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May 14, 2017


“Like crystal,  when the sun shines brilliantly through it.”

It was hard for the little children to describe the brightness and purity of the whiteness,  the white light that the Lady was made of,  like she was made of the sun, but it didn’t hurt their eyes.

OL Fatima

As you’ve probably heard,  this is the 100th Anniversary of the First Apparition that occurred in Fatima, Portugal.    I’ll write much about it in the days to come;  six months we  have.   The Apparitions came once a month for six months,  with one big Fireworks of an ending!

fatima people

That it happened there could be no doubt.  In fact,  among the many in the photograph above who were there on that last day were many, many doubters, skeptics, mockers, and downright nay-sayers.    They were there to ridicule the so-called pious believers who believed the children’s tales.

But for  even those who were convinced nothing would happen – something happened to them!      Why were they so convinced nothing was going on?      Because the ones who were able to see or hear “something”  were the innocent,  the pure in heart,  the honest,  the open,  the pious, and the humble before God.

There were a few, even in this atheistic country!

According to the heart of each person,   some heard only a soft buzzing when the Apparitions occurred.  A few heard the booms.  A few saw the bright flashes.   Some saw a small, soft white cloud.    Two of the three children heard the words of “the Beautiful Lady,”  but all three saw her.

And that was exactly how they described her.    This Beautiful Lady, who was really appearing,   was a Lady with a face and with hair and eyes and clothing, but nevertheless “all made of Light.

In fact, later,  when Lucia, the eldest, was pressed to describe her,  she said even her gown was made of Light.  It was not “folds of white cloth,”  but where there would be folds, it was like the Light was thicker there,  the Light was draped in folds, and at the edges of the  Lady’s gown,  the brilliant white Light became golden,  like an outline of golden Light.

a white

The Beautiful Lady would not identify herself until October,  her sixth visit.

But remember –  she was made of Light.  Clothed in Light.  A Light that made everything beautiful and brought with it the presence of God,   Who is the Source of Majestic Light –

I Timothy 6:16 –  (God) . . . who alone is immortal and who lives in unapproachable light, whom no one has seen or can see. To him be honor and might forever. Amen.




February 9, 2017

(A sobering observation.)

Oh,  I still laugh freely in my private life,   among my friends and family.     Lots of enjoyable, funny things  around here.    But I had a glimpse of the world “out there”  today, which  gave me a little wake-up.   Life is a serious matter.

I’ve been staying away from the entertainment-news  media lately.


I can  spare myself the aggravation of looking for some  real information on these news programming shows.    Even the sports “news”   has quite a strong agenda leaking through.

The Communists won the Culture War a long time ago.   Communists, socialists,  progressives,  “alinsky-ites,”  leftists – whatever you want to call them.    But it was FUN for us.    We’re not the ones who invented “sex, drugs, and rock n roll,”  but we sure had fun when  rebellion and moral confusion was inserted into our culture and made to seem normal.       The things that corrupt and weaken a society were happily embraced.

com-man-80  If you’re a serious reader, you  might want to read their plans for us,  or at least  a summary of their Book.     Or you might want to explore the Frankfort School of Marxism which laid out their plans for us.*     You’ll find uncertainty and confusion are important   “Planks”  of Marxism.

And it’s all to further their main goal, which is the destruction of the West,  and the destruction of America.       Our heads are spinning because we don’t know right from wrong –  but the Revolution is clear-headed, and they know what they’re doing.

The writers and producers  of our entertainment-news media call themselves The Left and they call anyone who has a different idea  The Right, and they have plenty of words to smear The Right with.    

We probably all woke up today to Google’s latest attempt to change our vocabulary.  “He who controls the vocabulary controls the discussion” – right?


Google gives us a new definition of “fascism”   – forgetting that fascism is a leftist phenomena,   a form of socialism,   as in the “National Socialist Party,” also  known as the Nazis.    This is a serious deformation of the English language,  but is part of the campaign to bend our minds towards their ideology.      They want to win!

Well, I knew all that.    Sometimes I just want to “skate” free for a while and not think about these things.     But I was reminded of just how serious all this is when I became identified as the Enemy this evening.

I had a busy, productive day – and I’m still happy about my computer working –  so I went to the library and took out a BBC series on DVDs that I’ve been wanting to see.    I won’t tell you the name  (anymore)   but it’s kind of the British equivalent of our FBI,  fighting domestic  crime and terrorism with all kinds of great technology.   I love that.


But in the first episode,   the enemy criminal was:  Me!   Myself and all the friends I know!   And the majority of American citizens.      Something we strongly believe in but the Left vehemently promotes.    We fight with prayer, strong prayer,  both private and quietly in public.

We don’t shout,  but we are shouted at.   We don’t throw things,  but things are thrown at us.     We don’t wave angry fists.  but angry fists are waved in our face.  We don’t threaten,  but we are threatened.     We don’t restrict people from walking on public sidewalks,  but we are restricted.

So guess who is the loony radical dangerous enemy to society?

I took offense, actually.     I took it personally.    Here is a whole popular TV series –  painting good people as evil.

I didn’t watch the rest of that episode, but I turned to the second one.

Same thing; different theme.     The traditional values that built up Western Civilization were treated as though they were some evil  ideological enemy of mankind.

And all the resources of the government are thrown at . . .  the people with traditional values.

In America,  the Leftists are exposing themselves as pretty out of touch with reality,  but they strongly believe what they are saying.  The children in college are being used to threaten and to be destructive and menacing against Conservative citizens.  Leftist judges overreach their authority and are treated as “authoritative.”    Professionals in various unions are gathering up their collective forces to obstruct and to take power.

They are all speaking words of division and disruption and hate.

I’ve studied revolutions formally in my university years –  and beyond.     Everyone gets hurt – even the ones being used by the revolutionaries.

It takes a tipping point to get a violent revolution started.  But it doesn’t take much to create that tipping point.

It always takes people by surprise.

“If only we could have pulled back a little”    and cooled off and began actually discussing issues, solving  mutual  problems,   acknowledging what we have in common.

But – with all that I’ve learned in the decades behind me –  this kind of attitude comes out of the values of Western Civilization —    the very values that we are allowing to be torn down.     (As predicted in 1917 –  “. . . russia will spread her errors . . .”   It’s not “russia” –  it’s the  socialism that overcame Russia.)

Didn’t we have some sort of election here that showed we wanted to return to those values?       One man can’t do it alone.  

We didn’t elect a Savior.

We couldn’t.




  .*     “Basically, the Frankfurt School believed that as long as an individual had the belief — or even the hope of belief — that his divine gift of reason could solve the problems facing society, then that society would never reach the state of hopelessness and alienation that they considered necessary to provoke socialist revolution. Their task, therefore, was as swiftly as possible to undermine the Judaeo-Christian legacy…..

“To further the advance of their ‘quiet’ cultural revolution – but giving us no ideas about their plans for the future – the School recommended (among other things):

2.  Continual change to create confusion
3.  The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
5.  Huge immigration to destroy identity.
7.  Emptying of churches
8.  An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
9.  Dependency on the state or state benefits
10. Control and dumbing down of media
11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family

“One of the main ideas of the Frankfurt School was to exploit Freud’s idea of ‘pansexualism’ – the search for pleasure, the exploitation of the differences between the sexes, the overthrowing of traditional relationships between men and women.”  


Credit for this quotation goes to:

https:  // http://www.crossroad. to/ Quotes/brainwashing/2009/frankfurt-dewey.htm

(This is not a  link.   You’d have to remove spaces.  Or just Search for the Frankfort School (of Marxism).

My last post ended facetiously with  “Know Thyself.”          This one should end with:  “Know thy enemy.”



October 13, 2016

We begin that fateful 100th anniversary today.   

This is an important anniversary.    I wanted this to be an interesting posting,  fun,   but  it’s got to be more.     Because you should see the expressions on the faces of all the people I know, and a lot more I don’t know.    There’s such a sense of something’s not right.   Something is about to happen .

It’s like the summer of 1939 in Europe.   The summer of 1941 in the United States.


Today is the 99th anniversary of October 13, 1917 –  the last of the serious visions at Fatima, Portugal.    Tomorrow, I suppose you can say,  we begin that 100th year which will end our “probation.”

There were 70,000   people there that dark rainy day on the fields outside the village of Fatima in 1917.   They wanted to see something “big”  happen,  because, before,   all people had seen  was three little children, once a month,  looking up at what they later described as a “beautiful lady.”     The oldest of the three seemed to talk to the Lady.   Then there were a few words about what the Lady had said – and that’s all.

This time they were promised something big.  Something that would prove to everyone that the previous visitations were indeed supernatural.


Portugal was a skeptical country.   Mostly non-believers.   Scoffers of Catholicism – just like our politicians today.

The children were ready.    Then the visions came.   Images that matched the meditations on the Gospel in the Holy Rosary, because that’s what the rosary is:  three sets of Mysteries straight out of the Gospel;  and the children saw three successive visions,  each representative of one of the sets of Mysteries.

That was not the “proof.”    The proof came right after.   Lucia dos Santos,  the oldest,  pointed up at the sky and shouted “Look at the sun!”   Now, don’t get all scientific and skeptical — something did happen,  and it was something overwhelmingly terrifying,  and it DID seem as though the sun were  moving around,  spinning,   giving off weird colors,  and then making a startling plunge towards the  people.


70,000 people screamed,  ran,  fainted,  slipped and fell in the mud,  pleaded for mercy;  and approximately 30,000 more eyewitnesses from the surrounding area, in towns,  walking along other roads,  from apartment buildings,  from shops and stores. some more than 20 miles away saw it all too.   They didn’t know anything was going to occur, so this  “Milagro”  caught them by  surprise.

Rule out mass hysteria or mass hypnosis.   So many eyewitnesses,  and not all of them were in the same place.  And many were hard-hearted and determined atheists who were only out that day to watch a bunch of Catholics make fools of themselves.

But it happened.        The Miracle of the Sun.

Other miracles occurred simultaneously there in the field.   Some people were cured of diseases.  Some blind people found they could see.  Crutches were abandoned.   And everyone’s clothing was dry and clean!

(Actual photograph before the Miracle) –


Today’s scientists have estimated that the amount of heat energy needed to dry the clothes of 70,000 rain-soaked, muddy people was so great that it would have melted the people,  annihilated them.

So something happened on October 13th, 1917,  and it’s not explainable by human knowledge.

There is much information about Fatima, all six occurrences,  on the Internet.     The facts don’t change, the eyewitness accounts don’t change.      The Lord God really wanted us to know something and to take it seriously – and to believe it.

So what do we need to know?   In 1917 we were told that God is very angry with us for our lack of religious faith,  for our immorality,   for our immodesty in dress,  for our “sexual sins,”   for the perversion and violence that we enjoy,  for blasphemies, profanities, and all the outrages against the majesty of God our Creator.

That was in 1917!    How bad could it have been then?   How much worse is it now?

We needed to know some things:  pray,  and pray more;   do penance in reparation for our sinning;  make daily sacrifices to God;  pray for others — and one big instruction:  the hierarchy of the Church, acting together at the same moment in time,  make a consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart.   ( – of Mary;   If you don’t have the right understanding of Mary,  you really won’t have an accurate understanding of Jesus.)

That’s it.   Pray, do penance,  make sacrifices,  stop sinning,  make this consecration.

But.  If.   Not. . . .

A worse war will come.   And if still not,  Russia will “spread her errors” around the world and whole nations will be annihilated . . .   worse wars . . .  carnage . . .

What are these “errors of Russia”?    Well, they are less and less of Russia and more and more of the Western World,  Europe and America.    But it was in Russia that these “errors” first most successfully were spread and permeated that whole nation.

These are the errors that came out of the Revolutionary men around the time of the French Revolution –  an error in thinking and logic that perverted the philosophies of the whole world – a spreading, contagious canker that destroyed goodness and truth wherever it went.

These errors,  diabolically inspired at the desk of Karl Marx and blossoming into a hundred choking miasmas of evil,  bring misery and poverty and  oppression and death  —   more than 100,000,000 people killed by their own governments.

I asked a couple years ago,  how could Karl Marx have done this?    What was he that his ideas could have started such a conflagration,  ready to be spread around the world,  first in Russia, then everywhere else?

Karl Marx had a”visitor”  in his study, where he conceived these Leftist, Marxist ideas.  He describes many places in his writings, and he was finally “moved”  to work out his mental torments in poetry.

I first wrote about them  here . . . the Sword of Hell.

I’ll copy just the  one stanza where he gives in to his diabolical visitor and knows just what choice he has made — fame,  and Hell:

 Thus heaven I’ve forfeited

I know it full well

My soul, once true to God,

Is chosen for Hell.

He made a deliberate choice.     He knew what he was choosing.   His political writings would become the punishing Sword for the whole world.

Something is coming.   Something big and terrible is coming.     Something is about to happen.

An election is about to happen.    We, too, could choose to wield  Marx’s Sword  against our own selves.

This election seems to be not about choosing one candidate or the other;  but rather we are choosing whether we want America to continue —  because “many nations will be annihilated.”             A just punishment  for  continued sin and defiance.

Something is about to happen,  I can see it on people’s faces.   Can it be stopped?

Why “100 years”?     The king of France in 1689 was told to do something; to  choose God for his nation rather than materialistic pleasures, riches, and political power.

He didn’t.  God waited 100 years and still no change.

In 1789  his successor,  King Louis XVI,  was beheaded,  and his France,  that France,  was gone.



September 13, 2016

It’s the 13th of the month, one of the months of 99 years ago in which the three little children of Fatima were seeing visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who was bringing important information for the world.


Why entrust “important information”  to three  little children?    I don’t know all of the reasons, but on this September 13th three grown men also left their record of that day – and the result is similar.     They told simply what they saw, and there is not a hint of “fanciful fairy tales” in their account.     Either!    The words of the  three children of Fatima had never sounded like fanciful tales either.


So these three men, who were dressed in suits,  but happened to priests of the skeptical variety,  came to the area where another apparition was supposed to take place around noon.   They came to the beautiful rolling hills of the pasture lands near Fatima, Portugal, which looked something like this photo.

The actual site of the apparition was near a holm oak tree:


The three men positioned themselves above the area of the holm oak so they could look down and see everything,  the behavior of all the people and any natural or supernatural phenomena that might occur.

But there was already a crowd of people there.  Quite a crowd!


In this  fifth expected apparition  30,000 people had heard and showed up!   The three men saw that the children and most of the crowd were already praying the rosary,  and were expectant.

And then, around noon,  the three men saw something in the eastern sky.  It was a soft gentle light coming from the east,  and as it got closer they could see that it was like a globe;  maybe  we’d call it an “orb” today.     It glowed beautifully and drifted towards the little oak tree, “majestically,”  as they described it.

And then they noticed that the bright sunlight got a little dimmer and became  somewhat golden, and then there was a quiet hush in the air.

Must have been lovely,  and a bit eerie.

Many eyewitnesses reported seeing and feeling the same thing.    Some people reported being able to see some stars in the sky that day.

The apparition was about to begin, seen only by the three children, and  heard only by two of the children.


Of course the important thing was the message this apparition had brought,  not just the external phenomena that the astonished men had called ” a delightful vision.”

I always forget the details of this vision because they are not dramatic or startling like the four previous ones,  just a simple admonition to “keep praying the rosary so that the War will end.” *     I guess that’s “dramatic” enough for us today, the idea that prayer and faith and devotion do  have an effect upon global political conditions.      It’s one thing to know it;  it’s another thing to practice it.

Lucia, the eldest of the children,  dutifully relayed to the apparition some questions about healing that certain people had given her to ask the Lady;    the answer was “some will be healed,  others will not be.”     They – and we –  need to know that answers to prayer is in God’s hands and sometimes dependent upon certain things on our part.

Prayer:  It is natural to pray for things we need.   When St Thomas Aquinas was discussing the matter of prayer and petition,  he quoted St Augustine who had written:  “It is lawful to pray for that which it is lawful to desire.”     So take heart!   Have confidence!

And then came a promise.    Next month the Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary,   will come back with more personages from Heaven and with public  Proof that these apparitions from Heaven are real.  The Proof will be visible to all and will be convincing.     As the apparition ended,   something like white “snowflakes”   or “petals”  precipitated out of the air, for all to see, although the flakes didn’t quite reach the ground.

The men, watching from their position higher up,  at first thought this was a flock of little white birds.  They asked each other if they each had seen it.     They all had,  but none ventured to give it a name.  And then a small cloud was seen by that little oak tree where the children had been seeing the Lady.   It thickened a little,  rose a little, then disappeared.   In its place a few wispy clouds appeared and quickly disappeared.  What was that?    Again, the men had no words for it.

The three children could be seen pointing to the eastern sky again, saying look!   There it is.   The three grown men saw the white orb again, receding.    When one asked the other what he though that was,  this time he said, without thinking,  “That is Our Lady!”

So stay tuned for October 13th.

And keep praying – especially for the “State of the World.”      We are so close to the fulfillment of the terrible warnings that had come earlier to the children.

I’m beginning to think that then false politics of today will be the instrument that will bring down that judgment upon us.



.*    That would be World War One:  “The War to End All Wars.”     It was a shockingly violent and destructive war.   Every bit of modern technology was used to  kill and destroy:  the newly invented airplanes were used to drop bombs;  chemical warfare maimed and killed men in horrible ways;   all our focus and planning and intelligence was brought to bear on waging an inhuman, uncivilized war.     Surely we had reached the final ultimate worst that Man can do to Man,  and we must never permit war again.

(And yet,  Our Lady,  in these apparitions warned of a worse one to come,  contingent upon future human behavior….)



August 14, 2016

I wrote the title of this post today –  and then things got in the way.  Life.  Good things,         scary things, busy things,  nice  things, all things.  So the post itself will be late, since it has to do with today, August 13th.

On the 13th of each month in  1917 three little children were supposed to go to a certain place near their home,  the Cove da Iria , a little distance from the nearest  city of Ourém, in Portugal.

fatima ch vision

They obeyed and received instruction and information from the Lady who came to them in visions each month.

A few people believed the children.  Some people, more and more each month,  went out to the Cova with them.    But in this summer of 1917, it seemed as though the world was pretty much stacked against them.   The national and local governments had been taken over by those who prided themselves on being skeptics,  anti-Catholic, and atheists.  These people had control of everything in public life, including the newspapers.

The mayor of the little city used his power to mock and spread ridicule and  to prevent people from accompanying the children.   The last thing this Masonic, atheist government wanted was for religion to be encouraged, a religion that was called “superstitious.”


So,  knowing the 13th of the month was coming up,  he stepped in and made his move.  (There is no freedom in a godless government)     Here is an actual photo of the man:

Arturo dos Santos.jpg


Artur Oliveira Santos,  the mayor of Ourém.

As the children were going towards their usual place of meeting with the Lady from heaven,  he persuaded them to get in his carriage, and he would be nice enough to take them there, easily,  riding.

But he took them to his jail.    There,  he threatened them and ordered them to tell him the supposed “secrets”  the children had received in the last month.     After all,  an atheist and dictatorial governing force needs to know what’s going on in the minds of its subjects.  We call it total surveillance  now and fuss about “privacy matters”;   but in the end,  our Rulers today cannot allow privacy — or secrets.     (Again:  There is no freedom in a godless government.)

fatima 3

The children could not tell him,  would not tell him,    and so he threatened them with death,  and play-acted that he was actually killing them one by one.   The parents had no knowledge of where their children had been taken  nor did they have the power to get them released.   But eventually  the children were released to their parents,  and  without having divulged the secrets.

I can’t imagine the fear the children were feeling.

The town was against the children,  the authorities were against the children,  and although they didn’t have an awareness of the larger world around them,  that larger world, and all of Europe,  was rapidly becoming anti-Christian.   A “post-Christian”  culture was being formed all over.

We are the inheritors of that post-Christian culture, and we are experiencing the difficulties and dangers in a world without God.

So what happened to the scheduled Visitation on that day?     Those who had gone on ahead of the children gathered at the Cova,  the place of Visions,   reported hearing and seeing some “disturbances” in the atmosphere,  which quickly subsided and disappeared.

Six days later,  nearly a week later – and that can be a long time in busy ordinary lives – the children received an internal call to come to another place.     There they received assurances and admonitions to keep on praying, to keep on doing penance,  to keep praying for souls because “many go to Hell because there is no one to pray for them.”

And they were told to keep coming back on the 13th of each month,  and soon all people will be receive confirmation of the Source of these Visitations.    “I will work a miracle that all people will see.”

But there was a sad note too:  ” If you had not been taken away to the City, the miracle would have been even greater. ”     I’ve pondered this sentence.   Knowing what the miracle turned out to be,  I wonder how much greater and more wonderful it could have been.

There has been another delay by the Authorities:

The spirit of  Mayor Artur Oliveira Santos has been affecting us today.  Skepticism,  mockery,  ridicule,  intolerance,  hostility to Christianity,  distaste for Truth,  disobedience,  threats and interference with religion have all worked to delay our fulfillment of a certain earlier command from Fatima:  to consecrate the nation of Russia to the Lady’s Immaculate Heart,   and when done, “a period of peace”  will be granted to the earth.

If this is not done,  “Russia”  will spread her errors throughout the world.    These “errors” are the ways of not only Soviet Socialism,  but of all kinds of socialism and communism.  That is,  governments will rule people for their own benefits.      The Common Good will be seen as the good of the State.    Rulers will dictate just what this Common Good means.    People will have to go along with the total consolidation of power into the hands of our Rulers.   And the Rich Rulers will grow richer,  and the people will grow poorer and poorer as they live to support the Ruling class.

All these “errors” are a scourge upon the world.    One by one nations are becoming bankrupt.   People are falling into appalling poverty.

I sometimes think that what happened on August 13th, 1917 –  the hostility of authorities resulting in delay –  is a foretelling of the way things will happen in our somewhat near future.    There was a delay then, full of danger;  and I think there will be a dangerous delay in these next few years.    I wonder if there will also be a lessening of the Blessing that could have been.

The message of Fatima:  prayer.    Serious prayer.     Prayer that conveys the seriousness of the plight of our world, and that is accompanied by penance and personal sacrifices.


August 2, 2016

No,  this isn’t a hot-summer-weather report.    It’s that “next post”  that I referred to in the last post.

The information starts in the early 17th century.   In the Americas.    Each nation or empire had a king;  each colony was loyal to that king.    And yet . . .  yet  somewhere in the future it was predicted that nations would no longer have kings and queens, or at least a functioning monarchy.

Nations would be “republics.”   Like Ancient Greece attempted.    Like Ancient Rome tried for a short time.   A form of government that promised so much but left so much open to corruption and failure – and misery for the citizens of the republic.

And worse.   There were more predictions.    In the future,  three hundred years into the future,   religion,  the foundation and strength of every civilized nation,  would be disparaged.  Out of favor.  Rejected.   Mocked.     There would be a great crumbling and corruption of the Church itself.   It seemed insane.   An incomprehensible future.

A great apostasy would occur.    All  the new republics would one day become the enemy of religion.  Their official policy  would be to keep religion out of the public sphere,  to destroy religion.

Parents would stop teaching their children about the Good God and about our salvation.  A great number of evil   “books”   would  flood the streets of the cities,  disrupting society,  degrading manners,   corrupting adults and even children.

The century in which this would occur (begin) would be the 20th century.

These prophecies were written down,  lost, and then rediscovered “at a time when they would be needed,”  which turned out to be the late 19th century —  just  in time to warn people of what was coming, and perhaps to become mobilized, motivated to turn away this disastrous century of the future.

The warning had come from Heaven, and Heaven was not unaware that people remained indifferent to the fate of future generations.  (That would be us.)

And so,  in 1917 — almost too late to stop this disastrous century from developing —  Heaven visited Fatima, Portugal.   Our Lady, the Mother of Christ,  spoke words of warning to three little children — three who had not yet been corrupted.  Three little children who were so innocent and unlettered,  that they did not even know who or what a “Russia” was.

But they did report to those in authority over them that Our Lady has warned that if the world does not repent and turn back to God,   that “Russia”  would spread her errors.

“If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred; the Holy Father will have much to suffer; various nations will be annihilated.”

And to prevent that from happening,   the pope along with the bishops of the world,  will have to pick a day in which to consecrate “Russia”  to the Immaculate Heart.

(Catholic stuff –  that just seems to have come true.)

Russia will then convert to the Catholic faith –  and the world will have a period of peace.

Satan, the devil,   fought off this consecration with a period of Diabolical Disorientation.

And now we’re all mixed up.

We call it Political Correctness,  but what lies behind this is Diabolical Disorientation.  We are dizzy and disoriented, just as the Bible says happens to all those who reject God:  “their intellects are darkened.”

So,  right?    Have the prophecies come true?

Here’s another one, closer to our time, but same message.   I had hoped this year to write on the 13th of every month, in remembrance of the six months that the children at Fatima were visited. . . .  I missed July.

On July 13th, 1917,  the children were visited again.   They were told several things, some “secrets,”   but also, suddenly,  the Lady opened up her hands and rays of light came down to the earth and penetrated the earth and revealed such a frightful scene that they all later  reported they were scared half to death.


A deep, large, and wide hole had appeared,  full of fire, and worst of all it was full of something like lumps of burning coal, black, but on fire,  and in the shape of horrible distorted animal figures . . .  and moving up and down in the currents of the heat were distorted, burning human-like figures,   which were crying out in pain and agony and despair  . . .tormented by the  horrid beastly entities,  but the human souls could not die.

The children could bear to see no more.

But from then on the three young children doubled and tripled their efforts to pray for souls, and to do penance on behalf of those who do not believe in God,  and to plead with God to “lead all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need.”

So that’s some of what happened on July 13th,  1917.    It verifies the seriousness of the prophecies of the early 16th century, when Our Lady  (Our Lady of Good Success)  came to the Americas,  to warn.

The messages — all the secrets — were especially meant for us to know today.  Because if we don’t know about them or do anything about them,  The Errors of Russia would indeed spread.

What are some of these Errors?

Communism is an atheistic ideology that ultimately denies God’s natural order and natural law, which God inscribed on the hearts of men. Denying God, Communism attaches divinity status to the Party and to the State. As such, Communism transfers all personal responsibility to the Party and totalitarian state. Denying natural law, Communism rejects the basic rights to private property, and monogamous, indissoluble marriage two indispensable pillars of a free society. Dictatorship is not a chance fact in Communism, but the logical and necessary consequence of its ideology. For strategic reasons, Communism may take on different political forms, including apparently democratic ones, and hide behind varied labels. Already in the 1930’s, the Communist Party launched the so-called policy of the extended hand, in which it showed to the outside world a smiling, friendly face . . .”      and today they call themselves Progressives, among other things, and they still wear a friendly face and promise good things  . . . and they control nearly every facet of our everyday lives.

So has this prophecy also come true?


JUNE 13, 1917

June 13, 2016

I had hoped to write a remembrance of May 13, 1917 –   I’m sorry,  I couldn’t get to it last month,  but it would have been important because it was the first of six visions seen by the three little children of Portugal (and by thousands of ordinary people).

fatima 3

Just ordinary children.

They really didn’t know how many times they would be coming to the little tree,  the holm oak tree, on the 13th of the month,  but in June, it was the second time.

As usual,  on that day,  they began to see a brilliant light come towards them.   They called it the “lightning”  although it didn’t always flash suddenly like lightning would.  The people around them, watching,  didn’t see the brilliance of the light,  but they experienced a slight dimming of the sunlight,  a slight cooling of the air,  and a slight sound, like the “buzzing of bees inside a closed container.”

The children felt a holy presence, just like the previous month;  they approached, and they knelt.


The people watched.

What the children saw is the “Beautiful Lady”  from heaven, who stretched out her hands and allowed  brilliant shafts of light, like living light, reach towards the ground.   The light seemed to enter their bodies, and they wanted to be in that light, and with that Light.

The eldest of the three children was told that, no, she can’t go into that light of Heaven just yet,  but that her two young companions will go to Heaven soon.   (A reality, as it turned out.)  It looked for a while like her young friends were enfolded in the part of the light that was moving upwards.  She herself,  Lucia,  was in the part of the brilliant shaft of light that was moving towards the earth.

Interesting image.

Nothing much more, this June 13, 1917.   Just,  Lucia was told to learn how to read.     All three were supposed to pray more;  to pray the rosary every day – and properly!  –  and also to make reparations for the terrible immorality and sinning in the world of 1917.

(Oh, yes –  if you knew your history, you’d know what terrible evil acts were being done by human beings.     X-rated and sickening.     History is not for the squeamish.)

They saw a heart encircled by thorns in the Lady’s hand.   The thorns, the sorrows.

The eyewitnesses had been watching the little tree in front of the children, the holm oak tree.   When the vision started, it looked like “something”  had bent the top leaves and branches down a little bit.   When the vision ended, it looked like they stood up again, and were being drawn slightly towards the east,   the direction where the children later pointed that the Lady had departed towards.    They didn’t return to their positions until a few hours later.

Shrug your shoulders for this vision.   Not much seemed to have happened there.

But the children were to come back next month.