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February 21, 2018

(At last,  I’ll explain a word I’ve been using lately.)


“How you kowtow”  –   


It is to show deep obeisance to another.   No,   more . . .    it is to show abject  submission to your betters.    You have nothing to say,  your silence,  your body language,  your cowed expression shows that you have  betters and they are there, right before you.

Throughout ancient human history, in many parts of the world,  one lowers oneself as far to the ground as possible in the presence of one who is superior.      We associate it usually with ancient oriental potentates,  (holders of power),  in the Middle East and in  the Far East.

When West came to East in the mid-19th century,  “West”  demanded that the Chinese kowtow to them,  transferring their submission to colonial masters.

(To keep the record straight, two hundred years earlier,  when Catholic West came to the Far East,  there was none of this submission . . .   the “universal”  Church arrived to preach the Gospel to all,  equally.  As St. Paul has said,  In Christ there is no slave or free, rich or poor,  male or females, etc. etc.   St Francis Xavier, et al. did not demand that the Japanese kowtow to them.   He did not demand subservience from any of the Asians he met.)

xavier in japan


Some lessons in kowtowing for the average American:

Nevertheless, in the 19th century, it was  Protestants in China, and that’s the way the word kowtow came into the English language.     It then became used in the presence of attempted superiority or  inequality,  objecting to someone who tries to act superior.      “I’m not going to kowtow to you!       “I don’t have to do what you tell me to do!”      I don’t have to agree with you!”

Or often the word is used to express mocking  disgust with someone who  “gave in” too easily;  we say they’re kowtowing to  so-and-so.

In this day of Political Correctness,  which is an effective form of social censorship,  we find it terribly easy to kowtow to whomever has the loudest mike or the most aggressive stance.   We give up too easily.    We don’t make an argument in defense of our own beliefs.

“Just go with the flow.”   “Put up and shut up.”    “You don’t know enough about the subject anyway – let the experts do what they want.”     “You don’t have experience,  only those with actual experience have a right to speak.”

Get it?

“All that’s needed for evil to prevail is for  good men to  do nothing  kowtow.”

(With my apologies to Lord Acton who is credited with that phrase,  I’m sure you can all think of issues that you dare not speak out about,  lest you upset someone,  or annoy someone, or provoke an angry, aggressive response  —  a Radical Leftist tactic, by the way, to shout you down, shotgun style,  when you say something they don’t like to hear.)


What kowtowing is not:

I don’t want you to think that kowtowing is the same as bowing.    You can certainly kowtow to the culture around you without bowing!     On the other hand,   you can show respect,  even profound respect,  to another person by bowing – depending upon your culture.

Here is  Yuzuru  Hanyu.   He took my breath away at the Olympics when I saw him skate.


Somehow he combined grace and elegance with   strength and masculinity.    I kept thinking:  I didn’t know ice skating could be like this!      He so well deserved the Gold!  And after his performance?   He went up to his coaches to wait for his score.

And he bowed to each one,  in respect.       Yes, I know it’s their “custom,”  but  not everyone holds to it,  and his bow seemed to carry with it a genuine respectful acknowledgement of the role they played in training him,  not merely that they were his elders

Even to the children he showed respect:

Hanyu bow

He’s bowing to a child!    But not because she’s a child,  because she is performing her role too with honor.

I’m not saying Americans should suddenly start “bowing” to each other.   It’s not necessarily a superior sign of respect.     I’m  just affirming that we can all show respect for each other, genuinely, deeply, interiorly,  even when they are talking political nonsense,  and even when walking away from someone who is becoming hysterical over what you say and you must show that you are not giving in.

We can honor each other – without  kowtowing to them – and spread the truth by our example that we are all made with equal dignity.

Xavier Beloved

Beloved teacher-saint,  dying.     The last words of this Great Man were recorded:

“Jesu,  fili David, miserere mei!”        (“Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”)






February 19, 2018

Sorry,  I’ll get to how you “kowtow” soon,  but for now,  with current events, it’s important to seize the moment.

I have no more comments of my own on the school shooting in Florida (second school shooting of this year),  but I wanted you all to hear what a Teacher of the Year in Lake County Florida had to say about the conditions which lead up to such a terrible event.

(By Kelly Guthrie Raley, teacher)

Okay, I’ll be the bad guy and say what no one else is brave enough to say, but wants to say. I’ll take all the criticism and attacks from everyone because you know what? I’m a TEACHER. I live this life daily. And I wouldn’t do anything else! But I also know daily I could end up in an active shooter situation.

Until we, as a country, are willing to get serious and talk about mental health issues, lack of available care for the mental health issues, lack of discipline in the home, horrendous lack of parental support when the schools are trying to control horrible behavior at school (oh no! Not MY KID. What did YOU do to cause my kid to react that way?), lack of moral values, and yes, I’ll say it-violent video games that take away all sensitivity to ANY compassion for others’ lives, as well as reality TV that makes it commonplace for people to constantly scream up in each others’ faces and not value any other person but themselves, we will have a gun problem in school. Our kids don’t understand the permanency of death anymore!!!

I grew up with guns. Everyone knows that. But you know what? My parents NEVER supported any bad behavior from me. I was terrified of doing something bad at school, as I would have not had a life until I corrected the problem and straightened my ass out. My parents invaded my life. They knew where I was ALL the time. They made me have a curfew. They made me wake them up when I got home. They made me respect their rules. They had full control of their house, and at any time could and would go through every inch of my bedroom, backpack, pockets, anything! Parents: it’s time to STEP UP! Be the parent that actually gives a crap! Be the annoying mom that pries and knows what your kid is doing. STOP being their friend. They have enough “friends” at school. Be their parent. Being the “cool mom” means not a damn thing when either your kid is dead or your kid kills other people because they were allowed to have their space and privacy in YOUR HOME. I’ll say it again. My home was filled with guns growing up. For God’s sake, my daddy was an 82nd Airborne Ranger who lost half his face serving our country. But you know what? I never dreamed of shooting anyone with his guns. I never dreamed of taking one! I was taught respect for human life, compassion, rules, common decency, and most of all, I was taught that until I moved out, my life and bedroom wasn’t mine…it was theirs. And they were going to know what was happening because they loved me and wanted the best for me.

There. Say that I’m a horrible person. I didn’t bring up gun control, and I will refuse to debate it with anyone. This post wasn’t about gun control. This was me, loving the crap out of people and wanting the best for them. This was about my school babies and knowing that God created each one for greatness, and just wanting them to reach their futures. It’s about 20 years ago this year I started my teaching career. Violence was not this bad 20 years ago. Lack of compassion wasn’t this bad 20 years ago. And God knows 20 years ago that I wasn’t afraid daily to call a parent because I KNEW that 9 out of 10 would cuss me out, tell me to go to Hell, call the news on me, call the school board on me, or post all over FaceBook about me because I called to let them know what their child chose to do at school…because they are a NORMAL kid!!!!!

Those 17 lives mattered. When are we going to take our own responsibility seriously?


Her response has been posted on many Internet sites, as well as all over Facebook, so maybe you’ve seen it already,  but it warrants a second thought in light of the takeover of the media by the “progressive” and Radical leftist element.

Everything (on the entertainment-news media)   is shown to us through their lens, and their “reporting”  — which is really simply the presentation of the  Leftist agenda — doesn’t really deserve a point by point response.

There is life and thinking beyond the television celebrities!

Hooray for Kelly Guthrie Haley!!!!!







February 18, 2018


A small sad  Rant tonight:

If you follow one avenue of analysis,  you will find the motto:  “Get the children first.” Never mind the parents,  get the children – and you will have your revolution.


Do you ever go around the Internet and choose a little city at random and read their local news?   If you have time,  it can reveal some interesting (national) trends.

In our little area, here in the Far North, in the middle of Fly-Over country,   in a nearby small town,   a day after the school shooting in Florida,  the school of this small town was closed down for two days –  after receiving a “shooting” threat.

If you didn’t make it “here” to our local news – no reason you should have –  maybe you saw this in the national news, another “interesting” trend:


It was slipped under the door of the principal’s office in a school near Parkland, Florida, this past week.

I can’t show the rest of the note – there’s so much obscene and foul language in it.

It was written by an eleven year old girl – who was apparently not protected from the hysterical and actually hateful news reporting of this past week.   And she was apparently not parented this week.   What she heard was not put into any  perspective proper to an eleven year old girl.     

Her mind is at the mercy of the entertainment-news media and of the Revolutionary Radical-Leftist influences promoted by our government (public)  schools.     Her mind and her emotions.    In a culture which has lost its capacity to rear its young, we seem to think children can raise themselves, according to any current trends.

A few hundred years ago a major prophecy was given to the Church – concerning not just the future, but specifically the 20th century, and the “interesting” trends that will begin in that most dark of all human centuries.   One of the predictions was that the children of that century will be almost totally corrupted.

There will be no more innocence among children.

When this prophecy was discovered in the 1800s,   more than a couple hundred years after it was written,  that statement alone was too startling to even believe.   Children have always been protected,  parented,   taught how to become human beings, trained in the highest values of civilization.  It was inconceivable that a whole century would somehow abandon their children to the point that generations of children could become so degraded.

Marx,  Lenin,  Stalin,  “Rules for Radicals,”  Communist writings —  socialist educators like Dr. John Dewey (who almost single-handedly corrupted American schools –  I witnessed this transformation when I taught in public schools) — all these  say the same thing:  “Give me the children . . .”



I had intended to write about the Olympics tonight.

Like many Americans, I have a long history of watching the Olympics,  cheering for our own athletes,   being inspired by their skill and dedication.    When I was a teenager,  I watched the winter Olympics and then went out and built my own ski jump in the surrounding forest.  After school each day I practiced on that ski jump –  not sure I’d have the courage to jump that far and that high today,  but it gave me a tiny taste of the life of those Olympic athletes.     Striving to be better;  striving for excellence.

I cannot write about the Olympics this year.   (“Good parenting”  taught me “If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.”     Hah!)

Each night, and several times each night,  deviant behavior is showcased, promoted, and at the very least spoken of casually.

The picture of the American team members that the entertainment-news media showed to us was beyond youthful exuberance and joy.  This year’s American athletes were photographed being shamefully immature, juvenile,  arrogant, and appeared to feel they were entitled to all the medals  which were sure to come to them (and which most didn’t get).    They were therefore  like children:   vulnerable  to adulation and willingly complicit in promoting anti-American sentiments, anti-American values,  anti-family behavior.

(Did you hear the athletes of any other nation bad-mouthing their own nations or presidents or vice-presidents?   Did any other country’s announcers continually point out deviant behavior of their athletes?  )

So.    Yes, Mom.  Yes, Grandma:    I won’t say anything at all about individual athletes.   I’ll  just have more free time now away from the television.

But I feel rather sad for the children of our country.

We gave them away . . . .


(For those of you trained in marxist thinking where there are no absolutes –  this is not an “absolute”  100% statement.  Of course it isn’t.    But it takes only one eleven year old girl without moral training to make life very unpleasant for our society.)


Reclaiming America?     Restoring American values?

There can be push-back.    Maybe there could be enough push-back.

But there won’t be.   I’ll write about that in the next post.



February 12, 2018

Bear.  Waiting.

bear seeing you


As the weekend began,  I was having a very comfortable, peaceful night. Soft snowfall outside.   Fireplace going.    Knitting nearby, nearly done.   Good book I had been reading, turned upside down on the table.    Such are my cozy evenings.

And I was baking bread.   I had just finished kneading the bread, I had put it in a bowl,  just covered it with a clean, damp cloth —  when   POOM!   Louder than that.   It sounded like a gunshot right next to me!

Glass on Stove

The glass lid on that pot of water next to me had just exploded.  There is a reason, of course,  but I don’t know the reason.   The stove top was not being used;  it was cool.  The water in the pan was room temperature.  and the thick glass lid on the pan had been there for hours.   I had just laid a cloth on the bread dough (lower right-hand corner)  gently.

I turned slightly to my right to pick up the used mixing bowl, had not quite reached it, when the explosion happened.

The house had been quiet.  Then the loud explosion,  Then quiet again –  but not altogether.   Over the next twenty minutes I heard tiny little cracks.   Like a little shard had fallen with a little “tick” against the stove.  A couple times  I heard a little “tick”  and thought I could hear a slight sliding, like a shard was gliding for a short space across the stove top.

Clean-up was not easy.   The bread dough was safe because it had just been covered,  but there was a nearby plate of cooked carrots and broccoli, waiting for me.   It was peppered with tiny specks of glass.  And so was my kitchen.

Glass in net

Much wiping up with a damp paper towel, of course,  and then I had to get the broken glass out of the pan of water, without the glass going down the garbage disposal.  Wouldn’t hurt it, maybe,  but I didn’t want it down there.   Luckily I still had a wire mesh strainer  with much smaller holes than the plastic ones.

I had walked in the glass with my stocking feet and walked my stocking feet all over the carpeting in the other rooms.  A flashlight told me that.

The Bear and the Book –

Some of you know why the bear is a metaphor for me – a metaphor that originated in a nice walk in the woods with my parents when I was a child –  interrupted in an instant by an angry mother bear that roared out at us and chased us about a quarter mile or so back to our cabin in the woods.

Bear Print 370

It’s why I wear this bear paw print bracelet –  to remind me that at any moment, life can be changed.   Things beyond our doing, beyond our control pop out and change the world for us.

The bracelet was bought at the Donner Party Museum last time I was on Donner Pass  (where my grandson lives).  The people in the Donner Party didn’t expect a 22-foot snowstorm when they were at the top of Donner pass either.

The Book?     To Hell and Back, by Ian Kershaw,  the years between 1914 – 1949.  It’s a thick book, dense with information, but so important for us to know –  because these things are happening again.      Life was “normal” in Europe –  and then a war began,  a war worse than any other war up to that time.    Soviet Socialism changed the lives of many millions.    Then life got normal again,  but fearful signs were unseen, National Socialism slowly grew  –  and then a terrible war began.

I wish every who reads this book would then  know how to stop history from repeating itself,  but like the bear,  like the sudden disappearance of my glass pan lid,   the changes that have been building up in the United States,  will suddenly rush out at us in unstoppable fury,  and whatever freedom we think we have,  whatever laws we think protect us,  whatever economic stability we think we are enjoying, all of it will explode away in a sudden fearful recognition that the world has changed for us, very much.

As vague, rising fear is the first sign,  subtle enough so that we can get used to it, even deny it’s really there.

It’s above our ability to stop it, I think.   At least from the growing signs I see.      A Tipping Point is near.        Perhaps  “Above” is the only answer.    Pray, of course.

We don’t quite know what to do with ourselves.  We don’t quite know how to manage the world without God.      More than pray.     Look to God Above.

Bear Trees a Man

We quite know how much more time we have.




February 8, 2018

(Don’t let your history be taken away from you!)


Any idea what this kind of cross means?

Trinitarian Cross

. . . .   red and blue . . .  ?


 john boast people ref   If you read the news today, you’ll have heard of all the M os le m  “refugees”  fleeing    terrible conditions, risking their lives on rickety  boats, crossing the Mediterranean to find refuge.   The “news” articles regularly include admonitions (demands, really)  to Europeans to not reject these refugees  (few ever do) and to give them tax money and welfare aid,  giving preference to them over the Europeans (commonly done) .

If you read further,  you’ll see that the “refugee” camps where the boat people land are frequently places of crime, rape, revolt, and anger against the Europeans who are “rescuing” them.  (Not 100%, for those of you trained by marxist rhetoricians.  Of course not 100%)

The end point for these African “refugees’ of military age?     Often scenes like this:


Africans invading Spain (recently)  from out of a “refugee” landing point.

And elsewhere, one of thousands of photos:



But it wasn’t always like this.  To call these militant young Islamists “refugees” is to pervert the word itself.    They have a different purpose from the millions of refugees throughout the centuries who were rescued across the Mediterranean from actual slavery and torture in Moslem  lands.

Let’s call them Moors, as history does.

john slaves being taken to mors

(Christian boat people)

Over the centuries,  millions of Christians from Europe (some of your ancestors)  were kidnapped from their homes and brought to, well,  Moorish countries, especially in North Africa.

Just as Christians who live in Africa today are being kidnapped from their homes,  sold into slavery,  married into another kind of slavery,  and never heard from again,  these Christian captives were  also never heard from again.    You live if you gave up your Christian faith – lived for a while.

The problematic evil of slavery has existed even before written history began – and it exists today:

Slave Women

It’s a real tragedy from the entertainment-news media that the nations excoriated for the evils of slavery are those very nations   (the White, European and European-derived nations)   that have eliminated slavery,  and  long before our great-greatgrandparents even lived!

This simply diverts attention from the real problem of modern slavery.

I don’t mean to imply that only women are taken as slaves.

Little boys . . .  (not for working “in the fields”:

peeking between fingers

And young Christian  men:

peek boy slave 400 dollars

The accompanying article said he was being sold for $400.   (equivalent American.)

What do you care about this young husband and father?    About the little boys?  About the young women?       What should we care?   What can we do, anyway?

john's cross do you know 60   What does all this have to do with that red and blue cross?

Well, lots, actually.      And it has a lot to do with what you think about the separation of this life from the next;  of the material world from the spiritual world,  and the knowledge that there is no separation . . . .    Whether this knowledge comes from from the advances in quantum physics  or from religious writing,  or  the experience of Catholic teaching  —  the spiritual world pervades and co-exists with the seeable, material world.

And our duty to God is co-extistent with our duty to our fellow-man.

This post is not getting written as I thought it would, so I’m going to have to do a Part Two so it doesn’t get too long. . . .




January 30, 2018

No, I don’t mean the Minnesota team which is down-for-the-count this season.


“Viking” is a distinct culture, a heritage,   a way of life,  a  mindset.


I mean  “Viking”  like the kind of guys in my family:  Scandinavian,  tall, blond big guys — like this one in Sweden:

Viking down

Swedish citizen,  attacked and knocked down by  the so-called “New-Swedes.”    You know,  the ones that don’t look like Swedes?  Or act like Swedes?   The New-Swedes who openly declare they’re going to get rid of all the blond-haired white Swedish scum and take over the country.

You’ve probably read about the African invaders who are killing,  burning,  blowing up, stabbing,  and raping Swedish things and Swedish people, while being supported by Swedish taxes paid by Swedish people  — in the name of,  what?   Immigration?   Diversity?   Open  borders?

This is happening in Norway, Sweden,  Finland,  and Denmark –  all the Scandinavian countries.       More and more citizens are living in  discomfort and fear.   I have read more than once that people are asking  “Where is the Viking heritage?   Where are the Viking men to protect their families and their land?”

The blond man in the picture was beaten by a small group of Africans who have been relocated to Sweden.   Look at his knuckles.   I noticed they were uninjured.   Did he not defend himself?    Perhaps that’s unfair,  but that Viking is down.

The Vikings are “down,” now,  as are people of European heritage in many places.   Though maybe only temporarily.


This young woman is Laura Huhtasaari, and she’s running for president of Finland.  Her photo caught my attention because she has the same coloring as my children did when they were younger;    they have more of the dark gold of a Swede, but they started out with the “white” of a Finn.   But I’m glad I saw the photo, because then I  read the accompanying article.

She is doing well so far:  She is “trying to bring anti-immigration populist ideas back to mainstream Finnish politics and her campaign for the presidency has seen her reputation soar ahead of the first round of voting on Sunday,”   the article said.

“Finland First”   is the motto of her and her party.

Why can’t Finland be Finnish?    Shouldn’t the Finns decide?   Sweden be Swedish?    Shouldn’t the Swedes exist as Swedes?

For that matter,   I’d like to see the French be French (forever!),   and the Germans be German in their culture.   The Danes,  the Poles,  the Czechs,  the Italians,  even the Welsh,  the  Scots, the Irish and the English — all these unique  cultures have so much to offer mankind — we can’t let them disappear in a mad dash to make everyone   homogeneous: “tan”  citizens of a borderless unisex politically correct world, with no distinctions in religion,  language,  materialism,  manners and customs  . . . .

I don’t know how to end this.       Hurray for Miss Huhtasaari!    Hurray for the Swedes and Finns!  Hurray for ALL the cultures in the world!

The Global Socialists  (Progressives in America) would have us believe that if you are patriotic about your own  country,  you must be planning harm to others.   If you love your culture, you must hate those who are different from you.    If you like who you are, and you want to be just exactly who you really are,  then you must dislike others.

It doesn’t really work that way.

I say:  Hurray for YOU!



January 27, 2018

(A ‘private’  post just for the Spruce Tunnel   records – I want to remember this week.)

Finally.  Friday.  This week is over.    In the recurring rhythm of our weeks, this is the day we  remember and give extra consideration to the crucifixion of Jesus — so — so — so maybe I didn’t have it so bad.    Put all things in perspective —  but it took all my effort to regain some psychological health.

Alternating food with the week’s events, starting with Comfort Food:

codfish in milk

Codfish in milk.  Poached codfish.

Delicious and comforting and healthful, I hope, after a slight health scare — taken in stride, all will be well, I suppose  . . . .

A  couple boiling potatoes;    forbidden starch, but soothing:

Fri potatoes

Son was AWAY this week.   He is a good man.  He has good friends.  He was having good fun this week.    I’m a mother.     He was out of state.  That did NOT feel so good.

Friday’s fare came together for a most satisfying, comforting dish:

Fri fare

It’s astonishing how good this simple meal is.   All soft and creamy.

This is the second week into a new jigsaw puzzle.   (Thank you, my friend — I think.)   I’m at the stage where I’m quite sure they didn’t give me all the right pieces.

Puzzle 300

Stubborn as I am,  I spent fruitless hours on this puzzle –  but even worse, I had Internet news on in the background and I followed all the controversies of this past week.   Now I’m sorry I’m up to date on what the entertainment-news media has been talking about.  It’s been quite dismaying.

Shameful government shutdown stunt;  false assertions about immigration on one side, attempted clarifications from the other side;   dire predictions of  President Trump ruining world trade at Davos,  pride in our country and our president as the other side shows his enthusiastic reception;   endless controversies attempted  from one side, repeated attempts to put things in honest perspective from the other side  —

Sick straberry

Back and forth it went all week.  It’s enough to make a person believe that there’s really  Fake News out there.    It’s like that “fake” strawberry in my photo.

I bought several pints and quarts of berries to make juice this week.  I freeze the juice in little containers.  Part of my “medicine.”   (Hippocrates:  “Let  food be thy medicine.”)

Sick 2

But I’m not sure these strawberries qualify.   I’ve never seen pale cream-colored craters in strawberries before.     Really freaky.  Freak strawberries.  Fake strawberries.  Perhaps I will have to grow my own this summer.

This week was the first week of new classes for the year.   I had prepared pretty well,  but there’s always that uncertainty:   How will the classes go?  How will I do?  Will anyone come?    Can I meet expectations?     Couldn’t see what lies ahead  . . . .

Fog ahead

Fittingly,  my first day of class had me heading out into fog –  couldn’t see what lies ahead on the way in.

I kept a promise to myself, though.     Remember I said I’d wear the little tiny Precious Feet in honor of all our lost little ones in this country?

PIN Bab y feet

I wore them on my first day back to class,  little tiny golden feet, the size of a baby at ten weeks old, after conception.

But somehow it made me feel very sad.    True, the annual Right to Life march has not reversed Roe v Wade,  but it has  served to call attention  to and educate many  people on the value of human life at all ages.     And in many states, including my own,   abortion “clinics” have been shut down because of the coordinated efforts of such people.     In my own little city there are no  more surgical abortion clinics left.

But you can still get your baby killed by medicine.

So, again,  wearing the little pin made me feel very sad.

Temporary, I’m sure.  I’m not the kind of person to be affected by weeks like this – forever.

Psychological health.






January 15, 2018

I’m not too fond of “modern poetry” – not at all.  But once in a while it says what needs to be  known.   Let me show you how to read Yeats.


So much happened this weekend  “out there,”   that I got tongue-tied.   Finger-Tied?  Keyboard-tied? 

All in all,  it created a Yeats kind of mentality.  William Butler Yeats.   A man whose heavy poetry seems to penetrate the human condition in the Twentieth Century   (which mentality we still labor under.)

So consider  (illustrations follow) :


The dews drop slowly and dreams gather:  unknown spears

Suddenly hurtle before my dream-awakened eyes

And then the clash of fallen horsemen and the cries

Of unknown perishing armies beat about my ears.


We who still labor by the cromlech on the shore

The grey cairn on the hill when day sinks drowned in dew

Being weary of the world’s empires, bow down to You,

Master of the still stars and of the flaming door.


Unknown spears:

“the clash of unknown spears suddenly hurtle”

(savage and primitive instruments of war)

Spears in war

And do we not use spears of all kinds to hurtle against our enemies?

Horses used in warfare –    “the clash of fallen horses”  —    fallen horses as the effort is lost    —


—   and yes, we use horses in warfare in these “modern” days.   ( See the 2018 movie  “12 Strong.“)

This is a cromlech, standing stones with a capstone laid across:


These have been built by humans since the days of the Ice Age, for whatever reason,  for whatever failing hope, all humans, all continents.

“Who still labor by the cromlech on the shore”:

crommlech by the sea

If we “still labor,”  we haven’t yet learned what we must.

Here is a cairn –     “The grey cairn on the hill when  day sinks”

Cairn on a hill

The building of a cairn must be an  ingrained behavior set into us humans from ancient times.  I say this because much to my astonishment,  when Daughter was engaged to be married  (to a “foreigner” — i.e., a brilliant young man from California!),  we took her young man for a trip way up to the Far Far North to show him the land of her grandparents.   In the winter!   Far away from his sunny California shores.

We went to a presque-type island jutting into Lake Superior,  where there were billion year old rock outcroppings that are fun to walk on.  Problem was, it was an extremely bitterly cold windy day.     The young man and I think Son and I (was Hubbie there?)     jumped out of the car (parked car)  and went to the shore.    The guys gathered rocks from here and there – and built a cairn!


cairn by the sea

What “instinct”  inspired the building of a cairn on an inhumanly cold day?   What meaning is there in marking your spot with a cairn?      What urge?

Is it a marker?       “Kilroy was here.”

“the grey cairn on a hill when the day sinks in dew being weary of the world’s empires . . .”

We construct  a cairn on  the world’s “hills” because it might last, longer, far longer, than the world’s empires.

And what is the American “Empire” accomplishing?    What is the Deep State that is seeking to overthrow the “Empire” accomplishing, in the long run?   How long will the results of our striving and ‘clashing”  exist?

And more and more clashing and striving as long as history lasts . . .

Yeats had it right:   the cairn (and the cromlech)   are a feeble human thrust into the universe, into eternity,  a paltry claim to be part of it all.    But when “the day sinks,” the day,  our day,  will inevitably “bow down” to the Creator of it all –  unknown Master as He may be to modern man.

It is only the Creator who is “the master of the still stars”



And we’d all better know what that “flaming door” is and why it’s there.




Read the poem again.

Yeats poetry is meant to be read out loud,   several times over;  you just won’t get “enough”  if you read it only once.


I think my fingers are freed now.  I can write some posts about what I was observing,  but it all seems so feeble, now,  like the building of a cairn on a hill,   the construction of a cromlech which will eventually collapse;  I would try not to  write only  about war horses, screaming as they fall,  and the weariness of it all.   There is meaning to be found  (I am not Yeats),  and there is an End to history.  


January 12, 2018


A rant, on my part:

(That’s a chicken in his hands.)    (New York City?) *


About that meeting yesterday in which President Trump was presented with an immigration proposal that everyone knew was the exact  opposite of what he wanted, no compromise on their part.    President Trump was impatient and angry at this obvious slap in the face.   Their  grandstanding.   Delay tactic.    Attempted attrition.


Then two anti-Trump people, who were not present at the meeting to hear anything, have reported to two anti-Trump “news” reporters who work for an anti-Trump newspaper their impression of what President Trump said.


som 3

Is that third degree hearsay?

Do you remember when the European report came out that the average, general IQ of people living in Somalia is 60?

Som 1

Somalia does not have a tradition of governing by a system of laws.  The only thing that is known in that country is rule by various Warlords.    It’s who you know and how well you can fight and dominate those who are not like you.

Plainly and fairly the President was questioning why a county must accept immigrants from countries that are so far away from Western European and American culture.

som 2

Because some countries are a real mess.    I would not use the words that came out of the mouths of those  anti-Trump people, but  truth is truth about Third World  countries where most of the people are victims.    Reality is reality.

Americans are not racist-  remember when we gave over a billion dollars to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti?   A Billion dollars.      A Billion  dollars to (mostly) Black people.

Oh, it didn’t get to the Haitian people –  nearly all of that money went to Mrs. Bill Clinton and her Clinton Foundation –  where it stayed.   The Haitian president is spitting mad whenever he hears her name.   I’m sure the Haitian people are wondering where their aid is too.

hai 4

Mrs. Bill Clinton has been heard using the “F” bomb frequently in her speaking. Derogatory, demeaning statements about people.    And all kinds of vile language when questioned about her actions,  like where the money for the Black people of Haiti went.

hai 3

Politics of Personal Destruction.    It’s not just a catchy phrase — it’s a policy of demeaning, dominating,  and destroying your political enemies.      Like the Warlords of Somalia.    The media is very helpful.     95% are rabidly anti-Trump.


It’s possible that the anti-Trump Sen. Durban  is too young to remember the language used by previous presidents (and certain first ladies).    But it is easy to find such vulgar language in many biographies of these former presidents (such as Kennedy,  Johnson,  Nixon, Clinton, and we  know about the  Barack-Hussein person even without a biography).


This woman needs help:

hai 1

She needs economic aid for her country.    Ask:  what is the purpose of a nation’s immigration policy?     Is there a nation?    Does a nation have a right to decide its own fate?  Its own characteristics?    Is this woman ready to add to the health of another nation?

The systems and cultures of some countries are not helpful to Western nations.   It has nothing to do with the color of the skin who live in those  cultures. — and most anti-Trumpers know that.

But they’re on a roll.  The anti-Trump media will repeat their story over and over and over again . . .  until something else distracts them.

If you smear the president with charges of racism,  maybe you can weaken his position so much that he’ll back down and do what you want him to do about immigration.

Maybe some of those anti-Trumpers should visit some  New York City areas:

nwe york city apts

. *   Here’s an open market in an immigrant section of NYC.   I’m sure you know what those goats are going to be used for.

I remember hearing a few years ago a New York City policeman talking – a couple of them in that interview, actually.    They said there are apartment buildings they don’t like to go into because they can hear the bleating of goats and the chickens inside those apartments,  ready for sacrifice,  the smell of blood . . .   and there was nothing they could lawfully do about it.     Voodoo.  Santeria.

Not your average cheerful Methodist social justice warriors in those apartments.

Chain migration.    Whole families and extended families allowed to . . .  invade.


(And why does the United Nations think it can mandate that every Western nation must accept large numbers of people from anywhere?   What is their motive?   What does the United Nations have against European and American  nations? )  


We’re not talking about Legal Migration,  are we?      The anti-Trumpers seem to be confused on that part.    They’ll switch back and forth as they argue. Makes compromise on their part nearly impossible.

So the entertainment-news media has created some ammunition today.

And I’m ranting back at them.












December 8, 2017

Not  24 hours ago I wrote about   Jerusalem,  King David’s capital city of Israel,  3,000 years ago, and the U.N.  vote to create Israel in the 20th century, with Jerusalem as its capital;   and then Bill Clinton’s Act to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Jerusalem:  “over there.”

I never thought it would have anything to do with me,  over here!

IC words

Today we must go to Mass to recognize (and to honor)  the Immaculate Conception of Mary –  because if we don’t, we will surely diminish its importance and eventually forget.  We humans are like that.

So, on my way,  leaving my house just in the nick of time, as usual,  and driving through our local Big Ten campus,  I saw a “disturbance up ahead.

Demo up ahead

Stop and go traffic.   (Just so you know, I took that photo when I was stopped.  Don’t scold me when you see me next.)   We crept up ahead ten feet at a time.

Demonstrations are fairly common among the college kids, though not like it was during the Sixties.  I wondered what this one was all about.  It was pretty cold out there, just over 30 degrees.

Demo flag

Well, so, it’s an arab-type flag up there.   Hamas?  Palestine?   Something like that,  because the signs said something about “occupation.”     One sign must have said  “Honk if you like —- “  (fill in the blank)  because there was one honk, and the crowd broke out in applause and cheers.

Only one honk, kids, among many hundreds of cars.     Car stuck   in your traffic jam.

I got to church just in time,  breathing loudly after my run from the car, knelt down in the quiet church, and whooosh!   Mass began right then.   But it was a good Mass.

in case you don’t know what we are really celebrating today,  just think of the beautiful, powerful,  holy,  golden Ark of the Covenant.


Moses was told to have it built just so, with the fine-grained, precious acacia wood, totally covered in pure gold, and then holding the three signs of God-Most-High:  the mysterious “food from Heaven” called Manna which sustained the Israelites in their wilderness trek;    The stone tablets that contained the Ten Commandments, which is the Mind of God;  and then that staff of Aaron’s which came alive and budded, proving that God works through priests and Aaron was God’s chosen first priest.

Though the Presence of God inside was a powerful and mysterious  miracle,  the Ark  was also holy  and precious,  made just so, so as to be a worthy container, and  able to hold those three mighty signs of God’s Presence.

No   human on earth will ever be holy enough to stand in God’s presence – not until Heaven.   “See God and die,” as the Bible implies.   Instant annihilation.     But the Virgin Mary had to be able to hold within her the Son of God;  so she was created at the instant of her conception in such a state so as to be able to hold within her God in His Incarnation, taking on human nature to be able to reprise all the stages of our development . . . .


Mary was “saved,”  so to speak,  at the instant of her own conception.   Saved and made  holy, without original sin, well-prepared to give birth to her own Divine Savior.

Needs more than a few paragraphs in a blog to contemplate that.  More than a blog, more than one day,  more than a book or many books,  more than . . .  a lifetime, I guess.

So.    Good thing I “had to” go to Mass today.   I would have missed a lot, left to my own decisions.


Afterwards, I found my car, parked under a lovely late Fall capitol dome.

The whole little city is getting ready for Christmas and looks “lovely” too.  I drove around the front of the capitol building.


Pretty ride home.  Pleasant thoughts of Mary, the Immaculate Conception, to accompany me.

The demonstrators were no longer in front of campus,  but the grassy median area where they had been was covered in litter,   paper cups,  papers,  parts of posters . . . .    Not very “immaculate,”  but I suppose they went home happy,  thinking they could change 3,000 years of history.



That’s all for a couple days;  big Christmas party at my house tomorrow.





December 7, 2017

Very difficult to assess the state of the world when there is so much hyperbolic speech going on.   



Found somewhere on the Internet:   A young man, a product of the uneducation of American youth,  dumbing down a generation,   decided to take an exciting Selfie.  He got his cell phone ready,  he picked up a grenade he had found,  and then “dared himself” on camera to pull the pin.    He did.

He’s no longer in the land of the living.

When I was looking for a cartoon photo of a hand grenade,  I came across several of President Trump pulling the pin on a hand grenade referring to his China policy, North Korea,    Iran,  and now Jerusalem.

The Arab world is now proclaiming that President Trump has “pulled the pin” in his announcement that America will recognize Jerusalem,   Israel’s self-named and thousands-years-old capital city.     But   “who are we to judge” what city a nation may choose as its capital?

Well,  not former president Bill Clinton.  He’s the one who signed the bill proclaiming Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.     From a foreign newspaper  (Canada)  which    watches America closely and observes:    “In fact, it is official U.S. policy to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and has been for 22 years, thanks to an act signed into law by none other than Bill Clinton.”   (The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995)


Clinton capital jerusalem

That foreign newspaper also observes that succeeding presidents have cooperated with that law,  so we can’t blame Bush 41 or 43,  the New World Order  dynasty.

Can’t blame the next person that occupied that office,  the Barack Hussein person who  is the pride and joy of Illinois:

Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate

He cooperated too.  Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

And not President Trump,  he is just in the line of those who cooperated with the law, all who voted successively to delay the move of our embassy to Jerusalem.

Until now.

We read in the foreign newspapers to watch for “disturbances”  on Friday of this week, during    m o s l e m   Friday prayers in mosques.

Has a “pin” been pulled?

The Koran does not speak of Jerusalem.   They have no religious tradition there, based on their holy book.     The  m o s l e m s have no history  in Jerusalem or that part of the Middle East –  until they built a mosque in Jerusalem to prevent the building of a Christian church in that location  —    and until they discovered they could hold that part of Jerusalem as a kind of hostage to force the West to take land away from the territory that the U.N.  voted to give to Israel in 1948.    (That is called the “two-state” solution.)

The U.N.  voted yes to Israel.   The Arab world does not want to cooperate with that vote.

Israel says Jerusalem is their capital, as it had been thousands of years ago.   President Clinton signed the bill saying Yes to that.    President Trump says now is the time to begin a years-long process in moving our embassy to their capital city.

Who says President Trump has “pulled the pin”?

He is not the one holding “the pin.”


An update:   Now that morning is breaking in Europe and the Middle East, we do indeed see riots and demonstrations over this matter.    Hmmmmm.   Riots in Holland.  The Dutch are kicking in the windows and doors of Jewish shops?    The Dutch?

Oh, no.   It’s the  migrant invaders in Holland who are “disturbing the peace.”



December 7, 2017

Another data dump posting –  I must clean up all the waiting stories on my PC!

December 6th:

3 gold balls

Most in Christendom used to know what these three gold balls have to do with the date Dec. 6.        (So much information has been [deliberately]  withheld from modern people!)

Many centuries ago, a good Christian man was persecuted, pursued, beaten, and threatened,  but courageously held fast to his Christian faith.    He  eventually became  a bishop in the Church, wise and good and full of compassion.   Contemporary accounts tell of his saving of three unmarried girls of a very poor family who faced a future of being sold into slavery or prostitution, as was the custom of that pagan day when a family did not have enough money for their dowries.

st nick beloved bishop

As each came to marriageable age,  Bishop Nicholas of Myra in Lycia secretly tossed a bag of gold into the house of the three young women,  thereby making it possible for them to marry with a decent dowry.

The three gold balls which we find on the signs of pawn shops, then, remind us of the generosity and kindness of St. Nicholas,  whose Feast Day is December 6th.    And of caring and giving that arises naturally from the heart of true Christians.

True Christians.  True Christianity.

A slap in the face

There is another thing St. Nicholas is remembered for:  As always,  the Church has had to fight enemies without and enemies within.    Heresies and heretics have always risen up to dilute the teaching of the Church.

“So then, brothers and sisters, stand firm and hold fast to the teachings we passed on to you, whether by word of mouth or by letter.”   (written by St. Paul,  II Thessalonians 2:15)   “Whether by word of mouth”  (that would be oral traditions, not written down in the Bible);   “or by letter” (that would be words of the New Testament and other early letters and sermons).

What happens when an official of the Church does not “hold fast” to the teachings that are supposed to be handed down?

Well, when St. Nicholas confronted the stubborn heretic Bishop Arius who continued to teach heresy, even at the great Council of Nicaea,  he slapped Bishop Arius in the face –  in a public affirmation of the heretical teaching!

“Is the pope Catholic?”

Ha ha ha  ha not.     Used to be a joke because the answer was so obvious.   Today, not so much.    Everyone, Catholics,  Catholic   bishops,  leaders of other religions,   and some heads of states are asking publicly what’s wrong with the present pope?

This has happened before, with a pope or a group of bishops turning away from the teachings of the Church,  but it always produces confusion and dismay, turmoil, uncertainty;  more seriously, a loss of souls.

HImmerod Abbey

Himmerod Abbey, West Germany.   Scarcely can we create a huge building like this today.    We do not have the will – and perhaps no longer the knowledge.   After existing for 900 years,  it is now abandoned and most likely will be torn down.   Demolished.   Unused. Unneeded.      Loss of souls.

A symbol of the slow dissolution the Catholic Faith.

“When (I)  the Son of Man returns,  do you think He will find faith (left)   on Earth?”  asked by Jesus, recorded in Luke 18:8.


But we don’t get to define our own version of faith.

Everywhere in the Western World,  there are savage attacks against the symbols of Christian faith.     In Belgium,  the Red Cross can no longer use the symbol of the cross of Jesus.     Belgium’s  Red . . . , I guess.

in France, the statue of a modernist pope who helped deconstruct the traditional Catholic Faith may stand in its public place – but the cross now  has to be taken down.

Here’s a “before”  photo.

Cross No Pope Yes

But what’s happening internally among Catholics –  the Catholics-in Name-Only?    This is a most important question because sometimes in history it was only the lay people, ordinary Christians, who “held fast” to the traditional teachings handed down from the Apostles II Thessalonians 2:15 again.

Sometimes it is lay people who must wake up!,  stand up,  slap some faces (so to speak), and promote and demand  the spiritual and moral teachings that made the Western World great and strong:

decent m ovies

Ordinary people, demanding decent movies.   

Ordinary people,  We the People,  we the lay people,  people of faith –  people who know our culture was safe and stable when Christian principles aided government policies.    (Not merely a “movie”  issue.)

Church dissolution is very real and quite advanced today,  crime is rising;  greed, bribery, and deception run the economy;   crime, greed, bribery, deception, and lust seem to motivate our political leaders;   fear and distrust grow among people in general.  Cultural Marxism has demolished all the good points of our history, leaving us disoriented and weakened, without heroes and role models.

Church dissolution has consequences.

It also has a remedy –  us –  but as Jesus asked:    “When I come back,  will I find faith anymore?” 

Bar Cross in middle

Such is the uncertain State of the World without Christian faith.


November 6, 2017

(Super talkative, unrestrained-in-the-morning  thoughts.  Just skip down to the two quote boxes to get the gist.)



It’s a matter of politics to try to keep a civil society stable, beneficial, correcting wrongs, making improvements; protecting against those movements which ultimately tear at families and break down a civil society. I do respect people who find politics their calling for these reasons.

Many work towards, those ends; but increasingly more have an agenda that works against those good ends.  Senator Rand Paul, for instance who is recovering today from five broken ribs because because many people in this country care not about their country’s good, but about their own agenda, country be damned; and that makes them strident, arrogant, and sometimes violent.    I don’t know about each of Senator Paul’s ideas, but I know his is a life dedicated to improving our nation.

if I am ever asked whether I am “Right” or “Left” or “Liberal” or “Conservative,”   I would probably groan (inaudibly) and frown, and look all thoughtful; and after a moment maybe my reply would be a disappointed:    “Ohhhh,  do you really want to go back to the French Revolution? Do you really want to use those archaic categories? They have become a cheap shot; lazy thinking obscuring today’s realities.”

 fr revSitting on the left and sitting on the right

Leftistl/Democrat?   Right/Republican?  These have no meaning now after the  dialectic process has translated those two terms into: Socialist (Democrat) on one side  and Socialist Lite (Republican) on the other, both political parties drawing people into worldwide Global Socialism/Communism which, whatever label you give it, simply means a totalitarian control of the whole world.

(See Nimrod)  (Or see Napoleon, who thought he could do it.)     (Or see Hitler, who was sure he could do it.) .

Maybe you’d want to more accurately ask if I am a Gramsci-ite Progressive or if I am  an Independent political thinker:   pragmatic and people-oriented, rather than State-oriented. Our American Constitution gave us a shot at this: independent and uniquely created individual people, free to be creative and hard-working in the pursuit of their own choices in this world and free to walk humbly before God in preparation for their journey to the next world.

My favorite song? “Don’t Fence Me In.”

Nearly all Young People have never even read the book 1984, nor studied it to understand the warnings therein.     Not that their Leftist schools and universities would want these young people to ever, EVER understand books like 1984 and Homage to Catalonia     That would be so  . . .  so  . . .   un-Orwellian.    Thinking about Orwell’s writing would require independent thinking and the “hard work”  of intellectual analysis.

I was reading a foreign newspaper about the recent Texas church shooting, and I also read down into the Comment Box. Certain people could not understand why Americans could not just “all come together as a country and stop bickering about what we should do next. “Can’t we all get along?” (Teddy bears and flowers . . . and smile more.)   Why do we have to debate every issue?   Isn’t that . . . “divisive”?   Shouldn’t we all be united under one common( political) goal?

Then I saw this comment by some who calls himself “No One In  Particular,”  but he had a great comment on those who would restrict free and independent debate:

We are United by the Document on which this country was founded, the United States Constitution. We are fully allowed, and even encouraged, to disagree. (Amendment 1) We are also allowed, as in not prohibited from, ownership of firearms. (Amendment 2) This individual was not supposed to be able to purchase a firearm as he was disqualified from such by due process (Read: court of law). The fact that he made that purchase, through a Sporting Good Store, mind you, is an oversight that should not have happened. The squabbling that happens in the U.S. is 100% okay. If it truly bothers you, ignore it and never “pop across the pond,: sir.


There can be no debating if people are so willing to jump up and say you shouldn’t say what you want to say, that’s not “correct”!   In this politically-charged world it’s upsetting to the hypnotic dream state created by the Leftist agenda.   It’s not politically correct.

I hope we begin to look at the quality of public discourse in this whole nation. I hope those independent thinkers who have something of value to say will speak out against the suppression of public discourse. A poll recently proclaimed its findings: More than half the people in this country do not speak out because they are afraid of the consequences.

Poll: 71% of Americans Say Political Correctness Has Silenced Discussions Society Needs to Have, 58% Have Political Views They’re Afraid to Share  (from Cato . . org Oct. 31, 2017)


Yeah, well they killed Socrates for it too. I’d hoped we are beyond that.
“Do not go gentle into that good . . .” etc. etc.


November 5, 2017

I think if a few million of us just stated the obvious,  very  simply and matter-of-factly,  it would help to preserve our Constitution,  without which  Americans would not be free.   That was the purpose of the constitution:  to limit government so that Americans will not be ruled over by government.

So,  just simply:   A man wearing Antifa-type clothing, all black,  military style, ran into a church with a gun and killed about 27 people and wounded many others.

An American citizen carrying a gun saw  the shooter run out towards his car and fired at the shooter.

The shooter  got into his car and tried to get away, drove as far as he could,  and then crashed.  Dead in his car.

The police say there were several other types of guns in the shooter’s car.   How many more could have been killed today if that American citizen hadn’t shot  the shooter ?

Pass it on.




November 3, 2017

(Random thoughts from The Spruce Tunnel)

Walking through a parking lot this afternoon,  this caught my eye:

Bummper Sticker

Bumper Sticker “art” —

The bumper sticker reminded me that I live in a university town.  Well, I live out here where the professors live,  the students mostly live in the town contiguous with us, but we see a lot of them in our stores.

So . . .  cute bumper sticker, “eh” ?      E   A  R  T    H       

Take out the art, you take out the beauty.  Or maybe the other way around – take out the beauty and there is no real art.     Seeing beauty is an art,  and “poetics”  is what we humans try to do to capture the beauty,  hold it still before our eyes.

Random thoughts and pathways:

But it made me think of all the artists and artist-wannabees around here:   the artistes.  Universities attract them.    Universities and university people live right in the middle of an ordinary town.    Sometimes the two populations don’t understand each other –  with amusing or newsworthy consequences.   This university town is known for throwing couches out  windows and setting them on fire in the streets below — usually when we win a big football game.  Or when we lose.


The police come,  but not until several students have had the opportunity to jump through the fire . . . .   Some people just don’t get it.

Town and Gown

But there has always been clashes and sometimes violence between the university population and the town population.   In the Middle Ages,  sometimes groups of students took their swords to school to fight with other groups of students or with groups of townspeople.     Imagine caring that much about what a professor teaches you that you want to defend the issue or destroy the issue with your sword!

(Not an easy thing to do!   Do you know how heavy a real sword is?   No women students in the 13th century at a public university.   They couldn’t wield a sword anyway.)

Twenty Towns in America  —

Riots and clashes planned for Saturday, November 4, in twenty towns and cities across America have nothing to do with intellectual issues, and not even with the intellect itself.    The International Communist-backed movement called Antifa will try to incite riots this  weekend.   It’s what they do.    It’s what they’re paid to do.   This is the weekend in 1917 that the Leftist Bolsheviks took over the major cities of Russia in a coordinated attack.   Turned Russia into the Soviet Union. Eventually 65,000,000 dead.

I don’t think that will happen this weekend, 2017.    The Antifa people are armed with slogans but not with strong intellects that could drive them through to the “end”  that they are told to shout about.


It will be interesting to see what today’s feeble-minded revolutionary-wannabees will accomplish.

Much, eventually, if there is no pushback.     But not tomorrow.





October 31, 2017


Note to policy-makers and those who communicate with policy-makers:


We saw smashed bicycles today — and smashed people.    8 dead so far. 

I join:  shock, anger, sorrow,  “thoughts and prayers” . . . .

Many experts giving advice, much of it good.   One expert tells us that the m  o  s  l  e  m  man who drove the truck into the bicyclists  entered the United States  in 2010  under a “Diversity Green Card”  –  green cards that are issued without the requirement of stated skills or purpose for the sake of promoting diversity.        Just come.

50,000 of these “Diversity Green Cards”   issued per year.


October 26, 2017

(Once again, I have so many little things to write about that they’re all jammed up, and I have to let a few days go by to let the dust settle.)

Sw Mosque

All the little themes seem to have sorted themselves out under the category of Hoaxes.   All kinds of hoaxes.

That picture is a mosque.   In Sweden.     It’s a Swedish mosque  (Sverige).

This is not a mosque aside Lutheran and Evangelical and Catholic churches in Sweden.   This is a statement.   From the moslem there.     Sweden has a large population, large and growing,   of moslems who arrived as part of the Third World Forced Invasion of European countries.

The trick is that they are “refugees.”  They are not, that’s a hoax,   but the Swedes are “nice” people.  Nice and passive.

The trick is that Sweden is a wealthy country and that they have enough wealth for not only their cradle-to-grave welfare system for the Swedes (which they don’t)  but also they have enough wealth to share with million of foreign, Third World non-citizens, (which they don’t).   That’s a hoax.

The trick is that if you  notice problems developing because of the foreign Third World non-citizens and you say anything about it,  that you are Xenophobic and you are a terrible person to hate foreigners (which you are most probably not)  That’s a hoax. 

The trick is that the Third World foreigners will assimilate into Swedish culture,  which they won’t.   That’s a hoax.    It is against their culture to assimilate into other cultures.   Other cultures, wherever they live, must assimilate into the moslem culture.

Wherever they go in formerly Christian Europe,  Islam must be integrated into the host country’s Christian culture.   “Something’s gotta give,”   as the old pop song  goes,  and it has to be the Christian or formerly Christian cultures.

Sweden has lost their own country.   The government is calling on their military to try to patrol the large moslem No-Go zones.    Crime is sky high.  Sweden competes for the area with the highest number of rapes.    It’s not the “nice” Swedes who are doing the crimes,  they are the victims, and being “nice” people, they officially and often personally make statements of apology to the Third World criminals.

All that they’ve been told about “immigration” has been a lie.

The Swedes are being hoaxed – and they don’t seem to want to believe it.

I can’t even get into their mindset, even though I am half Swedish myself.   That is, my mother was half Swede and half Finn;  my father was half Swede and half Finn.   Now, Swedes and Finns are not at all like each other and from observation, they’re seldom on the same page!!!     Since I have half and half genes from my mother and my father,  who knows what “fun ”  my own DNA had when combining to form me!      I can’t understand anything!

And no wonder I can’t understand the Swedes.

But I know hoaxes when I see them.


October 4, 2017

(We Americans are thinking of shootings lately – and specifically of guns.)

“It has come to my attention,”  as they say,  that our entertainment-news media did not cover Sunday’s shooting (of ten days ago).      I heard people say they hadn’t heard anything about it.

Nearly every Sunday Christians are a great risk when they go to church, and somewhere in the world they are likely to be killed while attending their services.   Ten days ago it was the turn of Christians in America.

2 Burnette Church violence

Nice, ordinary looking church in Antioch, Tennessee.   Not the kind of church I go to, but that’s all right.  They are nice, God-fearing people, going about their business on a Sunday morning.

This man didn’t go to the Burnette Church of Christ in Antioch, Tennessee, but he did visit it a couple times.

2 EManuel Samson

He is from Sudan,  but was brought to America as a refugee twenty years ago.   He didn’t “assimilate”  well.

Body builder 1 j

Thought of himself as a real strong guy in the gym.

body builder 2 j

He was very proud of his body on his Facebook pages, but he wrote some strange words there;   maybe power words, something about not being a created thing but being the creator.

body builder 3

He was planning . . .       I don’t know what he’s doing here . . .      He had been in training . . . .

So he came to the church ten days ago with a loaded gun and killed  a woman in the parking lot and then opened the door of the church and began firing more.     Seven people were shot.

What stopped him?    A young man named Robert Engle,  22 years old,  rushed him and struggled with him.  The young man was pistol-whipped, but kept on struggling.   The gunman –  whose name is Emanuel Samson – took a bullet from his own gun.

While the gunman was down,  the young man ran out to his car where he had kept his own – legally-obtained, legally-licensed –  handgun.    He ran back in with his handgun, and  pointed it at Samson,  holding him at bay until the police came.

Robert Engle had a handgun and a concealed carry permit, and he was trained on how to use it.     He is being hailed as a hero by the congregation and by the local police, because he was ready and able to stop a horrible tragedy from becoming much worse.

I think we should at least hear about him – and give him a Hat’s Off.









October 2, 2017

The people of Las Vegas can one day look back on these days with satisfaction and encouragement even as their grief continues.

We see nothing but mutual comfort and aid, compassion and  sympathy  that is proven by   courage under fire as they helped each other,   protected each other, offering their own blood to those who lost so much of their own.

As the crowd was hiding and  running away as best they could,  the first responders,  the policemen!,  were running towards the gunfire.    The people of Las Vegas can look upon their officials with pride and gratitude.

Some of the facts are known.    Many questions are yet unanswered.    President Trump articulated what I and many Americans were thinking in his speech on Monday, so I don’t   need to give my opinion.

Our Leftist entertainment-news media practically applauded the act, mocking the character and voting habits they supposed the audience of a country music festival would have and  hoping that the Trump supporters among the audience would be the ones to die.

We’re eager to find out what this man’s motivation could have been.

I hope we also try to discover what has become of the moral climate of our country to allow even the possibility of an American mass murderer to act.  Several decades ago when I was in school,  some of my friends took their guns or rifles to school for after-school meetings of the ROTC.   One time I asked my friend if he played saxophone.  He said,  “No.”      Then he opened up his case and showed me his rifle.

The moral climate was different then.     The character  of the American people was different then.

If it can bend one way,  can it bend back the other way?