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April 3, 2018


(Do not hesitate to try something new!)

We were coming  out of   church  after Easter Sunday Mass, greeting each other, hugging, talking about Easter dinner coming up . . .  and so I asked a few friends  “Any advice for roasting a big leg of lamb?”    

I had bought a pretty big one!    I’m not sure my friends believed me when I indicated how big,  but it didn’t matter –  no one had ever done a leg of lamb before anyway.   (I did get lots of advice about buying a smaller one next time.)


But I had a leg of lamb at home that cost about as much as a whole month’s worth of meat;  and I had Son waiting to share an Easter dinner.    (Just kidding about the big dinner in that photo.)

So . . .  here it is:

Lamb 3

That’s my biggest dinner plate next to the leg from a lamb giant.

The directions were to “rub all over” with a mixture of herbs.  I used lemon pepper,  garlic,  rosemary,  thyme, and Herbes de Provence, which I suppose is a bit redundant,  but I like the fragrance of it.   And some Himalayan salt.

Lamb 4 in oven

My turkey roasting pan was scarcely big enough.  I stood it on edge so it might roast more evenly.  It looked a little like a giant salmon.

Lamb 5 eating

Roast at 400+  for about 30 minutes,  then turn the heat down to about 330 – 350  degrees,  and then roast for another couple of hours.    You don’t have to be too specific, especially if you use a meat thermometer to check for the 130 degrees interior temperature which will give you medium rare — pink roast lamb meat.

(My thermometer never got past 110, so Son and I decided it was broken.   Took the lamb out of the oven in the nick of time —  it was almost still medium rare.   Don’t ever overcook lamb!    It’s edible,  but just not at the peak of its flavor.)

I used another large roasting pan for its platter.

From not knowing how to roast this leg and not knowing what exactly I was doing as it was roasting,   it turned out all right.      It turned out really, really good!    Mashed  potatoes,  lamb gravy,   sweet potatoes,  corn,   fresh tomato slices . . .  I forgot what else;   tiramisu layered cake for dessert. . .   Coffee.     And a ginger ale float!

And the next day —

Lamb 6 leftovers


What was left of it made a kind of oversized   meat treat, with a convenient bone handle.  (No vegetables need apply.)

I will certainly NOT wait until next Easter for another leg of lamb!




April 1, 2018

Banner Happy Esaater




Well,  it’s all been accomplished:

Alive Again


He is most definitely Alive and Available to all who would seek Him.


Now we hear:      “Whosoever will may come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.”   (Rev. 22)       Whosoever will.       We’re all invited.


alive new life

 Whoever wants New Life, forever,  Life everlasting.

Much to celebrate today.











April 1, 2018

Hell face

Just two little things about Hell.    Saying it doesn’t exist doesn’t make it not exist any more than saying it is empty (or practically empty)  makes it actually empty.

Contrary to false notions:

(1)      The Pope does not command what Catholics have to believe.

(2)      No Pope can ever add new teachings to what the original Apostles taught.

(3)      And Popes are merely men and they can be wrong,  even to the point of heresy.   The present pope is wrong in his statement about Hell –  and no one in the Vatican has “corrected”  or denied that statement.


The second thing about  “Hell”   is that’s not where Jesus went between the time of His death and the time of His Resurrection.

In spite of saying the words of the Christian Creed:  “…He was crucified, died, and was buried;  He descended into Hell . . . ”   that word in English is not the Hell of the Damned, but refers to the Lower Regions,   inferos,    where the spirits of the good, faithful humans wait for the Messiah that they had believed in,  longed for,  and lived for.

The Son of God, then, descended into that waiting place, that limbo, to lead God’s waiting, holy souls into Heaven.



Why the Wait?

Heaven at that time was not open for humans.  It would have been impossible for humans to exist so closely to God’s glory.    It wasn’t until the Son of God fully took on human nature while still retaining his divine nature that human nature itself could be admitted into Heaven.

Upon the Earth during Holy Saturday, it was a dreadful day of gloom.   But for those who had died before, it was a day more glorious than we can imagine right now.

Heaven smaller



March 3, 2018

(Well, after all that “thumb-blood” pouring out of me a few days ago,  I have  a ridiculously small mark on my thumb and I have no excuse not to get back to the keyboard.)


chi mts without

I read a headline today, offered by Breitbart News, that read:  “US Catholics More Worried About Climate Change Than Christian Persecution.”      My guess is that you don’t have to be a Catholic –  or have any religious practice at all –  in order to be indifferent to the suffering of our fellowman,  for whatever reason.     Lots of things to distract us.

But no human being has the right to make another human being suffer, except perhaps in the course of a just punishment,  but even then Christ commands us to be merciful.

The Twentieth Century  (of which we are still philosophically a part of) has seen the most widespread, severe, and horrific persecution of citizens by their governments than this world has ever experienced.  Deaths over a hundred million –  death by government decree.    We hope it’s over . . . .

But persecution continues.    (And grows for some.)

chin mountains

We don’t hear much of massive deaths, such as during the Cultural Revolution in China a few decades ago,  but, nevertheless,   there are ongoing government-decreed killings  of two kinds of people in China,  the born and the unborn.

The Church there is under severe and increasingly severe persecution.

Tucked away in the valleys, in distant places beyond administrative reach, here and there,   Catholics practice their faith in China,  quietly.

chi vallley

They are “patriotic,”  in the American sense of the word.  They are proud to be Chinese and they are glad to be Catholic.

They should be just like us, following the same Master,  come to teach us, His children.

chi and Jesus


They should be able to hear the same words in the Mass and in the Bible and to meditate upon those words, without fear or distraction.

chi Jesus and siciples

The Chinese have hearts and souls and minds and bodies like we do, and so ought we to have compassion for them when we hear of their persecution.   And it’s getting very much worse for them.

“US Catholics More Worried About Climate Change (stories) Than Christian Persecution”?

The Chinese Catholics are being persecuted right now on two fronts – from within and from without.  We can understand that a socialist, materialist dictatorship does not want competition and is deeply suspicious of loyalty to anything but themselves –  and devotion to God is seen as disloyalty to the government.

That’s why those Chinese Catholics are usually found in far away places, leading quiet lives,  wishing to not attract attention.       This has worked fairly well for a long time.  “The mountains are high, and the emperor is far away,” as the Chinese say.

chi shrine

Quiet devotion in isolated areas.

But there is a modernist and very arrogant,  heavy-handed,    lead-footed  (lead-booted?) unwise group of men in the Vatican today.    So far are these men from the prudent men of broad and liberal understanding of Catholics in past generations,  that I hesitate to say these Modernists even have a Catholic spirit.

These Modernists have stirred the political pot in China, pointing out that   HEY!   You’ve got Catholics in your country!!!!!    Let’s make a DEAL!!!!!       And so discussions concerning Catholic freedoms in a socialist country have been fired up needlessly.

Heated debates- all ‘graciously’ conducted in diplomatic meetings –  have led to government commands  to crack down on Catholics, to demolish churches and shrines, to restrict freedoms,  and most noticeably to insist that the government has priority over selecting Catholic local leadership.

Socialist leadership over Church matters?    There are a lot of  “Church” issues that must give way  to the government.  Catholics must bow to the government.    Kowtow,  I would say.

The stakes are high.   Loss of government-approved employment.  Loss of homes.   Separation from family.  False charges.  Imprisonment.   Execution.  And the worst of all  –  the  forced choice between “patriotism” or the compromise of one’s own beliefs.

So . . .  just so you know.

The Chinese are included in the Universal  Church, our  universe.   Our brothers and sisters.   Can we spare a prayer for them after we worry about Climate change stories?


Thanks again to Breitbart for pointing this out.








February 24, 2018

I want to see Good News about the very, very youngest generation being formed right now.  I think I see it.    I see resistance.    I see distaste for the attitudes of those who are older.    I see anger that they have been tricked and manipulated –  and viciously lied about when they don’t conform.

But we have a ways to go. *


We give up.  We give in.  In the face of vicious opposition,  as a group  we remain quiet,  quieted down,  because we know there is more viciousness coming.

And here is at least one part of the reason for our quietness, though in my opinion a big part:  We don’t know what to say and we don’t know  how to argue back.

A Debate Team

A Ddebate Team

Trained in rhetoric, argument, and verbal defense


Both deficits come from what was done to our “education” system.   First,  training in  how to say things is important,  as well as how to recognize verbal tactics used against you.

But secondly,  perhaps more crucial is this:    Once,  students all over the world were tested as to their knowledge and understanding of the things they had been taught.     American students  regularly came out on top:  #1 in all categories above all other countries.   Number one, consistently!

class studying

We worked hard in school, as a whole.    We had nothing to be ashamed of, as a whole.   We knew that our excellence in academics  produced  many of  the advancements that created a better world.

classroom science

And we knew, all of us,  that our safety depended upon our academic achievements.    We were number one in science and technology,   we knew we were  unassailable.    We emphasized our dominant position  to the whole  world by being  the first to “go to the moon” (if you are a believer).

Khrushchev and shoe

Our marxist enemies knew this   There is the leader of Russia banging his shoe on the podium,  declaring  to the USA:   “We  will bury you!!”

We thought we were unassailable.     But then we didn’t realize the extent of the Soviet Socialist infiltration into various institutions in our country,  especially the education department.       However,  I was there, as a teacher,  to witness the changes imposed on our schools that changed  American education purposes, permanently, it seems.   Teachers seemed powerless to stop the absurd changes imposed from above, but now our student-victims are the teachers themselves – and they no longer know how children should be educated because they weren’t taught themselves.

I heard on the news this week that that same international committee that ranks students around the world found that out of 70 nations,  American students rank  40th.

We have dropped from First place to Fortieth place.

40th out of 70 –  should we be ashamed yet?

Three generations of school children,  sixty years, maybe,  have gone by without our children  (us) becoming educated in knowledge and in competency using that knowledge.   Schoolchildren are trained and indoctrinated;  they are shown how to be good (compliant)  citizens, how to think about things,   and they are shown  how to vote.  They are demeaned, disrespected, and their minds are being wasted.

Give in to the growing system of Big Government, .    Give up.   “A powerful central State will direct and coordinate all the necessary functions of our nation.”

And most of all,   your attitude and desires should match everyone else’s  (on the Left).

“If everyone jumps off  a cliff,  are you going to do it too? ”  the older generation used to remind us.

jumping off


Kowtow.   Kowtow, you moron.

Kowtow to the commands coming from the entertainment-news media.



.*    We have a ways to go.    It’s not ever too late to learn and to change.     To become who we freely should be.

We don’t know what to say and we don’t know  how to argue back.    Again, it’s not ever too late to learn more, more than you know right now.   

Do you know history?    Do you know how the world got to be the way it is?  Do you know where the enemies of Freedom want to take us?      The serious consequences of, say,  gun confiscation, even incrementally?     The absolute dangers of the recently discovered massive voter fraud in the 2016 election?     The Leftist weaponizing of our most powerful institutions to take down their political enemies?     The Lawlessness of the people in the previous administrations?

We should all still be students!






February 15, 2018

Lent begins as   . . .   Wednesday follows Tuesday:


On Tuesday, according to law-enforcement sources, this is what was written in the letter that delivered the suspicious white powder to the home of Donald Trump, Jr.  —

“You are getting what you deserve.   You are an awful person. This is why people hate you. You are getting what you deserve. So shut the f–k up.” 

This message arises out of the hate and violence fanned daily into flames by our divisive and hate-mongering  entertainment-news media and those they support:

You may  know  what this is —

Kehinde Wiley

But do you understand what this is?      It’s a Black person  holding the severed head of a White person,  which is the most famous product of the artist whose odd depiction of the Barack-Hussein person was made public this week.   (Kehinde Wiley)   Fanning the flames of hatred and division are all around us.

On  Wednesday,  we all watched information about the Florida school shooting on television (our entertainment-news media).    Some private observations:

(The shooter) – marginalized by his society;    full of hate and resentment;    wounded, adolescent pride;    psychologically alone and abandoned by his peers . . .  The sum total of all his responses to these psychic insults was his shooting at the high school which rejected him.  A wicked act;  yes,  a sinful act.

Now,  he was mean and scary to his peers;   the school did have justification to expel him;  people were right to report his threats to the FBI;      . . .

. . .  Let’s see . . . . . .   read the package insert –   “Side effects:  homicidal tendencies and suicidal ideation . . . .”       Yep  –   turn a blind eye to the side effects and give him these  psychotropic drugs;  that will quiet him down . . . .    Abandoned, alone,  no uptick in the intensity of the counseling and spiritual instruction . . . No understanding of what it means to be a human being,  a man. . . .

. . . .   for that matter,  most likely no man (or a man and his friends)  to provide a good spiritual role model for this young man   —    18 years old?  19 years old?  We can’t even get his age right . . . .

Now society wants to kill him for his crimes.  Justifiably, I guess.   But to send him to Hell after a life of misery .  .  .  At least in Christendom, a condemned prisoner was given a priest to talk with,  to hear his confession,  to give him hope,  to give him understanding of the necessity of his death:  “a life for a life” –  Or perhaps to stand by him as the appeal process goes forward and the young man is confined to our dungeons for life.

And what of the victim families?    All we have are words and feelings, so far –  sympathy,   prayers,  “my heart goes out to them,”   my heart is heavy”   ” we are with you  . . .”     Good things to say and to feel.

If all you want to do,  if all you have time for,  is to analyze  (endlessly)  the problems in our country,  (cluck your tongues along with the media),  then stop here –  fine.   Just realize that the White Powder (sent to more than one address now)  and the School Shooting are closely related and arise out of the same broken culture.  This is a culture that cannot work anymore, as we Americans presently live it.



   . . . ..  “Say nice things to the victims’ families  but we,  as a society,   as observers of what our culture has become,  we want to do something, so this  “never happens again.”

And so we must, if we truly want to see less of these tragedies.    But it’s not a political matter.  It’s not a legislative matter.   It is absolutely a matter of the spiritual underpinnings of our culture.   “No man is an island,”  the English poet tells us.   In this case, it is true,  our culture changes one person at a time.  Some  persons will effect needed procedural changes.   Some persons will feel responsible to teach and to mentor.

But all persons in a viable culture must dedicate themselves to civilized living,  all equal before God,  all responsible to know God’s mind and to subject himself to It,  and all  persons living out freely their God-given talents and characteristics.

I would commend to you the writings of JW Unwin,  a philosopher and observer of Western culture,  especially his book:  “Sex and Culture.”      (Not a favorite of Amazon’s and general liberal sources,  even though Dr. Unwin began his study by believing that a free culture should allow free sexual conduct, including divorce, remarriage,  and “free” sexual behavior — that is,  “if you have an itch you should be allowed to scratch it.)

But his scholarly and well-researched writings concluded that any culture which lets go of strict adherence to high moral values, including monogamy,  eventually and inevitably crumbles, falters,  and fails, disintegrating to barbarisms such as “Might makes Right,”    “He who has the Gold Makes the Rule,”   “Every Man for Himself,”   and   “If it feels good, do it.”

I want to do it,  therefore I have a right to do it.      If someone hurts me,  I’ll hurt him back.

In a well-ordered and morally-restrained culture,  right and wrong is derived from intellectual and unchanging truths –  not from the Situations around you.   Circumstances do  not drive “right and wrong”  in a mature human society.

If Americans really want to “do something about it”   then we’ll all have to recover lost knowledge,  go back to school (self-schooling please),   and learn what it is our Founders knew and cautioned us to adhere to – or else our nation is . . .  over.     Freedom, safety, stability, happiness . . .  over.

Tuesday slid into Wednesday this week, and the beginning of Lent;  so I also commend to you this writing of  Amy Welborn, who reminds us that Lent is not for the aggrandizement of the Individual  (that is, our own self-improvement).   Rather it is a collective exercise of Christendom –  what is left of it.  We join, as a Body of Christ,  in the rightful penance that will detach us from temporal things, which will come to an end,  and attach us to eternal things –  to things of God, who cannot ever fail.   Lent is about living in a Christian society;  promoting the strength and truth of the Body of Christ,  not our own bodies.

You can find her writing on this blog (remove the spaces):

https: //  amywelborn.wordpress . com/

Have a good Lent – and don’t do something childish like  “give up coffee” or “give up “chocolate.”   Not, at least, if you think of yourself as a grown-up with an adult mind – responsible to know right from wrong.

.giving up





January 20, 2018

(I’m admittedly a Luddite,  but not a Dodo.)

Okay, to prove I’m up-to-date  with  current American idiomatic phrases,  the following short post on numbers is, well – “That’s what I’m talking about…”   at least, that’s what I was talking about in the last post:

It was not thousands;    latest current tally is that 400,000  people marched in the Right to Life March yesterday, in Washington DC.         Quite a crowd! *

400,000  marchers –  to bring attention to the up to 59,000,000  who have been put to death in our country alone since 1973.

400,000 : 59,000,000   

Lots of people, but not a very good ratio,  don’t you think?




.*     Quite a crowd – quite a bit more than the obscene “march for leftist women”  going on there today.   (“Obscene” —  merely a description of the words in their shouts and posters.    Many words have to be bleeped out when the entertainment-news media gives them attention.)







January 17, 2018

(America,  between two weekends)


He can’t help it that he’s so small. 


Cuddle Up, Baby Boy

We should be cuddling him by now.

When I was in college,  I worked in a pediatrics ward in a nearby hospital.    Occasionally we received a premature baby, and although we didn’t have “modern” technology, we  did everything we could, including holding and cuddling and encouraging the little thing to breathe and drink.

One day they brought to me a baby who weighed one pound, eight ounces.  I held  him in my hands —  my one hand, really.   His little head fit in the palm of my hand.     The doctors said he wouldn’t live,  but I gently touched him, stroked him,  cuddled him with my fingers, massaged his cheek so he would suck on the specially-made baby bottle nipple.    Well, he did live and he was transferred out in a month or so.

I more than fell in love with him –  I fell in love with life;  with  the tenacity of a living child holding on to life;  I fell in love with the fragility of life.     He had been in the womb for less than six months – and he made it.

The baby in the photo above didn’t make it.  Didn’t even make it out of the womb.

We can’t help it that we start out so small.

cant help it that hes small

It’s the way Nature works.    It’s the way God works through what we call “nature.”    It is His providence that we start so small and protected.

Protected in our mothers’ wombs.

We are between two weekends that are very significant to American citizens.   Yes,  I know all about the “dark side” of “Dr.”  Martin Luther King –  those facts have been around long enough — but you know what?   His message has been around a long time too.  His message has endured, and I’m kind of an MLK kind of girl:   You look at the character of a man,  not at the color of his skin.

It’s just part of our country now,  unless you listen to the desperate fiction that comes out of the drama-dependent  entertainment-news media.   American everyday life isn’t like the furiously angry people you see on television.    And it doesn’t have to be that way in small pockets of inner urban areas.

Martin Luther King was a minister of a protestant church,  and most of his family still believe as he did and still try to get out his main message.     It’s okay to celebrate his life and his message,  as we did last weekend.

Now there’s another weekend coming up:

mlk babies in the womb

Alveda King bridges the time between these two weekends,  one honoring King and one honoring and advocating the safety of our unborn American citizens.

Is that being broadcast on the entertainment-news media televisions stations?

Because the March For Life people have a message too.

life love


Holding that tiny little baby boy confirmed my Love for Life.   I still get tears in my eyes just thinking about him – and all his tiny fellow-citizens waiting to be born.

God bless these people:

life3 poster



December 31, 2017

Can’t  . . .  uh  . . .   I’m supposed to write now —


 See this?   —

Cooper thru the gates 380

That’s Cooper through all the gates and things.    They got ‘im.

Cooper and I each had a little silent meltdown at the airport.    Such a  difficult day.    The TSA and Security agents noticed our . . .  difficulty –  and they showed me a way to stay as close to him as I could all along his check-out line.    Which only intensified the difficulty.

They said they noticed the little boy was “upset.”     Probably noticed me too.



We’re apart now.



“Difficulty”  remains intensified.    I feel like canceling everything this week.





December 27, 2017

Wise Shepherds watch and Wise men seek . . . .

WISE MEN Invis Blue


There are Twelve Days in the Christmas Season for us to experience  . . . .


December 21, 2017

Sorry for the length, but I love my country . . . .

Flag don't tread

It’s been a week?   And sorry for my absence.  I had a rather serious health setback, partly or wholly brought on by electronic zapping, a “cutesy” name for  being noticeably injured by the electrical fields surging out of my keyboard/mouse/screen  whenever I forget to shield myself against the EMFs and RFs . .  .      More on that later some day,  but it hurts and it advances a certain condition in my body, and I had to stay away for a while . . .    If you’re interested, you could read the book of Enoch, and I’ll connect the dots for you later.  Meanwhile, if you pray,    please remember me   for my healing.


My mind has been busy though,  and I’m left with some pretty complex, interconnected observations, some amusing, some ghastly, some appalling, and some deadly.     Here’s all four of them at once:

About a week ago America received yet another attack by   m  o  s  l  e  m   extremists:  a pipe bomb thrown during rush hour in New York City.        The absurdity that I’ve seen during this past week is that such terrorist attacks by these same “extremists”  for the sake of advancing their worldwide “Rule”,  has continued to be on the rise — unnoticed —  all over the world.    Ho-hum:

Recently, again,  this past week or two,  Christians have been burned alive and bombed in their churches;   Christians are getting kidnapped, killed, or sold into slavery in the jungles of the African continent.   White women in Sweden are  being gang-raped and tortured by  such men  from Africa – without any legal  consequences to the men.    Low income Germans  are being kicked out of their government-paid apartments to make room for the  m  o  s  l  e  m  invaders in the name of “migration”  or  immigration”  or some such term.   Christmas celebrations and decorations are disappearing –  by government mandate –  so as not to offend these invaders.   A town in Italy, the beautiful part of northern Italy, where lives about 87 people,  have been told they must accommodate almost 400  m  o  s  l  e  m   men.    Somehow.      That’s all right, they’re told;  the government is building barracks for these non-Italian young men  (of warrior age)  to live in.

In these and dozens of other cases that made the news recently,  there are always truly innocent victims.

So I was thinking of a snowball fight.    

snowball fight

 A snowball fight in which a small gang of mean kids throw hard snowballs at a young boy passing by.   I don’t know,  seems to me an ordinary Christian Man  would think first of protecting the young boy and running off the mean kids.   *

Wouldn’t you feel like going out and stopping the snowballs from hurting the young boy?

And what if the gang came back and started to throw snowballs at your house? 

cracked window

Snowball after snowball.  A window cracks.    Something gets dented.  And still they’re throwing snowballs at your house.   Seems to me a Man ** would stand up,  get outside,  and chase away those mean kids,  even if he had to take a few snowballs in the face himself    — at first.  

And yet, recently,  a pipe bomb got thrown into a rush hour crowd in New York City.   Snowball after snowball.   Creeping  Radio –cal  is  La  mists   terrorism.

Seems like the West has some serious snowball fighters taking aim at us:

snowball fighter

Many years ago I read reports of  about 37 known  is  la mists  terrorist training camps in remote areas within our borders, where they use buildings,  mock train and subway terminals,  and old schoolbuses  to train,  using various weapons . . .

So where are those weapons coming from?   Another serious issue.   Remember the bad old rum-slaves-money triangle of  American-British-Caribbean   colonial days?    Well, today we have the  arms-drugs-money wheel that whirls around and around  growing and enriching all involved.       

 airplane    You can look into the whole  “Men-a-Arkansas”   drugs for Iran-Contra Arms deal that mightily enriched certain banks.     There’s a triangle for you.    No one has as yet been prosecuted, (and many have been “Arkancided” and a big federal building that contained the documentary evidence was blown up in 1995 )   And the main problem these people have?  It’s  not ‘enough’ weapons to obtain,  not ‘enough’  drugs to move around,  but rather  too much cash money to  effectively launder.    Cash money takes up a lot of room!     Digital money laundering is full of holes and leaks and cyberattacks.

Was it not in the news two days ago that some  high-level aide  during the Barack-Hussein administration got caught money-laundering from his position in  that political party?  He was an IT consultant working for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz  while he  ran a “used car business”  for the purpose of laundering such dirty money.

(Did the entertainment-news media tell Americans about this, this week?)

Isn’t there any decent Man left to expose and oppose these things?   

Okay.  So we know there are serious issues going on that threaten the safety of our country and that threaten our whole system of governing ourselves.

During my “recovery” time I somehow stumbled across some  entertainment-news media programming excerpt in which people were remarking how on the very day of this last terrorist attack,  the entertainment-news media was going ballistic on President Trump drinking “12”  cans of Diet Coke per day while watching “6” or so hours of television every day . . . .

coke crazy

As one news outlet put it,  on the day of the New York pipe bomb attack,   CNN  et al.   reported that the   danger to our country  came from . . .   Diet Coke!

A day and a half long discussion on the consequences of drinking Diet Coke up to an including “dementia.”   Oh —  hmmmm!     There’s our proof  that he’s  . . . .    

Guess they can’t use that, though;  turned out to be a false story.  Just another snowball thrown against the American people.

I grew up in the city  — I grew up in Chicago, that is . . .


. . .   where the snowball fights were often mean.   We threw ice balls.   We aimed to maim – or at least run people out of our territory.     (You could throw a mean ice ball for your own ‘protection,’  you know.)

Oh, not me, usually.    Surely I didn’t participate in those kinds of fights.  But I observed, and thought about it,  and knew that everything I saw and did as a child was meant for my learning for later life,  where the issues really matter.     

A person should grow up and recognize snowballs for what they really are.  

Christmas is coming,  but so is a New Year in which we can think and discuss these “snowballs.”         (Burying myself in electronic gadget fun turned out not to be a very safe place to occupy my time.)

At least I won’t drink Diet coke.




.*  (This is a new thing.  In the days of Rome,  it was an astonishing thing to see how the new Christians protected the weak, the underdog,  the old, the crippled and lame and blind,  and the very, very young,and the orphans and the unwanted . . .  They wrote about Christians with amazement and disbelief.     This is a Christian thing, as evidenced by the civilization they built and the institutions and laws formed to protect the individual.)


**   I capitalize “Man” or “Men” in these usages to signify what we all know – common sense –  that both sexes can rise up and defend what needs to be defended.     So …  just a short explanation to anyone who has been trained to think by the feminists:  No,  the word “man”  nor the pronoun “he”  doesn’t  refer only to  males.     Stop hijacking proper English grammar rules.


December 8, 2017

Not  24 hours ago I wrote about   Jerusalem,  King David’s capital city of Israel,  3,000 years ago, and the U.N.  vote to create Israel in the 20th century, with Jerusalem as its capital;   and then Bill Clinton’s Act to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Jerusalem:  “over there.”

I never thought it would have anything to do with me,  over here!

IC words

Today we must go to Mass to recognize (and to honor)  the Immaculate Conception of Mary –  because if we don’t, we will surely diminish its importance and eventually forget.  We humans are like that.

So, on my way,  leaving my house just in the nick of time, as usual,  and driving through our local Big Ten campus,  I saw a “disturbance up ahead.

Demo up ahead

Stop and go traffic.   (Just so you know, I took that photo when I was stopped.  Don’t scold me when you see me next.)   We crept up ahead ten feet at a time.

Demonstrations are fairly common among the college kids, though not like it was during the Sixties.  I wondered what this one was all about.  It was pretty cold out there, just over 30 degrees.

Demo flag

Well, so, it’s an arab-type flag up there.   Hamas?  Palestine?   Something like that,  because the signs said something about “occupation.”     One sign must have said  “Honk if you like —- “  (fill in the blank)  because there was one honk, and the crowd broke out in applause and cheers.

Only one honk, kids, among many hundreds of cars.     Car stuck   in your traffic jam.

I got to church just in time,  breathing loudly after my run from the car, knelt down in the quiet church, and whooosh!   Mass began right then.   But it was a good Mass.

in case you don’t know what we are really celebrating today,  just think of the beautiful, powerful,  holy,  golden Ark of the Covenant.


Moses was told to have it built just so, with the fine-grained, precious acacia wood, totally covered in pure gold, and then holding the three signs of God-Most-High:  the mysterious “food from Heaven” called Manna which sustained the Israelites in their wilderness trek;    The stone tablets that contained the Ten Commandments, which is the Mind of God;  and then that staff of Aaron’s which came alive and budded, proving that God works through priests and Aaron was God’s chosen first priest.

Though the Presence of God inside was a powerful and mysterious  miracle,  the Ark  was also holy  and precious,  made just so, so as to be a worthy container, and  able to hold those three mighty signs of God’s Presence.

No   human on earth will ever be holy enough to stand in God’s presence – not until Heaven.   “See God and die,” as the Bible implies.   Instant annihilation.     But the Virgin Mary had to be able to hold within her the Son of God;  so she was created at the instant of her conception in such a state so as to be able to hold within her God in His Incarnation, taking on human nature to be able to reprise all the stages of our development . . . .


Mary was “saved,”  so to speak,  at the instant of her own conception.   Saved and made  holy, without original sin, well-prepared to give birth to her own Divine Savior.

Needs more than a few paragraphs in a blog to contemplate that.  More than a blog, more than one day,  more than a book or many books,  more than . . .  a lifetime, I guess.

So.    Good thing I “had to” go to Mass today.   I would have missed a lot, left to my own decisions.


Afterwards, I found my car, parked under a lovely late Fall capitol dome.

The whole little city is getting ready for Christmas and looks “lovely” too.  I drove around the front of the capitol building.


Pretty ride home.  Pleasant thoughts of Mary, the Immaculate Conception, to accompany me.

The demonstrators were no longer in front of campus,  but the grassy median area where they had been was covered in litter,   paper cups,  papers,  parts of posters . . . .    Not very “immaculate,”  but I suppose they went home happy,  thinking they could change 3,000 years of history.



That’s all for a couple days;  big Christmas party at my house tomorrow.





November 23, 2017

(These plague me every year.  I think they were a big part of this week’s Funk.     Maybe I can exorcise them by writing them down.)

Of course,  the first question is common to us all,  to us who were alive in 1963:  “Where were you when you heard that President Kennedy got shot?”


Perhaps if you weren’t alive then,  you can’t understand what  an important question that was.   Where were you”-  and then we’d tell each other, because this was a common shared national experience and we needed to connect our “local,”  personal experience with the bigger picture.



( I was in study hall on November 22,  studying along with my class for a big chemistry exam.   We were all in a bit of a shock,  but strangely enough not only was our chemistry exam not canceled,  but school was not canceled for the rest of the day.    I heard other schools closed on that memorable Friday.)

I knew we’d get through this as a nation.  We’ve had other presidents assassinated, and we got through.    What remains tragic and depressing is the obvious cover-up that we all saw developing right away.    I hear President Trump was pretty angry with all the redacted pages in the recently released “Kennedy Files.”      Who decides that stuff?  It keeps us on edge.

My Second November 22nd   Question:

Well, this is more personal,  but deeper and maybe still troubling.

dating    November 22 is the date of a guy’s birthday.  A guy I was engaged to but did not marry.     We were young and all passionately in love – the kind where you don’t think about anything else except each other.   He was in the Air Force, so we were separated a lot.

“Passionately” in those days did not automatically mean “physical,”  if you  know what I mean.   I “saved myself” for my eventual real  Hubbie, as it should be.    But this first guy, well, we met in church.

Kind of  like

Everything was in black and white in those days.    This guy had everything going for him:  “Youth leader,”   Good singer.   Pastor’s friend.   And a genuine born-again Christian who read his Bible and talked about it with me.   Oh, yes:  blond, blue-eyed, and handsome.

men's trio

Most commonly I saw him from this angle with his friends,  singing on stage.    He was tenor in a young men’s trio, and I was usually down below, banging away at the piano in accompaniment.  Seemed like everything was going right for us.


But then,  you know,  I was seeing behind the mind of a young male evangelical Christian.   He and his friends.   And I myself was seeing some big things wrong in the teachings.    Though we talked the same talk,  we were heading in separate directions.

It’s a matter of authority.   When you’re a Protestant,  you’re at the top of your heap, so to speak.  You get to decide what to believe,  what Bible verses mean,  who you agree with,  what pastor and what theologian your going to follow,  and you even get to pronounce absolution on yourself, deciding if and when you are forgiven.

Within that one little church there were dozens of different “truths.”     Dozens of different Jesuses.   And none of them connected historically to the beginning of Christianity,  (unless you said so).

So, sadly,   we parted.   No overt argument or harsh words.   We said we’d be friends, but that was hard to do since he had another girlfriend with him.  And then,  so I was told, a string of girlfriends,  and . . .  children.    He went downhill, morally, and I know what his thinking was.    I have always felt somewhat responsible for  . . .   his  . . .   for the changes.   I’m not, of course.

November 22nd,  his birthday, and I know that every year.    What would have happened if we had married?    Was it Providence that stopped us?     Predestination?    Fate?   Or was it that the children that Hubbie and I brought into this world were meant to be.

No regrets.  No regrets at all.

But . . .  that date.

Maybe I can put it to rest now.

Like lancing a boil.




November 21, 2017

“AT WAR. . .”


 I’m not the old lady.  It’s  this one:


She is a local nonagenarian who works in a McDonald’s, one little town east of me.   She is a favorite  among the customers, and she loves her work and does it well.  Never misses a day.    A story like that is always good for some “secrets” of living to a good, healthy old age.

It’s not “a cigar a day.”  Or ” a beer a day.”     Or any other unbelievably silly thing.   It’s    . . .  her cheerfulness and optimism.   According to the caption,  she looks in the mirror first thing in the morning and smiles.  She says if you do that, you’ll have  a smile on your face all day.


Smiles are wearing down around here.      Seems like one long,  dark,  dreary day.

dreary fall day

Seems like there’s been a steady dark November rain for a few days.  A few hours of sunshine once in a while, but altogether pretty dark.    Dreary rain during our football game;  rain and snow, actually.     And my leaves are soaking wet.  On the ground.

View from my study:

Dark Day

That photo was taken at 4:15 this afternoon.   The camera picked up a lot more outdoor light than there actually was.  It was all gray out there.

And this morning I woke up to more computer gloom.    It  looks like Mozilla has been trying to update itself for a few days.    It had become so good for a while,   but now this morning, as I turned on the PC,  there was a brand-new Firefox,  new color scheme,  black on black, it seems.   Commands are different.   Settings are different.  And I spent a long time trying to recapture some of my old settings and backgrounds.

And now it appears to be less stable, at least for the way I use a browser.  What more computer trouble is coming down the road?

I took down the happy lady’s photo from my refrigerator today.  

I just want to . . .  think.

Doghouse dreary

About:    some deeply serious, dire  posts I’ve been writing – but not posting.   I know these things,  but no one I know knows these things; and that means, if this is the norm,  “these things”  will increase.    About :   some information about a family member that I received  today.     About:  why is my health not improving as fast as I want it to?   About:    This is the anniversary week of Hubbie’s passing.

Yep,  that’s probably it.   Seven years ago . . . .

But this “anniversary week”  is Thanksgiving week too.    That 92-year-old lady exemplifies good cheer and optimism, and it’s hard not to listen to her.

But if I even start to count my blessings, I will lose touch with why I’m in such a  funk.  Do I want to?     If I become truly thankful for what I have,   I will rise out of this gloom.    Do I want to?      If I think instead:

About my home and my family and my Church and my friends  . . .

About bringing chicken soup to a sick neighbor this weekend – and he liked it!

About having the resources to help out a young friend,  right where she needed it.

About a fun trip to a Christmas Craft Show this weekend.

About receiving some clothes in the mail these days, including a pretty blue parka with a fur-lined hood, like I’ve always wanted.

About receiving some new books in the mail too!

And we won our football game!

There’s so much more.    Too much.  Too much.   I can’t stay in only  a  gloomy mood.  I can feel it all.    What a tiring way to be;  but I can feel it all at the same time;  alive.  Acutely alive.

I need not fight the old lady.

I guess.






November 2, 2017

Night person.  Here.   If you want some amusement, call me before noon.  Get me talking while  I’m still asleep and my tongue is unrestrained.

I do my thinking later in the day.   And that’s what gets me up frequently at night because I’m thinking.   Lots of things to check with on the Internet,  when I don’t want to turn the bright lights on.

C Yellow


  Lighted keyboard!!!

I thought I would be buying a little “luxury,”    but now I don’t know how I got along without it.  It’s so handy,  so useful,  and so fun —

C blue


And this color  —

C Red


And a royal blue  —

C blue violet


And you can turn down the color way low . . .

C Green Dark


Surprisingly not very expensive.  The Azio Lighted Keyboard.   Amazon.

Here in the Far North it is rather dark in the late afternoon,  evening, and the long night, so there is plenty of need for it!


October 31, 2017


Note to policy-makers and those who communicate with policy-makers:


We saw smashed bicycles today — and smashed people.    8 dead so far. 

I join:  shock, anger, sorrow,  “thoughts and prayers” . . . .

Many experts giving advice, much of it good.   One expert tells us that the m  o  s  l  e  m  man who drove the truck into the bicyclists  entered the United States  in 2010  under a “Diversity Green Card”  –  green cards that are issued without the requirement of stated skills or purpose for the sake of promoting diversity.        Just come.

50,000 of these “Diversity Green Cards”   issued per year.


October 31, 2017

I tramped around a pumpkin patch last month for two hours with my family (Son, Daughter, and Cooper) just  to get the right pumpkin.   It had to be the perfect one!

Then look what son did to it!!!

Their pumpkin cr

Son and his lady friend worked on this.  I suspect she did the cleaning,  he did the knife work.

I came home  late one night and decided to take a short walk to stretch my legs.   My  neighbor’s eerie handiwork turned me home again with shivers:

Neighbor dec 370


Cooper’s cookies:

Cookies 350

Nice  job!

I usually don’t take too much notice of Halloween,  but it’s a fun holiday;  a time for creativity to shine!    whether building a maze , decorating your home, making a costume,  or carving a pumpkin!

Halloween. Just have fun!  A  little or a lot.

Tomorrow is the serious, religious day,  and Christendom celebrates all the great saints!



(Are not all believers in Christ called saints?  called to be saints?   Yes!  Of course!   that’s what November 2nd if for!  All Souls’ Day follows All Saints’ Day which followed the Hallowed Eve!)





August 28, 2017

Going to a zoo sometime during this trip west was something I looked forward to.

Z Zoo Sign

I found a couple:   the Kansas City Zoo in the city;  and this one,  way out in the country through narrow two-lane roads.     Surprisingly worth it.

Of course I’ve been to lots of zoos before, and in one way they’re all “alike”  —  all the familiar animals arranged in simulations of their native continents;   but each zoo is a bit different too,  and it’s those differences plus the animals that make it worth “going to the zoo again.”

Z Rhino

So,  you’ve seen lions and tigers in person;  you’ve seen a rhino;  exotic birds; you’ve been up close to elephants;  maybe you’ve even fed the giraffes with their long black muscular tongues!     (He just stuck his tongue back in when I snapped the picture.)

Z Giraffe 270

Some zoo tips:

First:   you are never too old to go to a zoo.    No matter how old you get, no matter how many zoos you’ve seen,  even if you have to go alone, your zoo trips are not behind you;   you’re never too old!

Second:      In the summer?   On a hot sunny day?    Hat, sunglasses, plenty of water and sunscreen with you?    But don’t forget that the animals are hot too and this is the time of day when the most interesting animals   go    to   sleep!

Sleeping furry tail 300

Cute little guys –  but they’re not going to be moving anytime soon.

Sleeping Flamingos 320

Pretty flamingos.   Pretty sleepy flamingos.

You won’t see much action from even the big guys:
SleepingTigers 370

And I think the bright noon sun bleaches out the colors in the photos.

Third:      Ride!      Ride the trams . . .

Zoo Tram 400

. . .  the trains . . .

Z Train 400

. . .  and the sky rides.  . . .

SkyRide 400


You’ll see the zoo in comfort and in shade, with a cool breeze blowing past you;  and it’s surprising how long you can last the day without feeling a bit tired.

Riding,  rolling  gliding your way through the zoo is a great way to see where all the exhibits are and plan which ones you’d like to actually walk to.   And there are always frequent stops,  so just get off near exhibits that you want to see, and then get back on    when you’re done there.

Fourth:   Don’t forget to see the humor – and take some funny shots!

Funny shots 400

Like a headless polar bear

Fifth:   Enjoy the signs –  but remember to be safe or you’ll get some surprises.       This sign was easy enough to understand:

Kangaroo sign and spiders 400

What it meant was that the kangaroos run freely, no cages,  and there are no barriers between you and them.

Kangaroo Spider surprise 400

This made one young man – one foolish, boastful young man –   tell his girlfriend (or wife)  that he was going to run right at those kangaroos and scare them!   His young girlfriend (or wife)  told him  “No!   They’re wild animals!    They could hurt you!”

But the young man ran off our pathway,  through the opening in the bushes,  and promptly began to yell:   “Aaaaaargh!!”       He had run right into some wild . .  .   spider webs!   He came out spitting and sputtering and rubbing his face.      “I’m not going back there,”  he said.   I guess he’d found his wild things.

Sixth:    Look all around and enjoy the whole wild, strange, exotic world that you are just a tiny part of:

Z Blue 400

There was a group of maybe 40 of them, all dressed alike in the same colors:  moms, dads,  children,  babies . . .  speaking “Pennsylvania Dutch,”   which since “Dutch”  means “Deutsch”  I could understand about a third of what they were saying.   How I wondered and speculated what their world is like!

Seventh:   Take Google with you:

Snake google 400

This is a giant python.  An ordinary python with a genetic defect  causing amelonism because of  a double heterozygous gene which produced a condition called … “leuco-”  something.   Another lady and I were trying to figure out what all this meant, what made the python such a pretty yellow color.   Finally we looked each other in the eye,  smiled, and whipped out our cell phones,  consulting Google for the full explanation –  which was rather satisfying.

And that wasn’t the last time Google answered our questions –  questions which could make sense only while we were there,  but answers which will stick with us for a while.

Eighth:       Leave your POLITICS  at home!!!

Not you –  the young millennial zoo people who insisted on writing, for every animal exhibit,   that HUMANS  have destroyed this animal’s habitat and that they are now becoming extinct, or in danger of becoming extinct, or one day will think they might become extinct.       Because  “humans did it.”      Humans are horrible!    Humans make it no fun to be an animal.

And soon there will be no more zoos.

Let me add a little animal sound to that:   “grrrrrrrrrrrrr.”


(Next post:  I’ll show them an extinct thing or two!)






FOURTH SHORTS – 3 Birthday Time

July 4, 2017


Happy Birthday — well, to our daughter!


She shares a birthday with our country – and always celebrated her birthday with parades,  picnics, and fireworks.   What a fun date for a birthday!

ballet shoes

…She’s grown up to be her own person, now:  wife, mother,   a professional in business, a vice president of North American Operations for . . . something, actually.   But along the way we watch her learn how to read and write,  navigate her way through  “schools,”  and develop a few hobbies.


We’ve had many days of car-pooling to sports games, gymnastics  track practice,  orchestra practice,  and always . . . ballet.     Ballet classes,  ballet rehearsals, and ballet performances.


Today,  out in the High Sierras,  she is hosting a huge deck party on the lake;    the one where you invite your friends – and their children.  And people seem to be having a lot of children nowadays!

Though they could,  there won’t be time for snowboarding this year.

Happy Birthday,  Daughter!




FOURTH SHORTS – 2 The All-Purpose Explanation

July 3, 2017

flag      Another Short Note for the Fourth of July holiday. 


It took me a long time to decide to get rid of cable in this house.   I was keeping it for sentimental reasons.   I was keeping it for Hubbie’s sake.    Hubbie and I got cable just as soon as it came out,  somewhere around 1980, I think.

We were so excited to have a 24/7 news channel.    What a concept!   We were both teachers,  we had studied history and business,  and we both liked to stay current with the news.

And over the decades we watched the “news” media devolve into a cartoon imitation of itself.   Now it tells us fairy tales,   24/7, and plays one tune:




Stuck, I guess.

I don’t need to be sentimental anymore.   Sadly,   I admit Hubbie doesn’t need cable anymore.

And I sure don’t.