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April 30, 2018


I wrote about my amber-colored blue-light blocking glasses in the last post.
Reminded me of another use of the color amber.


Biased much?

If you look up photos of President Trump on the image section of any Search Engine,  you’ll get the most grotesque, distorted, outrageous set of facial features you could ever imagine.    Sure, some people are not very photogenic.

Remember the days when the entertainment-news media used to color his face and hair orange and then make fun of the coloring?

orange shine

orange up


orang hair


Sometimes I noticed that even the podium he was using or the walls behind him were smeared with an unnatural orange color too.

Then I guess all the jokes about “Orange Slime”  etc.,  got old,  and they aren’t bothering to show him with orange hair anymore.

no orange single


No orange

no ornage

Just a curious thing I’ve noticed.

This was a very obvious, very sophomoric attempt to denigrate the man and make him look silly.      But,  more seriously,    his enemies haven’t stopped trying to tear him down.    They are doing more sinister things.    I’m not talking about the  96%-98%   negative coverage of President Trump on television and social media — that should make us all pause at the consequences of that!

But as marxist/progressives commonly do,  they are coming after the children.   There have been articles about modern textbooks being published quickly for use in high schools.  Here are some quotes from a  Canadian news source*   reporting on a new Advanced Placement history textbook:

Teaching kids that President Trump is “mentally ill” and that his supporters are “a bunch of ignorant, poor, white hillbillies” is not just an insult to Trump and supporters, it’s an insult to truth that is being replaced by outright lies. . . .

High school textbooks that depict President Donald Trump as “mentally ill” and his supporters as “a bunch of ignorant, poor, white hillbillies” and that teach 6-year-olds anal sex are the perfect hide-y-hole for the uninterrupted indoctrination of school children by the public education system.

“The book goes on to describe President Trump as an extremist and his “not-very-hidden racism connected with a significant number of primary voters.”

Their conclusion:

“This is what public school indoctrination looks like, folks. There’s no telling how many history teachers will be using this textbook to poison the minds of their students.

“They may as well be using Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals.”

One would hope that Americans are familiar with Saul Alinksy and his “Progressives.”

This is not about being “for Trump” or “against Trump.”  This is about deliberately  distorting the truth about an individual to serve a political agenda.       It is about teaching students to believe one political group and to hate the other political group. Educating children has become an act of hate.





.*  https:  //  canadafreepress. com / article/mamas-dont-let-your-kids-grow-up-to-be-marxist-morons




January 12, 2018


A rant, on my part:

(That’s a chicken in his hands.)    (New York City?) *


About that meeting yesterday in which President Trump was presented with an immigration proposal that everyone knew was the exact  opposite of what he wanted, no compromise on their part.    President Trump was impatient and angry at this obvious slap in the face.   Their  grandstanding.   Delay tactic.    Attempted attrition.


Then two anti-Trump people, who were not present at the meeting to hear anything, have reported to two anti-Trump “news” reporters who work for an anti-Trump newspaper their impression of what President Trump said.


som 3

Is that third degree hearsay?

Do you remember when the European report came out that the average, general IQ of people living in Somalia is 60?

Som 1

Somalia does not have a tradition of governing by a system of laws.  The only thing that is known in that country is rule by various Warlords.    It’s who you know and how well you can fight and dominate those who are not like you.

Plainly and fairly the President was questioning why a county must accept immigrants from countries that are so far away from Western European and American culture.

som 2

Because some countries are a real mess.    I would not use the words that came out of the mouths of those  anti-Trump people, but  truth is truth about Third World  countries where most of the people are victims.    Reality is reality.

Americans are not racist-  remember when we gave over a billion dollars to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti?   A Billion dollars.      A Billion  dollars to (mostly) Black people.

Oh, it didn’t get to the Haitian people –  nearly all of that money went to Mrs. Bill Clinton and her Clinton Foundation –  where it stayed.   The Haitian president is spitting mad whenever he hears her name.   I’m sure the Haitian people are wondering where their aid is too.

hai 4

Mrs. Bill Clinton has been heard using the “F” bomb frequently in her speaking. Derogatory, demeaning statements about people.    And all kinds of vile language when questioned about her actions,  like where the money for the Black people of Haiti went.

hai 3

Politics of Personal Destruction.    It’s not just a catchy phrase — it’s a policy of demeaning, dominating,  and destroying your political enemies.      Like the Warlords of Somalia.    The media is very helpful.     95% are rabidly anti-Trump.


It’s possible that the anti-Trump Sen. Durban  is too young to remember the language used by previous presidents (and certain first ladies).    But it is easy to find such vulgar language in many biographies of these former presidents (such as Kennedy,  Johnson,  Nixon, Clinton, and we  know about the  Barack-Hussein person even without a biography).


This woman needs help:

hai 1

She needs economic aid for her country.    Ask:  what is the purpose of a nation’s immigration policy?     Is there a nation?    Does a nation have a right to decide its own fate?  Its own characteristics?    Is this woman ready to add to the health of another nation?

The systems and cultures of some countries are not helpful to Western nations.   It has nothing to do with the color of the skin who live in those  cultures. — and most anti-Trumpers know that.

But they’re on a roll.  The anti-Trump media will repeat their story over and over and over again . . .  until something else distracts them.

If you smear the president with charges of racism,  maybe you can weaken his position so much that he’ll back down and do what you want him to do about immigration.

Maybe some of those anti-Trumpers should visit some  New York City areas:

nwe york city apts

. *   Here’s an open market in an immigrant section of NYC.   I’m sure you know what those goats are going to be used for.

I remember hearing a few years ago a New York City policeman talking – a couple of them in that interview, actually.    They said there are apartment buildings they don’t like to go into because they can hear the bleating of goats and the chickens inside those apartments,  ready for sacrifice,  the smell of blood . . .   and there was nothing they could lawfully do about it.     Voodoo.  Santeria.

Not your average cheerful Methodist social justice warriors in those apartments.

Chain migration.    Whole families and extended families allowed to . . .  invade.


(And why does the United Nations think it can mandate that every Western nation must accept large numbers of people from anywhere?   What is their motive?   What does the United Nations have against European and American  nations? )  


We’re not talking about Legal Migration,  are we?      The anti-Trumpers seem to be confused on that part.    They’ll switch back and forth as they argue. Makes compromise on their part nearly impossible.

So the entertainment-news media has created some ammunition today.

And I’m ranting back at them.












September 21, 2017

(It’s quieter and more peaceful here since The Spruce Tunnel “cut the cable,”  but every now and then something from the leftist media will ooooooze  in.)

 Extreme Leftist Sub-Leaders of the One World Government:


The president of the United States recently gave a speech here.    I read it.   It made me feel good and safe and relieved.    At last!   At last, someone is saying it’s okay to be an American and it’s okay, as an American,  to love my country and want to see it thrive.

And it’s okay to feel that way about your country too, if you are a citizen of another country.

If we don’t care about our own native land,  then what good are we for dealing with the larger issues we all  have in common?

62, 000, 000  of us voted for this particular president because he articulated what we had been feeling and what we hope for.   (We cannot know how many supported Mrs.  Bill Clinton,  because so many reports are coming in now of confirmed and evidenced voter fraud that put her in the winning column,  precinct after precinct,  city after city . . . .  Who could ever know how many real votes she got?)

Supporters of these international Extreme Leftists at the United Nations include the entertainment-news media.      Somewhere around 96% of them say they voted for . . .  of course,  the Extreme Leftist Mrs.  Bill Clinton.     Journalists.  Vote.  Left.  

They have been waging an extreme and unrelenting war against their own elected president.


Surprise!    Independent analysis has shown that  91% of news coverage of our president has been negative.    Surprise!    (not)    That’s 91%.      Some big famous “news”  outlets are in the high 80s percentage of negative (and false) news coverage of the president.

Just facts of  “modern” life.

So, after looking into the speech the American president made at the U.N. on behalf of our country,   I was amazed to hear just about 99%  negative comments on the speech.    There were no words that inspired those comments,  but there was plenty of animosity that inspired those comments.  I shouldn’t have been “amazed” – but I was, at the vitriol and mendacity of the assertions.

The difference between real life and the entertainment-news media has never been greater.

The so called Ninety-One percenter president hit a 100%  home run with many, many Americans.





May 4, 2017

I’m into my third week of having no TV.   The system components are broken.  Or else all the HDMI ports are fried again.    Someone is going to come to fix the ports next week, and then I’ll be able to tell what else went wrong.

One gets a different perspective on the world without TV.

Here’s something I saw on my way in to class this evening:

Ducklings cr

Right downtown, in our little city which is the capital city of our state,  in busy traffic,  6:10 p.m.,   someone had gotten out of his car and stopped all traffic to allow this mother and her little ducklings to cross the street.   The streets were full, cars coming from all directions,  and yet no one even beeped their horns.   Lots of smiles and thumbs up to the man who was out there guiding those ducklings across the street.

It reminded me of how many “nice” people I see every time I drive in this area.   There are groups of people on the street,  men and women talking together,  men of different races carrying briefcases and walking together or discussing something on the street corner.   Race, age or sex,  it doesn’t seem to matter.    Rich people poor people;  people are just . . .  working together,  living next to each other.

It’s not like you see on the television entertainment-news.   Not like the Soros-funded staged “protest”  riots, protesting everyday American things.

I think there was an attempt at that this week, though.  On Monday,  our local news announced over and over again that there would be protest meetings and demonstrations on the capital lawn for – I forget what all, but one of them was the legalization of marijuana.


Here’s our capital building,  just one block west of where those ducklings were.   When I heard about the scheduled “protests,”  I thought,  oh, oh,  I have to drive that way right in the middle of all that.    May Day protests – all around the world, the news said!!

Well, as I drove by,  I saw some people.  Maybe about 18, maybe a little more,  standing near those steps.   Didn’t look like much.  Less than a busload of schoolchildren gathering for a tour of the capitol building.

I’ve seen bigger crowds there, of course.  I was part of really big rally once.    That crowd was concerned and alert, but friendly and peaceful.  When one young man waved a poster and shouted out some bad language in imitation of what he’d seen on television,  people around him formed a circle and one man said, “We don’t do things like that here.”   The circle kind of edged toward the side of the capitol lawn and the young man “dispersed” himself and walked away.

Without television programming and “news,”  I forget we’re supposed to be a “divided” nation on the brink of civil war.     That’s not what I see when I look around me, at my neighborhood,  my town,  our little capital city.    It’s not what I see when I drive cross-country through many other little towns and cities.

We have problems, of course, and sometimes local politics get “hot,”  but you win some, you lose some,  and you come back to fight another day.    We don’t destroy our political opponents.

So what’s real life?   Raging cities,  burning, rioting cities?   Or everyday life,  like I see most commonly,  wherever I go?    I wonder about that.

As long as it lasts,   these days are okay.   We can work to solve our problems.

I hope the hyped-up drama we see on television doesn’t produce a new reality.


November 28, 2016

Yep.   “fake”  is a four-letter word.  *



We’re hearing a lot about “fake news” lately.  Of course,  the danger to us is:  Who decides for us  what is “fake” ?  


Fake (a definition) –   adjective▸made to look like something real in order to trick people

You fake something for a purpose.   What do you have to lose?  It might work.    What do you have to win?   Try it out;  see where it goes.

Whenever you suspect something might not be true or real,  ask yourself that age-old question:

                       Cui bono?

Fake news maybe?    Well,  cui bono?     Who benefits?   What does the source have to lose?   What is the source after?

So here are two examples,  one trivial (like gossip);  and one rather important,  touching on the content of our US Constitution.

First the “fun” one –  fun, as in ridiculous:

You might have seen this or heard this on some headline news story  —

“I  would spray him with mace” ?????    It’s a Fake,  but horrible if true –  and it could be true because it’s all over the social media and even in some print media,  right?

But it was fake, and the source was traced back  to a comedian making a bitter, mean-spirited “joke”  and he got it from a little fake quote printed in that box outlined in red.    And then it was repeated and repeated,  here and there,  repeated until it became a news story.


(Well, anything to discredit the Trump family.   Some people will believe anything.)

Now here’s a more important Fake with more serious, perhaps deadly consequences.


“Someone”  offered Jill Stein   (Green Party)    a lot of money – a lot,  a lot! – to push forward the idea that she could win the election if she initiated a recount vote in three states.

Never mind that she got only 1% of the vote – and that 99% of Americans voted NOT for her.     If she got the votes in all these three states,  she would . .  .  what?    Win?      No.

Since that doesn’t make sense,   she and her campaign are calling for the old fake news that it’s the “Russians”  who have  “hacked”  our election process to make sure Hillary didn’t win the election.      The “Russians”!      Although this has been disproven and no evidence has been found for Russian interference,   “the Russians”  is a vague enough bugaboo to cause many uninformed people to suspend further thinking.

And so – maybe the “Russians”  did do it.    Right?     Whatever.

She won’t be elected.    Something is wrong with this effort.   Cui bono?

What does she have to lose?

What does she have to win?       ( a better question)

Money.   Money, money, money.   A recount campaign costs a lot of money.   There are lots of people to be paid.   (Paid and encouraged. . . )    Last week we saw that every few days the “cost”  of doing these recounts increased by quite a bit.  Up, up, up in steps, to very high levels.

And – to respond to this financial need –  money poured into the Jill Stein campaign – Wow!    A great deal of funds came her way,  way beyond even what she said she needed.    She received MORE funds for this recount campaign than she received for her election campaign!     Who funded her?   Who all funded her?

What do they have to lose?

What do they have to win?

My readers can ferret this out.   Pay attention to what’s being said and not said . .  .   Oh, yes –  and note  Hillary getting on board with the Jill Stein  effort.   Does Hillary want Jill Stein to win?

Of course not.

(Do you think Jill Stein et al.  would like to have a recount in states like Illinois?  California?   . . .   (heh heh). 

(Do you think Jill Stein et al.  will start advocating for pictured voter I.D.? . . .  also a big “heh”)





Note the purple.   Is George  Soros’s  Purple Revolution really going to get going  —  any way it can?   Paying for fake recounts?  Paying for fake protestors?  Paying for fake news?  Promoting fake racism?  Fake sexism?  Fake identity politics?




. *  “Four letter word”  used to be a polite way of referring to curse words.   (“Hell!”   or  “Damn!”    —  only later,   after our culture fell,    did other four-letter words become more common in everyday discourse,   four letter words referring to  human bodily functions, especially reproduction.)     

But the new four-letter words also indicate a curse on our nation.  Fake news,  a kind of self-cursing, if we fall for it.









September 20, 2016

I don’t think I’m swearing in that title.      I don’t usually.

But I  really am going to talk about blood and bloody stuff tonight –  so please don’t read if you need to stay comfortable . . .   and uninformed.




So first a couple attempts at humor.  One guy created  this chart to make his point,  that the Western World has changed, advanced,  corrected its faults, and become better throughout time.


And then there’s this bit of humor . . . showing how difficult it is to understand a culture so different from our own:


I mean no ill-will, and this is actually rather self-mocking,  self-deprecating humor.

Except –  it’s not so funny for the women who have to live like that.   Recently some women were allowed to be nurses and work at a hospital:


They were allowed to be nurses as long as they covered up everything but their hands,  and they had to prove that they weren’t wearing nail polish.   That’s why the ladies’  hands are being held up and outward.   So the men can inspect them.

See a similarity between the two photos?   When does “humor”  lose its funny-ness?

Deliberate Misdirection:

We get into serious territory.   If you looked into the issues behind this weekend’s “news” stories,   you may have discovered more serious information about the situation that is developing rapidly in the United States.  But if you heard about the he said-she said “drama”  about who said it was a “b*  om * b”   (they both did)  but if he said it, he was being “irresponsible and reckless”  and when she said it,  she was being “steady.”

Remember hearing that?    That was the entertainment-news media misdirecting our attention – away from any serious analysis of the problem.    Ha ha.    Stay comfortably funny.

We were also told that the timing of these latest attacks is very serious because the UN in New York will be hosting its periodic meeting of the General Assembly.

Where the Global-Socialist Rulers of the world plan their plots.    And assessing their use of their latest  cultural manipulation tool:   let’s call them “refugees,”  so nice people will be fooled.

Inside the UN  building:


The Barack Hussein person in the United States just celebrated Eid al-Adha – in the White House, with a nice, big dinner  (at our expense).     I hope the entertainment-news media explained what the “celebration”  is all about.

Because they celebrated it in a huge American baseball stadium on the other side of our country:


This is the “bloody” part of the title of this post.   Because after the prayers and ceremonies were over,  they began to sacrifice animals there,  according to reports,  according to custom.  

Because that’s what is done this time of the year:


(I’ve kept the pictures small.   They’re really quite  overwhelming.   The Daily Mail from the UK gets the credit for these photos, taken in various countries.)

Animals are sacrificed “in honor of”  Abraham’s near-sacrifice of  his son.    

Now,  Christianity is all about the sacrifice of Jesus,  the Christ,   the Son of God,  which broke the power of sin over us.   All the sacrifices that were spoken of (and performed) in the Old Testament pointed to Christ’s one-time holy and efficacious self-sacrifice.  But Moslems do not believe that Christ died on the Cross, so . . . . 

Streets run with blood.   And this time,  this year,  in one large islamic city,   it rained –  washing so much blood away that the streets turned into red rivers.


So from the humorous “umbrella people,”  to the odd coverings on nurses,   to the march of Islam everywhere,   in every continent,  in every government, even directing the world’s  “government,”   we go from humorous to serious,  because the “march” is really happening.   

There is a serious situation developing right now, as we saw during the knifings and explosions and shooting of policemen in our country this past weekend.

The “situation”  is called  dhimmitude.

Better look that up.    You need knowledge in order to make goo ddecisions,   but  I’m not “sanguine”  about the knowledge of my fellow-countrymen.

And pardon the pun.


July 11, 2016

telescope alone




You may have seen the giddy, laughing young Minnesota woman who video’d  her  friend moments after he was shot by a policeman, and then lay dying.  She seems very happy with herself for all the attention she is getting.  Her  “15-minutes of fame.”

Except her story is false.

gun showing
That shiny object in her friend’s lap is not a cell phone.    The police officer identified it as a gun.

And the man’s car  did NOT have a taillight  that was out.   The police officer did NOT stop him for  “a broken taillight.”      He stopped him because just before that, on that day,  an APB went out on “an armed suspect,” wanted for robbing a store at gunpoint.   The description of the armed suspect was given –  and the police officer saw a person that fit that description exactly,  in the same neighborhood as the store that was robbed, and stopped him.

It’s the policeman’s duty to apprehend men who have committed a crime.

The man did not obey the directions of the police officer.    The man did not have a Concealed Carry Permit,  and the man was not moving suddenly to get some sort of document out of his pocket.   He was not reaching for “a permit.”

tv programming kid

But the television has been repeating a different story –  even if they repeat it in order to argue  with a “different” point of view,  the false story is still told, over and over  — and people get mad.

You can be sure  shooters,   snipers, and robbers violate our gun laws.     The  criminals violate our gun laws (!)  but  the extreme leftists in our country lie about it and say we need more gun laws and that the shooters obtained  guns through “loopholes”  or weaknesses in the law.


Let me illustrate what happened when one leftist on a popular cable news channel went out to prove how easy it is to buy a gun here in America  (well, it was a CBS person):

The actors and actresses and news readers on television like to talk about “assault weapons,”   without understanding what they’re  talking about.”

So this news person went into the gun store and asked to buy an “assault weapon.”     The gun store owner didn’t understand what he was talking about.    The  clerk then helped him pick out a handgun  (not an “assault gun.”)

They went through the process, and this liberal was about to pay for his new gun — only to be stopped by our gun laws!   This leftist news “reporter”   was not permitted to buy a gun because he,  “a good citizen,”  had some previous difficulty with the authorities, something like a note in his record that he had been brought up on spouse abuse charges  (which could be almost nothing nowadays) and some old drunk driving charges.

Something in his younger days stayed on his record, indicating he once had a problem with his temper and with his alcohol.

Oooops.   Not that easy to buy a gun in America.

And the entertainment-news people don’t know enough to report the news —

Media guide


The media can be FALSE and FUNNY at the same time.

bar dissolve er


June 20, 2016

Well, a deception is a lie, a deliberately planned lie, to further an agenda.


Step 1.      Raw facts:     The  shooter of over a hundred people at the night club in Orlando, FL, called in to 911 immediately after and proclaimed: “I am the shooter.  I am a soldier of ISIS.  I did it because the US is bombing our territory in Syria  and Iraq) .    I did it for Allah.”     (Roughly speaking.   He spoke these words to the 911 operator in Arabic.)

Step 2.     Tell government spokesmen and news media people to remove all references to ISIS.     And  to “extremist.”     To  “jihadist.”      To “Islam.”

Step 3.      Change the word Allah to  God.    (Even though they mean the same thing and Christians in the  Middle East and  Arabic Christians,   say “Allah”  when they address the Christian God.)

Step 4.  Keep emphasizing that the victims were at a gay bar.   De-emphasize the fact that the shooter himself has committed acts of sodomy  and self-identifies as gay.   Keep putting doubts in the minds of the general public, despite witnesses who knew the man.  And his wife.

Step 5.  Keep emphasizing that the shooter used an “assault”  gun – even though he didn’t, and even though the caliber of bullets used were .223,  pretty darn small and not generally associated with any assault rifle.

Step 6.  Keep counting on the general public to not be aware of the details . . .  fuzzy thinkers are easily persuaded.


“The shooter was an unhappy man with a troubled youth.   He was an American citizen who just went crazy and used an evil gun to shoot at innocent gay people”, or whatever series of letters they want to call themselves by.

CONCLUSION:     This was merely a Hate Crime.      This calls for “stricter”  gun control laws – also left “fuzzy”  so that they can fill in the blanks later – and club anyone over the head who disagrees.

Therefore, we’ve gone from a follower of ISIS, who attacked and killed American citizens   . . .  to a “lone gunman”   who has committed a Hate Crime.


The Agenda of World Global Socialism, our Rulers:

Disarm the American people (by increments.)

Degrade the morality of the general public – (as per the Communist Manifesto – look that up, for goodess’ sakes!)

Deceive  the Western World as to who their enemy is.



June 13, 2016

Morphing can be fun.   Some of us having a morphing function on our cell phone photo edits.    One thing turns into another.

Which can be the problem, if one thing shouldn’t turn into another.  And if something that is quite clear can be made to seem, well . . .   “fuzzy.”


We all saw these pictures (more or less)  from early Sunday morning’s mass killing in Florida.

If you read newspapers from around the world,  you would have read that an “ISIS fanatic” killed 50 people in a night club early Sunday morning.”     (To quote some headlines:  “Islamic Terrorist Kills 50”“Ramadan Massacre in Orlando”)

Like most of you, in the aftermath of the terrible shooting in Orlando, Florida,   I watched a couple entertainment-news channels on Sunday,  flipping back and forth between at least two of them (and also a sports channel . . .) .

LIGHTS 11 325
I observed an interesting thing.     For the first couple of hours the information was pretty much the same.  Different witnesses,  different speakers,  but the same news story.     A little bit of new information trickled in from time to time but it was the same message:  Americans had been attacked in a night club.   The killer was a  Muslim, increasingly devout and religious over the past few years.    The killer had contacted ISIS before (or during)  his shooting spree.   ISIS had made a public statement of approval  just after the killing.

Message:  How can America  protect itself against future attacks?   How could this have been prevented?    Could it have been prevented?    Was the killer “inspired by”  or  “directed by”  ISIS?        (I don’t know,   he made two trips to Saudi Arabia . . .  anything could have happened there.)

As I watched   one entertainment news channel,  these questions were explored by various guests,    and eyewitnesses continued to be found and brought before their cameras.   Like the “free and open debates”  so necessary for a free society.

However, on the other entertainment-news channel,  I watched in fascination as the Message changed;  America was attacked so why does America deserve to be attacked?     After a brief time raising the question of how adequate our intelligence is in the “war” on terrorism  –  Nope,   didn’t matter.      This became a possible “hate crime.”   This was a hate crime.   (I knew where that was going then.)

It was a hate crime.  A lone wolf hate crime.   Not connected to anything else except victimizing the night club people for how they identify themselves.    Nice innocent night club people, “just like any other American.”    So the PC drumbeat goes.

The attack on Americans was turned around into a scathing criticism of “haters”  and of  Christians and of any  American citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights.


The morphing of the Message:

The message on one entertainment-new channel was how to prevent more attacks like this in our country,  starting with let’s identify the enemy, lets identify our own weaknesses,  let’s identify a better strategy.

On the other entertainment-news channel  it became   let’s attack the hateful Christians and their guns.

The message had morphed.

Who does your thinking for you?

bar dissolve er

Perhaps a public statement by those close to the murderous deed would help: 

 Islamic State reiterated on Monday a claim of responsibility:   “One of the Caliphate’s soldiers in America carried out a security invasion where he was able to enter a crusader gathering at a nightclub for homosexuals in Orlando,” the group said in a broadcast on its Albayan Radio.

bar dissolve er
So,  O thou Crusader,  who you gonna believe?


WORD: Rulers

March 15, 2016

The whole point of having elections is to give the impression that you believe that people are smart enough to know what they want and to know what’s good for them – in general.    If that’s true,  then you can overthrow your king.   And hold elections.

R Vote

The Word:   Rulers

I look at the heads of state,  the presiders of the various nations,  the governors, leaders –  and I see them all acting in a similar way — and generally against the welfare of the people they are governing.  Truly leading the people in  directions the people do not want to go,  in nation after nation,   with just enough finesse that the people are not stirred up into a troublesome rebellion.

So why is this happening?     Who is ruling these heads of state and presiders and governors?    No conspiracy theory, just an observation:  Something is guiding them all into a similar goal,  into a  same purpose.   I call this group our Rulers.

That’s how I use the term here in the Spruce Tunnel:  Our Rulers.

It’s not that the Rulers are powerful.  It’s that they are powerful beyond our imagining.

The Rulers are not just very, very, very rich;  not even merely billionaires.   The Rulers are rich beyond imagining.

But they richly reward those who cooperate and obey — and those who repudiate any values and virtues which would impede their will.

Two categories of examples:

Let’s compare a couple of presidents in the U.S. and their families.    The many speeches, eulogies, and personal testimonies that I heard recently regarding Nancy Reagan made me happy to have been alive in her time – she is inspiring in some ways –  and it also made me question:   Why is the only thing I had associated with her name the fact that she chose new china for White House dinners?

Seems like a trivial matter, doesn’t it?   Truly,  it was a fact that the White House china had not been replaced in about forty years, and it was getting faded and obviously old.   I’m an American.  I’d like us to present a good table for visiting dignitaries.    She selected an elegant, though modest, set of new dishes.*    It was her right and her duty as First Lady.

r china
Yet, in spite of using  her own money and I think some private money donated by friends,  the entertainment-news media were told to excoriate her for her “extravagance,”  and they led the public to believe that she had been profligate with taxpayer money.  I remember reading those “news” stories.    It was a lie, but a strongly-stated, oft-repeated lie.   I’m so sorry, Nancy Reagan, that for many years when I heard your name I saw . . .   dishes.

r gown
All over the news on this day,  I see the two daughters of another version of the presidential family wearing new $20,000 dinner gowns*  – to be worn once, to be sure.   Two daughters:   $40,000 — and paid for by our taxes.  Did you know your money bought the r gown 2dresses?

I hear of “vacations”  by this family in the half-million and million dollar ranges – for each “outing.”

Our rulers richly reward some;  and others they don’t.

Values and Virtues?    

Nancy Reagan was mocked and ridiculed for her Just Say No campaign,  which was inspired by a conversation she had with some young people who were were in the midst of the drug battle.   She asked them;  they answered:  Just Say No.   There are many grateful testimonies that the campaign worked.

You wouldn’t believe it by hearing the entertainment-news media talk about it.   Mocked and ridiculed for just saying no.   We were taught to believe that the slogan was simplistic and unrealistic.

But what if you’re the other kind of person,   what if you don’t uphold or promote such personal virtuous behavior?    The auto-biography   (so-called “auto”biography)  of the other presider is full of personal stories of drug use, from the purported “harmless”  drugs right down to cocaine use.  It’s there in his book,  shockingly.   Parties and constant drunkenness,  admitted only for his teen years.    Constant sexual activity,  with same sex partners, as reported by companions.     That’s why I’m not naming any names.   (He who has ears to hear, let him hear here!)   He says he was a mediocre student (Harvard material?)  and wonders if he could have been better.   Just Say . . . “okay.”

So I repeat:   The word “Rulers”:    Those who Rule or who are in charge,  behind the scenes.  Those who use heads of state,  governors,  presiders,   leaders of nations, and celebrities of nations to do their bidding and who richly reward and protect those who cooperate.

And generally disregard the good of the people and of their general welfare.  **

How do you know if our Rulers are getting annoyed?    They begin to throw out bad names at those who don’t “cooperate.”     Of course you are not a Nazi or a Fascist or on the Extreme Radical (Dangerous)  Right!   Of course not.    But you’ve objected. . . .

There is a lot at stake in the American election come this November.

Bar fancy line


. *  Not the actual china or dinner gowns.  (But the actual gowns are rather immodest.)

. **  Although for several thousand years it’s been studied and taught what is the welfare of the people, what is the general good,  what is good governing,  good politics,  good civil behavior for both leaders and population,  these studies have been withheld from students around the world in most  school curricula in the past few decades.

Rare is the person who has studied what made Western Civilization a great source of freedom for the individual.

Our human Dignity –  the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of (true) happiness – is God-given and can’t be “alienated” from us;  but the Freedom to express those rights can be taken away.



October 6, 2015

These “follow-ups”   follow the posting about the Oregon shooter and the associated topic of martyrdom.

So much has been going on around here that I’ve misplaced most of my notes and references,  but a couple things I remember:

That evening after we heard about the Oregon community college shooting,  there were reports and several discussions about the fact that one of the shooter’s social media sites (did he have only one?)  had been entered five times after the shooting.  FIVE TIMES —   That would be after the shooting,  after he had committed suicide.

Who got into his social media site, and what were they doing to it?

Questioning 45

Maybe this is why the reporters had to wait so long for  the identity of the shooter.     Someone was  busy with his identity for a while.

A couple days later I began to hear the entertainment-news media say he was a “troubled” young man;”  a  loner;   disliked organized religion   (see,  not Christianity;  just religion in general).    And —  oh, yes,  a right-wing nut — admired Hitler ( a national socialist, not a conservative) and the IRA (a marxist socialist group,  not a conservative group)  , etc.;    and —   you could have predicted this:   He self-identified as a “conservative republican.”

Oh, yes.

One of those evil white conservative males.   And a Republican.

We even have two photos of him.  Choose your enemy.

mercer-cnn-420x315The cable-news-entertainment channel was caught doctoring his coloring.  They had a point to make, but they made it too obviously this time.

What about other news sources?

On his MySpace,  there are two “friends”  listed.  Two contacts.      One is an unidentified young woman.   The other is Mahmoud Ali Ehsani,  a publicly self-declared and open sympathizer with Islamic Jihadism.

I guess he had a “friend   who shared his hatred of Christianity.

There is more.

But behind it all,  the point to understand  is that whatever the tragedy,   whatever the criminal event that occurs,  this country is being gently nudged into believing right-wing or conservative or Republican or Christian or white male  are all bad signs.    You don’t want to be one of those.

It’s not  that this “troubled young loner”  was actually mentally ill, as his mother described him.    It’s not that once again we have a young man on  SSRI’s,  pharmaceuticals whose side effects are listed as Homicidal Behavior and Suicidal Behavior (on their package inserts),  and Lithium,  a chemical which “enhances”  the effect of the SSRI’s.

It’s the attempted attitude adjustment that is so apparent in the Official Story.   Our attitudes.    If we just hear the surface stories about an incident like this,  we’ll find ourselves “adjusted.”

Nudge, nudge.    Hate the conservatives.    Hate conservative Christianity.   Hate the right-wingers,  not the left-wingers.

As I keep saying,  Ask Questions!

Ask questions!   Form your own opinion!      Or else your “attitude”  will be “adjusted”  for you.