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January 20, 2020

This is a post about the many hoaxes we have to live with.

Lies lead to Hoaxes.    Hoaxes often lead to very dangerous results.


So many sources reflect the growing conviction that we are in the End Times –  “something has to give.”    For religious people of the three major religions,  this means the coming/return of the Messiah.

I don’t know for sure,  but I do remember a teaching in the Bible that describes people living in such End Times will “love iniquity”  (doing bad, immoral things) and they will “not love the truth” —  “therefore, God will send them the operation of error so that they will believe lying.”

“They will believe lying”!

Now, the version I learned as a child says it like this,  that these people in the End Times “loved not the truth” – And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.”  *  

That was always chilling to me,  because if you’re deluded,  then how do you even  know you’re not being given the truth?   But they’ll love the lies more than the truth. God will let them have it.

Lies Lead to Hoaxes

Hoax (dictionary):  a  trick  in which someone deliberately tells people that something bad is going to happen or that something is true  when it is not

You take a lie, and then you run with it to achieve a particular purpose.

No one is immune

No one and no normal person  is immune to employing a “little white lie”  once in a while,  or shading the truth a little, exaggerating to make you or your cause look better ,or to make your opposition look worse.   That’s why wise people said things like:  “Know thyself!”    And then,  that’s why Confession is there for us . . .  (unless you like to be the one who “excuses”  your own self.)

But habitual, profligate liars  is of another breed altogether.   We have so many examples today!   Note this sour press piece from the Vatican:

The pope “offered in a speech to the Weisenthal Center –   “a systematic, “connect-the-dots” thought experiment tying selfishness to anger, anger to populism, populism to hatred, and hatred to antisemitism.”

What is populism?  What do the populists want?    The Dictionary again:  populism is “politics that represents the interests and opinions of ordinary people.”   They want the equal application of law for everyone;  a level playing field that allows anyone to achieve their full potential.     They want fairness for ordinary people,  not advantages given to the political elite or the wealthy or special interest groups – to the detriment of the interests of ordinary people.

Well, I  kind of think that populism is a normal, healthy desire.   I don’t want anyone to be disadvantaged in the public arena.   Populism isn’t “hating”  anyone!

But this movement scares our World Rulers.   It scares the present-day occupant of the See of Peter because he works with our World Rulers.     And so they must malign the populists, make populism a dirty word,  populists dangerous people.  Just,  think about that.   There are powerful forces encouraging these lies, and powerful forces picking up the lies to propose hoaxes.

Who are some populists?   The Gun Rights Lobbying movement in Virginia today, for example.    Such “dangerous” people!     Executive Orders had to be invoked to protect the government from their likely violence!   You  can think of more common hoaxes:

Joe Biden, at a segregated Black church this weekend promoted and affirmed the hoax that President Trump called Nazis  “very fine people.”      No matter how many times this hoax has been debunked,  there are some people who “love not the truth …  and believe lying.”

5 ha ha colors   Two Democrat political candidates are apparently calling each other liars.  As one political cartoon said:     Bernie Sanders saying to Elizabeth Warren —  I would never call a Native American woman a liar!”


Perhaps the most troubling and maddening current hoax of all is spoken out on the “airwaves” by local news on the radio, on local TV,  on national TV –  many, many times a day:     President Trump pressured the Ukrainian president to investigate his political rival Biden and threatened to withhold (or did withhold)  American aid unless he does so.

That’s an impeachable offense!, they assert.    (It isn’t, actually)

And it didn’t happen.  None of it is true.  Each of the parts of the statement is an outright lie.    Each component is verifiably  false,  and that information is out there for anyone to see.

And the enemies of America and America’s president are perpetrating a hoax based on these  lies.   What is their end game?

Is there any punishment for these liars?   Is there any legal redress for the American people?

I don’t know.   Who controls many of the courts?   the entertainment-news media?  the education system?   the flow of information?   the flow of funds?    newspapers, TV,  social media?

Here’s another Catholic  prophecy for the End Times, from Our Lady of Good Success:  “In those days, those who should speak out will remain silent.”    You don’t  have to be Catholic to be a part of that!

I’m going to leave this world soon.    I don’t need any more on my conscience to add that to my  list of deficiencies.




.*   II Thessalonians 2:10






December 24, 2019

I’ll get to Christmas things soon . . .   tough few days, healthwise again — during which time I watched some old, old Christmas  movies.   If you have YouTube,  I’d highly, highly recommend one called “Beyond Christmas.”  It’s America,  but a society long past,  what we used to be . . . a wonderful experience.

But here’s another one I saw recently.  It came apparently not recommended.  In fact several times I saw the warning:  “This contains material not suited for general audiences.”      But why?   Here’s what I wrote about it when it ended:


I fear this movie will lead some people astray in matters of science, politics,and religion.
The snob in me is telling me to not tell you the name of this movie — well, maybe… I’m fighting that.
Here are the elements of the movie – elements, not the plot.

Here are some scientists on their way to a meeting.

SCIENTISTS arriving br


They’re going to hear someone speak about the latest discovery in some caves in southern  Spain. It’s a physical discovery not a theoretical discovery. Think you can tell these scientists in the identical black hats anything new? Think they are unlike the scientific establishment of today?
And then there is the Church, some of who – some, not all – priests (and also protestant ministers) hear the scientists and think they are bringing the Church into modernity by listening to “modern” scientists and agreeing with acceptable conventions of science.    That becomes their orthodoxy.  They join the latest fads, whether it be evolution, or man-made climate change. What if Christianity forms a consensus that socialism is harmless and beneficial to the world? What if the scientific community say that little gray aliens are just people from other planets?  If it’s the consensus . . .

This (unnamed) movie shows the dangers of being conventional, following the majority opinion, whether scientific or religious.    This  movie shows us both.

Those inside the Church know that God made all things —

NGC 5468


   — and therefore true science cannot contradict what the true Church teaches but can only increase the number of reasons we have to praise God and marvel at His world.
Our human  “book of scientific knowledge” has not written the last chapter yet.

collision alert

a collision of galaxies


Remember when we didn’t know that galaxies collide, regularly,and with unimaginable forces on a cosmic scale. Remember when we thought the speed of light cannot be exceeded? Remember when we were taught that the universe is held together merely by forces of gravity acting on matter?


It’s well-known that someone who is an expert in one thing only has no competence in another field. A scientist has no competence to speak of religious things; and a priest has no training or competence to speak of scientific things. (Unless of course in the rare instance that one has a double Ph.D, both science and theology.)



But this is what got Galileo in trouble. The Church didn’t mind the scientific discoveries he had made. The other scientists of his day minded very much because what he said defied their conventional understanding of science. They turned against him.   What got Galileo in trouble is that he began to make pronouncements on philosophy, religion, and political matters. He had no standing in those affairs, no competence, and he was quite wrong in those things.

True, the Church stepped in to stop him, but remember that he was put under house arrest in his beautiful Italian villa, and that his favorite and beloved daughter was his caretaker. It was the scientists of his day who ridiculed him and treated him harshly.

Such issues are similar to what was presented in this movie.
It’s what happened to the scientist whose  daughter discovered the beautiful cave paintings in southern Spain.   Beautiful, yes, but where they were found was in a cave that was obviously about ten thousand years old.    Convention said these were ignorant cave men, with “primitive” brains so they could not have drawn beautifully accurate pictures of Ice Age animals.


The little girl’s father had taught her that “we learn best by doing” – not by believing what other people tell us. She was a wonderful little actress,  portraying a little girl whose heart was torn apart by the virulent opposition of the scientists who said things she knew not to be true and by the Churchmen who thought the discovery would undermine their conventional teachings.   Unfortunately, her mother at first dared not defy religious convention and so opposed her husband’s scientific conclusions.

Sorrow there was in the little girl’s heart, but a child’s heart recognizes the truth.  And so should we — be free to recognize truth and facts, and keep  our minds open for further developments/


This movie kept flashing warning signs that “some of the content of this movie may be unsuitable for general audiences.)   Hmmm? The conventional teacher in me, protective of my readers, listens to that warning.
But the real me won’t.   You may be challenged,  but you won’t be harmed by watching this movie.   Just, in life,  steer your way clear of false science and steer your way clear of man-made religious ideas.

The name of the movie is Finding Altamira.    It’s on YouTube







October 12, 2019

(Much information about Christopher Columbus)  – 

First,  I write about Columbus to PUSH BACK against the socialist/progressive project to make white men, to make European countries,  to make the Church, and to make the U.S.A.  somehow ashamed of their past.

SNIPPING Remaining ties

cutting us off from our true past


If they can successfully cut us off from our Past,  then they can re-create a new history and impose a new Present onto us.  — a new Present that serves their own interests, but that doesn’t arise from the people or from their factual history.

Every tribe, clan, ethnic group , country, or nation has always known its history,  its traditions, and  has taken from its past strength and inspiration.   We have always taught our  next generation to know its past and take lessons from it.   Because this common human activity has been assaulted from without,  by “foreigners”  with hostile intentions against us,   praising Christopher Columbus  will sound a little odd.

col ships


Not today, but before our schools were corrupted,   most of us learned about Columbus from our grade school, even high school history books.    children’s books!  Bare bones narrative.   As I grew older and continued to learn,  I was astonished to read more about Columbus, the  man.  Yes, he was a sailor, navigator,   courageous and determined to carry out his big ideas.   His big dream was to find a safe trade route to the Far East   since the M os  lems  had cut off overland trade routes to the Christians.

col galley

Many, many galley slaves on the M  os   lem ships were captured Christians.

Worth repeating:  The Islamic world would not allow trade from the Christian world to exist.   This was crippling the economies of various European regions.   This is why they sponsored explorers to find other ways to get to the Far East.

col not easy     It wasn’t easy!  Monarchs had to be persuaded to give an explorer enough money to equip a successful expedition, to finance ships,  supplies,  and men to sail.

Columbus had trouble getting enough men for his ships because being a sailor was a very dangerous and uncomfortable occupation.   Men (sailors)  had to be obtained any way you can:  bribing, threatening,  kidnapping were not uncommon, and Columbus’s crew included many who were from the dregs of society.  Ne’er-do-wells.  Rebellious and criminal minds.     Ignorant.     Down on their luck.   Immoral.


col chris

Christopher Columbus himself was socially above the men in his crew, though with not much money.      He had a skill,  he had a dream,  and he had faith.   Columbus was above all a devout man,  saying prayers every day,  journaling every day with spiritual remarks, perhaps a daily communicant,  not a perfect personality, but no worse than any other man who had to captain ships and lead men into an unknown adventure.

It was a long, difficult journey with the usual dangers.    It worried the crew that the journey was taking so long, although it’s extremely unlikely that Europeans in general thought the world was flat and that this crew thought they’d  “fall off the edge of the earth.”    You say something like that only if you want to calumniate Europeans and make them sound ridiculous and ignorant.

They came to land.

col map

( Again,  to debunk a common progressive prejudice,  even when I was a child,  no one thought that Columbus was the first and only European to “discover”  America.    I’m Scandinavian –  do you think I wouldn’t know about Leif Erickson, et al.?!!    In addition,  the pre-Columbus westward travels of the large ocean-going ships of the  Mauritanians – from Africa –  the Romans, and even the Chinese were known soon after my childhood.)

What matters is that the timing was right for Columbus’s voyages to spark the admiration and imagination of the Europeans of the early 16th century, when Europe was on the brink of modernism and all the new discoveries which would characterize modern Europe.

col leading

All gave thanks to God for bringing them safely within sight of land.   If you read Columbus’s log books,  you will feel the relief and joy and anticipation and gratitude among the men,  led by Columbus and the priests.

col coming to land

No one who sailed with Columbus would have ever considered leaving God out of any phase of the expedition.  Here they are approaching land.

They met the Caribs,  a naked, disease-ridden,  slave-owning,  superstitious,  cruel, and violent groups of natives who were cannibals.

No, they didn’t know of Christ,  not even in a paradisaical indigenous nature-people sort of way.

No one had ever taught them to not kill babies, to not eat enemies, to not rape the little 12-year-old girls who were kept in special lodges, to place faith in God and not in superstitious sacrifices of human beings, and to be kind to each other.

(Please explore this further in the life of Juan Diego, who lived just ten or so years after Columbus’s last voyage …  see what a difference the Catholic missionaries had made among the “natives.”)

Columbus made four voyages to the  New World.   Although Columbus himself remained honorable, a good Christian gentleman,  his crew were low-class men with criminal behavior.   They tried to take any advantage they could of the natives they met.  Columbus had some flogged and he had others hung,  in an attempt to keep order and rein in the sinful tendencies of such men.

He had  hundreds of  avaricious, rebellious men among his crew.     That he  was not murdered by some of his own crew and that he could keep some order at all testifies to his manly authority, justice,  wisdom,  and perhaps the protection of God.

Do celebrate Columbus Day weekend – with more, perhaps,  than taking advantage of good sales!




The modern myth of the evil Columbus has grown and grown into a kind of accepted catechism about the man.  For example,a poster that summarizes the lies:

col lies

What answer do you have to such a poster?     You are NOT defenseless!

“your people, our people”   — a divisive phrase, also implying that the  “natives’  knew the concept of ownership of land, as well as the development of land for the betterment of society.   The “land”  was plenty big enough for all, especially since the population of the Carib Indians was on a steep decline when Columbus got there.

“with open arms”  —  not sure what “open arms”  would have looked like,  other than a desire to help bring the Carib Indians out of squalor, disease, and violence.

“bibles,  guns, and diseases”    –    all three lumped together to imply equal evils.    Does the writer of this poster know about the diseases that the (fornicating)  crew brought back to Europe?   (Yes,  th ekind of syphilis brought back to Europe is genetically different from the milder form already existing in Europe).

“killed us with your guns and diseases” —  And the Caribs and the Aztecs and Mayans killed many Europeans, torture, spears,  arrows,  and human sacrifice.

“arrogance of calling us godless savages”  —   Savage:  Of the woods (silvan), wild, untamed,indomitable, strange, undomesticated.  Only in the past couple of decades has the word been hijacked and taken to mean an insult.

The word savage was a descriptive word, no arrogance involved.








July 17, 2019

finnish flag

One half  of my bloodline is Finnish –  and today the Finnish people have made me feel proud.    Among the good characteristics of these people is their fierce devotion to honesty;  absolute honesty.



There have been many absurd statements that talk about “evidence” for Global Warming/ Cooling/  Climate Change.    The stuff that jokes are made of.    Like the funny numbers  that accidentally appeared in an Ohio weather report recently.



Nearly everyone realizes that the hoax part of the Climate Change Hoax is the claim that human activity causes Global Warming.    The Globalists whom are promoting anthropocentric climate change have been caught sending emails to each other explaining how to massage the numbers to make it look like human activity has warmed the planet.       The numbers they use are rather wobbly.  They don’t have a firm basis in factual observations and can be used to support any statement.

They have even convinced unscientific people in governments  to declare that “Carbon Dioxide  is a pollutant” — and a dangerous one at that!     And humans are putting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere!!!

But this past week a study was published

“. . . by researchers at Turku University in Finland found that the human contribution to a rise of 0.1°C in global temperatures over the last century is just 0.01°C.

The paper, titled ‘No experimental evidence for the significant anthropogenic climate change’ was published by Jyrki Kauppinen and Pekka Malmi.

The study found that, “During the last hundred years the temperature is increased about 0.1°C because of carbon dioxide. The human contribution was about 0.01°C.”

Carbon dioxide is, of course, a very beneficial gas that all plants need for food.  It produces lush, green vegetation; our crops, our forests, our plains.     We don’t have as much as in ages past, but we’re getting by.     Fauna and flora are all smaller in today’s world.

The main source of carbon dioxide is the earth itself.  Here are some maps of carbon emissions that blossom out from the planet:

Carbon 1

The carbon ripples out all around the globe every day:

Carbon 2

The human contribution to a carbon dioxide increase is 0.01%  of a possible 0.1% increase — if indeed we can really detect that small fraction accurately.

Global climate and weather is far more influenced by activity from the sun;  by overall cloud cover, as the Finnish study goes on to say;  and even by sunspots.  The fewer sunspots the lower the temperatures on planet earth.



As you can see in the chart,  we are in a prolonged period of low sunspot activity.  We are entering into Sunspot Cycle 25, and there are even fewer sunspots observed and forecast.  Such periods of time are called minimums,  and there is very cold weather during a minimum.     It affects the availability of food, of northern transportation routes, and human health and interactions.

It’s almost fun to watch dire prediction after dire prediction of Global Warming fall, one by one.     And then, astoundingly,  new predictions are made, just as dire, just as false.

Glob al Warming NOPE


Deceptive use of numbers,  erroneous methods of collecting temperatures,  falsification of numerical results,  manipulation of charts and graphs have all been used to “prove”    Global Climate Change, characterized by “unprecedented extremes” in local weather.

So thank you to the Finnish scientists  who are sorting all this out and uncovering the truth!     Thank you for your dedication to Honesty!



July 11, 2019


  “Miseducated Idiots”



There were a lot of little “baby steps”  that my mind took which eventually led me into the Church.     Perhaps the biggest catalyst in my decision-making was the realization that  in order to prove that they are right,  other denominations  had to actually tell me  lies about the Catholic Church.

Now, I don’t want to expand on that right now,  but I was so surprised when opinion after opinion after opinion against the Church all proved, one by one as I examined them, to be actual lies.   Perhaps falsehoods or misconceptions,  but non-factual assertions and unsupported statements, nevertheless.

I know those are complex, complicated sentences, but I can at least tell you what a
“clean”  feeling it is to face the truth head on and be comfortable with it!

There is tension when you have to live according to lies and keep proving a lie is the truth.

How dismaying it is to observe that same  process in our current spirit of revolution and revolt,   every day, delivered to me by the entertainment-news media.


I’m no fan of women’s sports teams  — maybe I should write about that some day — but I did take notice that the American women’s soccer team won the World Cup.

America wins.  Nice.

And then I saw this tweet by President Trump:

Nice again, to take time from presidential duties to congratulate a sports team.

And then swiftly followed the outrage and bitter arrogance — accompanied by unsubstantiated falsehoods about the president.

I heard what was probably the team captain speak in response to this congratulations:  Embarrassing profanity coming from a young woman’s mouth.   Profanity of the worst kind, with the worst intentions.

And then – especially to my foreign readers – charges of racism and sexism and whatever else against the president, with absolutely no proof, not even anecdotal proof.

Oh, I’m aware of how some of these accusations began — how the president’s words or actions were deliberately misrepresented, misread, misinterpreted.  I remember the genesis of the accusations that the media then took up as these terms became Gospel.    Then the feeble, scarcely noticed retractions . . . .

These  false accusations are willingly taken up by any Global socialist who feels that President Trump stands in the way of their “progress’ towards the ongoing Leftist Revolution.    They sound like miseducated idiots, but they vehemently believe what they are saying.

The latest email revelations by the British ambassador to the United States show that no matter how high in governance a man goes, he can still fall victim to baseless propaganda.

What to do?    Almost all of us just sit back,  “tsk tsk,”  and go on about our daily lives.  After all, what can you do?   It takes a whole lot of energy and effort to oppose falsehoods.

It’s okay.  We can’t reach out to everyone and persuade them differently.    But we do have to know that LYING HAS CONSEQUENCES.     And we won’t like any of these consequences:  divisiveness;   uncertainty about who you can trust;   enmity;   always keeping score;   an intrusion of “politics” into everything . . .

And possibly one day,  Civil War.

And revolution.

And dominance by the Leftists, who wrote the book on winning by deception.
















June 30, 2019

Women — before women’s  “lib” —


Whether it’s the sun, the moon, the planets or the stars above:

CALCULATORS what they calculated

Mankind has always studied the universe and what’s in it.

In order to describe what’s observed,   theories have come and gone, and  mathematics of ever-increasing complexities have been created.


There was a huge increase in such knowledge in the late 1800s and the early 1900s.   More than a century ago scientists were working with “advanced”  equations to calculate the speeds and distances and masses of the heavenly bodies.

Very advanced calculations.      We are still trying to understand and use these equations today.

And how was the demand for these many advanced calculations fulfilled – in the days before any computer was invented? 

By an army of “advanced astronomical calculators”:

MATH Analysis

I forget what university these women worked at,  but they were the vital astronomical “calculators”   who worked with the advanced equations  which furthered our understanding of the universe.     There were thousands of them around the world.

“Skirts”  are no barrier to acquiring scientific or mathematical skills – and they never were!     The minds of men and women are certainly different, in general, but they’re not that different.

This is a good thing to remember since we just honored St. Etheldreda a few days ago — one of my favorite saints.   She was eventually a princess, or queen, at a time when Europe was just reorganizing itself  and becoming that “Christendom” which brought so many material, mental,and spiritual benefits to the human race.

The Catholic Church was, of course, the primary organizing force of all aspects of society.  Etheldreda was a strong woman, capable, intelligent, and very devout.   She was born in Suffolk, England, and married to a prince  who was also very devout, very Catholic.  By mutual consent they agreed to live a chaste life, as brother and sister,so that they could devote their lives to the service of God.



The prince died young, and for political reasons Etheldreda was married to the very young king of Northumbria who also agreed to that same type of marriage – for a time.   Queen Etheldreda’s further life was full of complications and adventures which eventually led to her moving into a monastery where she became the chief administrator over thousands of men and women who lived in the double-abbey of Ely.

(One can wonder how mediocre her life would have been had she not been devout.)

The Church honors her as capable  administrator, ruler, queen — and saint.

And we can believe there is no shortage of strong women in the Church’s past.    The true history of “men” and “women”  is not at all like the marxist history propounded today.

(Unless you believe that “women aren’t good at math” and there were no female “astronomical calculators.”)


February 12, 2019

(“Cooper’s Cardinal”  next post.)

A more serious post tonight:   “You can stifle your feelings,  but feelings can stifle your ideas.”

'It always hurts more when...'



We don’t even question it.  We ask each other,  “How do you feel about . . .?”    We watch ads on television that are devoid of any meaningful information but are meant to give us feelings towards the product, one way or the other, blatantly and annoyingly!

Since mass media developed in the early 20th century,  appeals are made to all people, men and women, on the basis of how they can be made to feel.

Political speeches were always like that – but not always political debate.

(“How do you  feel about  the Wall?   Doesn’t it make you mad/hopeful?”)

Today, if a person doesn’t accept the many socially correct ideas like man-made climate change,  or evolution from one species into the next,   gender fluidity,  central state control of all of society . . .  you can name other ideas we’re supposed to accept . . .  but if  a person doesn’t agree or accept,   there is a kind of emotional-social horror towards him.   It’s not “oh,  so what do you know about that subject?”  It’s  “you don’t!?”

There’s a big difference.   One invites human discussion; one doesn’t.   One seeks to advance understanding, for the benefit of all;  the other seeks to shut down the “dissident” voice,  to the benefit of no one.

They say ordinary conversation between people has become self-restricted;  we dare not say exactly what we think because we may get called on it.  Or we may get told it “offends”  someone’s feelings.   So we talk a  lot but dare not say a lot.

I wonder how common this is?



Parents used to see their children off to school with the words, “Be good!”   because good children can think clearly and learn.   Now it’s common to say, “Have fun!”

We make our children “feel good”  about going to school.   We make sure their self-esteem is bolstered.    We make sure our college students are not offended in anything,  so we carefully guard them from points of view that differ from  the ones they’ve been taught.

Unfortunately,  since socialism has increasingly taken control of our education  (early 20th century)  our children have been taught that Western Civilization is the root of all evil, in general.  This precludes teaching students anything that contradicts this ideology, so that they won’t be upset.

There is no transmission of  all those characteristics and values that built up civilization since the collapse of the Roman Empire.

I wonder if we can anticipate all the consequences of an ignorant generation coming into positions of leadership normally reserved for the mature mind.

I wonder how we’ll “feel”  as society around us falls apart – and just doesn’t seem to work anymore  – and no one knows how to put it back together again?



No matter what field of inquiry,  appeal is made to our personal inclinations but not to observable and objective facts and analysis of those facts for the purpose of advancement of understanding and possible improvement.

Especially sad is the lack of serious discussion for the development of understanding in the field of religion.   No matter how often we’re told that religion isn’t important,  religion is outdated, religion is the cause of war, etc.,  the fact remains that humans are religious.  They all believe in something.  The Creator of humans have given all humans the capacity to seek and to find Him . . .

Humans do frequently choose to not seek out their own Creator, much to the delight of the powerful Enemy of human beings,  but when a human  stops believing in God, he doesn’t believe, now, in nothing,  he will believe in anything — but he will continue to believe.

We’re just made that way.

So we seek after answers.

Unfortunately, if you’ve read any religious book, any “Christian”  book that was published in the past fifty or so years, you are likely to be “encouraged,”  made to feel “confident” in God,  “soothed,”   and directed to not be afraid.   Reading some of the most popular Christian books is like reading a vapid woman’s magazine, where we are shown how to be happy people,  happy Christians,  happy members of our society.   All is well.    things will work out.

Boring.   Boring because such books don’t satisfy the deepest questions we are asking ourselves.

In a recent brilliant essay entitled:    Why How You Feel Is Not All That Valuable,   Father Stephen Freeman,  an American Russian Orthodox priest,  explores how we are defined by our feelings –  in our current culture. **    He says:

Sentiment is a function of the passions, and rather shallow passions, at that. It is a disposition towards pleasure. A sentiment that says, “I think human suffering is terrible,” is generally a sentiment that will avoid confronting the nature of suffering and its true depths. If you’re decently middle-class, you can afford to avoid encounters with many forms of suffering. You can filter your friends-list in a manner to see and hear what you find pleasant and agreeable.

But as he implies, our character should not be equated to our feelings.  “I feel, therefore I am.”    No matter how a person feels about something, if we watch what he does,  that reveals his true character.

Or, as the old adage has it:  “character is what you do when you think no one is watching you.”

And character  is  destiny.

I wonder if a society that runs on its feelings could ever know what its “destiny”  is — until it smacks it in the face.


It’s the rug you’ve been sweeping things under that gets pulled out from under you.”



.*   For those of you who are used to marxist rhetoric,  of course none of my statements are intended to indicate all, all, all, all cases in some kind of 100% mathematical completeness.     I’m observing general trends.    There are always pockets of good thinkers here and there.    I hope you find them.


.**  If you’d like to read the whole serious article by Father Stephen,  it can be found here:

(remove spaces)

https  ://


It is satisfyingly intelligent.







September 24, 2018

This is the history:

The Politics of Personal Destruction.   A long-standing method of the Left to denigrate and destroy a political opponent.   Ages-old tactic.   Polished to perfection during the French Revolution.    Used cunningly and deftly in the 1990s.   And those who honed such skills are still part of that type of 1990s Leftists,  which have overtaken the poor Democrat Party.    In America!

That’s the history,  pure, simple, provable, and  evidenced by facts that are easy to look up.

The Politics of Personal Destruction, even though used by some of our Founding Fathers against each other,  is pitted against the  very System of Justice that these Founding Fathers set up – because they knew that the existence of an independent government,  “of the People, by the People, and for the People,”  depend upon a Fair System of Justice, as far as humanly possible.

And thus,  protected by the American Constitution.

It worked well for about 220 years.    That “Fifth Column”   (know your history!!)   which is the entertainment-news media today along with the existence of a dumbed-down education system has made that People, that public,  gullible and accepting of anything  that is presented on TV, radio news, and social media news, reading, apparently,  only headlines that are cleverly designed to lead the public along. . .

.  . . . Along the lines of the agenda of  those who are practiced in the Politics of Personal Destruction.

(Mental tasering):      Americans who love their country,  Americans who are fair-minded,  who have common sense,  receive an uncomfortable, sometimes subconscious jolt each time they are subjected to statements from the media in all forms.

America:  the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave??    Or Americans …  getting weary and worn down by all this?


Lest this post become too long,  I’ll list only some of the components of our American Justice System – the envy of oppressed people everywhere.   Use it to cushio the taser-like jolts to your love for your country:

There is a carefully developed system of  Due Process.  It presents itself as:  Equal Justice Before the Law.

If you are accused of something,  you have the Right to confront your accuser by having your accuser  cross-examined about his statements against you.

You have the right to a Speedy Trial.    That includes,  in the case of Judge Kavanaugh,  when the  examination and questioning period is completed,  as it is now,   six FBI examinations!,  then he has a right to be voted upon.  Speedily.   Now.  Right away because the examination process is complete.

In the American Justice system,  the burden of proof that you are guilty of something is on the Accuser.   You have no “burden”  to prove your innocence.  You are assumed to be innocent.   An accusation doesn’t make you guilty,  no matter who your accuser is.  The prosecuting attorneys need to show the court that, beyond  a reasonable doubt,  the accusation is true.

A “reasonable doubt”  calls on the adjudicators’  commonsense experience in the world.  If it doesn’t sound right,  if there’s some question remaining about the story given by the accuser,  then the accused remains innocent.

If you remain silent,  you are still presumed to be innocent.

High standards!  Now we know why so many criminals seem to get off scot-free.

But the American system of Justice protects the innocent,  even against his political enemies who are experts in the Politics of Personal Destruction.



By the way,  the FBI does not investigate local criminal matters and they don’t investigate matters involving underage people.  They do NOT have jurisdiction.

Why would an accuser ask for an FBI investigation into Judge Kavanaugh?   Because these 30 or so attorneys know very well the request would have to be denied –  a local alleged sexual assault involving  an underage male and an underage female does not come under FBI jurisdiction.

But an unknowing, undereducated American Public would not know that.   Therefore, they can easily be inflamed against such a denial.



April 12, 2018

What does a one-stick drum sound like?

      “boom    boom  boom   boom   boom   boom . . . .”

(Eventually you get the point.  Oh –   it’s “boom.”)


About getting your agenda through –   if you pound the public with only one side of the story,   eventually the public “softens”  and accepts that one point of view.

Ever see a drum and bugle corps performance  – in person?

drum corps

It’s an amazing thing.     Dozens of drummers playing a rich complex, musical rhythm that is quite mesmerizing.   It’s an artistic experience that fully engulfs you.

But —   one drum stick?    Imagine –

single drumstick

Bang.        Bang.         Bang.           Boom.    Boom.    Boom.

Not much of a musical experience!

But one single drum beat, repeated,  can have quite an effect on our mental  processes:

drum info.jpg cr

    . . .  boom   . . .   boom . . . boom  . . .    boomity boom . . . boom . . .

. . .boom . . . trump . . . boom . . .  russia . . . boom . . .  collusion . . .  boom . . .  trump . . . boom . . .  russia . . . boom . . .  collusion . . .      According to polls of Democrats,  68% of them think that  “President Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia in order to get elected.”

Huh?      Proof,  evidence,  testimony,  paper documents, and the money trail  all show that the Hillary campaign  colluded with the Russians   (to obtain a false document that was presented to the FISA court to get permission to spy on an American citizen who worked on the Trump campaign . . .    Hillary colluded . . .     with a Russian government official and a former British spy who declares his hatred of President Trump  and who obtained that false document and transmitted it to members of the Hillary campaign.

I understand, however, that the drumbeat from the entertainment-news media uses the word  “trump”  and   “russia”  and   “collusion”   like a    boom boom boom   from one drumstick on a drum.

68% of Democrat voters think that it was Trump who colluded.


You can do it with science too.    “Boom out”  or broadcast only one set of facts,   false facts or true facts, as long as they’re one-sided,  one drumstick . . . .

In  spite of many thousands of scientists,  with thousands of studies, that show that the planet’s average temperature is not rising,  it may be cooling slightly,  antarctic ice is not disappearing,  it’s actually growing,   ocean levels are not rising, and the penguins and polar bears are safe,    in spite of all  that,   “Global Climate Change”  problems are still being promoted.

It has to be promoted.    The flow of  hundreds of Billions of US dollars is at stake.

Remember the news article a few months ago that some antarctic expedition returned with the dismaying report that even the Emperor Penguins have disappeared?


Did you hear that a very large colony of them have been “found”?   They had just moved to another part of Antarctica.    (That’s the “other half”  of the story.)

Ice is melting in Antarctica?     Ice is melting in Antarctica.   Ice is melting in Antarctica.   Ice is melting in Antarctica. . . .

No.    According to a BBC  report  (a Far Leftist source of information)

Some 272 billion tonnes more snow were being dumped on the White Continent annually in the decade 2001-2010 compared with 1801-1810.

This yearly extra is equivalent to twice the water volume found today in the Dead Sea.

And:  10%   more precipitation (snow)   in that same time period.   (Remember,  Ice Ages don’t begin with lower temperatures –  it doesn’t get “icy cold’ in an Ice Age.  What happens is that snow falls are greater,  earlier in the Fall, later in the Spring, and less of it melts from one winter to another.  The ice pack increases in depth;  glacier-type ice forms and grows in depth from one year to another.

(The BBC article is obliged to tell us that the ice is melting down there on one part “really fast” — but they don’t strike with the other drumsticks:  (1)   the part of the ice shelf that is melting is already floating over the water –  that ice melt won’t add to ocean levels,  (2)   underneath those parts of the melting ice shelves are not “automobiles and cow flatulence from evil meat-eaters”;   underneath the ice are many new volcanoes,  91 new ones so far have been discovered.  The water is being warmed in that vicinity by volcanoes.)


Back to the U.S.        Lots and lots of drum booms for “March of Women who Hate Trump and Wear Pink Hats” and “March for Women’s Rights”  and the march against gun-ownership   where many schools facilitated their students field trip to Washington DC to participate and   boom . . .  boom . . .  boom    lots of celebrities promoted themselves by being interviewed with the marchers . . .

Hardly a sound about the much larger marches and demonstrations such as the February   “March for Life,”   the many  rallies supporting Pres. Trump and his policies,    and this week’s  Students March Against Abortion –   with 365 schools around the country participating.    But I can’t find any information on that yet.

Just . . .   no information.


Maybe this is an exercise in Zen paradoxes:    What is the sound of one hand clapping?

Facebook and Twitter and YouTube take away one hand in our country –  the conservative hand.

“Zen” ideas are nice and sweet,   cute,   but this can get dangerous for the world too.   There are many governments around the world who are questioning the source of the chemical gas attack in Syria.   Some are even questioning whether it happened.

drum jungle

I don’t know.  I don’t have an opinion on that.     There is an extremely LOUD SCREEN of BOOM BOOM BOOM –  President Assad did it to his own people  –   BOOM  BOOM  BOOM    . . .    Assad did it    –   Assad did it   –    Assad did it  . . .

Aren’t those called  WAR DRUMS?


All our Founding Fathers agreed that in order to hold on to our nation, the voting public   would have to be well-informed and intelligent enough to understand the  issues.   We have to work very hard today to become well-informed.     Too hard.

Some people have an Agenda to insert into our country.    They need to “transform”  the American people.    They need for the American people to acquiesce to their agenda.

They seem to have a very loud single drumstick.



The other half of the story:

In a follow-up to the unexplained death of Deputy Sheriff  Fitzsimons in a couple posts ago –    one of the things he was questioning is why there was permission granted for the Parkland students (and associates)  to assemble in Washington DC before the shooting even happened.

Seems strange.   I still can’t find the .jpeg of that email,  but here is a copy of the words from that email inquiry:

Good morning,

In reference to your inquiry concerning the March For Our Lives Demonstration, here in the District of Columbia on March 24, 2018. MPD received a permit application several months prior to the actual event, and there was several months of planning for this large event.

If you are requesting additional information reference this event, please follow the below steps to file your Freedom of Information Act request:

If your have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free in contacting me directly.

Officer Scott C. E-xxxxxxx, Badge No. 2372

Homeland Security Bureau
Special Operations Division
Planning and Logistics
Metropolitan Police Department
xxxx  New York Ave., N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20002



April 3, 2018

Just an observation:

I had a video ready to go on YouTube this afternoon, but first I was listening to a radio show while I finished up some work.   Normal day.

Then I heard that  “YouTube . . . has . . .  an   act* ive s hoot*  er…”      (Didn’t  hear it all, but I did glance at my computer.   No . . .  all was well over there!)

yt logo

I guess I never thought about YouTube having “headquarters”  and having a “building.”    So,  of course it does.

And that’s where the   s* hoot in  *g   took place.      For the first three or four news cycles,  once every half hour,   it was reported that the woman who did this was wearing a      h  e  a d    co  ve  ring.    Someone even described it  as:   “You know, the kind they wear for    *s  hoot in g?”    His words, not mine.



And then    —    subsequent reportings said nothing of that    he ad    s  car   f.    Nothing.  No more descriptions, other than it was a woman.

Ergo –  it must be domestic violence.  She was quarreling with her boyfriend.   People would believe that.

I checked television news on the Internet tonight.   Nope.    their speculation is that it was a domestic something.

Somebody lost her scarf.


UPDATE:      finding more info from foreign news sources.   

They have the   h e  ad   s car  f    on her.    She is Nasim Aghdam,   38 years old.        She was apparently an employee of YouTube and ranted frequently about working conditions there.

I don’t know if this changes any assumptions, nor does it increase my faith in American news sources.


My guess is that the anti-gun people will not be called on to protest here.   Too much truth to uncover.

Sorry for the broken up words.      Political  correctness has removed many blogs and twitter accounts.

These things, you know:


Little “spider bots”  that crawl all over cyberspace, programmed to detect whatever it’s programmed to detect.

Like “incorrect” words.


January 29, 2018


I thought this was going to be a humorous post,  but by the end, all I could manage is a kind of sardonic humor.   Not my favorite kind.

5 ha ha colors 70

You’ve probably heard this or seen this today —  although just a few hours later the article and accompanying video is becoming hard to find — but it’s always worth a second laugh.  Then again,  there’s an underlying serious issue.    The video exposes the thorough indoctrination of our young people,  our “next”  generation, to the point where in their minds  opinions are mixed together with fact so that there’s no distinction between their thinking and the real world.

Got that?   Many college students cannot distinguish between what has happened and what they believe has happened.

New York University students.


In general,  they’ve been  trained to hate President Trump.  Plenty of video and audio evidence for that   (and of course I don’t mean “mathematically 100% every single” college attendee).

So in a set-up kind of interview, a young man from Campus Reform went out to the campus to ask students what they thought of President Trump’s State of the Union speech.

You haven’t heard it yet?    Well,  the State of the Union speech hasn’t been given. That’s for tomorrow.   But these students must have heard it.

Here are some of their comments:

It was white racist at the very least.
Couldn’t bring myself to watch it because it was racist
His immigration stance,  very hateful, very offensive
“What did you think of it? (the speech)”   “It’s something  I wouldn’t have expected to happen in my lifetime!”
The speech was offensive, it was crazy,  but I wasn’t shocked by it because of what he’s done in the past.
Pretty ugly.
(Didn’t like it because of)   His rough nature, and the hate that he probably said
It’s the behavior of someone who doesn’t accept the accountability for their failures.
A leader of a country shouldn’t be acting like that no matter what party you’re in.
Hopefully everything that he outlined (in the speech) can be overturned by public opinion.
The interviewer alluded to Trump leading a  chant about building the wall, so people accused him of using the speech as a campaign event; the young man agreed, “Yeah, that’s ridiculous”
And this gem:   “He has the temperament of a three year old.”

So the college students who will some day lead our country,  make important decisions, solve the problems of their day,  and train the generation after them,   appear to be quite sure they saw the speech that will take place tomorrow, and they appear to have seen the speech through hate-colored lenses.

Indoctrinating students with Progressive bias goes on in colleges,  high schools,  and down into Middle Schools.

There’s a certain level of dishonesty in Progressive thinking.   I suppose that’s a good thing, because there is Truth too, and facts, and examples from history,  and the human intellect which can be trained to make logical analyses . . .  .

Seems like a good plan:  just hit them with the Truth.     But bias and prejudice is not found in the Intellect.   It’s in the Will.

There’s much work to be done.

From Lord Acton:  “All that’s needed for Evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”


Here’s the URL for the short video.  Take out the spaces:

https :// p0ByWdt5iF Q




January 12, 2018


A rant, on my part:

(That’s a chicken in his hands.)    (New York City?) *


About that meeting yesterday in which President Trump was presented with an immigration proposal that everyone knew was the exact  opposite of what he wanted, no compromise on their part.    President Trump was impatient and angry at this obvious slap in the face.   Their  grandstanding.   Delay tactic.    Attempted attrition.


Then two anti-Trump people, who were not present at the meeting to hear anything, have reported to two anti-Trump “news” reporters who work for an anti-Trump newspaper their impression of what President Trump said.


som 3

Is that third degree hearsay?

Do you remember when the European report came out that the average, general IQ of people living in Somalia is 60?

Som 1

Somalia does not have a tradition of governing by a system of laws.  The only thing that is known in that country is rule by various Warlords.    It’s who you know and how well you can fight and dominate those who are not like you.

Plainly and fairly the President was questioning why a county must accept immigrants from countries that are so far away from Western European and American culture.

som 2

Because some countries are a real mess.    I would not use the words that came out of the mouths of those  anti-Trump people, but  truth is truth about Third World  countries where most of the people are victims.    Reality is reality.

Americans are not racist-  remember when we gave over a billion dollars to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti?   A Billion dollars.      A Billion  dollars to (mostly) Black people.

Oh, it didn’t get to the Haitian people –  nearly all of that money went to Mrs. Bill Clinton and her Clinton Foundation –  where it stayed.   The Haitian president is spitting mad whenever he hears her name.   I’m sure the Haitian people are wondering where their aid is too.

hai 4

Mrs. Bill Clinton has been heard using the “F” bomb frequently in her speaking. Derogatory, demeaning statements about people.    And all kinds of vile language when questioned about her actions,  like where the money for the Black people of Haiti went.

hai 3

Politics of Personal Destruction.    It’s not just a catchy phrase — it’s a policy of demeaning, dominating,  and destroying your political enemies.      Like the Warlords of Somalia.    The media is very helpful.     95% are rabidly anti-Trump.


It’s possible that the anti-Trump Sen. Durban  is too young to remember the language used by previous presidents (and certain first ladies).    But it is easy to find such vulgar language in many biographies of these former presidents (such as Kennedy,  Johnson,  Nixon, Clinton, and we  know about the  Barack-Hussein person even without a biography).


This woman needs help:

hai 1

She needs economic aid for her country.    Ask:  what is the purpose of a nation’s immigration policy?     Is there a nation?    Does a nation have a right to decide its own fate?  Its own characteristics?    Is this woman ready to add to the health of another nation?

The systems and cultures of some countries are not helpful to Western nations.   It has nothing to do with the color of the skin who live in those  cultures. — and most anti-Trumpers know that.

But they’re on a roll.  The anti-Trump media will repeat their story over and over and over again . . .  until something else distracts them.

If you smear the president with charges of racism,  maybe you can weaken his position so much that he’ll back down and do what you want him to do about immigration.

Maybe some of those anti-Trumpers should visit some  New York City areas:

nwe york city apts

. *   Here’s an open market in an immigrant section of NYC.   I’m sure you know what those goats are going to be used for.

I remember hearing a few years ago a New York City policeman talking – a couple of them in that interview, actually.    They said there are apartment buildings they don’t like to go into because they can hear the bleating of goats and the chickens inside those apartments,  ready for sacrifice,  the smell of blood . . .   and there was nothing they could lawfully do about it.     Voodoo.  Santeria.

Not your average cheerful Methodist social justice warriors in those apartments.

Chain migration.    Whole families and extended families allowed to . . .  invade.


(And why does the United Nations think it can mandate that every Western nation must accept large numbers of people from anywhere?   What is their motive?   What does the United Nations have against European and American  nations? )  


We’re not talking about Legal Migration,  are we?      The anti-Trumpers seem to be confused on that part.    They’ll switch back and forth as they argue. Makes compromise on their part nearly impossible.

So the entertainment-news media has created some ammunition today.

And I’m ranting back at them.












August 15, 2017

So,  let’s play  “Guess Who?”  concerning the events this week in Virginia.

The Guess Who man fancies himself a poet, and reads his poetry on his YouTube channel.   In 2015, in one video he declares his hatred for Christianity;  in another he reads a poem about   the “white devils,”   manifesting hatred of whites, although he, too, is a white person.

Next, this man writes on his own blog that the profession he admires most is the Provocateur.    He would like to become a provocateur –  for hire, of course.

He is an admirer of the Barack Hussein person, occupying the White House.

This man is also a participant and promoter of the Occupy movements, those foreign-funded mobs which cause riots and try to shut down areas of major cities.

Know who this man is yet?   . . .

The Barack-Hussein person leaves the office of the president after eight years, and moves his headquarters to a neighborhood in Washington DC, close to his former office  —   to keep active.

The nearby city of Charlottesville Virginia declares itself to be “the capital of anti-Trump resistance.”

The man  ( the Guess Who man)  is a supporter of the Barack Hussein person and he in the summer of 2016 he takes on a new persona to achieve his goal of riots and civil war, whatever it takes to bring down America.

In Charlottesville,  2017,  he masquerades as a “right-wing”  white nationalist demonstration organizer.     He is . . .?

His name is Jason Kessler,  the man pegged as the leader of the “protest movement” in Charlottesville,  the ones the foreign-funded Antifa and Black Lives Matter people had to become so violent against.

What does the entertainment-news media tells us about him?    The “right-wing” white nationalist protest movement,” led by Jason Kessler,” is armed and violent and dangerous, and so is everyone who is “right wing”  and every  white person better be ashamed of this movement and say the “right words”  to denounce this movement.

So,  that’s the guy.    An extreme Left-Winger.


While we’re at it,   what do we know about the young man,   James Fields, who drove his car into the crowd of demonstrators?

Who is that guy?

He is a young  psychiatric patient who is on three or four different psychotropic drugs.   You know,  the ones who warn on the drug package inserts that the side effects are “homicide”  and “suicide.”     The drugs that actually cause brain damage. . . .

The police were called to his house because he was beating up his mother.

The police were also called to his house because he had pulled a knife on his mother.

His (liberal)  college teacher said he had a “fascination”  with the Nazis –   without explaining that it was a fascination with Nazi symbols,  the false “glamour”  of the Nazis,  and that he had no idea what the Nazi movement was all about, except for its slogans.

He is truly mentally ill.

That guy.







August 4, 2017

One more point on “Wetware” and then I return to . . .   the usual.   But caution.   Because the Truth is NOT staring us in the face.

Starving human

The man in the photo has dignity and worth and value and is worthy of our attention —  our love and care.

The man is someone’s brother . . .  son . . .  father . . .  friend.    Africa.    An abundance of food has been sent from America,  Russia,  and many European countries.    It’s waiting for him at the seaports, in ships,  and it’s growing older, in some instances,  or it’s being transported elsewhere,  where  his government can make the most profit and distribute the most power and influence.

His government is a powerfully entrenched Leftist governing force —   the “Errors of Russia”   (which did not originate in Russia) are at work, against this  “little”  man.    Because he’s not rich or powerful.  “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

I mentioned the “Errors of Russia”  because this phrase was used by the Apparitions in Fatima,  1917,   with warnings and predictions which seem to be coming true.   One of the little children,  Jacinta,  had a powerful vision that year,  which she perceived was about the future of the human race.

In the vision appeared the pope, in  a church,  on his knees,  alone, praying and weeping.    The little church was in the middle of a vast field, filled with countless numbers of humans who were starving to death,  crying out for help,  weeping, dying.     Jacinta said she had the impression that they were not just starving for physical food,  but for spiritual food.

And then she said she had the impression that the Church, the Christian Church,  was in deep trouble.

The man in the photo above is a metaphor, then,  for our own human spirits  being starved for lack of  spiritual food,   spiritual Truth.    Like the man in the photo,  his Food is waiting for him;  it’s just not being delivered.  As a matter of fact,  it is being withheld from us all with the intent to  keep information and truth in the hands of the very few.

Here’s how this relates to the Artificial Intelligence I’ve been writing about:    The method of keeping people in a  state of deadly starvation is Deception;  the mechanism  is the proliferation of lies and distortions by means of our “modern”  communication technology which can make anything appear to be anything.

It’s nothing new or surprising.  Nothing unusual.   One example:   My generation grew up on this slogan —   Better Living Through Chemistry!  the advertising campaign sang to  us cheerfully.

better living

What is NOT contaminated with  “chemicals” now?

Today we are deceived by cheerful news about vaccines, cell towers,  colonization by third world migrants,   the medical industry,   our education system;  and truth is regularly withheld concerning the stock market,  political investigations,  globalization,  war, crime,  the ongoing disaster in Fukushima   (and nuclear power plants around the world),   and worse, for our spiritual starvation:    historical truth,  moral truth,  religious truth.

Today in the news   (not the “mainstream news)  was an article about Google’s new AI program that roams the com boxes looking for “toxic religious beliefs”  that are then censored.     Facebook regularly removes conservative  secular and religious sites.   Another article shows that YouTube has reduced the number of conservative,  religious videos by 50% –  and more traditional beliefs being censored all the time.

Starving human face     Like sheep, we are being herded into one global viewpoint,  as we starve for Truth.   There is agony,  unrest,  uncertainty,  mortal danger,    because we can’t function without the free use of our intellect,  and we can’t freely use our intellects in a climate of Deception.

I wish for my readers an awareness of the pervasive atmosphere of Deception.  And then I wish for everyone the strength of will to search for Truth.     And I wish for the courage to choose Truth.   And I wish for the fortitude to fight for the Truth.

The method (of our spiritual starvation)  is Deception;  the mechanism is communications technology,  facilitated by not human intelligence  but Artificial Intelligence that we’ve just  recently perceived to be not so easy to control.   Deception is made easy.  

Poster AWAKE

I don’t seem to sleep much,  but when I do sleep, I sleep deeply.     Then it’s painful to wake up!     I hate waking up — until I do.

And then it’s wonderful to be alive.




June 9, 2017


(I’m NOT going to comment on Attorney  J. Comey’s Senate hearing today.   The fact that what you could hear him say is so opposite of what the entertainment-news media is telling you what he said   is up to you to discern.)

Nevertheless.    We do indeed have attorneys.


I heard an attorney explain something very interesting a few days ago.   He said that several decades when he was in law school,  they worked very hard to learn what the law says and how to analyze and  present  evidence in a courtroom that referred back to actual law.

He said in today’s law schools law school students work very hard to become skilled at presenting evidence in a way that would speak to the juries’ emotions,  to form their attitudes about their witnesses and clients,  and to refer to prevailing cultural trends.

The difference is absolutely critical to the survival of a stable and civilized society.


Ben Franklin is said to have remarked to a woman who asked what kind of government the Constitutional Congress has created for us,  “A republic,  madame,  if you can keep it.




May 22, 2017

(Ever read the book of Daniel in the Bible?)

Hey!  How about a rousing  two minutes of Gospel music!!!!


Well, the song tells you the story,  but in case you didn’t have patience to listen to it,  long ago  three young men were arrested  because they wouldn’t bow down to the culture’s god,    nor would they bend their knee,  so they were thrown into a fiery hot furnace (so hot that the king’s servants who fired it up were themselves killed by the heat) .    Well, the three young men wouldn’t burn either –  they were protected by a Fourth Man sent from the One True God  who kept them from burning,  from even being singed,  from even having the smell of smoke on them!

“They wouldn’t bend, they wouldn’t bow, they wouldn’t burn.”

Courage.   Truth.   Hope in God alone.

In the last post I contrasted the reception of two presidents in their trips to Saudi Arabia.   I noted that one president did bow to the Sunni king.

Barack Obama, Hu Jintao

Oh,  that’s different  Muslim leader . . . .

Obama Bow Copenhagen

Another Muslim leader . . . . fuzzy.   At a Copenhagen meeting of world leaders.

Here we are – bowing to a Saudi Sunni Muslim . .  .

O bowing again

Here’s the one we want:

Obama bow - Copy

Saudi.   Sunni.   Islam.

We have the school registration of this president.   He was raised as a Muslim,  enrolled in a Muslim school,  and learned his religion and how to get along in this world by studying the Koran.      The young boy in Malaysia learned how to respect the Sunni religion and its representatives.    (You bow.)

As an adult he stated  (it’s recorded on video)  thatThe most beautiful sound in the world is the sound of the muezzin calling out to evening prayer,”  (in which prayers to their god are chanted in classical Arabic).

Beautiful to his ears.

In case you’re wondering:\

ObamaIndonesia school regist.jpg circled

Legal Name:  Barry Soetoro

Previous Residence:   Honolulu

Present Residence:  Indonesia

Religion:   Islam

(By the way,  Islam does not allow for apostatizing to non-Muslim religions.)

So,  one man bowed.   But the other man  “bended.”   —

Trump nt bowing

There’s nothing wrong with being a Sunni Muslim  in this world.    And  there’s nothing wrong with being TALL.   It’s much easier for an older man to put a medallion of honor around your neck if you bend down for him –  that’s courtesy of a different kind.

Every once in a while it used to come up in my daughter’s  concert band which traveled abroad:  “What do you do if you are introduced to someone from some royal family?”   (Answer:  You’re an American.   You shake hands, if such royal hand is offered to you.  Otherwise, you stand politely and respectfully.   After the American Revolution was won,  American citizens do NOT bow – or bend – or hopefully  not “burn” !)

Please,  my readers,  don’t let anyone blur the difference between a bow and a  bending down so someone can slip something over your neck.    Use your own intellect.  Make honest distinctions.


Hey – you might be a Johnny Cash fan.    He’s got a great (almost)  bass voice too)


April 3, 2017

I don’t often comment on current events.   They often turn out not to be what they seem to be, and only some weeks afterwards does the truth start leaking out, and by then,  the original “story”  is hard to dislodge.

But this one today seems fairly straightforward:


An explosion  on a commuter train in St. Petersburg, Russia.   Very sad day.   Many injured,  ten dead (so far).      The newspapers have a photo of the man who carried the shrapnel-filled   (IEDs)  into the train.

Someone wrote:     “A terrorist attack is an attack on all humanity.”       (Well, so is senseless violence of all kinds,  but the point is taken.)

While some grieve,  the  desert warrior crescent moon god gives his blessings, according to others, such as ISIS,  who publicly  rejoice and praise the act, according to recorded statements..

While some in the post-Western Liberal culture will continue to find a moral equivalency between one religion and another,  one culture and another,  the truth is far different:

MY Book YOUR Book

Now,  neither statement that the blonde is saying is quite completely true,  and a statements that leave out so much can be easily used to distort the truth and advance a false narrative,  but there are two completely different starting points here,  two different a prioris,  and two different deities.

Two different “blessings.”


April 2, 2017

(Jesus,  confrontational and blunt,  bearer of bad news. )

“Red sky in morning,  sailors take warning”  —

Sunrise 380

There aren’t too many sunrises in my “circadian rhythm” –   but I caught one recently!    And sure enough, we had about three days of rain following this beautiful sky.

It was Passion Sunday today,  a name for this particular Sunday that’s been recognized for centuries as the one in which we begin the steep,  inevitable slide downward into the days of the Crucifixion.      We carefully reread and then meditate on the events in those last couple of weeks before the death of Christ.   There’s lots there for our minds to confront.

None of His friends knew that some very bad times were coming, though.    In fact,  Jesus thought it weird that mankind can read the signs in the sky,  like red skies in mornings,  but we can’t read the Signs of the Times.  So  His last conversations were particularly blunt and to-the-point.

No time left for a kinder, gentler religion of luv and mercy for everyone, everywhere,  no matter what they’re doing and no matter what they believe in.

The Reading Appointed for Passion  Sunday:

phar n rulers

Speaking to the local rulers and religious leaders of His day,  Jesus told them right out that if they were of God –  if, as they thought they were —  then they would understand His words and believe Him,  but since they reject Him,  they are not of God but of God’s enemy,  the Devil.

You’re, a liar,  they said.      No, you are the liars,  He said.

No backing down from the truth.

We’re sons of Abraham, they said.

pharisee angry

But,  He said,   Abraham  saw My day,  he saw Me come to earth, and he rejoiced to see Me. 

You can’t claim   that Abraham ever saw You!    You’re just nothing but a young, inexperienced nobody.

But —  before Abraham ever was  —     I AM. 

That was the statement that did it.    Jesus is right-out, plainly, clearly, bluntly stating that  He and God,  (who had revealed Himself with the name I AM)   are one and the same.

Take it or leave it.

Believe it or don’t. 


They didn’t believe it –  and they didn’t get Him that time.   Yet.   (“They took up stones, therefore, to cast at Him;  but Jesus hid himself and went out of the temple.”)

But some of them  and their children lived to see the destruction of that beautiful, sturdy temple they were in.   It took them unawares.

The Signs of the Times:  Judgment comes  upon all unbelievers.

Pretty blunt.


February 16, 2017

(Remember “Mad” ?   Well, here’s a little interlude, a little pause,  with one of Mad’s little pictures.)

I’ve been posting some pretty dark information lately, and I’m leading up to a terrible warning for us.  A slap in the face.   Wake up,  people!!!!     But first,  however,  I have a lot of new readers, and I just want to explain what I’m doing here and who I am  —


I’m the one in the water.

And I have some things to say.

God our Creator tells us to be  Watchmen. *    He doesn’t call all of us to be  His  official watchman,   but if we’ve got experience,   if we can  see things happening,  if we can offer some information and wisdom and help,  then that’s how we can be of use to others. **

But sometimes it feels awful because I have awful things to tell you about.   But the real world is like that.   It’s full of danger that we don’t see.

Sure,  the world is full of  knitting and kittens and cooking and football and skiing and traveling around in this beautiful world . . .    I’ll soon  go back to all  those random thoughts floating around in The Spruce Tunnel,  but  meanwhile,  it can’t be all-good until we manfully face what is bad.

Good people push back against evil.



.*   God speaking to His prophet,  Ezekiel:

Ezekiel 3:17-21 –  “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore hear a word from My mouth, and give them warning from Me: 18 When I say to the wicked, ‘You shall surely die,’ and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life, that same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at your hand. 19 Yet, if you warn the wicked, and he does not turn from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but you have delivered your soul. 20 Again, when a righteous man turns from his righteousness and commits iniquity, and I lay a stumbling block before him, he shall die; because you did not give him warning, he shall die in his sin, and his righteousness which he has done shall not be remembered; but his blood I will require at your hand. 21 Nevertheless if you warn the righteous man that the righteous should not sin, and he does not sin, he shall surely live because he took warning; also you will have delivered your soul.”


. **   St. Paul,  explaining his duty:

Acts 20:26, 27   –    “Therefore, I testify to you this day that I am innocent of the blood of all men. 27 “For I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole purpose of God.”



February 1, 2017

All I wanted to do was sit down and find out what the news was today.  Over the last couple of days I think I’ll have to admit that I’m not going to get any information from television or radio.



The more I try to find out some facts,  the more I realize the entertainment-news people  don’t know the facts themselves.   They’re reading scripts cranked out by ideologues behind the scenes – people with an agenda to promote.

And to promote their agenda, they must lie.    And they must take orders from those who lie to them . . .  and that goes all the way back to –     what is the source of this lying?

“Truth is the adequation of the intellect with reality.”      I’ve written that before.   What your intellect deals with must be based in actual reality.

Scary.   Because it’s so difficult nowadays.

A small  example:    Where do you find the actual reality in the stories that came out of the shooting at the Islamic Center in Canada a couple days ago?      6 killed,  8 wounded.    (maybe)   Who did it?

“A shooter.”    That was the first report.   He was heard yelling the  Moslem battle cry (“My god is greater!”)      As the hours went on,  he was described as a Lone Wolf who  was also, supposedly,    a right-wing islamophobe.     (Crying:  “My god is greater” ??)      Lone Wolf.   Right Wing.   Hater.      Our Rulers hate “right-wingers.”

And then a half of day or so later there were two shooters.     Not a Lone Wolf.

But the one was a French-Canadian, nevertheless.  

Then, if you followed the story into the next day,   we heard that he was a convert to Islam and got radicalized over the Internet.

Finally, the next day, we heard about the other guy.    A friend of his,  a Moslem.

So not a Lone Wolf right wing hater.

The one shooter had shot indiscriminately into the Center because the Moslems there weren’t radical enough for him.

Only now,  on the third day,  they kept repeating the French-Canadian surname,  no mention of his religion, one way or the other,  and it’s back to being a Lone Wolf because the other guy might not have done any shooting. 

And the authorities are announcing the Lone Wolf shooter is a hater of Islam.  

Did you follow that?  We came full circle.    A loop.   Loop-de-loop.    A loopy story.   Where are the facts?  This wasn’t a major news story, but  even so — where are the facts?       Which of the contradictory facts are the true ones?   Which narrative is the true one?

I wasn’t there.  I can’t fact-check.   I can only witness the development of a narrative that is acceptable to the Leftists who readily use that “right-winger” appellation.

But I long for the truth.

So here’s  that question again.  What is the source of all this  lying?     Well,  God the Creator is what is.    When we stand before Him,  there will be no story-telling,  no making up an acceptable narrative.      What we are we are.  What we’ve done we’ve done.    What we’ve said we’ve said.

What is not of God is the enemy of God,  we can call him  the devil.  Here’s what the Son of God has to say to the liars of His day:    “You are of your father, the devil. . . .Whenever he lies, he speaks according to his own nature  because he is a liar and the father of lies.”

It’s downright devilish to give us so many lies from the entertainment-news media.



The Spirits of Hell are busy in our world today.