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January 20, 2020

This is a post about the many hoaxes we have to live with.

Lies lead to Hoaxes.    Hoaxes often lead to very dangerous results.


So many sources reflect the growing conviction that we are in the End Times –  “something has to give.”    For religious people of the three major religions,  this means the coming/return of the Messiah.

I don’t know for sure,  but I do remember a teaching in the Bible that describes people living in such End Times will “love iniquity”  (doing bad, immoral things) and they will “not love the truth” —  “therefore, God will send them the operation of error so that they will believe lying.”

“They will believe lying”!

Now, the version I learned as a child says it like this,  that these people in the End Times “loved not the truth” – And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.”  *  

That was always chilling to me,  because if you’re deluded,  then how do you even  know you’re not being given the truth?   But they’ll love the lies more than the truth. God will let them have it.

Lies Lead to Hoaxes

Hoax (dictionary):  a  trick  in which someone deliberately tells people that something bad is going to happen or that something is true  when it is not

You take a lie, and then you run with it to achieve a particular purpose.

No one is immune

No one and no normal person  is immune to employing a “little white lie”  once in a while,  or shading the truth a little, exaggerating to make you or your cause look better ,or to make your opposition look worse.   That’s why wise people said things like:  “Know thyself!”    And then,  that’s why Confession is there for us . . .  (unless you like to be the one who “excuses”  your own self.)

But habitual, profligate liars  is of another breed altogether.   We have so many examples today!   Note this sour press piece from the Vatican:

The pope “offered in a speech to the Weisenthal Center –   “a systematic, “connect-the-dots” thought experiment tying selfishness to anger, anger to populism, populism to hatred, and hatred to antisemitism.”

What is populism?  What do the populists want?    The Dictionary again:  populism is “politics that represents the interests and opinions of ordinary people.”   They want the equal application of law for everyone;  a level playing field that allows anyone to achieve their full potential.     They want fairness for ordinary people,  not advantages given to the political elite or the wealthy or special interest groups – to the detriment of the interests of ordinary people.

Well, I  kind of think that populism is a normal, healthy desire.   I don’t want anyone to be disadvantaged in the public arena.   Populism isn’t “hating”  anyone!

But this movement scares our World Rulers.   It scares the present-day occupant of the See of Peter because he works with our World Rulers.     And so they must malign the populists, make populism a dirty word,  populists dangerous people.  Just,  think about that.   There are powerful forces encouraging these lies, and powerful forces picking up the lies to propose hoaxes.

Who are some populists?   The Gun Rights Lobbying movement in Virginia today, for example.    Such “dangerous” people!     Executive Orders had to be invoked to protect the government from their likely violence!   You  can think of more common hoaxes:

Joe Biden, at a segregated Black church this weekend promoted and affirmed the hoax that President Trump called Nazis  “very fine people.”      No matter how many times this hoax has been debunked,  there are some people who “love not the truth …  and believe lying.”

5 ha ha colors   Two Democrat political candidates are apparently calling each other liars.  As one political cartoon said:     Bernie Sanders saying to Elizabeth Warren —  I would never call a Native American woman a liar!”


Perhaps the most troubling and maddening current hoax of all is spoken out on the “airwaves” by local news on the radio, on local TV,  on national TV –  many, many times a day:     President Trump pressured the Ukrainian president to investigate his political rival Biden and threatened to withhold (or did withhold)  American aid unless he does so.

That’s an impeachable offense!, they assert.    (It isn’t, actually)

And it didn’t happen.  None of it is true.  Each of the parts of the statement is an outright lie.    Each component is verifiably  false,  and that information is out there for anyone to see.

And the enemies of America and America’s president are perpetrating a hoax based on these  lies.   What is their end game?

Is there any punishment for these liars?   Is there any legal redress for the American people?

I don’t know.   Who controls many of the courts?   the entertainment-news media?  the education system?   the flow of information?   the flow of funds?    newspapers, TV,  social media?

Here’s another Catholic  prophecy for the End Times, from Our Lady of Good Success:  “In those days, those who should speak out will remain silent.”    You don’t  have to be Catholic to be a part of that!

I’m going to leave this world soon.    I don’t need any more on my conscience to add that to my  list of deficiencies.




.*   II Thessalonians 2:10






January 19, 2020

There are three large groups of mostly Americans this week which will be exercising their First Amendment rights.   First Amendment -good;  but not all groups are good.

I’ll help you sort out the issues that brought about one group.


The first group  is a woman’s protest march in the nation’s capital and various capitals around the country.  It looks rather nasty and emotion-based according to their signs and speeches.

The second group  is publicly lobbying the state government in Virginia to protect their Second Amendment rights.

The third group is a cleaner, gentler group that is calling attention to the tragedy of over 800,00 deaths of Americans in 2018  –  by abortion!    (Although not all states are required to report all abortions and not all types of abortions are included.)   W.H.O.  estimates 40-50 million abortions per year, worldwide.  That March For Life group will be on January 24th.


Not much  media coverage for that third group,  but lots and lots of coverage for that second group.   Here are the issues that brought it about:

1.    Our World Rulers and the Democrat Progressives in America NEED to have an unarmed population.    Otherwise control of people would be dangerous to them.

2   Recently, the voting districts in Virginia were “rearranged” in a way to give Democrats the majority vote in their state governing bodies,  including governor    (The one that escaped Democrat criticism of wearing blackface and posing next to a K*/K*/K  costume sometime in his past…)   Is redistricting for political ends fair?

3.    Newly- elected Democrats went to work issuing dozens of gun control laws, which Virginian’s rightly recognize as oppressive,   dangerous,  and abrogating their Second Amendment rights.*

4.    So the citizens of Virginia are  holding a public Lobbying Effort  – ordinary citizens, good people, concerned people, to show their opposition to the new oppressive gun laws.    The Lobbying Effort/Rally is attracting attention from concerned people around the country.

5   The Democrat Progressive left is opposing their Lobbying Efforts by  discrediting their citizens,  by lies, insinuations, exaggerations, by conflating this rally with what happened at Charlottesville – which was about taking down statues and deleting local history, not at all about gun rights.   This is a deceptive, inflammatory tactic of the Left.   Saul Alinsky would be proud.

6.   To be dramatic, the governor has issued fearful warnings about what “may” happen. He has used an executive order to strip away legal gun carrying rights of individuals, decreeing that guns  cannot be taken to the place of the lobbying efforts….because he fears, what, Charlottesville?   Which was not about guns at all.**

7.  He and the Democrat Progressives also fear White Supremacists groups…of which there are very few in America …. They are powerless, except for the supposed “power” given to them by the imaginations of the Left.   So, three White Supremacists were duly found and arrested.. their leader being an illegal immigrant from Canada .

One man the FBI arrested for his alleged involved in a white supremacist hate group is a Canadian national living illegally in the U.S.       ….
Authorities took three men — who are suspected of belonging to a neo-Nazi organization known as The Base — into custody Thursday morning, The New York Times reported. The men reportedly had weapons in their possession and considered attending a pro-gun rally in Richmond, Virginia, on Jan. 20 in the hopes of partaking in a possible race war.

Prosecutors charged all three in Maryland for numerous federal crimes. (DailyCaller)


News Sources

Anything can happen during that rally.    Anything –  because the entertainment-news media is actively trying to look for and encourage violence.

Because.    Gun.  Owners.  Are.  Violent.  People.   Dontcha know.

That is the message our World Rulers would like you to know.



*  Virginians recognize the danger,  but many Americans also understand that if the lawmakers of Virginia succeed,  these oppressive gun control laws will spread generally throughout the United States.

.**   Remember when Nancy Pelosi stood in front of a microphone and tearfully begged the Tea Party people not to harm her?



December 18, 2019

Just when you got all disgusted with the international global socialists cynical exploitation of a  young girl from Sweden  who hysterically scolded the adults of the world for ruining her planet . . .

. . .   then along comes a pretty little girl from Germany to talk some sense into that world — and to give us hope in the young people of this world.


Keann Bexte

Her name is Naomi Seibt,  but you won’t find much information on her.  She is a young spokesman for Climate Realism:  but was not allowed inside the recent convention on climate changes in Madrid.

(No dissenting voices allowed.)

Apparently you can find her on YouTube.   Who knows, some day our Rulers may allow her message to get out –  along with thousands of scientists who know the Reality of Climate Change.

Remember my posting on the Melankovitch Cycle?



March 15, 2019


Students around the world!    Don’t go to school today!!     Take action against climate change!

“Bark”  or  “Bare your teeth”    —  either way you’ll have no effect on the SUN!


We don’t know all the reasons that wolves howl under a full moon.   Maybe they don’t; maybe it only makes a dramatic picture.

cc wolf


But I think we know why the “students”  are being told to go out and bark at demonstrate against the sun.

As is repeated many times,  U.N. officials freely admit that the “climate change” idea is a great scheme to tax the industrialized (successful) nations of the world, and with the excuse of distributing that money to “needy” nations,  carbon tax money will pour into U.N.  coffers, enriching our would-be Rulers along the way.

cc redistribute

You’ve got to get this tax money flowing by first putting out the underlying propaganda that somehow cyclical changes in climate are anthropogenic;  that is,  that mankind’s activities can affect climate change.

Talk about howling at the moon!   Hah!

cc dorught   We are bombarded by falsified charts and computer projections, accompanied by highly selected and doctored photos of drought, extreme storms, wind damage, diseased and starving people, and of course that famous polar bear stuck on a piece of ice floating ever so far from shore — because he’s running out of ice — a photo carefully cropped to give elementary school children reason to cry themselves to sleep for love of the poor polar bears, as reported by the entertainment-news media.

(Have these children also been told that the polar bear population around the world is at  its highest since measurements began?) 

It is the changes in the sun that drive climate and climate change and climate catastrophes upon this planet.  *

The sun’s changes especially and immediately affect our climate.   Some of the changes are cyclical, some are random.     There are so many charts and diagrams and studies available for us to examine.

The sun affects earth’s climate changes.

Against Climate Change

Our dear youngest generation of (superannuated)  children  were told to go out into the streets today  and bark demonstrate against the sun!

cc fierce dog

Maybe they think it will help.

Our global rulers do.    Global socialists –  if you earn money,  they want it.



.*    At this present time there is a a drastic reduction in sunspots, resulting in less protection by the actions of solar wind;  but in addition we’re also experiencing  a dramatic lowering of the earth’s protective magnetosphere;  a measurable and observable warming up of the entire solar system;  and the results of our present location in  a cosmic “cloud”  full of energetic particles, adding “energy”   to our weather systems as well as probably heating up the core of the earth.

All science points to a coming ice age, although “weather swings”  will first become noticeable. 
















February 6, 2019

Chilling !   Chilling!    

My main takeaway from the State of the Union speech:

.                         (We  can  lose our country.)


(In  spite of the 76% approval of the president’s State of the Union speech,    we  can  lose our country.)



You all probably know my stance on socialism:   All aspects of our lives controlled by Central government planning — “for the good of society,”  of course.  It has never worked and never can work, no matter how earnestly and optimistically its adherents will try to make it work.

From actual experience,  socialism has always brought with it Death, in its  many unnecessary and too-early  forms and causes.   *



My Grandma’s country lived under the menace of soviet socialism, so much so that as  this tiny country capitulated more and more, a new term was invented:  Finlandization.

russo reindeer

Finland fought against soviet socialist aggression, 1939-1941 or so,  with their skis and reindeer and brave young men, full of SISU.    That’s a word I grew up with, long after that little war.

They kind of win;  it goes down as a win for Finland because Russia had to retreat at that time.  But the win brought devastating results to Finland:

russo fin

No,  not just death of soldiers and starvation to the people.
Finlandization was the result,  accommodation to socialism;  even when there was no immediate need,  Finland became a socialist country.


It would take too much time to describe today’s socialist Finland right now because I want to get to Hitler’s  girls:

hitlers girls young.

Socialism gets our children, while they’re very young. **  These are national socialist girls.

hitlers girls

Hitler’s national socialist girls,  (again the color white predominates).  They are highly-favored,  privileged,  elite,  and giddy with their power.

These are “our”  socialist girls last night:

Sor girls

When President Trump said, “We will never become a socialist country,”  they booed and hissed and rolled their eyes in disrespect.

Our Congressional elite socialist sorority girls :

sor in white

Truly, it was chilling to watch.

sor pelosiBut they have a watchful leader directing them.     It was chilling also to watch her hand signals,  directing them to do this or that,  now it’s okay to stand,  now it’s not . . .     Naked Power.

Socialism is by necessity dictatorial and tyrannical and driven by “power-over”  others,  over party members and over “enemies” of their party.


(Latest news is that the one Democrat woman who wore pink, not white,  has been severely warned . . . .   )


Growing socialism, especially propagated by the entertainment-news media script readers,  is responsible for the apparent  “divisiveness” in our country.    It’s a manufactured division;  Americans are not by nature like that — away from Washington DC,  away from the media.

(I’ve always wanted to make an appeal to my foreign readers:     what you see in our entertainment-news media,  our movies,  our so-called “popular” music — none of this represents  ordinary everyday Americans.  The elites, however,  are doing their best to stir us up.   We are fearful sometimes to even speak out -m as Americans used to do.)

As much as we like our president,  and we know there is a variety of opinions,   it was chilling to watch  where the obstinate unreasoned  mindless opposition  was coming from.    It was chilling to see their numbers  growing — I think because Americans are “nice” — and we can’t really believe it.

We’re busy doing our best,   living our ordinary lives.

Not realizing we’re losing our “ordinary lives.”

Just watch the socialist Game Plan over the  next  two years  :   Investigate.  Indict.  Impeach.

Investigate.  Indict.  Impeach.



.*   Death.  Over a hundred million  people killed by their own socialist leaders as the system is implemented,  as history has witnessed.

socialist DEATH TOLL


Death,  by increasingly lowered standard of living and unavailability of goods and products:    high prices,  high taxes,  rationing,  starvation, unattended sickness.

Death,   under “social pressure”  for the good of society:   rationing health care;   euthanasia of the unwanted,  the horror of non-voluntary euthanasia,   abortion,  and the murder of little babies in the process of being born,  or shortly after the child’s birth –

(If you are for “choice”  you ought to be able to look at the “product” of choice):

From  THIS:

sor about babies


sor save me

And, yes,  it was testified to Congress,  they DO sell baby body parts,  under socialism.

Baby Bodies




.**   I was a young schoolteacher and witnessed the incorporation of socialist teaching methods and the socialist curriculum into American public schools.   I fought it,  best I could.  At least in my own classrooms.    But it was then that I learned about the power of the socialist consensus.

Teacher training schools (also known as colleges or universities)  are fully saturated with socialist  principles.  The students graduating out of them know nothing different,  no alternative pedagogy.    The teachers today know only socialism, and they are teaching our children nothing but socialism.


March 29, 2017

WEDNESDAY:   Human laws don’t give us our freedom and dignity;  but human laws can suppress them.

It’s like we’re living in a perpetual Wednesday,   that mid work-week day that if we could just get through it,  the battle is half won – and we are encouraged to continue to work till the end of the week.

Safeguarding individual liberty and dignity:


That’s what America is supposed to be all about –  the Constitution was written in such a way so as to prevent any governing force (even our own)  from  infringing on or limiting those freedoms.    Freedoms, for instance:    We should be able to speak freely, to express our religious beliefs freely,  to assemble together freely and without suspicion (and without harassment from the IRS),  and to read and publish our thoughts freely.

Two major “humps” that we have to conquer in our perpetual Wednesday have combined together to produce a powerful totalitarian force against the God-given freedom and dignity of each human being,  you and me.

Yesterday’s post about the horrors at an airport was an example of the first totalitarian force.    Today I offer two photos and one quotation  that point to the increasing spread of  the totalitarian mindset of the second force.

Can you guess who this is?

Leila Hasik com director

Her name is Leila Hasic.    She is the new “communications”  director between Norway’s people and Islam.    That will be her appearance as she works to keep Islamic intentions “transparent.”

Guess who this is:

islamic-chaplain_to 14,000

He is Army Lt. Col. Khallid Shabazz.   As chaplain  of the Army’s 7th Infantry Division he will hold a position of leadership for American young men.   When he first  received the call to this position,  this is what he said:    “I was jumping all around like a little kid.  I was running around the office saying, al hamdulillah, al hamdulillah, praise be to (god)!”

(Oh,  yes, he was born an American himself;  but he did not know his own protestant religion,  and when he was unable to defend it to a moslem friend,  he decided he’d better convert . . . .)

Although we read many stories of violence,  killings,  rapes, knifings,  shootings,  beheadings, going on all over Europe,  it is these positions of leadership and influence that we also must observe.     Despite parental objections,  schools all over America and Europe are still teaching the children how to say moslem prayers and how to practice thinking, acting, and dressing like a moslem.    Despite parental objections . . . .

The moslems have stated – in so many words – that they are going to build a worldwide caliphate which includes, well, the world – America and Europe too.    They must first tear down and destroy evidence of European culture, and then they must teach the Europeans how to submit to Islam.

So here is a quotation that was not widely published in newspapers – at least if you read only the headlines or the first paragraph, you may have missed this:

 Recently, in Paris, an Egyptian terrorist tried to strike the great museum, the Louvre. He planned to deface the museum’s artwork, he said, because “it is a powerful symbol of French culture”.

And those symbols of French culture must be destroyed!

In America?   Wikileaks.     John Podesta’s  personal emails.    His job was to fill top government posts in the new administration:  2009-2017.      The list of candidates were almost exclusively “moslems.”     The Muslim Brotherhood now has a strong presence in top US government positions.      

The two powerful anti-freedom forces that have combined, temporarily,  have the same goal, although with different purposes.    So these are (1) Global totalitarianism which will allow no exceptions,  and (2)  the Worldwide Caliphate,  which will allow no exceptions to their rule.

They each must control every aspect of our personal lives.   And we must submit to survive.

And that’s my Wednesday observation.


October 27, 2016



Bananas.  We take them for granted.   Not everyone eats them regularly but few people really hate them.   I’ve read that they are so rich in nutrients that instead of “An apple a day . . .”  it should be  “A banana a day . . .”       Keep those doctors away with high nutrition-dense foods!


They say there used to be over a hundred varieties of bananas grown in equatorial regions — a rich “cornucopia”  of just bananas!       ( I love the little red bananas, myself.   Creamy, smooth fragrant sweetness!)


Bananas were grown in individually-owned little banana groves,  harvested,  hauled to steamers or boats,  and then shipped all over the world.

banan-bunch  When I was young,  the “bunches”  were put in large crates, transported in those crates, and then brought to our supermarkets.

Occasionally my mother would hear about or read in the newspaper about a housewife who had taken home a small bunch of bananas, only to have a tarantula-type spider crawl out of one of the bananas.   Apparently there are spiders who like to build nests in banana bunches.

To this day I am cautious about picking up a small bunch of bananas!!

(Even though I know it is nearly impossible for a spider to last today’s  packing and shipping treatments, as well as living through the chemical  fertilization and poisonous fumigations that crops have to go through today.)

Here’s where we begin to question a banana.    Banana,  what are you?   Are you descended from any bananas that used to grow in the real world?


You see, the corporate factory farms moved down to banana growing areas like Central America and discovered that if you could tinker with the DNA of a banana, you could create a very hardy and profitable banana-type fruit.   Oh, its a “banana,”   but the local people no longer own and run the banana groves, and there is no profitable reason why so many different varieties should be grown.

Questioning the corporations:

Two problems:    Today,  scientists fear that because there are so much fewer varieties of bananas in the world today,  that one bug, one virus,  one unfortunate circumstance could wipe out nearly all of our bananas – forever.    We are uncreating Creation.

Why no respect for the product you have created?

The second problem is that  very rich people associated themselves with the food corporations and then grew even richer.     Not many middle class farm owners or farm workers were left.      The rich got richer and the poor got poorer.

Of course, this was against the existing laws,  so . .  .  the laws got corrupted.  The justice system got corrupted.   The rich got richer and the poor got poorer –  and  were jailed if they protested – and tortured – and imprisoned – and killed.

Thus, a dictatorship was formed.  An oligarchy.   A tyranny.    A Banana Republic.     A Banana Republic with high rates of incarceration,  corruption and corrupt alliances between the big food and shipping corporations and  the  government figures.   The “common people”  became underpaid or unemployed,  which gave rise to increasing disease,  infant mortality,  a high death rate.

Why were the society and culture allowed to break down?   Who is left to care about the people?

No one;    no one in a position of authority.

That is a Banana Republic.   The rich make each other richer.  They are above the law.   They intimidate and persecute those who oppose them.   They break laws and no one takes them to court.   The Department of Justice is working with the corrupt officials.   The news media supports the corrupt Rulers and try to make them look good.

An election may have helped.   If the election system itself is not affected by a Banana Republic type of corruption.

Vote.   They could try to vote the corrupt people out of office.   While there’s still time.  It seems like they should have tried.




October 7, 2016

Well, in reality, a hurricane has “just happened.”

From someone who experienced the hurricane last night (my sister):    “the house shook, the roof made shifting sounds in the wind,  the glass in the windows buckled in and out, and then the power went out.”

Howling and roaring winds passed overhead in the dark over a period of many hours.

Electricity is out in many places in Melbourne right now, the day after, and traffic lights still don’t work,  but there’s no widespread damage.   It’s pretty bad if it’s your tree that fell over or your boat that was sunk,   but   in general,  things are unexpectedly better than had been anticipated.  Things will be repaired and improved, for next time.

My sister is okay, her house is okay,  her horses are okay, and her cat is okay.     A time for thanksgiving to God,  because many prayers were said, by all who knew anyone who are affected by  Hurricane Matthew.


What else just happened?   There was a “second hurricane,”  a  phantom hurricane created on television.     Now, I’m glad for the information, the minute by minute coverage, and I liked reading all the “numbers”:  wind speed, latitude and longitude,  barometric pressure, direction –  but there came a time during the night when I noticed that the “numbers”  did not quite add up to what was being described by all the entertainment-news people.

(I’ll admit to watching more than twenty hours of coverage.    I saw a lot.)

What we got from the  news people, in between the “numbers,”  was imminent death,  threats, warnings,  exhortations, badgering, and hysterical fear-mongering, actually.    “People will die.”    “Your children will die.”   “No one is going to rescue you and no one will feel sorry for you.”    You’re stupid if you don’t evacuate . . . .

Here in the Far North,  I even began to feel a little beaten down by the rhetoric.

The television people got more and more supercilious as the night went on.   Domineering.   Contemptuous.   I couldn’t believe how dictatorial the talk had become.   Finally one lesser known television talker asked an official that if someone doesn’t “evacuate”  in an evacuation zone,  could you send the police in and forcibly take them out?     Seemed like it would be “for their own good.”  For peace and tranquility in the land!

(Fortunately, the official answer was “no.”)

What was happening?    Where was this dictatorial attitude coming from?    It was a side show to the actual hurricane news.

And it was unsettling.

When did our public “servants”  develop such disapproving contempt for those of us who don’t mindlessly obey the dictates of their opinions?

Let’s be very careful during this coming election. . . .

Our independent attitude is —  deplorable!



To follow up and clarify:

It was the demanding, dictatorial, supercilious  (know-it-all)  attitude of the officials and entertainment news people that I was observing during the hurricane and that was so troubling to me.

(Of course, some people should have evacuated, many did.    Some chose not to –  they are not stupid and dumb; they assessed the situation and accepted the risk of doing what they did.      And of course the television news provided some good and useful information.)

But let’s look at another area where this growing dictatorial, bullying, attitude is becoming evident.    This is the season of the year that you “must”  shoot-yourself-up with . . .  not illegal drugs . . .   but with —  aluminum!!!      And you must inject into your body —    formaldehyde!!     And anti-freeze  (ethylene glycol or , close, propylene glycol).    How about aspartame?   Not drink it in your diet drinks,  but inject it directly into your body.   And, for Halloween –  you “must”  inject into yourself . . .  human baby cells!!    Aborted human baby cells, that is.      How about mercury, a known human toxin, as are most of the other ingredients I just mentioned.

Sound mad?   Sound insane?

Well.  But.  If you don’t,   you are “contemptible,”  “stupid,”   “dangerous,”   “ignorant,” —   and the government agency responsible for delivering these ingredients into our bodies is looking for ways to force us to do this, even when we consider all the facts, and make a personal choice to not have these things put into our bodies,  or into the bodies of our old people or our children, where they do so much harm.

As a matter of fact,   the whole ideology of “mandatory vaccines”  is a growing trend among our Rulers.     Culling the population, so to speak.     There are too many of us.

But you are free to choose to do this to yourself if you want to.      You’ll have plenty of encouragment.      You don’t want, “the flu”  do you?

As one person had asked  “Will you send the police to force us out of our homes during a hurricane?”       You ought to read what’s coming for those who do not want to do harm to our bodies – in the name of “health.”

Supercilious,  dictatorial,  anti-choice politicians.


August 15, 2016

What does Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have to do with Elvis Presley?

I suppose we’ve all heard the words coming out of the Milwaukee thugs:


Quote:   “Dey got all the money and, like, dey don’t give us none!”

(Like, the obvious thing would be to investigate this young man’s schoolteachers.   And probably fire them.)   *

Black rage is all the rage.    Rage is all the rage.    Violent overthrow of governments is all the rage.     Violent overthrow of Western culture is all the rage . . .    but let’s stick here to the United States.

Because which ever  young man said the above quote “Dey got all the money . . .” is absolutely correct in that.   Analysis after analysis shows that the middle class is being made to shrink in every Western country,  from Australia to Europe to America and Canada.  The middle class goes to work and earns salaries; and with their earned money they either make purchases and/or investments so that inventors and entrepreneurs and businesses can grow, giving the country more wealth and more material goods and more opportunity.      But with increasing difficulty.

Where did all their money go?     Remember the socialist/progressive motto from the Alinksy-ites?     “Top down,  bottom up — and squeeze out the middle!”    They are experts at doing this.   Bring the successful business owners down;    promote costly  unrest among the bottom class;  and then where does the money go that gets squeezed out of the middle class?


Even foreign newspapers are reporting on this.   The wealth of the middle class goes to the super uber elite who does the bidding of our Rulers.    George Soros  (not his real name) — who is a super elite, does the bidding of the Ruling Elite, channeling funds into various revolutionary tools like Black Rage, Black Power, Black Live Matter, the New Black Panthers.

(Who do you think will receive the so-called Carbon Tax money?)

The ruling Elite get what they pay for.


$33,000,000 is a vast sum of money, and the money is needed to promote these huge violent outbursts.     In Milwaukee,  a Black policeman shot a Black man who had a gun and refused to put it down,  and then ran off with the gun.   He died from that gunshot wound.    This is reason enough to announce that White people will be hunted down and attacked and killed and their property damaged.

So the Milwaukee thug ** got it right.   Soros and his kind DO have our money.  And it’s being used for this:



Oh, yeah —  What does Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have to do with Elvis Presley?

This is the week for big celebrations of the life of Elvis Presley in his Graceland mansion in Tennessee.  I’m not much of an Elvis fan.  Even as a teenager I recognized his role in breaking down moral values and cultural safeguards.      But he has a great voice.    An amazing amount of people of all ages visit his home every year in mid-August.

Black Lives Matter,  the New Black Panthers, etc.   plan a visit to Graceland too.  This group of experienced riot thugs plan to – in their words –  “Shut down Graceland.”  ***

The name of this group?

Coalition of Concerned Citizens

They shouldn’t  be concerned.     They’ll get their transportation money and attention and sympathy and “fame.”

My friends and readers from other countries should know:    Ordinary American citizens are under attack.   We are not racist.  You’d have trouble finding racists among ordinary American citizens.    But we are under attack BY the racists.   

Bar wavy


.*   Definitely this young man’s teachers should be held accountable, as well as the school  SYSTEM  that allowed him to leave school being uneducated, inarticulate,  and so vulnerable to propaganda that divides races . . .

But so also should we examine the media which feeds this racist violence into these young men.

And so also are the churches at fault for not teaching,  demonstrating, and requiring good moral behavior.

And so also should the incompetent parents be looked at a because they deprived their children of  the values of Western culture.     Perhaps the parents need to be helped too –  you cannot give what you do not have.    

We have a complex cultural problem here, and it would take the Will of the People and determined hard work to restore American values among large groups of “Americans.”


.**    Thug:  (definition)    Someone who is violent, especially a criminal.     The Black man who was shot in Milwaukee by the Black police officer was a criminal known to the police, and he had a long “rap sheet”  of violent crimes on his record.


.***    You can read about this here, in this article.






WORD: Rulers

March 15, 2016

The whole point of having elections is to give the impression that you believe that people are smart enough to know what they want and to know what’s good for them – in general.    If that’s true,  then you can overthrow your king.   And hold elections.

R Vote

The Word:   Rulers

I look at the heads of state,  the presiders of the various nations,  the governors, leaders –  and I see them all acting in a similar way — and generally against the welfare of the people they are governing.  Truly leading the people in  directions the people do not want to go,  in nation after nation,   with just enough finesse that the people are not stirred up into a troublesome rebellion.

So why is this happening?     Who is ruling these heads of state and presiders and governors?    No conspiracy theory, just an observation:  Something is guiding them all into a similar goal,  into a  same purpose.   I call this group our Rulers.

That’s how I use the term here in the Spruce Tunnel:  Our Rulers.

It’s not that the Rulers are powerful.  It’s that they are powerful beyond our imagining.

The Rulers are not just very, very, very rich;  not even merely billionaires.   The Rulers are rich beyond imagining.

But they richly reward those who cooperate and obey — and those who repudiate any values and virtues which would impede their will.

Two categories of examples:

Let’s compare a couple of presidents in the U.S. and their families.    The many speeches, eulogies, and personal testimonies that I heard recently regarding Nancy Reagan made me happy to have been alive in her time – she is inspiring in some ways –  and it also made me question:   Why is the only thing I had associated with her name the fact that she chose new china for White House dinners?

Seems like a trivial matter, doesn’t it?   Truly,  it was a fact that the White House china had not been replaced in about forty years, and it was getting faded and obviously old.   I’m an American.  I’d like us to present a good table for visiting dignitaries.    She selected an elegant, though modest, set of new dishes.*    It was her right and her duty as First Lady.

r china
Yet, in spite of using  her own money and I think some private money donated by friends,  the entertainment-news media were told to excoriate her for her “extravagance,”  and they led the public to believe that she had been profligate with taxpayer money.  I remember reading those “news” stories.    It was a lie, but a strongly-stated, oft-repeated lie.   I’m so sorry, Nancy Reagan, that for many years when I heard your name I saw . . .   dishes.

r gown
All over the news on this day,  I see the two daughters of another version of the presidential family wearing new $20,000 dinner gowns*  – to be worn once, to be sure.   Two daughters:   $40,000 — and paid for by our taxes.  Did you know your money bought the r gown 2dresses?

I hear of “vacations”  by this family in the half-million and million dollar ranges – for each “outing.”

Our rulers richly reward some;  and others they don’t.

Values and Virtues?    

Nancy Reagan was mocked and ridiculed for her Just Say No campaign,  which was inspired by a conversation she had with some young people who were were in the midst of the drug battle.   She asked them;  they answered:  Just Say No.   There are many grateful testimonies that the campaign worked.

You wouldn’t believe it by hearing the entertainment-news media talk about it.   Mocked and ridiculed for just saying no.   We were taught to believe that the slogan was simplistic and unrealistic.

But what if you’re the other kind of person,   what if you don’t uphold or promote such personal virtuous behavior?    The auto-biography   (so-called “auto”biography)  of the other presider is full of personal stories of drug use, from the purported “harmless”  drugs right down to cocaine use.  It’s there in his book,  shockingly.   Parties and constant drunkenness,  admitted only for his teen years.    Constant sexual activity,  with same sex partners, as reported by companions.     That’s why I’m not naming any names.   (He who has ears to hear, let him hear here!)   He says he was a mediocre student (Harvard material?)  and wonders if he could have been better.   Just Say . . . “okay.”

So I repeat:   The word “Rulers”:    Those who Rule or who are in charge,  behind the scenes.  Those who use heads of state,  governors,  presiders,   leaders of nations, and celebrities of nations to do their bidding and who richly reward and protect those who cooperate.

And generally disregard the good of the people and of their general welfare.  **

How do you know if our Rulers are getting annoyed?    They begin to throw out bad names at those who don’t “cooperate.”     Of course you are not a Nazi or a Fascist or on the Extreme Radical (Dangerous)  Right!   Of course not.    But you’ve objected. . . .

There is a lot at stake in the American election come this November.

Bar fancy line


. *  Not the actual china or dinner gowns.  (But the actual gowns are rather immodest.)

. **  Although for several thousand years it’s been studied and taught what is the welfare of the people, what is the general good,  what is good governing,  good politics,  good civil behavior for both leaders and population,  these studies have been withheld from students around the world in most  school curricula in the past few decades.

Rare is the person who has studied what made Western Civilization a great source of freedom for the individual.

Our human Dignity –  the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of (true) happiness – is God-given and can’t be “alienated” from us;  but the Freedom to express those rights can be taken away.



February 24, 2016

“When a man doesn’t see something, he cannot fear it.” (  from The Thirteenth Warrior)

“Fear precedes valor.”   (me)


You have looked through binoculars.   You know the little wheel that you turn (slowly)  to bring things into focus.

Well, it happened to me today.   I was watching my favorite movie (2nd favorite?)  this morning,  “The Thirteenth Warrior.”

Muslim and previking

I believe the western world needs a good dose of this movie – perhaps “thirteen” consecutive viewings . . . until you get it. 

As I watched,  I was thinking of the history of northern Europe,  the timeline,  and these Scandinavians in particular.

And it was like my “binoculars”  clicked into full focus on this timeline.

What pushed the wheel was the juxtaposition of this movie with three recent news* articles  concerning Sweden –  the probable location of “The Thirteenth Warrior.”

1.  One headline read:  “Swedish Police Admit That There Are 56 No-Go zones”  for them in Sweden.   Swedish police are NOT ALLOWED to go into many places in Swedish cities and towns.    (Oh,  this goes on in other European countries too . . . )

2.   Then I remembered this recent  photo:


Yes, the pre-Vikings in the movie wore “skirts” – or more properly what we’d call kilts — allows for much greater freedom — uh,  in battle, that is.   These are NOT kilts.  These are Swedish men (I think;  other northern men have imitated them recently)  – and they are showing their “solidarity”  with women.   They are marching down the street in women’s skirts and hose, in public,  while their own women are being attacked and raped – and killed  by . . . “foreigners.”      (I will spare you some of the photos)

(Doesn’t take much valor to talk and make signs.)

These “foreigners”  are the invaders who have publicly declared more than once  “YOUR WOMEN ARE OURS!”   And the northern European white men run for their . . . skirts.

3.   Headlines yesterday:   “Study shows that Swedish men will not come to the aid of a Swedish woman who is being raped.”


Now please take note:   It is true that the foreign invaders of Sweden are from southern countries and are part of the barbaric Muslims which exist today.   Therefore they feel superior to any other race or religion or society.   (But it is not their religion, necessarily, which makes them barbaric.  At the time portrayed in this movie,  the Islamic world was advancing in culture and literature and visual arts and science . . .  a little bit – until it was brought to a halt….)  —

muslim among the vikings

Now, by contrast,   the hero-narrator of “The Thirteen Warrior”   IS a Muslim, one who is cultured, refined, educated, civilized.   His intelligence and valor saves the pre-Viking society from a barbaric enemy.

Presumably these (men in skirts)  are the descendants of the Warriors in “The Thirteenth Warrior.”       Although the movie takes place in a time of around or before  800 A.D.,   the roles and functions of people within their societies have not changed.


Any man is made greater by his piety,  his patriotism,  and his valor.


So what about that Scandinavian timeline?

The pre-Viking Warriors in the movie had patriotism,  they fought for their patria – their families and lands.   They had piety;  they had a simple, unwavering faith in their gods, and knew their place before the gods.  And they certainly were brave.

The movie takes place before St. Olaf came to them.  Before St. Urhu came.  Before St.Bridget and St. Catherine,  and all the other Catholic saints were born,  named and unnamed  –  but when the Faith came,  Scandinavians were no longer the  uncivilized, barbaric  “Vikings”  of our historic imagination.

Until another king came along — and by decree took the Catholic faith away from them — well, I  know how it happened in Sweden.   This king**,  with no piety or  patriotism, preferred the   approval of Important Men of   Northern Europe to the south,    and the wealth and the status that their approval gave them.   In order to be “in league” with them, literally,  he had to give up his faith and the faith of his countrymen.

Might makes right, eh?

And so we have the devolution of society today.   Patriotism is whatever your ruler says it is.   Piety is — a troublesome idea from the past.

And valor?

Why?  Why bother?


This isn’t the end of our story, I don’t think.

It’s hard to put human nature down for long.   And human nature is made for piety, patriotism, and Valor!

.          Bar Cross in middle


*Because   the Rulers of America have given up our right to the Internet,  it may soon be illegal according to international law to link to news stories.    I will begin now, by refraining from giving you original sources.    I will “paraphrase” from personal knowledge and memory.  (56 places?  53 places?)

**Gustav Vasa    You could look up how he and his kind did this.

The word “fear” of course is the healthy, necessary fear one must have for those determined to conquer you.   But what you don’t know about the enemy,  you cannot fear.

This movie is similar to the book by Michael Crichton called Eaters of the Dead –  which in turn is inspired by Beowulf, which informed the character of Europeans for many, many centuries.

We have apparently forgotten . . . much.



February 3, 2016

This is a  serious post,  with a little self-mockery first.   Serious, I say!!   It’s also a serious matter related to but larger than the American elections.

I am apparently more than what I seem to be.   (As are we all. )    As a matter of fact, I learned this again today during a meeting with my financial advisers, who are very competently managing some of Hubbie’s funds for me.  They’ve done well for us and so far our funds have out-performed the market.

Pie 65

But they check with me from time to time to inform me what their plans for these funds are, get my approval, and then we have time to talk about general economic issues.   That’s when I learned that I’m thinking in macro terms, they told me, whereas it’s their job to think,  well,  more locally, so to speak.   They’re thinking of the performance of my specific portfolio,  not in terms of world currency dislocations, or IMF policy, or the coming world debt bubble collapse, or my current favorite indicator:  the  Baltic Dry Index.  We have good conversations,  and they forget for a time that I’m not a professional.

But I have a right to be there, in their office.   Macro or not.

rollerblades 75      And then, speaking of a “right to be there,”  sometimes I sweep into our local “Puck n Pedal”  shop with my Rollerblades,  demanding that my ‘blades be fixed or the worn-out wheels be replaced – right away.   It takes a few moments for the young men to realize that the little ol’ lady standing in front of them wants her Rollerblades back right away!

But I have a right to be there in their little store.   I have Rollerblades, not a cane.

whip 75    Sometimes in my classes,  I illustrate a point by making reference to something that they don’t immediately think I have any experience with.   I recently referred to a good article on Hugh Glass (the real man behind the Revenant movie)  that I had read in the latest issue of my Cowboy magazine.   I didn’t have time to copy down the paragraph, so I brought the whole magazine in.   The evidence was irrefutable.    “She really does like cowboy stuff.”  

But in  spite of  being a midwestern suburbanite who grew up in a large city, and appearing to be calm and quiet (I think?),   I have a right to enjoy the rowdy, active, masculine world of the true Western cowboy,  right?

So it’s about  the right to exist, as a person,  who you are, in all your complexity.

You too have many funny little seemingly contradictory complex points of your life that you enjoy.

You have a right to be who you are.

God made you to be a unique individual with your specific set of characteristics and preferences for a reason.

So here’s the serious part.   I was reading some historical-fiction books on the aftermath of the Battle of Hastings, a bloody time just made for young warriors who could put down uprisings and rebellions –  in the 11th century.    Some of the action took place in an area they named as  ” . . . (well, see name in poster below)

And then I remembered I had just read an article in a European newspaper about the very same small town of (name in poster below)  and its probable soon demise.   Here are some residents:


E children.jpg

They live there with their parents, and some other English families, maybe 200 or so  people in all.   Small village.    I’m sure they are typical and normal people with lives full of complex desires, dreams,  and characteristics – like you and I have.

So my question again:  Do they have a right to exist?

The World Rulers think not — not quite.

Without  acknowledging the consequences,  the people of (this little village)  were suddenly given this announcement:

E poster.jpg

There are no “facilities”  at this village’s  “concourse.”   They have no room for 200 newcomers on top of  the population that is already there.   There is no money.  No housing.   And the people  here have no recourse, no way to protect themselves nor their way of life,   the “200 men of unknown origin”  being, of course,  islamic men from Africa.   Of warrior age,  just like these childrens’ ancestors who protected their land.

Do those lovely little children of   (this village)   have the wrong color of skin?  The wrong religion?

Do they not have a right to exist – as they are?

Does this old historic area of English people have no right to continue on?

Or do we just kick them out and ruin their little village —


Do people who look like them have no right to be who they are?


There plight is small.   But this is going on all over European and European-derived nations.

You should know.






January 8, 2016

This will be about fur — in a minute.

But first . . .      Remember Zero, in Beetle Bailey’s unit?

Zero's smart

So . . . ?

Is he not correct?    Zero can read the same words as the rest of us and come to a conclusion that makes sense to him.    How long would it take for his friends to explain . . .   oh, never mind.

It would take lots of effort!  And a lot of words!

And words can be a problem too!



I suspect every language has its funny moments.    And sometimes we enjoy the fun:


(This is a common American children’s game.  The children sit in a circle while another child,   let’s say it’s you,   walks around the outside of the circle, patting each child on the head, while saying “Duck.”        “Duck, duck, duck, duck duck …”  until you decide  to pat someone on the head,  saying “GOOSE!”  and that someone has to get up a chase you around the circle and you LOSE unless you get back to that recently vacated space in the circle…..      My children in class  used to love this game!)

But  had had had had duck duck goose are words in our language and words are just about all we have to communicate with each other.

And even, in Zero’s case,  when we hear the same words,  we may not be seeing the whole picture  — or the complete story.

Words fail us.  Words escape us.  Last Sunday a friend of mine absolutely ruined the first quarter of the Bears game for me.

I had worn this scarf to church:


I wore it with a black coat,  but she saw it and liked it — and then asked the “fatal”  question:  “What kind of fur is that?”

Uh. . . .  I know what store I bought it from.   I liked the feel of it.   It felt very warm.   It was pretty.   It was affordable.    It seems uncharacteristic of me,  but all those little details were enough for me at the time.   I bought it!    I still enjoy it.

I stumbled around for an answer for my friend, and all I could come up with is:   It’s not  … rabbit.    It’s not …ocelot.   Its . .   It’s ….   It’s like that fur trim around the robe of Ol’ King Cole ….   That mystified her.    She probably didn’t even have the same storybook that I had had as a child!     I told her I’d find out.

an ermine weasel

Half way home in the car I blurted out to myself:  “It’s ermine!”

So when I got home and right on through some of the Game,  I was at the Internet trying to find out what kind of fur this was.   The only thing I found out is that it’s unlikely it’s ermine.


Rabbit?    Wrong feel to it.   Snow Leopard?   Well, I bought it from a Scandinavian store, and as far as I know,  there are no snow leopards in Scandinavia.

Well, I know it’s faux fur, of course.  All the good furs come from endangered species.    I just can’t get the right “word.”

So maybe,   like Zero in the cartoon,  I can make up a story that makes sense to me.

bar dissolve er

There’s a serious point to all this mildly humorous stuff.

Zero liked his own answer, and his friends would have had to work hard to give him a whole new understanding, a whole new paradigm of his world.  And I could explain to myself that since my scarf really is only fake fur,   they could make it look like anything they wanted to and even if it had been sold at a genuine Scandinavian store,  that doesn’t mean it has to be from a genuine Scandinavian animal.   Scandinavian fake animal.    But I don’t want to think that.

I read a serious essay today about Liberalism.   It’s hard for me to figure out why all their good words and good intentions lead to such disastrous results for human beings.     Freedom?    Inclusiveness?   Tolerance?   Ecumenism?  Equality?   Sustainability?   Affordable?   Fair?   Unity?    Mercy?    Safety?   Collegiality?   Democracy?

All those good words that are used as cudgels against us.     Why do they always turn out to mean the opposite of the plain meaning of those words?

The essay I read explained.    “The Girondins always prepare the way for the Jacobins.”   (Has the knowledge of history been withheld from you in government schools?)    Try this, then:   “And the Mensheviks prepare the way for the Bolsheviks.”       (Same thing, but much closer to our experience.)

If you don’t know what these words reference,  then you stand a near 100% chance of being victimized in the near future . . .   and because you are victimized,  so I will be too, even though I know our history.

The Jacobins and the Bolsheviks and the Progressives and the Gramschi-ites and the Liberals and the Socialists and the Democrats (so-called in America)  all have one method in common:     They all use words and slogans  that mean one thing to us but quite another thing to them.    And they ALL have to violate the meaning of their words by doing the opposite of their stated values,  because that’s the only way they can make events work for them.

And “them”  –  they — are now our Rulers.

If we don’t know our history and we are not wise,  then we are no smarter than Zero.   If we know our history and understand but we do nothing,  we are no more effective than Zero’s good friends.

We can tell ourselves whatever story makes sense to us — while the robbers go on and do their work.

Races have to be treated unequally in the name of equality.    Affordable healthcare is highly unaffordable to  everyone who needs a doctor.   People are taught to  be intolerant in the name of tolerance.   Our Rulers have to force us  to do things or not do things   to produce their version of freedom.

And now we must hide Truth and Danger in the name of “mercy.”

And we must destroy ourselves to be fair to others . . .

Sustainable sustains nothing and nobody.

Et cetera.



November 12, 2015

Finally what most have known:    the truth that “dare not speak its  name.”  

Eyewitnesses.   Childhood companions.     Chicagoans who know him.   Fellow members of his gay bath houses.   The “underclass”  of society.    International diplomats know.    And news readers everywhere.

Will we be strong enough to neutralize the ridicule and deception of the mainstream news-entertainment media?   Are we to continue to be ruled by their intimidation?   Will America continue to choose to be hoaxed?

On the cover of this disgraceful magazine,  they acknowledge their own:


2,800 years ago, people knew that wars,  economic failure, and weak leaders are all a punishment for a nation’s collective immorality.

One writer from those times said that God would remove from the nation the leaders who are  experienced,  wise,  strong, valiant, and men of good judgment.   In their place would be . . .  Well,  read his words:

And I will give children to be their princes, and the effeminate shall rule over them.   And the people shall rush one upon another, and every man against his neighbour: the child shall make it tumult against the ancient, and the base against the honourable.

That’s the prophet Isaiah,  in his book,  chapter 3,  verses 4 and 5.   As a matter of fact,   he starts off his book by saying  “Even the ox and ass know who their master is,”  unlike the people who don’t know their own God.     Think of that when you choose Christmas cards this year.   Why is there an ox and an ass in manger scenes?

Because those two animals are honored for being smarter than a lot of nations who reject God’s good and masterful  leadership.

And look who we’ve got in positions of leadership in this country.