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January 30, 2018

No, I don’t mean the Minnesota team which is down-for-the-count this season.


“Viking” is a distinct culture, a heritage,   a way of life,  a  mindset.


I mean  “Viking”  like the kind of guys in my family:  Scandinavian,  tall, blond big guys — like this one in Sweden:

Viking down

Swedish citizen,  attacked and knocked down by  the so-called “New-Swedes.”    You know,  the ones that don’t look like Swedes?  Or act like Swedes?   The New-Swedes who openly declare they’re going to get rid of all the blond-haired white Swedish scum and take over the country.

You’ve probably read about the African invaders who are killing,  burning,  blowing up, stabbing,  and raping Swedish things and Swedish people, while being supported by Swedish taxes paid by Swedish people  — in the name of,  what?   Immigration?   Diversity?   Open  borders?

This is happening in Norway, Sweden,  Finland,  and Denmark –  all the Scandinavian countries.       More and more citizens are living in  discomfort and fear.   I have read more than once that people are asking  “Where is the Viking heritage?   Where are the Viking men to protect their families and their land?”

The blond man in the picture was beaten by a small group of Africans who have been relocated to Sweden.   Look at his knuckles.   I noticed they were uninjured.   Did he not defend himself?    Perhaps that’s unfair,  but that Viking is down.

The Vikings are “down,” now,  as are people of European heritage in many places.   Though maybe only temporarily.


This young woman is Laura Huhtasaari, and she’s running for president of Finland.  Her photo caught my attention because she has the same coloring as my children did when they were younger;    they have more of the dark gold of a Swede, but they started out with the “white” of a Finn.   But I’m glad I saw the photo, because then I  read the accompanying article.

She is doing well so far:  She is “trying to bring anti-immigration populist ideas back to mainstream Finnish politics and her campaign for the presidency has seen her reputation soar ahead of the first round of voting on Sunday,”   the article said.

“Finland First”   is the motto of her and her party.

Why can’t Finland be Finnish?    Shouldn’t the Finns decide?   Sweden be Swedish?    Shouldn’t the Swedes exist as Swedes?

For that matter,   I’d like to see the French be French (forever!),   and the Germans be German in their culture.   The Danes,  the Poles,  the Czechs,  the Italians,  even the Welsh,  the  Scots, the Irish and the English — all these unique  cultures have so much to offer mankind — we can’t let them disappear in a mad dash to make everyone   homogeneous: “tan”  citizens of a borderless unisex politically correct world, with no distinctions in religion,  language,  materialism,  manners and customs  . . . .

I don’t know how to end this.       Hurray for Miss Huhtasaari!    Hurray for the Swedes and Finns!  Hurray for ALL the cultures in the world!

The Global Socialists  (Progressives in America) would have us believe that if you are patriotic about your own  country,  you must be planning harm to others.   If you love your culture, you must hate those who are different from you.    If you like who you are, and you want to be just exactly who you really are,  then you must dislike others.

It doesn’t really work that way.

I say:  Hurray for YOU!




March 3, 2017

(Time out for some humor)

It’s hard to talk to each other in the midst of a raging storm.


We get used to it.   We shut out the powerful raging storm all around us.  We shut out the tumult of conflicting interests battering up against each other,  battering up against us. Life goes on with great uncertainties,  no safe and quiet ground to stand on;   and still we talk to one another as best we can;  we care,  we’re interested, we help out when we can.  We’re pretty sure there’s been some mutual understanding.

So,  communication can be difficult, of course, but sometimes we can  find humor in  the situation and just enjoy the wonderful human absurdity of it all.

Son gave me a little gift one day – a fun little gadgety gift that is actually of some help in the dry indoor air.  Here’s the box —


Kind of cool –  you fit this cap onto any bottle of water, and it makes a nice mist.

It wasn’t, however,  “made in America,”   so the instructions sounded a little “foreign.”

Instruction #1:    Pile the filter into humidifier completely.  When you pull out, please do it on the opposite direction.          (Okay.  I think.)

Then in the “Notes” —

This is not waterproof products.   When using the product erect, avoid the water into the product.        (uh,  this is to be used with a half-liter plastic bottle with water in it . . .)

Please place it beyond the children’s reach.

Please place the product away from the human body for 30 meters,  for without ventilation completely,  drops of water will come into being.      (I don’t think my house is 30  meters long.)

When you are aware that the spray output of the humidifier is in a pollution jam,  please change into a new filter.

Plug the cable softly.

When you use automotive electrical appliance,  electrical appliance, expensive products,  pay attention to not make it wet.

Dropping out the product will make the product out of work.        (Makes sense.)

Do not use it for the other purposes.       (Yeah,   I won’t.)

And then the big caution:    Any problems happen,  please do not disassemble,  repair the product and contact with retailers.



(Amusement aimed at me!)

I dabble in languages.


There are  certain things I like to read in one language or another;    those darn footnotes in my books are in many languages;   I feel compelled for some reason to check the news in German every few days;  I worship in another language altogether.    But if I were to write or talk in those languages,  I’m very sure my words would be a source of amusement for the native speakers of that language.

I’d be the only one who knows what I’m talking about!


I think of Jesus teaching on a  hillside speaking important truths to the people crowded around Him, listening intently to every one of His words;    and the look on His face is one of bemused affection,  because He is knowing they don’t understand what He’s saying —  yet.   Bemused affection:  gently seeing the humor in the situation.

He is patient with us;  oh, so patient.

During this Lent,  I’ll be writing more and more about the Church’s teachings.     That is,  doctrines,  practices, and spiritual growth.

I suspect I’ll not communicate  well.

One big language pollution jam.


June 25, 2015

I really love paleontology.    But I am especially attracted to the era of about  14,000 to 12,000 years ago,  just when the last glacial age ended.   What was civilization like just before?   What was civilization like just after a near world-wide catastrophic climate change which caused the deep glacial ice sheets to melt so rapidly?

In North America people existed and coped with the climate changes and built up their cultures.  I use the plural, cultures,  deliberately, because there were several distinct racial groups here, all at the same time.

Early Migration into North America:

Map landbridgeThe standard theory is that the so-called “Native Americans”  came here from Asia across the landbridge which appeared at the Bering Straits when a lot of the ocean waters were tied up in the glaciers.   They came from Asia.   There were thus one of the THREE racial groups that we have:  Mongoloid based on traditional, non-political classifications.

These people probably met up with other human or humanoid type people who lived here already.    (There is an absurd situation that occurred when skeletons were discovered that were very much larger than Asians and which had red hair.  Though they are certainly not Asian-lilke,   the Government allowed the politically-correct Native American Nations to claim the bones as their ancestors and have kept any further examination, if any, very  quiet.     “Red-haired giant Asian?”)

(I’ve been to the Winnemucca, Nevada, museum too, for those of you who know what was stored there for a while.   Winnemucca is one of my favorite “rest stops.”)


But look at the map again.  You’ll see another wave of immigration from Europe.   Now, their route is correct;  they skirted the glaciers from their starting point in northern Spain and northern  France.    Plenty to eat along the way!     Whales, walruses, seals, and good deep-sea fish!

These Europeans settled along the way down the east coast, and finally in Florida.   I’ve been near their area, I’ve been to a museum which preserves some of their bodies and tools and other evidences of their culture.

Windover Site signThey are the Windover people.  I wrote about them here last year  because I was so fascinated with their culture.    They are the only  people known to have buried their dead under water!  It’s an interested story, and I posted several photos of the museum’s exhibits.

Today the site of their settlement looks like a scuzzy little  pond.    With an illustrator’s imagination the pond is given a possible reality —

Windover scuzzy pond

A similar Windover person long dead —

Windover personThe Windover people represent the Caucasoid race of humans.    Oddly,  their artifacts and the material in their settlement sites have been traced back to a couple thousand years before the  Mongoloid  “Native Americans”  are supposed to have arrived.

They too may have had to deal with another “race” of very large human-type beings,  some skulls of which show a double row of teeth.   The Windover people have also carved pictures of mastodons — which lived before the big climate change that melted the glaciers.   Apparently they knew how to deal with all the very large creatures, giant sloths,  giant other animals that I saw in the museum.

Many thousand years later people came from Egypt and Mauritania and dropped off artifacts here and there.  These are northern Africans who we now know were skilled sailors, some of whom may have gotten caught in the Westerlies,  and  ended up in North America.

Illinois cave

So now we have all three of the human races accounted for here in America.   (and maybe some other human types.)  But that third racial group, called the Negroid, arrived in much greater numbers after Europeans began to settle the Americas.

How did this “much greater number” come about?    Now,  Africa was  divided into regions and kingdoms and tribes.  Some tribes dominated others and enslaved the ones they conquered.   The slaves were sold or traded to other African tribes.      Northern African and other people from around the Mediterranean traded with the African slave traders to obtain their supply of slaves.

Slave trade was well-established among the Africans long before the Europeans began exploring the “New World.”

A slave trade was also well-established among the Carib Indians and Central America before the Europeans came.

Long afterwards,   the British colonies and then the United States came into being.    The  slave traders made use of the African tribes who were known to be skillful at raiding villages and capturing the people for their slave trade.

The Church has several saints who were African slaves in South America and North America and who dedicated their lives to alleviate the hardships imposed by the evil slave traders.   Christians had long been at work to eliminate slavery, and finally did so, at least in the Christian West,   in the 19th century.      Abraham Lincoln himself enlisted the aid of the abolitionists to energize his war against the southern states.

So here’s where my interest in the Windover people takes me:      They were here, first in time as far as we now know,  from Europe.   Then the Asians, the ancestors of the “Native Americans”  came to the northwest coast of our country and spread eastward.    The Africans came first as explorers (inadvertent or not, the jury is out on that one, but since they sailed up the Mississippi River,  I tend to think they were explorers and traders too),  and then the Africans were brought here in greater number last of all.

What I learned?  

1.   All three races have had a long-term presence on this continent.

2.   Slavery has existed from time immemorial for many, many thousands of years.  “From time immemorial”  simply means such a long time ago that we don’t know when it started.

3.   Oh, and by the way,   human action didn’t cause the amazing global warming trend that melted the glaciers.

bar simnple graded gray linesThere is an epilogue:

Immediately before and during my own lifetime,  I witnessed a segregation which was slowly dissolving.   In the 1930s through the 1950s “Africans”  (if we must call them that today) were gaining in social and economic status.  they were graduating from colleges and universities as doctors, dentists, lawyers, professors — all the professions, really.   In greater and greater numbers they were joining the middle class.

I grew up next to calm, peaceful “African”  neighborhoods in Chicago which were safe enough for me to roller skate through if I had to.  The front porches were filled with children playing,   Daddies sitting nearby, Mamas ruling over everything.   I didn’t feel I fit in, but that was all right, I had my own neighborhood to go back to.

In the 1950s the Republican party wrote legislation to assure them equal status before the law, legally removing segregation and other restrictions.

The Democrats fought these laws like crazy.    They were deep into racist ideas and groups such as the Ku Klux Klan.   The Democrats finally gave in,  The Republicans won,  the legislation was passed.    (Look it up.)     Southern Democrat governors fought integration —

But sadly the story is taken up by a false narrative now.    The Civil Right Movement began,  unrelated to the Civil Rights Laws and very uncivil,  agitating for power, telling “Africans’  they weren’t able to go to college or hold jobs or live in families,  because . . . because . . .  I don’t know what reasons were given.    Not any true reasons.

And the “Africans” in our country are now victims of a different kind of racism —  “You aren’t able to take care of yourselves so you must rely on the government to support you.”

What on earth is going on in the news media today?   What is going on in the minds of the racist leaders who regularly perform for the news media?

A sad story indeed.