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August 29, 2018


In the last post,  Unsolvable Problem #3 was the current scandals in the  Church,  but you are a unique fish:

Bar Cross in middle

The Kingdom of Heaven on earth is like a fisherman’s net.

Net flining


It’s cast into the sea, and many fish come into the net;  fish of all kinds.

And all the men in the boat are happy to see such a great catch.   But there are more fish, more and still more fish.

net school

The fishermen call to their friends and the friends move their boats closer and help take in the net, and all are rejoicing at such bounty!

Net and many

God is good.   The fishermen are happy and enthusiastic.     God is so good, and so many fish are entering into the net.

The  Kingdom of God (on earth) is like that net.   For much of its history it has gladly gathered in many souls, and rejoiced because it knew its purpose was to gather in many souls.

net pilgrm rus

And many answer the call.

net woman at prayer
This is how the Church was at the beginning of its history as it spread throughout the known world,  bringing knowledge of God and His goodness to everyone.     Even the poorest and the  most obscure can be sanctified and given Hope of Heaven.   Even the bad ones,  rich or poor.


Because the Church contains human beings who are fallible (all kinds of fish),  sometimes the Church’s mission is not fulfilled and in places it seems like an undesirable net to climb into.

And then the Creator of the net moves and heals and restores and the great missionary commission is again fulfilled, reaching out to the New Continents, all around the world now.

Net chmany

And then it falters.

And then comes another refreshment, and the Church fulfills her mission, bringing God to many  people and helping those souls become holy and strong!

Net strength and holiness

Strong and good and holy.


net niqueYou are a unique “fish.” God made you and wants you and needs you.

God wants you even at times when that “net” has some bad fish in it.   There are many good fish in that net, fish that will be brought out and prepared for their purpose, made fit to be used by the Master Fisherman.


And now – in the 20th century, on into now, the Church has faltered again. Not for the first time , of course, but it seems worse because everyone is connected to omnipresent artesian wells of information, bubbling up into our minds.  It seems that all the Church is is disappointment and scandal and and hypocrisy.     Empty and dirty —

net bad church
Don’t despair. Don’t be indifferent. don’t be discouraged or ashamed. But do be faithful to the mission of the Church, be faithful to Jesus Christ, the world’s only Messiah, who has brought True Reconciliation between God and Man.

Net Master

The Master Fisherman is still there,  still at work.

The Church is much more than scandal.   Look at that part that can bring you reconciliation with God, and peace.

Again,  the current scandals of the people in the Church,  the sexual crimes, the financial crimes,  the failure to transmit the full teachings of Christ,  the failure to assist souls to become holy . . .   all these seem to be Unsolvable  failings.

Unsolvable #3 — but if you noticed,  throughout history, it’s human failure.   It’s only Unsolvable to us alone.

God acts, and God will act again.

If we ask.


March 24, 2016

(sorry for this unusual extended absence;  funk;  Scandinavian Funk)

So,  this is a most important week,  a most Holy Week, full of detail and meaning and mystery:


      Jesus Overlooking Jerusalem

The “mystery” is not that I have done yet another jigsaw puzzle;   the mystery is God, the Creator of all things and of all people,   prepared a special nation,  all descendants of the man named Abraham through which He, God Himself,  could take on human flesh and join True Human Nature to His Divinity.

One Person,  two natures.  That’s a mystery.

And He did it for a reason.   To come unto His own people, this special nation,  to be one among them,  and to do for them what they couldn’t do for themselves — save them from their sins and sanctify them, to make them holy for the next world.

So there is Jesus in that puzzle picture,  overlooking His city Jerusalem which He loved.

“He came unto His own,  and His own received Him not,”  we are told.

Just as His last week of life began,  He looks over the city, and with a Heart of love, weeps for the city,  knowing what will soon happen to it.    “O Jerusalem,  Jerusalem;  how often would I have gathered thee up to myself as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings….and you would not.”

I think about this scene every year that Holy Week begins.   Such love.  Such longing.  Such sorrow.

The people of Jerusalem,  in their houses down there,   the people of Judea,  and  the people of all lands “even to the ends of the earth”  belong to another.    They belong to what Jesus described as The Strong Man.

Jesus had taught that you can’t steal from a Strong Man’s house unless you first bind up the Strong Man, make him powerless,  and only then you can take away from him his possessions.

We are those possessions.   The “Strong Man”  is the enemy of God,  Satan, if you will; and the “house”  is this planet.    We can’t get up and walk away by our own power.   We can’t break out of the house.   We are  helpless, weak,  and pretty much clueless and  unwilling.

So Jesus came to “bind” that Strong Man,  and to make him powerless over us.  That’s what He’ll  be doing for the rest of this 24-hour period:   a good day,  a very good day for us.

Good Friday.

banner for Himself  3

Soon, now.