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July 6, 2018

(A couple “cosmic”  considerations.     Having a “close call”  healthwise  enlarges your thinking!)


H red finger 380



“Eeeeeteeee,   phone home.”

“Home” ” H-o- -oh- oh-h- m m m mmm.”

If you saw the movie, you’ll know why this picture made me think of E.T.!!

(If you’ve never seen E.T., the movie, I’d urge you to see it now. If you saw it only as a child or young person, please see it again. You will see it now with an adult understanding of the issues that are presented; but you can choose to see it, for the first time or not, with the open-hearted goodness of a child.  It is a well-made, worthwhile movie. It’s also fun! And funny and sweet and sad.)

So, that’s a photo of my finger in the hospital one night. I’ve been discharged now, so I leave behind  that little red light on my finger. *

I also leave behind a bruised arm, the result of numerous (failed)   attempts to draw blood.  (That’s my arm past my orange sleeve.)

H black 380

Well, I took it home with me,  but no more bruising, I guess.

I also take with me a new understanding of what it means to be alive. What it means to have “time” left in our lives. What it means to have friends whose support was a big factor in my well-being and my ongoing return to normal. I had no idea how much they  would mean to me.  Family and friends.  I will never hesitate to visit friends in the hospital, now.

The Church teaches us that that is one of the Corporate Works of Mercy: “. . . to visit the sick . . .” And you don’t do it to earn favor or merit with God, you do it with God, for His sake, being His hands, so to speak, and for love of the sick person. Then it becomes a Work of Mercy, rather than a duty done so you can (subconsciously) pat yourself on the back or cross that duty off the checklist of your busy life.

As E.T. was full of gentle benevolence, so is the way of God: gentle, benevolent, loving, interested, attentive . . .

Alive, dying, or dead . . . Heaven is God’s intended home for us.

Yeah – I don’t have that red-lighted finger anymore, but I can still “phone home.”


cowboy at prayer 90





.*  Oh!   Ha ha –   I’m not an alien!    In case you haven’t had hospital experience,  the light on my finger was monitoring by oxygen saturation.   OxSat.      







July 6, 2018


I have returned home now, a week or so ago, right  before my surprise “health event.”  I wonder if I had a premonition of the ordeal ahead; a hint of “stormy days” coming.

As I wrote before,  as I returned from Florida,   from south of Atlanta all the way to Louisville was one long, slow, sometimes dangerous traffic jam, with added thunderstorms along the way: slippery, mountain driving.

Then as I neared home, a half a day’s driving away, the sky made itself as menacing as possible.   Waves of dark storm clouds ahead

Storm ahead 4 hours 400

Now, I love thunderstorms, and I’d certainly proved I could drive through the heaviest monsoon Florida could throw at drivers!    However, somehow all these bands of clouds moved eastward before I got to them.    Just a reminder?     Just a hint that stormy times might be coming ahead?     Metaphorically speaking.

And then I crossed into my home state.  I stopped at the Welcome Center, something I’ve never done before.  After all,   I know my state, I don’t have to learn about it at a Welcome Center.   But then I saw all the green beauty all around me, and I saw this sign:

Deep dark places 400

What struck me was the deep darkness behind the sign, on into my home state.   Kind of a beckoning, maybe; but still, very deep, dark, strange.

And then a couple days later, one of the biggest “health storms” of my life struck me down. Again, I’m home now, sometimes facing the daunting task of walking across the full length of my house – and still breathing!    But they say that will improve, with time.

I’m weathering this storm.

(I must be better — I’m blogging again!)   


July 2, 2018

Not too long ago I wrote a title called  Not All Sunsets Are Good Ones.   Got nice responses from that.  It dealt with some harsh realities we all will face at the “sunset” of our lives.”

Surprises can be fun.  Sometimes as we grow up, adults find it fun to express our affection for one another by giving them a little surprise once in a while.  We’re delighted when they’re delighted.

But a few days ago I had the bad kind of surprise.  Out of the blue, a few minutes before noon,  I suddenly couldn’t breathe.   I could move my chest up and down but not much air was moving.  There was searing hot pain.   And fear.

When that happens to you or someone you’re around,  it is a medical emergency!

Unfortunately I couldn’t think straight.   Unable to call Son for help, even though I was sitting right next to my phone,  and unable to call  911,   I waited until the struggling subsided.    A few bad decisions later I was staying at Son’s house “so he could observe me.”

That ended with a surprise  ambulance ride  to the emergency room.    Not a good surprise.      And watching the EMTs trying to put an IV needle into my arm on the bumpy ride there was a little surprising too.

There were good,  very good,  emergency personnel at our hospital and they got to work on me.  Oxygen is truly a blessing.  After tests and an X ray the surprising diagnosis, in the words of one doctor,  is that it looked like my chest was  shot up with buckshot.   Both my lungs were filled with numerous blood clots.

Not surprisingly,  I got  admitted to the hospital,  and then tied down with a spaghetti mess of tubes and  cords.    I have only my left hand to wave around.    My body feels like the inside of an unhappy porcupine.   I think it should be illegal to stick a person so many times in so many places.

But I’m breathing again.

Unless I move.

I’ve got a little ways to go.

I talked to little grandson Cooper out in California today.    I asked him if he knew where Grandma was.  He told me in a quiet sober voice where I was.   He spoke two more quiet, serious, joyless sentences.   (I’ve got to get better for him!)

My posting will be very slow for a time.   I can’t tell you for how long.

This whole thing is a surprise to me.

If you know the God who made us and sustains in existence every molecule of our body from moment to moment,  the God of Love and Life and Health,  please think of me (and my family)   in prayer.   I have some plans for the future.  God permitting.

I’ve used up all my strength now…   Bye for a while.








April 30, 2018


This is a follow-up to my posting about my occasional EMF problems that I wrote  about yesterday in Luddite, Not Troglodyte.     We might as well learn  something  about  the  technological  soup we live in.

ElectroMagnetic Frequencies come in  wavelengths.   That center little rainbow shows the frequencies that we can see with our eyes.    Any strong or directed frequency is harmful to our bodies,  from   “radiation”  and x-rays on the left of the chart to  infrared and  subsonic weapons found on the right-hand side.

(Left:  extremely short wavelengths;  right:  extremely long wavelengths)

Here’s an easier way to see the frequency numbers of our visible light.


Our eyes are organs that can “see”   these particular frequencies.

Our circadian   rhythms depend on the daily lightening and darkening of visible light,  with the “darkening”  having very much less blue light.    The blue light that you want to eliminate two hours before “bedtime”  is light frequencies below (smaller than)  530 mm.  (In case you’re buying filters.)

Other  frequencies that drastically affect our health and well-being comes from the many communication  antennas that we live under,  drive under,  and that are inevitably pointed at your home.  Nothing personal there —  businesses and governments,  individuals and law enforcement all need those antennas to be spewing out and relaying those frequencies.

tower lines


You can find Websites that reveal how many cell phone towers your address is affected by.   Here are mine:

My Towers


There are  19 cell phone towers which  reach my address with their microwave frequencies.   The only way to shield your home and avoid the subtle changes they make in your thinking,  your health,  and your sense of well-being,  is to surround your home with a Faraday cage.    Our government calls these Quiet Rooms.

I have another spreadsheet like this which shows all the communication transmitting antennas which “transmit”  frequencies into my home.    That is a list of 124 antennas!!

Just so you know.

I’m not going to post the long list of official CDC-acknowledged health effects –  it’s way too depressing,   because we can do nothing about it.   There is no federal health agency that   will protect us,  and your local doctor has no education in this matter.

And look out for the killer 5G cell towers that are being erected all over this country and elsewhere, chiefly in English-speaking countries, for some reason.     (They say it is necessary because of  “congestion.”     They say we are all clamoring for “faster” Internet service.    They’re saying it’s not much more than our current  “Generation.”)



Because these towers are so strong,  they don’t transmit very far and so they must be built  CLOSE to houses and businesses.

tower to home

Our local township government can’t stop the construction of  these 5G towers.  We’ve already asked.     When pushed,  my Township people alluded to foreign governing sources and international corporations.

“Corporations + governments?”

You can take it from there.










November 11, 2017

View from a Saturday afternoon:

View from Saturday

Saturday again.   The home team is playing.   Not well.    All I can say is they  played to the end of the game.

I could talk about the value of leisure time:   I could wax philosophical about “winning and losing”;     I could even discuss the metaphorical value of each of the positions on a football team,  the roles we play in life  . . . .

But it’s knitting I was thinking about today.   Knitting and football just go together – for me.  I’m almost done with my royal blue V-neck sweater.    I’m just getting started on the cuff of the second sleeve.

I was reading a book about managing chronic disease, the serious terminal type of chronic disease,  and the author wrote about the importance of endorphins for the maintenance of good quality of life.    Of course we know exercise produces and increases the endorphins in our body;  that’s why many of us like to “run to excess”  to try to induce that Runners’ High!

But among the many other activities listed was knitting!     Knitting produces endorphins!   So while I’m not “exercising”  like the football players during a game,  I’m getting my endorphins another way.   Pure pleasure!

Health is pleasure too.    It’s incumbent upon each of us to maintain or regain and maintain our own health.   We’ve got to find out what our body needs and then go after it.

Yep – it’s work.  It takes time and effort to stay healthy.     We’re individuals and have specific and unique needs to keep our health.     I can’t really tell you what you need to do — but I can make a recommendation:

Football and knitting!

(Or something like that.)




August 4, 2017

Beloved son.    

Today is his first birthday.   He’d be one year old.

charlies face


Mother and son.

charlied and medal


Cherished and wanted.

charlies parents


His name is Charlie Gard, and his “mistake”  was to be born with a mitochondrial disease  which makes him  “unwanted”   and “not”  valuable   —  to the State.  Doesn’t matter which country  because this kind of State authority is developing in all Western nations where Christian values are being destroyed.

(In Judeo-Christian cultures,  the helpless, the poor, the sick, the needy, the unwanted are given attention, love,and care.    “As you do it unto the least of my brethren,  you do it unto Me.”    Undeniably, that teaching originated with Jesus.    Remove Jesus,  and you invariably lose  His  teaching. )

This loved and cherished son was dying of his disease,  but the State would not allow his parents to take him to doctors in the United States where there was the possibility that his life could be saved.  U.S.  doctors are researching this disease and hold out some hope.

But Charlie’s State authority would not let him take advantage of the research.   The parents applied for “permission”  to take their own son to the United States,  and they did not get any answer other than no,  until Charlie’s condition had become so much worse that even modern research would likely not be able to help.

Both British and European Union  Court authorities imposed the full strength of their authority against Charlie and his parents.

So Charlie was dying.

The parents wanted to take him home, in a comfortable, personal, loving  environment for as long as his little life would last.

But the System  said they owned Charlie.     There are no parental rights.   The State-run hospital system refused to allow the parents to care for their own son.

ch medal

Charlie died,  just days short of his first birthday.

His parents,  Chris Gard and Connie Yates,  had enough money to use to travel and treat their son.   Now,  instead, they are using that money,  one and a half million dollars,  to set up a foundation to help others who struggle against both children’s disease and the loss of parental rights.

In this country,   the Barack-Hussein person and his followers put forth into our laws the Unaffordable Health Control Bill, which has far-reaching consequences,  among them the State-prescribed death of the unborn,   the very, very sick young,   the very,  very sick,  and the very, very sick elderly.      It’s too expensive to help the helpless.

The State is in control.     A very, very “sick”  State is in control.





June 14, 2017

to-do  Got a To-Do list going?   “All the time”?    A big one?

That’s a good sign.   It means you’re at least trying to be organized and get some things accomplished.    Can’t deny that a To-Do list really does help,  even though it puts the burden of responsibilities down in black and white right where you have to look at them.

It means you have work to do.  Life is work-to-do.   Life is work.     When you work it means you’re alive and making choices and doing good things  . . .


Consider this To-Do list:

Hospital chart

This is the  Progress List in the hospital room of the young lady we’ve been watching over for these past several days.    It’s her  “To-Do” list.

She doesn’t have any of those tasks checked off.

Notice the first one.    “Breathe.”      She hasn’t really accomplished that yet.

So we  watch and hope and pray and keep her company.


I guess if we have different things on our own To-Do list,  we ought not to complain about it, but rejoice that we have life and health– and work-to-do.


Hospital HER wing


That’s where our young friend —  still — is.




June 9, 2017

(Blogging has given me some bad habits;   it’s created an urge to take a picture of everything and blog blab about it.)

We’re  all only a heartbeat away from a very serious crisis —

Hospital cr

Chances are you’re having  ordinary days right now;  some good days and  some bad days in which you have to deal with a flat tire,  a lost checkbook,  a missed text,   a bad attitude from a friend . . . .

Today we here in The Spruce Tunnel were struck with a very serious crisis.   Someone we love, someone so close to our family she may as well be a part of it,  someone far too young to be in critical condition,  is on a ventilator and many other machines in the photo,  seemingly  overnight.

Cause soon to be determined.

One day she is interviewing for a brand-new job;  less than two days later she’s in ICU fighting for her life.

Out of the blue,  unexpectedly, we are all reassessing our lives,  our relationships,  our loves,  and what’s really important.     We have a God-given need to make sense out of things.

And the honest quest for answers will lead back to God.




Please pray for the young lady.










April 9, 2017

Here’s where “perturbations”  meet “radiation.”  

wi fi jiggly

(Editor’s note:   I sometimes use slightly  awkward word order to emphasize a point.  However,  there is a sound and rhythm to the English language and putting the word “radiation”  first in the title feels a bit smoother to the tongue,  even though I’m writing about radiation secondly.)

Nevertheless,  I am perturbed about this too.

It wasn’t our recent storm:

2nd CPM

Background radiation around here with this little device is normally 22 CPM indoors  and about 25 – 35  outdoors,  but then rain and snow often bring down more of the radiation that is in the atmosphere.    It shouldn’t be there at raincloud altitudes,  but it is.   Our last storm brought down a little of it,  maybe 2 or 2 1/2 times normal background.

It’s not long-lived,  that’s the good news.   It’s not long-lived,   that’s the bad news.   It’s bad because that means there is a constant, ongoing source of this type of radiation – and,  no, it’s not healthy for us.

But that’s not the radiation that “perturbs”  me from time to time.   As some of my friends and family know,  it’s all kinds of radiation from  cell towers,  cell phones,  fluorescent lights, computer screens, tablets, e-readers, wireless signals,  electrical fields surrounding household electrical wires and appliances,   some kind of small traffic counting device on poles,   security alarms,   overhead and underground wires, sunlight —

Anything along the electro-magnetic spectrum:

electro spec

Modern technology has massively increased our exposure to high-energy radiation.

Everybody is “sensitive”  to the radiation that comes from man-made machines, instruments, and devices,  everyone is damaged on the cellular level,  but only somewhere between 8 and 15 percent of people can actually feel this damage.  It doesn’t feel good.     And the “permanent cellular damage”  leads to deadly diseases.

Occasionally I can  “feel better”  especially if I stay away from computer keyboards for a while,  but sometimes it hurts and gets pretty frightening.  So I have to take a few days off from the computer – and from blogging, periodically.

Now – at last – you can SEE  what I  have to FEEL:   Have you seen the photographic “artwork” based upon the strength of the radiation surrounding cell phones that are turned on?      It’s an app you can buy. *

Here you are sitting in your easy chair,  using your phone:

W chair Reds hi Blue Lo

Here you are walking down a hallway:

W hall reds high blue low

Here you are polluting a stairway with your radiation:

W Stairs rds hi bl lo

I can feel those energy clouds.   They’re everywhere.      I can feel the swollen, damaged areas with in my body when I intersect with those energy clouds.   And I can feel the “mental smog” –  it’s harder to pay attention, harder to follow words, spoken or written.

It’s tiring.

It’s perturbing.

And it’s extremely ironic that one  thing that will end this is a massive burst of radiation from an   electro-magnetic pulse,  an EMP!


(Now I don’t get to go surfing tonight because I’ve reached the limit of my exposure . . .)

See you soon, I hope, because I want to focus on Holy Week.



. *     from the Website:  ht  tp:// http://www.  electricsense.   com/8345/wifi-radiation-visible-device-emfs/                          (remove spaces first)

“Luis Hernan has produced a series of photographs that show the strength of wireless signals according to color.

“He’s also produced an app that can be downloaded to a smart phone which can act as a very basic EMF detector. The app is free.”


September 14, 2015

Okay.   This is health.    Not so much a “small” issue,   but smaller, at least, than why we have the Ten Commandments and how they keep societies strong and stable like in the last two posts.

A few times the subject of “my favorite breakfast”  has come up, only to be met by raised eyebrows.   I feel I need to explain myself.   So recently,  I actually got a question with the raised eyebrows:  what do you mean “a garlic sandwich”?

So here’s the recipe.

Start by picking out some garlic cloves.  Maybe just two if it’s your first experience:   Many thanks to my good friend for surprising me with some garlic grown IN HER OWN GARDEN!      (A small miracle to me since I’ve tried – and failed – to grow my own garlic.)  Apparently home-grown garlic comes with “stems,” as you can see.


Then thinly slice the garlic cloves.  Very, very thin slices.


A sharp knife is such a joy to use.

Next, warm the slices in a pan of olive oil with  a little pat of butter.    Make sure it’s real olive oil, not the common grocery store kind which, we’ve discovered, is not exactly olive oil.    Olive oil is a food.   Pay enough for it.     Real.  Cold-pressed.   Extra-virgin.

The small amount of butter is so you can see when the oil is hot enough to sizzle.   That’s too hot.  Cool down the pan until the butter no longer sizzles.  Turn off the heat,  and then add the garlic slices.

 That’s the most impatient part for me.   Watching the slices gently heat up.    Sometimes you’ll have to turn the burner back on again, but just for a short while.   30 seconds maybe.   Hot enough to heat up, but not so hot that the garlic will turn bitter or sharp.   I’ve had the best luck when I’ve just walked away because I’m too fidgety,  then I remember the garlic and come back in twenty minutes or so, but five minutes may be enough time.   Nice warmed cooled garlic slices.

I used to crush the warmed slices with something flat and hard because crushing garlic releases the allicin — but isn’t that what teeth are for?    So I skip that step now.

Next,  toast some bread.   I use a flax and millet bread — that’s what the black dots are —  because modern wheat is not so good for us anymore, and I just feel better without wheat inside of me.   No, I don’t have gluten problem.  I have a wheat . . .  dislike.


Pour the warmed olive oil and garlic slices over the toast.    The oil will soak in wonderfully.    Use a knife or spatula to spread the soft,  warm garlic into the bread.

Then “close”  the sandwich and cut into four pieces.

 There’s a reason for that.  As you come to realize how good olive oil is for your body,  you’ll use more and more — and the small pieces of sandwich help control the dripping.   At least the whole thing isn’t dripping all over you.

I’ve never eaten one of these things without licking my fingers when its’ gone!

Garlic kills bacteria,  viruses, and fungus.   (fights colds and flu.)   It’s a great anti-oxidant.    Anti-inflammatory, I think.     It thins the blood, so watch your aspirin intake on the day you eat this.     It keeps all kinds of “bad things” away.    And the olive oil will keep you full and satisfied for a long, long time.

Gute apetit!


Tip:     don’t eat this just before you go out to do errands.


January 6, 2015

(A few more thoughts on Time . . .)


I had forgotten how much Cooper liked my marzipan.   I think he’s the only person in the world that I know personally who also likes the taste of marzipan!!    Imagine that.    His Mommy and Daddy couldn’t believe it.  He walked around saying “I just love Grandma’s marzipan.”   (I just  think he liked saying the word!)

Well, thanks to some journal pages of late December (a week or so ago), I saw that I had written about Cooper and marzipan — and I delighted in his reaction once again.

Journaling like this –


Journaling  (hope you can’t read the actual words) is a natural and easy thing to do, and the rewards are far greater than the little amount of effort it takes.     I finally created a “form”  on paper that would make it easy to briefly record what went on each day.   Journaling is just a way of dropping things into your memory so they can be of use later.

For example:

Daddy asks,   “Remember when we went to the mall?  ….. (Cooper answers)

” Remember we saw that silly man in the ice cream shop?”        …..

“What did the man do?”       …..

” And then what happened?”   …..

Daddy was “journaling”  for Cooper, and together they were drawing lessons from what happened before.

That’s all keeping a “journal”  or a “diary” does for us.   They keep the days for us so that the day’s lessons do not disappear.   Especially if we’re not ready to think about the day,  that day will remain on paper for us to contemplate later, if it’s helpful,  or just to enjoy all over again.

Psychologists tell us that keeping a short an easy-to-do diary relieves stress, promotes well-being,  and resolves psychological problems.   Well, I won’t admit to any psychological problems  (is that a problem?)  —  I just enjoy my life and like to keep all of it present, before me.

I would strongly encourage all whom I love and care about to keep a little journal of yourself.      Use words or sketches or interesting little prayers or insights,  record what happened around you that day,   or just save your To-Do lists.    Capture the Time of your life!      It’s interesting  –   Like Grandma’s marzipan.





A 2-LETTER WORD; (a 3-letter word; and a 4-letter word)

October 9, 2014

steam man

I’m experiencing a mild form of injustice today.   When this  happened in the past, some have suggested this is really a subtle form of persecution,  but I can handle that.  I can’t handle it on behalf of my friends, however,  so with the resulting “steam energy”  blowing out of my ears,  I’ll write that little series I’ve been thinking of,  that requires so much “energy” from out of me.

A two-letter word; a three letter word;  a four letter word.

First,  the two letter word that I’ve been thinking about for a while:    “oh.”        Used twice as in oh-oh.

For the past month,  the news stories I’ve been reading seem to have bumped up a notch in seriousness.  A turn has been made.   A point has been reached.  We’re in new and dangerous territory now on many fronts.

Just . . .   as you read news stories for yourself, see if the disconnect from commonsense isn’t a little more blatant, a little more in your face.  As the funny guys on  Red Eye Radio overnight say,  “They’re not even trying!”   That’s a funny line;  but what does that really mean?     Why aren’t they trying?   Why don’t they even have to work hard to fool us anymore?

Often, in one sentence,  the “information” offered to us is self-contradictory, and the resultant cognitive dissonance paralyzes our thoughts and actions.  We tell ourselves, they can’t be so stupid; I must have misheard.


One example from a news briefing:    (Quote)  “If this nation were to prevent people from ebola-stricken countries from coming  into our country,  then that would mean that we can’t get our aid to them and it will just make matters worse.”

Think about that.   If we prevent people from some countries from coming in,  as other nations have already done,  that means WE can’t get OUT of our own country.

That was said in front of cameras with a straight face – and no one questioned the illogic.

Oh-oh –  does it not even matter?

A new brief announcement today:  1 in 68 children develop autism  after they are born.

But children continue to be injected with antifreeze  (best left in your car); and aluminum  (a neuro-toxin;  i.e.,   brain tissue toxin);  injected with formaldehyde,  a life-killing agent; mercury, another brain tissue killer;  and injections are sweetened with sucrose and aspartame (another powerful neuro-toxin) — do your blood veins have taste buds?

Autism is brain injury.

Here is another  oh-oh that gets worse each day:


If your house is marked with this,  then you are marked for death.

The Sunni group ISIS is now overtaking Kabani and is in a position to threaten Baghdad.    Non-Muslims are crucified, cut in half, beheaded, buried alive . . .   and the West says nothing about “crimes against humanity.”      Well, there are Sunnis all over Washington D.C.  )      The centuries-old  Islamic Caliphate is winning over territory — winning, winning, winning, with brutal and murderous tactics, just like in centuries past, when Africa used to be a major hub of Christianity — before they got wiped out by Islam.

And the Middle East.  And all the Byzantine Empire.   And almost Europe.

Courageous resolve,  prayers for heavenly aid, and military campaigns have prevented the loss of Europe in the past,  but now we have a loss of resolve, prayers, and military strength.   (Did I say anywhere that it is “all”  muslims?    Of course, not.  But that is supposed to be the accusation that stops all intelligent discussion.)

Oh-oh.  Iron lungs in the 1950s:

iron lungs

The polio-like virus that was endemic to Central America, crippling and killing people there, has now been imported into the United States by  active promotion and with  our tax dollars given to those who help foreigners come into our country in  large and unsustainable numbers.   They are foreigners of all ages and they did not obtain legal entry.   They are also carrying diseases to us, including this one that is killing children.  Our Rulers tell the news media to call it a “mystery disease”   but it really isn’t a mystery.  It is the well-known EV D-68, and it had been found mainly in Central America.    Until this summer.

My grandson is likely exposed to children from those Central American countries.

I can’t say “oh-oh”  enough.

Norwegian reindeer are testing positive for large amounts of radiation from Japan,   that ongoing and life-threatening disaster that continues to rain down radiation on all of us.     No worries though.  Our rulers have just increased the amount of radiation that we get by 27,000 times what the limit used to be.    The Pacific ocean is . . . .   The poor starfish…   the poor sea lions….   the poor caribou and polar bears…    the poor diseased salmon….

Well, do you think an obscure reindeer herd is the only type of biological entity getting harmed by radiation from Fukushima?

You can continue on with your own list of oh-ohs.

In the field of health?
Medical experts are saying the spread of ebola is “out of control.”   Desperate eyewitnesses in Africa are saying “this is not the usual ebola” . . . .

Real-Unemployment figures show about 23% of working age Americans are out of work.   And the number of people taking from us exceeds the number of people who are earning money.

Financial indebtedness of nations is anywhere from 13 to 27 times the total amount of wealth in the whole world!    Figures vary.   Some are higher.  No one knows how to count this,  no one  knows what to do,  no one knows what is soon going to happen.

Education and the future of our country?
American children know less than many Third World countries.   They have been successfully dehumanized, disconnected from their past, and dumbed-down to just about animal levels of thinking – according to plan.   (See quotes by John Dewey, et al.)  (I’m a former public schoolteacher and I witnessed what was done to our children — and the steam is starting to come out of my ears again…)

The Church is having a “synod” right now which will probably overturn the Church’s own teaching – in practice.     Yet in a feat of doublespeak,  successfully used in other arenas,  they will say “doctrine can’t be changed”  just “how we apply it.”    Official Christianity  seems to be descending into a state of apostasy.    As prophesied.

Things to think about.
There is no end to my list of oh-ohs — stories all bumped up a notch in seriousness.   My three letter word has a much shorter list,  but it’s a happier word.






May 29, 2014


The day started out with a lot of “dirt.”   Earthy dirt.    Dirty drips on my dusty garage floor led me to the dealership for an oil change and a possible “oil drip check up.”    Well, they knew what I meant.

And while I sat and daydreamed next to this beauty,  the mechanics did the dirty oily things under the hood of my car.


As I drove home, Son met me at my house, ready to do really dirty-earthy work.    The stones around the edge of the pond are getting unstable, and I need a man’s creativity (and muscles)  to do something about it.   We made more plans for maintenance and planting around the house and went off to get tools and parts and flowers.


The nitty-gritty of everyday life.   Sweat.    Dirt under my fingernails.  Elbow grease.  Taking care of things “by the sweat of our brow.”

And then it was time to change gears.
II    Heaven

I got all cleaned up, dressed in silky, swishy summer  clothes, and I even got to wear a lacy veil.    It’s Ascension Day,  today,  the day Christendom recognizes the ascension of Christ into Heaven.

Before me now it was all clean and white and golds and shiny silvery things.   I stayed in the moment.  I paid attention.  I was so much in the moment that I really wasn’t anticipating what was going to happen.


And so it seemed that suddenly I was watching a silver candle snuffer coming down onto the beautiful Paschal candle that has been burning since Easter Sunday.   The small soft flame at the top of the candle represents for us our Resurrected Christ walking among us for forty days.

And then it’s over.  The little flame is gone.   There is the little smoke of memory and the slight fragrance of snuffed out candle…  but that’s all.

“He is not here.  He has risen, as he said.”   Quid statis aspicientes in coelum?     (As I was doing, staring at the “empty” candle.)

Jesus is no longer here, with us, walking this same earth as we do.

Yes, of course He’s “here.”     He’s here in Holy Communion.   He’s here in the Tabernacles.  He’s here within us, our hearts His temple.

But He’s no longer here walking on the earth, as we still must do.   We can no longer touch His robes,  hear His voice.

But then — suddenly it will seem — we’ll have ahead of us the clean white golds and shining silvery life for us in Heaven.    As Christians have heard the words for almost two thousand years:  ...sic veniet, quemadmodum…     “This same Jesus, in like manner,  will return.”

We are  creatures of this earth made alive by His spirit.

Earth and Heaven!

Deo gratias!


January 14, 2014

Yes.   Tuesday.   My day to send off a “tribute”  to our rulers who tell us they won on that infamous Tuesday,  11-06-12.

My message for this week’s tribute is:   “You are not entitled to what other people have.”   

That’s all.   Repeat twenty times    If you’re not sure of the truth of that statement,  repeat one hundred times.

Don’t worry,  it’s not a trick;   it’s not propaganda;   it’s a true statement.   The United States of America was not built upon individuals taking money from others, because we know that simple “redistribution”   diminishes everyone,  even the one who receives the unearned money.

It lowers the morale,   the dignity,   the wealth,  the character, the morality of all citizens.

“You are not entitled to what other people have.”

The end.

Unless you want a “funny”  example.    I heard a truck driver call in on an all-night radio show, telling everyone that he had had a great insurance policy.   He is 61 years old, not married,   fairly healthy, and his affordable  insurance policy worked for him.     He called in because our Rulers took it away from him.    In its place, he has to buy a more expensive (unaffordable)  policy,  one “above his budget,”  he said,   and one that doesn’t cover very many of his medical expenses.    By law, he must pay more for less.

Why did he have to lose his policy?    Because our Rulers told him his policy did not cover him for gynecological check-ups and  pregnancy.

old manSince that night on the radio I’ve heard other old men (and older women)  talking about similar reasons for losing their insurance policies.    These retired people now have to pay for pregnancy care,   birth control pills,   the elective killing of their own unborn babies,   and sterilization procedures.

old ladyThese nice little old men and ladies will never, ever ask their insurance companies to pay for such procedures.  It would be physically impossible to ever need such services.     But they’re not allowed to have affordable insurance policies that don’t provide these unneeded services.

I began to ask myself why?  Don’t our rulers know that little old men can’t have babies?   Don’t they know that little old women will never need —

Oh.   I realized they do know.    It’s not about “substandard” insurance policies.   That term is just to make us feel nice about protecting people from something that is called “substandard”  by our Rulers’ definitions.

According to them,  if the 61-year-old truck driver doesn’t ever use the birth control pill coverage,   then he SHOULD pay for it for other people.   His money goes to those who don’t  pay for the results of . . . recreation of that kind.     They CAN’T pay,  so the one who has money SHOULD pay for them — and our Rulers will see to it that they do!     Taking money from one group and handing it out to another group.

Message to our Rulers:   “You are not entitled to what other people have.”

Please.   Men of Valor.     Stand up against this Health Control Bill.   Redistribution of our money is not even the worst of it.




October 29, 2013

Feels like I’m behind in everything.   Haven’t even posted about the beautiful Sunday Liturgy for Christ the King, two days ago.  (I’ll get there this week.)


SAMSUNGThat’s me, for a while.  A purplish-yellowish swollen-fingered me.   I think I broke something…the ache is not subsiding as it would with just a big bruise.   I’m okay, I know what to do, I know how to take care of teeny bones which might be cracked.

I also know that I should slow down a bit so it has a chance to heal.

So, okay.  I know how to do that too :


Time to do another one of these.     $4.99 spent – to keep me in one place for a while, so my hand won’t get bumped again.      It aches when I run around and try to accomplish things.   It hurts to use a pen.   It hurts to use a keyboard, so everything will be done “briefly” as the title of this posting says.


(Oh, how did I do it?)       (Running in the house.)      (Colliding with a door jamb.)



October 27, 2013

There was a reason to be unhappy this weekend too.    It wasn’t the rain;  it wasn’t the hail.   It’s what came down in the rain and the hail — and we all have a reason to be unhappy. . .

During the football game, Son noticed it was raining hard.   So I jumped up and said,  “Hey!  We can measure that!”    I ran to get my Inspector General,  ran outside onto the deck, and Son and I watched as the Counts Per Minute increased dramatically.   He held the detector,  I took the pictures.


That’s about what you want to see.


We never saw 30.

The device is measuring beta radiation in Counts Per Minute.   Normal background radiation around here is 20 – 30.    On a sunny day, my deck near the plants is around 32, a little more, a little less.

SAMSUNG 184,  going up to  192.  The danger alarm had long since sounded out its warning.

We were out in the rain and the hail.


209 CPM.     I’ve never seen a rainstorm that made the Counts go up this high.   The beta radiation being measured is probably Cesium-131….perhaps some other isotopes of Cesium too.    This rainstorm carried radiation from Fukushima to us and is probably high because of the their recent cyclones (hurricanes)   which caused massive amounts of radioactive water and dirt to be taken up into the atmosphere  and then carried over here by the jet stream.

It’s not only Cesium from the jet stream raining down on  us.   Strontium is entering our bones.   Various isotopes of radioactive Iodine is coming down on us.   Plutonium is up there…the killer, one particle inhaled can kill.   There is a long list of radioactive substances from Fukushima that is in our atmosphere.   Those of you who have been checking the link in the right-hand column (     will be aware of how much worse it has become for us since that first day of the tsunami.

Those of you who are keeping up with Fukushima news will know what a dangerous thing is being planned over there with the spent fuel rods…next week, I think.   It’s never been done before and some think the risk is so high and the consequences so fatal that they ought to not do it.


Those are the last of my cherry tomatoes trying to get ripe out on my deck.

My tomatoes.    My peppers.    My wonderful big herb garden.

I’m a little nervous about  eating anything from the deck now.

The parts of my  skin that was exposed to the rainwater became prickly after a half hour.   It occurred to me to take a shower and wash my hair.   It was a little disconcerting to feel so much better after the shower.   It means there was something on my skin that was not very good.



October 19, 2013


It started one day as I was raking leaves.   My neighbor drove into my driveway, rolled down his window and cheerfully asked me if I still had Hubbie’s cider mill in the basement so he could use it to make cider.

Well, huh?   I didn’t know I had a cider mill in my basement, Hubbie or not.  He roughly described where it probably was, so I told him, as long as he’s not “afraid” of cobwebs,  he’s welcome to it!


The next afternoon he came over and found the cider mill.  Just a wee little thing, but oh, so heavy!  It’s apparently cast iron, and very well made!   We washed it, and I followed him to his own back yard, where he had prepared a place for our labors.


Getting it up onto the horses took huge effort.  I was afraid for his back, but  the muscles in his arms and shoulders were strong enough to take on the burden.

The apple trees in his yard had produced abundant fruit.   It wasn’t hard to get enough apples.


Rather large knives were waiting for us.    Apple cleavers!


We lined the cider mill with cheesecloth.   (I wouldn’t have thought of that.  I think “someone” here has done a little homework about cider making.   Thanks, my friend.)


We used the huge knives to chop up the apples, and filled the mill.


He chopped, I took pictures.

I chopped too, really,  and then we took turns cranking the handle on the mill which caused a thing to press down harder and harder on the apples inside.   A big screw, attached to some gears, attached to a lid.     The only thing that wasn’t attached was the cider mill to the platform, so we had to be very careful not to allow the heavy mill to fall over.  One time we weren’t careful.   (A chance to practice the Christian virtues of patience and longsuffering. . . .)

Every last drop was collected:


My cell phone camera gave out for a while as it became sticky with apple cider from my fingers, but a nice sponge bath and a rest in my soft dry pocket helped it recover.   We cleaned everything else up too, and then brought the cider mill to the front yard for a wash-down with the hose.


And THEN – finally –  we tasted the fruit of our labors.     Special stemware!


Yes!  It tasted good.  Yes!   it was refreshing.   Yes!  It felt like “real food.”    And while we sipped our cider we spoke of things of Health, things like good “living” apple cider that doesn’t have the health-giving enzymes nuked out of them; things like how much effort it takes to find and prepare “real” food that keeps you healthy;  and many, many other things.


We had been working for several  hours.   We started in daylight and we ended at moonrise.    We were tired and sweaty and  sticky, but we felt good and  refreshed.    I was enthusiastic.  All that good honest work and such good cider!   I said we could do this again in a week or two.

I didn’t get an enthusiastic reply, though.


September 20, 2013

A light, easy posting today.

There’s been a little interlude here in my postings.   I think I didn’t feel well.  My immune system is precarious, at best,  quite overtaxed,  fighting something big, I think.    I notice some improvement when I take care of myself but that’s  very hard work.    Before I get back to any “serious”  random thoughts here,  I’ll just muse a little bit about the medicine that God gives us to grow stronger.


Color.   Our “medicine”  starts with color.  Red is nice.


Warmed, plumped, pureed raspberries.    (It’s possible to prepare your berries without seeds.)

So,  fruit.   Of all colors.  And then a salad…once or twice a day.   Start with some good, “meaty” tomatoes to add on top of some “greens.”


These look almost like watermelon pieces.  They are dense and packed with flavor.    But you can’t get them from grocery stores very often.


Looking back over this past summer,  there was a lot of work that went into these tomatoes.  They are growing in small, homemade containers on my deck.   Convenient.  They don’t take up much room.  The containers were cheap!   (cardboard boxes and plastic bags – make sure the “container” drains well in the bottom)

Peppers do well in containers too.


Again,  hard work to get them set up and growing, but so firm and crisp and tasty.   Nutritious, I hope.

This all adds up to the once or twice daily salads.  I don’t get tired of salads  because –  well, which one would you be talking about?  There is an endless number of combinations, an endless variety of salads.

And a trip to the (container) herb gardens for flavor for the salads:

SAMSUNGJust. . .  choose.   Choose whatever smells good to you that day.   All herbs taste good and I believe they are all medicinal in one way or the other.  They just don’t taste like “medicine” !

Then just wash them off, and snip them over your salad bowl:


I think I see chives and basil and parsley in that handful.

Well, that’s it.   A  portion of my diet that actually works to recharge my batteries and get the strength flowing again.

Recommended for all human bodies.






September 17, 2013

(Correction made to the name written below, in case you need to use a Search engine.)

For this Tribute to Tuesday  (the 11-06-12 one)  we have to go back to about 1610, and several thousands of miles south of where I live.

black light

And that is what it looked like in the entire room where a devout Christian lady knelt all alone one day in 1610 before our Lord, praying, praising, thanking, meditating … listening for Him.

red light  This is what it should have looked like in there, a small but comforting red light, a small  flame burning in the oil, indicating the presence of God.

And then He turned out the lights on her!

I have been in small rooms, small chapels, where the only light is that steady red light indicating our faith in God’s presence.  I am not nearly as devout as I know this lady to have been, nor have I achieved the purity of mind or strength of will that she had when she prayed; but I have experienced the sense of our dependence upon the existence of God, there in the chapel and everywhere, actually.

The things this lady had learned in her life were supposed to be directed at the 20th century.   Her name was Mother Maria de Jesus Torres, and some of the things she was shown shocked her senseless – in fact, once she was pronounced dead for a couple of days by the people around her and by the doctor brought in from the city.

When this sanctuary light incident happened,  she inquired of her heavenly visitor what caused the light to go out.    She was told five reasons.

And one of them is why I’m writing this particular post.   She was told that in this coming godless century (ours)  there would be such a flood of Impurity (sexual immorality) flowing  through our streets and homes that even the souls of innocent little children would be corrupted.

Of course there has been public immorality of all kinds in past centuries, but never before have whole “Christian”  continents been characterized this way.   Never before have our common dress, our actions,  and our way of speaking to each other been drenched in such rude and lewd manners and almost  never before have people seemed so comfortable to live in moral filth.

We allow our sisters and mothers and daughters and wives to be  inappropriately touched and rubbed in private areas of their bodies in public airports –  and I see no brothers, sons, fathers or husbands with their swords or warclubs or fists ready to smash into the person who is committing such acts.   This is why I don’t fly.   Immodesty seems to be a requirement.   We are desensitized to criminal sexual conduct when performed by the “authorities.”

We don’t blink an eye when our Rulers declare that inappropriate sexual knowledge should be presented to our littlest ones at school.   Kindergarteners, for goodness sakes!    I once taught Kindergarteners.     I know for a fact that you get more of what you teach –  and in that year, those little children were already doing things to each other and saying things that still make me blush.    Our culture had already corrupted them.

And now I see in the news that YOUR private sexual activity will be made a matter of PUBLIC RECORD under the Health Control Bill.   Your doctor will interrogate you (and your mother and your sister and your daughter and your wife)  as to the most private, personal  acts – not for the sake of treatment  –  but for the sake of reporting to government officials.   Such public Electronic Health Records have already been found to have been sold, leaked, and hacked —  and what now?

So what Mother Marina de Jesus Torres saw four centuries ago nearly killed her for the shame  of it.   She generally disbelieved such things could be allowed to happen.

Not so,  us.    They know how to boil us frogs.

Our Lady of Good Success,  help us through this mess.



August 12, 2013

There was a fine rain this morning, soft and gentle.   I don’t mind being out in the rain, so I didn’t mind filling the bird feeders on my deck.

But I “know the score.”   I know the numbers in my area, because I’ve been checking them for a couple of years.    Something made me check them again this morning.   In the rain.   Because of the rain.

Because rain “cleans”   the atmosphere.

SAMSUNGOoops, got my foot in there.

122.   That’s my radiation meter;  its a good one and it’s calibrated correctly.   Everyday, normal, background radiation is about 30 CPM.   Maybe a range of 25 – 35.        We  are 400% of normal today.  4 times the acceptable, safe limit.

I wondered about inside my house,  like even where I slept last night:

SAMSUNG32 CPM.   (Counts Per Minute.)    I’m okay indoors.

But then I use a pretty big air purifier.  A Honeywell TrueHEPA something something something,  I forget the numbers.  The filter inside is about 40 – 60 CPM, so I guess it’s doing its job….

But I worry about these guys who are stuck outside:


And I wonder about these, not yet ripe:


I was pretty happy to find out I could grow them on my deck in “homemade”  containers, but I left them out on the deck all summer.   I know I can wash them off when I bring them in,  but how do I wash the “unwanted”  contents inside  each of their cells?

Counts Per Minute.   Beta radiation.    It’s only harmful if you ingest it….or absorb it through your skin.

You are checking from my column on the right?   It’s the category of links called “Radiation News.”   It’s been there for two years, long before our “news” media discovered last week that “Fukushima is big trouble.”

No, we don’t know how to stop the radiation spewing out of the damaged reactors.   No one knows what to do.