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July 8, 2018


A story of motion,  of moving,  of constant movement . . . . a journey.


I guess I really did need that ambulance ride last week.  I guess my body really was bad off for a while.    It’s still reverberating with the physical stress, and I’m not quite in command of the way my body is acting.    Yet.

So —   “cosmic considerations”  are very much in  order.    Part of achieving good health is  proper, targeted,  strong,  even intense meditation.    (Sounds like a battle zone.)


So I’m doing that.    I wake up to this scene in the mornings.    Blue summer sky behind deep green trees, lit up by the silvery light of the sun.     (I can’t tell right now if the colors in the photo are as vivid as I see them  because it’s nighttime and the Blue Light Filter is “On” on my screen. )

I don’t have to get up right away.  It’s a good time to think and pray and . . .  meditate, inspired by the blue  green, and silver lights.    Natural colors.

And perhaps inspired by all the space and cosmos programs I watched while at Son’s house recently,     I  imagine   Movement.   That little hole in the middle of the photo is a glimpse of the sky above,  the  heavens.

I imagine myself moving up towards that patch of blue,  higher and higher into the heavens.     If you go high enough, into the blue,  you will reach the uppermost part of our atmosphere, and it will eventually turn darker and then black,  about the level of the ISS.

Those blue heavens will have become a deep velvety black and you’ll begin to see the stars.    Still moving upwards and outwards,  the stars will take on distinctive colors and sizes.

If you   keep  moving   out,  you may be lucky enough to graze past some of our beautiful planets, all so real and “alive” with patterns and colors . . . .

Stars,  then  nebulae,  beautifully lit clouds of gases,  colors and light,    galaxies.

Still moving on outwards, your spirit passes unnamed, undiscovered objects and shapes and “colors.”

And then — far enough away from our home planet —  it seems as though your spirit loses hold of its connection to Earth,  the connection is stretched and thins out, and still you move . . .  approaching the boundary into the spiritual realm.

You can leave the physical behind,  and perceive glorious and beautiful powerful intelligences there,   surrounding the Source of Love and Beauty and Goodness.   You can begin to see the Holiness of Heaven.

Intuition tells you this is a place of pure Holiness.

Angels and archangels are there.   Cherubim.  Seraphim.    The Mother of God is there.  A multitude of (human)  saints,  named and unnamed.   Life and the Source of Life that cares deeply for all other  life in the universe,  including you.

You can go no further.   You perceive  the Creator is there,   the Maker and Sustainer of all things;   you can feel  your neediness and you can make your petitions there,  you can ask for help,  and health,  and above all,  you can ask for Mercy.

At that point,  you know deeply that Mercy is the only thing you need.   Ask for the little things like help and health —  but in the end it is Mercy that you know  your soul needs.

Petitions made,  you can begin a retreat, back to Earth where you belong for a little while more.    Back down through the beautiful cosmos,  down through Earth’s heavens,  down to  Earth.

And you will understand with St. Augustine who wrote so long ago that “Every beautiful thing is meant to draw you to Heaven”   from which Mankind’s Redeemer came so that heaven can be our true and everlasting Home.

Every beautiful thing.

Marble Caves of Patagonia

Blue marble caves of Patagonia


I cannot travel anymore.   For the time being it would mean the formation of more blood clots.

But we  don’t need to travel.   We don’t really even need the Internet.

We just need to look around us.    We can look up  into the morning sky as we wake up,  or  look around as we water our lawns,  or see things as we take a walk.   There is Beauty all around us —

— and we can go traveling upward.










May 29, 2018

The human mind is capable of seeking out nearly to infinity and nearly to eternity.     I’ve got a full range today,  a full plate.

From Far and Large,  it’s the full moon tonight,   the Full Flower Moon as it’s called in May:

full flower moon

Spring flowers are very much in bloom, I guess,  but people often report that this moon is pinkish-gold when it rises;  very pretty.

Astrologers and New Agers, and “Supernaturalists” have much to say about what this Full Flower Moon portends,  kind of like man’s small mind trying to add on to the immensity of Nature.   I say,  let each man drink in the beauty of a full moon and, if you give it time,  your own personal meaning will come — if only that God’s created world is just so pleasurable!

However,  a little less “Far”  and a little less “Large,”  there were people in Israel tonight who noticed the moon rose quite reddish and then turned to gold for a long time.   Apart from the astrologers excitement over Mars being stationery tonight   (i.e.,  Mars, the god of war in a fixed position over earth) ,   usually blood red moons portend war.


Indeed,  Israel tonight,  while that moon shone golden,  was hit by fifty rocket-launched missiles from the M o  s l e m  world.    Fifty!     So far.     Families,  men, women, and children,  are the targets of enemy rockets tonight.

I hope while our attention is on making peace in Asia,  we don’t forget that there is a war building in the Middle East.

Coming closer to home,  not too Far and not really that Large,   our area seems to be Ground Zero for Tropical Storm  Alberto tomorrow.   Sometimes those tropical storms do travel quite far north!

weather map

So,  rain and thunderstorms,  but not too much a chance for tornadoes, according to our weatherman.   We’re safe.

Hope it stays that way because for the next few days I’ll be busy planning and packing and cleaning and doing all those things that you do when you get ready for a long road trip —  right smack into Florida.   It’d be nice if they stop these “tropical storms”  for a while.

Hope I can keep an ear open to weather reports.   I keep a little transistor radio in my hand all night long — lots of interesting things on at night!  —    but  according to our Spaceweatherman,  we’re going to be hit by a little solar storm in a couple days.


Well,  not quite that big of an explosion on the sun this time,  but the solar wind that we’ll be getting is enough to send a lot of static into  radios!

And that brings me back out to the solar system,  really Far and really Large,  and all the way down,  right into my nearby little radio,  my little life.

Little lives in a huge universe.    Our minds can reach out into so much more than our own physical surroundings.

Deo gratias!






April 4, 2018

Next time  . . .   in the sky.

Once again the Media got us  all excited about what  could have been.  Here in the Far North we were told there was a good likelihood that we’d see the burning Chinese satellite come raining down on us.     Our state was even named!

China Space


To be fair,  the closer the deadline came,  the more it was admitted that it could fall ANYWHERE in the world,  between 43 north latitude and 43 south latitude!!   That’s a lot of . . .  latitude!   Nevertheless, our local news  reported that our governor had emergency measures set in place should we receive the Chinese  “junk” from the sky.

Son and I duly participated in tracking the satellite:


We kept coming back to the computer screen to watch the latitude, longitude,  azimuth,  altitude,  period,   position, and speed of the satellite.     Then finally  the screen showed Entry . . .  Splashdown was announced, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

Not us.

But still the numbers on the screen kept changing.   Entry again.   And again.     And again . . .   I’m thinking the telemetry was on some kind of automatic repeating loop.     I’ll never know why the numbers were still changing – even into the next day!

Well, it was fun for a few hours.


This is an imagined picture of our planet from further out in space.     It’s not a “beautiful blue marble” anymore.   Each of those white dots shows artificial satellites that we earthlings have put into orbit around us.   Depending upon which country,   some 70% to 80%  is just junk,  obsolete, non-functioning satellites.

We’ll all have another chance to watch falling satellites.   We’ll have fun again, taking part in something of worldwide interest.



March 13, 2018

We can be so grateful that we have equipment today that can show us photos of the actual surface of the sun,  writhing with its brilliant surface plasma gases.

It’s a beauty, all of its own kind.

And the sun gives us beautiful, spectacular sunsets and sunrises that take our breath away sometimes.

The sun and the moon give us familiar sights of great Beauty.

Moon on Pond 370

(That’s the full moon over my pond in the middle of the night.)   No wonder I have insomnia some nights!

Rarely we can see beautiful unfamiliar light oddities:

Ice Pillars blue

These are ice pillars, an interplay of light and ice crystals in the air.

They come in many colors.

Ice Pillars yellow

Ice Pillars can even be seen in cities.

Ice Pillars

(I think this was somewhere in the Far East.)

Of course, leaving the world of spiritual beauty,  in the natural world the sun and moon mark out the seasons for us, and the sun controls our weather and our climate.   During certain periods of time the sun is very quiet, a “minimum” of sunspots.  That has led in the past to periods of very cold temperatures for many human generations.

Mini Ice Ages  and Ice Ages.

Here is the sun this month:

Blank sun

Absolutely no sunspots.   For the past couple of decades we’ve had long strings of days with no sunspots, and these periods of a blank sun have been increasing.    Astronomers know what this means:     Colder temperatures in the solar system,   including planet Earth.

So,  close your wallets!!!     There’s no need to give your money to  United Nations Climate Schemes!        As we all really know, carbon dioxide is “plant food”  and not a “pollutant.”

No need to pay ruinous carbon taxes!

No need to go tilting after windmills!

Our planet is full of abiotic gases and oil that apparently renew themselves and  will fill our energy needs with clean-energy technology!

I see even the venerable old Scientific American magazine is backing away  from then Climate Change story.     Good!  I used to like to read their articles!

Enjoy science!!!!!





December 12, 2017

Nah, I just wrote the title that way because it’s the name of a song . . .   Really:  Do you believe in the supernatural?    That would be the name of this little story,  for you.

a rose

Is there really a supernatural, a God, a Heaven,  saints, a spiritual dimension alongside ours?

Think  about a “painting”  of a beautiful young pregnant Lady which was so well done and detailed that scientists who use a microscope can see the reflection of three or four men in the room looking at her — in the pupils of her eyes!!!



How about the beautiful blue robe that Lady is wearing had been “painted” with stars on it, showing the accurate position of stars and constellations right above the location of that painting — almost five hundred years ago.



How about that “painting”  showing up in a place in Central America that just happened to contain all the icons and symbols and colors and elements of the pagan religion of the area – being trodden under foot by that Lady.

How about that “painting”  was done on some cactus plant fibers that crumble and disintegrate after ten or so years, at the most,  but somehow still fresh and new-looking after almost five centuries.

How about a bomb that  detonated in the building where this “painting”  is kept out in the open, no protection –  and the bomb blast broke windows and benches and walls around it,  but there was no damage at all to this portrait of the young pregnant Lady,  nor was there sign of scorching or smoke on it.

And how about a “painting”  that shows no sign of paint or vegetable dye or any other known way of putting color on fibers that today’s forensic scientists can discover, and yet the color looks fresh and new and seems to float somehow just above the cactus fibers.

That is supernatural.

Today is December 12th, the day the Church reminds us to think about this cactus fiber tilma  (like a poncho)  that belonged to Juan Diego in the 1530s who spoke with the young Lady in the portrait, and who told him to go to his bishop and tell him to build a chapel there where the young Lady appeared.

Of course this peasant man was not believed by the bishop!

But that winter day he went back to the place where he saw her a couple times, and was amazed to see roses growing on the hillside.   He took it as a sign . . .  he picked the abundant fresh and beautiful roses,  made a sort of pouch or apron out of the tilma he was wearing . . .  and carried the roses to the bishop.

“See?”   he was going to say.  “See –  these are roses blooming in the winter, out of season, so something special did really happen  –“

OLG and crescent

But the bishop and his assistants weren’t listening.  They were staring in awe at the tilma that Juan Diego had opened up for them, and what they saw was this beautiful picture of the young pregnant Lady, whom the church officials recognize as Our Lady,  the Virgin Mary, so beautiful, so well-portrayed,  so full of information about Church teaching and about the local Mexican culture.

And the amazed Church officials dropped to their knees, knowing who it was they were looking at.

True story?

Of course.

No doubts,  because you can travel down to Mexico City,  and you can view the actual tilma owned by Juan Diego with the wondrous image of Our Lady,  and displayed for almost five  hundred years.     It’s there.  It really exists.


If you’re a scientist of some sort, you can get permission to perform yet more tests  on it;  but you will not find any explanation for the portrait.

Or you can read books about some of the scientific findings on this miraculous tilma.

December 12th,  Our Lady of Guadalupe, a word that sounds almost identical to the early Mexican-Aztec language for “slayer of the  serpent god.”   The pagan winged serpent.  the one that will be once and for all finally crushed by the heel of Our Lady through her Son,  Jesus Christ, along with that crescent moon god symbol under her feet.    Hmmmm.



WETWARE DENIED (speculation)

August 2, 2017

“Wetware.”      That’s you.  And me.

It’s a derogatory and condescending term for humans in their relationship to  computer intelligence.  Not just in science fiction,  but tech experts in real life suspect we do not have the advantage when it comes to entering the Cyber World,  not even when we are just using our computers for trivial  web surfing or Facebook.    (More about that in the next post.)

It’s  Wetware versus Software.   Well,  “Software”  versus Wetware, because for a long time – and several decades is a “long time”  for humans —  for a long time we didn’t even know there was a “versus”  going on.

We thought we were in control.  Look how much we’ve achieved!!!!    —

Here is a closeup photo of Pluto –

Pluto early mornng

That’s from our New Horizons space ship  (space probe) flying over the early morning side of Pluto.

Close-up of the topography on  Pluto:

Pluto contrast


Daytime on  Pluto:

Pluto by day

Pluto is so far away  that you can’t see it  from Earth.    Not even with your backyard telescope.     From Earth’s  largest telescopes it looks like a distant and tiny “ice” planet.

As the New horizons space probe began to leave,  we can see that there is ice covering a large portion of Pluto.

Pluto Polar

This was only a flyby.  We wont be seeing more new pictures anytime soon.   New Horizons is off and away to the Kuiper Belt, where there is an interesting object that the astronomers want to check out.    It will keep on going then,  and I”d be interested to  know if it could ever leave the heliosphere – there is some doubt –  but I may not be on this planet anymore by the time we find that out.

At least they’re calling Pluto a planet again.   Percival Lowell would be pleased.  (My visit to his observatory,  here.)

Apart from being a fan of Percival Lowell and happy that we’re able to see Pluto,  discovered by his observatory in Arizona,  these photos of Pluto raise  some worrisome questions.

In the 1960s the whole world watched as the Soviet Union and The United States (apparently)  developed space programs,  apparently capable of putting humans into orbit,  and eventually putting men on the moon.  Apparently.

The whole world watched and applauded and felt proud of our apparent travels into space.

The sky’s the limit?  The whole Solar System is our limit!!  Maybe other solar systems!!!

Only – it isn’t.      Suddenly everything came to a halt.   Space travel was dropped.  It’s like the American pioneers in their covered wagons  went as far as the Mississippi River once  — and then never went back again.

The “sky” was not our limit.    400 or 500 miles above earth is our limit.

It seems we can “look”  (with our space probes)  but we cannot “touch.”

And so, why?

Why were the Wetware stopped?

We thought we were in control.













July 30, 2017

Westward,  ho!!!   On the trail of Quetzacoatlus,  the winged . . .  serpenty thing.



I know I should say that  the greatest “draw”  for me as I prepare my westward journey is my grandson, Cooper.    And my daughter.  And my son-in-law.    But . . .   I know me.

There’s another:


It is one of the most exciting and recent fossil discoveries!!!  This fossil shows us the skin, the ridges, the scales, and the feathers of a nodosaur, a reptilian-serpenty thing..

I’ll show you the head in a minute,  but, first, a few comments — and I’m gong to be very, very sketchy and abbreviated in my words.  You’ve either speculated on this stuff, or you haven’t.

Here’s another view of the Quetzacoatlus:

quetz atlus

They’re winged,  they’re  feathered (more feathers than this artist gave them) , and they  perhaps fly.

The Native peoples of Mexico await the return of the Winged Serpent, whom they call Quetzacoatl.    Snouted, not beaked.  (Taxonomers seem not to care.)

quetz in stone

Interaction with human beings.    Forbidden interaction.

quetx in curves

Who is that Nachosh spoken of in the Bible;  that Shining One;  that Reptilian-Serpent Thing that interacted with the first humans in their protective Garden?

qu shining

Forbidden.     Deadly.

Quetxacoatl again –  (also known as the head of a nodosaur)  —

nodosaur head

What are these things and when did they live –   and what is this . . .  interaction?   It was a time not made for human beings.      But forbidden spiritual interaction is not my point today.    And there’s plenty of evidence for the physical interaction of humans and “dinosaurs”  depicted in artwork:  pictures,  objects (like ancient little toy dinosaurs),  and in weaving and sculpture.   But that’s not my point today either.

It’s this —  Fossils and Footprints!

Man n Din


That’s a MAN  lying in a dinosaur FOOTPRINT!   The silhouette of the dinosaur is below the photo, and the silhouette of the man is that teeny thing under the tail!

More three-toes dinosaurs,  smaller ones:

hand in print

One time I was in Carson City NV with Cooper,  in the dinosaur display room in a children’s museum.     At two and a half years old,  I wasn’t sure if he understood why I was so excited about seeing the display of three large dinosaur footprints.    He didn’t say much,  but he walked away,  came back with three little plastic toy dinosaurs,  and he placed one toy dinosaur in each footprint.

He got it.

So, yes,  “westward”   —  into dinosaur country.   I’ve got my  route planned from museum to museum!



Here’s a footnote to the Michael Crichton book I wrote about yesterday,  just to be honest:   The main character about whom the story is told —  didn’t exist, much to my surprise.   The   minor characters who were paleontologists did exist:  Professors Cope and Marsh —  and, of course,  Wyatt and Morgan Earp and assorted famous outlaws.

The places in the book Dragon Teeth  really exist too.  I’ve been to many of them, and reading this book was like having a movie played before my eyes.

Reading and living!

I’d like more of both,  God willing.



.*   To enjoy some quite plausible speculation,  you can’t do better than the series called “West of Eden.”   (Although I suspect modern “environmentalists”  would not be on the side of the humans.”    It’s a clear clash of technologies.)



June 1, 2017

After today’s announcement about our country’s non-participation in the Paris Accords,  I see there has been a lot of hysterical,  illogical,  non-scientific pronouncements coming out of Mainstream Media,  Social Media,  and Hollywood actors and actresses.

I trust  there are many among us with love for our planet,  love for our country  (The United States of America),  a love for science and invention,  and a can-do attitude.    Therefore,  I give you,  the up-and-coming generation,  THREE WORDS:

Zero.   Point.   Energy.




Zero.  Point.  Energy.   (it goes by other names and there are variations)



  1.    It’s all around you;  you just have to find a clever  way to get it.


2.   It’s challenging, dangerous work;  don’t get killed.


3.    “Fossil” Fuels  are not made from “fossils.”    The planet isn’t about to run out of  smooshed dinosaurs – and there is no such thing as peak oil.  Therefore,  you have plenty of time for this project.


4.   “Solar power”  and “wind power”  require more electricity  (generated from coal, etc.)   to create its electricity  than what these techniques can  even generate.      So far.    It may take a very long time to make this technology viable.


5.   It will soon become apparent to all just how lethal nuclear power plants are.   It is the most deadly way humans have ever invented in order to simply boil water and generate steam.


The three words:  Zero Point Energy.    The old-timers will laugh at you;    but you will be on a righteous mission and you’ll save the planet.

Just keep your newly discovered technology:  Open Source!





March 21, 2017

Okay,   this might be my last post title that sounds like a command.)

I returned  again this year on a  March cold-almost-spring day to  where —

1.5 Trees with pails 350

—   to where  buckets hang from trees.

Sugar maple trees, specifically.

I’ve been writing lately about the importance of doing something new or different,  but really,  sometimes you should just go out and do something that you’ve done before!  You know,  been there, done that.    It  might be worth a repeat effort  too.

I was very surprised to meet Son and his friend there at the arboretum  – they were busy at one point drilling a hole in a tree:

4.5 Son and Friend drilling 300

That gives the sap a place to run out.

5 spout

And, yes,  we all tasted the drops.

6 sap licking

Sweet in a gentle, diluted way –  but sweet.   Like rainwater with a grain of sugar.

And we watched exactly how the Indians made maple syrup, collecting the sap,  hollowing out long half-logs with burning coals,

mani hot stones

and making birch bark baskets,  boiling the sap . . .

8 Boiling syrup 220

I’ve seen all this before because I’ve been here before.

I was glad to do it again.   I was glad to learn all this again.  A few old facts stuck out in my mind differently this time.      Like,  I knew the North American Indians — in the northern part of North America, that is —  were the first and only nations to develop the method of making maple syrup –  but, wow!   That’s  big.    I’m glad they did.


  I’m glad someone did!

Now,  there is a lot to see in  the arboretum where these sugar maples grow and where the demonstrations were held,   but,  since I’ve “been there, done that,”  I’ve also posted it all before.

It’s worth a click:       CLICK!

And then for the   “Native” American lesson,  there’s more to see:       CLICK!


Or you can find some place to drive to your own maple syrup demonstration if you live near a nice, fresh sugar maple grove outdoors on a cool spring day . . .


thicker than


Maple Syrup!        Mmmmmmm.       So important!











March 17, 2017

I had a “free” day today,  courtesy of The Weather Channel (TWC).


All day yesterday,  The Weather Channel told us here, locally, breathlessly,  that we were going to get a storm today:  1 – 3 inches of snow,  mixed with freezing rain and then wet snow alternating with rain.


Not much snowfall, but the roads could be really slippery.    Felt sorry for the St. Patrick’s Day party-goers, of which we have many in this college town.

By evening,  the ladies in my Friday morning class decided that it wouldn’t be a good idea to drive on those roads today, and since we’re not mandated to have any specific number of classes,  it was fine with me if we canceled the class today.    Got some “free”  hours to use today.

I love a good storm;  I love a day off!    But I really should have remembered the changes that  the people at NOAA,  the National Weather Service,   and any other weather news source has undergone in the past few years.  “This is crazy weather!”   “We’ve never seen such extremes!”    “Records highs  (or lows)  every day!”    “The storms are getting more violent!”

So many times predictions and descriptions of weather have turned out to be hysteria and hype.   People are beginning to be annoyed and to comment about this.

Well, why has this happened?  Why all these exaggerations?     Why is our weather “out of control”?       “Yikes!”        It’s  . . .

twc earth

         . . .    C  l  i  m  a  t  e      C  h  a  n  g   e    !!

Gosh.    It’s not even funny anymore.    TWC  has been told to report the weather in such a way that the viewers will believe  “something”  is going on.

The problem is that the globalists who need to promote climate change, in order to develop their massive transfer of wealth out of First World Nations into their hands,  are deliberately using faulty computer modeling  rather than actual  empirical  (measured)  data.    GIGO –  put in “Garbage”  info,  your computer will spit out “Garbage” results.   And that’s why their  computer modeling data does not match the real world.

More than one UN official has stated the truth:

twc poster

I love these beauties from Antarctica:

twc ice core

20, 30, 40 feet long  ice cores that hold the actual record of evidences of past earth climates changes.        It’s actual physical evidence from the real world.

twc temp lower atmos

Take a deep breath, Weather Channel.     This is a chart of the average temperature of earth’s lower atmosphere  (where we live)  for the past 400,000 years –  and it’s based upon a  study of those ice cores.   (Read right to left.)    Looks like our warming sort of peaked out a while ago.

The actual weather today?   The “storm”  came about ten hours late,  and we got maybe a half inch of snow.   We had some  “thunder snow” — that was fun —  and then a little rain,  but nothing that would keep you off the road.

I think I’ll stick to my cute little Weather Widget on my computer’s bottom right corner:


I click a tiny green circle and up pops this 6X6 window with our current radar.    Just a quick peek at what’s out there and which way it’s moving.

Probably won’t be missing any more classes.

And meanwhile,  I’ll  just wait for the grown-ups and the scientists to return  to TWC.


February 21, 2017

“True Science is whimsy.”


There was a young lady named bright
Whose speed was much faster than light.
She set out one day
In a relative way
And returned the previous night.

Science is whimsy,  for God made the world out of Love and Joy!    It is the serious pudding-faced “science practitioners”  of our day who put a heavy weight to science –  and dare you to disagree!

If you cannot find fun and admiration and joy and gratitude in the science you know,  then you have not done science at all!


I took my studying 0utdoors today –  it was 61 degrees, for goodness’ sakes!!!    That’s a pretty warm February day here in the Far North!   I did my work right in the middle of nature with the sounds of many seriously happy birds, the  water in the  creek  babbling over the rocks,   and the wind soothing itself through the trees.

So enjoyable,  this science of  meteorology.

Speaking of which,   WHERE IS MY GRANDSON AGAIN?


White-out in the High Sierras

Cooper lives in the Sierra Nevadas where they’ve had  five feet of snow one week, six feet the next, five feet again the next week,  and one time it was eight to ten feet.   Today and yesterday they are having a three to five feet snowfall –   not so much –  but the wind gusts  nearby were measured at  199 m.p.h. (Alpine Meadows)  and 193 m.p.h.  (Squaw Summit.)   Fascinating.      Intimidating.       My son-in-law works up there at times!

Haven’t received any recent photos of Cooper.    Probably don’t have cell phone service again.  Or electricity.

I think they could use a little science and technology help out there.


Science is delightfully beautiful but it’s probably not a good time to teach Cooper that “each little snowflake has six points and each one is different from every other snowflake   . . .”  They’re not seeing  “flakes” out there.

Amazingly,   the world is so big and man and his dwelling places are so tiny,   that  Cooper can have his blizzard way over there and I can have my heatwave way over here.

Looks like the Pacific Ocean has been having an unexplained heatwave of its own.


They call it “the Blob”  sitting alongside our West Coast,   a large heat anomaly.  It’s been there for a couple years, but science hasn’t figured it out yet.

It’s still a mystery to wonder at.

And then there is  “gorgeous”   on an ordinary day:


Do you know what that column of sunlight is called?   Do you know what causes it?

Just driving along one evening   —     all of a sudden,  the sun shoots out a pillar of brilliant golden light.

It was gone in 45 seconds.

Just a whimsical  reminder of the power and glory of the Creator of all science.





May 31, 2016


Bee Face

Welcome to Reality.  A real creature in the real world!    Actually, it’s  a common   little created being — but thank goodness we don’t see him face on,  every day!

Ready for the name of this creature?

bee me cartoon

That’s a cartoon.   The first picture is a photo of a bumble bee’s mouth,  head on.

An associated summary of the scientific research tells us that all those little hairs around the bumble bee’s mouth pick up electrical signals from a flower.   The flower was made so that it gives out electrical signals!     And the bee is created so that it can pick up those electrical signals!   The bee recognizes what the signals are telling him,  and he attaches himself to the beckoning signal!

Bee Flower

There he is.   He’s doing it!   A bee can get quite territorial about which of the flowers in your flower garden he wants.   If you’re another bee,  you’ll just have to . . .   follow the electronic signals of another flower.

Scientists wondered for years just what makes a specific, actual bee go to a specific, actual flower.

I never have.     I’ve never wondered.    I’ve just made friends (I hope)  with the big bumble bee that rumbles near my front door – looking for the right flower, I guess.   Sometimes he hovers in front of my face until I back away a little bit.

I’ve  never questioned just how they decide which is the right flower to buzz into.  but it did make me think:

 smelling  Everything that is created works together with everything else.  All creation has a defined role to play,  based upon its created qualities.  On a biological basis,  I’m told that my nose has little receptors for a certain molecule to lock into which starts a cascade of electro-chemical events working up my olfactory nerve,  into my brain,  where another series of events interpret that molecule for me as a certain “smell”!!

Even me, as a whole,   my “qualities”  and characteristics and inclinations and likes and dislikes were created along with me to be a part of me yo interface with the real world, so that as I make my decisions to  fulfill my own  life  I will best reflect back the glory and power of my own Creator.

So, just like the bee,  although we don’t know all the secrets of creation yet,   what we’re finding is always astonishing us  — how well everything was made to  work together,  right down to minute little electronic signals picked up by heretofore unknown receptors on a bee’s tiny hairs!

Yes,   looking right down into a bee’s mouth can be startling!    Reality can be “scary.”        And for some,  Reality points right to the irrefutable existence of our Creator —   and that is a reality that makes us scary small in this universe.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”

bar blue fancy line

If you have a thoughtful moment,  here is the way someone far smarter than I am stated this same idea:

The story is told of the late Samuel Stehman Haldeman, the distinguished naturalist of the University of Pennsylvania and the founder of the Natural Academy of Sciences, that when asked by his friends what brought him to the threshold of the Church,  he would reply:  “Bugs!”

Then with good nature he answered their astonishment  by explaining that even the smallest insect that was contained in his cabinets possessed the organism necessary for its proper activities.  Head and members he always found working together as one body.

His science thus led him to expect that if a church – as the embodiment of religion – were really part of a divine plan and so had its place within the world, that church would  be equipped by the  Creator with the organization and means of action proper to it, as carefully, at least, as is the beetle he has studied.

What his hypothesis demanded,  Profesor Haldeman had  found realized in Catholic Christianity.


(A little note from me –  Professor Haldeman refers to   the Church itself and its place in this world, not to its individual members who may disregard that organization, and who contradict in their lives and words the teachings of that Church.   Criticize them,  judge them, if you will;    but not the organic, ordained organization of the Church to achieve its specific purpose for us.)

The author who quoted this story:   Charles Alfred Martin,  a young man who has been educated for  far longer and more intensely than most of us have been.

Author Charles Martin


bar blue fancy line




May 10, 2016

(continuing adventures in Indiana)

Wonder is the happy astonishment at what comes before you, either an occurrence, a sight,  a word.
It is happy because it increases  intellectual pleasure of a new insight  and at the same time it’s  delightful to the senses.
It is an astonishment because it came to you through no effort of your own.   It’s a bit humbling.      It came from some place higher,  a Higher Power, a Higher Force, a Higher Person, and it was gifted to you because Goodness and Good Pleasures draw you to Him.
    Therefore, wonderment is an act of Love from your God to attract you to Him – and as such,  a created being responds with humility, awe, love, and gratitude.
I’m writing about “Small”  Wonders,  because Our Lord God said:  Unless you become as a little child,  you won’t see . . .  (see the Kingdom of Heaven,  now and forever.)    You must have in you a childlike openness to Wonder.
Wonderment is available to all ages, races, material circumstances, conditions,  and geographical locations!     All you have to be is a created human being.

Ch Museum outdside

Four-Storied Children’s Museum

I could tell you about all  our adventures at the Terre Haute, Indiana,  Children’s Museum,  but you, like me,  have probably seen children’s museums:    “been there, done that.”     I went because Cooper, my grandson,  wanted to go  (and so did his Daddy, actually).    I confess  I was prepared to be  slightly bored.

But I have some photos –   and after pondering them in The Spruce Tunnel for a while,  they became  lessons to myself.


There were stars to learn about, of course.  The picture on the back wall of the display is easily recognizable as Ursa Major – you can see it every clear night – and only in the Northern Hemisphere!      But the bigger white dots are a representation of the stars as they actually exist in space, relative to each other.

So – from another perspective,  say if our space ship were coming in from a different angle,  it wouldn’t be a big bear (or a Big Dipper)  at all!

Nor would it have entered our minds to even think about grouping these stars together to make a picture of a familiar (earthly) object.

The Ancients knew,  the Greeks scientists knew,  the  Church philosophers knew,  they all knew that Mankind is only a small speck within a vast cosmos.   And they wondered at it!   Humans have dignity and infinite value only because God made us and cares for us.  And that’s a wonder too.

As a corollary:     It is another kind of wonder that Modern Man thinks he is the sum and summit of knowledge and importance;  and so much so that his reasoning must be separated from Faith and his attempts at science must be separated from the vast scientific learning of the Church.  

Ch Museum weather report
The museum had a Weather Station –  fun for me and Cooper,  except I love thunder and he doesn’t.     There was a television “studio” there where you could sit behind the desk and be televised as you give the weather report.

I refused.   I realized how “shy”  I still am.   Cooper refused.   He’s shy too.    What a happy little astonishment  to realize how alike we are — and how our traits and characteristics are passed down into our grandchildren — and how MUCH we love them for it, for being familiar to us.

Did you know that when God looks down on this planet,  He looks for and recognizes those humans who are like Him, and who are becoming more and more like Him?    He is Holy and Good, and only those who are like Him can survive  (can exist)  in Heaven where He is.


Cooper and I share a fascination with music too;  or maybe it’s more a sensitivity to sounds.  Like his Mommy too.

They say the universe vibrates with energy and sounds.   The Music of the Spheres, the Ancient Greeks used to call it.   Everything reverberates with energy, within and without, making beautiful sounds which we can only hear a small range of.  Harmonious vibrations because they all have one Source.

If you’re “small”   —


—  you can put yourself into a giant soap bubble and wonder how it happens.   Fun for little ones.   But interesting for “big ones”  when you think about all the forces that hold things together:  surface tension of the soap bubble;   gravity;   strong and weak atomic forces;  gluons;    . . .   and the ongoing will of God to keep it all together – for now.

I don’t.   We don’t.  No one knows how to “keep it all together.”   I live!   But I am not the One keeping my self alive!   Astonishing!

Okay.  Fewer words.


Little boys love big . . .   things.  Vehicles and such.    Machines.


If your heart stays  “small”  you need to try things out.  Get involved.     I had a turn in some of the farm machinery.  I sat in a huge … farm thing, and through the window was a display set up so you could see what a farmer would see if he were out working in that machine.

It was fun.    I was astonished at how much work there is to bringing our food to us.   The whole process of tiny little seeds growing into tall plants –  parts of which we can eat!   And we must eat food from plants!  

I’m reminded too about how much space it takes to grow our food —  and I remember observing how very much “space”  our country has.    It is astonishingly EMPTY of people and towns and cities!

It is we who turn our backs on all this wonderful open space and choose to live in costly, crowded city situations.   There is so much space available for us, but we think we don’t want it.       A small two-acre plot with a nice house costs a half or a third or even a quarter of a dwelling place in our cities!     Astonishing what is available for us – if we avail ourselves of it!

I’m going to eliminate, oh, about twenty other photos and get to this fun adventure in the museum.


Little Blur

See that little blur?


Big Blur

How about the big blur!

The blurs were Cooper and Daddy, and it’s called Run With An Animal.   And see if you can run faster than that animal!!!


That’s the Display Screen.   You touch the planet earth . . .


. . . .then you choose a continent.  Then you choose your animal.

The animal (and you) begin to run when you press a button — and the squares on the floor light up as the animal is “running.”


There he goes!   He’s beating that one!    I think Cooper got smart and picked a turtle that time,  but I can assure you,  he and his Daddy could not beat most of the animals they picked.

Animals  are astonishingly – fast!

Animal life is not like our life.   There really is a “jungle out there”!!

Here is my standard advice to all my classes:   Go to the public library  (or buy books if you have to) — and see all the picture books,  the photographic books,  the science books about . . .   pick a topic:  Animals of the World.    All the Birds of the World.  All the Flowers of the World.    Alpine Flowers.   Desert Flowers.   Flowers Mankind Never Sees.   Ocean Life.  Microscopic life.    Stars.  Mountains.   Rivers and Seas.   Forests.  

Then don’t let anyone disturb you.   Be a child, with that book.    Be amazed.   Be astonished.   Be very, very small.   Be humble . . .  and grateful that you got a glimpse of this vast Creation!

I don’t think I want to stop.      So  I think I’ll go and grab a book now.


April 2, 2016

(This is for you, Dear  Friend-With-The-Camera, Air Force Academy Graduate, and DEQ  Scientist for our state, retired):

I found it !    I finally found it!     I have at times brought conversations in my classes to a screeching halt by asking the “simple”  question:  “What is Time?”   Now I’ve found a definition.

It wasn’t one of those “teaching questions.”      For decades,  I really wanted to know.    And now on this Saturday in  Easter Week,  the satisfaction of having a good definition for Time helps me understand what happened on this day so long ago.

Banner Easterthur

Because here’s what happened on the day after Good Friday, almost 2,000 years ago.   We say it in the Creed,  after Jesus “was crucified, died, and was buried.”  Then:  “He descended into hell. . .”

This “hell” –


Not the Hell of the damned, as they say,  eternal banishment, punishment, and the horror of “flames” and torture —  but the  unspecific word “hell”  that is the Place of the Dead –  a state-of-being which is before our Judgment that we don’t know.     The book of Jude calls it the “prison”  where souls go after death . . .  shadowy,  unspecific,  indistinct,  not “lively” like human souls are supposed to be.

Before Christ died,  Heaven was not open to human life.     Wasn’t appropriate yet.   Wasn’t possible yet.      But human souls who looked for and hoped for the Messiah,  longed for the coming of Christ,  would not be lost in Hell,   yet what happened to them?

We don’t know.

The Greeks had it figured out:  when humans died,  their souls were transported across the River (the River Styx)  into a shadowy,  dimly conscious frozen state of being.



The teaching of the Church, though, is these souls went to a kind of “limbo” –  neither here nor there;  specifically the Limbo of the Patriarchs,  those faithful souls who lived their lives according to the promises from God . . .  and then died.

Human souls had no power to leave.   That’s why it was called “a prison.”   Not even Orpheus with his exquisitely beautiful music  could really release any soul from Hades.

Until  Jesus.  Jesus died, in His Human Nature;  but in His Divine Nature He had power to “lay down His life and to take it up again”  —   He has power over life and death,  His and ours.  He is the Resurrection (from the dead).

So it is, on  the “day”  after Good Friday He went to this Place of the Dead, to Hades,  to Sheol  (in the Hebrew language),  the souls there woke and saw the Christ they had believed in when in this life  and  recognized Him and were able to follow Him —  out of Hades. . . into Heaven with Him.

Now here we have to stop again, because we know so little.  Not much has been revealed to us and we can’t know this on our own — and certainly not by experience.

sand dial

Since the moment of our conception,  we’ve experienced only Time.      We’ve never been outside of Time.    So those souls who died still looking for their coming Messiah?   Where are they  “now”?     “When”  did they see Christ?     “When”  is their Judgment?

They are with the One who has always been apart from and outside of Time.

Here’s the definition which helps  us think about this:

Time is a measure of motion in reference to “before”  and  “after”   and therefore applies only to those things that are capable of being in a state of potency.

(Sorry to get all Aquinas-y on you,  but you must use the powers of reason and its vocabulary .)

There is no “potency” in God, the Eternal Trinity.     He never changes into something else.  He has no “before” or “after.”   He always is Who He is,  so much so that He is Be-ing itself:    His Name is  I AM.

Since the Son of God is outside of Time — even during the “time” He spent  here on earth —  then everything that He does is also done in Eternity.

Therefore,   every moment of Time can connect with the One who upholds all things and keeps them in existence,  moment by moment.    Those who are “dead and gone” in Christ are not really “gone” from us.    In Christ, they are here, at this moment.  The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the One Self-Sacrifice of Christ, as were all the sacrifices made by the Jews before Christ died.    All sacrifices in Time including Masses participate in  this same Eternal Sacrifice.

Every Saturday we remember that Jesus too was “dead and gone”  from us  but not really absent.    While His mother and all the disciples were feeling His absence,   He was visiting our brother and sister believers and inviting them to live with Him for-ever,  without any ending.

And tomorrow —   He is back on Earth, visiting the most famous unbeliever in Time!



March 16, 2016

God is so much bigger than Man that although we can know Him,  He still remains a glorious Mystery.

banner for Himself  10

It’s still Lent,  10 more days to go;   soon it will be time to reprise those last days of Our Savior, during what we call Holy Week, and we’ll tackle a serious Mystery.

But meanwhile,  God is a Mystery, true;  and so are we – a mystery to ourselves;  and so is this interesting planet that is our home.    We know a lot about our planet;  but it still gives us surprises.   Let’s have some fun:


A hole.   Appeared suddenly.   A reindeer herder noticed that up ahead, one of his reindeer seemed to be struggling,  like falling.   When he hurried up to see what was the matter,  he found that the reindeer had nearly slipped into this hole and was struggling to pull himself out!

This is land that the reindeer herder knew well.   That hole wasn’t there when he had passed this way several days before.   Some people in the vicinity have seen flashes of light from time to time,  but they are unanimous in saying there is never any sound.  No noise.

Since then, other holes have popped up, many miles away from each other, but still in the same Russian peninsula;  Yamal.



They were ten to seventy meters across;  some were very deep,  some were not too deep.

A different angle.    Notice the  “little”  men standing at the rim:


Scientists have taken many tests and measurements.    Here are some descending into a hole:


This one wasn’t too deep:


Not too deep,   so it presented more of a mystery.     Although some of the holes were beginning to fill up with water, which suggested it was a geological phenomenon related to sinkholes or sudden blasts of methane mixed with salt water at the level of the water table,  some were bone dry.

As  you can see,  some holes have hard floors, no water coming in,  and very oddly,  the bottom is extremely flat.   Flat is not something that you could have if there were an explosion of some kind.

This is more like a giant “plug” of soil was taken out of the earth.   But some “plugs” of removed earth do not have round circumferences.


Well,  kind of round.  Maybe that’s a snow drift hanging over the edge.

But  —


—   this has definitely square edges.

Now, apparently we should believe that these are random methane explosions, methane mixed with salt water, as I said above.   They repeat it over and over in the narrations, even though it doesn’t quite fit the description of the holes, and even though there are no known   (not yet discovered) methane deposits right there, and even though the nearest natural gas fields are many kilometers away,  sometimes hundreds and hundreds of kilometers away – so just . . .  not in the vicinity.

And they don’t look like explosions.    There are no burn marks around the edges and no residue of burnt material.   The edges show that some soil has spilled out, but not blown out or exploded out.    And where is the rest of the material that used to be in the hole?

They’re not sinkholes.    The geology in the area  is wrong for sinkholes, and sinkholes just don’t look like these do – and they have rough, jagged sometimes water-filled bottoms.

I have no answers.    I think it’s fun.     I think it’s still a mystery.

Look it up:  Yamal; holes; Russia. . .   (whatever).









April 18, 2015

Look up!


Just in time.     I am a curious person.


I am officially registered for our local Big Ten University tour of their Cyclotron!     Can’t wait!    (Not sure who wrote the substandard English title of the Registration form,   but I’m sure they’re better at smashing atoms than using the English language.)      I’m under strict orders to “ask a lot of questions, take a lot of pictures.”   Orders from Son who can’t be there tomorrow.

I’m interested in such things because those skies in the photo above are becoming more and more troublesome.    It was another display of super-secret science when I went out on errands this past week.   Above me, over the mall parking lot –


We had a clear blue sky in the morning with the weatherman affirming that we’d have “clear skies all day.”    Then the cloud layer was laid down.     And then the scalar waves applied to the clouds.

I drove on to another store and got out in their parking lot:



In no time at all,  deep patterns formed in the thick clouds –


I’m quite sure you realize the “wind”  doesn’t blow in all directions at one time, jamming thick chemical clouds together, willy-nilly.     Not the wind,   a deliberate pattern that manifests certain wave strengths.

Doesn’t matter.   This is one fact of current life that we are not allowed to ask about.     There will be no push back from citizens, under any flag.

One is not allowed to ask questions in matters of science.   Science belongs to our Rulers.

I drove home, got out of the car and looked up.   There was an “addition” to the sky above me:


The wave patterns were there,  but now there was a black track across the sky.   A close-up:


You can see the finer wave pattern better there.   And the length of it was curved:


The black track was either a rent in the chemical clouds or it was the shadow of a new  chemical trail laid down  just above the clouds.

You are supposed to say  “contrail”  as though these were water vapor clouds.   You know,  the kind that come out of an airplane and disappear in about 20 seconds?     You are supposed to say they are made of water vapor,  not the heavy metals,  aluminum, cadmium,  boron, and other stuff that have been collected and analyzed from these kinds of clouds –  the kind of metals that create a matrix for easier  dissemination of communication waves … and other kinds of waves.

Just a contrail up there.    Move along.  Nothing to see here.    No push back allowed.

(You might ask Dr. Edward Teller about the clouds up above.    He published openly about them.   And there are actual patents granted by our government . . .    oh, never mind.)

As I said up above,   One is not allowed to ask questions in matters of science.    But  I’m going to ask questions tomorrow by the Cyclotron.

Atom smasher

Just have to find an atom smasher who will talk to me.



March 20, 2015

Just as yesterday was a special day in Christendom,   today is a special day for the astronomical world.

When we survey our world, we talk of beautiful things in the “heavens above and the earth  beneath.”    It’s poetic.     The “heavens above”  are filled with things we can see, like the birds (and the airplanes) and the clouds and the moon and the sun….

geese blueThe “highest heavens”  often refer to that region in space where there are things we can’t rightly see without the help of powerful telescopes and charts and diagrams, and it reaches way out to the edge of known space at the borders of the next dimension,  far beyond where this quarantined Earth exists.    It’s the realm that angels transverse — or maybe other unknown beings —  and is more a concept than a geographical “space.”

And Heaven . . .  that is a term used to describe where God is, and where we cannot be — in this life.    It is Other and Eternal and All-Good.

Today our triple treat comes from the nearest heavens, that which we can see.   This is where the moon revolves around the earth and the earth-moon system revolves around the sun.  Sometimes all three heavenly bodies line up in a straight line, and that’s called syzygy.   Cool word!

Here is a New Moon syszygy.    We would see a very dark moon in the sky.

syszygy today

During some times of syzygy,  the moon is directly in the way of our sun, we get a Full Moon,  and being the same apparent size as the sun,  the moon blocks our view.

eclipseThat happened today and could be seen in full in northern Europe, especially towards the Arctic Circle.    (Europe’s electrical grid relies on solar power for as much as 20% in some places.   Did the grid hold?    Did it flicker?)

So the first “treat” is this is the day of a total eclipse.

The second treat happens because the moon revolves around the earth, but not in a perfect circle.   It is  slightly off, a slightly flattened circle.    So sometimes the moon is just a little closer to the earth than at other times.   When the moon is as close to the earth as it can be, following its pathway,  we call that  perigee.

The second treat?      When syzygy and perigee happen on the same day  we have a Supermoon!


A syzygy can give us either a new moon (very dark)  or a full moon (the very brightest.     Unfortunately,  this unusually large, bright moon, called a Supermoon,  is best detected by astronomical instruments,  not our naked eye.     (Camera shots and atmospheric magnification notwithstanding.)

The third treat  is also best understood with instruments and maps and charts – that is,  it’s intellectually known.  Today is the day of the Vernal Equinox,  when the direct rays of the sun fall  on our equator.     There,  daytime and nighttime should be an equal amount of hours.   The equinox is a kind of astronomical halfway point between deepest winter and highest summer.

Well, here’s an uninspiring chart of the rays of the sun hitting directly perpendicular at various points on the earth.   Try to imagine that the earth is in motion, and the sun, relatively speaking, is not.   Because our planet is tilted at about a 23 1/2 degree angle,  the direct rays of the sun land perpendicularly in different places each day.

earth equinoxesSo there’s our Triple Treat for today,  March 20, 2015:

1.  Total Eclipse of the sun  

2.  A Supermoon

3.  The Vernal-Spring Equinox

Spring flower banner

Happy Spring!   


March 6, 2015

Well,  the title is confusing, I know.    And there are bigger things in the world to worry about – maybe.    This should be another fun  “What’s It?”  but  the modern version of “science”   (unScience)  is kind of messing with us.

Here’s the photo,  you’re probably familiar with it —

What's It Siberian-craters striationsYou’ve seen these, right?  They’re appearing in Siberia  and becoming so common now that the scientists are becoming alarmed.

See the striations along the inside of the column?  When I first started to look at these closely,  I thought some large round boulder must have blown its way into the earth . . .   no,  that didn’t make sense.    (Straight downwards?)    I thought some giant metallic missile, maybe,   had blown its way up from deep under the surface, scratching those striations into the sides of the blast hole.

….Or….   something caused those striations,  something with hard edges,  hard, slightly irregular edges to cut those grooves into the side.     I’m focusing on those striations;   and all of these unexplained new craters have similar striations.

Now, it’s pretty well known that modern science has cut itself off from the principles of logic (philosophy)  that had created the methods of legitimate science which produced so many discoveries and advanced our knowledge of the natural world.     It can be seen that the results of cutting science off from objective logic has been a psuedo-science, an unScience,   driven by political ideology.    If you don’t have classic principles of cause-and-effect or of non-contradiction, etc.,  then anything goes.     Toss out the philosophical principles of Christendom,  and you can have anything that you want, any conclusion you want.    (check out Charles L. Dodson, mathematician, and his book Through the Looking Glass.)

It’s true in  the biological sciences,  it’s true in medical science, it’s true in let’s call it meteorological science,  and here again,  it’s true when we look at only part of the evidence because the prevailing agenda says it  “must”  agree with some certain “cause.”

And that “cause,” of course,  is the political fiction of “global warming.”   You see, because the planet “is”  warming,  then that must be affecting methane deposits under the earth’s crust.   And then those pockets of methane must be exploding.     And so these craters must be the result of methane explosions.

Case closed?

So I can’t call this a What’s It because “science” has put forth its idea.       Now, something may have “exploded” out of there,  but I can’t imagine all those “explosions”  looking identical,  identical verticality,  identical shapes,  and all having similar striations etched into the edges.   (Does methane gas have hard sides?)

I don’t really need an answer that has to match the “global warming”  ideology.

I’d be okay with the modern unScientists saying they don’t know what this is yet.   Then I could use it as a What’s It.


(The author of Through the Looking Glass is better known as Lewis Carroll.)

WHAT’S IT? — #20

March 4, 2015

My posts have been a bit “heavy” lately –  I’m ready for a little diversion.   So here is #20  in my series called “What’s It.”   (See “Rule…”  below.)     I promise to learn some day how to make a Page Tab at the top and put all the What’s Its on one Page.

So here is a science What’s It:

What's It  #18

This object was photographed above our earth by a satellite camera that was taking photos of things floating around high in the . . .   ionosphere, I think.      The folded surface with a round hole blasted into it is an extremely thin membrane around a balloon-type piece of equipment close to the satellite near the highly sensitive photomicroscopic camera which took this picture.

In other words,  that strange white globe is microscopic in size.  About 10 microns.  About the width of a human hair.      The camera seems to have inadvertently caught one of these globes in the act of spitting a stream of substances with enough force to tear a hole in the membrane.   Spectrographic analysis indicates a biological substance of unknown origin.

The shiny tiny globe is composed of titanium and a little vanadium and some other things unknown to us.

Scientist Wainwright from the United  Kingdom calls the substance spewing out from the globe “a gooey biological liquid.”     (Yick.)

I need to make that Page Tab soon.  When I want to look at previous What’s Its now, I have to use the Search function at the bottom of the right-hand column and type in What’s It  # (whatever).   

And just to remind us: 

 Here’s the Rule for my What’s It series:   it will be a photo of something that no one knows what it is;  not even me.  I won’t trick you.   No one knows what these What’s Its are.    They will be a real photo of an unknown something.


January 30, 2015

There is no easy way to segue out of my past horrible week of death and Hell  and victimization by a criminal element working from within our State government.

But being with people helps.

Bubble Lost in a

My classes.    My friends.    My grandson in that photo – in a big bubble in a pool.


Science helps too.   Look at the water up there in that pool.   Or:

fractal smoke

And after all my troubles  I can still smile thinking about Son and I out there in the midnight cold, doing our astronomy,   looking for the asteroid….

And then there are these things:

fractals vortex
I re-read last week’s “Saturday Rant”  about the information black-out we are generally subjected to,    and thought I should “refine”  it a little bit.   Our Rulers disagree with most of the American people, and so I wrote about how they censor information, so we think we’re alone and weak.     I had written  “…more importantly for the continued existence of our Republic which depends upon a Free Press…”  were the people in my classes who didn’t get to  see the recent March For Life demonstration.

Ha ha!!   —   Are the people in my classes so important that if THEY cannot see all of the news themselves,  our Republic might fall?   Ha Ha Ha

fractals rug

The existence of America depends upon the people I know!

fractals blue

No, really,   The people in each of my classes ARE that important.  And so are the people in any group that you know of.    The people in your family gathering.   The people in your office or shop.   A random sampling of people on the sidewalk that you are  on.    Your religious congregation.

It’s not just that ANY group of Americans are vital to the preservation of our Republic.   It’s not just that we believe that EVERY citizen is important.     Beyond that, deeper than that:

It’s the fractal dimension.
I’ve been showing you pictures of fractals.  A fractal is more than just repeating patterns.    A fractal illustrates that any one small segment or portion of something contains within it information for the whole.

That’s my non-mathematical definition.

fractal smokies

Ahhhh…the beautiful Smokies!

At the foothills of a mountain range,  pick up a tiny, tiny piece of … like, sand.     It’s a miniature rock.   And it contains within its contours and components the whole mountain range.

fractal mountains

The edges of a wave in the ocean exemplifies wave action of all waves in their totality.

fractals spiral waves

Smear some oil into a mud puddle.  (That’s the kind of science I like to do!)     Then a small penny-size portion looks just like the entire pattern of the colorful oil film.
Too many photos?

Want some math?     (This fractal thing is real.)

The math involves Julia Sets:      The function for certain Julia sets is: f(z)=z^2+c.   That’s it.   The new complex coordinate is set to the old one squared plus “c”. What is c? It is simply a complex number, and it can have any value you like. Different c values produce different Julia sets. Let’s use (1 + 1i) as c. So, if we were to start with the point (2 + 1i), the first iteration would be:


(2 + 1i)^2 + (1 + 1i)=

2*2 + 2*1i + 2*1i + 1i*1i + 1 + 1i=

4 + 2i + 2i + 1(-1) + 1 + 1i=

5 + 5i -1=

4 + 5i

So the first iteration brings us to (4 + 5i). We can do it again now.

f(z)=f(4 + 5i)=

(4 + 5i)^2 + (1 + 1i)=

4*4 + 4*5i + 4*5i + 5i*5i + 1 + 1i=

16 + 20i + 20i + 25(-1) + 1 + 1i=

17 + 41i – 25=

-8 + 41i

So our second iteration gives us (-8 + 41i). We continue to do this . . . .

Thanks to  this Website …


Don’t forget the point I was making.   (I almost did!)    Enjoy the pretty pictures.  Look up some more fractals on the Web.   But remember,  my classes,  or any group of people:    each person in your life,  is   “like”  a fractal.    They are representative of the whole.   Thus:

You cannot “love the world.”   Love the person next to you.

You cannot “feed the hungry”  Feed the hungry one next to you.

You cannot rail against censorship and ignorance.   Inform the friend who you are talking with.   Spread the word.  Spread the truth about your Creator, without fear.   Spread the truth about our wonderful country (or your wonderful nation).   Spread the truth about morality and virtue and good citizenship.   Spread the word that Life is to be cherished and protected and celebrated.

Our Rulers do not.

It’s up to us to stop censorship and political correctness.

Each of us is important.   Each of us is representative of the whole.