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April 3, 2017

I don’t often comment on current events.   They often turn out not to be what they seem to be, and only some weeks afterwards does the truth start leaking out, and by then,  the original “story”  is hard to dislodge.

But this one today seems fairly straightforward:


An explosion  on a commuter train in St. Petersburg, Russia.   Very sad day.   Many injured,  ten dead (so far).      The newspapers have a photo of the man who carried the shrapnel-filled   (IEDs)  into the train.

Someone wrote:     “A terrorist attack is an attack on all humanity.”       (Well, so is senseless violence of all kinds,  but the point is taken.)

While some grieve,  the  desert warrior crescent moon god gives his blessings, according to others, such as ISIS,  who publicly  rejoice and praise the act, according to recorded statements..

While some in the post-Western Liberal culture will continue to find a moral equivalency between one religion and another,  one culture and another,  the truth is far different:

MY Book YOUR Book

Now,  neither statement that the blonde is saying is quite completely true,  and a statements that leave out so much can be easily used to distort the truth and advance a false narrative,  but there are two completely different starting points here,  two different a prioris,  and two different deities.

Two different “blessings.”


April 2, 2017

(Jesus,  confrontational and blunt,  bearer of bad news. )

“Red sky in morning,  sailors take warning”  —

Sunrise 380

There aren’t too many sunrises in my “circadian rhythm” –   but I caught one recently!    And sure enough, we had about three days of rain following this beautiful sky.

It was Passion Sunday today,  a name for this particular Sunday that’s been recognized for centuries as the one in which we begin the steep,  inevitable slide downward into the days of the Crucifixion.      We carefully reread and then meditate on the events in those last couple of weeks before the death of Christ.   There’s lots there for our minds to confront.

None of His friends knew that some very bad times were coming, though.    In fact,  Jesus thought it weird that mankind can read the signs in the sky,  like red skies in mornings,  but we can’t read the Signs of the Times.  So  His last conversations were particularly blunt and to-the-point.

No time left for a kinder, gentler religion of luv and mercy for everyone, everywhere,  no matter what they’re doing and no matter what they believe in.

The Reading Appointed for Passion  Sunday:

phar n rulers

Speaking to the local rulers and religious leaders of His day,  Jesus told them right out that if they were of God –  if, as they thought they were —  then they would understand His words and believe Him,  but since they reject Him,  they are not of God but of God’s enemy,  the Devil.

You’re, a liar,  they said.      No, you are the liars,  He said.

No backing down from the truth.

We’re sons of Abraham, they said.

pharisee angry

But,  He said,   Abraham  saw My day,  he saw Me come to earth, and he rejoiced to see Me. 

You can’t claim   that Abraham ever saw You!    You’re just nothing but a young, inexperienced nobody.

But —  before Abraham ever was  —     I AM. 

That was the statement that did it.    Jesus is right-out, plainly, clearly, bluntly stating that  He and God,  (who had revealed Himself with the name I AM)   are one and the same.

Take it or leave it.

Believe it or don’t. 


They didn’t believe it –  and they didn’t get Him that time.   Yet.   (“They took up stones, therefore, to cast at Him;  but Jesus hid himself and went out of the temple.”)

But some of them  and their children lived to see the destruction of that beautiful, sturdy temple they were in.   It took them unawares.

The Signs of the Times:  Judgment comes  upon all unbelievers.

Pretty blunt.


February 16, 2017

(Remember “Mad” ?   Well, here’s a little interlude, a little pause,  with one of Mad’s little pictures.)

I’ve been posting some pretty dark information lately, and I’m leading up to a terrible warning for us.  A slap in the face.   Wake up,  people!!!!     But first,  however,  I have a lot of new readers, and I just want to explain what I’m doing here and who I am  —


I’m the one in the water.

And I have some things to say.

God our Creator tells us to be  Watchmen. *    He doesn’t call all of us to be  His  official watchman,   but if we’ve got experience,   if we can  see things happening,  if we can offer some information and wisdom and help,  then that’s how we can be of use to others. **

But sometimes it feels awful because I have awful things to tell you about.   But the real world is like that.   It’s full of danger that we don’t see.

Sure,  the world is full of  knitting and kittens and cooking and football and skiing and traveling around in this beautiful world . . .    I’ll soon  go back to all  those random thoughts floating around in The Spruce Tunnel,  but  meanwhile,  it can’t be all-good until we manfully face what is bad.

Good people push back against evil.



.*   God speaking to His prophet,  Ezekiel:

Ezekiel 3:17-21 –  “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore hear a word from My mouth, and give them warning from Me: 18 When I say to the wicked, ‘You shall surely die,’ and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life, that same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at your hand. 19 Yet, if you warn the wicked, and he does not turn from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but you have delivered your soul. 20 Again, when a righteous man turns from his righteousness and commits iniquity, and I lay a stumbling block before him, he shall die; because you did not give him warning, he shall die in his sin, and his righteousness which he has done shall not be remembered; but his blood I will require at your hand. 21 Nevertheless if you warn the righteous man that the righteous should not sin, and he does not sin, he shall surely live because he took warning; also you will have delivered your soul.”


. **   St. Paul,  explaining his duty:

Acts 20:26, 27   –    “Therefore, I testify to you this day that I am innocent of the blood of all men. 27 “For I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole purpose of God.”



February 1, 2017

All I wanted to do was sit down and find out what the news was today.  Over the last couple of days I think I’ll have to admit that I’m not going to get any information from television or radio.



The more I try to find out some facts,  the more I realize the entertainment-news people  don’t know the facts themselves.   They’re reading scripts cranked out by ideologues behind the scenes – people with an agenda to promote.

And to promote their agenda, they must lie.    And they must take orders from those who lie to them . . .  and that goes all the way back to –     what is the source of this lying?

“Truth is the adequation of the intellect with reality.”      I’ve written that before.   What your intellect deals with must be based in actual reality.

Scary.   Because it’s so difficult nowadays.

A small  example:    Where do you find the actual reality in the stories that came out of the shooting at the Islamic Center in Canada a couple days ago?      6 killed,  8 wounded.    (maybe)   Who did it?

“A shooter.”    That was the first report.   He was heard yelling the  Moslem battle cry (“My god is greater!”)      As the hours went on,  he was described as a Lone Wolf who  was also, supposedly,    a right-wing islamophobe.     (Crying:  “My god is greater” ??)      Lone Wolf.   Right Wing.   Hater.      Our Rulers hate “right-wingers.”

And then a half of day or so later there were two shooters.     Not a Lone Wolf.

But the one was a French-Canadian, nevertheless.  

Then, if you followed the story into the next day,   we heard that he was a convert to Islam and got radicalized over the Internet.

Finally, the next day, we heard about the other guy.    A friend of his,  a Moslem.

So not a Lone Wolf right wing hater.

The one shooter had shot indiscriminately into the Center because the Moslems there weren’t radical enough for him.

Only now,  on the third day,  they kept repeating the French-Canadian surname,  no mention of his religion, one way or the other,  and it’s back to being a Lone Wolf because the other guy might not have done any shooting. 

And the authorities are announcing the Lone Wolf shooter is a hater of Islam.  

Did you follow that?  We came full circle.    A loop.   Loop-de-loop.    A loopy story.   Where are the facts?  This wasn’t a major news story, but  even so — where are the facts?       Which of the contradictory facts are the true ones?   Which narrative is the true one?

I wasn’t there.  I can’t fact-check.   I can only witness the development of a narrative that is acceptable to the Leftists who readily use that “right-winger” appellation.

But I long for the truth.

So here’s  that question again.  What is the source of all this  lying?     Well,  God the Creator is what is.    When we stand before Him,  there will be no story-telling,  no making up an acceptable narrative.      What we are we are.  What we’ve done we’ve done.    What we’ve said we’ve said.

What is not of God is the enemy of God,  we can call him  the devil.  Here’s what the Son of God has to say to the liars of His day:    “You are of your father, the devil. . . .Whenever he lies, he speaks according to his own nature  because he is a liar and the father of lies.”

It’s downright devilish to give us so many lies from the entertainment-news media.



The Spirits of Hell are busy in our world today.




January 29, 2017

(I kind of “missed”  Sunday – returned home at noon today and promptly fell asleep for eight hours, waking up not knowing what day or time of day it is . . .   Very unnerving.   Will make up for it soon . . .  I hate missing Sundays.)


Are you hearing what the entertainment-news media is discussing lately?


Just a few years ago (2011),   the Barack Hussein person from the White House issued an order to halt the refugee influx from Iraq      (a Muslim nation)  — for six months.

He stopped Muslims from entering the U.S.  until our government could figure out how we can tell which refugees are friendly and who are a risk to us.

Remember all the demonstrations about that?


Remember the taxi drivers in New York City went on strike about that?


Remember all the confusion in the airports?


Remember the angry aggressive pundits on television talking about that?


Remember the   Congress and Senate were defiant about that?


Remember how the various Muslim advocacy groups rose up to proclaim their victimhood about that order?


To repeat:    In 2011 the man sitting in the seat of the presidency of the United States ordered that all immigration from Iraq, a Muslim nation, be halted*    for six months ** until they could talk about adequate vetting.

He’s a darling.


Smokin’ O !!!!

(The darling of the Extreme Leftists.)


.*       This order was done in secret by Washington.    It was not discovered until 2013,  in an investigation by ABC news.    This has since been covered up until Breitbart News brought it out in the open recently.

.**        (In 2017, the current  temporary “halt”  on immigration from dangerous countries is less than six months  –  3 months and 4 months in different phases.)


January 26, 2017

I’m not sure if calling them “Star Struck”  is really a nice  kind of “Humor”  but first let me take you down Memory Lane.



Oh,  wait, let me do him in color –



Specifically a 12-year-old girl who is just discovering boys, along with all her girlfriends!!

For a long, long, long, long, long time,  the  Hollywood  teen magazines told us only his first name.


fabian face.jpg

Teem-age idol.    Fabian . . . .    We were young, silly, barely teen-aged girls, easily affected,  uh,   physically  by all the photos we could find in the movie star magazines.   Well, the movie star magazines knew how to package a handsome teenage boy like this for our consumption!

They even told us the story about how he was discovered:   Some rock ‘n roll  talent scouts were driving down a street in Philadelphia and saw this young man sitting on his front porch, looking rather glum.    He told the men (who were scouting the neighborhood for the next teenage idol)  that his father had just had a heart attack and he was very, very, very worried about his dad.

How romantic is that!!!!    What young teenage girl could fail to have compassion — and just fall in love with him??!!

Now,  they picked him up off his front porch  (I think that story may be true – hah!)  gave him and his family lots of money, and turned him into the newest teen rock ‘n roll singing star.


Only problem was,  he couldn’t sing.   He really,  actually couldn’t sing.  I guess we noticed that, after it was pointed out to us, but what did it matter?  WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?      When someone could look like that on an album cover —   it just doesn’t matter to a bunch of star struck teenage girls!

Even the boys in our school couldn’t say anything bad about Fabian.   When you are packaged and presented like that –  even the boys were silenced!

And now,  today . . . .

It’s possible to become star-struck, even when you’re out of your teenage years.

Here’s a question:    Guess who —    One day we had a brand new president and he gave his fist speech to the nation, and this is what was said about him:

Quote    (with soft, awe-stricken voice):

“The mass flickering of cell phone cameras seemed like stars shining back at him.”

Sigh-h-h-h-h-h           Read it again . . . .

Who is this man so wonderful that even the stars in the sky  pay him homage?

It’s  not  Fabian.      We teenage girls finally grew up and admitted, the guy can’t sing!  He was packaged for us  as a teenage idol singer – and we eventually found out he can’t really sing –  and his last name is “Forte.”   Fabian Forte.   Oh.  Okay.

That sentence was spoken,  quoted,  quoted again, written down  by  female “journalists” about   Barry Sotoero —   Yes,  Barry,   the man who was re-packaged as the Barack Hussein person and put into our White House.

Fabian and Barry.

Except we girls finally grew up and acknowledged reality.




January 6, 2017

(Sorry about that title.)

Yes, it is Epiphany today.  I’ve just read a document from about 600 years ago reporting that such-and-such a thing occurred on “Epiphany.”

I know that date!     We know that date!     From the first third of the first century,   the event of the Epiphany and The Wise Men  has been known!   And loved and celebrated down through the centuries!


We don’t know what they saw in the sky,  (probably an actual “star”-looking thing),  and we don’t know when they visited the Newborn King,   and we don’t know exactly where they came from nor how long it took them to get there nor when exactly they arrived . . .   but we do  know that some Wise Men visited the Christ Child, shortly after he was born.


We can know for sure that they  presented Him with at least three gifts that they chose to represent His three distinct qualities:  Royalty,  Divinity,  and  His  Unique  Death that would be the Blessing promised to the Ancient Patriarch Abraham.


And yet —   there were no tape recorders,  microphones,  cell phones,  video-recording devices,  no GPS,   no existing itinerary that the visitors from “the East”  had used.    No stenography, human or electronic,  to record the visit of the Wise Men.

The sure thing is the eyewitness accounts,  the importance and care which the early followers of Jesus placed on this event,  the  dawning realization that the event occurred not just out of the goodness of the hearts of these three travelers,   but it occurred in order to prove the prophecies of the Scriptures that say “even the Gentiles” shall come to Him.   And “This Child shall be a Light to enlighten the Gentiles.”

Gentiles!      Living in Darkness for so long.    Pagans, like my ancestors, worshiping and appeasing Thor and Odin.


And now,  I can come to the Manger too –  and the Wise Men are a manifestation of this Truth.

It’s not a false story!

How ironic is it that in this day of electronic recording of EVERYTHING ,  we are deluged with news stories which very often turn out to be false,  told only to affect our  “attitudes”;  and entertainment programs which turn out to be based upon false and harmful human actions,   propagated only to break down our moral barriers.

(And both, of course,  presented to us in order to make money for the Corporate Rulers.)

So eyewitness testimony of the pre-technological age can be more certainly True than the plethora of electronically-recorded information that we have to pick our way through every day.

It’s mentally exhausting!

But we can Rest – in the Truth of Epiphany.


For my foreign Readers:  

Some recent examples of false news stories you may have heard about:   

The “Hands Up – Don’t Shoot”   slogan — based on something that never happened.  It just sounded like a good way to target white people, especially policemen.      The petty shoplifter never did put his hands up,   several minutes later he was spotted by a policeman,    he had a fight with the policeman sitting in his car and tried to wrestle the gun away from the policeman;    (the gun went off, the bullet was found inside the car);    then he charged the policeman again with intent to harm the officer,  upon which he was shot.   This young man was NOT shot with his hands up.

That New Year’s Eve in Europe was a  “peaceful”  one, without incident from your  migrant invaders.

That Trump supporters are “violent”  and cause violence at political rallies.  Easily proven false when you look at every instance and see who is doing what to whom.

That Moslems in America are hated and sometimes attacked.   (“Tearing off my hijab,”  anyone?  –  Now she is being prosecuted for having told a false tale.)

That America is racist.  (Only on the news stories and in movies and TV programs!)    Come to  everyday  American cities –  you’ll see Blacks and Whites living side by side or working together, side by side, or walking down the street together, discussing their work or the weather or whatever.    This is the “normal” America.   Not often recorded by electronic devices.

That the “Russians”  hacked the recent election and somehow affected the outcome.  (Absolutely no evidence has been presented,  although many times they have restated their claim and called that “evidence.”   And then they get really mad and insulting if you don’t accept their statements as “evidence.”)  The Russians did not.  yet every day,  even up to today,  the news readers start their stories with   “Russian hacking of the election”   – and isn’t it terrible that Donald Trump wants evidence!

That Trump didn’t get the popular vote in the last election.   The falseness of this statement comes from looking at only ONE state.  There are 50 states in our nation;  if you look at 49 of them,  Trump received the larger share of the popular vote, by millions.    Add back in that one state,   and Mrs.   Clinton received more millions of votes.  That one state?     It’s the home of millions of illicit, unidentified  voters . . . .

And just one more, because I’m getting tired again:     There was a shooting today at the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, airport.      Terrible.   Five dead, so far.    Somehow, within minutes, the entertainment-news media in this country were told to give out a name for the shooter:   (a Spanish name).     They were told to make discussion about “a lone wolf” shooter.    “Gun control.”  

And then, the Canadian airlines who was supposed to have carried this man to Florida said that  No one with that name was a passenger on their flight.    In addition,  the way the story was told about getting his gun out of his checked-in luggage at the baggage claim area  was refuted by several passengers who do carry guns on flights – in checked-in luggage.   

And the photo that was released –   many think he doesn’t look like a Mexican.   

So the entertainment-news media is now allowed to add a terrorist element to their story.

So what is true?     Who is this shooter?  Who set him up?  Who put him up to it?   Why?   And how will our Rulers use this incident – against us?

Cui bono?


December 19, 2016

December 19th,  you know the Electors voted for  Trump to be our next president.

You know that  R.oyal  C.lintoness received  “the most” popular votes.

You know that if you take away the votes cast for her in just one state,  California,  that Donald Trump received the most popular votes (in the remaining 49 states).

And that’s why this country is not a Democracy,  but a Republic and why we elect our president through the Electoral College system.     (Genius)

Did you know that Russia *  affected the outcome of our election??????

We got proof! –



Observations from The Spruce Tunnel:  a/k/a  Flyover Country.

.* (Thanks and credit to someone who copied and pasted and copied that from a                      re-retweeted, retweeted Tweet.)




DEAR “WORLD” from U.S.A.

November 13, 2016


YOU KNOW WHAT?    You have to PAY people in America to go out and act angry !!!


“Morning and evening shifts” ???

I’m still reading headlines from around the world concerning our   “surprising”  election.   The Russian news service has a headline banner which says:   “American Population  Divided After the Election.”

So,  I just thought I’d say, “Well, no;  not really.”       Only in a world  that the entertainment-news media create does it seem that the American people are at odds with each other.

Guess it sells newspapers to say so.

Depending on which studies you read,   68%  to  75%  of the American people  wanted to change our country away from the extreme Leftist policies of the Barack Hussein person;  wanted to turn away from the Bush-Clinton-Bush- Clinton  dynasty;  and wanted to get rid of  crime and corruption in politics.

And then  most Americans voted to do just that.

Actually many people on the Left, in our Democrat party,  voted for Donald Trump; record numbers left that  party to vote for him.     More ethnic minorities,  more women,  crossed over party lines to vote for him.

We all  wanted someone who has experience in business, and maybe help build  a strong economy for us.  We want to get out of these endless wars and meddling into other countries’  business.  No more foreign destabilization policies.  We want to protect ourselves, as is every country’s right.   We want to get along with other world leaders,  with a leader who is an experienced negotiator.  We want to go back to “equality before the Law,”  and stop protecting criminal  behavior in the name of “diversity.”   If we have a religious faith,  we want it to be safe to practice a religious faith.

So, why would it be unexpected for us to elect Trump as our president?     How did the media miss that?   Well, as we are seeing now in endless and frantic  televised discussions,   “Maybe we ought not to have worked so hard to elect Hillary.”

“Maybe we should start reporting the straight news rather than trying to influence people to accept leftist policies.”

According to Russia Today,  another news banner: “World media is changing their tone about Trump.”

Good.  Let’s be realistic  and work together on very real problems.  Maybe Donald Trump  can lead the way and help us begin to accomplish a few good things.


November 7, 2016
  1.   That   # 1 means we have one full 24-hour period left before we know.

The Spruce Tunnel may go silent for a day or two afterwards.     I feel like I did on the  operating table,  ready to go into the operating room.   Everyone smiling,  alert, attentive.   I was in pain and I needed the operation to save my life.    I remember thinking that in just a few short hours this will all be over with, one way or the other.  The  outcome was out of my hands now.

Turns out I had an incompetent surgeon and ended up with peritonitis which almost took my life.

At least the surgeon was not malicious and out to defeat me.


Or defraud me.

Once there was a young mixed-race man who was running for office in Illinois:

Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate

His real name was Barry,  Barry  Soetoro,  but it was thought that the name  “Barack”  and the name  “Obama”  would appeal better to the  African-hyphen-Americans who lived in South Chicago and would vote for him.      He was already reported to be born in Kenya  —  the real  Africa.

The National  Public Review got in on it too,  a liberal publication we call NPR.


Part of his bio:


A  visit to the continent of his birth:


Oh,  gosh,  I have so many of these . . .  They were so proud of their Junior Senator:


Kenya,  Kenya,  Kenya,  in all these articles.   Foreign  born.  Disqualifies him to ever become a president of the United States.

Childhood education in Malaysia,  raised as a Muslim there.


“Religion:   Islam”

He never did quite learn American culture.     So much he doesn’t know about our history!  Declares several times that we have 57 states in our country.  Not once;  a misspeak.   In several speeches.   He should stick to a teleprompter.

So what does he know about  American citizenship?     “Plenty,”  as it turns out.

The question was posed to him:

“Many of the millennials, Dreamers, undocumented citizens – and I call them citizens because they contribute to this country – are fearful of voting. So if I vote, will Immigration know where I live? Will they come for my family and deport us?”

If an undocumented illegal alien votes,   will there be trouble?

Nope.  Because …

  “The reason is when you vote, you are a citizen yourself and there is not a situation where the  voting rolls  are somehow  transferred over  and people start investigating et cetera. The sanctity to vote is strictly confidential.”

What does “voting rolls   …   transferred over”  mean?      What is “sanctity to vote”?

Anyway,   when you vote you are a citizen.    How do you think illegal “undocumented ” foreigners will understand his answer?

The lady who asked the question knew just what she meant.  Her understanding of being a citizen is:    “And I call them citizens because they contribute to the country.”    Huh?

They tell us “We are a nation of immigrants.”


We are a nation of legal immigrants.

Lots of foreigners are welcome,  but not all.      We are a nation consisting of legal immigrants.   Citizens and legal immigrants.

Used to be.

Election  2016:       Be specific.   Be accurate.  Be informed.

Just one 24-hour period of time left to the U.S.      Fuzzy thinking can kill off a nation..   Not being specific can be deadly.

Just remember my incompetent surgeon.   He was rather unfocused during my surgery.  See,  he was due in an hour or so to get on a plane and begin his vacation –  in Hawaii!



3. STEAM KETTLE DAYS- Playing With Paper Dolls

November 6, 2016

(This post is for my personal archives so I remember what a near miss we had in 2016.)

If you get your information from television,  what I call the entertainment-news media, they are giving you paperdolls to play with.


You get a male paperdoll and a female paperdoll.    And the television tells you one of them is bad and the other is good;     and the paperdolls have friends too,  and then you get to fight and argue about the paperdolls.  And then you’re supposed to take a vote and see which one is most popular.

That’s all we need to know.

But  –  NEITHER  of the paperdolls are reality.      I’m going to take it easy in this post.    I’m just going to list some recent headlines . . .  maybe just for one of the “paperdolls.”   (The “good” paperdoll;   not the one they made up bad stories about.)

“Barney Frank Confirms:   There  is no Congressional oversight on the Clinton Cash uranium deal.”   (That’s where we no longer own 20 %  of our own uranium deposits.   The Poor Sick Lady  SOLD  our uranium to RUSSIA   for lots and lots of money.  Oh,  I don’t mean America got the money.)

The New York Times newspaper says that “the Clinton Money Machine is a problem”;  and we can’t find out who all donated $20,000,000  to Mrs. Clinton for the uranium.

“Clinton Corruption  Unprecedented.”       Well, unless we really are a banana republic,  rules by corrupt,  lawless, and greedy leaders.   There’s a precedent.

“New York Times and Washington Post in agreement:   Clinton Cash a Real Scandal”

(I’m leaving out the names)  “…sexy, N-word,  F-bomb laced language ”  supports Hillary Clinton.     Well, according to what’s been revealed,  Hillary regularly uses that kind of language.  Probably doesn’t offend her.

“Obama suggests illegal alien voter fraud WILL BE IGNORED.”     (Oh, wait,   that’s another paperdoll.)   But it’s still OUR election.     ( Can YOU walk into France and demand to vote in their election?    Can you make Germany give you a ballot in their elections?    England?   Switzerland?  Will Italy let you vote in their national elections?)

“Former Congressman says:   Clintons Practiced ORGANIZED  CRIME at the Highest Level of our Government.”

Obamacare Victims Revolt:  “We Don’t Have That Kind of Money.”      (And we know which paperdoll threatens to continue this unaffordable    health control law.)

“Hillary hid  a   $1,00,000,000   gift  from Qatar.”      Oops.   How’d that happen?

(Someone from the Bernie side:  Clintons are trapped in a world of the Elite;  lost grip on the  average American.

Sheeesh!      I’m still reading headlines.  WHY do her supporters have to set trucks on fire and trash the campaign offices of Trump?  And shout obscenities  at Americans?     I was listening to a man on the radio last night who said  he had a nice day off from work and decided to obtain some Trump signs,  place them in his front yard;  went out to his back yard to grill some hamburgers —  checked on his signs.    AND THEY HAD ALREADY BEEN STOLEN!    

Remember  the homeless women they attacked?

People want to vote to put these kind of people  in charge of the rest of us?    They sound like “real winners.”

Still reading various news sources . .  .  (This isn’t what we’re told about our paperdolls.)

Back to paperdolls:   “Hillary told her maid to fax and to print out classified information.”  Well,   I don’t  have a maid.  Maybe they’re given Top Secret Clearance too.

Hmmmm . . .  “People hired for $1,500 to disrupt Trump rallies”   and . . . etc., etc.

Oh,  the man who disrupted the Trump rally in Reno NV?    Listed in Wikileaks with ties to  the Clinton camp.        No surprise there.    Just who yelled “Gun!!”  in a crowded room?    Austyn Crites?


“Chelsea used charity money for her wedding and honeymoon.”   Well, another generation of this.

“FBI reveals its Pay-For-Play corruption investigation.” R.oyal  C.lintoness receives  many millions in donations from Wall Street,  the biggest banks,  (remember her sudden trip to Switzerland to talk with UBS officials?),  and the big corporations,  including  Big Pharmaceuticals.      The ones who want some president to make  mandatory vaccinations the Law of the Land.    The Law of the New Land, I guess.

A message from a foreign newspaper:  “To America,  on its Eve of Destruction.”

“Hillary’s  Attack Ads”   Unfair and untrue.”     (Oh,  that’s another foreign newspaper.)

They talk about the “trail of dead bodies”   . . . .

“A  vote for Hillary is a vote for islamic terrorism.”     Well, we know the invasion of our country is occurring and Hillary promises to increase this by 550% , as she said –  if she can do the math after what she says in her speeches.

Let’s see,   unstopped immigration from third world countries gives us . . .  drug-resistant TB,  cholera,  blah, blah, blah . . .   and:   The ever increasing  “Polio-Like Flu”  also known as  entero-68,  or something like that,  never before seen in our country but well known to the south of us . .  .     Your child has a little cold,  and then starts losing control over his arms and legs . . .  paralysis sets in . . .   sometimes death.

Oh,  this gets embarrassing.   America can’t even protect itself from the Clinton Corruption and Crime Clan . . .

Paperdolls.      No thinking,  just listing.    I’m putting my paperdolls down now;    there’s so much more,  but it’s making me tired.   Tired and wary of all this.    Next posts will be shorter!

Election  2016:   “Our Near Miss”    

We play with Paperdolls   versus   we learn about   Real People.


Repeat:    ELECTION  20126:    OUR NEAR MISS





11. STEAM KETLE DAYS – Corruption

October 28, 2016

Corruptis optime pessima.   Pessima!  

Remember that.    If you’ve been adequately educated in line with Western Civilization,  you’ll recognize that statement.


These are  my “steam kettle days.”     Not that pretty steam kettle.   The anger is just steaming out both my ears.


I ally myself with the eternal God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob,  and the Christian Church (as it is traditionally known).   He said:    ” I know the thoughts that I think toward you,   thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you hope and a future.”     (Jeremiah 29:11)    Some of you will hear Readings in your churches on Sunday that tell you that God didn’t make anything that He hates –  He loves all the things He created.    He doesn’t want us to live in evil.

Not “thoughts of evil,”    but to give us hope and a future.   He teaches us thoughts like love,  justice, peace,  kindness,  honesty,  duty,  piety,  responsibility,  hope for a better future,  high moral standards,   modesty and chastity,   health,   dedication,  reliability . . .

These are the optimal,   “best”  qualities that human beings have always esteemed.

Now,   Corruptis optime   —  corruption of the best.    Take all the things we need for a nation which relies upon self-government,  government of the people,  by the people, and for the people —  WE   tell US  the best way to govern OURSELVES —  Americans like to think this is the best way to be governed.

But our Founding Fathers warned us we can govern ourselves only if we are a people of the BEST qualities.

Corrupt those qualities,  corrupt the people in government so that they no longer represent the best qualities — and what do you get?      Pessima.

“Corruption of the best is the worst.”

The WORST thing we can do to ourselves is to ELECT those evil, corrupt politicians who have embedded themselves into our highest offices, and surrounded themselves with a strong shield of bureaucrats who will protect them against all opposition.



The Poor Sick Woman has so corrupted the system  that she is almost invincible.     Government bureaucrats and officeholders are so beholden to her that they will protect her.   The entertainment-news media promotes and protects her;  97% of them vote for her and donate lots of money to her.

(97+%  of people who live around Washington DC donate to her and will vote for her.)

The Justice Dept.  is so intimidated by her protectors that their own reputations have been tarnished.      This woman can commit a list of offenses against US laws and statutes,  while in office,  and the Justice Department is unable to bring her to justice.    That’s the corruption of the Justice system.

Foreign  governments,  foreign officials,  and foreign and domestic corporations know just how much to “donate”  to her in order to get access and approval for their needs.

The growing dictatorial world government knows they can count on her – to work for them and to cover up their designs.

Her people, her kind of corrupt political people,  are in most places of authority and influence now.  Only if you are in agreement with her can you receive the freedoms and  benefits that are supposed to be afforded to ALL citizens.    Half the citizens of this country have discovered that they are the kind that are EXCLUDED.

Anyone who is not on board with her power trip, including past good presidents, are deeply maligned.    Character assassination.   Politics of Personal Destruction.    Why do I even mention this point?   Because someone recently told me to my face that it is her political opponents who set out to destroy the character of everyone in her party,  not her party’s practice itself.   And this was spoken as though genuinely believed.    They disregard the origin of that political principle that originated a little more than 20 years ago by that Woman’s party.

And I’m steaming mad because factual evidence to the contrary is ineffective.

We are talking to people who have been politically made deaf.  Their hearing is corrupted.  “Itching ears,”  the Bible says – they’ll hear only what they want to hear.

These are good people.   But:    Corruptis optime pessima.

It’s true every time.

It is honesty and decency,  a commitment to truth and justice and fairness,  all those “best”  qualities that could keep our nation strong – and keep us safe.

Vote to continue this corruption.   Or vote to try to try to try to end  it.


October 17, 2016

(trumpscary – trumpscary – trumpscary – trumpscary – trumpscary . . .where’d that come from?)


My grocery lists never look neat and tidy like this:grocery-list

I like to call my grocery lists:  “Living Lists.”  They’re stuck up on the side of my refrigerator,  continuously  added to,  and finally thrust into my  purse on the days that I have errands to do.   Usually I come home from errands without having gone to the grocery store, so I search for that crumpled-up list,  tack it back up on the refrigerator, and then keep adding to it as the week goes on,  until it’s hard to find room for more words.

You  wouldn’t want to have on your list some of the things I’ve put on mine.  And vice versa,  I’m sure.

When I’m short of room,  sometimes not every needed item gets put on the list;  but if I’m planning to make a familiar recipe,   I’m always hoping that seeing   some  of the ingredients written down  will trigger my memory for whatever else will be needed.

Sort of like a Knee-Jerk   reaction –


Or a Word Association game.

Like trump and scary.    When several of my otherwise reasonably intelligent friends began putting those two words together,  I decided to ask why.   Batting my innocent blue-eyes at them, I asked:  “Really?  why?”   “How?”    “Why do you say that?”

Not one could explain why.  Although they’d take a deep breath and  begin a short emotional response,  it usually trailed off into  some different words making just  the same statement.   Not one had an actual reason.  It’s just something they had “heard.”

A while ago while I was still watching some entertainment-news media about politics,  I realized that I was actually being bombarded with a Political Grocery List, which I should bring to the ballot box:    “Everything I Need To Know About Trump.”    – According to .Royal C.linton-ess.    (HRC)

So I thought I’d write down a little of what I was hearing.  I’m sure someone is hoping I’d play Dog to Pavlov – you know,  every time Dr. Pavlov rang a bell, saliva and stuff was supposed to come out of the dog’s mouth?

Trump’s Grocery Word List:

Trump – Scary   (of course, you know that one.)

Trump – Racist  (remember,  not a shred of evidence is needed)

Trump – Bigot   (just use your emotions,  not your intellect)

Trump – Sexist    (all the politically correct sins)

Trump –  Unfit for office

Trump – Unstable

And the Ever-Popular:

Trump – Dangerous

Any more?   Not really.  Just recycle these  through EVERY story about him.    Attach one or more of these words to his name, each and every time you pronounce his name.

(Wasn’t that Goebbels, the National Socialist under Hitler,    who said “Tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it,  and the people will believe it.)   (woof woof)

You don’t have to know your history in order for it to be repeated onto you;  it’s a Leftist tactic that works on the public every time.

When I go to the grocery store,  I deliberately take my list with me.    It’s a little more subtle with the Political Grocery List.      Hmmmm,   just where do these ideas come from?



Woof woof, America.   


October 12, 2016

(The day I became a target.)

The streets of Cleveland, with the Clinic about in the middle and my hotel way, way over there on the shore of Lake Erie:



I woke up this morning to the news story about the Moslem terrorist who flew a plane into a little city out there in Connecticut.    He was a “student pilot”   on a “student visa”  and his instructor was in the plane with him.   He took out three telephone poles and a white SUV with his crash.     The family in the SUV were shaken up but unharmed.

There had been a “scuffle”  inside the cockpit as the plane was going down.    The Muslim “student” was killed;  the badly burned pilot was able to say that the student had done it “deliberately.”    The police reported it that way . . . .

Until this evening.  All that was being reported by the end of the day  is that a plane had crashed into a residential street in Connecticut, and it was a possible suicide.    No description of the “student” pilot.   No reminder that Islamic Extremists were given the order to start doing these kinds of things in America.

So it got me thinking.     We saw in the morning video the short interview with the police officer.   That pilot and that police officer had told the on-the-scene truth in the morning, but we were not allowed to hear it by evening.


Last week there was another killing by a Muslim extremist in the city of Cleveland.  Hear about that one?   He crashed his car into . . . something and into some people.  I don’t even remember the details anymore,  but the police officers and some witnesses heard him yelling some Arabic phrase and by all  accounts the driver had done this deliberately.

The police were told by officials to CHANGE their reporting,  and do not report the description of the man, nor his motivation,  nor the words he was shouting.   Treat it like a traffic accident.   The POLICE refused!     They explained to reporters the whole thing, including their directives to hide the identity of the driver.

So that’s Reason #1 –  those Cleveland police have integrity!!    They are on the side of the American people!        (I’m telling the tale in very sketchy terms –  really, the news articles I read make it much clearer,  but if you try to look it up, you’ll find several other incidents like this – just in Cleveland in the past few months.)

Well, I’m sure you heard about this on the entertainment-news media?      (sarcasm, there)


Here’s a personal tale, an eyewitness account –  from me!


A few years ago I was spending time on my own in the city of Cleveland.  Once again Hubbie was in the famous hospital there,  and it was fairly late at night and time for me to go back to my hotel.      Hungry!      I thought I’d allow myself a pizza, a “treat,”   because though I couldn’t admit it,  the worry about Hubbie’s health was building up in me and I needed a little medicinal pizza.

So here is a dumb, naive, out-of-town woman all alone,  driving around some pretty mean streets by herself, looking for a pizza joint.

Hubbie and I had already had our experience with those streets:


One  night before we had to check in to the hospital,  Hubbie needed a milk shake “like the kind they have at McDonald’s.”     Oh, my goodness,  I’d search heaven and earth to get  him a milkshake in those days, so we asked, but the hotel clerk didn’t know where a close and “safe” McDonald’s was — there was one twelve blocks east of us, but  it  sounded like she didn’t recommend it.   We went anyway.

I was driving.   People were walking in the middle of those Cleveland dark, late-night  streets.    Hubbie did not grow up in a city like I had and I kept telling him:  DON’T MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH ANYONE OUT THERE!    But he was fascinated .  .  .  A few of those men kind of started walking towards our car,  one  hand in their pocket,  but I somehow dodged the pedestrians and kept driving.

So I should have known!   I wanted that pizza, somewhere between the Cleveland Clinic and my hotel.


I think it wasn’t this one,  but it looks a lot like it.    Nice parking lot outside,  just a couple other cars.   I went into the pizza place, placed my order with a puzzled looking man behind the counter, and then sat down to wait.   Now, I’m no dummy.    I parked in front of the window and locked my car doors.

As I waited I saw a police cruiser drive by in the parking lot.  Then I saw another.   Hmmmm.   Hope they’re not here because of nearby trouble.   One police car parked opposite my car, kept his headlights pointed at my car – and wouldn’t turn them off.

By the time I got my pizza and walked out to the car, I realized what the policeman was doing.   He was watching my car – and watching me.    He was watching over me!   He was there to make sure I got back out into my car safely.    He nodded as I drove away …  then he followed me around the side of the building where I saw  two men standing in the dark, talking on cell phones.    They weren’t together.  I assume they were each making their own deals.   Once I got onto the main street, the police car disappeared.

Reality set in and I drove back to the hotel a little shakily but with a big thanks in my heart to those Cleveland police who saw a “target”  just asking for trouble.

I made him a target too.   I caused him trouble and put his life in danger that night.

So that’s Reason #2  that I salute those Cleveland police – and policemen everywhere who do their duty when we don’t always realize it.

The next reason I don’t know too much about,  so  I’m only giving  it a “half”  but maybe it should be a whole reason.       Up to date, now, this year –


I don’t know how the Cleveland police and other officials did it,  but there were a lot of threats to the Republican National Convention,  and  the entertainment-news media were ginning up a lot of hysteria over it,  maybe hoping there’d be something awful to report on.

But there wasn’t.   The police arranged it so that the paid-for professional awful protestors were kept far away from the ordinary people.   They were (literally) spitting mad, shouting obscenities,  shaking fists and political signs – but they were kept from doing harm to anyone by those police.

I truly was surprised that none of the bad predictions had come true.

And that’s the third Reason.

Hats off to those Cleveland police!!!!


October 10, 2016

I’m in a reality mode.     Please, this is another post you shouldn’t read.   Just skip over it.


A glimpse of Reality:

There’s real things happening in the world — and then there’s what you’re being told to believe.   Time to take out the Old Green Broad of False History again:


(I think I’ll keep her around for a while.   Not all of us want to  be beaten down.)

There is in Syria a nun who is a wonderful worker among the Christians and Yazidis who are left  in Syria,  a place which used to be nearly 100 % Christian, but has through the centuries  been subject to ethnic and religious “cleansing” —  killing,  because they are not Muslim and do not wish to leave Christ.

Her name is Sister Hatune Dogan and she’s been doing her good work for 26 years, according to the article I read.      She was born in Turkey but her family moved to Germany, where she got her education and became a nun, an Orthodox nun.   She has moved back to the Middle East to help the people suffering at the hands of the Islamists.

She also goes back to Germany once in a while and tells them what’s going on,  warning them that the Islamist invaders they are allowing into their country in the name of “refugees” will go very badly for Germany, because what they are doing in the Middle East is what they’re intending to carry on in Germany – and Europe.

But the Europeans don’t listen to her.   She tells them details.   She tells them of  being told by survivors in the Middle East that their babies are dashed against a wall until “there is no more head left” —  and a German woman in her audience told her to Stop!   She didn’t want to hear any such thing.  She “knows”  that this is no less, no more than the German people have done in their past, and so Germans just have to learn how to live with foreigners . . . .

Stop!  I don’t want to hear it!   Don’t tell me the truth!!!!

The Old Broad in the Green Dress tells me I’m just as bad — so . . .   just, I don’t want to hear the Truth.

Sister Hatune Dogan has been living the Truth and working among the Truth and she and many others like her are trying to tell us that some day the Truth is going to arrive at our doorsteps and bash our heads against . . .  the Truth too.

It’s called “Settlement Jihad.”    Arriving at our doorsteps by the hundreds of thousands.   One American presidential candidate promises to continue and to increase the numbers.

Today is October 10th.   On October 10th,  732 A.D.   — the Year of Our Lord —  a history changing battle was fought and won by the Christians in France.    After continued onslaughts by Muslim invaders into Europe, somehow this battle was won, the Muslims withdrew, and Europe was saved from an Islamic takeover.

There are many politically correct false narratives popping up about this battle,  downplaying its significance,  but that is another deceitful intellectual fad —  but the real story is interesting and inspiring.   The actual  Truth will endure.     The Battle of Tours SAVED Europe from Islam,  for many, many centuries.

It’s October 10th again.

Pray for Sister Dogan.   Pray for Europe.    Pray for us.

This is a spiritual battle.


October 10, 2016

Clarifying the Story:



So,  the national celebration of Columbus Day  (October 12)  is  moved this year to October 10th so that there can be a three-day weekend.

Fewer and fewer know the story of the journeys of Columbus to the New World.  Four or five journeys, I think.    Might be hard to look up the real story of faith and courage and intellectual curiosity that has inspired people for centuries.  You’d have to look it up in older books, before the Global-Socialists got ahold of American education and inserted a false narrative into the story of Columbus.

The Old Broad beats the red, white, and blue –

False history.jpg

You must, now, accept the false narrative that European Whites are bad, bad, bad.   We are told we should be ashamed and embarrassed about our past — and we, today,  must make amends, and apologies — and that isn’t enough –  we must make “reparations”  to people who live hundreds of years ago!

This is an intellectual fad,  but a very destructive one.

Modern “presentations”  of the story of Columbus will not tell you the reason that a new trade route to India and China had to be found.  (The savage Muslim pirates had cut off trade routes to the Middle East and the East.   Tens of thousands of Christians along the Mediterranean coastline were being kidnapped and enslaved or forcibly converted.)

Modern tellings of the story will also  insert tales of   greedy and violent intent and even “genocide” and against the Caribbeans Indians,   who have received a total makeover in modern books,  obscuring the fact that by the 16th century the Caribbean Sea had become home to warring tribes who killed and enslaved and . . .  ate …  each other, and were rapidly dying off from warfare,  diseases,  and human sacrifice.

Stick to Columbus for a moment.     He was not an evil, greedy,  violence-prone leader of a murderous expedition out to conquer unsuspecting, innocent indigenous people!  He was a Catholic gentleman with an interest in sailing uncharted ocean waters because he had a belief that it was possible to sail far enough west to find India, where much of the desired trade goods had come from.

I’ve studied history for many, many decades and have never found any serious writings or teachings that the world was “flat.”   Or that “if you sail too far, you’d fall off the earth”!  That didn’t come about until the so-called “Enlightened”  people began to re-write history with the purpose of making the Medieval World (i.e., the Catholic World)  sound ridiculous.  *         Another deceitful intellectual  fad.

Columbus:   I have his captain’s log.    Not the Starship Enterprise,  but the Santa Maria  Logs:    Contemporary writings,  “as they happened,”  and so I can say:   Don’t let the Old Broad in the green dress in the cartoon beat you down until you submit to her ideology. 

 Be free to look at the whole picture, the good, the interesting, and the bad. 

Here’s a start:      In 1537,  it came to the pope,  Pope Paul III,  that the explorers were finding a “new type of human,”  with a culture very different from Europeans.   So different were they that the question was raised whether or not they were fully human.  They certainly were savage and dangerous.  When the question came to Rome,   Pope Paul issued a decree,  binding on all Catholics, about the matter.  It was called Sublimus Deus.

You can read it today (in English, if you like).   It was one of several similar decrees, but in this particular one you will find  that the Church opposes the enslavement of indigenous peoples and opposes the destruction of their culture.  

“The said Indians and all other people who may later be discovered by Christians, are by no means to be deprived of their liberty or the possession of their property, even though they be outside the faith of Jesus Christ; and that they may and should, freely and legitimately, enjoy their liberty and the possession of their property; nor should they be in any way enslaved; should the contrary happen, it shall be null and have no effect.” —Pope Paul III, “Sublimus Deus”

Later, similar decrees EXCOMMUNICATED any conquistador,  colonist,  governor,  or explorer  that abused and subjugated the “Indians.”      **

Again,  the story of Columbus is an inspiring story of faith and courage and the desire to solve a common problem for  his native Europe.    Children should know the basics of Columbus’s voyages.  Then older children should be told of some of the complexities of the issues raised by finding new societies.

And adults should be able to ponder the lessons that can be learned from exploration and pathfinding  and developing relationships with people who are different from you.

The Truth truly does allow us to be free to think!



“COLUMBUS DAY AND MORE”:   Today,  October 10,   is also the Feast Day of St. Francis de Borgia – the saint that sits so heavily on my shoulder.   Among his many achievements was to assist Rome in defining and clarifying what the missionary policy should be towards the indigenous peoples that were being discovered.

His directions were in line with the papal decrees of the time,  and he outlined the method of caring for and instructing native people, as well as practical means for improving their physical conditions.



. *   (Anyone who lived along the seacoast could see that when a ship approaches land,  you will see the tip of its tall sails first, then more of the sails, and then finally the boat.   People in the Middle Ages were not blind.   Nor dumb.    Especially when the works of the Greek scientists and philosophers became known and studied,  it was common knowledge that the earth is a globe — that revolves in the heavens as other planetary bodies do.  Long, long before Galileo came around,  the scientists, working under the auspices of the Church,  were speculating that the earth revolved around the sun.   They didn’t have the mathematics, yet, to explain the motion of heavenly bodies — but neither did Galileo in his time!)

. **   Examine the crewmen on the ships captained by Columbus.   Where did he get his crew from?  What kind of men were they?     (They were no more Catholic in thoughts or actions than were the native peoples they came across in the New World. )

Killing of the indigenous people, enslavement,  destroying their cultures,   all this was ANATHEMA.     You’re OUT of the Church, unless you stop and repent.

Obedience to the decrees of the Church?     The pope and good church officials of the time could no more  “control”  the conquistadors than the pope of today can control some of our very “uncatholic”  and personally immoral supporters of sodomy and abortion that we find in the US Congress.

All a good pope and good church officials can do is define what the church teaches and to propound church teachings.       The choice to obey lies with individuals.




August 21, 2016

Sometimes when I hear an idea,  it strikes deep inside me like a heavy gong –  and then comes an explosion of ideas – like fireworks going off every which way .

And as the “fireworks”  settle down they sort themselves out into something resembling a beautiful Bach harpsichord concerto.


A beautiful experience.   I had a friend once who built harpsichords . . .     —   but   I need to rein in some of those fireworks.

Har Music

I’m trying to  capture some of my thoughts and bring them to a point – or  at least some kind of whole, like a conductor’s score, bringing together the many voices into one theme around which many thoughts rotate.

Our brains do work like this.   we just need to take the time to let our thoughts “rattle around” against each other, like the finale in a fireworks show, and then wait until we can catch echoes of the concerto – or sometimes,   the fugue!

The Two Worlds:    One world offers us Time and the development of a concert.    In the other world,  we stuff too many things into Time,  and what develops is dis-concert-ing

So, today is Sunday:

Har mass in

I didn’t go there!  But after the Ancient and Time-Tested  Prayers,  the Readings,  the Sermon, and the (re)presentation of the One Sacrifice,  it felt like I had been there – and I was filled with . . .   lively thoughts,  from what I had heard and seen.

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all these other things will be added unto you. . . ,”   we heard today.     Ancient  time-tested words of wisdom from our Master.     We have two worlds presented to us:   a world in which God is first,  and we seek Him  in His Kingdom;  and a world in which we seek all kinds of “these other things.”

Actually, as  a historian  (non-professional!)  I can tell you:  Thus has it ever been so.  The two worlds.     In our computer age, surely we can understand bits and bytes,  ones and zeroes . . .

har bits

. . . .  yes or no,  this world or that world.

Oh, we have Time to stumble around a bit,  but in the end even our stumbling  evidences  a choice of one world or the other.    Even in the pre-Christian religions men understood the choice that has been given us.

Remember the movie Apocalypto?    Gentle, peaceful dwellers of the jungles of Central America, living at ease and in harmony with their surroundings.    Then come the violent “Mayans,”   a sophisticated, advanced culture which had descended over time into a stratified caste society of the humans who were  powerful, wealthy Rulers;  the humans who were obedient workers;  and the humans who were slated for bloody and horrific sacrifice,  in order, the Rulers thought,  to keep their society powerful.     They sought the things of a world that was other than the Creator’s world.

(I’ve just purchased, in order to re-read,  Columbus’s Log Book, with an added journal from one of the sailors in a later voyage who was one of the hundreds captured by these Mayans.  He tells his harrowing tale of being in a line of captives advancing towards the place of sacrifice . . .  It is the stuff of nightmares.)

Well, there you have it.  Again:  two worlds.

And so this morning I remembered my vacation to Hiawatha’s land of  Gitche Gumme:

Har GG

(My priest would be quite surprised if he knew he had flung me into Gitche Gumme this morning…)

In Hiawatha’s land the two worlds manifest themselves.   Gitche Manito, our Father, in pre-Christian thought, looks down upon His human creations:

Gitche Manito, the Mighty,
The Creator of the nations,
Looked upon them with compassion,
With paternal love and pity;
Looked upon their wrath and wrangling,
But as quarrels among children,
But as feuds and fights of children!

Over them He stretched His right hand
To subdue their stubborn natures,
To allay their thirst and fever .  . .

Har G Manito in clouds

But Man can resist the paternal hand of his Creator.    And he does, quite easily and quite often.       So we must choose the Creator’s world, one at a time, one by one, each setting his mind on our Creator’s world and not on “all these things” of this world which causes our “thirst and fevers.”

Sometimes a brave young man responds to the good teachings of Gitche Manito,  even if he doesn’t at first know what the source is.    It is the search for Truth that brings rewards:  “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.”

The seeking starts with serious and sober attention to becoming skilled and educated:

Out of childhood into manhood
Now had grown my Hiawatha,
Skilled in all the craft of hunters
Learned in all the lore of old men,
In all youthful sports and pastimes,
In all manly arts and labors.

With all this training Hiawatha still sought after Truth.    He wanted the truth from his father, Mudjekeewis,  now dead,   now dwelling in the land of the West-Wind,  among all the old fathers,  who now had Truth.

Har hia

Although warned not to go  on such a quest,  Hiawatha set off and “traveled”  far past many  known boundaries, poetically and beautifully told by the pen of H.W. Longfellow.   Then at last “Filled with joy was Mudjekeewis when he looked on Hiawatha.”


But it is not an easy time for Hiawatha,  this seeker of the Creator’s Truth, and he’s put to many dangerous tests and learns many disappointing, dismaying,  terrible, tragic Truths and is eventually brought to the point of attempting to kill this “father” of his.

(Oh – back to  Bach’s harpsichord  for a moment:   the dramatic, discordant movements of a concerto speak to the truth of the Theme also.)

How deadly and dramatic is our life’s fighting for the Truth!!   All nature depends upon mankind’s search for Truth in the Kingdom of God.

Here is a fight worth witnessing!

Then began the deadly conflict
Hand to hand among the mountains.
From his eyry screamed the eagle,
The Keneu, the great war-eagle
Sat upon the crags around them,
Wheeling, flapped his wings above them.


The Bible, also poetically,  says that the whole Earth is groaning and in travail,  waiting for the Kingdom of God:  (Romans 8:22)

Till the Earth shook with the tumult
And confusion of the battle,
And the air was full of shoutings,
And the thunder of the mountains . .  ..

Well, that’s Longfellow again,  but he’s saying the same thing as the Bible.

At last Hiawatha prevails!   He is about to strike the death-blow when Mudjekeewis calls out:

Hold!  at length cries Mudjekeewis.
Hold my son, my Hiawatha!
‘Tis impossible to kill me,
For you cannot kill the immortal.

I have put you to this trial
So to know and prove your courage;
 Now receive the prize of valor:
Go back to your home and people.
Live among them, toil among them,
Cleanse the Earth from all that harms it . . .

With courage and perseverance,  Hiawatha has prevailed  in his life-and-death quest for Truth.     He sought the Other World,  he has seen the Other World,  and he has received his command to “cleanse”  the Earth.

I hope, I wish,  I want us in our times to be as brave and manly as Hiawatha was in his times,   because there are still two worlds;   two worlds to choose and to develop.    “Seek first the Kingdom of God . . .”   then – but only then –  all the other “good things”   will come to you.   It’s an orientation of primacy:  bits and bytes,  this or that,   God’s things or “the other things.”

In the quietness and stillness inside our church today,   there I was,  watching the mighty battle of Hiawatha while the harpsichord  played a Bach concerto in my ears . . . .




July 21, 2016

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow explains that “Hiawatha”  is a composite man,  made of true descriptions of the Native American Indians.   That is a useful thing to do in the world of literature because more truths can be told than if the author had focused on just one man.

And so I have two true things to tell you about all of Hiawatha’s people spread throughout North America.

GG Map where 400


I know dozens of people who have some Indian heritage in their background, but I know four people who are full-blooded Chippewa and Ojibway.   Their people lived in or near Gitche Gumme – the yellow and the beige areas.

All  four are hard-working professional women;  three, perhaps all four,  are university graduates, one of them from Harvard;  all came from large families;   all are Catholic with traditional values;  and all have told me stories of their fathers and grandfathers telling them to NEVER take money from the government;  never take special privileges from the government;  never be treated as though you need extra help just because you are Native American.

They’ve worked hard;  achieved a lot;  and are glad to be American citizens.  They are descendants of the noble Hiawatha.


I will let Hiawatha tell you how these people came to be living good lives.

“Canoe with wings” —

CANOE with wings

Well, in the 1600’s, 1700’s, and 1800’s the Native American Indians didn’t put sails on their canoes.    They never thought about doing it.

But sit around a campfire and listen to a strange tale told by the traveler Iagoo:

From his wanderings far to eastward,
From the regions of the morning,
From the shining land of Wabun,
Homeward now returned Iagoo.
The great traveler, the great boaster,
Full of new and strange adventures,
Marvels many, and many wonders.

And the people of the village
Listened to him as he told them
Of his marvelous adventures. . .
He had seen, he said, a water
Bigger than the Big-Sea-Water,
Broader than the Gitche Gumee,
Bitter so that none could drink it.

The great salt-water oceans?     (Gitche Gumme is, of course,  fresh water.)

At each other looked the warriors,
Looked the women at each other,
Smiled and said,  “It cannot be so!
Kaw!”  they said,  “It cannot be so!”

O’er it, said Iagoo, o’er this water
Came a great canoe with pinions
A canoe with wings came flying,
Bigger than a grove of pine trees!

pine trees

Pine trees like masts of great ships.

There were strange-looking people  on board these great ships with wings.  The world was changing for Hiawatha’s people in North America;  as the world perhaps is changing for us.

In it, said he, came a people
In the great canoe with pinions
Came, he said,  a hundred warriors
Painted white were all their faces
And with hair their chins were covered!!

Warriors who “painted” their faces white and grew hair on their chins?!

But imagine, around this campfire,  as the people are laughing with amusement,  Hiawatha stands up and speaks now.

True is all Iagoo tells us;
I have seen it in a Vision.
Seen the great canoe with pinions,
Seen the people with white faces. . .
People of this wooden vessel
From the regions of the morning.

Gitche Manito, the Mighty,
The Great Spirit, the Creator,
Sends them hither on His errand,
Sends them to us with His message.
Wheresoe’er they tread,  beneath them
Springs a flower unknown among us,
Springs the White-Man’s Foot in blossom.

Let us welcome, then, the strangers,
Hail them as our friends and brothers;
And the heart’s right hand of friendship
Give them when they come to see us.

Gitche Manito, the Mighty,
Said this to me in my Vision.

Later,  it all came true:

Caoe with bl robe

Through the shining mist of morning,
O’er the water floating, flying,
Came a birch canoe with paddles,
Rising, sinking on the water
Dripping, flashing in the sunshine;

And within it came a people
From the distant land of Wabun,
From the farthest realms of morning
Came the Black-Robe chief, the Prophet,
He the Priest of Prayer, the Pale-Face,
With his guides and his companions.

Hiawatha was there to welcome them.

Then the noble Hiawatha
With his  hands aloft extended
Held aloft in sign of welcome
Waited, full of exultation,
Till the birch canoe with paddles
Grated on the shining pebbles
Stranded on the sandy margin,
Till the Black Robe chief, the Pale-Face,
With the Cross upon his bosom,
Landed on the sandy margin.

canoe people hearing

Then the joyous Hiawatha
Cried aloud and spake in this wise:
“Beautiful is the sun, O Strangers,
When you come so far to see us!
All our town in peace awaits you,
All our doors stand open for you.
You shall enter all our wigwams.
For the heart’s right-hand we give you.

And the Black-Robe chief made answer,
Stammered in his speech a little,
Speaking words yet unfamiliar:
“Peace be with you, Hiawatha,
Peace to you and to your people,
Peace of prayer, and peace of pardon,
Peace of Christ, and joy of Mary.”

You know the Gospel story,  you can learn it, just as the Black-Robe told it to the people:

Then the Black-Robe chief, the Prophet,
Told his message to the people,
Told the purpose of his mission,
Told them of the Virgin Mary,
And her Blessed Son, the Savior . . .

This is the second true thing.   The “Black-Robes”  brought the knowledge of Christ to North America,   men, these black-Robes, whom they had seen in visions,  and who were promised to come to them to tell them more of the Great Spirit.

If you saw the movie The Revenant,  you will see evidences of these Black-Robes;  Father De Smet, for instance, who lived among the plains Indians.   You will see evidence of Catholic teaching in the lovely young wife, whose spirit instructed the man after he was left for dead,  and who led him away from the vengeance he so longed for.  You would see in that movie some ruins of the many chapels that Father De Smet had built.

Before a different kind of missionary came . . .

And Sitting Bull wore a crucifix only as a trinket, from a faded memory of Christianity.

Sitting Bull

Hiawatha saw this sad development too, in a Vision.






July 11, 2016

Sami aurora

The Arctic blood in me is stirring.    The Far Far North is calling, and my daily routine will soon be disrupted.   

Sami teepee

In a very good way.    I go to seek my roots.   My foundation.

Dove of Peace outline

But a few last words,  because no one should be forgotten.

As I wrote in the last post,  the entertainment-news media can be false at times and it can be funny at times.   But not innocently false,   deadly false;   and it’s really not funny funny,  when Truth is battered.

And I sorrow when the Truth is ignored into silence.   An American-citizen teenager lost her life a couple weeks ago.    She was brutally murdered as she slept in her own bed, in the middle of the night.

She had been sight-seeing with her family –

Hallel and family

Close to her Mom:

hallel and mom

And her Mom said good-night to her one day.

And that night a man of another religion broke into her bedroom –


. . . . As I always tell people,  it’s not that easy to kill someone with a knife,  not even with a big knife.

Doesn’t look like it was easy.

We’re grown-ups:       Men and women who can face reality.   Face Truth.  Who can feel something.    Who can pray.   Who can act.    Or at least, who can speak up.

Her name is Hallel.    An American citizen.   Hallel Yaffa Ariel.   Living in Israel.     13 years old.   “She wanted to be a doctor”  when she grew up.

It’s time for me to  . . . go . . .  and think about things like this and other things.

Longboat drawing left 75

I won’t be silent.    I’ll just be . . .  different for a while.







June 13, 2016

It’s incumbent upon us in a free society  to know the “whole story.”   What is real and what is not real.


A collison!

 I’ll bet the serious Muslim President Erdogan and King Abdullah II of Jordan were surprised  when they were rejected by the artificially created but politically correct form of Political Black Supremacist “Islam”  in America!    Actually, it’s  a little embarrassing . .  . .

When  they heard that a “great celebrity”  (Cassius Clay/Muhammed Ali)  had died and that the American News media  is presenting a great public funeral  for him,  President Erdogan and King Abdullah planned to come to America to pay highest respects to the fallen boxer because they heard that he practiced some form of Islam.    Black Muslim.   Radical Black Supremacist politics.    Nation of Islam.   (“Let all white men in America go back to Europe.”    “Black Power!”   “Watch that Number 19.”)

 President Erdogan comes with an object in his hands,  a piece of something sacred to Islam –  and he is prepared to place it on the coffin of this boxer.    Right?   I hope you’ve heard about that.  A high honor in the Muslim  world.  And Erdogan and Abdullah are  each prepared to give a little speech in honor of this (Muslim)  boxer.

But neither President Erdogan nor King Abdullah  were allowed to speak, as they had planned.   They had been bumped off the program: 

In the lead-up to the funeral service of Cassius Clay-Ali, Ali family’s spokesman Bob Gunnell had said that two unnamed speakers had been added to the program, meaning that foreign guests Erdogan and King Abdullah II of Jordan would no longer be able to deliver a speech, The Washington Post reported.

 The two returned home.     Rejected.      Dishonored.   Publicly dissed.

The real Muslim world had come to pay respects.     The fabricated political Muslim world had not welcomed them.


The real Muslim world had met the fakery of American radical politics.

bar dissolve er
This famous former boxer,  now deceased,   has spoken, into microphones, some of the most racist and blasphemous words ever displayed by the radical politics of the Sixties and Seventies —  but.     But.    But  “Nation of Islam”  radical politics makes him a “Muslim”  when it’s convenient to emphasize his sincerity and excuse his actions.  

Inciting racial hatred, for instance.  

Draft dodging, for instance:    Letting another young man take his place in a war, at a time of war.    (Well, Nation of Islam doesn’t believe in the same principles as Americans do;  why would they fight their wars?)
What real and what’s not real?




















It was a collision!  And not a pretty one.   I just hope there won’t be consequences to us.