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February 22, 2020

Well,  the bull bucked me off, the bull in the last post  —  I’m bruised and a little hurting,  but I’m catching my breath because I’ve had an overall good day.   Deo gratias!

Bull r thrown

(This is a good day.) 

(Remember,  I’ve said before,  my favorite kind of humor is hyperbole.)

Well, Son had me watching the first Democrat debate —  and now he’s had me watching the second one.   It’s  his interest, not mine –  so I guess his interest is contagious.

We both decided it was humorous and entertaining.

Behind the little podiums:

Here’s the old rich communist socialist “democrat socialist”   –

Bernie Walk

Somebody catch him, please!      He’s trying to get up there!!

I noticed one of his supporters doing it too.   Maybe that walk is contagious too.

Bernie supporter Walk 2

Or maybe it’s the Bernie Walk.


A serious Biden,  searching for his “acruity” –

Biden searching for acruity

Did you hear his interview in which he demonstrated how acute his mind was?  Perhaps not acute enough to catch up to the word “acuity.”


There was a completely artificial candidate,  created to hide from us  his Marxist Professor father, his training in Marxism,  and his “admiration”  for his childhood hero Bernie’s body ever so long ago.

Buttigieg e neuman

Neatly packaged,  but there are some things no one can mention about him in public.


And then there are two women, to prove “diversity”  — really diverse!   Here is a woman who is so aware that she is a woman and that other people are women too and women have been so oppressed, she’s going to make it right for women.

I am Woman;   proud;    smug;   and above all righteous!


I LOVE being a woman!


And the second Woman who says she has GRIT above all odds.

Amy-Elena I speak Spanish sort of

“How!”      I mean  “Hola”      It’s Amy-Elena,  who is accepted, she tells us, by Hispanics because she can speak broken Spanish and was given a Spanish name in elementary school language class.

I do think she had the best line of the evening’s debate, though:    Trying to turn a lemon of a comment about her into lemonade,  she  informed us that she’s proud of her state which invented one of our modern conveniences:

Amy Post-it

Ah, yes;   something she can be proud of.   “Post it, Amy,  post it!”

Son was right;  we ought to watch these debates.   Thanks for an entertaining night!



I need an update, sorry, I forgot a “little” thing”   —  one more candidate behind his little podium –  ( and I’m not the one who cropped this;   I found it this way.)

Mini Mike and Trump

President.   President not.





January 13, 2020

Ms. Rep. Pelosi has been conducting . .  .  something.    It’s been an entertaining couple of years….

At least she has a plan now, to bring it all to a close:


Wave Hands Around


So, this is the week that she “might be ready” to hand the impeachment papers over to the Senate,  where they will act like the Senate and not act like the House of Representatives.   And that will make  Ms. Rep.  Pelosi angry,   but at least maybe the first movement of this never-ending symphony will be over.


January 9, 2020

Thought I’d do two humor posts in one day:

o humorless

It’s true the Left has control over our media, our movies, our comedy shows, and all our entertainment,  but their “humor”  is definitely of another stripe.    There is NO moral  equivalence here;  there is no “the other side does it too….”:

oPELOSI skewers trump

(Seen in a triumphant Leftist newspaper)

This  was a comment on the “impeachment” proceedings.


There was a Giggle Moment at a press conference today.    The oh-so serious Leftist lawmakers were talking about causalities this week in Iraq and Iran.     But the two young beauties in the background could not restrain their giggles over some shared joke.


When confronted later on with the inappropriate giggles,  Rep. Omar explained that she was suffering from PTSD.     Also not too funny.


Here is a statement recently made by someone famous among the Leftists:

o Tom wishes

“Just Joking,”  right?  “I don’t think he’ll even hire a hit man to do it….”   Really?


How about a Left-Wing comedienne:

o just a joke

No visit by the Secret Service.  It was “just a joke, again”  right?

I had forgotten her name until I saw this and realized our enemies are watching:

o death


I think this was meant to be funny –  again, I forgot this guy’s name –

o Media one of the dems

Truly,  he’s having “fun.”

(Trump disrespected women too?    Right?    But, remember,   he was a Democrat way back then, and it was before he was married to Melania,  a Catholic.  No moral equivalence.)


Is this supposed to be a joke?  In today’s news:   Bernie Sanders just got the endorsement of a new voter:

o endorsezs bernie

Can  this  be a joke?

TIED Most Admired

The headlines say these two are tied for the “most admired” in America.  Oh –  I guess it’s the poll that’s the joke.


More anti-West humor:    I hope everyone finds this guy’s humor un-funny.

Fadi Zraika laughs

Faid  Zreika

This is Faid Zraika,  a M  o  s  l  e  m,   just after he was arraigned in Australia for starting one of the deadly brush fires.   Released from jail until a “trial.  Apparently he  has many compatriots doing the same thing down there.    Over a hundred arrested –  that’s no laughing matter.

Ever hear of the For es t Ji- h- ad?   That is a deliberate policy to start forest fires in Europe, Australia – and the United States.   It’s been quite effective – and costly.

well,  Faid  finds something funny.

Remember,  there are those in our country who hate America.  They are hoping for a Civil War . . .

Civil War FLAMES news

Civil Wars are definitely not funny.     But they can happen.




January 9, 2020

News from Iran and Iraq this week is no laughing matter,  but humor sometimes makes a point.


Depending on your point of view, that will either evoke a little smile — or it will provoke exaggerated righteous indignation.

What were they doing?

Here’s another humorous observation:  Ever notice that whenever President Trump says something or does something new, anything really,  then the anti-Trumpers disappear for a few hours or for the rest of the day?

What were they doing?    They were having small-group meetings to decide:  “How can we make Trump look really bad about this?”

Then after they reach a consensus,  they come out in front of microphones and put the worst possible spin on the new events, often using the same vocabulary, the same words and phrases.   Doesn’t matter if they are factually untrue;  it’s just important to get the anti-Trump chorus out there in front of the public — or whoever still watches the entertainment-news media.

It’s almost funny.

“How can we put him in the worst light?”         Ha ha ha ha     At least they stopped using the orange spotlight on his hair and face!    Also funny.

President Trump has  a Scottish heritage.   Many Scots have that reddish gold/butterscotch color hair.    But now enhanced by our anti-Trump media with orange coloring, either by adding color afterwards or by overhead lighting.

Any of you remember the time they showed him sitting at a dinner party and the lady next to him was also partially smeared with an orange color?  Half of her hair and her arm were . . .  orange!!


Headlines:     “TV editor Sacked for Making Trump Appear More Orange and Making His Tongue Loll Out during Speech.”


Maybe that passes for “entertainment”  on the entertainment news media.

Although that was reported by a British newspaper — and the British are usually taught to hate President Trump.

Who’s telling you what to think?


December 11, 2019

I had a lot of fun writing that last post,  Where Fake News Begins,  but I hope I had made it clear that I think it begins with a very poor educational foundation, which actually puts our Republic at risk.

Here’s some more “fun”  with a remedy at the end.



In the middle of the night, last night, as I was drowsing my way into a good night’s sleep,  suddenly my eyes popped wide open.   I had just heard on the radio someone who just said in an interview that:    “19% of us Americans couldn’t find the United States on a map!”

Really?   What ages were surveyed?  How many people?   So few details followed that statistic!

Instantly my blogging  mind formed a new posting  about how poor our schools are.  I know in the Twentieth Century our Rulers removed from our schools the study of  history,  cultural geography,  physical geography,  civics and government,  a study of economics —  and replaced them all with the vaguely titled “social studies”  with a whole different aim altogether,  but not one of imparting knowledge  (facts and understanding).


MAP world

Just where is the United States?     Don’t be smug!!   Where is Iraq?   Where is Israel?   Where is Bolivia?   If there’s a Tasmanian Devil,  where is Tasmania?

When our children were very,  very young,  we moved a globe into the television room so  they could find whatever country was being talked about on the  news, in a movie — or even by the weatherman.     They’re both quite good about geography now and they enjoy travel.

The man I heard on the radio  last night isn’t the only one who has stated various percentages  on  this issue.   Here’s an official question asked of a beauty pageant contestant:

The question: “Recent polls have shown, a fifth of Americans can’t locate the U.S. on a world map. Why do you think this is?”

And the now famous answer:

I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so
because uh some uh people out there in our nation don’t *have* maps
and uh I believe that our ed- education like such as in South Africa
and uh the- the Iraq everywhere like such as and I believe that they should uh
our education over here in the U.S. should help the U.S. or- or- should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries so we will be able to build up our future  ((for our children))

It’s fun to reread that answer!   (It’s on YouTube too.)

Well, she was from South Carolina; yes, the same state that gives us the Senator that feared that Guam might tip over if we added any more soldiers to our military base there.   (That was Senator (!)  Elijah Cummings).

So,  that was a funny answer  and an alarming statistic,  but where did that number in the question come from?

According to an official survey by the National Geographic Society,   6% of people asked could not find America on a world map.   Higher percentages of people could not find countries that were in the current news cycle,  but 6%   (or close, 5%)    is a long way from the 20%  that is often repeated.

One person on a site called The Language Log said that perhaps the pageant organizers just “misremembered”  the number that was incorporated in that question.     But then, it said,  more likely the oft-repeated erroneous number may actually reveal  our general inability to use numbers accurately that does this.  Innumeracy.   Like illiteracy with numbers.  Inept with numbers.

5%  sounds like “one out of five”  if you’re not too sure of fractions.    Or 5% could be turned into “one out of twenty”  —   which could then be remembered as  20% and then  back to “one out of five.”

Whatever happened here, as I did a little research, the percentages given for Americans who couldn’t find America on a map is “all over the map, pardon the pun.

I think there’s a lesson for us here  and some questions that could be asked.   I mean,  I know we have a mendacious media, so if you get most of your news from the television or Facebook or  Yahoo,  all of the entertainment-news sources,  and if you believe what they say,  then you deserve to be dumbed down and act just . . .  dumb.

But illiteracy,  innumeracy,  made-up statistics and information can be found everywhere in our public discourse.

Let’s restore intelligent public discourse!  Do the research yourself!

We can all be smarter than we are right now!














November 29, 2019

“Stupid is as stupid does.”

Forrest Gump may have been the star of a funny movie,  but he was no dummy!   One of his most famous statements is  “Stupid is as stupid does.”    I can’t find fault with that truism!!


5 ha ha colors

Over and over again the Leftist,  True Believers, demonstrate their inability to think rationally – and they don’t even know it!    They themselves are a comedy!


Here’s one of their  “true beliefs”:     The Pilgrims didn’t come here to America because they were being persecuted for their religious beliefs:  They were the persecutors!   Of the native Indians,  the land and its resources . . .  whatever.

Teach the children!   “Pilgrims are the colonizing persecutors!”

Stupid is as stupid does.


Another:    Holiday meals, like Thanksgiving dinners,  leave an unacceptably huge “carbon footprint”  which will destroy the planet in … oh, about ten or twelve  years.

Teach the  children!        Eating is a political act.  Meat is bad for you.   No more guilt-free meals!

Stupid is as stupid does. 


Another:  There is no God to give thanks to.   We and all we enjoy are just a matter of random material evolution.

Teach the children!   There is no objective reality;  there is no meaning to life;  we might just as well be dead, not alive.  No One cares.

Stupid is as stupid does.


Another:  Sex is just a social construct.      “Gender”  (and they’re misusing a grammatical term here)  is “fluid.”
Teach the children!    You can be whatever sex you want to be – at the moment.   Too bad if you change your mind after you get a chemical or physical castration or you get your young breasts cut off  —  no one to help you there.  

Stupid is as stupid does.


Another:    If you love your country,  you are a racist (or supremacist or imperialist of a xenophobe).

Teach the children!    If you are patriotic,  you are no better than a National Socialist  (pronounced Nah —  tsi.)

Stupid is as stupid does.


One more:    If you are President Trump,  everything you are and everything you do is wrong (evil)!

Teach the children!   Trump must go.   By any means necessary!   He is so bad that he spent his thanksgiving indulging himself in his luxurious home, playing golf all day.   You can tell that is true,  because Newsweek magazine published that story!    

Stupid is as stupid does –  and that includes the entertainment-news media.

So where was Pres. Trump really?

trump thx

He spent his Thanksgiving in Afghanistan with the troops.  As Commander  in  Chief,  he went there to show our support and to encourage them and bring them hope.    He also opened up negotiations with the Taliban for the possibility that they may reach an agreement that would make it unnecessary for our soldiers to keep on risking their lives in that part of the world.

Might not work.    Should he not try?

He is not only Commander-in-Chief and a diplomat,  but also a statesman.


Trump 2

(Trump  “not in”  Afghanistan on Thanksgiving)

5 ha ha colors



Here’s the caveat the Leftists require that we say:    “Of course we don’t agree with everything he says or does or the manner in which he says things . . . .”



November 11, 2019

Yeah, we  had some snow today:

Snow little space between 380

That’s the railing of my back deck today.   It’s fun; it’s beautiful;  and it was serious for some.  Three people died in our local area, and many hundreds lost their “fenders”  today.    I can’t yet shovel snow so I was snowbound, but that’s okay.   Probably can’t drag my big garbage dumpster through the snow tomorrow out to the end of my driveway, so I’ll miss garbage pickup.   But that’s okay too.   The temperatures will be so far below freezing this week that nothing’s going to start smelling anytime soon.

I see the young newsreaders on TV  are excited about  “HUNDREDS OF COLD RECORDS HAVE FALLEN!!!!”

Mmm-hmmmm . . .   Global warming for sure – which brings about  climate “extremes.”    We’ve got to DO something – fast!        How about a petition?    “Scientific Democracy!”  We saw this on the news this past weekend:

Petitiob bits


Uh . . .  except they didn’t.  11,000 scientists  didn’t sign a petition warning us of “untold suffering…”   I mean,  you could have signed it!!!

Here’s a petition:


You just go to the website and fill in the blanks with your name and position:

prof mickey mouse

Professor Mickey Mouse did it.   (3rd name down)   And so did many college students and assorted other non-scientists.

What are the real scientists discovering?

Arctic Overestimate


That they have reported more global warming that there actually is.    And that they have also over-reported the loss of glaciers and arctic ice  —

Greenland ICE growing


“. . . Gaining Ice . . .”

So,  the global-socialists have convinced many people   (or at least the people who read the scripts on the entertainment-news media are convinced)  that “humans cause global warming.”   Have they ever explained how we cause global  cooling?    How are we getting the planet to cool?

Because that’s the way this planet is trending.  We are entering a probably long period of cooler temperatures — and it’s not under our control.  It’s controlled by the output of the sun.    Observations show:  “The sun is about to enter a prolonged cooling period.”


Solar Cycle #25  is going to be even less.    We are entering it now.

All those high school and college age kids out there  obediently protesting Climate Change?  We ought to be collecting scarves and mittens for them.


November 5, 2019

“They”  want to give us “smart” everything,  so how about we give them Smart Deniers!


Truly  I’m getting a little bored with the continuing climate change hoaxing . . .  mostly because there is NO science behind it, but we all are supposed to act as though many scientists acting as “scientists”  believe mankind is responsible for climate change.

Now, I  love science.   All kinds of science, which is why I’m not an expert on any one topic —  I’m interested in it all.  Here’s a great photobomb of the Crab Nebula:

Photobombing the Crab

It’s gorgeous if you use just an infrared camera or an ultraviolet camera or many of the other light spectrums we can use,  but this photo is a composite of many of them.   Try looking at the Astronomy Picture of the Day on many websites . . . .

It’s not hard to find true science out there, but every once in a while it becomes evident that the general public really hasn’t taken the time to learn very much of it.

Cimate hoaxing

Kind of funny.   And kind of not.   It’s not funny when international policy is imposed upon the world,  counting on the general ignorance of all things scientific.

But, hey,  if water can be “dangerous,”  maybe carbon dioxide can be too!

I wonder how many people realize that carbon dioxide is plant food?     If carbon dioxide has been declared a “pollutant”  and certain of our Rulers have declared that the goal is to eliminate carbon dioxide from the atmosphere,  I wonder what they think the plants are going to do?  Certainly not grow food for us!

(If we want to eat in the future,  maybe we should all try breathing harder and exhaling more!)

Scientific observations just don’t support the claims of the man-made climate change true believers.

DETH from climate


Oh, phooey — it’s her again:

So, fake science is boring…..    I don’t want to keep writing about it.   Just keep aware of new economy-stifling legislation and restrictions on our personal freedoms.    And just let’s keep pushing back, wherever we can.

Rolling our eyes and snickering is a good start.

5 ha ha colors






November 4, 2019

Since I mentioned climate change in the last post,  now’s a good time to use up some  climate related photos I’ve been saving, so :  Science Through Pictures!


  BAD NEWS for Greta and all the climate change activists:

Excursion Magnetic Names

That  “Y”  stands for “Years Ago.”     This chart names the past magnetic excursions and  polar flips  which brought about total destruction on the earth, including drastic climate change.

(Notice the intervals, and notice where we are in this year, 2019.   The north and south pole are already moving rapidly,  developing a place for their new locations.    The protective magnetic field around the earth will disappear briefly as this happens  — for 3 days?   as in The Three Days of Darkness predicted by many saints?)  


What happened approximately 12,000 years ago?   Some of you may instantly recognize that that is when many of the large animals (saber toothed tiger,  giant sloth, giant cave bears, giants of all kinds)  went extinct and the climate changed first to a severe mini ice age bump of about a thousand years, and then a sudden melting of the ice which flooded vast areas of the planet, scrubbing everything off the surface.

And then a period of warming  began,  allowing us to start over again,  rediscovering technology and sciences, and allowing our recent human history to flourish for the past eight thousand years.      And then the planetary disaster will recur.

All this change is triggered by our sun.   The sun controls climate change.   The sun controls climate change.  The sun controls climate change.

We don’t.

Here are gigantic forces coming from the sun that is  hitting our upper atmosphere, warping it downwards towards the surface.  It’s a screenshot of a video showing the solar forcing rippling through space and slamming into the earth.



So . . .  turn off your car engines,   everyone.   Maybe we can stop the effect of the sun on us!

The sun controls climate change.   The fewer sunspots, for instance, the colder the planet becomes:


Doesn’t look good for us in our very near future.

Think Greta and her friends will be able to get the sun to stop doing that?



Greta et al. say they are worried about all the pollution in the air, forgetting that volcanoes send more “pollutants”  into the atmosphere in one big eruption than all the “man-made” pollution sent into the air since the Industrial Revolution.


This is an intriguing view of a recent volcano from a satellite.    That’s not smoke poking through the cloud cover!   That’s all kinds of gases and particulates that spread out over the planet and create beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Too much of that will fill the atmosphere with “earth-warming”  pollution for sure!   How would you like this in your back yard?

Volcano in backyard

You would’ve had it if you lived in Mexico recently.   That beautiful fire and smoke is doing a much better job of polluting our planet than we humans can ever do.



Greenland Ice Core

Just read the right half of the graph.  Notice the right half  begins at the “Gothenburg”   magnetic  excursion event,   approximately 12,000 years ago, at the Younger Dryas event which began to take us out of the last ice age period.    But then look at the squiggles on the chart:   a little ice age, nearly at the end of the graph,  followed by our present years —  labeled, ironically,  “Present Global Warming.”



If you “deny” what the Climate Activists are trying to convince us of,  you are not alone, and more and more scientists and other officials are seeing the hoaxing aspect of climate change.

Finlad Climate

That’s one of many articles quoting people from many countries who find good reason to oppose the climate change activists.      Many are noticing that the earth is NOT warming at all.

Greenland in French


July NOT


Articles like this are easy to find   (but maybe not on a Google or Facebook search engine.)    But if you say too much, you will get into trouble:


CLim Ch attacked



Roll your eyes and giggle.  That’s the best response to sincere and sincerely deluded man-made climate change believers.

On the other hand,  if you’re a good christian gentleman,  you’ve got to agree with this poster.

Against Climate Change


Genesis 1:26 –  And He said: Let us make man to our image and likeness: and let him have dominion over the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the air, and the beasts, and the whole earth, and every creeping creature that moveth upon the earth.

Genesis 2:15 –  And the Lord God took man, and put him into the paradise of pleasure, to dress it, and to keep it.

There is still a lot we can do to take charge and “make this earth  GREAT again.”    Keep the earth clean.  Work to make it productive and safe for humans and animals.    Enhance the beauty of the earth.   Plant lots of flowers in your own garden!

And for goodness sakes, California,  cut and haul away all that dead underbrush!!!!!  




November 4, 2019

Poor Greta has a big transportation problem.

Greta squelch critics


(1)    I heard, randomly  on the news this weekend, that Angela Merkel,  who is leading Germany into the New World Order,  has decreed that within ten years she wants there to be one million charging stations for electric cars in Germany.  *

Hmmmm.      You plug your car into a charging station and electricity comes through the cord and into your car.

(2)     Greta Thunberg  (and the eco-fascists that are using her)    is demanding that the world stop using “fossil”  fuels to create that  electricity.

Ms. Merkel,   meet  Greta.  Perhaps the two of you could discuss the fact that there is no viable and economically sustainable way to produce electricity.    Wind “power”  and solar   “power”  and green algae “power”   need massive funds from their governments (tax-payers)  in order to make their corporations even survive . . .  because the technology is not there but the dream  will come true “some day.”

These alternative sources of electricity also pollute,  kill birds,  endanger human health with either strong  low-frequency hums or by creating an intolerable amount of heavy metal waste, that will be in our environment for a very long time.

I’d like to overhear that conversation!     “We must stop polluting …..”     “Oh.”

Speaking of poor Greta Thunberg  (I don’t mean poor in money – her parents are quite wealthy eco-whatever climate change promoters) — but poor Greta has an insolvable  transportation problem:

See, she’s been traveling around this part of the world, being celebrated and giving ecological promotion speeches,   but next she really, really wants to attend the UN conference on climate change in Madrid, Spain — across the ocean!

In an  article called   “Can You Help?”   Breitbart News explains:

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is looking to the world for suggestions as to how she can re-cross the Atlantic after next month’s U.N. climate summit in Chile was unexpectedly scrapped.

Ooops, sorry for the big letters.

Here are her actual Tweets:

As COP25 has officially been moved from Santiago to Madrid I’ll need some help.
It turns out I’ve traveled half around the world, the wrong way:)
Now I need to find a way to cross the Atlantic in November… If anyone could help me find transport I would be so grateful.

Any ideas?

And, speaking of Tweets,  while she likes to Tweet,  she will brook no opposing Tweets.  In another recent news article about her she is considering leaving the Twitter World and Facebook altogether – because they’re not fair to her in allowing criticism of her position on “climate change.”

Again, her words, in a bit of a scolding tone:

The celebrated Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has threatened to quit Facebook if the social media platform refuses to silence her critics.

“I am, like many others, questioning whether I should keep using Facebook or not,” Thunberg wrote in a Facebook post last week. “Allowing hate speech,** the lack of fact-checking and, of course, the issues of interfering with democracy… are among many, many other things that are very upsetting.”

“The constant lies and conspiracy theories about me and countless others, of course, result in hate, death threats and ultimately violence. This could easily be stopped if Facebook wanted to. I find the lack of taking responsibility very disturbing,” she added.

The public has taken to mocking her and impersonating her on Twitter.     And, she says,  Twitter is not protecting her identity.

Sighhhhh….. it’s a busy world out there.   Gotta keep on your toes.



.*  Reported by ABC News,  Bloomberg, and Reuters (UK) —  far leftist media sources.

.**    “Hate Speech”  is any speech  you hate.      (And there oughta be a law against it!)









October 22, 2019

v something


If you know anything about real Vikings,  you’d discover that they are not the marauding oversexed berserkers that television and movies usually portray.

Their culture survived for many centuries, at least four times longer than the U.S. has been in existence!    We have fine examples of their clothing, housing,  literature, even goldsmithing skills:

v sword handle

I’d wear this Viking bracelet!

v id waer it


And how would you like to fasten your plaidie with this beautiful broche!!

v broche

The Vikings even had a kind of proto-democratic organization within their clans.   It was called The Thing . . . all could vote, all had a say in matters of common importance.

V thing

Men, of course, are the interface between family and the outside world, in matters of politics and war.   (Vikings had great love and loyalty to their families, their wives, and to their children.  Do you think they would disregard them during political wrangling and voting and trample all over their wives’ best interests?   No.    Just . . . no.)

Viking men –  men in general, are straightforward, black and white,  right and wrong, let’s-get-the-job-done kind of people.

I like to tell the story of the time my husband and I were sleeping in bed when suddenly I woke up because I heard the sliding glass door of our walk-out basement  slide open.  My husband sleeps the sleep of a self-confident man.   What did I do?  I listened.  I listened more.   I assessed the noises I was hearing…..  Someone  was definitely down   there!

I woke up my husband and apprised him of the situation.   What did he do?  He sat up;  he flew out of bed;  he grabbed a baseball bat from the closet; he sprang forward towards the basement.   

I’m thinking, “Are you nuts?”   “Are you nuts – there’s  a bad guy down there!  You’re only one man!!” 

Well, there wasn’t.    He inspected the whole basement, and its door . . .    I was tiptoeing right behind him.     I guess he was right.  No one there.   And he was kind enough not to ask me if I were nuts!

I got a firsthand view of a man in action (sure, he’s probably a Viking descendant,  but I think this is generally a reaction of men in general)   —

Now,  except for this:

CRYING climate disrupter

That’s a still shot from an Australian video of a grown man who says he’s the father of two (holding their photo in his hands.)  He’s NOT laughing.    He’s sobbing, out loud.   He’s sobbing like my daughter sobbed when she was a little girl – same noises.  He is overcome with the sadness of what his children will face in just a few years:  a ruined world, a dead planet,  oceans overcoming the land;  scorching deserts all over . . . .

The interviewer had to ask him questions while he cried and writhed on the ground.

He is a part of a worldwide movement called the Extinction Rebellion.    Those poor humans don’t want to go extinct and they want everyone to know it.   Those  poor humans disrupt traffic, prevent taxis, truckers, firemen and ambulance from doing their jobs for us.  Those poor humans strap themselves to the tops of airplanes  (as in London recently)  so that  airplanes won’t fly anymore.

I don’t know.  I think they don’t eat meat, which is probably why they cry and sob like children.

The poor man.  The poor, poor man.

Such men may be laughable, pitiable,  gullible, naive, (silly,  dumb) . . .  but those who are promoting them and using them are deadly serious and dangerous — and quite wealthy.

This is not a non sequitur:      You must learn everything about the French Revolution — all the details and developments, because behind the rhetoric and the antics is the spirit of Revolution which seeks to overthrow  elected governments around the world.

And that spirit  (of Revolution)  is rising strongly all over.

I would ask my fellow citizens:  How far is America from 1793?

If there are no Vikings left. . . .


October 9, 2019


One time I had a vision of a banana dipped in a creamy white sauce, lying on a bumpy green plate.

I conjured that vision because  I had a short grocery list to remember, and no handy paper and pencil or voice recorder.     My grocery list consisted of bananas,   that good white queso sauce that you put on corn chips,  broccoli (bumpy green stuff),  and some lettuce (the green plate).  At the grocery store I had no trouble remembering my mental list.

And all because of a rather helpful book.




“CHAPTER 7:  The End of Remembering:     Once upon a time there was nothing to do with thoughts except remember them.  There was no alphabet . . .  no paper to set them down upon.    Anything that had to be preserve3d had to be preserved in  memory.  Any story to be retold, and idea to be transmitted, any piece of information to be conveyed first had to be remembered . . . .”

So begins a very good chapter in this book I’m reading:  Moonwalking With Einstein,  a book which is not about Einstein and not at all about moonwalking.   It’s a book about human memory,  its uses, historically speaking;  and its falling out-of-use in recent times  (oh,  several centuries ago).

alarm clock Actually, our memory began failing with the invention of writing and more profoundly with our reliance upon books.   That alone should earn this post a small alarm,  very small because losing our ability to memorize ordinary things will have long-term consequences for humanity,  but as all long-term considerations,  this is easily put off as non-important to the present day.

“One more Mountain Dew” — and see?  Nothing happens.  One more cigarette — and see?  Nothing happened.  One more speedy trip to downtown — nothing happened,  no speeding ticket, no accident.    One more good intention put off — nothing perceptible happens.

But deep down we know something is happening, even though we are not compelled to take care of it right away.   It’s this “something”  that is happening to our minds something that we should want to examine.    After all, if we don’t know things,  anyone can tell us anything about everything.


Is it okay to have poorer memories than our predecessors did?

At the very least it’s annoying at times!

My ongoing pain built up a little this morning, so I took some anti-pain stuff and laid back down in my reading chair for a while, reading more into this book.   Then I had one of those many random  intrusive thoughts you get while reading.  This time it was “I keep hearing about manuka honey;  maybe I ought to get some and try out its healing properties.”   Amazon is only one room and a couple short clicks away, by computer.

But I’m supposed to be resting, and it still hurts.

But I’ll forget.

question marks

So I used one of the techniques in this book,   remembering a list of what to do using visual images:  I created a question mark in my mind.  Does Amazon even sell manuka honey?     How do you spell it, by the way?   Is it expensive?    How long before my body will let me get up and move around?

So I created a visual chain of question marks,  connected together, from me to the computer.    The chain was dripping with thick golden honey.

What kind of honey?  Would I forget that?    So I created a visual image of my college housemate from Hawaii who had come to us in the Far Far North, and not yet realizing our cultural differences.  Her speech was a blend of English and Hawaiian words and Hawaiian expectations.  (Snow was NOT what she expected it to be!)

hawaiian puka scene


One morning as we were all getting ready to go out to our various duties,  she came running down the  hallway, yelling in distress:  “I found a puka!  I found a puka!  Someone help!”

We didn’t know whether to run to her aid or run out of the house in fright.  What is a puka?!

Well, a puka is a hole, like seeing that Hawaiian scene through a puka in the rock.  She had found a hole in her skirt, right where it showed,  and it  caused her appropriate distress.       Some places you just don’t want a puka.    Some are okay.


haw sells black


Manuka – puka.    See the connection?  For good measure,  I threw in a neatly folded pretty blue muu muu on my computer chair so I would remember to look for this Hawaiian honey.

For the next hour I could hardly wait to get up out of my chair and look for this honey!

Honey is not important to you today.  Buying something on Amazon is probably not important.  Me?   Not really . . .   But I hope I’ve illustrated for you one of the most fun and efficacious ways of remembering things.

Associate each word you want to remember with some visual image.  It’s the way our mind works.    The more visual images and other cues you can attach to something,  the more “hooks” your mind can grasp onto to retrieve that memory.

It’s that easy.   At least  one aspect of memory is that easy.


(There are more.  I’ll have to reread parts of this book and take notes.)



haw puka hike

Hawaiian hiking spot to find that scene in a puka.






September 19, 2019



Marie reversed

Marie Light




July 30, 2019

There’s not a more lovely melody than that of Debussey’s  Prélude à l’aprèsmidi d’un faune. . . .     faune being fawn in English.   Those haunting strains will be with me for a while, just because I’ve thought of it now.   I’m fortunate to have played flute and had the experience of playing this musical piece . . . .  (high school level ! )

You can hear a two-minute selection of it HERE …

Oh,  or just here, if you have a moment.    2 minutes. Just long enough to remind you of the melody.


I played flute.  Son played the french horn that you see — but unfortunately never  at the same time.



So . . .    fauna, again.   Animals.   I remember writing that last post and feeling almost overwhelmed at the number of critters that live in this world.   When you stop to think of it,  the animal world outnumbers us by far.   They’re all over the place!

I am routinely wakened by a family of raccoons who visit my back deck in the middle of the night — turning on the motion sensor light as they munch on my bird feeders … and the bird food inside.   Even when I remember to bring the bird feeders into the garage,  they still come looking.

Deer in gardfen

The deer regularly visit and relieve me of my roses too.   Every few days the blossoms “come back”  and every few days the roses are “harvested” again.

But Mama brought her babies a few weeks ago.  That was so cute:

deer mom and son 380


It’s fun to see them, especially when the fawns are frisky.   I don’t know if there is a Mama with twins  and a Mama with one fawn;  or maybe . . .   one Mama and something happened to the other twin.

But I worry about the little thing when he gets too curious:

Deer at ponds edge 380

That   baby   deer  spent  a good five minutes testing his ability to get down close to the water.   Mama was watching carefully nearby.  So was I.     In the end,  Mama snorted or hissed or something,  and the fawn backed up into the grass and off they went, down into the creek and out up the backside of the creek and into the woods .

(There was water there!   A lot safer to explore than in my deep pond!)

I wrote about gators last time too.     Our local news has reported at least three very recent stories of alligators being found our here in our wilderness – way too close by!  Pet alligators let go in the wild when they got too big.     Hope the deer know how to avoid the reptiles.


Rodents?    At least four  media videos and news articles have reported the rodent problem in Baltimore.   Even the former mayor of the city,  Kathleen something.    She took a tour of her own city and delivered  an  expletive filled narrative of what she saw including all the rats and the smell of dead animals on Baltimore’s city streets.

A famous racist minister also described the rats in the city,  all the depressing filth,   and described Baltimore as having Third World conditions.    “Reverend”  Sharpton, was it?

But when President Trump concurred,  agreed,  and commented on the rats in the city,  of course you know what he was accused of, producing another Twitter storm and the ingredients for another “entertainment-news media” week-long show.

And then — then —  a young anti-Trump media personality took a camera crew and went to Baltimore to report for herself and prove that,  yes, Baltimore has “problems,” but it’s not as bad as Trump says.

But her camera crew told the story while she was talking:


For the minute or so that the camera was rolling,  along came the star of this show, running across the scene.   Yick.

Has this been shown a lot on the national entertainment-news media?    “Nope.  No rats here.”     Hah!



I need to report what’s going on “in the Amazon,”  but I’ll do that in the next post, I think.  It has something to do with animals too;  all the fauna,  all the critters that the certain Amazon tribe chosen to be the exemplary of the whole Global Society via the mind of the  uber-socialist pope of the new-version of the Catholic church.

amazon men

This poor Amazon tribe (“who has so much to teach us”) live with an amazing array of poisonous spiders, snakes, disease carrying insects, mosquitoes, rabid bats, and dangerous wild animals.   Although this tribal area has the  second highest homicide rate in the world (!),  the survivors suffer from disease, parasites, and poor nutrition in addition to the violence that kills fifty percent of their young men.

But right now  I’m just focusing on the bugs. The insects.  The poisonous spiders.  The snakes.   Leeches and maggots.    Jaguars.   Wild boar.    Troops of dangerous monkeys who can snatch small children.  


My deer bring ticks with dangerous diseases.    The raccoons chew on things important to the house.   Even the chipmunks chew up air conditioning wires and cords.     Birds leave droppings on my tomato plants.   There are bats around her found with rabies.

Garden of Eden we are not.  Anymore.

Oh- yick yick yick…..   I’m done writing about animals for a while.

bear scary





Fauna & FAUNA

July 25, 2019

I don’t mean to write only once a week.  Sorry for my absence.   Bad week for my “body.”   (Prayers requested.)


I’ll never forget that sense of astonishment the first time I drove into Florida many years ago.    I looked into the ditch alongside the Interstate – and there was an alligator.  A wild alligator!    My first thought:    “They let their alligators run wild down here!”

Hah!        (Hah! on me.)

bumblebee    Here in the Far North I’m surrounded by a variety of birds, squirrels, an occasional gopher or chipmunk, bumblebees —  (Oh, yes,  our bumblebees are very large and are full of personality.   They’re curious, rather friendly,  and quite territorial, although they usually give us a gentle “shoulder bump”  when we get too close to where they don’t want us to be)  —    Fifty feet further from my house I have deer, lovely little fawns, fox and  coyotes.     Today I had a small brown critter visit my back deck.  I have no name for it.  It was about 18 inches long,  fat, had a long fluffy tail,  no ears I think,  and it shuffled off when I came close to the door where it could see me.

So if you focus just on all the creatures around here,  I guess my immediate living space is alive with living things.

But . . .  alligators?    I eat gator meat.  Long after they’re dead and harmless.    I can make a really good etouffee with gator meat.

But they shouldn’t come visiting to your house, as this Florida family recently experienced:

GATOR Coming

Somewhere else in Florida,  these homeowners had a visitor for dinner:

Gator in house


Well, up here, deer can cause damage and smash through large plate glass windows, but the bad news about gator damage —


—   is that insurance won’t cover gator damage in all instances!

In other geographies,  recently,  a pack of pit bulls killed a flock of sheep.   A flock of birds attacked a group of people.   Monkeys killed a couple people in a village in Southeast Asia.  And Bengal tigers are still a  menace in India.

I’m a city girl at heart.  It may look like my back yard is a wilderness . . .

DECK mid May left 380

. . .  but it isn’t.

All the beauty,  none of the danger.

Deo gratias!



Oh, here’s a picture of my etouffe, with a link (here) to how I made it:







May 29, 2019

3/3 –  “Lemonade Happens”


Okay,  I can’t stay ranty for long.   I was “real mad”  when this first happened – right before all my out-of-state Memorial Day weekend company (which, by the way, are all still here).

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”    I don’t like that little saying.  It’s too . . .  too . ..    too Pollyanna.    Most often, in real life,  you just have to deal with the lemons.

But once in a while —  lemonade happens.

Last Friday was the day I should have been all ready for my California family to visit for the holiday weekend.   Laundry done, house cleaned, shopping,  baking, cooking, activities planned —

—  AND my new refrigerator had arrived and my old one was now clean and emptied, ready for pick up from the utility company,  which would give me a nice $50 check,   I guess for “upgrading” to a more modern refrigerator.



Company coming and TWO refrigerators in the kitchen.   Everything else pushed over, displaced, or covered up.  But it was going to be okay because the utility company was going to come and take one away.

A “four-hour window”  for their arrival, during which time I couldn’t do any last-minute shopping;  just hang around the house.    Waiting.

And they never showed up.   No phone call.  Nothing.   They had called two days before to ask for my confirmation.    I confirmed.  Twice.   No idea why they didn’t come,  but with all the busyness and tension — happy tension, getting ready for company —  frustration turned to anger.

I called fifteen minutes before the end of the business day when I was pretty sure they weren’t coming.  As withi all corporations,  I endured multiple transfers to various departments,  but I finally got a nice Customer Service lady who said she would look into it right away and come back with an answer — maybe they were still on their way.   She put me on hold (yet again)  and I waited.  She came back to ask some questions, put me on hold again.

And then a corporate type recording came on the line announcing that business hours were over, please call again on Monday.   Which of course the Robot Recording didn’t know that Monday would be Memorial Day.

So the Customer Service lady and I were cut off while we were communicating.

That’s the LEMONS!     And I let them have it via email,  text messaging, and the complaint form on the Website.

Then,  free to go out shopping for company, I came home with a load of groceries and found my new refrigerator was overfilled . . .

. . . . and overflowed into my old refrigerator.

That’s the LEMONADE.  I can’t tell you how many times we were all grateful for plenty of refrigerator space!      We’d bring home leftovers from restaurants and  have plenty of room to store them!     Lots of bulky fruits and vegetables.  Lots of things to drink!  No spills, knocking things over,  stuffing the shelves.

So the joke’s on me.  I laughed at my previous anger;  I laughed at myself,  many times!  We’ve had a great fun visit, everyone enjoying the novelty of using two refrigerators.

fridge double

Moral of the story:   Things are often better than  what they seem.    I can handle this.   No need for such momentary frustration.

Glad to have two refrigerators!!!

(But I’m not going to tell the utility company that!)



May 23, 2019

Well,  it concerns everyone, really,  but this posting is also for one certain  person for whom I promised some photos.

Now, the photos concern a purchase our small congregation is making.  We’ve bought a church building!      But here is a way that this posting concerns everyone:

Purchasing a church building is made possible in America by the First Amendment, where we are guaranteed the free expression and exercise of our religion.      You are.  I am.   We are.  No one can make us stop believing and acting according to our religious beliefs — or choosing  to not have religious beliefs at all.  That’s okay in America too, although it ultimately doesn’t lead to happiness.

What was that survey that the New York Times just published?    That more than 70% of the happiest women in America are married with religion important to their marriage.  And you’re free to be happy that way in America.


So,  here’s where we start:

ch 1 pkg lot


The parking lot.  Probably adequate,  but all grass.  How does that work for snowplowing during our “six months” of snow here in the Far North?


ch 2 pkg lot 2


We heard there was a worrisome house next door, a group home of some sort,  but there is actually a barrier of trees growing tightly together.   I think this marks off our territory clearly enough  —

ch 3 barrier


Here, my friend,  is our entry!     Not bad looking.  Note the beautiful limestone.  It looks nice.  Perhaps some day it could be sandblasted  . .  .

ch 4 entry limestone

Walk through the doors and up the stairs –

ch 5 entering

Inside.  Looks just like a church!   It’s estimated that it can seat about 100 people at this point.

ch 6 inside

Looking up,  the ceiling was quite nice.   I know there are plans to make it look more like a “cathedral”  ceiling with beautiful wooden beams,  but there is nothing wrong with this for now, in my opinion.

ch 7 ceiling


Turning around, looking up at the back are really ugly plastic panels placed across the choir loft.  People wondered why you would “wall off” the choir loft if you wanted to hear the  “schola cantorum”?

ch 8 looking into loft

Rather small cloakroom, although most of us leave our coats on during Mass.

ch 9 small coatroom

The elevator door is close by,  but it is “out of order,” as we were told.


Here you can see the window looking into the cry room.

ch 10 cry room window

Needs work:

ch 11 cry room inside


I have video of all of this for you, including  me walking down the stairs into the basement,  where there is a very nicely equipped kitchen:

ch 12 kitchen appli

And a large eating area/meeting hall/rec room, looking back at the kitchen on the far wall  –

ch 13 eating area

I could upload those videos here,  but I can’t figure out how to blur out the faces of all the people that were there (for their privacy).    I’ll try to send them to you directly,  but, if not,  you can see them on my phone on Sunday.

This is going to be a HUGE  project for us for a long time,  but the vote to go forward was unanimous, I think,  and all the young families are so enthusiastic about it.

After all:   Have Church, Will Grow!   ( If God so wills and if we stay humbly within His will.)      Deo volente.  

In this small area of our America we are about 70 families.   We would like to be more. We are called St Gregory the Great —  and we worship just exactly as he did.    He is a man who cleaned up and reformed the Church;   taught and strengthened the faithful,  especially applying the words of the Four Gospels to all;  he sent successful missionaries into England;  took care of persecuted Jews;  and shepherded the Church through severe plagues,  military attacks, economic chaos, drought, famine,  and general panic and discouragement among the Christians.

We look to him for inspiration and example.



On a humorous note,  because we know far less than the people of St. Gregory’s day did;   we have less ability to think clearly,  we don’t know formal logic (which would save us from many a damaging error),   and we can’t  analyze and assess all the information that comes our way.    Because of all this,   I have come across several Websites which say:  “However, it is doubtful that Gregory the Great was responsible for the Gregorian calendar.”)

I should say so!     These Websites are off by 1,000 years!!     That was done under Pope Gregory XIII  in the1580’s who employed scientists, astronomers, and mathematicians to make a more accurate calendar that was in sync with the heavenly bodies  — and not done by Pope Gregory the Great after the 580’s! 

(Be careful what you read.    We are arguably the least educated population that the world has ever seen.)




6.666666666666 . . .

April 30, 2019


“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”

Well, it could be just a coincidence.    I like funny coincidences.  I like jokes.


You get that number if you divide the number 500,000  by 75,000.  The answer is:



When King Solomon “went bad”  and let all his power and riches go to his head,  he walked away from God-Most-High and went his own way,  building up a dictatorial kingdom, demanding from his subjects absolute obedience and compliance.

Spies and surveillance,  24/7.

He incorporated many foreigners into his realm.


Many, many crossed his borders

Many were very “foreign:


(MS-13 among the invading forces)

King Solomon  surrounded himself with a huge bureaucracy,  magnificent office buildings,  and great riches.    He was admired by all the known world.   He married and made treaties with all the surrounding powers,  and he “honored” them by accepting their religions into his Kingdom.

P0   “All religions are welcome!”      He was supposed to worship God alone, but instead he allowed other religions to worship in Jerusalem and even set up their altars and held “worship services”  there.   The place where the most false religions were worshiped is still called today Mons Scandali  or Mountain of Abomination  or Mount of Offense.  Various names on the map.

God was not pleased.


All religions in a Catholic Church (“The Sacrilege of Assisi”)

To support his kingship,  King Solomon needed to impose heavy taxes.     It is said in the Bible that he  annually demanded in  taxes 666 talents of gold.   Pure gold.   666.  (III Kings 10:13)

In his later life he becomes a forerunner of the anti-Christ.  A ruler of a one-world government  and the head of a vast economic system which linked everyone to him.

For those of you who know only the Modern Version of the Catholic Church,  there may be no recognition,   no alarm bells.     I’m not a part of the New Version of the Church.


In fact,   I am one of those who is described with terrible words coming ouot of the Vatican, because  I have kept to the original teachings and practices of the Church.     I worship with the same language and meaning as  St. Augustine;  and   St Albert the Great, St Thomas Aquinas, St. Francis of Assisi,   St. Anthony,  St.  Bellarmine,   St. Francis de Sales;  I even worship the same way and believe the same things as someone as recently as St. Therese of Lesieux.    St.  Padre Pio,  St.  Maximilian Kolbe  . . .   GK  Chesterton  (not a saint!)

No changes.   God does not change his teachings.

I cannot predict what will happen to the “Catholic Church”  in the near future.   I know that Pope Paul VI gave his papal crown to the United Nations.  I don’t know what that portends.


The World acclaimed him.  He was pretty popular.



And now today’s pope has also garnered a lot of worldwide praise.

So let’s get back to those “funny” coincidental numbers again:


All the young men of military age who are citizens of other Central American countries who are climbing into the United States much faster than we can stop them — well,  they get stopped temporarily in Mexico. . . .

The current pope has zeroed in on 75,000 of these people who are still in Mexico;   and he has announced that he – in his Vatican – is donating  $500,000  to help them out.

$500,000    divided by  75,000.

Just a funny coincidence.


February 26, 2019


God’s watchful Providence:



When we run out of things around our homes, we get used to the idea of going to our computer,  Click!  Click!  Zoom (submit)!  — and in two days it’s delivered to our mailbox or onto our front porch!

We’re so used to receiving things based on our own efforts that we think our own efforts  will assure that we receive things.

Well, a week or so ago I ran out of kindling for my fireplace.   I need those tiny little twigs and sticks to get the fire going.    I didn’t want to cross my icy creek to get back into the woods to pick up more sticks . . .

creek 2

(something like that)

And Amazon doesn’t deliver kindling.

So . . .   next?      Here in the Far North we had a terrific windstorm during the weekend.  30 m.p.h.  winds,  with 50-60 m.p.h.  gusts.

And some snow.

Road Snowfall Lights


The wind made driving treacherous,   lifting up the snow in great clouds, causing whiteouts over the roads.   Here,  I took a picture of  the snow being driven laterally across the road.   The car was shaking.

Road Lines

I had both hands on the wheel during the whiteouts (no photos) !

Road Red Green

The storm turned the traffic lights into red smears and green streaks.

At home, the trees roared overhead and things dropped onto the roof,  bounced and rolled.    Nothing I could do, but . . .  enjoy!

A storm like this is so  strong;  it makes a person feel very small.     All the storms,  all of Nature . . .  the world . . . the universe;  so immense, our efforts so small.   As King David asked:  “What is Man that Thou art mindful of him?” 

And yet God cares and watches over us.    He watches out for our well-being, and He knows what we have need of.        Jesus said:  “Ask, and you shall receive . . .”    

The next day, after the winds subsided and the snow stopped,  I stepped out onto my front porch —

Kindling 3 porch

—  and there was a delivery of fresh new kindling!

All over the front yard,  the “kindling”  had been deposited.

Kindling 2

I checked the back yard and found so much more.

Kindling 4 back

I’ll be doing a lot of tramping around back there to collect all that kindling!


Once, long ago,  the Israelites in the desert complained to Moses because they hadn’t had meat for so long.     God “caused a strong west wind to blow . . .”    and the wind picked up thousands of quail and dropped them in abundance into the Israelite camp!



With a little hyperbole and absurdity,  Jeff Larson records the event, in Numbers 11 of the Bible.

quail humor

We call that “Providence,”  God’s watchful care over us, noticing what we need,  providing for us in sweet and abundant ways.

Jesus said:  I have come that they may have life,  and that they might have it more abundantly.”     John recorded that in his gospel,  John 10:10.

Now that’s something to wonder about.   He didn’t promise an abundance of things.  The Israelites got lots of “things” —  lots of quail!      But they got sick from overeating, and many died.

We are the “they”  that Jesus was bringing an abundance to,  but what is an “abundance of life”?    If we’re alive, we’re alive, right?    But what is it to be abundantly alive?  Fully alive and aware,  fully living?

Look up in your needs,  during your “storms,”  and  ask,  and receive.   So little of our blessings are the results of our own efforts.

praying hands

Click!  Click!   Submit!

Life with God is an abundant life.




February 10, 2019


Well, what do you do when a blizzard buries your front yard?

Snow angel toppers 280

You jump down on top of the snow and make snow angels!

(That’s Cooper and his Daddy – I think – several feet above their front yard, and beautiful  Donner Lake in the background,  with the High Sierras of California.)

When you have a blizzard burial,  you try not to let you and your friend get  buried —

Snow burial 230

But it makes it really hard to play on your  swing set —

Snow jungle gym 390

The swings are down there somewhere.

They’ll have to wait till Spring.

Snow porch 280

Cooper and Daddy  (I’m sure Cooper helped!)   dug out their front door and shoveled across their raised deck . . .  and I’m sure Daddy said, ‘Now, stand in front of the snow so I can take a picture to show Grandma.”

Oh, yes.  Grandma loves winter.    I’ve told you that before!   Even when I visited them one winter and shoveled three feet of snow off their deck so it wouldn’t collapse.  But it kept snowing and I had another four feet to shovel the next morning.

What that gives you is . . .  an experience to remember!