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May 26, 2018


mem honor

The Freedom we enjoy today didn”t come cheap.   Memorial Day,  May 31st,   Memorial Day weekend now;  we honor those who gave their lives to keep us free – in past wars, especially the big world wars when invasion by an enemy was quite possible.

I’m honoring the good things about America   to honor what those men died for.  We all owe them that much.


It’s in the Bill of Rights,  something that is unique about America.  We can meet with people of our own choosing  without reporting to authorities.      We can be with friends and groups of friends in private,  without fear of being surveiled.   (That’s a freedom we’ve got to hang on to with all our attention.)

How do you exercise your freedom of assembly?     I was in a book club for a long time,  sort of like this:

book club

No one asked us for a list of names who were meeting together like that,  discussing any book we wanted to discuss.    We were not registered with the local authorities.   We all were FREE to meet together!

I also chose to be in a community orchestra for a long time.  I think this is ours as it looks now:


I played flute and  I was the orchestra treasurer.  Everything honest, legal, above board, and quite interesting.         I never had to make reports to any authority.

That’s Freedom of Assembly with whomever  you want and for any purpose.    It’s in our American Constitution –  what our  dead war heroes swore to protect with their lives.

I  “assemble”  with my Recorder friend too,  every other week:

Now that it’s summer,  my friend and I can play outside,  in her gazebo.   The view from inside that outdoor room is wonderful!

Gazebo big outside 380

It’s like  making beautiful music in a park!       Our Constitution gives us a right to Private Property too, and I appreciate that too this weekend.

Gazeborecorder 380

Recorder practice and a nice dessert table.


gazebo walking down into 380

Going down the steps into the gazebo


We are free in this country – still – to build little out-buildings,  barns,  and . . .  gazebos, too,   on our own property.

My friend has a garden, designed any way she pleases.    This time of the year,  the specialty is rhubarb!

gazebo cake 380

Rhubarb Pudding Cake –  with whipped cream.     She do set a good table!

I’m going to travel soon,  to Florida,  to the Far Far North,  to California,  and back to Florida,  or some such order.

Because of our freedoms,  I can cross state line after state line and never have to show my identification papers.    (So far.)

I guess what I’m sayng is there’s not any activity that we all can choose to do that doesn’t honor our soldiers and sailors,  honor the freedoms they fought and died for.    Make your own list.  Do your own things!

Honor our young men in uniform.  Dead now.

memor day

Land of the Free because of  The Brave!












May 25, 2018


(a little rant before the weekend begins)

grandpa's tombst blurred

I always get “twitchy” around Memorial Day   – so many men gave their lives for . . .  for us    . . .  but for what, now?   

As you can tell by my Grandpa’s headstone up there,  he did not die in a war,  he was a veteran,  and Veterans Day is for honoring all the veterans.   But,  in my own small family,  I don’t think there is any man that died in an American war.   It’s just that I knew my Grandpa,  and I know how much he risked by joining the Navy during WWI –  sailing around France, in danger from German submarines.

But Memorial Day is to honor all those who died in one of our wars.     They had much to risk – and then they died after taking that risk.

mem honor

Hubbie’s family, on the other hand,  did have two young men in the prime of their lives die,  fighting for our country.

Anyone see Hacksaw Ridge?    For me it was the best movie presentation of actual conditions of fighting.  (At least in those kind of wars.)    If you haven’t seen the movie yet, please do.  And if you are one of those who say,  “I can’t stand to see all that violence.”  I don’t want to watch all that violence and death . . .”  —   personally I think you should just excuse yourself from Memorial Day too.

Memorial Day is for the death and violence of war.  Remember the young man,  Dawson Doss,  whose life was depicted in Hacksaw Ridge?        Remember his life before the war? Remember where he came from?     From a beautiful rural area,  green mountains,  fresh air,  American traditions,  family,  and a brother, close in age to him.

wwii frirnds

Here’s a photograph of a similar young man back then,  with his best friend.   Ordinary, young American boys –  risking it all in a time of war.

One of the young men,  Hubbie’s uncle, the tall one,  didn’t make it back from World War Two.

Here’s the sweetheart he left behind (from an album page):

wwii blurred

They were supposed to be married.  Instead, all that came home was his “body.”   He was blown up by a kamikazi pilot . . .   Then, a few years later,   his brother was pinned down with his unit in a river in  Korea –  and nearly all of them died there.

All those of our men who gave their lives in war were loved ones in their families.   They’re all missed, still talked about,  remembered,  honored – as best we can.

I wish we could honor them by preserving, by means other than war,   the country that they died for in order to preserve.


It’s so dishonorable to participate in criminal activity,  dishonesty in public affairs,  cheating,  lying – tearing down this country by drug use,  gang activity and being soft on gang activity  –  that’s not America –   and by allowing foreign citizens to march into our nation in uncountable numbers demanding that our taxpayers take care of them or demanding that our laws be changed or that their religion be taught in our schools  (oh, yes, that’s happening all around our country);   and then it’s so dishonorable to tear down the moral fabric of our society, by engaging in the immoral behavior that our soldiers never meant to uphold. . .  by dissolving the sanctity of the family (man-woman-children),  and by killing so many of  our little babies.

Okay,  you could make up your own list of things our men did not intend to die for in the wars that took their lives.


 (So I get a little “twitchy”  when I think of these things.   Irritated.     A little prickly when discussions of  how bad wars are – of course they’re bad –  or of how many wars  are fought for illegal reasons benefiting only “the rich.”

I get a little irritated with those who want to avoid facing the thought of the  violence and death that our   men faced in war.  (Put some feathers over your face or something;  our men really had to die for what we enjoy today.)

And for goodness’ sakes!  Let’s make sure the Lawless and Wicked politicians in  high places get prosecuted!!!    Let’s be outraged that those under investigation  are “slow-walking”  their compliance, so that maybe their friends will get elected in November, and then maybe they will never be prosecuted!

This is not honoring all those who died for America.

Well, so, the rest of this weekend,   I’ll honor these men in my heart, as best I can;  I’ll pray for their souls,  which is a good thing to do;  and I’ll just count off in The Spruce Tunnel here  some of the things I can enjoy in my own little surroundings —  because these men died for us all.  



May 19, 2018

   “Conduct offensive and without legal justification.”



“Conduct offensive and without legal justification”   —  not to mention embarrassing, demeaning,  and intimidating.



This lady is Eva Kor.    She and her twin sister were put through Hell on Earth  by Dr. Mengele and his medical experiments in Auschwitz during world War II.    They did survive, and Eva, after long years of suffering and anger,  learned the power of forgiveness and now tries to send out the message that forgiveness is the pathway to peace and life,  true living.

She has a thought-provoking museum called C.A.N.D.L.E.S.  in Indiana;


I’ve been there a couple times;  and a part of me always comes out bruised and hurting, and amazed that forgiveness is a real AND TRUE  efficacious act of our wills.

Eva Kor is a tiny, but powerful lady with a message the world needs to hear.    Even without her tremendous humanitarian efforts for Peace, she should be treated with kindness and respect.

And that’s why I reacted so negatively when I read that article in the “news”  of the TSA  attacking American citizens again with their  “searches”    which in actuality violate our constitutional rights and provide no security as many audits and tests have proven over and over and over again.

Subservience  is a human attitude that is LEARNED.   Submission  is a human attitude that is LEARNED.      Inferiority is a human attitude that is LEARNED.      Obedience is a human attitude that is LEARNED.   And Slavery is slowly internalized and accepted  as “just the way things are.”

There is one reason why I don’t fly and won’t fly anymore.    The reason is “airports.”   ( I cannot physically tolerate all the electronics, WiFis, RFs, EMFs . . .   that’s my problem.)  But also at airports is the humiliation of American citizens who accept such intimidating behavior from the minions our Rulers have hired.


Unconstitutional crotch probe

What  does this mean for our “free”  country,  that this goes on daily against American wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters?

“”America:  Land of the Free and  Home of the Brave”  ?   We sure have not been acting like it for the past 19 years.

I know many of my friends say, “Oh,  nothing like that has ever happened to me.”  But that doesn’t stop the thousands of stories told by people who have been deeply probed and mauled by the TSA agents.   I haven’t flown much — but 100% of those times included an intimidating,  humiliating, and rather frightening experience.

Maybe some of you are just lucky.



(Eva and her twin sister, a little before Auschwitz)


  “Conduct offensive and without legal justification”   was the bottom-line judgment of some officials in a recent report of airport official behavior.

I’m glad Eva Kor’s experience was newsworthy.     But not enough of us will have read that news article,  and about 0%  will feel like doing anything about it.


May 8, 2018

Another long absence, for which I feel I should apologize . . .  but I know,  no need. Sometimes I feel “responsible”  to write, here,  for so many reasons,  and then when things intrude, I feel I haven’t met my responsibilities.

Sigh-h-h-h-…   You’d think after ten years I’d understand this blogging thing.

What intruded this time is a very serious medical concern about my very own sister, who is so much younger than I that she is supposed to live a lot longer than I’m supposed to.
“Supposed to”  being the operative phrase there:  “Man proposes, God disposes,”  always.

wi fi jiggly    Actually,  I have a couple of personal health concerns that are “supposed to” knock me down sooner than my sister –  exacerbated this past week again by tangling with the all-pervasive RFs and EMFs that assault us.      I just cannot leave electronic gadgets alone.

So . . .  “ouch”  here at the keyboard for a while, so I can at least communicate.


In the headlines today is this information:


It’s from Drudge.  The Drudge Report.

It is likely that Donald The Art Of The Deal Trump can recognize a very bad deal for this country when he sees one.      Perhaps he didn’t always make good deals at first  in his long career in real estate development, investing, and the  Hollywood celebrity world and the many other numerous activities he has been involved in,  but I think his ultimate “success” indicates   a learning curve about Deal-Making that has been steeply upward.

And then he became president.    I think  several times he expressed astonishment at the mess Washington politics is in.   The mess;  I think this is what he calls the Swamp. Corrupt politicians making bad deals for our country,.

The “Iran Deal”  was so bad that the previous man who was placed in the office of our presidency,  the Global Socialist  Barack-Hussein person,  was even made to pay off Iran with a couple C-130 cargo loads of cold, hard cash — to the sum of over one billion dollars.

C-130 cargo loads of cash!   I think a C-130  could swallow up my entire house.

Why cash?  (heh  heh — you can figure that out)      You don’t pay out that much cash for good honest and lawful  reasons.

The Globalist leaders of the world made a bad deal with Iran   and  paid Iran cash money?

President Trump is not a Globalist.  he is an American president.     Here is what he said, quoted in that article:

Trump said the 2015 agreement, which included Germany, France and Britain, was a “horrible one-sided deal that should never ever have been made.” He added that the United States “will be instituting the highest level of economic sanction.”


Of course, socialists all over the world are decrying this decision.      Lenin’s Useful Idiots in the entertainment-news media are happy to report how awful Pres. Trump is for protecting the United States  and the safety of the entire world.

“World Leaders”   who obey our global-Socialist Rulers also must speak out against ending the Iran Nuclear Deal.

President Donald Trump announced Tuesday the U.S. is pulling out of the landmark international nuclear accord with Iran, declaring he was making the world safer but dealing a profound blow to allies and deepening his isolation on the world stage.


Actually,  he’s not moving us away from “the world stage,”  per se,  but he’s moving us away from Global domination;   from global rulers who would make Policy for our own sovereign nation;  from Global Socialists who tramp down on our American Constitution, freedoms and culture.

Flag don't tread

Sometimes “headlines”   are just click-bait, as we say nowadays.  They draw us in and then don’t deliver on their promise, and we’re left not getting the information we expected.

But this time, I think that Headline on Drudge was right on and  clever:

Trump Nukes . . .  something.

Trump nukes the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Which could have nuked us.




(Please, if you are so inclined,  pray for my sister.)







March 28, 2017

(I hope I didn’t melt any Snowflakes in that previous posting ) 

I really was just musing about how important that “warrior” spirit is to building up and maintaining a  ccivilization.      Included in that term “warrior spirit”  is a very high system of ethics and morality,  without which warriors would devolve into barbaric free-for-alls.   Might makes right, etc.

In a nice serendipitous point on our calendar,  we are directed today to look at St. Gontran.   I never heard of him.  (Or I probably read about him before as I cycle through the yearly saints – I simply don’t remember him.)

St Gontran de Bourgpgne
In that last post,   I had just referenced my study of Merovingian kings,  and here is one for today!    Gontran was the son of that first great Merovingian king,  Clovis, a pagan Frankish warrior  who converted to his wife’s Christianity to save his life in battle  and then went on, with God’s help,  to establish a stable Frankish kingdom which contributed to the development of Western Civilization as we  know knew it.

His son, Gontran, was raised Catholic from  birth and probably had an even  better understanding of Christianity than his father.    He was devoted to Christ,  and when grown was given the land of Bourgogne to rule,  that is,  the big area we call Burgundy,  which played such an important role in our  history.

St Gontran king of lotsA dignified and respected leader, King Gontran

Although King Gontran has an interesting biography,  I’ll just give you this partial  summary   from  Butler’s . . .  “The prosperity of his reign,  both in peace and in war,  condemns those who think that human policy cannot be modeled by the maxims of the Gospel,  whereas, in reality,  nothing can render a government more flourishing.  . . .  He was the protector of the oppressed and a tender parent of his subjects.     He gave the greatest attention to the sick.   He fasted, prayed, wept, and offered himself to God night and day  . . .    He was a severe punisher of crimes . . .   and by many wholesome regulations he restrained the barbarous licentiousness of his troops.”   He lived to 68 years of age, after reigning for 31 years –  a great long life span!

Note that this freedom from the godless barbarism of the day came with the application of the Christian notion of the warrior of high moral conscience.   Fighting for what is right.      Only a people who are willing to be free and who are willing to defend their freedom will be free.

Now, today,  as we saw,  that warrior spirit is on beer bottle labels.    Or we put our warriors in the land of make-believe and give them  imaginary, unrealistic and superhuman faculties, confining them to  movies or games.     If  warrior spirits dare to emerge in elementary schools,  we suspend those young boys.   Even if their “weapon” is a munched-on Pop-Tart!  College males go around apologizing for who they are.   We’re content to come home from work or school,  kick off our shoes,  and rest in an electronically induced somnolence, while our Rulers silently consolidate their power over us.


Again,  freedom isn’t free.   Freedom didn’t come to us for free.    “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”   Not just a sentimental phrase from history.  And though we don’t know for sure who first stated it,  the truth of the matter is that  we won’t keep our freedom without paying a price.     Perhaps we only need to pay attention – and do our duty appropriate to our station in life and to the circumstances around us.

Perhaps we’ll be called on to do more.

Not necessarily with battle-axe and sword.

So,  I’m not sure,   but it would seem that  if a  foreign “warrior spirit”  threatens our freedoms or even our very existence, . . .

Slay and Butcher

        . . .    then it ought to be matched by an equal or great warrior spirit coming from us.

Unless our culture is suicidal.

History will record . . . .


February 23, 2017


Well,   they do have that right  —


It’s either Freedom  —  for all of us.

Or it’s an  inevitable development of Hell on earth.



Or maybe the Swedes would understand it this way:


abba-jpg-cr   in case you forgot their name.*   Happy,  young Swedish singers.

But it’s either/or  in Sweden now.



This photo is from Gates of Vienna,  a Website that keeps us informed about the dangers I was talking about in the last post.      I shall have to re-do my links at the right some day soon, get us up to date with today’s issues.





January 31, 2017

First,  a  little Rant –

“Deja vu all over again” ??   No!  I’m not going to state that culturally -imposed knee-jerk reaction which trivializes the actual (quite rare) phenomena.

“He who is ignorant of history is condemned to repeat it...” ??    No!    We hear that so often that we’re oblivious to its serious meaning.

But humans are always humans and similar events do come up again and we should learn from those who  lived before we do,  because they really lived in this world and gained experience.

It is arrogance, narcissism, and hubris to reject what they have learned;  and it is criminal negligence for government schools to keep a knowledge of history from us and to pass on a version of history that was rewritten by current political ideology.


So.  Now.    I’ll just be matter-of-fact.      Factual.

It was my intention to re-study the 16th century because I know I’ll have to answer many questions about it  during this fateful year of multiple anniversaries, one of which is 1517, the reputed beginning of the “Reformation. ”

(Book recommendation:   “The Unintended Reformation”    by  Brad S. Gregory.)

But I needed to know some background and I got “stuck” in the 15th century –  an amazing and interesting century all over Europe  (anyone familiar with Game of Thrones?),  but unfortunately  a century with familiar circumstances to us in the 21st.

Let’s just do Spain.     After repeated attacks, robberies, knifings,  killings,  banditry,  political assassinations, courtroom disruptions committed by the Moors who were resident in Spain,    it became clear that Spanish citizens, the “indigenous” people of Spain,  were presented with life-and-death danger every day.

The Moors claimed Spain for their worldwide Caliphate and wanted to re-start their war of conquest.   The Moors were the “conquistadores,” so to speak against  the Spanish people.

If this was your home,  you were somewhat safe:


But if you had to travel somewhere,  or if your  home was a smaller “suburb” or remote village, or if you were a farmer,   then you faced death or capture and forced slavery and conversion to the Moorish religion.    (We call it Islam today.)

(By the way,  for those of you who have learned the re-written version of history,   the truth is that the Church forbade forced conversions to the Catholic faith.  In writing.   In documents.   All over the world.     And the penalty for those who tried it was excommunication from the Church.  And many were.   The real Church teaches that you don’t force anyone to become Catholic. )

But the Moors did force Christians to convert, according to what is written in their book.

So here is the likeness between that time and ours:     As more and more protective laws were developed in 15th century Spain,   restricting the movement of the Moors,  more and more Moors pretended conversion to the Catholic faith.    It’s in their  book that you can do that if it advances the cause.


I doubt if many 15th century Moors ever understood the images in this painting.   I’m sure many   Moors were repulsed by it,  including some converts.

Many more Christians were killed because of these new “Christians”  being given the same  advantages as the Christian Spanish citizens.

So now in today’s news, I read:   Because the Previous President issued some orders to detain certain people from certain countries and because the Current President has decided enforce those orders,   the entertainment-news media  (in America and in Europe)  are announcing that President Trump is “banning Muslims from entering the United States.”

A falsehood, of course,  but believed by people in those certain countries.    And so, according to some news today,  many Muslims are converting to the Christian faith in order to enter the United States.

Is there anyone in the world who will doubt the sincerity of all these conversions?     All of them?     All?      

Of course not.

Is there anyone who doesn’t know that this was a successful strategy used in the past by other “converts”  and dangerous to the citizens of the target nation?

. . . .


My loved ones and I don’t live in a safe home, like this.

And we’re not protected by soldiers looking out for us, like this:


But those who have declared themselves to be enemies of the United States are coming . . .


. . .    by the hundreds of thousands.

And some of these have declared their intentions.


“. . .the WORLD.”

“Freedom can go to hell” ??        Freedom is a Western value.

Deja vu?   Once upon a time there was a mindset to protect Western values:


The Catholic Church has said that every nation has a right to protect itself, its citizens,  its borders and culture.    Every nation has a right to exist.

I hope indeed that this part of history repeats itself.



July 3, 2016

Time to get ready for the Fourth of July Celebration.  Our National holiday.


Amber 380

So much beauty to celebrate!   So much bounty to celebrate.     So much hard work and reaping the fruit of our labors to celebrate!  so much freedom!

Until recently, Americans were free to speak out what people have known for much more than a thousand years:  Western Values truly are the best, most productive and freedom producing values worthy of the dignity of each individual human.   Well, somebody said something like that more succinctly than I just did –  but we mean the same thing.

The American “Experiment,”  as it used to be called,  is surely the sum total and crystallization of all those Western values,  and it has produced citizens who are free to determine their own destiny and a nation which has enriched the world with its productivity, and inventiveness.

It’s still all true,  but as I said,  we’re a bit fearful to speak that right out loud right now.   Enemies show us only our faults, and then exaggerate them as though we are characterized by our faults.

I was thinking about that today as I was experiencing a “strange”  alien-type of church today.   My body wouldn’t fall asleep last night, and this morning I was sick and tried to go to my usual place to adore the Living God — but I had to turn back and go home.   Phoooey.     And then I had to go to this substitute place  —  uh …  theologians in the future can work out whether or not I made an okay decision. . . .

But here was their Sunday bulletin cover:

July 3 front piece

They had it all!  

These are the concepts that built up a great nation!

This church even sang “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee . . .”     (Sweet Land of Liberty . . .)

Second stanza, towards the end – you know the tune:  (these were not naively dumb people who passed these words down to us;  they  knew reality) –

America, America,

God mend thy every flaw

Confirm they soul

In self-control

And liberty in law.

Whew!  Imagine!     Our grandparents and great-grandparents, and on back,  the ones who brought us into this world,  knew that America did have, does have, and would have flaws.     Flaws which could be mended only with reference to God,  because the flaws are that kind of defect, and if we don’t allow God to mend these flaws,  these flaws will become fatal.   Fatal flaws.    O  God,  mend them.

“Confirm thy soul.”     Those who came before us knew that there is more to America than material matters.   Material simplicity or material prosperity –  either way there is  an American soul above and beyond material matters.

In just three generations we went from getting across our fields with a horse to getting to our moon with a rocketship.    And I suspect the American farmer had the same values as our American inventors and scientists and astronauts.

Moon walk

May God confirm the goodness of our soul, the song says.      And how?

In the virtue of “self-control.”     Confirm our soul in the light of truth, sobriety, prudence, wisdom, and self-control.

And our “liberty”?   Liberty is a good idea –  an ideal – but an ideal goal only.   Liberty is not a given.  Our Founding Fathers told us we had to be vigilant, lest we lose it because we can lose it.

So,  O God,  confirm our Liberty too.   How?  With our laws.   We are a nation of laws . . .  not the laws of a king or a dictator who tells us he has “a pen and a cell phone”  and can sign into “law”  any un-American edict that he wants to impose on us.

Instead,   we have a Constitution to guide those laws.

A miracle may be the work of the power of God,  but God  nearly always seeks out human beings who are alert and actively  looking for that miracle.   If you take time to refresh your patriotic knowledge this weekend,  you will understand a little more of how much of a miracle America is  (was).

The book called The 5,000 Year Leap  is subtitled:   A  Miracle That Changed The World.

That’s us!   That is (was)  us.     Is, I hope.    It probably takes as much effort to get onto the moon as it does to hold on to the Western values which gave us liberty and prosperity.  The author begins his book with the remark that it’s been said that it’s difficult for an artist to distinguish in his paintings a sunrise from a sunset.

leap cover

That’s the book cover.     I don’t know.   Is that sun still rising on us – or setting on us?


happy 4th


At least I know the sun will rise tomorrow morning!

We’ve got time!






February 15, 2016

Well,   close to George Washington’s Birthday…  close to Lincoln’s Birthday…(But if they don’t want us to look too closely at these American heroes,  they combine the two into some sort of amorphous “every-president-is great- day.) 

Please, my “fellow Americans” –  don’t let them take your heroes away . . . .

Going along with my last posting,  here is a telling picture of George Washington — telling us, that is,  much about the man:

Washington's Prayer

President of the United States of America.



May 5, 2015

I’m in denial now.   A little spinning of the head;  a  little unspecific sick feeling;  foggy mind;  a body  too tired and sleepy.

butterfly away   Okay, and now a little fever.   Health flees like a bright pretty butterfly that I can’t quite catch up with, because it’s not mine right now.   I can’t write for long,  but I want to say something about something else that is spinning and fleeing. . . .

I start with this statement.   It might be out of logical order, but this is where I’m heading:    If you don’t know the facts, someone else will give you some facts —  and mandate that you believe them.    

And never before have we had such invasive and powerful electronic means to change the beliefs and attitudes of the public.  An example coming up in a minute.

I had brought to you before the principle that Truth is the correlation of the human mind with objective reality.   It’s the cornerstone of greatness and achievement of Western civilization.     Humans were created with the ability  to know truth by means of all the faculties of the intellect. Such things as mathematics, science, technological inventions, the rules of language  are the product of observation and  discovery of a rational, intelligible order in objective reality by the human mind.

All of Creation displays an exquisite beauty of rhythm and order which is intelligible by created humans.

There is, therefore, Truth to discover, and facts are bits and pieces of this process.  We stand on the shoulders of great men who began this discovery long before us, and we are able to choose to expand on their knowledge.   We are able to do so,  and we possibly may do so as long as we value truth over propaganda,   truth over spin,  truth over the “facts” of someone’s agenda.

I gotta go.  I have to go find a flower for Mary…   before my head spins too much.   But here.  Here’s an example which is still spinning in my head right now — and it’s one example of so many —

I heard with astonishment today an audience laughing — on cue at the verbal antics of the Barack Hussein person in our country.   They were laughing with derision and mockery at the rest of us   They were cued to laugh by mean and emotionally-charged  words that mocked a good man, by name,  and good decent Americans in general.  

Laughter, mockery, derision, demonization — all are  tools of an agenda that bullies and intimidates.    The process is written, discussed, taught to young disciples.  It is so successful that it is  used by several groups who are undermining the American culture, because if there is no more of us,  then power goes to them.

We can push back by exposing this process:  recognizing it and then speaking out, gently, according to your own personality — but speaking out, nevertheless.

I wouldn’t want to submit this post to any of my comp. and rhet. professors — but I think I know what I was getting at:    If you don’t know the facts, someone else will give you some facts —  and mandate that you believe them.   

As  an American citizen whose Freedom is assured by our Constitution, who’s in control of what you believe?

Who’s messing with your mind?


May 4, 2015

map zone

I hesitate to do this, but I’m so full of words about the assassination attempt last night in Texas, that I must get them written down, because this issue directly illustrates my Push Back theme.
First of all,  for the timid, the truth is:      Disagreement is not hate speech.    You have a right to disagree, and you have a right to turn away in disgust when those you disagree with call you haters or phobics of one thing or another.      Discourse ends with name calling.
Secondly,  we must bore down to the truth of the matter:     Calling something a “provocation”  does not mean it is provocation.     If you yell Fire!  in a crowded theater,  maybe it’s because the theater is on fire.
So.   Do you know why that freedom of speech rally was held in that town in Texas and in that auditorium?
It’s because that auditorium was used for an Islamic convention  a few months ago,  January 19, 2015, promoting Islamist  laws and culture.   In May, the AFDI  (American Freedom Defense Initiative) chose that location to specifically  draw attention to and  discuss  attacks on free speech — in that one place where  laws against free speech were recently supported.

Those who were watching the Islamist rally in January,  those who were there protesting the attack on our cultural values, saw a “theater” that is indeed catching fire.
So, yes,  free speech is under attack in this country by three specific groups.    The attacks take the form of death, loss of employment,  loss of personal property or funding, loss of reputation, and loss of a sense of personal freedom and safety — and loss of the right to pass on our values to our schoolchildren.   That’s just in America.
What are the three groups who have been most reported to attack people who publicly disagree with them?   One group is composed of the —  (politically correct to say radical or extreme)   — the extreme Islamists.
So,  yes:  the Islamist attempt to carry out punishments for their blasphemy laws here in the United States is a big provocation!   It should arouse all of us to some sort of Push Back,  wherever our talents lie,  even if it is just stating the truth to one another.
And, yes.   Certain leftists showcased by the media say the AFDI  meeting  was a provocation.  They just meant the victims were doing the provoking.     (You may look up the Latin word for “left.”  heh heh – just a coincidence. )     According to some on the Left,  the victims provoke.  The victims deserve it.
By the way,  the AFDI  last night also hosted an award ceremony for the “best”  cartoon featuring Mohammed in a drawing.   I kind of liked this one:

now that you've
But the one that won shows a cartoonist’s hand drawing Mohammed and Mohammad saying “YOU CAN’T DRAW ME!”
And the cartoonist is saying:  “THAT’S WHY I DO!”

No picture here.   But here:      (Cartoon)

A little Push back there,  eh?

Bar wavy

*  the term assassination is usually applied to the murder of leaders of groups, of nations, and of religions. And the two young men who attempted last night’s assassination tweeted out that they wanted to be mujahadeen for Jihad.    And more  (their words):  “The knives have been sharpened and soon we will begin the slaughter…”       Assassination for a cause.


April 18, 2015

Pardon my absence;  I’ve had a health setback…brief, I hope.    However, if it seems like this is rambling, it’s only because there’s too much information, and this issue has been on my mind for a couple of years — or, in reality,  it began in 1970;  but I’ll start in the present time.

Or maybe not the present….but the 20th century.    Ugh.     Here:

Einstein's warning
I find myself saying out loud once in a while that I despair for our civilization.  I don’t think we’ll get it back,  because the momentum is a downward trajectory that is gaining speed.  And though you may not use the word despair,  I think most of my readers will at least have “some fears” for the future too and maybe wonder what can be done.

In today’s highly politically-charged world,  when we are hoping our leaders will keep society safe and come up with solutions for our problems and complaints,  we can take  Einstein’s warning a step further:

“When the authorities are irresolute,  it is not the people who gain,  it is a small group of radicals who take over.”

As a last resort, it’s up to us.   if the authorities are irresolute,  perhaps  — maybe —  it would help if we are not.  I think that’s what our Founding Fathers meant when they said “The price of Freedom is constant Vigilance.”

What’s at stake is everything we Americans have taken for granted and we have lost, we are losing,  and we will lose.     So these next few posts will be about some things we haven’t been very “vigilant”  about, with maybe some everyday matters in between.

Meanwhile:  “Read Albert Einstein’s  quotation ten times before bed and come back here again to see what he meant.”

(Because it’s not just for Americans,  it’s for everyone who counts on civilization that was formed by and benefits from historical Christendom.)

NYET !!!

February 25, 2015


(Ugh.  I hate news days like this.)


Nyet cr

“NYET!”   says Thomas Wheeler,  head of the powerful Government Commission that is going to take over the Internet.    “NYET!  — I am NOT going to answer questions that any  congressman will put to me.  NYET!  I will not meet with them, even though that is their job to do so.  I work for the Dictator — I do not have to answer to anyone else!”

Khrushchev and shoe“We have our role model and our example.   He pounded his shoe on the podium and predicted that we all will BURY you Americans.”

Heh heh.

Yes!  to Top Down Global Socialist Dictatorship!

NYET!  to you Americans.

flag dont-tread1

Where are the  Congressmen with their walking canes ready to beat this guy over the head until he runs away in shame?   (Just a little fact-based historical joke, there.)

Maybe I’m going to miss the free Internet more than I thought I would.



January 19, 2015

I thought I should make a little comment about Saint Martin’s Day today.    (Now, you know the difference between the Left and the Right lies in the sense of humor to be found in one and not the other, right?)

So,  with that said and with a little help from Patriot Post,  here is my bewildered comment on today’s holiday.



In my opinion, he was a courageous man,  whatever history reveals about him.   May we have more Americans with courage.



January 9, 2015

From a letter written by George Washington: “But if we are to be told by a foreign power … what we shall do, and what we shall not do, we have Independence yet to seek, and have contended hitherto for very little.”    (a thank you to The Patriot Post)

Sarcastic humor like I used in the last post is an extreme form of humor, strong and aggressive.   It’s never good to use against a person;  but it sometimes helps when you make a point against an issue.
And this issue is a serious one, with our independent existence at stake.  And what is that “foreign power”  that Washington spoke about in the above quotation?  In our day it’s not hard to find:

From a recent article entitled: CANADA REFUSAL TO SIGN U.N. SMALL ARMS TREATY SPARKS DEBATE, and then an American commenter (not my words):

Canada refused to sign the UN small arms treaty.       We did.
Wait a minute.
Aren’t we the ones with the Second Amendment?
What did our Rulers do to American citizens that Canada refused to do to their citizens?

So read again those words by George Washington:

 “But if we are to be told by a foreign power
… what we shall do, and what we shall not do,
we have Independence yet to seek, 
and have contended hitherto for very little.”     

This is NOT “American History”!   Here is a news article from today’s pile of news:

 For people to be able to enjoy their “Second Amendment Rights”, Attorney General Eric Holder proposed to a House subcommittee that Americans should have to wear “gun-tracking bracelets” in order to “lawfully” discharge a firearm in the future.

“I think that one of the things that we learned when we were trying to get passed those common sense reforms last year, the Vice President  and I had a meeting with a group of technology people and we talked about how guns can be made more safe”, Holder stated to the subcommittee.

Holder went on to say, “By making them either through finger print identification, the gun talks to a bracelet or something that you might wear, how guns can be used only by the person who is lawfully in possession of the weapon.”

I don’t understand that last sentence;  perhaps the words got garbled by the recorder.  But the meaning is there.  The threat is there.    Want to wear an RFID bracelet if you are a gun owner?    And notice that the words “Second Amendment Rights”  is put in quotation marks –  by the newspaper reporter!

In all of Christendom,   individuals have had the right to protect themselves,   to protect their families,   and to protect their property.   And in Christendom, remember,  the laws of the Christian nations were harmonized with Christian principles, and  our God-given, unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

A nation throws off Christianity at its own peril.

(Yes,   just “Imagine,”  Mr.  John Lennon —   But, sadly,  we don’t even have to imagine anymore;  we have the example of the 20th century  world leaders without “religion.”)

Disclaimer, maybe:    I don’t own  gum to put in my hand.


December 23, 2014

No photos.   You can imagine a picture of desperate faces yourself.

Just two posts ago I wrote about the tragic failure of some Cuban refugees in their attempt to find sanctuary in America with their relatives who were already here and willing to take them in.
Well, last week,  once again,  a boat load of Cuban refugees attempted to flee to America — and tragically failed.    There were 32 people on board.    They didn’t get too far when a big coast guard boat sent out by the socialist Cuban government began ramming them.  Some were lost at sea.   Some were “saved” and brought back to Cuba.

None had a pen (as in the last post)  but one woman had a telephone. . . .

People hope.  Pray for them.   It’s a problem bigger than us alone.


December 18, 2014

In the last post I wrote that achieving happiness indirectly makes this a strong and great nation as you pursue your own goals with your own unique likes and dislikes, doing what you do best.    And we find our own unique identities in the context of our families, so building and maintaining strong families is good for us and good for the country.

Sometimes we can understand an idea better when we find out what happens when things don’t work out, and so since “Cuba”  is in the news this week,  I thought I’d remind us about what happened one year when a very young boy and his mother took a perilous journey to come to America to pursue their own happiness with relatives in Florida.

refugees on ocean

Their journey might be only  90 miles long,  but it was taken on a boat-raft sort of contraption like the one pictured above.  Along the way, something terrible happened to it,  and the young boy was found adrift, alone, near our shores,  clinging to the rubber tire portion of the raft.

Hurray!   He was united with his relatives here in Florida.  Right?
His relatives were glad to see him. They took him in,  bought him clothes,  gave him his own bedroom, and had him involved in church and school.   He probably would have grown up  like other American children,  learned to read and write, taken part in school activities,  obtained a car and some spending money when he was a teenager…maybe college and a profession in his future.


But it didn’t happen that way.   The enemies of the American dream in Cuba and in America,  the ones who think GOVERNMENT gives us our rights and makes us happy,   decided that this little boy should be sent BACK to the land he had fled from,  where the socialist government would take care of him and give him a better life.

Their news-entertainments-media told us that he “belongs” to his father,  he shouldn’t be separated from his father back in Cuba, even though the little boy hadn’t lived with him there.     They searched for the man who was his father, they told him the situation,  told him he wanted his son back, and had him agree to be filmed with his son.   We were told the family would be “re-united” and the little boy would have his whole life taken care of by Cuba’s government.

The reality?   We know now  that the little boy,  Evian Gonzales,  if I remember his name correctly,  was returned to Cuba,  had a couple photo ops with his father,  and then was sent on to the state run government school  where he lived with other children his age, in dormitories, going to their respective homes, if any, every few weeks, sometimes months.

All day long the little children had a few hours of schooling,  and then spent long afternoons working in the fields to take care of crops, including tobacco,  on state-owned land.  In this way the children “earned” their right to all the things the government gave them.

No, there wouldn’t be any American-style family life for the young boy.   He would be warehoused and treated like many other children in tight socialist-style societies.  He would not have great medical care.  He would not have much education.   He would not have much freedom to pursue “happiness”  for himself nor for his family, which he probably has by now.

And he would be given NO freedom to pursue a relationship with his own Creator.

So much better when the government decides what makes you happy.



October 14, 2014


Sometimes the news about America is so bad,  so dismaying,  so awful,  that I want to say “That’s not us!    We aren’t doing this!  We are a captive nation!”   I wonder when things are going to Pop!      How much longer. . . ?

I  wrote in the last post, Tuesday’s Tribute,  that there needs to be push-back against what has been done to us.

We need to reach into our former founding characteristics, based upon Christian principles,    and “push back” against those rule us differently now.   Good people can rule themselves;  and only good people are capable of ruling themselves.

Normally, I read a lot of international news.    I’ve found examples of  two responses to the global dominance that seeks to change each sovereign nation;   neither story has ended yet, and we don’t know how far these trends will go.  The first one is the home of my family’s origins:



Not too large a population, but the population has been rising dramatically recently.   But not with baby Swedes.    The very well managed mass migration of African and Arab Muslims into Sweden is responsible for most of the increase.    Swedes are “nice” people,  by and large.   Undemonstrative.     That is,  they don’t “demonstrate”  their feelings very noticeably.

They don’t “push back”   readily.

Peace-loving people?   Harmless to others?      They are not even allowed, by their globally-influenced rulers,  to own guns.   However, statistics show that all kinds of violent crimes are rising rapidly.  If you are a Swedish woman,  you have a one in four chance of being raped.   If you ride a Swedish city bus,  you may expect the bus to be boarded by foreigners intent upon robbing you.   (When these African gangs were asked why they did this to the country that had taken them in and is giving them so much free money for living expenses, they answered:  “Because the Swedes are so easy to rob, they don’t fight back.”)

There are many shootings each week and a murder (by gunshot) on average every other day!   The occasion of this last news article was six people shot in one day.

One time I read that a whole little Swedish village had moved…several miles away.  Just relocated themselves because of the dangers of the new “immigrants” —   which the UN calls “refugees”   —  which the “immigrants”  themselves call part of their plan to extend their caliphate worldwide.

Despite devastating economic conditions and fears of personal safety,  there are few signs of effective  push-back yet from Swedes. (Where, oh, where are the descendants of the Rus Vikings?)

On the opposite end of the world,  there is perhaps a growing movement to push back against this forced migration:

No Way

“No way!  You will not make Australia home!”

“No way.”    Kind of has an American-sounding  ring  to it,  eh?



September 26, 2014

What would you do if you were really poor?   Poor and getting older?



There’s been quite a bit of discussion this week about the words spoken by the poor benighted young teacher  who protested not being allowed to teach her middle school children about the evils of America and of capitalism.     “How can we  teach that America is all about guaranteeing our equality if we can’t explore the . . .”  evildoings of America, or whatever.

She was quite sure that America is “all about equality”  and that this country should assure the equality of all people.

Sounds like a nice slogan,  but it happens to be not true.

Equality before the law, yes.  The law applied to all equally,  yes.   But our immigrant forefathers did  not  come here so they could have what everyone else has;  those “huddled masses yearning to be free”  came here so that they could freely pursue their own idea of a fulfilled life (also known as “happiness”).

They didn’t want equality,  they wanted equal opportunity.  America is all about opportunity.  To succeed.  To fail.  To try again.

So that’s why I posted that photo up above.   I took the photo this morning when I was grocery shopping at  our local Meijer store.  I understand they’re spreading around the Midwest  now.  That’s good.  They’re a decent store with customer-friendly policies and pretty low prices for their giant selection of household goods and groceries.

Meijer store

The story of Mr. Meijer, a legal immigrant from Holland, is told on that sign.   His family circumstances faltered and failed during the great economic depression of the 1930s,  but he believed that America gave him the opportunity to “try something.”    And try he did, and he succeeded.    I am one of the beneficiaries of his success, and I wouldn’t dream of taking away his money to “make it fair” for me.   He is entitled to every penny that he has earned, and I hope he earns more so he can expand the number of his stores and employ thousands more people and make thousands more customers happy.

This is the land of opportunity, not the land of equal outcomes.   That poor young, uneducated teacher of our children was trained with the wrong ideas about her country and she is training our next generation with those wrong ideas.

Full disclosure soon came:    As it turns out,  she was told to say these words by her Union, which is very angry about the school district  (the school board, the parents)  instituting Merit Pay in the school district.   How dare they interfere!!!    How dare anyone critique a teacher’s value to the school district!!!    How dare they expose to the parents what they are actually teaching our children!!!  *

Mr.  Meijer rose to his position with courage,  honesty,  hard work, taking a profit and giving much of it back to the communities where he has his stores.   Thank goodness he was a man of solid Judeo-Christian values.


* (This post written by a former public school teacher.)


May 28, 2014

Here’s a riddle:    “When is a parking lot a park?”     (Okay, I’m not a professional riddle-maker.)   The answer is –  “When it’s a parking lot in one of America’s small towns.”

SAMSUNGMy little blue car is there, behind the big car.   I drove “to town” to pay my insurance bill, and as I returned to the car, it occurred to me what a lovely and pleasant experience I was having.    Even the parking lot looks more like a park than a “lot” for parking, although my little camera hardly captured the greenness, the  serenity, the fragrant air full of spring blossoms.

I pay for my insurance here twice a year.   Astonishingly,  the lady who takes my money remembered me from last May and that I was soon to be on my way on a road trip to California.   She asked me how the trip was and, as she got my receipt ready,  made small talk that was personal and genuinely interested.

SAMSUNGNothing special about our little town.      I’m just hoping it’s like tens of thousands of other little towns in our whole nation.      It’s where many hundreds of thousands of our soldiers and sailors came from, and it’s what they had in mind when they sung songs to “the girl I left back home.”    In their minds,  ordinary, normal, unknown, non-famous American people are who our Veterans were fighting for – and we are the ones who give them grateful honor and praise for their success  on Memorial Day – and especially the ones who didn’t make it back home to us.

Now of course,  “the girl back home”  or “hot dogs, apple pie, and mom”  lived in both small towns and cities.   My formative years were spent in Chicago, and it remains in my memory the loveliest, most beautiful and interesting city in the country!

Chicago even has a “river” running through it:


Not like this one behind my insurance office, though.

But no matter where you lived,  the American culture was in harmony with American people from both small towns and cities.     It was something you could define and something you could count on.    It was something immigrants dearly wanted to become part of.    (Oh, yes —  “we’re all immigrants here.” )   And it was something worth defending and perpetuating.

SAMSUNGI thought about this attitude —  “happy to be here in America” — and taking pride in living here,  and so I walked away from the car, leaving the door unlocked, and went down by the river which this little town had made a part of their “scene” so that people here could experience the natural beauty.


I got on the walkway.      This landscaping took effort and planning —  and civic pride.    It took an awareness of the goodness the town has all around them.

I’m quite sure that you have things like this around you too.    Good people.   Good values.   Good hard work.

The disruptive thoughts are within us,  they sometimes come from the noisy media,   but I think they can be overcome.     It wasn’t Memorial Day which was disruptive to the urgencies of our daily schedules.    I think it was Memorial Day which is normal.

SAMSUNGTo truly celebrate Memorial Day is to truly appreciate what we have here in our “home towns.”

I took a little more time to enjoy the walkways. that were built for us.    To experience it, to get to know this part of town,  to get to recognize a genuine good thing.    And that’s the key.   If we hold on to the genuine good, we will recognize when someone comes along to tell us their way is “better”  because it is “different,”     or their political creed is superior to the one our Founding Fathers gave us.

To truly celebrate Memorial Day, we need to know just what it was our soldiers and sailors fought to preserve.