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May 15, 2018

(An essay on divisiveness in our lives.)
They say “traveling broadens the mind” – broadens your understanding.

Yep – it does.    A couple years ago I was standing in the middle of the Badlands of South Dakota.

badlands grey

Really, it was like peering down into the alien crevasses of the moon. I walked here and there with my camera, trying to get the very best photo of the Badlands, going off the trail in many cases, the camera in front of my face, moving sideways or backwards – whatever was needed to get that one great photo of  these amazing landscapes.

badlands 2

It was so windy that day that I felt like my body was in constant motion – overlooking the edge of the rocks.  If I fell, I was going to have a very Bad Landing in the Badlands.

Sometimes I stood on a steep, gravely decline, having to keep moving my downward leading foot upwards to join the rest of my body because the gravel was so slippery. but, you know, that best picture takes a little effort.

I think I got some good photos. (Truthfully, if I had just downloaded some Badlands pictures off of the Internet, I would have had the same thing, without a thousand mile road trip.)

Shortly after I got home, as I was reading the news, I found an article about a young college age woman who had been visiting the Badlands with some friends. She had been doing what I was doing – taking some “really good” pictures and then she had backed up a few steps – right onto a rattlesnake.

She was helicoptered to Rapid City where she received the ANTIDOTE to the venom. One shot and she was okay.

I write all that to emphasize that the antidote to the divisiveness we find in our country today is not a one-shot deal.

Divisiveness is all over. * When we bump into it, we know it’s wrong and we know it’s destructive, but we’re caught up in it. We find ourselves answering accusations, spoken or unspoken, of “Racist!” or “Bigot!” or “White Privilege!” or “Triumphalism!” “Stupid!” for voting for . . . whatever, or “—ophobe” or “—ophobe” or “—ophobe.”

People have become cautious and uncomfortable with each other. Friends become enemies.    Americans did not step on a rattlesnake to get this way.

Although “divide and conquer” was a well-known strategy by military planners from ancient times, it’s only with the Marxist-Leninist victory over unsuspecting Western societies that deliberate divisiveness was inserted into our culture, our daily lives, and not for the purpose of winning a military victory. It’s the “Politics of Personal Destruction” of the” Progressives” infecting our daily communications.

(Each of those phrases could be expanded into books, for greater understanding, but I can’t . . . I can’t.  Not now.)

But you can probably understand why the antidote we need is not one easy act or one bright idea or one agreeable assent.

Enmity is from the Evil One through various human instruments.  Divisiveness, then, is a moral issue. Moral issues are internal to each of us. The moral compass was written into Creation from the beginning of humanity, and the “compass” has not changed anymore than the law of gravity has changed.


hill ten


No matter who or what you are,   you  really are obliged to seek out and discover God’s idea of right and wrong,  and then to live by those “instructions.”    That heals and strengthens a society.


It’s not a “one-shot”  deal —  it takes a lifetime.

compass moral



What we see from social media  and general media sources:

.* We quickly call our enemies divisive. Well, on the entertainment-news medai, the only thing I actually hear is that the Left is calling the right “divisive. There is no “unitive” discussion; it’s just if you don’t agree with the Left, you have divided yourself from the Left; ergo, you are divisive. No freedom of thought.


FOURTH SHORTS – Two Sets of Rules

July 4, 2017

A short little observation since I’ve had some  free time to get caught up on news reading  . . .

Although this is old news.


We cannot have Rulers over us if there is only one set of rules.     Rulers don’t obey our rules.    This is the Fourth of July  —  and yet our Rulers think we will obey without question.


jRulers say J

“You must NOT build that wall.”

(That wall that would reduce the steady stream of invaders across our southern border.)

“But I can.”

O Wall


It seems our Rulers and we,  both,   understand the word “protection.”



The  ideals of America offer equal protection before the Law.

The  promise of America  is  that all are treated equally,  even those who have been elected to office to serve for a time.

It’s not just a matter of political concern  that we’ve been too easy-going to preserve our freedoms.   It’s a religious matter as well.   “Spiritual,”  if you prefer.   Just as we are all brothers because we have the same Father,   so is it true that all of us will be judged by the same God and Father of us all,  in the same Judgment,  by the same measure.

That is true equality.

That is true integrity:  living your civil life as you do your spiritual life.

Anything less is insanity.



June 1, 2016

(some backyard philosophy today,  from ducks to caesars.)

I wrote in the last post about an amazing new fact I learned recently:  that a bumble bee’s mouth is filled with little hairs!   Yuck.    But they serve as receptors for important little electrical signals put out by … flower petals!

Honestly!    All of  creation fits together in the most remarkable ways, one part made for the other.    Creation  works:

DUCKS to crop

It’s spring, and the ducks have returned to my backyard pond.   When they are resting like this they signal peace.  Peace in my backyard.   Peace.    Sometimes I’m consciously grateful for the time to watch them for a while.    They are there because “All’s right with the world,”  however temporarily for them.

Another sign of nature working well:

Bird closeup

Well, it works well for her, at least.   She’s made her nest – and laid her eggs now –  in the porch light just outside my front door.   That means, once again, that I can’t use my front door for a while;  and it means I have to duct-tape over the light switch or else the light bulb turned on  will set fire to the nest (as it almost did last year).

But for her – and we’re beginning to think this is Mama Robin – she has found a peaceful place to make a home and nurture her chicks.      “All’s right with (her) world.”

We can multiply this millions of times in the natural world.

However, when it comes to humans, who are part of the natural world,  well, we sometimes get in  the way of our own well-being.    Observe this excerpt from a famous poem . . .

The year’s at the spring,
And day’s at the morn;
Morning’s at seven;
The hill-side’s dew-pearled;
The lark’s on the wing;
The snail’s on the thorn;
God’s in his Heaven –
All’s right with the world!

( by Robert Browning.)*   It’s a portion of a poem that presents the terrible life a young girl who has been oppressed and ground down by her society.    Society  (politics and culture and social conventions)  had gotten so far from the natural order of Creation that a young girl is cruelly victimized unto death.    That society was in the midst of its collapse.

collapsing building

Yet  look at the context in which this societal collapse took place!

“The year’s at the Spring” – as usual –  “the day’s at the morn” –  as expected –    “the lark’s on the wing” – as normal  –  All of nature works, just as the Creator  created it.     And what does Nature care of the risings and fallings of societies and civilizations — which have learned to ignore natural, commonsense ways of Truth and Reality? 

We build ourselves up:

collapsing cards cr

Oh, yeah –  you just know what’s going to happen next!     One unstable house of cards;  one push;  one gust of wind;   one accident;  one deliberate undermining of the foundational layer.

Poof!    The house of cards that man has built lies in a heap – to be discovered, perhaps,  by archeologists thousands of years in the future.

There are certain truths about who and what Man is that cannot be contradicted for very long.    Natural laws  determine human growth beginning from a few cells to mature old age;  one of two sexes;  fresh and clean air, water, and food for optimum health;  and certain ways to associate with each other, summarized efficiently in the Ten Commandments, for instance.

Here is one Truth about Man:     “. . .  man was formed for society . .  .”  a partial quote ** from Sir William Blackstone, who wrote his famous volumes of commentary on the Law, as England knew it in the 18th century.

Man was formed for society. . . .     As such,  it is of utmost importance that  Man in his society   reflects the reality of Man in Natural Truth.     It’s common sense.   But if our society, or our culture,  departs from Natural Law,   then it begins to erode and to corrupt.

“All’s right with the world . . . “       Evidence seems to be that all is NOT right with our society.    Our foundations have been corrupted.  Our foundational layer has been undermined.   Poof!

But when I write about this in the weeks to come,   I’m writing within the context of  the existence of Natural Law at work in the Natural World.   That Natural Law applies not only to Ducks and Robins   (!)   but also surely to us human beings.

The  R word is very much on my mind these days,  but I don’t know if it should be  Recovery,  Restoration,  or Rebuilding.

This man had an idea:


Augustus Caesar  sought to restore the Roman Republic to its higher moral foundations.  He succeeded, somewhat,  and built the Roman Empire, which lasted a few centuries more;  not because its succeeding leaders were good and moral men,  but because the momentum of a restored higher  moral foundation made a few more centuries possible.

Good laws.   Good men.   Good moral foundation.

augustus senate

The new society worked —   “All was well” with society, as in the natural world.

For a while, at least.     

But it can be done.



. * Pippa’s Passing    (Well-educated children used to have this portion of the poem memorized,  but I fear that they were not taught the irony it presents.   Modern society continued to collapse.)

. **  “But man was formed for society; and as is demonstrated by writers on the subject, is neither capable of living alone, nor indeed has the courage to  do it.”   (speaking, of course, of normal, healthy individuals)


April 16, 2016

“Wit”  is the fun side of Wisdom.

And I’ll be brief.

To repeat a photo I already showed you –


–  young people,    taught to believe that marxism-socialism-Progressivism can actually work in the real world.


So here’s “the Word” :    “When a man stops believing in God,  he doesn’t believe in nothing.   He’ll believe in anything!”

Or,  as the modern saying has it:  “He’ll fall for anything.”

Remember that bumper sticker that says:  “Question Everything”  ?     Well, that includes everything everyone tells you.   Be discerning.

If you have even a suspicion that we have a Creator,   then you know that what follows is that He created things the way HE wanted things to be created.   Above and beyond all formal religions,   there is Natural Law.

Poor young people  . . . .


April 1, 2016


I didn’t know what to call this posting.    But, yeah,  it’s Friday in Easter Week –

Banner Easterthur

–  so I was doing what I was supposed to be doing:  thinking back on the whole Easter thing, and specifically one week ago,  not only a Friday,  but Good Friday.

And why did it all happen?

Why did it all have to happen?

Did you see this on the news this past week?  —


America.   Near Philadelphia.   People sitting on a commuter train,  subway thing,  when all of a sudden a small group of six year olds began shouting obscenities,  punching, kicking,  and otherwise threatening the passengers.  This picture is from the video — the words of these vicious six-year olds had to be bleeped out.

The story is here.   

It is a scene out of Lord of the Flies.     It’s a scene from the Passion of the Christ where those devlish little boys chased Judas out of the city.   It’s a scene I’ve posted before, showing tiny children being taught how to behead teddy bears;   a 5 year old holding a little machine gun;   a sweet little 4 or 5 year old girl holding a large knife yelling “Stab! Stab!  Stab!”

And we don’t realize how common scenes like this occur.      Little children fighting, slapping,  swearing at their parents in a store.   We don’t pay much attention anymore.  When I spent a year teaching 4 and 5 year olds in a well-known Kindergarten type school,  I was astonished at the sexual activity among some of them.   As well as their language. As well as their defiance towards any adults,  most especially their own parents.  “Normal”  suburban kids, without any knowledge of God.

I have in my memory so many actual news stories of dangerous children . . . .

Oddly,  this was predicted for our century in the early 1600s, when the intensity of such moral depravity was not ever suspected.    *.


In around 1635,  from this building,   it was predicted that there will be a  time when the world sinks into moral depravity so widespread and deep that the very innocence of  children will be corrupted —  which indicates it’s going to go deeply into the next generation when they grow up – and don’t know how to live and don’t know what to teach their children.    The whole culture is depraved and unworkable.

(By the way,   when the passengers on that Philadelphia train pleaded with the adults who were with those out-of-control children to “do something,”   those adults became defiant and aggressive towards the victims!)

The century for when this deep moral corruption resulting from a repudiation of the True Faith was named:   it is the 20th century.

We’re living it now.  Our world is  a fulfillment of that prediction.   We don’t even understand what it means that “the innocence of children will be lost” —   what “innocence” ?   What innocence are they supposed to have?     Other centuries would be astonished that we can’t even answer that question.

The prophecy said: A time “when the world sinks into moral depravity . . .”   It will become as bad as it can get – and such times will illustrate the danger and murderous insanity of sin,  where no one is safe.   And children can be evil too.

This is an illustration why we had to have a Good Friday.    An  illustration of the stark contrast between a world living without its Creator and a world that can choose to live in obedience to its Creator –  Who is also its Savior.    Dying in  propitiatory sacrifice because of  these sins.

. . . . An act which offers the Hope that if we turn back to God, we will be given the power to overcome sin and intellectual darkness, and to reform ourselves.


Bar Cross in middle

*.   I write of the visitations of Our Lady of Good Success in Quito,  Ecuador.     That’s enough words to use in any Search engine if you’d like to know more about  the descriptions of our Age,  what’s going to happen,  what the remedies could be.

But I’ll write about it more later on too,  maybe in a month or two.


January 13, 2016

(a political post)

So,  I’ve been gone a few days,  a lot on my mind.  A death in the family.

a coffin

To talk to you about “who” died, would reveal too much about me personally, and would expose struggles with all the variegated and complex memories that were stirred up.  Suffice it to say that I did love her.

And she was nearly a hundred years old.

She was born in a different world, a different age,  a different culture.     She was born shortly after Civilization had taken a tumble down a few stairs, finding itself on a lower level in new circumstances.     The  Titanic,  that crown jewel of human defiance against Nature, had just sunk.    The Great War had just ended,  further proving that we were not only not invincible through our scientific and technological achievements,  but showing us that  our science and technology had given us the ability to be savagely and horrifically murderous against our fellow human beings.

This was such a huge psychic blow  that it can be said the Twentieth Century started around this time.   No more wide-eyed innocent “progress.”

The Twentieth Century began as a decadent and degrading mish-mash of sexual immorality,  political brutality,  and the institutionalized economic  oppression of citizens to a scale never seen before in (recorded)  history.

This is not a symbol of “evil” —

a a highclere

It’s actually a symbol of achievement, and of a society in which the various social classes  had a working relationship – employer and employees.    Some of you will recognize this structure as Highclere Castle,   the home of George Herbert,  Lord Carnarvon,  who discovered King Tut’s tomb, so to speak,  and which was also the setting for Downton Abbey.

And so  we learned there were more issues that went on above and beyond the employment of 60 or 80 or 100 people who would otherwise be destitute.    There were issues of social change.

There is a connection between the death of my particular family member and the residents of this castle during the time of Downton Abbey.    The connection is all the social changes that  both  a real person  and fictional characters experienced.

As it turns out,  the social changes in this clueless, soul-less century did not come about naturally,  but were imposed from outside each society by those looking for power.   I like to read about this post WWI era because the radical social changes then were every bit as shocking and unnatural as the social changes imposed upon the world I grew up in, social changes which plummeted Civilization the rest of the way down those stairs.

As a young teenager I asked the same questions as the fictional servants asked of their world.     “Why is this happening?”    “It makes no common sense.”    “People are getting hurt.”   “Why is there so much social unrest?”

So let me quote Daisy,  the young kitchen helper at Downton Abbey:   She said:  “It’s the way of the modern world.   If more and more of us protest,  then things will change, won’t they.”   

Protest for the sake of change.   Change for the sake of change.

It’s what my almost-hundred year old family member saw in its first stages.   It’s what I saw in the ending stage.

a power fight

Although good social changes were already occurring naturally,  certain elements saw their opportunity and imposed their slogans and their methods onto some people, and produced revolutionary changes to their own liking.

“Power to the People!”

And when it was done,   Power was exerted in the name of the People:

a army

Once the people were stirred up with slogans,  and marched to create a new social order,   that’s exactly what they got.   A new social order of imposed social changes.

A new social order, a People’s government;  a People’s republic –

a chinese army

Those “useful idiots,”  as Lenin called them had served their purpose  —

a rev dead

Today,  social order is not  often imposed through rioting and revolution,  but gradually, slowly, softly through the means of programming,  conformity, political correctness, authoritative watchfulness of ubiquitous surveillance,  fear,   quietly herded into the proper direction through unlimited rules and  regulations.

The servants tried to make sense of why the majority of people were allowing this to happen.   I wondered why my parents’ generation were allowing this to happen.

It looked like everything had come apart.   Society had lost its mooring and didn’t know where to turn for answers.   People were conveniently  told there were no answers,  no objective truth that applied to all mankind, no natural law, no divine law that made us all equals.     An immoral,  uneducated self-referencing populace is so easy to control.  Convenient, and oh, so clever.

Behind the changes was not the guidance of a loving Creator,  but the subtle hand of imposed social and political changes.    A “hand”  that killed more than a hundred million of its own citizens worldwide in the process of “social change.”

In that coffin,  almost a hundred years of life that witnessed  almost a hundred years of godless change.

Many complex and variegated memories.

There is a lot to mourn for today, as we attempt to rebuild . . . .


July 10, 2015

A weekend meditation.

The last two posts have been fun and beautiful:  friendship, music, and flowers.      I suppose this posting could come under a positive and happy  category too.     It is about the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas  (et al.)  being vindicated during the pope’s trip in South America.   It’s always positive and encouraging when you realize that Catholic philosophy is true philosophy and it “works” in real life.


The “et al.”  phrase begins with Aristotle of Ancient Greece who distilled the studies of Natural Law into understandable, workable principles.     Just one of his many sound declarations is that man’s intellect is informed by his senses.  That is, our five senses by which we experience the real world around us.   (Taste, touch, sight….etc)

Put into modern terms,  if our intellect is the software,  then our five senses provide the data which the software starts working on.   I think that would be a close analogy.

St. Thomas Aquinas affirmed this fact and gave us beautiful understandings of the way Natural Law and Divine Revelation work together in harmony for an even greater understanding of us and of our universe.   After all,  Natural Law is simply all the principles of interaction that were laid down at Creation.     The two sciences, philosophy and theology, with all their subcategories are n perfect harmony.

And what’s more,  they provide the foundation for a stable and productive civilization — which lasted until the 18th and into the 19th century, when some philosophers castrated the Philosophy which produced their world.   (I don’t have a photograph[h of that!)

With a little help from the Evil One, the philosophers who  discarded philosophy corrupted the philosophy departments of many universities and then these corrupt philosophies, now separated from principles of reason  then rejected  the idea that we can know anything outside of our own minds . . .   and thus gave rise to the most murderous and most insane century of all,  the 20th century.

Reason-less philosophies give us the Will-To-Power and Might-Makes-Right —  and  puts All Power into the hands of the State,  whoever wields governmental authority in a nation — and developing now,  a one world governance with All-Power and jurisdiction over Everything and Everyone.    No Ruler is subjected to a Higher Authority than himself.  No equality there.

Quite a Brave New World!

This urge to  Power-Over-All  also gave rise to the various Revolutionary political movements:   Liberalism of the French Revolution kind, (Left-Right politics),   communism of Marx and Engels,  Fabianism,  Progressivism,  National Socialism,   Soviet Socialism,  and other local political “parties.”

Which brings us to South America, where the secular and religious Ruling class of each country are thorough Revolutionaries,  which obtain and retain their Power through Revolutions.      Revolutions brought about by bloody civil warfare.

I  No War Poster

Aquinas in South America?   Well, yes.   Everywhere.      The intellect not only receives”data” from our five senses,  but then it proceeds to “think” in images.     The human intellect works with images.

Images such as this recent photo:

Pope receives hammerA gift,  from the Marxist Ruler of Bolivia to a Liberation Theology trained Religious Ruler.     The Hammer-and-Sickle/cross.

Ever notice how Leftist Rulers need to silence their critics with vicious ad hominem attacks and threats?     So — I make no criticism.  It is what it is.    The pope handed the presumably heavy gift back with some unintelligible words, understandable only by agenda-driven and hopeful commenters.

pope around neckGift handed back,  the medallions on the pope’s chest is revealed   a smaller replica of a Hammer-and-Sickle/cross design.

All the discussion about this scene,  all the explanations,  the shock,  the denials, all the words these images have engendered are a vindication of the permanent  correctness of classic,  Catholic, thinking:     Aristotle and Aquinas say our minds do their work with images.  Our minds work to discover the Truth of the matter.

We live in  an objective and real world and Truth can be discovered.    What is Truth?

I’ve written it here before:   Truth is the adequation of the human mind with external (objective) reality.

Be careful when you think about current events!   Ideologies and agendas must  ignore objective reality.

Don’t go insane on us!

USING THE MAGIC MIRROR (dont look if…)

June 27, 2015

I just wrote to explain why I’m not leaving this place of mental bullying and intimidation but will continue write, using my MAGIC MIRROR, as it were, to deflect back certain not-so-subtle messages aimed at all of us.

Don’t Look If. . .    Please skip this posting if you are Comfortably Numb and easily offended.    If you are Comfortably morally Numb.     This is not for you.  Sincerely.

But first —

khrushchev  shoeI’ve written about this man here before.   He is Premier Khrushchev.    Yes, that’s his shoe in his hand, as he gave his “We Will Bury You”   speech before the United Nations.   He is yelling at us, saying that his Soviet Union will prevail because Socialist values will prevail.  The shoe-banging  is just for emphasis.

khrushchev wordsIt was the time of the ’50s and ’60s and we were the strongest,  generally most moral nation in the world — so we kind of ignored him.  We actually laughed at anyone who would take his shoe off in public . . .

What we didn’t know is that they, and other extreme leftists like him,  had a PLAN;  it was called variously the Communist Manifesto,  the Humanist Manifesto ….   One of the first planks of the Manifestos was to corrupt the moral fabric of American society.    (Look it up.)   Well they knew that a morally corrupt society is a society with a weakened character.      And a society with a weakened character, confusion, and an emphasis on pleasure is a society that is EASILY LED.

Easily led to where they wanted to take us.   (Under their domination, though they don’t call themselves “communists” anymore.)

That was three generations ago,  three generations of a PLAN that we didn’t know was in place.

Three generations and we now have unwatchable television “programming” and laws permitting and promoting immoral and harmful activities that have now become commonplace.    Billions, perhaps trillions of our own money is being wasted by theft, bribery, dishonesty,  bullying tactics in all kinds of endeavors — just for one example.

So now we have at least three generations of people who find this commonplace — and a “Sup eme”  Cou**  that reflects a society that has been thoroughly demoralized  and de-moralized.

We should realize this small “Sup eme”  group of people have made serious moral mistakes:

(Now usually,    . . . )


Or any other issue that the “Sup eme”  Cou**    has been so wrong on  because  once they decided that, no, slaves aren’t to be counted as inanimate property,  but must be considered among the population census of the great plantations; however,  they are to be considered only 3/5 of a person, rather than one whole unit of a person.

shckles and chainsDid you morally agree with that Decision?   Were they right just because they are “Sup  eme”?

And then once   that “Sup eme”  group of people  decided that we may legally  kill our unborn children.   Those who “rejoiced” at this decision do not want to know what Roe v Wade  means:

aborted quarterMy little grandson was born prematurely.

aborted babyBut he wasn’t burned to death or sliced apart or swirled around in a powerful vacuum until he was torn apart.   He never felt that mortal pain.

This “Sup eme”  group of individuals also ignored our Constitution and our laws and the common meaning of words to make the Health Control Bill “legal.”     Immoral, but legal.

no med servicesI have friends who can no longer afford any medical health care.     There are people who are deemed by remote government bureaucrats that they are too sick to receive any medical treatment.     There are many doctors who can no longer afford to practice their medical skills, nor have the time to fill out hours and hours of daily paperwork.   And our Rulers tell the doctors what they can and cannot do for us.    Many of my friends and I are reaching an age where we will be “too old”  to receive medical care.

If you dare go to a physician,  he must report ALL of your private information to the easily hackable government Websites which IT people generally regard as a joke.   Unsecured – if they even work properly.     You might as well go stand naked in the public square;  your medical records are that exposed.

Less medical care.   Much higher costs.     Private information openly available to hackers.   An immoral assault on the medical needs of a society.

And lastly, for now,   this “Sup eme”  group of anti-American individuals have decided that we Americans must pass THEIR  Litmus Test  for  “acceptable”  beliefs.   How many times have we heard that our First Amendment rights END as we leave our own homes?    (First Amendment:  Freedom of Religious Expression)    You can have your private religious beliefs as long as you don’t let anyone else know about them and  as long as you don’t use them in public.

The Litmus Test becomes, again,  Do you live here? —

fantasy land. . . .Here in Fantasy Land where we ignore Natural Law, we ignore the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, where we ignore Christian teaching,  where we ignore the medical evidence of the consequences of behavior in such a Land.

I have read several times recently that no longer is the remedy to be found in our   “elections.”

It used to be “bullets or ballots.”     But now it is neither “bullets nor ballots.”

The remedy lies somewhere in the moral fabric of our society as a whole, and in individuals who make up that moral fabric.

“We will bury you!”      And:  “We will give you enough rope to hang yourselves.”

I fear, though . . .

rope. . .  I fear that our heads are already ever so comfortably in that noose. . . .

And so in spite of that offensive banner on this page,  I will go on writing.