,  will mature in our thinking – and be able to sustain our American Republic.   





January 18, 2019

This is to update some of you who have been asking to see Cooper . . . .


I wrote in the last post that I was eating some “nice hot red lentil soup.”


And the reason is:  it’s COLD around here tonight!

(Not my bowl,  not my soup,  but pretty close.)

Our weatherman tells us it’s going to get a whole lot colder in the next few days, and that we’ll be getting a little snow tonight, probably less than five inches,  but in a few days we’ll be getting  another snowstorm and that one promises to be bigger.

Finally!   Maybe some cross-country skiing this year.

However, I’m keeping an eye on my grandson and his home in the High Sierras:


warning blizzard


I knew he’d be all right in just a few feet of new snow,  but it was interesting.     I didn’t even think he’d have a snow day,  but he called me yesterday and said he was having a snow day then and there was one the day before.

I told him that I used to think Snow Days were fun because my Mom and I would use that extra time to bake some treats:  penuche was my favorite;  or fudge;  or brownies;  or cinnamon rolls.

cooper cooking 270

Guess he took it seriously.

And, yes, he’s really using the mix-master.  He bakes and he cooks his own meals sometimes.   He’s 8 years old now.    (His Daddy took the picture and wrote:  Chocolate-y  Chocolate Chip cookies!)

That’s the way you pass down traditions –  baking treats on a Snow Day!

I tried taking a peek at their area during their blizzard,  but the Donner Lake web cam and the Truckee downtown web cam were both covered by snow.     They were last night and they still are today.

They got three or four feet of snow.   We’re supposed to get three or four inches of snow this weekend.    But I’ll probably be baking anyway.






January 18, 2019




Maybe I shouldn’t combine these two stories . . .   Maybe not,  but they are both contributing to my experience on this Friday –  one funny and serious;  one unfunny and serious.


Funny and serious:

So it’s Friday today!   Who doesn’t like Friday!!!!?

These guys don’t, apparently:

sad fish 300

I was shopping  for some fish this week,  at a store that is known to fly in its fish twice a day.   The fish is always fresh and it tastes just the way you’d hope the fish would taste.   I took a few photos of their colorful display of fish of all sorts of varieties, and when I got home,  this photo caught my eye.

What a sad group of little guys lying there on ice!     Their expressions stopped me in my tracks.     They look almost human in their . . .  sadness.

sad fish cr

So, well,   it’s Friday today.    A day of abstention from  meat.   One way to get good daily protein is by eating fish, although right now, as a type these words,  I’m eating a nice hot bowl of red lentil soup (but the reason for that I’ll put in the next posting).

Fasting and abstention, among other religious practices, have been a part of the Hebrew and Christian religions for far more than 2,000 years.

Since Christ died on a Friday  (the end of the Thursday/Friday Passover feast),   Christians participate in that act of sacrifice by their own acts of self-denial and penance, abstention from meat being the most common and the easiest to do.    Sort of easy.

These fish seem to understand the tragic necessity of Good Friday.


Unfunny and serious:

Another thing that I’ve experienced on this Friday is not abstinence,  but absence.   And that’s not funny.

I knew that the annual March For Life was going to be held today, but I waited until today to really pay attention.    But I couldn’t find it anywhere.   Radio news, television news,   not even the DrudgeReport  carried the March.  Maybe it was just me.  Maybe they did carry it but for such a short time that I missed it.


I watched my local TV station,  and there, at the end of an hour and a half of local news was a 10 second mention of people from our state and the state next to us who had left on buses today to attend the March in Washington . . ..    That’s it.   I went to their Website.   Same short video.

I went to  our local  newspaper’s website;   nothing.  I used the search engine and typed in  March For Life.   I got ONE result,  an article about  the 2017-2018 March For Life –  I don’t know how they combined them.     Then I searched for March For Life 2019.   I got nothing, except for a warning that I had only one more “free” article to read, and then I’d have to pay 99 cents for more.

Yahoo “news”  had an extremely   short mention of the March,  just the what, when, and where, and that it happened.    I went to the Washington Post Website and found a slightly longer article,  what, when, where,  followed by a long refutation of everything the Right to Life people believe in, throwing statistics around as though they were invented out of thin air.    Uh,  maybe . . . .

Finally I came across an article on LifeSite news which reported exactly what I had been finding.  ABC/NBC/CBS  according to their findings,  had completely ignored the March For Life  event this year, but spent a lot of time on the pro-abortion, pro lots of things  Women’s March on Saturday.   (Full of controversy itself, as liberals are pulling out of it, afraid to be tainted by anti-semitic members in the movement.)

So I wasn’t wrong.


But this is serious,  far more serious than we all care to admit   I sure hope I’m wrong    about that.

Not too long ago,  in living memory of some people still here with us,    Germany began marginalizing a group of people.   Here’s the process:

First they ignore and and de-legitimize that group

Then they demonize that group, calling them names,  making up false stories  (fake news) about them;   mocking them;  making them look ridiculous

Then they make that group look un-social, anti-social,  dangerous to society

Then they begin to identify members of that group and isolate that group.

(In today’s world they would have “de-monetized”  any member of that group and pulled their videos and messages off of YouTube and Facebook, etc.)

Then the State criminalizes speech.    It criminalizes that group and everyone who thinks like the group.

Then criminal sanctions are applied . . .  fines . . .  arrests . . .  imprisonments . . .  and,of course,   execution is the inevitable and most efficient way to get rid of the opposition.

That’s serious.

Just pay attention to the words and attitudes of our entertainment-news media and see for yourself how far along this pathway we’ve come.



Memorize that process.    It’s still a mystery why the very highly educated,  cultured, and refined German nation slipped into that process.


It’s the very opposite of  the free discourse, political discussion,  that any culture must have in order to survive.

no right turn




January 16, 2019

It’s really not too early to think about the next election.   Normally it would be, but these are not normal times.   There is much we have to learn and not much time to learn those essential things.   I offer an effective prayer . . . .


In one state (California)  in the 2018 election,  Republicans won ten seats in congress.  TEN!   Ten.   Ten.

Ten Republican seats in Congress.

But the radical, progressive wing of the Democrat party would not accept that the election was over.    After a couple  weeks of a process called  Ballot Harvesting,  nine congressional seats were handed over to the Democrats.

v how many times

(How many times?)

(That’s humor . . . )

Now, this went on in other states too.     Republican victories handed to Democrats.

vote handling

It’s the latest  winning move on the part of the radical wing of the Democrat party.   Would all Democrats be happy with this dishonest method – as long as the result is a win?

Nine congressional seats transferred over to the party that didn’t get those votes from the actual  voters  —  and that’s just one state.

In these days of investigations, findings, and admissions concerning Big Tech corporations who are opposed to Republicans of any kind,  those such as Google and YouTube have been found to have conspired against the American people to influence elections in favor of the Democrat party:

Just don’t show  the popularity of  conservative subjects in people’s searches.   Just don’t show videos by conservatives.

v unblock



And, yes,  political analysts have studied the issue and have determined that millions of voters were influenced by the skewed presentations of YouTube and Google,  Facebook “news,”  and Twitter feeds.      Shadow-banning is real and it’s useful to the radical Democrats and progressives.

More and more,  people are beginning to resent having their minds molded by the desires of employees at Google.     They have become the Joseph Goebbels  of the whole world,  with effective technological means that would have astonished Goebbels himself .

google dictator


The resentment builds.    There are lawful ways in this particular country to correct this dangerous course we are walking down.

I’m hoping we take these lawful ways.

I’m  looking for that famous  “Tipping Point.”



If you are the praying type,  here is a prayer for our country.    It’s attributed to Sister Marie de Saint Pierre of a century ago.  I think she and President Abraham Lincoln were reading from the same Holy Book:

“Eternal Father,  I offer Thee the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ and all the instruments of His Holy Passion that thou mayest put divisions in the camp of thine enemies for as Thy beloved Son hath said,  A kingdom divided against itself shall fail.*   Amen.” 

Jesus died for our iniquities.   He offered Himself up for our sins.     This is a valid prayer. 


. *  (Mark 3:25)


January 15, 2019

(The “teacher” in me – trying not to be too preachy.  But then, as we all know,  “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”      – Lord Acton)


Still talking about Liberty, here.  Something that should concern us all.  I’m a little disconcerted with the way things are going;  i.e.,   increasing loss of our personal Liberty.

The Truckers in America have noticed this.

trcu convoy

Some have a truckers’ strike planned for sometime in April to call attention to their liberty-less plight. *   Since I listen to their show nearly every night, I understand where they’re coming from even though the disruption to the supply chain in our country could be very bad.   (But the truckers’ strike may not happen.)

I’m going to let other people do some writing for me tonight.     First,  just for fun,   here’s an interesting bit on Liberty vs. State interference of  religious practice  from a blog written by a Father Hunwicke, of England:

—  Well, wait a minute.  if you’re not up to speed on European politics,  this might not make sense to you.  You see,  Belgium recently passed a law saying the government will no longer support particular religious requirements concerning meat.    And then Father Hunwicke contrasts that decision with Poland’s bishops declaring that such laws are prejudicial  against religious practices.

He writes with wit and  sarcasm:

Surely, it is outrageous that the Belgian regime should outlaw the provision of Kosher and Hallal meat.

I seem to remember that the Polish Bishops’ Conference opposed, successfully, the adoption of such a law in Poland. I wonder how long it will take for the generality of people to realise that secular liberalism as promoted by the Zeitgeist will give you tyranny; while a robust Catholicism is more likely to support freedom.

But then, we recall how sensitively the Belgians ran their Empire.

I wonder how aware they are that the claim of one of their ministers, that State law takes precedence over Religious law, aligns them with so many great historical figures, from Nero and Domitian down to Stalin and Hitler.

“Plucky little Belgium”, indeed.

Boorish Bully-boy Belgium.

What we can take from this is his observation that the Catholics in Poland are showing much more religious tolerance than the socialist government of Belgium.

The myth is that if you are religious, you are ipso facto “intolerant.”    Actual reality proves otherwise.     It is today’s Big State governments that are intolerant of religion — and are a danger to anyone with religious convictions.   Hence,  the American Bill of Rights,  First Amendment, specifically.     The Bill of Rights is there to restrict government power.

In the last posting I wrote about  State versus Church issues that are confronting us more and more today,   in society,  our workplace,  our public office duties.    Previously, in America,  we held on to the principle that there is no religious test  for belonging to this society.


We don’t have to prove that we are of a certain religion, nor do we have to prove that we have no religion at all, at least not one that would interfere with our  public life .

Hold on to that principle!    There is no “religious test”  for Americans.   At least there shouldn’t be.   I would recommend that you recognize it wherever this attitude crops up – and that you have “rehearsed”  ways to combat it.

Nicely, of course.  Respectfully.




The rest of this blog just repeats the last posting, with names this time of those who have acted like the Inquisitors of people nominated for public office who just happen to have religious faith.

We don’t know where this is heading,  especially is we do nothing and let it happen,  but we should all remember that    “The first thing you do as a Fascist Government is to remove all Religion. Just ask Hitler or Stalin. “

Here’s the quotation:

Quick,somebody please remind Democratic Senators, Kamala Harris and Mazie Hirono, that they’re members of what’s supposed to be the tolerant party. Based on the bigoted questions they recently posed to a judicial nominee, they may think that Democrats are the heirs of the anti-Catholic Know Nothing party.

Senators Harris and Hirono challenged federal judicial nominee Brian Buescher about his affiliation with the Knights of Columbus, an international Catholic charitable organization with nearly 2 million members. What, specifically, are the senators upset about? That the Catholic organization espouses the teachings of the Catholic Church. How dare it!
And remember, Harris and Hirono aren’t the only senators making these suggestions. In 2017, Democratic Senators Dick Durbin and Dianne Feinstein suggested that judicial nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s religious belief rendered her unfit for the bench. A few months before that, the supposedly progressive Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., suggested that Russell Vought, an evangelical nominee for a position in the Office of Management and Budget, was unfit for public service because of his belief in the Gospel.

Sanders’ treatment of Vought makes clear that it’s not only Catholics who should be alarmed by this trend among Democrats and progressives. The left seeks to stifle any public expressions of religious belief, whether it’s relevant to one’s job or not, and block from government anyone whose religious beliefs run counter to the ideology of the left.

From:    https://   www.   foxnews.   com/opinion/senators-bigotry-threatens-all-believers-the-left-gets-closer-to-stifling-all-public-expressions-of-faith



. *  #BlackSmoke Matters






January 10, 2019


(A continuing thought from yesterday,  but I hope this post title is not disrespectful.)


I present to you Patriarch Kirill,   the head of all the Russian Orthodox people.

krill patriarch

Officially his title is:  “Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus and Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church”    . . .  (The Rus being the area around Kiev  that my Viking ancestors conquered and developed into a little economic empire.)  

I believe he is well-liked by his people.    I have read some of his words from time to time, and he seems very well-educated,  experienced with people, wise, and above all a man of sincere faith.

He also sees the world over the  shoulder of a very important world leader.

kirill putin conscince

And it  seems that he has been “looking up”  too,  observing the development of our Microwave Radiation Communication devices  and all the ways that we are being digitally identified and followed,  whether with our Internet use,  cell phones, and microchips and online travel plans and  financial transactions.

He also seems to know the book of Revelation, *    which is one glimpse of conditions at the end of this world,   one glimpse among many others which all seem to tell the same story:    One day all power and all wealth will be consolidated into one governing force, with one “person” at the head of it all.   This “person”  will need the absolute compliance and loyalty of all people of the world.   

And this will be a difficult and dangerous development for the world because each human must transfer his faith and loyalty away from Christ  (or any other political or religious philosophy)  and to himself.     No strays allowed.  No dissenting opinion allowed.

k watching you

Compliance is safety in this New World governance headed by an anti-Christ figure.

What Patriarch Kirill has pointed out this week is that all our “connected”  electronic gadgets, from TVs,  phones, cars,  household appliances, our hands if we’re microchipped (for our convenience),   and all the millions of CCTV cameras everywhere and the satellites looking down on us  — all this makes it easier for a powerful world political leader  to rise to power,  eliminating his opposition, and then staying in power, eliminating any dissidents.

We don’t know who this powerful global leader will be,  but the world seems to be trending towards the coming of  his reign.

k coming

Although the anti-Christ-Global Leader will be imbued with very strong negative supernatural “energy,”   he is still human and less than omniscient.   Even Satan himself is less than omniscient.  Only God knows all things.      But the coming Global Leader will need to know everything that might be a threat to his power.

He will be  at the center of all information.

k center of allthings

We are building the  electronic system of interconnectedness that will make this possible.

Oh.  that’s  what Patriarch  Kirill is saying. . . .


So, a caution (from me):     It’s not the humans that are insisting on 5G technology.   It’s some vague,  unknown, little understood “force”  that is pressing us on to further dependence upon  digital technology.

k ww.jpg

” Wouldn’t you want a little more candy?”

“Wouldn’t you want a little more downloading speed?”    “Wouldn’t you want all your appliances conveniently connected to you cell phone controller?”    “Wouldn’t you want the latest digital development?”


Then this caution about the oh, so fast and convenient microchips , from a Futurist:

The website Futurism calls it a     “digital security nightmare.”

Besides being vulnerable to hackers, a chip implanted in your body means, “They could track where you are, how long you take for lunch every day, or how many times you went to the bathroom if the chip were scanned by a reader,”  Futurism writes. “And opting out of this kind of data collection is a lot more convoluted when you’ve got a chip implanted in your bodily tissues. If you want to go off the grid in even the smallest way, you can leave your wallet at home, but removing a microchip requires a bit more, uh, effort.”

Does our future history have to play out this way?


. *  Especially Revelation, chapter 13.





January 9, 2019

No overall comments from me;  just . . .  sharing interesting stuff.     Good reasons to keep “looking up” –   some things are of neutral importance to us (we think);  some things up there are interesting and further study may yield new information about our solar  system;  and some things . . .  downright scary.

You’d never know if you don’t ever look up!

Well, this happened a few years ago . . .


The Planet Jupiter lost its southern  belt of clouds.    Scientists don’t really know why that happened,  but they speculate among themselves.   Can’t wait till warmer weather when I can get my telescope out and see this for myself.

jupiter spot  And then,  the thing that identifies Jupiter for us,  that mysterious Red Spot that scientists call a “storm” — we’ve seen it for centuries  . . .  well, that’s going too.  It’s shrinking, and at the present rate it will be all gone in a couple  more years.  Scientists don’t really know why that is happening either.  I can’t imagine Jupiter without its Red Spot.

And then our scientists took us to that farthest border of our solar system,  that uttermost outer boundary that separates us from . . .  well, from the realm of dragons in Nordic literature:  Ultima Thule!

New Horizons sent us photos of this strange object 4 billion miles away  (in the Kuiper Belt):

ultima thule

With an attempt at whimsy,  they named the two segments  Ultima and Thule — and they don’t  really know how it formed that way, there isn’t actually observable evidence for the more usual,  and facile,  explanations.

Just interesting.      Pretty sure I disagree with those who speculate that it is of deliberate design,  except that we’ve photographed other objects like this, somewhat more corroded, but of the same recognizable design.

Another space object, more recently and closer to home — much closer to home!

ast path

Much too close!!   Sometime yesterday,  January 8th,  a small asteroid flew by our planet at a distance of   0  (zero!)  Lunar Distances.     Well,  0.04 LD, to be exact.  It didn’t hit us, after all.   That is the closest approach of an extraterrestrial body in a long time.   It was little, only a meter wide,  but believe it or not,  we’ve got some bigger ones coming and  even closer according to some estimates.

SpaceWeather . com  keeps track of these for us so we don’t have to exercise our own vigilance . . .  but then,  vigilant or not,  what can we do if we see one coming?

Oh,  0.04 LD translates to about 9,000+  miles and that’s well within the orbits of many of our satellites.

And that brings me to the scary stuff that is up there,  or soon will be.

Many of us use these Personal Microwave Emitting devices:

cell phone

In today’s society we’re taught to communicate with someone by turning on our microwave oven and then putting our head up against the door while it’s on . . .  for several minutes – or an hour – however long we want to communicate.

Or we can just turn on our phones and stick it by our ears and communicate  that way. Same effect.

I’m one of the “fortunate”  8% – 15% of the world’s population (according to the W.H.O.)   who can feel the harmful effects of cell phones and cell towers, and which are, of course, everywhere around us.

tower threats 380

I say “fortunate” because at least I can physically feel the necessity of protecting myself and limiting exposure to microwave radiation.    (The “lines” and smeary clouds in the sky are another issue, though perhaps related.)

We are communicating with what they call 4G technology, which is quite powerful radiation and is doing a good job of letting us communicate, download, and whatever else we think is important.    4G technology works, and there’s plenty of “bandwidth” left, plenty of speed for us consumers  (coverage may be a problem in some areas,  but that doesn’t relate to 4G).

We are being told,however, that ‘we want more” – more speed, more bandwidth, more powerful radiation.   You have probably seen many,  many ads convincing us of our need for this.  It’s called 5G.  It’s not just “more,”  it’s 150 times stronger than the 4G that we use.

Here’s a more complete statement from Health Impact News:

5G Phones will be much more Powerful than Previous Phones

The effective radiated power of the 5G phased array antennas in phones will be 10 times more powerful than 4G phones.

No one will be free from exposure.

In addition, 5G beams of microwave radiation will be received and transmitted from new computer equipment, household appliances, and automobiles.

Stationary equipment such as Wi-Fi hubs in homes and offices will be permitted to use microwave beams that are 15 times stronger (300 watts) than the signals from 5G phones or 150 times stronger than 4G phones. [2]

. *   (More scientific stuff for our bodies below for those interested.)

Now, for “Looking Up” as the title of this post says:   Satellites will be used to send the 5G signals to small but ubiquitous antennas placed  everywhere in the world in close proximity to our houses, schools, hospitals — anywhere they want.  Some satellites have been launched in 2017 to test the technology;   hundreds more satellites were launched in 2018;  and by 2020,  20,000 satellites will be up there in the sky beaming down these dangerous microwaves at us,  through our rooftops,  through our bodies . . . .

More on this subject in later posts . . .   So few know that dangers.  But it doesn’t matter.  When some of us tried to stop the construction of new cell towers so close to the other cell towers in our (farming) area,   our Township government looked into it.     At the end of their research, they discovered that the new construction was unstoppable.  Out of our hands.   The command came from some international source.

Now that scared me!

Europe is uncomfortable with the 5G technology too:

5g moratorium

I don’t think they’ll get very far with their “call” for a moratorium.

There is a higher, more powerful spiritual reason this is happening. . . .


. *

5G  More Dangerous than Previous Microwave Systems

Arthur Firstenberg, author, researcher, and advocate for limiting RF exposure from the environment, explains the analysis of 5G radiation that was published in Microwave News in 2002. He stated:

When an ordinary electromagnetic field enters the body, it causes charges to move and currents to flow.

But when extremely short electromagnetic pulses enter the body [5G], something else happens: the moving charges themselves become little antennas that re-radiate the electromagnetic field and send it deeper into the body.

These re-radiated waves are called Brillouin precursors.

They become significant when either the power or the phase of the waves changes rapidly enough.

5G will probably satisfy both requirements. This means that the reassurance we are being given—that these millimeter waves are too short to penetrate far into the body—is not true. [2]



Read the whole article here,  removing the spaces, of course:

http  ://  healthimpactnews  .com/2019/20000-satellites-for-5g-to-be-launched-sending-focused-beams-of-intense-microwave-radiation-over-entire-earth/





1440 – 8 = 1432

January 9, 2019


Some  Political Humor today, in my endeavor to keep current with the news….


1440 – 8 =   1432.

I did the math for you.    We are given 1,440 minutes in every day.  The entertainment – news media  chooses to spend those minutes bashing President Trump,   partnering  with the not-so-veiled radical global-socialist  attempt to take him down, removing him from office, at the very least.    24/7/365.

Well, there.  I guess you know I’m not “with” the Leftists.

I am going to give The Patriot Post full credit for this one.   Although I thought this up independently too, and I’m sure many others of you have noticed this,  The Patriot Post writers really said it best:




And their comment:

Chuck and Nancy are demanding “equal time” to give the Democrat Response to President Trump’s 8-minute address tonight.

Can someone tell me why they need to do that?

It isn’t like CNN hasn’t already been providing the Democrat talking points 24-hours a day, seven days a week since Trump was inaugurated.

Do we really need an official Democrat Response to air on CNN when it has been acting as the Democrat Response to Trump for two years?

Sure, they’re giving Trump eight minutes tonight.

But that just means instead of the 1,440 minutes of Democrat talking points CNN normally airs every day, they will only be able to squeeze in 1,432 minutes today.

Is 1,432 minutes today not enough for these idiots.


This is not a one-time observation.  We’ve seen President Trump hung in effigy,  burned (pictorially),  ” beheaded”   with a ghastly model of his bloody head,   his young son physically threatened with foul acts,  his wife maligned at every point —  and then “in the cross-hairs” —

cnn pic trump in crsshars

The circular cross-hairs of a gun-sight show up better in other photos,  but that’s the one I saved.   It does have little cross-hairs with the president in the middle.

Honestly,  I thought threatening the life of any one in high office was a felony.    I guess if leftists laugh,   they can say,  “I was just joking….”

But there’s a cumulative effect.   

If we liked what the president said last night in his eight minutes,   these entertainment-news media people have already called us  “like the KKK”;  “fakes”;  “racists”;  “idiot”; “stupid”;  and more.     You get the point.

But the president had more to bear from his “loyal opposition” – a phrase of honor in actually democratic societies  —   before he spoke last night,  before;     he was being called a “liar”  for the points he was going to make in his speech.

You don’t have to agree with every political decision in order to remain civil.   You don’t have to put your intelligence aside  in order to work with the opposition.   

Passion !  Yes.     Polemics . . .  ineffective and potentially dangerous.  

Now, it might be I’m a little more sensitive to these untrue and unfair polemics because of a book I’m reading:  “All The Best”  by GHW Bush.

all the best

This is a collection of letters that Bush 41 wrote throughout his life, from a young man of 17 who could hardly wait to join the Air Force all the way through significant life changes and developments in his career to   . . .. the very end,  I suppose.     Letters reveal a lot about the writer.    I am being impressed by his decency.

Last night I was reading his letters (and some speeches)  from the Sixties and Seventies.   Hubbie and I were young then, and we knew what that  “Globalist Cronkite”   was telling us each evening,  but it seemed all so “small” and “far away” — it would never permanently affect ordinary non-political people like us.

I had never thought of all that political rancor and threats and protests and violent demonstrations from the point of view of those at the head of government – those who were under daily personal attacks.  It’s a wonder that they continued on with their duties and with their lives . . . .

And, yes,  that period of time did eventually have a devastating effect on ordinary Americans.    Cumulative effects.    I will certainly write about that here from time to time this year.

civil war stone.jpg

I’ve used this picture before.   It turns out to be true.   Not that our current Civil War began in 1861,  but it’s that the  marxists-socialists-globalists-progressives-extreme leftist fascists   NEED to have a Civil War because, according to them,  they cannot rebuild a society in their image unless they first tear it down —

—  and they’re using every excuse to divide us as a nation to produce the factions that will fight each other, including reaching back to a century and a half ago and closing their eyes to all the positive developments since then.

I wasn’t afraid for our country decades ago,  but I’m worried now.   The seeds of Civil War have a way of getting out of hand.

And that’s not so humorous.




January 2, 2019


Caution:    Some “dark” thoughts.  When I say  Do Not Read if you’re squeamish or easily offended,  I really mean  Do Not Read.  Good-bye until next time.


Sometimes I make plans to write about just “happy” things —  instructive, interesting, uplifting things . . .  But then the Real World intrudes.

I’m trying to watch less of the entertainment-news media.     It’s upsetting.    It’s all about things I can’t really influence in my private position here in the Far North.

I’ve made a good start in my personal life:


Then again, there are things that we should be concerned about;  even upset about,  fearful.   At least we ought to be informed — and ready.      Maybe some opportunity will come along that we can have some small effect.      If you don’t know about things in the Real World,  you can do nothing about them.

Circumcision and “the other” circumcision:

So,   yesterday we celebrated the Circumcision and Naming of the Infant Child Jesus.

It was noted that these were the first few drops of Blood shed,  foretelling a greater shedding of Blood in His sacrifice for the human race, judged guilty and condemned.    Why “death” to the whole human race?

Hell - Silhouette Man before Red

Are we evil enough to deserve that?

Well,  recently in this region of the country,  some federal judge,  appointed by the Barack Hussein person,   has just ruled that the U.S government has no right to make a law against FMG. *    This isn’t the flippant and blasphemous  OMG —  but it probably deserves a comment like that.   This is the real thing,  “Female Genital Mutilation.”   Also known as Female circumcision.

It’s not a “circumcision.”  It’s actually an excision.

We have laws against it in this country.  Except not all over.  And except now those laws will be considered unconstitutional.    Something like 13  (is it 17?)    (23,  it’s 23, states in this country permit FMG.      We could become a  Safe Haven  for such deeds:    The United States of America!  – formerly a culturally Christian nation

(This is  one reason why the matter of Cultural Assimilation by Legal Immigrants is so important.)

The reason for such a practice is just . . .  just . . .  dastardly!    There is no good reason for doing it.      It’s done on little girls, usually elementary school age.



And without anesthetic or the usual sterile environment for a surgical procedure.


Private homes are usually the location in this country.

Here are the usual instruments:
FMG 3 tools

This issue comes up from time to time as we read the news, read books,  hear the celebrity news-readers read out brief  little references to FMG.     Few of us can be really ignorant of the practice.

So,  are we, collectively, as a human race, that evil?    guilty of condemnation for thinking up such ways to harm each other?    for letting such things continue on?    for keeping the knowledge right out of our heads?    for taking no measures,  writing no letters,  doing no praying for such things to cease?


That was my question.

HELL spoke

Let us at least pray that someone is working on this issue.

Maybe some people will stop electing officials who make it possible for this practice to continue.

FMG Poster 4



.*  He says it is the individual states which must do so.   The federal government can’t dictate to the states . . .  at least in this case.     Isn’t this what the War Between the States was fought over?    States’ Rights?     The Federal Government,  even one presided over by the Abraham Lincoln presidency  can’t tell individual states what to do.      Can Washington DC dictate what laws each state passes?


“Civil rights”  supersedes states’ laws?    If that’s okay,   then maybe little girls should  be protected from FMG – as a matter of their civil rights?

These are deliberately thought-provoking questions.     Nothing worthwhile is easy.   Nothing good that must be done will get done by itself.




December 1, 2018


I think the title of this posting is the name of a book written a couple decades ago.    But the phrase seems more apparently true nowadays.

ICE Deer Hoof

We had a nice little snowstorm to start out this week and the high temperatures haven’t reached the freezing point all week – until today, when my car noticed that the outdoor temperature just after noon registered 40 degrees.

Oh, that top photo is a hoof print;   I see I had a visitor last night leaving a trail across my front yard.

Ice Deer Trail

I do enjoy winter.   At least I enjoy “normal”  winters.   However, we might be in for some pretty extreme winters for the next . . .  oh, say   250 years.

All over this planet there are signs that the world is reacting to the quieting down of the sun.      Scientists report that the Greenland ice pack has been increasing in the past few years,   the Arctic sea ice is thickening,   summer highs have been lower:

Ice summers getting cooler

And glaciers all over are increasing in size.    You’d think a glacier is a solid river of ice,  but it really  has quite a rough surface,  full of bumps and crevasses, sort of like this, if you were in an airplane looking down:

Ice Glacial


Well, I didn’t take that photo in an airplane looking down.  I was just reminded of glaciers when I walked past “the source”  of that glacier photo:

Ice glacial source

Your world can be kind of fun when you walk past your “frozen car”  and start thinking of glaciers!   And developing ice ages.

And lack of sunspots:

ice sun still doing it

Here is the sun a couple decades ago and a decade ago (approximately).    The number of sunspots comes in cycles.   They’re counted and recorded by observers around the world.

Scientists have noticed that the normal cycle is not manifesting, but rather there are fewer and fewer sunspots within the cycles.

ice sunspot chart

That’s a small segment of the sunspot cycle chart, just showing the most recent years.  (Does it suggest a  Super Grand Solar Minimum  developing?)

Here is today’s sun:

ice imnage of today nov 30

Nothing.     “Number of sunspots: 0”  —       The sunspot count is posted daily on  www .  spaceweather . com   (remove spaces), as well as other interesting measurements and space events.    (Such as:    We are expecting a mild geomagnetic storm, class G1, this weekend.  No big deal, but people like me who listen to AM radio all night will have a little problem listening to our radio stations.   And:  on Dec. 2nd,  there will be a very, very close pass of a little asteroid  ( .1 LD) ;  but it’s only 9 feet in diameter, so – no problem, probably. )

The climate  is  changing.   Our sun is in the process of reversing its magnetic poles which is accompanied by a lessening of its magnetic field – at the same time the earth is doing the same thing.   With the magnetosphere  (around our planet)  weakening,  more cosmic rays get through to us, right down to the core.   Cosmic raise cause more clouds  (I’m skipping some details)  which causes less warming from our sun, and increases earthquakes,  volcanic activity, which in turn causes more particulate matter to be thrown up into the atmosphere,  which causes . . .  less warming from the sun.

An ice age develops in cycles, short cycles, medium cycles,  long and very long cycles.  Sometimes they all meet at once.    It develops slowly,  then more quickly and scientists begin noticing it,  and then it cascades rapidly into a (temporarily)  irreversible lengthy ice age.    That seems to be where we are now.

There are consequences to Earth’s societies.  There are fewer resources, especially food and fuel, to go around.    Famine, disease;  kingdoms have fallen, in the past, during lengthy sunspot minimums and resulting earth cooling.

Add to the stress of lower temperatures the stress of lowering CO2 levels which we are recording now.   CO2 is plant food,  good food for plants, like trees and food crops.   CO2 is down to 400 ppm, and agricultural and forestry experts are reporting that the trees are growing more slowly, they are shorter in height,  and they are stressed which makes them vulnerable to disease and pests.    Crop production is noticeably down,  chiefly in grain and in produce.

So let us enjoy the “climate” we have right now.    If these observations are correct,  things may change!      If these actual measurements are correct,  things may change!    If these scientists are right,  things may change!


Banner icicles


Here’s a comment at the end of one climate change article:

“Don’t bother googling news about the vanishing sunspots, they too are vanishing.”

I never use Google for my searches,  but for some reason it sounds like Google   (and other search engines dominated by our Rulers)   are preventing these stories from coming up in your search engine results.     Sometimes you have to do the “searching.”



November 7, 2018

So,  whew!  It’s over.   No more annoying  floods of pseudo information about political campaigns from the mailbox, the radio, and the television.    It’s over and done with!   You win some, you lose some.


But that’s not the “Big Impact”  I’m talking about.

Have you ever walked out after seeing a movie and were nearly speechless because the movie had such a big impact on you?

That was me last night — and Son.     I’m writing only for myself,  but I think he shared my reactions.

Hunter in ice

The movie is “Hunter Killer,”    one of the most action-packed,  realistic,    truthful,   engaging adventure movies I’ve ever seen.

Takes place among the icebergs and frozen fjords of the northern Russian coastline.  Here is a picture of another submarine in the  Hunter Killer class —

Hunter sub

It is during the movie when the sub is in motion that you experience the power and majesty of ocean depths and the power and force of our modern submarines.    This is not “Hunt For Red October,”   though with a few necessary similarities.

Hunter explosions

Explosions,  not “sunshine” through the waters

The action takes place in the context of amazing technological capabilities in communications, detection,  facial recognition, and surveillance that is (sadly)  true to life.   It’s what we have now.   And the action is also in the context of   the very real and current Russian encroachments into Canadian, American, and northern European coastal waters.

(Was it the Canadian parliament which just recently approved of the construction of another listening complex off their Arctic coastline?)

I don’t need to tell you the story line,  you can look that up – but I can tell you that the story line does not prepare you for the impact this has on the viewer.

Here’s the “Why”  —

It’s a story of goodness, and of evil.      Of Power that transcends Authority.      It’s about the illegitimate transfer of Authority.

It’s about good men rising up to stop evil:

Hunter men

Rising up with all their might,   all their courage, all their training.

There is something good to fight for!    You or I don’t have to be submariners to make that fight.   There is plenty of evil, in us and in the world’s systems,  to fight against.

The Enemy would want us to forget the Two Great Commandments from our Creator:  To love God first of all,  the Giver of all Good and Perfect Gifts;  and our Enemy would like us to forget our own worth and dignity and our necessary return back to our Good and Holy Creator.   The Enemy would like us to ignore the fact there there is goodness and worth even in our enemies,  because no human needs to be an enemy of God.


Fight the good fight of faith.    (“Fight the good fight of faith.  Take hold of the Eternal Life to which you’ve been called.   I Timothy 6:12)



A Poppy Field

Veterans Day is coming up soon.     Armistice Day, as it used to be called.   The day the world made its best attempt to stop war and make peace.     “Hunter Killer”  is a good movie to see in honor of Veterans Day.

There are good strong men still fighting for us.





September 27, 2018


Two true stories:   Two Little Girls;  Two O’clock in the morning:

civil war stone


Imagine you are a child in school.   Think back to when you were a child  and remember how much you didn’t know yet, but school was a safe and friendly place to learn.

Two Little Girls

Two schoolgirls, actually;  maybe one elementary school, one middle school.   Every day when they go to school there are loud and profane demonstrators just outside their school, frightening them and their schoolmates.

Grown-Up Security people and their methods all accompanying their movements.

kav fam

The demonstrators are targeting the two little girls and their family.

Free speech and all that.    As used by the Leftist cultural-marxists ( socialists)  in  our country, financed in part  by an anti-American billionaire foreign citizen.


Two O’clock in the Morning

Not in our country (yet)  but in other well-known marxist countries there are the eyewitness, survivor accounts of those fearful footsteps and that dreaded Knock on the Door at Two O’clock in the Morning.     

Someone has accused you of something that the Leftists in your government do not like.   You now have to prove that you didn’t do it, but it’s hard because the accusation is vague and changing, becoming worse and worse each day, more lurid.    It’s hard because your accuser is on the side of the governing voices.

Even if you are returned home,  you – and your family – will  be under suspicion for the rest of your life.    In the case of Judge Kavanaugh, under threat of impeachment for the rest of his life.

The accusation proves his guilt.

The Innocent must prove his innocence.


Look again at our nation’s headstone:

civil war stone

The same political party which Carpetbagged the South,  began anti-Black, anti-Catholic, anti-foreigner movements such as the KKK, and who resisted with all their might the civil rights efforts of the 1950s,   that same political party is trying to win the upper hand by starting movements, societies, and actions against their political opponents.

race mixing

 Democrats against integration in the South

Today, their targets can be the two little girls,  anyone not of their own kind who runs for political office, anyone who gives an opinion not accepted by the Left, as promulgated by the main entertainment-news media.

They want to tear down the Rule of Law and equal protection before the law and civility in politics, because Civil War is the first step to their Revolution.

While future accusations and arrests won’t come at 2:00 A.M. necessarily,  dossiers are being compiled on each of us who have ever used or encountered the large Leftist-led institutions that we know so well by name.   Dossiers,  or databases, as they are called now.      Why are there so many lists and categories?

Everything we do creates a profile of us.

Harmless, so far.

True stories:   Two frightened little girls; two and more accusation which alone “prove”  the guilt of a man.  

When one side in a Civil War doesn’t fight back hard enough, it becomes a Revolution.




Can you imagine a movie about America’s great scientific achievement which evidenced the ingenuity, intelligence,  patriotism, and positive contributions to all mankind —  but made without reference to America and taking out one of the iconic, inspiring events, that of the planting of the U.S. flag on the moon?  

I think it’s called “First Man.”    

Anti-American by omission.

A subtle way of diminishing your enemy in a Civil War.


September 24, 2018

This is the history:

The Politics of Personal Destruction.   A long-standing method of the Left to denigrate and destroy a political opponent.   Ages-old tactic.   Polished to perfection during the French Revolution.    Used cunningly and deftly in the 1990s.   And those who honed such skills are still part of that type of 1990s Leftists,  which have overtaken the poor Democrat Party.    In America!

That’s the history,  pure, simple, provable, and  evidenced by facts that are easy to look up.

The Politics of Personal Destruction, even though used by some of our Founding Fathers against each other,  is pitted against the  very System of Justice that these Founding Fathers set up – because they knew that the existence of an independent government,  “of the People, by the People, and for the People,”  depend upon a Fair System of Justice, as far as humanly possible.

And thus,  protected by the American Constitution.

It worked well for about 220 years.    That “Fifth Column”   (know your history!!)   which is the entertainment-news media today along with the existence of a dumbed-down education system has made that People, that public,  gullible and accepting of anything  that is presented on TV, radio news, and social media news, reading, apparently,  only headlines that are cleverly designed to lead the public along. . .

.  . . . Along the lines of the agenda of  those who are practiced in the Politics of Personal Destruction.

(Mental tasering):      Americans who love their country,  Americans who are fair-minded,  who have common sense,  receive an uncomfortable, sometimes subconscious jolt each time they are subjected to statements from the media in all forms.

America:  the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave??    Or Americans …  getting weary and worn down by all this?


Lest this post become too long,  I’ll list only some of the components of our American Justice System – the envy of oppressed people everywhere.   Use it to cushio the taser-like jolts to your love for your country:

There is a carefully developed system of  Due Process.  It presents itself as:  Equal Justice Before the Law.

If you are accused of something,  you have the Right to confront your accuser by having your accuser  cross-examined about his statements against you.

You have the right to a Speedy Trial.    That includes,  in the case of Judge Kavanaugh,  when the  examination and questioning period is completed,  as it is now,   six FBI examinations!,  then he has a right to be voted upon.  Speedily.   Now.  Right away because the examination process is complete.

In the American Justice system,  the burden of proof that you are guilty of something is on the Accuser.   You have no “burden”  to prove your innocence.  You are assumed to be innocent.   An accusation doesn’t make you guilty,  no matter who your accuser is.  The prosecuting attorneys need to show the court that, beyond  a reasonable doubt,  the accusation is true.

A “reasonable doubt”  calls on the adjudicators’  commonsense experience in the world.  If it doesn’t sound right,  if there’s some question remaining about the story given by the accuser,  then the accused remains innocent.

If you remain silent,  you are still presumed to be innocent.

High standards!  Now we know why so many criminals seem to get off scot-free.

But the American system of Justice protects the innocent,  even against his political enemies who are experts in the Politics of Personal Destruction.



By the way,  the FBI does not investigate local criminal matters and they don’t investigate matters involving underage people.  They do NOT have jurisdiction.

Why would an accuser ask for an FBI investigation into Judge Kavanaugh?   Because these 30 or so attorneys know very well the request would have to be denied –  a local alleged sexual assault involving  an underage male and an underage female does not come under FBI jurisdiction.

But an unknowing, undereducated American Public would not know that.   Therefore, they can easily be inflamed against such a denial.



September 22, 2018

(You know . . .   You know . . .   You know . . . )

The young social activist, anti-Trump,  socialist-tool,   drunken -teenager, so sexually active that she had to try to delete her  high school yearbook entries,   troubled woman with a fuzzy memory  . . .

You know whom I’m talking about.    A “doctor of education”   what’s her name, “ford” now accusing a man of unreproachable personal life and proven respected professional life,   active participant in various charities and in his community, promoting positive values among children  . . .    You know whom I’m talking about.  Kavanaugh

It’s the latest soap opera/titillating sex story that the entertainment-news media is obsessing about.

Pretty, huh?  —


Even though a university hired her,   they don’t give her that much money to afford the more than two dozen attorneys that are advancing her agenda.

Or is it her agenda?

Follow the money.  Or in this case,  trace the money back to its source — the same source that so many-anti-American, anti-American president movements have:

The source is someone who was once a young Jewish boy in the 1940s who was arrested by the Nazis along with his family and friends and neighborhood in Eastern Europe.  A young Jewish boy who saved his own skin by collaborating with the Nazis,   helping them to identify other Jews . . .  who were then arrested.

gs glasses

Evil is richly rewarded in an evil world.

Today he is a Global-Socialist billionaire,  spreading Marxist principles all over the West, and often in America.  He’s “behind the scenes.”   The “spreading’ is done with the money he gives to any cause which will bring down American values, and ultimately the American government.

You know,  the antifa-types,  the pink knitted hat women,  the hired rioters against any conservative speaker.

gs looking down


I wrote here before about the many millions of US dollars he is giving this year to the campaigns of state attorneys-general.   You know,  putting his people in power at our local levels.   (And we’re not paying attention.)


Soros Face


No,  christine blasey-ford   doesn’t have enough money to pay so many attorneys.    So many, and increasingly many more,  are tracing these payments back to George Soros.    (Disclaimer:  this is what many people  believe after numerous reports.)

He is anti-American and he actively, financially supports all the anti-American movements,  hiring scads of “young people”   — mostly white-privileged young university trained young people —  to work in protests, demonstrations,  riots, etc.    Anything which will promote  Global Socialism and bring down our own American president and erode our Constitutional freedoms.

The U.S.  Constitution — the biggest roadblock against the Global-Socialist agenda.




 “What kind of government did you give us, a monarchy or a republic?”

“A Republic, madam,  if you can keep it.”

bf republic

I don’t know . . .  shouldn’t we be reminding our elected officials about this?



September 10, 2018


New beginnings for me – and for you!

I was reminded of the “glories of September” by a recent news article reporting a “study” that found that – in general – people  are intellectually brighter in the month of September.  It was one of those click-bait articles, I think, because it didn’t have much substance in it, nor did it tell exactly how the study was done to reach such a conclusion.

Nevertheless,    September has always been a time of New Beginnings for me.   I thought I’d just re-post most of what I had written a couple years ago – because it’s still all true!



bar blue flowers


September !    September is a reward for being alive!!!     (Around this household.)

We made it through the worst of summer!    The annoying heat and humidity is lifting,  promising the cool, crisp air soon to come;  the skies are blue,  the stars in the night are easily visible again now that the veil of humidity  is thinning.  Some of us become more active in this clean, cooler air!

Here in the Far North we begin once again to share our little city with its Big Ten university with 40,000 “foreigners” – students from every part of this country and others.    Once you’re resigned to the influx of students,  you can accept their  arrival  and all that it brings;  and their attempts to navigate our traffic patterns, lanes, and signals, frequently    passing from the far right lanes diagonally across traffic to make a suddenly necessary left-hand turn.

driver bang

As long as you’re not in their pathway,   you can just smile fondly at the newcomers.       “Here they are again.”

You remember that you must suddenly share stores and restaurants with 40,000 more people,  many of which cannot speak English.    It’s kind of interesting to hear a small, polite, and rather timid voice coming from somewhere beneath shoulder level, asking you to reach something from a top shelf,  or to find some item on their list – which seems to mystify them anyway.   And the request mystifies you too,  because they may or may not be speaking English.

So:  new weather patterns. more easily endured;  new students arriving;   and, of course –  a new football season!       I’ve seen our Spartans back-to-back with da Bears — what a glorious weekend on television!       A new season with the promise of many more games to come.

(Update from this past weekend:  BOTH my teams lost in the last moments of their games.   Sheeeesh.)

It’s a whole new year!

Anyone who has ever gone to school feels the promise of a whole new school year coming up.    We advance one new higher grade in school.    In the university we advance one year closer to our professional goal.

For Hubbie and me who were teachers,    our professional careers wouldn’t let us forget that  “this is another brand-new year.”       There is an eagerness and a thrill upon seeing your new students in September.    (No mistakes yet!  No frustrations yet!   It’s good.    I’m good.  Everyone’s good!)

As a matter of fact,  although contemporary calendars  tell us that the new year begins in January,  “September”  reminds us that other civilizations begin their year at other times:  the Romans, for instance began their year in March, giving the seventh month its name:  Sept-ember.

poms  And in the Jewish calendar  THIS month,  September,  contains the beginning of a whole new year before God,  Rosh Hashanah.      Of course,  they begin it a little more seriously than we begin our new calendar year soon-to-be seven days of solemn soul-searching,  forgiveness, and restitution where possible.   A whole new year’s worth of time is, after all,  a gift from God.     And then they’re ready!

I have plans for my own personal new year too.  I’m a little shy about telling them to you,  but I can just say that it involves increasing my intellectual and artistic skills.    Some very serious self-discipline involved here.   But it IS    “my new year.”   My birthday is sometime this month.

Morning Glory

I enter a whole new decade of uncharted territory with this birthday.       “I’ve never been this old before!!!!”

But someone reminded me that right now today I’m still as young as I’m ever going to be. (I hope that helps)      And I can say that on  each day of my life, as long as God gives me heartbeats for my body to use.


Stay tuned.     There are a lot of other wonderful things in September!


I heard recently that of the trillions of cells we have in our body,  all of them die off and replace themselves in the space of a hundred days.    Three months – and you have  a new body ( depending on what you’ve been putting into your body for those hundred days).   I’ll let you know more about this in  November!


September 5, 2018

Unsolvable:   We can see the problems,  but we have no way,  yet,  to deal with the problems that wouldn’t make bigger problems, and we don’t have the collective political will to handle the problems.


So, Foreign Relations.    I’m not for “foreign interference”  or “entanglements,”  at all, but I am for national self-defense;  so that’s what will underlie my words.   The problems have been growing more and more complex and unmanageable under the administrations of both political parties, although our most dangerous enemies  —

(Yes,  there are indeed nations out there that consider themselves to be our enemies.)

—  most of our most dangerous enemies have socialist governments,  that economic system which is opposed to the American way of life.   Indeed,  socialism is contradictory to the best interests of free human beings in any place.

I can’t go problem nation by problem nation,  so I will give you an example of the complex unsolvable “problem” of just one nation,   the People’s – Democratic – socialist – something – something of China.

china flag

Hearing much about China on our entertainment-news media lately?   Well, that’s okay;  these people are not into giving us any  information,  useful,  critical,  or newsworthy,  but here are some things that have been reported in News outlets:

You probably know of the huge economic and military presence in Africa.    They are influential in just about every African nation.     Influential.    Don’t let that pass you by with a ho-hum.     Many nations are economically dependent upon China now.   That makes them allied, willingly or unwillingly,  with China’s interests.

china everyone trades.jpg

Everyone tries to trade with Africa?    Many do.   But see the size of the arrows going eastward.    There is plenty of analysis on the Internet, if you’d like to wade through it all.  This litle graphic is just a hint.

But China’s interests go beyond obtaining laborers, trade,  and mineral rights;   Africa’s value to China is its geographical nearness to Europe and America.

china abms

Observers have recently reported the  placement of “giant”  missiles in several places in Africa.    To keep the peace?      To defend Chinese personnel?

These are LONG-range missiles with a huge payload.  (That means “super big” bombs.)   Chances are if  one of these gets launched,  they will miss any enemy in Africa and soar right on to Europe or America.  So why are these larger-than-needed  missiles being placed in  Africa?

And what kind of diplomatic storm will result if anyone tries to stop them?

China is moving into Afghanistan now too.  Of course,  China has its own problems with militant M  o s  le  ms . . .   more than a million of them have been put in Chinese jails;   but Afghanistan?    That’s interfering with the West’s  major  heroin trade  source.  And that move is putting them side by side with American and European forces. . .    How will this end?

I’m sure you have heard of the latest reported weapon developments.    Was  it six or eight years ago  that they developed a missile big enough to take down an aircraft carrier?     First effective weapon against a vessel the size of an aircraft carrier.

china aircraft c

They are now the only nation  who can destroy one of ours.   That’s big.

China doesn’t have matching aircraft carrier groups of their own,  but they have been building islands along major trade routes in the Far East for military use.   New little islands,  big military bases.

china creating islands

Anti-satellite weapons.   Cyber weapons.    Biological weapons.

Rising military power.  Rising economic power.    Somewhere in all my notes I recorded that we went from having a trade surplus with China to the tune of around 80 Billion dollars.    Now,  after policies and inaction of the past several administrations,  we have around a 130 billion dollar trade  deficit.  That’s how much capital is leaving our country and going to China each year.    (Do they still teach what capital  is in schools anymore?)  That’s a big turnaround.

china market

Pres.  Trump is not “starting a trade war”  with China;  he’s trying to reduce the deficit,  that unfair drain of money out of our economy,  making trade policies a little less unfavorable to us.       (Socialist-friendly politicians and media people use the term  “trade war.” )

There is another interesting modern-age threat from China.  China has become the testing ground for censorship  algorithms.   We already know  about Google’s  obedience to China’s demands to censor Search Engine results.

chin agree to censor


  Beware of Project Dragonfly, Google’s censored seach engine for China.   “According to a Google employee who worked on Dragonfly and talked to the Intercept, information about the project was restricted to a “few hundred” employees.  . . .  “What is done in China will become a template for many other nations.” This Google’s project illustrates the direction that American high tech companies are going to implement top down centralization conformity systems and test their operations before imposition on our own society.    credit to:    http: // www.   (remove spaces )

A template,  a practice exercise for more effective worldwide censorship.

The other big information-control corporation,  Apple,  is also  very busy in  China.

china apple

From the same source as above:

Apple hands control of . . .  iCloudanyone to China Telecom. . ..iCloudanyone is the prototype for even more advanced systems of surveillance.  “China, already the country whose citizens endure the most all-encompassing and inescapable surveillance in the world, has just been gifted yet another way to keep its beady eyes on all and sundry. The iCloud data belonging to Apple’s China-based users has effectively been handed over to the Chinese government because all the texts, emails, pictures and videos of Chinese users of iCloud will henceforth be “managed” by the state-owned telco, China Telecom.”

How long will it take to implement in the U.S. a similar version?

Ever since Bill Clinton   handed over the entire contents of the U.S.  patent office to the government of China in the 1990s,  and gave them  (or allowed them to take) CDs of  military  know-how,  guidance systems, etc.,  from  Los Alamos,  and then his wife was positioned into the State Department,  China had made such astonishing technological advancements so as to become a very real  threat to world peace.

china soldiers

Economic power;  information and technological power;    focus;  long-range planning;  military power;     manpower.   Nearly 70,000,000  more young men than women;  there is no hope that these young men  will ever have a wife and a family.   Their energies are being channeled elsewhere.



An interesting related side note:     Socialist revolutions in Africa,  the Belgian Congo in particular,    the attempted secession of the Katanga province,  is wonderfully portrayed, on a human level,  in the movie  The Siege of Jabotville,  available on Netflix.   This is a tense, high action,  heartbreaking true story of an Irish regiment under the command of the “peacekeeping”  United Nations.

(The story is compelling in itself,  but it will give you a sense of the chaos in Africa as the revolutions of the 20th century were occurring.     Unfortunately,  these revolutions have resulted in continued civil war,  lawlessness, economic failure,  starvation, and a ready playground for corporate “health”  experiments, as well as economic exploitation.  )

The movie is concerned with just a few Irish men and what happened to them — and I cried as I watched and read what the final outcome was.








August 29, 2018


Just one more word on (humanly) Unsolvable Problem #3 —     *


I guess it’s fashionable now in Europe and America to blame the sexual scandal in the Church on “an abuse of power.”    However,  90 to 98 % of the victims of the crimes are  teenage  boys;    so that is homosexual men “bothering'”teenage boys.

There is a bishop in St. Gallen diocese in Switzerland who declared publicly  to his parish that to blame “abuse of power”  or “clericalism”  for these crimes is to cover up the fact that the grown men are sodomites doing homosexual acts on teenage  boys;   and therefore homosexual activity is at the root of the cause.

Common sense?

He is receiving heaps of criticism for his statements.    Nope, they say,  it’s just an abuse of power.   “Don’t you dare criticize anyone’s sexual practices!”

Interestingly,  today is the day that the Church remembers the beheading of John the Baptist and honors his life.

johns eyes of fatih

John, gazing upon Jesus with eyes of faith

The mission that he was called to, in his mother’s womb,  was to prepare his world for the soon-coming of the long-awaited Messiah.    And although he perplexed and disturbed the religious leaders of his day,  the “crime”  for which he was   beheaded  was the public criticism of King Herod’s  sexual lust —  fornication and adultery.

“You shouldn’t say that any type of sexual activity is wrong.”

john rebuked for sex

Well,  God hasn’t changed.  Nature hasn’t changed.

Humans were created in two different sexes for the purpose of   participating in the  further Creation of new human beings.    Therefore,  God the almighty Creator is present during every sexual act.  

This is a dignity given to human  beings alone.    To deny this is to believe in a different kind of cover-up.

God hasn’t changed.   Creation hasn’t changed.

But the mighty domain of Herod Antipas has changed:

johns location

These flattened ruins are all that is left of the palace where John the Baptist was beheaded.

John himself is more glorious in Heaven than that palace ever was.



.*   Picture of Sodom


August 29, 2018


When you see this sight this week,  whether in a photo or in person —

FLAG half-mast

—  know that the entertainment-news media,  those actors and actors who read news scripts written for them by the Far Left,  have WON OVER  American law and tradition,  specifically the U.S. Flag Code.

The media have asserted  pressure and usurped authority,  and they believe the American people are influenced by them.

Remember that important book of warning called Animal Farm?   One of their “codes”  is that  “All (pigs)  are equal.  But some are more equal than others.”

(Important book.  You should read it.  Or read it again.)

In the U.S. flag code there is a regulation stating how long the flag over the White House should fly at half mast to honor a fallen Senator as well as a fallen Veteran.  It is a great honor to have the flag fly at half-mast for you –  for the amount of time designated for your station.

Senator McCain,   who has voted against the president’s causes,  breaking his own campaign promises to the people who elected him,  and who read and transmitted the false and scurrilous “dossier”  against the president, who has said some nasty things about the president  — this senator is . . .

               MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS.

He gets a whole week of half-mast flag-flying.

A visual cue for the media to continue to glorify this senator* above all others.



Flag don't tread

.*      I do feel sorry for Senator McCain and for the torture he and countless others suffered at the hands of the Viet Cong, as well as the Japanese,  the Chinese,  and many countries, and today in the Middle East.

Compassion for all these men who had their lives, their bodies, and their mentalities injured and changed by horrible tortures.



August 21, 2018

While I’m thinking about it,  while I’m writing about unsolvable problems that Western Civilization has,  it’s common sense to admit that we have a long-standing, violent,  and dangerous enemy that has been more strong and less strong at times throughout history.

Perhaps the words of Hillaire Belloc,   that great and prescient literary figure of the early Twentieth Century,  will illustrate the danger.  He was asked once what he thought of the threat that Hitler posed to Europe.   His answer surprised everyone.    There, near the beginning of that century,  he said that,  instead,  it is the threat of the  future rise of Islam that Europe must face.

I will put a few quotes from his writings below.*

Europe and America,  Australia,  China, Russia, and Africa are the main areas of the world which are contending with the current expansion of I **  s  l a m.

attack on school

According to a persecution watch website,  6,000 Christians have been killed recently –  just in Nigeria.    That is a school under attack in the picture.

Hindus in India are notable and frequent victims of murderous Is  la *mic violence.

China is taking drastic measures to control its Is lam **ic insurgence.


Many countries in Europe have No-Go zones, populated by M  o    s     l e m “migrants.”   Cars are still being burned daily in some regions of Paris.       For many years,  Germany,  Sweden, the UK, and others dealt with the problem by saying there is no such thing as a No-Go zone, and if you say so you are a racist and you’ll get into legal trouble.   Strict control of news reporting supported the official statements.

In Sweden,  they build bigger police compounds, which are then attacked and burned down by the  “M o s  l e m  guests”  of Sweden.   Police cars are burned.

I remember reading somewhere that several imams throughout the world have been calling for an “Incendiary War” against the West.    We’ve all seen photos of California burning –  hundreds of fires going on right now.   Authorities have no explanation for why so many fires broke out at once.   (Well, we were told that a “flat tire” on a car started the big Carr fire . . . .)

Portugal is burning.  Spain is burning.   Greece is burning.  The fire in Greece was so fierce that it roared across mountains, villages, and highways,  trapping many people in their cars as they tried to flee:

safe in our cars

The death toll is over a hundred so far.   Greek authorities have arrested several “migrants”  from M. o   s  l e. m   Africa  responsible for starting the fires.

Sweden again.  I guess cars are the target up there right now.   Here are some video stills of a recent rampage by several young  M  o sl e  m  s  running through a parking lot, setting fires to cars:

Sw Cars 1


The young men were dressed all in black with black hoods over their heads.

Sw Cars 2

I think six or eight were counted by bystanders.

Sw seen around the world.jpg

This photo was shown around the world.  I think about 60 Swedish cars were torched in that incident.

Why is this an Unsolvable Problem?

Well, who can stop them?

Who will stop them?

With news censorship,  who knows about the extent of the problem?

Who can see the big picture, the greater movement of the rise of Is **l * am.?

Where does it end?

young geehawds

New warriors for     Is  l. am     are being trained every day.     The Spruce Tunnel has already posted photos of  “schools” that teach toddlers how to behead teddy bears.   These little children are not “playing” with knives.

These people have named their enemy.   They call their enemy  “Crusaders.”     Once Christians did rise up and repulse the invasions,  time after time.   But not now.

Will Christians be able to repel the militant efforts of expansionist  Is  la.  m?

Will there be another crusade to stop the spread of  this violent political  invasion?

The children of Western Civilization are being taught to learn, by heart, the Five Pillars of Islam.    They are taught to visualize themselves being M  os l e m,  dressing like one,  acting like one, eating like one,  praying like one.     They are taught “positive”  values of Is  l. am.       Christian parents do nothing, or are ignorant or are ineffective.   Our children,  and childlike adults,   are pressured to believe that the Christian God and the Is. la m ic  god are the same.

They are taught to  believe that the war cry  “Allahu Akhbar”    simply means   that   they are saying their god is great.     (Do we not say our God is great also?)      Of course, that is not what that phrase means.  It’s real meaning is   “Allah is  greater (than your God).”

Bar Cross in middle


Is all this an unsolvable problem?

A weak and naive victim  cannot defend itself from a focused and determined aggressor.

Here is the expected and “mandatory”  disclaimer:  Am I writing that all  Moslems are aggressively opposed to Christianity and the Western Civilization that Christianity built?    No  and NO!    Of course not.      Indifferent Moslems,  bad Moslems,  disobedient Moslems  pose little threat, as such.    If they don’t exactly follow the Koran, they aren’t exactly a threat, when they don’t follow the Koran, exactly.     Secular Moslems are not dangerous as long as they are being secular.

That’s my disclaimer.

Poster Sharia Dominates

Censorship works against those who speak plainly about the rise of Is. la m ic  expansion.  I hope the Spruce Tunnel remains.

With acknowledgement to the Geller Report,  here is a link to an article which describes the jeopardy you put yourself in if you speak out plainly:   (remove spaces)


Censorship.  Shut up.   Be silent.   Or else.

Here is a story from a website called CreepingSharia, showing that the headlines of an article in a local Minnesota newspaper had to be changed – to make the numbers seem less threatening.    (remove spaces)


They reported that 50,000  M os l  em  Somalians, etc.,  are meeting in the Vikings football stadium to celebrate the sacrificial slaughter of animals for an annual  festival.    Then they had to downgrade the number to 20,000.   In the article one wonders who is paying for all this.       Tax payers.    American citizens.   Minnesota residents.

“Sharia will dominate”  the poster says.   And again:   “A weak and naive victim  cannot defend itself from a focused and determined aggressor.”

The problem seems to be unsolvable, at the present time.

Solution.   Silence.




.*   (From various writings of Hillaire Belloc):

  • “We shall almost certainly have to reckon with Islam in the near future. Perhaps if we lose our Faith it will rise.”
  • “The future always comes as surprise. . . .but I for my part cannot but believe that a main unexpected thing of the future is the return of Islam.”
  • “And in the contrast between our religious chaos and the religious certitude still strong throughout the Mohammedan world. . .lies our peril.”
  • “There is nothing inherent to Mohammedanism to make it incapable of modern science and modern war.”
  • “[Islam] still converts pagan savages wholesale. . . .No fragment of Islam ever abandons its sacred book, its code of morality, its organized system of prayer, its code of morals, its simple doctrine. In view of this, anyone with a knowledge of history is bound to ask himself whether we shall not see in the future a rival of Mohammedan political power, and the renewal of the old pressure of Islam on Christendom.”