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PART 2 – G. UN . S according to the Left

August 7, 2019

(What you should know about Gun Control –  skip down to the Red)

(If you love your country, if you love Freedom, it takes a little of our time to learn the foundations of your Freedom.  )


The entertainment-news media which broadcasts onto your television, radio, “music,”  and social media routinely tells us that America is the most gun violent nation in the world.   You buy that?      They cite the “Langford  Study.”   Anyone check into what that study” is?

Nah, it’s one of those things that we accept.  “An authority is cited, so  let’s hear what it has to say.”    Especially because it supports the cause of extreme gun regulation,  gun control, and gun confiscation advocated by the Leftists.

The Langford study declares their findings,  that the United States is the most violent nation when it comes to guns.     And yet —  that’s not true.   By worldwide statistics,  the United States is 62nd in crimes committed with guns.


Extreme gun regulation and even confiscation as some Democrat-Socialist people are calling for,  and now the so-called Red Line Legislation, are all opposed by our Second Amendment.

What did our Founding Fathers know that this current anti-gun-ownership group of people don’t know?    That weapons ownership for the defense of your home, family, property, friends, and village is an un-alienable right.       Sometimes called an inalienable right,  but the Fathers wrote un —  meaning it’s a right that simply can’t be separated (or alienated)  from a human being.

—   Except by a tyrannical government which holds all the governing power in its own hands.    A State that is increasing in tyranny makes rules and regulations which only increase its power.    But, as it should be,  the citizens of the United States have freedoms  because  the State does not hold all the governing power.  That arises from the People.

Change that and you lose Freedom as a guiding principle.

The Second Amendment was created not merely that US citizens could go hunting and find food or defend against home invasion or personal imminent threats,  but it was created mainly so that the citizens can protect themselves against the rise of an  all-powerful governing State which protects itself, not its citizens subjects.

(Is this a good time to say that my Son, along with many others I’m sure,  is NOT PERMITTED to buy health insurance?   He is currently without medical health insurance and must remain so until the Federal Government says it’s okay to purchase insurance.   This is unbelievable to me because I grew up when America was Free for its citizens to live and work in.      I repeat– (because I”m so angry:   The Federal Government will not allow my Son to purchase health insurance.  He is uncovered – until the government says so,which is sometime in October.  I keep thinking he is mistaken.  I keep thinking the insurance agents are mistaken.  )

So what is it that our Founding Fathers knew that our current generation of Extreme Leftists were never taught?   (I’m going to copy some answers):

Let’s start with 384 B.C., a period of time Americans used to know very well.    There was a plan by a man in government named Hippodamus to create a society in which only one class, the upper class, the elites who knew all things better,  would be allowed to bear arms.   Aristotle observed that those classes of society without weapons would become the servants of those who do possess arms.   Aristotle knew and taught that it is in the nature of man,  and not in animals,  to select and use a variety of weapons and that the right to bear arms flows out from the very Nature of Man.

Or else you are a helpless servant of the governing class.

Let’s go across the world to a non-Western area, in the year 124 B.C.    The Chinese Emperor Han, dealing with the issue of gun control,  rejected  a petition by his chief chancellor to take arms away from the people.   Han said no because “When the Ancients made the five kinds of weapons, it was not for the purpose of killing each other, but to prevent tyranny and to punish evil.  When people lived in peace, these weapons are used to control fierce animals.  In military affairs then these weapons were used to set up defense and form battle arrays.”

Back to the West,   Rome,106 B.C.,  Cicero wrote on the natural Right of Man to be able to defend himself and all that is his:    “There exists a law, not written down, but inborn in our hearts which comes to us . . .  not from theory or practice, but by natural intuition.  I refer to the law which lays it down that if our lives are endangered by plots or violence or armed robbers or enemies, then any and every method of protecting ourselves is morally right.   Weapons reduce (these threats) to silence.)       . . . 

“Civilized people, Cicero continues,  are taught by logic, barbarians by necessity,  communities by tradition, wild beasts by instinct and nature.   They all learn that they have to defend their own bodies and persons and lives from violence of every kind by all means within their power.”

I’m skipping some brilliant men from our Western Tradition,  all of which were well-known by our educated Founding Fathers,  but we can move on to 43 B.C.,  Ovid, states: “The Law allows arms to be taken against an armed foe.”

Jesus,  on sending His disciples out into the world:   “It’s different now.   Whoever has a purse better take it with him.   And if he has no sword,  let him sell his cloak to buy one   . . . “

England at the time of the American colonies:  It was part of British Common Law to require all British subjects “to keep and bear arms for the security of the nation.”   (As tyrannical as we Americans are taught to think that King George was,   he was still no Socialist.)

The Socialist/Progressive propaganda would like us to believe that the Second Amendment refers only to a government disprove formal militia.    But all of the Founding Fathers disagree with this restrictive interpretation.   George Mason in 1788:  “Who are the militia?   They consist now of the whole people.”

That’s rather clear.

America spit and sputtered along in its history, trying to get it right.  We eventually improved but look what happened along the way:     In the Southern states,  no  “Black person”  was allowed to carry a gun or other offensive weapon on his master’s estate. In North Carolina,  a Democrat run state:   No free “Black person”, mulatto, or free person of color shall wear or carry about his person . . . (any arms).

In 1920 Democrat laws of Southern States also ruled against allowing Mexicans to carry guns.

In 1968, Democrat-run Congress passed a Gun Control Act.    The basis for this Act, its intention and phraseology,   was stated to be the 1938 German gun-control law used to disarm the Jews.  

(For what purpose?)

Today,   The Gun Control drumbeat is becoming louder and louder,  in spite of the commonsense knowledge that criminals will always have guns, despite any laws that can be passed against innocent citizens owning guns.  

Oh, yes,  this so-called Red Line Gun Control legislation?  Be very careful.     If there is any person in your family who has been identified with psychological issues,  your whole family can’t own a gun.      Now, who gets to decide what these mental health problems are?   Who decides who has a mental health issue?     If you are suspected of being  (something)phobic?   If you homeschool?    If you stock up on food and supplies in case of future hardships?

Even the most well-meaning panel of experts can and will become increasingly influenced by someone’s  ideology and propaganda.

The current ideology we have to guard against is Liberal/Leftist/ Socialist/Progressive/ Democrat-Socialist ideology.   Beware this subtle and pervasive Cultural Marxism.   It’s end game is the power of Stalin, Hitler, Chavez, Pol Pot, et al.










August 6, 2019

Yeah.  Sorry to be paranoid today, but  I’m watching out for the snoop bots:


Also known as Spider Bots,  little pieces of software that roam cyberspace looking for trigger words that will report back to our Elite Censorship Bureau . . . .   So,  sorry for all the weird spellings.    I’ll have a word list for you two posts from now, I think.


So,   this little piece needs to be sandwiched between Parts 1 and 2 that I started last night.     The  “Eff Bee Eye,”   our esteemed and respected go vrenment investigative organization operates under federal law.   Specifically:

 Threatening a US Gov’t official is a felony under federal law:

  • Threatening the President of the United States is a felony under     18  U.S.C. §  871, punishable by up to 5 years of imprisonment, and is investigated by the Secret Service.
  • Threatening other U.S. government officials, such as Sen. McConnell, is a Class C or D felony, usually carrying maximum penalties of 5 or 10 years under 18  U.S.C.  §  875,  18 U.S.C.  §   876 and other statutes. Such threats are investigated by the F. . .

(     . . .  by the Eff Bee Eye)


I know the heads of this organization are as corrupt as can be.    They are political appointees (we apon ized) against Conservatives, as we have seen by their unequal application of the law in the past couple of years and their collusion with CNN.

But those laws cited above are for real.   And we have a use for them, once again:

Mitch McConnell is  a (Republican)  US Senator.  He recently experience a fall and broke his shoulder.    Recovering at home in Louisville KY;  still sore, I imagine, and vulnerable.   Remember the Tom Arnold threat I wrote about in the last post?   The threats from the Left against either Republicans or Conservatives just don’t stop.

I’m going to put up here only two of the new threats:   (  I’ll leave the  cite in here for those of you on Twitter ):

A woman is on Facebook Live, outside of Senator McConnell’s home in Louisville, saying she hopes someone “just stabs the mother f*cker in the heart, please.#KYSen


Kentuckian Ben Goldey, who is Capitol Hill’s Communications Director, tweeted this video of the protest, in which the voice of a man is heard saying (0:24 mark): “Hopefully” somebody will use a “voodoo doll” on McConnell.

Now,  one commenter after this article wrote that he had read the latest book “by”  Mrs.  Bill Clinton;  and in her book he recalls that she described how she used voodoo against some of her political enemies.

voodoo hanging



(Usually that’s the head of our president that is hanging from the hand of a Leftist celebrity.     How many times have we seen that!)


I’m always astonished when I read of the many instances of occult practices among the Leftist elites . . . .   And yet —  maybe I shouldn’t be.    Remember seeing the 2008 (or 2012)  Democratic Presidential Convention in which the name of God was booed by all the delegates?   The television cameras showed it.   As GK Chesterton wrote:

“When a man stops believing in God, he doesn’t believe in nothing anymore,  he believes in anything!”

This is because “worship”  is an integral part of being a human being.   Animals don’t worship.   (Your dog  might adore you,  but that’s different.)     People worship because that’s the way they are made up, and something will take the place of the man’s own Creator if that man doesn’t want to think about his own Creator.

Ideas can be “worshiped,” even false ideas;  an  ideology can be devoutly worshiped or anyone who represents that ideology;  and idols can be worshiped,  in the form of material goods, a bank account,  or even unseen entities that get us into the occult world.

So maybe that Twitter who recommended the use of voodoo is not so unusual at all.


Okay,  this is becoming  an undisciplined ramble right now  —   I was up most of the night guarding my house from a hungry raccoon and a mouse —    but there is one final question:

Do you think our esteemed investigative feds will look into these threats?   Do you think they’re there to protect us?   Anymore?  

M.  I.  A.









July 15, 2019


I’m the Soft and Squishy shoe type of person.  If a shoe says it’s made with Memory Foam,  I’m all for it!      Apparently I’ve worn off most of the padding on the bottom of my feet, so I need “soft and squishy.”

In the last post I had a picture of jackboots over history,  and it showed the underside of a jackboot with the hobnails attached to the bottom of the boot.   Like this:

Jackboots hobnails

You need hobnails when you’re going to step on hard things or when you are going to trample down on things that would resist your boot.

Metaphorically speaking, if you’re going to assert Authority over people, they will resist, and you will have to come down hard on them.*      Harder and harder and harder.

In the last post I wrote some admittedly and deliberately disparaging words against the mis-educated admirers of Socialism in our country:


Socialism's FREE electricity for free


It would be funny, but this is the mindset that is (apparently)  leading American citizens on towards Saul Alinky’s goals for us.    Perhaps some of them don’t intend to use jackboots, but they will have to,  if they win,  because people will resist their unworkable and totalitarian ideas.

There are so many sources for us all to learn about the consequences of Socialism/  Progressivism/   National Socialism (Nazi)/  Communism/  “Democratic Socialism . . . . Maybe I’ll give a partial list of books at the bottom.

I wrote in the last post that:

We don’t “give our hearts to God” and then sit back and think pretty thoughts; there is work to be done, wrongs to be righted, people who need our aid and comfort. . . .   we have to STOP sitting back and letting things happen to us – we need to resist; we need to fight back; we need to assert traditional values which work and which built up Western Civilization.

Yesterday I learned that our priest had told us that  “We must generate culture, not sit back and let the culture lead us.”   

Well, that tells me that we have some responsibility for our culture, and we do have some power left to us.   We can live apart from the  culture that the entertainment-news media has created for us.

And for our children:

reading 2

“Give me a child to the age of seven and I will have him for life”

Reading 1


Actually, it isn’t only our children who are being propagandized away from Western Civilization; it is we ourselves who are continually propagandized by all the “incoming” information around us:  music, posters, ads,  social media,  “news” and entertainment and even  those of our friends who have been so thoroughly propagandized that they can’t even recognize the source of their own opinions.

I remember hearing a talk about what’s going on in J-Schools  (journalist departments of universities).   The speaker said that what she had found surprised her:   the Leftist point of view was so entrenched that it went unnoticed, just like the oxygen in the air we breathe.     These entertainment-news media people don’t even know how extreme their Far Left viewpoints are.

And those are the people who are telling us what’s going on in the world.

We have a responsibility. 

Recognize.  Resist.  Rebuild.    Reconstruct a better culture around you.

Study logical thinking.

reading trivium

Logic, the way it used to be taught to us

Study Logic.  Study philosophy.  Study ethics.   Study civics. Study true American history.      Study anything that will give you clarity of thinking.

Do you know how EASY it is to do  with YouTube?    !!!!

Remember the 100 Monkeys theory.    Remember the Tipping Point phenomenon.    You can be part of that!

And the next generation will thank you.




. *    In America,  the United States so constituted themselves that the Power and Authority of government arise from the People.  “We the People.”   It does not come from the top down;  that is, Power does not come from the State.

Whether or not that is a workable form of governance is up to us.



A partial reading list:


Rules for Radicals   (Saul Alinksy)

(related video:  A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing_)

The Naked Communist  (W Cleon Skousen)

Reinventing Collapse   (Dmitry Orlov)

Marxist Madrassas

The Clash of Civilizations   (Samuel Huntington)

The Unintended Reformation   (Brad Gregory)

Apostasy in America  (Solange Hertz –  Anything by her, although she is an acquired taste.)

Anything by George Orwell,  such as  Animal Farm;   Homage to Catalonia; Why I Write . . .)

Orwell:  A Transformation   (Peter Stansky)

Anything by Alexander Solzhenitsyn

(Even celebrity radio talk show hosts have written some  accurate observations):


Dreamers and Deceivers



When I Was a Kid,  This Was a Free Country  (by G Gordon Liddy; that’s an oldie and a goodie)

Any biography of the fervent  Socialists:  Hitler, Stalin, Lenin,  Pol Pot,  Che Guevara,  back on into the  Italian socialist movements  – and don’t forget to learn Leftist methodology from a study of the French Revolution –  if you can stomach it)

Remember:  The “Enlightenment” is a self-congratulatory name given by the inchoate Leftist movement of the 18th century.










July 11, 2019


  “Miseducated Idiots”



There were a lot of little “baby steps”  that my mind took which eventually led me into the Church.     Perhaps the biggest catalyst in my decision-making was the realization that  in order to prove that they are right,  other denominations  had to actually tell me  lies about the Catholic Church.

Now, I don’t want to expand on that right now,  but I was so surprised when opinion after opinion after opinion against the Church all proved, one by one as I examined them, to be actual lies.   Perhaps falsehoods or misconceptions,  but non-factual assertions and unsupported statements, nevertheless.

I know those are complex, complicated sentences, but I can at least tell you what a
“clean”  feeling it is to face the truth head on and be comfortable with it!

There is tension when you have to live according to lies and keep proving a lie is the truth.

How dismaying it is to observe that same  process in our current spirit of revolution and revolt,   every day, delivered to me by the entertainment-news media.


I’m no fan of women’s sports teams  — maybe I should write about that some day — but I did take notice that the American women’s soccer team won the World Cup.

America wins.  Nice.

And then I saw this tweet by President Trump:

Nice again, to take time from presidential duties to congratulate a sports team.

And then swiftly followed the outrage and bitter arrogance — accompanied by unsubstantiated falsehoods about the president.

I heard what was probably the team captain speak in response to this congratulations:  Embarrassing profanity coming from a young woman’s mouth.   Profanity of the worst kind, with the worst intentions.

And then – especially to my foreign readers – charges of racism and sexism and whatever else against the president, with absolutely no proof, not even anecdotal proof.

Oh, I’m aware of how some of these accusations began — how the president’s words or actions were deliberately misrepresented, misread, misinterpreted.  I remember the genesis of the accusations that the media then took up as these terms became Gospel.    Then the feeble, scarcely noticed retractions . . . .

These  false accusations are willingly taken up by any Global socialist who feels that President Trump stands in the way of their “progress’ towards the ongoing Leftist Revolution.    They sound like miseducated idiots, but they vehemently believe what they are saying.

The latest email revelations by the British ambassador to the United States show that no matter how high in governance a man goes, he can still fall victim to baseless propaganda.

What to do?    Almost all of us just sit back,  “tsk tsk,”  and go on about our daily lives.  After all, what can you do?   It takes a whole lot of energy and effort to oppose falsehoods.

It’s okay.  We can’t reach out to everyone and persuade them differently.    But we do have to know that LYING HAS CONSEQUENCES.     And we won’t like any of these consequences:  divisiveness;   uncertainty about who you can trust;   enmity;   always keeping score;   an intrusion of “politics” into everything . . .

And possibly one day,  Civil War.

And revolution.

And dominance by the Leftists, who wrote the book on winning by deception.















“Oh Give Me A Home Where The….”

June 18, 2019

“…where the buffalo roam …”    No,  no buffalo, anymore.  At least not usually roaming free on your ranch.


Can you dream?    Can  you take time to enjoy your recurring daydreams?


I like this picture.    She’s a lucky lady.    For some reason, in all my cross-country driving trips,  it was Wyoming that I fell in love with.  And Montana.     The scenery is spectacular.    And it’s large.  Expansive.     There’s room to breathe.       I like the people there too, so I think I’d fit in.

I can move there if I want to, but I won’t leave this state in the Far North, surrounded by the Great Lakes.      I like it here too.     But I can dream.

Cowboy Mag

Up until a few months ago I had a long-standing subscription to this magazine and enjoyed every issue.  Some of the issues helped me plan my trips out West, but mostly I enjoyed reading about the people and the work they do.   There was a lot of pretty interesting photos too.

Then I changed to this magazine:

Cow Ind Mag

It’s not really about Hollywood style “cowboys and indians.”    It’s just more good articles about life in the West.     We can all recognize what life used to be like in these United States, no matter where we Americans lived.

The magazines are worth a little look if you ever see them on your newsstand.

It’s been a week – again – since I’ve posted here.   Health scary feelings again,  but also a new thing for me:  allergies!    I don’t get allergies, but I’m experiencing them this year for some reason.  I didn’t realize they came with a general feeling of lethargy.  And malaise.   Lots of wasted time.   Seems to be a general complaint by everyone around here too.

Things are resolving now;  troubles  don’t usually last.   I’m catching up on my reading, cowboys magazines and the news.

Cowboy scene

I think we should change the words of that song to:  “Oh give me . . .  my home back!”    If you did live on a ranch in the southwest,  you’d not be having a debate about whether or not America is having a migrant-invasion crisis.   You’d be seeing it and dealing with it every day on your own property:

CARAVAN across river

“An evening in the southwest”

One rancher was surprised by 18 people from the Philippines knocking on his door, asking for “help.”

I can’t remember which group of foreign citizens were caught entering our country without our permission,  but there was a group who were all holding “fistfuls” of American $100 bills.

Ranchers cannot keep up with the garbage and debris and castoff items left behind by people from foreign countries walking through their property.

Among the debris that is frequently found are prayer rugs!   Have you heard that?      There have been several news articles in the past month that are reporting these small prayer rugs found on the ground,  on people’s ranch properties.

So,  who uses prayer rugs?

The authorities,  ICE, I think,  have been advertising for French-speaking people who’d be willing to act as interpreters.

What Central American country has French for their national language?    Whose national language is French?

Some African nations.     Young men who are  citizens   of some African nations are  walking across our southern border.      And then they’re collected and are flown, at our expense,  to . . .

Aliens flying nito cities

. . .   to . . .   Surprise!   Might be to your city.       Our Rulers don’t ask our permission.     They just send them here.   I can’t remember which group of foreign citizens were caught entering our country without our permission,  but there was a group who were all holding “fistfuls” of American $100 bills.

Americans don’t get a vote on who moves in to their country.

And the “who”  could be some very, very sick people.   There are several thousand right now “quarantined”  with chicken pox.     And others with mumps.  And  others with drug-resistant tuberculosis.    And with the ever “mysterious”  EV-D68,  which was noticed to have popped up  in our country at the same time as  the overwhelming numbers of arrivals from Central America.     EV-D68 is also called “polio-like influenza”   which the authorities now declare has been here since the 1960s, so, no, the drastic increase could not have come from Central Americans where this virus is endemic.      Right?  It  just massively, mysteriously  increased.

And then there are the thousands from the Congo  (Belgian Congo, which once was civilized but is  now the socialist and struggling  People’s Republic of the Congo)  and that nation is struggling with the ebola virus,  the biggest outbreak since more than a decade.

No screening for that.      (It’s not just diseases. *)

Anyone remember studying Roman history, as in the “decline and fall” of the Roman Empire?     Many factors weakened the empire,  but what was it that finally finished them off?      So many foreigners pouring into the Empire that the Romans were no longer able to fight off the various types of invasions.

And, no,  most of these people who are citizens of foreign countries are not particularly interested in becoming Americans, learning our language and our customs and our history.     If we don’t give them what they’re demanding,  they don’t like us very much, as tweeted by one person:

they re hondurans


If we don’t accommodate them,  they’ll call us “Nazis”  and burn our flag.

One commenter, at the end an article about these people said:     If you import the 3rd World,   you will soon become the 3rd World.

Remember that.






. *  If you can still take any more bad border news:


Here are some people who are citizens of  a Middle Eastern country.     Here is part of the accompanying article from CBN (news):

A captured and now repentant Canadian ISIS fighter recently revealed a plot for operatives to travel from Syria and gain entrance into the US through the southern border with Mexico, using active routes taken by migrants.

The International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism reports that even though several lawmakers in Congress didn’t acknowledge President Donald Trump’s warnings about the southern border being vulnerable to terrorists, ISIS took note.

Abu Henricki al Canadi, a Canadian with dual citizenship with Trinidad, was apprehended in Syria by the Syrian Democratic Forces last month. In an interview with researchers, he revealed a plot in which he and other Trinidadians were invited to attempt to penetrate the U. borders to mount financial attacks on the US economy. . . .

“They were going to move me to the Mexican side of the US southern border via Puerto Rico,” he continued. “This was masterminded by a guy in America.”

The ISIS fighter told investigators the mastermind was from New Jersey, so New York’s financial institutions may have been the target of the attack.


Well, good thing someone was “repentant.”


https:/    /www1

(remove spaces if you want to go there)





May 27, 2019

Rant 2/3 –  how to Lose a country.

mem flags

After watching some Memorial Day celebrations,  speeches,  songs,   from Washington DC,   my tiny little rants seem hardly significant.    But there.    I’ve already titled this trio of postings . . .

My second “tiny” rant began with a determination to honor our war dead by watching some of the great war movies.   I chose to start with the Vietnam War.   I started with an intent to be patriotic and more informed.   After all, I lived through the Vietnam era, which means I really didn’t know what the war was all about.

My friends who came back from the war wouldn’t talk about it.  They would NOT talk about their experiences in southeast Asia.

Unfortunately,  the communist funded protest movements took  over the Vietnam war narrative.     And these people wouldn’t talk to the soldiers who came home.

Vietnam War Protests. Andy Blunden,


I can only cringe at all their unAmerican rhetoric.     The story of the war – not fair,  just one-sided.    The accepted catechism of the war –  not comprehensive,   just an exercise in anti-American propaganda —  such that one of our presidents and his wife and daughter were all heard saying, with great disdain,  “We  l o a t h e the military.”

mem bill hil


It was then, after hearing those words spoken, that I decided to divorce myself from any Leftist pseudo-idealism and ideologues.    They are not in America for America, for  the good of American people, and for American values.

mem hot dogs   What American values?    Values that flow out from the Judea-Christian moral tradition.  Hot dogs, Mom, and apple pie.   Something like that.   The freedom to enjoy hot dogs, Mom, and apple pie.   Freedom of assembly ( assembly at picnics, outdoors, together with friends, out  in the open);     our families and their safety;    the pursuit of happiness — and the proud and free expression of whatever has lasting value. . .  and . . .

. . .  without being told you are a sexist, a racist,  a xenophobe,  a triumphalist, a patriot, a nationalist, a white supremacist . . .  whatever “dirty word” the Left comes up with and spreads throughout our entertainment-news media.

Like our past heroes who are not heroes in the minds of the Leftists.

Which brings me to my tiny rant.  

mem helos

I sat down to watch my first Vietnam era movie.

I know it was well made.   I know it dealt with a very serious and real issue.   (War does psychological damage and makes the unstable go crazy.    Mental casualties of every war.)

mem deer

I’d seen the movie long, long ago,  but this time, in my own family room with Closed Captioning I saw and heard every word.   I wasn’t “young, innocent, and open” anymore,  open to any thoughts that were confidently and strongly expressed.

Some strong,  prevailing thoughts are just wrong and injurious to our society.

Unless you are trying to tear down the moral fabric of our society.  And unless you are trying to devaluate the values which built our country up — because no great nation rises on   selfish and inferior values and no great nation lasts when selfish and inferior values are prominent among the citizens.

You cannot have hot dogs, Mom, and apple pie without practicing honesty, fairness, loyalty, equaility before the Law, hard work, piety,  self-reliance,  “rugged individualism,” and so on.

That’s where we all have a part to play.   Each individual, “tiny,”  unknown citizen of our country builds up American values or tears them down by neglect or attrition.

mem doors red

When I read every word and  the lyrics of every accompanying song in these movies,  and with the perspective of decades in which I could witness “which way is all this going,” —  as an audience I was insulted, assaulted with obscenities, porn, degrading moral activities, insolence, disrespect, a resort to torture and violence not necessary for the war effort, and an overall sense that there is no sense to war.


The Greatest Generation fought for nothing?    The Communists would be wonderful, kindly leaders when they overran southeast Asia?   The rise of enemy hegemony over the world would be good for our freedoms here in America?

Not every  is so bad.  But so many are.  So many that we took for granted and applauded.   Without realizing that we were participating in a whole new re-writing of our history and a realigning the world to spurious values.

The Silent Majority seemed to be powerless against this anti-American assault.

These Leftists  are our children’s  “teachers”  today.

We could almost say we have a duty to protect the younger generation from those teachers – and teach  the good things America stands for  and the good things America has done,  correcting, self-correcting our faults down through generations, providing opportunity for more and more people.



May 26, 2019


Sarek  Well, I hope I don’t sound whiny to you if I have a little rant again.

I  like to think of Sarek’s words:  “The cause is sufficient.”

(He was a wise diplomat, ready to hear and understand, and to respond with prudent and self-disciplined  restraint.  He was, of course, Mr. Spock’s father.)


This is not Memorial Day.   This is Memorial Day Weekend,  which I hope doesn’t squeeze from our memories what Memorial Day is all about.    These guys have not forgotten:

RT coming

They are Rolling Thunder.   Several decades ago about 3,000 bikers rode to Washington DC on a Memorial Day Weekend to remind the country of their fellow soldiers who never made it home again.   They are Missing in Action.

It grew to a nationwide salute of several hundred thousand bikers – a salute to the estimated 82,000  soldiers  still  Missing in Action.

RT marine.jpg

I cannot imagine what it would be like to have left a comrade behind, not knowing his fate, not knowing if he is dead — or if he is still undergoing torture behind enemy lines.  Most of those captured soldiers did not make it out of those prison camps alive.  A very few were found alive – sort  of – many, many years later in an Asian country we are no longer at war with.

So there’s hope.   Maybe not good reason for hope, now,  after all these years,  but hope —   what if . . .

Rolling Thunder reminds us each year that we honor our war dead on Memorial Day.   Not all veterans,  but those young men  who gave their lives fighting our country’s battles.  Those are the KIA – Killed in Action.   They deserve a day of honor and thanksgiving.

And then the MIA – Missing in Action.   The probablies.    Neither dead nor alive in our minds,  but neither are they here, back home with us.   They deserve to be remembered too.

Except that . . .   this is the last planned Rolling Thunder.   2019 will bring the last Rolling Thunder campaign in honor of the MIAs.


RT final ride


And here’s my reason for a little rant:    The bikers normally have always had permission to park at one of the Pentagon’s parking lots, after paying a little fee.

The Pentagon.   Military,  right?

Under the previous administration,   the hostile  Barack-Hussein-person’s administration,   the “Pentagon”  turned hostile to this patriotic memorial.     The fees have been raised so high that it is impossible to continue; and the open opposition and obstruction of Pentagon appointees have made the Rolling Thunder event unable to continue.

2019.     The Final Ride.


It shouldn’t be.


RT hung

Sons, brothers,  husbands,  fathers.


RT watiing


RT waiting




Here are two of the  past posts in The Spruce Tunnel about Rolling Thunder:

Rolling on For Freedom

Rolling Thunder



6.666666666666 . . .

April 30, 2019


“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”

Well, it could be just a coincidence.    I like funny coincidences.  I like jokes.


You get that number if you divide the number 500,000  by 75,000.  The answer is:



When King Solomon “went bad”  and let all his power and riches go to his head,  he walked away from God-Most-High and went his own way,  building up a dictatorial kingdom, demanding from his subjects absolute obedience and compliance.

Spies and surveillance,  24/7.

He incorporated many foreigners into his realm.


Many, many crossed his borders

Many were very “foreign:


(MS-13 among the invading forces)

King Solomon  surrounded himself with a huge bureaucracy,  magnificent office buildings,  and great riches.    He was admired by all the known world.   He married and made treaties with all the surrounding powers,  and he “honored” them by accepting their religions into his Kingdom.

P0   “All religions are welcome!”      He was supposed to worship God alone, but instead he allowed other religions to worship in Jerusalem and even set up their altars and held “worship services”  there.   The place where the most false religions were worshiped is still called today Mons Scandali  or Mountain of Abomination  or Mount of Offense.  Various names on the map.

God was not pleased.


All religions in a Catholic Church (“The Sacrilege of Assisi”)

To support his kingship,  King Solomon needed to impose heavy taxes.     It is said in the Bible that he  annually demanded in  taxes 666 talents of gold.   Pure gold.   666.  (III Kings 10:13)

In his later life he becomes a forerunner of the anti-Christ.  A ruler of a one-world government  and the head of a vast economic system which linked everyone to him.

For those of you who know only the Modern Version of the Catholic Church,  there may be no recognition,   no alarm bells.     I’m not a part of the New Version of the Church.


In fact,   I am one of those who is described with terrible words coming ouot of the Vatican, because  I have kept to the original teachings and practices of the Church.     I worship with the same language and meaning as  St. Augustine;  and   St Albert the Great, St Thomas Aquinas, St. Francis of Assisi,   St. Anthony,  St.  Bellarmine,   St. Francis de Sales;  I even worship the same way and believe the same things as someone as recently as St. Therese of Lesieux.    St.  Padre Pio,  St.  Maximilian Kolbe  . . .   GK  Chesterton  (not a saint!)

No changes.   God does not change his teachings.

I cannot predict what will happen to the “Catholic Church”  in the near future.   I know that Pope Paul VI gave his papal crown to the United Nations.  I don’t know what that portends.


The World acclaimed him.  He was pretty popular.



And now today’s pope has also garnered a lot of worldwide praise.

So let’s get back to those “funny” coincidental numbers again:


All the young men of military age who are citizens of other Central American countries who are climbing into the United States much faster than we can stop them — well,  they get stopped temporarily in Mexico. . . .

The current pope has zeroed in on 75,000 of these people who are still in Mexico;   and he has announced that he – in his Vatican – is donating  $500,000  to help them out.

$500,000    divided by  75,000.

Just a funny coincidence.


April 29, 2019

 I hate it when I can’t come back to the Tunnel and write — every day.      I had an injury, of sorts.   A self-inflicted injury.  Give me a rake and a hoe and I’m happy — but I injure myself, internally, where my health problem is.   If you’re prone to blood clots, as my pulmonary embolisms last summer showed up  in me  —  well, I recognize the symptoms again…  and I did it to myself.  With a rake and a hoe.

So,  sorry for the pause in writing.



Last time here,   I expressed my anger and dismay that candidate joe bi*  de  n  used the false narrative from Charlottesville as the launching  platform for his anti-Trump political campaign.

Honestly,  does he really think the American public believes the “story”  that President Trump said there were “fine people” on both sides of the riots that accompanied the peaceful demonstration by local citizens in support of the statue of Robert E Lee?     That he called the Nazis  “fine people”?

Well, all over the news this weekend was this story:


That was nice to see.  I don’t really know this man,  but he’s apparently a news reader who works for a big news corporation;  a big global news corporation;   a big global socialist news corporation.

As such,  he repeats the virulent anti-Trump scripts given to him.   Only now I guess the outrage was enough to embarrass even this entertainment-news organization.

Well, good.

I wonder how many  “news” consumers even saw this apology.


April 25, 2019


Living a lie is never smart, nor safe for society.


Bid en and Child


Ex official Joe Bid* en begins his bid for our presidency with a Bold Lie, fondly told and re-told by the Far Left.   It’s a dangerous lie because it arouses the unthinking emotions of some people; and they choose to believe it and base their decisions upon it.

I heard his video this morning.   It was okay at first.   It was a typical “I am right so I am righteous” stance of a career politician.   Others do that.   But he based his reason for running on false accusations against President Trump — also typical, nothing shocking.

For his prime evidence, he called forth the images of the Riot in Charlottesville VA in 2017, and claimed that President Trump’s comments created a “moral equivalence” (Bid* en’s words)  between “both sides” – as though there were only two sides: Bid* en’s side and the Evil Right Extremists.

char statue.jpg

The statue in  question:  Gentleman and General Robert E Lee

President Trump was referring to people who came out to support the statue and people who came out to express their support for taking down the statues.      But this first moment off-the-cuff remark  was twisted to make it sound as though President Trump was supporting all the violence (especially on the Far Right intruders)   –  and this has since become a false narrative used by the Left to “prove”  Trump is a radical,  or whatever.

I’ve written about Charlottesville before.     During that demonstration, and preplanned,  some members of what’s left of very small  Far Right groups showed up.   They are romantic-minded holdovers of a previous age,  but they’re having trouble maintaining membership in today’s new world.      (Romantic meaning they hold idealized emotional notions, true or false,  but impractical and unrealistic.)

Also during that demonstration,  also preplanned and in demonstgrably greater numbers,  were   the George Soros funded Far Left Extremist movement which has been known to provoke violence wherever they go: city streets, campuses, political rallies, scenes of violence, etc.

char lies statue

Lying about Robert E Lee

(No one wants hate,  but Robert E Lee did not stand for hate)


Are you sure you  know who George So* ro s is?     Although George So* ro s worked for the National Socialists (Nazis) as a young man, worked for them in the 1940s even though he was a Jew, he calls one of his antagonist groups, using fascist tactics,   “Anti-Fascist.”   He worked for the Nazis!  Big Fascist-types themselves!!!

So he deceptively names this group   Anti-Fascist: AntiFa. Antifa.

Hired Thugs

Far Leftist Thugs hired for Charlottesville

And So* r o s sends them into a group of people demonstrating their support of their local heritage.          Hired militant thugs:

Char are these bringing

(Not ordinary citizens supporting their historic heritage!)


So  Bid* en  falls into this false narrative and implies that President Trump does not stand for American values, and when he says there are good people on both sides of the issue, that he must be referring to thugs like this.

 “America is an idea,”  he says in his video.     Well,  sure.  In some aspects it is an idea,  and an ideal:     Equality before the law. An equal chance of all citizens to elect our representatives. An equal right to pursue our own version of happiness.    Equal.   Equal.    Equal.   No aristocracy or oligarchy or plutocracy.   No ruling class, based on status and power.

All those things.

But an American president-to-be who bases his campaign on Deception?

It would be common — if we let it become common.

Stay smart in this 2020 election.



The entertainment-news media promoting lies and division:

So entrenched in US politics is this deceptive view of what became the Charlottesville Riot,  that when you look for photos on the Internet,  you will see almost exclusively photos of Nazi flags and people in white robes, etc.   The violent thugs beating on people are never identified for the Far Left agitators that they are.

It has entered “our heads”  that the demonstration at Charlottesville was an exposition  of Far Right thugs.

The entertainment-news media did a good job of distorting the facts of the day.




From The Spruce Tunnel before:      (remove spaces for links)

  (Only 21 far-right sympathizers identified amidst the rioters)


And:   The Need to Erase the memory of American history:







April 3, 2019

Hard to be strictly funny about politics nowadays.


It’s that time of year . . . .

“There’s nothing more certain than death and taxes, ”  so the saying goes.


I just wrote out all the checks for my taxes,  four separate envelopes,  four separate destinations.

And that was right after the month in which I had to pay for a new garbage disposal,  a big furnace repair,  a hot water heater repair,  and a water purification system for my home.

So I kind of understand the question up there in the cartoon.   If I’m trying hard to support my own household,  do I have to work so hard to support my   (largely unelected)  government officials too?

For more than a hundred years of our nation’s history  our federal government paid its operating expenses without an income tax —  and without a deficit.     There were brief periods of income tax ,  usually after costly and necessary wars,  but this permanent duty to pay an income tax is scarcely more than a hundred years old!

Don’t know what all to conclude from that.

But what I do observe is that recently the various departments of our federal government have become highly politicized,  including the IRS,  which has been used to suppress and put out of business numerous Conservative functions and social organizations.

Just observation.  And saving news articles.

All pointing to the fact that you pay less and you operate more freely if you agree with the radical Left.   Socialism and transforming American society by rejecting traditional Western values of humanity,  religion, and equal justice before the Law.

Like being “on the *Farm”:  “All animals are equal.   Some animals  are more equal than others. ”

Highly politicized government functioning.

It could be a dangerous time in America.



.*  Animal Farm by George Orwell.  Short book.  All Americans should know it well.




March 28, 2019

(Little black and yellow striped booklet; any brief summary of the substance of a thing.)

Wherein I get “political” —


4th Estate

Anytime there are factions promoting Civil war,   anytime there are factions fomenting a revolution,  anytime there are factions advocating a coup d’etat,  then the Fourth Estate,  (known today as the entertainment-news media)   chooses one or two sides to gain attention and revenue dollars.    (Faction*)

….And thus providing free and  powerful “advertising”  for one or more of the political factions.

Seems we have all these factions today mixed in with the majority of  ordinary,  loyal citizens.

So what’s the Hand behind the  Smollett Follies in Chicago?



The Fourth Estate has reported on the shocking freedom of a man indicted for 16 felonies — free to go!   Oh,  he has a “penalty.”     It is to work a # (amount varies)  of hours for public service  —  with  a member of his own faction!!    Yes.    And “already done.”


Chicago ONE strong

Not Pretty.

Many roads lead out of Chicago.  I’ve lived there and driven on them.     I’ve witnessed the corruption of Chicago politics and its power.

So this “lucky man” in Chicago?  It’s not “who do you know, it’s what do you know!”    And he has some powerful people in his faction   — built up in Chicago and spilling out into state and federal government.

It’s been called  “Chicago Pond Scum overflowing into other parts of the country.”     Not Pretty.

The Cliff Note version:     Here are some nouns you can string together to identify this man’s “faction.”      It’s just a partial list starring in the Smollett Follies:

Black;     Black supremacist;     radical;   racist;    communist;  community “organizers;” homosexual;   gay bathhouses;   Diversity and Inclusion;   Chicago;   corrupt justice system;   Vallari Jarret;  “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright;   Barry Sotoero aka Barak Obama;   Michael Robinson, aka . . .  ;     Jesse Jackson;    Jurnee Smollett-Bell;     Jazz Smollet;     Jussie Smollett;   the  “Campaign”-Finance-Bundler Tina Tchen;      Kim Foxx (Illinois Attorney General)   —

—  nouns all strung together from video clips and quoted conversations,  out of their own mouths.

This faction contains Black,   radical, communist community action workers; groomed for chaos and control of American institutions.

Financed by . . . George Soros.… $408,000 contribution

Oh, yes,  one of those names is the happy recipient of 408,000 encouragements from George Soros.

What’s he doing there?     (next post)



.*   A “faction” considers itself the Underdog With a Cause and so fights  “by any means possible”  for its goals   — a method right out of the Frankfort School of the slow progression for the advancement of Global Socialism  “by any means.”


March 21, 2019


“A little knowledge is a . . .”

(You know how to finish that statement.)


First a joke:

H to O

Hah!    He has a little knowledge.  He knows such a thing exists,  but his attempt to be amusing at the water cooler reveals that he doesn’t know much about it.

You do, I assume.    You know he means  H 2 O.    (Or is that supposed to be Zero?)   Is it H20?  Or H2O.

O, of course.  Can you diagram it?  Can you draw a picture of it?

“It” is a formula.  Can you draw the formula?

Sure you can:


Is that an atom or a molecule?     You know the difference.

And you know what the H stands for.

And you know what the O stands for.

And you know that the “2” should be written smaller, as a subscript — to show that there are two H’s.


Just checking.   Just checking to make sure you’re smarter than the little guy in the cartoon.

He makes a good symbol for these guys (in a screen shot from Fox News):

pres can

There are more, now, but the new ones don’t seem to be any brighter,  any more knowledgeable about how  our country works.      At least according to their own words.

They display a little bit of knowledge about our country and its government;  a little bit of knowledge about how an economy works;  a little bit about how Nature works; a little bit about how American people think and act.

But not much.

It’s quite alarming when you realize that any one of these people might become the candidate for president offered by the Democrat Party in 2020.     When they speak out, confidently and convincingly,  you can tell they’ve heard of some of the vocabulary and they can string together words and phrases, sometimes quite eloquently.    They sure know how to work a crowd.

But ask them a question, ask them to elaborate, ask them to explain,  and the thin superficiality of their knowledge becomes very apparent, sometime hilariously so.   According to their responses, they would much rather attack the integrity of the questioner than answer the actual question.

Sometimes it’s not so hilarious.   Not a subject for a cartoon strip.     They are all making proposals to change our Constitution, fundamentally changing what the United States is.  They seem to think that, as president,  they can do away with the electoral college,  allow citizens of other countries to vote in our elections,  allow  “children”  to vote while they’re still in high school

They’ve heard of “democracy”  and “voting”  and “republic”     but they want to become president of a republic by a majority vote  –  “he who gets the most votes wins”  – and get to make big changes.        They don’t understand why it doesn’t work that way, nor do they understand why it shouldn’t work that way.

Electoral College and Republic — two concepts which make America work, and  it’s good that we know about them.      We should also know what they mean, so we don’t lose everything we have, at the hands of people who don’t know the meaning of things nor the consequences of their ideas.

Yes,  “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”


H2O 2




March 15, 2019


Students around the world!    Don’t go to school today!!     Take action against climate change!

“Bark”  or  “Bare your teeth”    —  either way you’ll have no effect on the SUN!


We don’t know all the reasons that wolves howl under a full moon.   Maybe they don’t; maybe it only makes a dramatic picture.

cc wolf


But I think we know why the “students”  are being told to go out and bark at demonstrate against the sun.

As is repeated many times,  U.N. officials freely admit that the “climate change” idea is a great scheme to tax the industrialized (successful) nations of the world, and with the excuse of distributing that money to “needy” nations,  carbon tax money will pour into U.N.  coffers, enriching our would-be Rulers along the way.

cc redistribute

You’ve got to get this tax money flowing by first putting out the underlying propaganda that somehow cyclical changes in climate are anthropogenic;  that is,  that mankind’s activities can affect climate change.

Talk about howling at the moon!   Hah!

cc dorught   We are bombarded by falsified charts and computer projections, accompanied by highly selected and doctored photos of drought, extreme storms, wind damage, diseased and starving people, and of course that famous polar bear stuck on a piece of ice floating ever so far from shore — because he’s running out of ice — a photo carefully cropped to give elementary school children reason to cry themselves to sleep for love of the poor polar bears, as reported by the entertainment-news media.

(Have these children also been told that the polar bear population around the world is at  its highest since measurements began?) 

It is the changes in the sun that drive climate and climate change and climate catastrophes upon this planet.  *

The sun’s changes especially and immediately affect our climate.   Some of the changes are cyclical, some are random.     There are so many charts and diagrams and studies available for us to examine.

The sun affects earth’s climate changes.

Against Climate Change

Our dear youngest generation of (superannuated)  children  were told to go out into the streets today  and bark demonstrate against the sun!

cc fierce dog

Maybe they think it will help.

Our global rulers do.    Global socialists –  if you earn money,  they want it.



.*    At this present time there is a a drastic reduction in sunspots, resulting in less protection by the actions of solar wind;  but in addition we’re also experiencing  a dramatic lowering of the earth’s protective magnetosphere;  a measurable and observable warming up of the entire solar system;  and the results of our present location in  a cosmic “cloud”  full of energetic particles, adding “energy”   to our weather systems as well as probably heating up the core of the earth.

All science points to a coming ice age, although “weather swings”  will first become noticeable. 
















March 7, 2019


(A rant about a book I just read.)



Our entertainment-news media seems hell-bent on taking down our way of life.  One has to be prepared to  wince  whenever some “screen”  is turned on:  television, laptop,   tablet,  cell phone . . .   They all deliver their words on annoying spears.

It’s actually Western Civilization that they want to take down —   the marxist progressives need to first destroy what has been accomplished before they can build for themselves their own version of utopia;   dystopia for the rest of us.



A little up-to-date evidence:  The governor of Hawaii has just stated he’s on board with banning all airplanes within a few short years . . .  a lá   AOC and her “New”  Green Deal.   That ought to destroy the tourist industry in Hawaii!

But to get at Western Civilization,  our Rulers, or they who do their bidding,  must first put a face onto Western Civilization.   They have identified Western Civ  with being male and being White.     Easy target.  A deliberately softened target,  softened by decades of aggressive female rights movements . . .

beating up

an ugly idea

       . . . .  and the propagandizing our children with social justice ideas – without any necessary context.     They want “rights,”   and retribution,  reparations, based upon racism and sexism.

So, according to them,  we must destroy  White Males  because they dominate  Western Civilization.  And Western Civilization is bad.  So White Males are bad.  Everything is bad …

I recently finished a novel – a big, big one,  713 pages –  and I really liked the theme,  the history,  the action,  the character development, but I became increasingly aware that the story was delivered with a heaping dose of anti-White, anti-male, and anti-Western bias.

The theme of the book is that White Man came to the North American continent and promptly deforested great swaths of land.    Apparently the author thinks  “permanently.”

White Man came to destroy.

tree fall

The book has history and facts mixed with radical leftist ideology and anti-Western bias.    Here is just one example which came towards the end of the book, where the bias has become blatant.  A character says:

“Men behave as overlords.   They decide what will flourish and what will die.  I believe that humankind is evolving into a terrible new species, and I’m afraid that I am one of them.” 

Probably one of the most self-pitying and pessimistic thoughts I’ve ever read!   Any sense of dignity and self-worth and the ability to accomplish something good has been destroyed in that character’s mind.

Watch for this bias from many sources.  it’s easy to spot.     “We are a world destroyed.”    The Western World has destroyed all of Nature.

Here is another excerpt from the book:

“Autumn lurched clumsily out of the equinox.”      Well, sort of, maybe it can.    Is this a romantic idea?    A lover of Nature?    Transcendentalism that sees meaning beyond Nature?     A highly disturbing experience?

“A few straggler tourists were still underfoot . .  .”     Probably the “annoying tourists”  which provide a measure of prosperity to the area.   It’s the kind of prosperity which today’s young socialists believe will exist  forever, effortlessly,  there for the taking.

Negative thoughts even dominate the  experience of Moonlight along the North Atlantic coast:

“In the eastern quadrant of the sky the moon was small and very white, and its impersonal brilliance showed the rocky coast, ravaged forests, silent feller bunchers (logging machines),  a black glowering mass of peat bog and spiky forest . . .  The sea itself lifted toward the light.  And kept on lifting.”

“Kept on lifting”?    That is an eerie vision.     The dark sea obliterates the light of the moon?       It is a reflection of what Western Man does  to Nature –  destroys, obliterates – until Nature swallows everything back  up and goes away.    Everything has become cold and impersonal.

Yes, the book is about the supposed deforestation of Europe and  the Americas.    But in reality,  the lands are being reforested in many places.    Mankind knows how to do that!     Ancient forests have been destroyed?   Yes, by lightning and  wildfires, storms and hurricane force winds have flattened hundreds of thousands of acres of trees,  disease,  critters  like beavers have moved through forests;  and men have cut down many trees.

But only Mankind knows how to replant, rebuild,  and  take care of the forests.    From what I’ve seen of history,  this reforesting takes place in nations which were built up by the values and technical skills of Western Civilization, but not noticeably elsewhere in the world.

If “White Man”  or Western Civilization goes away,  there is no one, so far, to take its place.

Western Civilization deserves a second look and a reconsideration of its  moral  and philosophical values   —    all stemming,   after the fall of the Roman Empire and terrible disintegration of society . . .  all stemming from Christianity.

Western Civilization does not destroy.  it builds up and invents and corrects itself and guards the dignity of Mankind.


I don’t personally endorse the book  . . .  but . . .

Well, the book is Barkskins, an apparently derogatory term.  And the author includes her obligatory  normalization of homosexuality and prejudice against Christianity  (which gets people published today, and movies made from their books).

But I’m glad I read it.   I learned some historical things along the way.

If I were the author, I would have” fallen in love”  with the words I wrote:   she writes well and has a satisfyingly large vocabulary.

Her last name rhymes with “true.”    How odd.






February 21, 2019


Alternate title:   William C.  or  Robert E. —   whatever.     Whatever.     WhatEVER.


Two kind of funny stories; 


American students in universities and high schools are being taught that American heroes of the past are   evil racists!   oppressors of women!    greedy capitalists!  

Or whatever.

But  “Words have consequences.”

Recently some young people in North Carolina pulled down and damaged a statue of a war hero from their state.   It was placed prominently in an outdoor public area of a museum, for all to be proud of their native son.  (He is the founder of the army air corps of World War II – the foundation of our modern air force.)

But what was his “sin”  in the minds of theses vandals?        His full name is William C.  Lee.

Get it?      . . .  “Lee.”

Like Robert E.,  the highly moral Christian southern gentleman with proven and respected military skills,  who was asked to defend his home state of Virginia, whose history he loved,  where his family lived.      He was asked to lead the army of the CSA.      Robert E.  Lee.

The South has a right to be proud of this man.

William C.   Robert E.     These vandals simply saw “Lee”  and mindlessly  (I mean that,  without using their minds)   vandalized a statue.         “Lee.”   Whatever.


Miseducation and words   have consequences.*


Funny Story #2

Sometimes the consequences are just funny on the surface.

An interviewer went around asking young adults if they could name the Seven Continents.

One pretty young lady, smiling in the bright sunny day,  was asked is she could name the seven continents.

She looked a little shocked, at first.   A blank, bemused look on her face.   And then she asked:  “You mean of the United States?”

Now, the interviewer could have answered,  “Yes,  what are the seven continents of the United States?”

Or he could have said,  (and what he did say) :  “No,  what are the seven continents of the world?”

Either way her answer began:    “. . . . America . . . .”

Nope.    Mercifully, she didn’t make anymore guesses.  She was stymied after that.
“America”  is not a continent.    But what if she’s old enough to vote?   How will she know anything about the world?  About international politics?   About the issues that face our lawmakers and representatives, and our president?   About what money should be allocated to which systems of defense?    How will she know that we actually have  borders,  and that our borders define our country.


We’d better find out what’s going on in the minds of the next three  generations, alive today.     Words have consequences.   Words mean things.   If they ‘re not too precise about the words they hear and use,    these young people will be wide open to those who are.

Is it too much to ask that adults take some action, maybe start calling attention to our failed and hi-jacked  educational system?     Protest?      Make changes?


Or else our nation  will go down . . .  in flames . . .   carried by the Whatever’s.



.*   Sow a thought

Reap an action

Sow and action

Reap a habit

Sow a habit

Reap a character

Sow a character

Reap a destiny.


February 8, 2019

It’s not often that the weatherman predicts  “Roaring Winds”  as part of his weather report.

But he did yesterday, and we did have roaring winds all night long,  into today, from the sound of it.    Along with the high winds we had  drizzle, heavy rain, sleet,  snow, and a temperature plunge from 52 degrees down to -6 (below zero) wind chill, this morning.  Oh, yes,  and sunshine with snow squalls.    Normal winter weather(s).

Throughout all this, somewhere along the way —

Door free front  .     — my front door thawed out and I’m able to open it now.

Ditto the back sliding glass doors –

Door free back

So, just to report up here in The Spruce Tunnel,  I’m free! and no longer iced into my house by frozen doors.

Our Winter Faery:

Winter Fairy 300

I took this  photo recently, and it astonishes me that I can’t remember where.   It was hanging on a wall in a public place;  I walked by,  did a double-take,  and embarrassed myself by taking out my camera right in front of a  bunch of strangers . .  . .

Well,  you find interesting pictures where you can,  and this one reminded me of my own back yard — and the woodsy sprites and fairies that haunt human imaginations.

Hey!  Anything is possible,  right?

dignity of a congressman

She is the new young congressman who tells us we can eschew airplanes and cars and build a railway system to cross the oceans!

(At least   I  don’t really,  really believe in magic and fairies.)

Here is my frozen fairy-world back yard:

Weather Iced Trees

Normal, after an ice storm.

Our birds are not going to get a drink:

Weather no birds

We’re actually having a normal winter,  full of everything that happens during the winter in the Far North.

Here is the surface of my driveway:

Weather iced driveway

It was actually not slippery to walk on because the ice had come down with snow and sleet, producing a measure of bumpy traction:


Weather not slippery


Another astonishment came, however, from a “weather”  report from the entertainment-news media on the radio last night.   The news reader —   (I wish they could hire readers who could actually read and pronounce the words they’re reading.  They obviously have no idea what they’re reading –  which maybe lets them off the hook for this:

“2018 is yet again an extremely warm year on top of a long-term global warming trend,” said GISS Director Gavin Schmidt. . . .     Two U.S. agencies, the United Kingdom Met Office and the World Meteorological Organization analyzed global temperatures in slightly different ways, but each came to the same conclusion on Wednesday: 2018 was the fourth-warmest year on record behind 2016, 2015 and 2017.

Followed by the ever popular:  “It’s going to GET WORSE so you’d better listen to your climate change politicians . . . .

While 2018 was the fourth-warmest year on record, British meteorologists are predicting the next five years will be much hotter, maybe even record-breaking.

You know,  there’s been a lot of analysis of these ridiculous statements;  you can find it all over the Internet.    The temperature charts have been selectively used, and the “conclusions”  even contradict their own previously-published charts.

Cold weather, like today,  is not a Cold Climate,  or even evidence of a Getting-Colder Climate.  Hot weather is not Hot Climate,  nor evidence of a Getting-Hotter Climate.

The climate on any planet in the solar system  changes as it’s affected by our changing sun.

The Grand Scheme of a Massive Transfer of Wealth across the globe planned by the Global Socialist Rulers  is simply not supported by any science or any history of our planet.

Yet the scares go “roaring out” over the airwaves.

Time for us to do some roaring  back.

Listen up, dear young lady –















February 6, 2019

Chilling !   Chilling!    

My main takeaway from the State of the Union speech:

.                         (We  can  lose our country.)


(In  spite of the 76% approval of the president’s State of the Union speech,    we  can  lose our country.)



You all probably know my stance on socialism:   All aspects of our lives controlled by Central government planning — “for the good of society,”  of course.  It has never worked and never can work, no matter how earnestly and optimistically its adherents will try to make it work.

From actual experience,  socialism has always brought with it Death, in its  many unnecessary and too-early  forms and causes.   *



My Grandma’s country lived under the menace of soviet socialism, so much so that as  this tiny country capitulated more and more, a new term was invented:  Finlandization.

russo reindeer

Finland fought against soviet socialist aggression, 1939-1941 or so,  with their skis and reindeer and brave young men, full of SISU.    That’s a word I grew up with, long after that little war.

They kind of win;  it goes down as a win for Finland because Russia had to retreat at that time.  But the win brought devastating results to Finland:

russo fin

No,  not just death of soldiers and starvation to the people.
Finlandization was the result,  accommodation to socialism;  even when there was no immediate need,  Finland became a socialist country.


It would take too much time to describe today’s socialist Finland right now because I want to get to Hitler’s  girls:

hitlers girls young.

Socialism gets our children, while they’re very young. **  These are national socialist girls.

hitlers girls

Hitler’s national socialist girls,  (again the color white predominates).  They are highly-favored,  privileged,  elite,  and giddy with their power.

These are “our”  socialist girls last night:

Sor girls

When President Trump said, “We will never become a socialist country,”  they booed and hissed and rolled their eyes in disrespect.

Our Congressional elite socialist sorority girls :

sor in white

Truly, it was chilling to watch.

sor pelosiBut they have a watchful leader directing them.     It was chilling also to watch her hand signals,  directing them to do this or that,  now it’s okay to stand,  now it’s not . . .     Naked Power.

Socialism is by necessity dictatorial and tyrannical and driven by “power-over”  others,  over party members and over “enemies” of their party.


(Latest news is that the one Democrat woman who wore pink, not white,  has been severely warned . . . .   )


Growing socialism, especially propagated by the entertainment-news media script readers,  is responsible for the apparent  “divisiveness” in our country.    It’s a manufactured division;  Americans are not by nature like that — away from Washington DC,  away from the media.

(I’ve always wanted to make an appeal to my foreign readers:     what you see in our entertainment-news media,  our movies,  our so-called “popular” music — none of this represents  ordinary everyday Americans.  The elites, however,  are doing their best to stir us up.   We are fearful sometimes to even speak out -m as Americans used to do.)

As much as we like our president,  and we know there is a variety of opinions,   it was chilling to watch  where the obstinate unreasoned  mindless opposition  was coming from.    It was chilling to see their numbers  growing — I think because Americans are “nice” — and we can’t really believe it.

We’re busy doing our best,   living our ordinary lives.

Not realizing we’re losing our “ordinary lives.”

Just watch the socialist Game Plan over the  next  two years  :   Investigate.  Indict.  Impeach.

Investigate.  Indict.  Impeach.



.*   Death.  Over a hundred million  people killed by their own socialist leaders as the system is implemented,  as history has witnessed.

socialist DEATH TOLL


Death,  by increasingly lowered standard of living and unavailability of goods and products:    high prices,  high taxes,  rationing,  starvation, unattended sickness.

Death,   under “social pressure”  for the good of society:   rationing health care;   euthanasia of the unwanted,  the horror of non-voluntary euthanasia,   abortion,  and the murder of little babies in the process of being born,  or shortly after the child’s birth –

(If you are for “choice”  you ought to be able to look at the “product” of choice):

From  THIS:

sor about babies


sor save me

And, yes,  it was testified to Congress,  they DO sell baby body parts,  under socialism.

Baby Bodies




.**   I was a young schoolteacher and witnessed the incorporation of socialist teaching methods and the socialist curriculum into American public schools.   I fought it,  best I could.  At least in my own classrooms.    But it was then that I learned about the power of the socialist consensus.

Teacher training schools (also known as colleges or universities)  are fully saturated with socialist  principles.  The students graduating out of them know nothing different,  no alternative pedagogy.    The teachers today know only socialism, and they are teaching our children nothing but socialism.


February 1, 2019


Now that our extreme weather emergency is over for a while, the “pressure”is off,  we’re not on “alert” anymore —  things are lightening up a bit.

Only two things to think about this weekend:   Grandson Cooper, who lives in the High Sierras,   will be having a blizzard, expecting 3 – 6 feet of snow.  That’s nothing new for him and  his mommy and daddy,  but it still is a bit disruptive.

6 Snowed in 400

Cooper’s snowfall a couple years ago.

And it will  probably be a  fun blizzard, since they live surrounded by ski resorts on every available mountain top.

The second thing this weekend is  the Super Bowl.   Last game of the season.  Of course I’m not going to miss it!  

football food

While I don’t plan a party,  I still look forward to the last indulgence in football food. Pizza’s  been on my mind — so that’s what caught my attention while reading the news today, an article about illegal immigration and its effects on our country.

We all know we’re “a nation of immigrants”  — legal immigrants.  Our grandparents,  whoever came here before us,   had enough wisdom to understand that our new American culture would be a Melting Pot . . .  all blended together sharing American values and language and experiences — and especially food:    Like  pizza, apple pie . . . .

I read the comments following the article.   Seemed to be a pretty good-natured set of comments, many listing the good things we enjoy today  in our America.

And then someone commented:

Pizza is Italian. Apple pie is Dutch. Louis Chevrolet was French. And Donny is  Scottish and German.

“Donny”  referring to President Trump probably.


Yeah,  Think of all the football food!     Throw in tacos,  Chinese takeout,  sushi for some, uh —  popcorn from the American Indians, and  hot dogs from . . .  well, Chicago maybe, via all the wonderful German sausage makers.   Cheese from Switzerland and other European countries.

Football!   A real international experience!


So how did we create an American culture?    How did we blend ourselves all together?

Ask a “wise man” —



The ones who wanted to be American, stayed here!   The ones who didn’t, went back to their homes.

Here’s the new caravan of “would-be”  Americans coming:

Caravan New Note Flags

Proudly marching behind the flag of their “new country”?






January 21, 2019

Three Tales, a Tale of Three “Groups,” in chronological order . . .  to reveal the  power of the entertainment-news media:

First,  neither Hubbie nor I are “joiners.”  We don’t  “join”  movements, although we were aware of things going on in the world and had opinions,  sometimes strong opinions.  We just don’t seem to trust a group often enough to associate with the group.

So I’m not defending any of these groups,  just observing . . .

And I won’t name any “groups”  because of the hostility and distortions from the entertainment-news media.


Hubbie, a high school accounting teacher,  felt very strongly about where our tax money was going.   So did a lot of other Americans.  Taxes were high and we had no control over how they were spent.  More commonly, we had no knowledge of how the tax money was being spent.

“No Taxation Without Representation”  !!    That was the motto that began the American Revolution.  About ten years ago, we knew we were once again quite  “unrepresented”  when it comes to spending our tax money,  and several  million Americans chose a date to publicly protest  this state of affairs.    A group planned to meet on our nearby state capitol building lawn.   Good speakers were chosen, a couple nationally famous.    Hubbie planned to go, and I went with him because even then I was concerned about his health and his strength.   This was something he really, strongly believed in, though.

Here’s a photo from my camera,  April 2009.

tea party

I was both surprised and delighted to find myself among 2,000 nice people,  just like Hubbie and me,  who felt the same way about high taxes and wanted to be heard.    Men, women, and children were present.  It was a “family outing” with a purpose.

“Real Men”  Take Charge:   A little side note:     Of the 2,000 people, only one young man stood out from the crowd.  He shouted over the speakers,  he used profanity,  he acted angry – it was an act, I’m sure, copying what he sees on television – and he waved a big sign.   What happened?  Several  men,  fathers and husbands,  walked over to him and said firmly, “We don’t act like that here.”   They said  a few other things too and made it plain that if he didn’t leave, he’d probably be “escorted”  out of there.   We didn’t want him there because of his behavior.   The young man did leave, and calmness returned.  As a woman,  I felt safer because of these men.)

After the rally, people walked over to local restaurants and had friendly conversations with new-found friends.  It felt like a neighborhood barbecue!   The event had been orderly, full of  these nice people,  and we left no garbage or damage behind.   Apparently this happened all over the country that day.

I remember being astonished at the hostile press coverage, including outright lies about what took place that day,  until  uploaded YouTube videos proved each of these stories false.  The politicians who  had our tax money in their hands continued to spread the false stories, even to the point of Sen. Pelosi weeping in front of the cameras, pleading with the people in this movement not to  “start riots or hurt anybody.”    I remember thinking “who is she talking about?”



The second group event happens annually, with sometimes as many as 500,000 people meeting in Washington DC to call attention to the decriminalization of killing unborn children.

Same kind of people as the first group:    “nice,”  calm,  orderly,  clean, friendly,  earnest, concerned,  and wanting to call attention to a terrible problem.    Over 3,000 children who haven’t been born yet are killed everyday in this country!!!!

(Another little personal side note:     I taught in public schools for several years – before my own children were born.  When they were old enough to be at school all day,  I decided to go back into public school teaching —  however,  there  was by then a huge surplus of licensed schoolteachers!!!       What had happened?     In the previous eight years, we had been killing off TWO CLASSROOMS worth of children every single day, and that’s just int he state where I live!   Two classrooms   –  just . . .  gone!)


This weekend another March took place, a little smaller than past years, but still as fervent.    There were families and school children,  teenagers, college students mothers, fathers,  ministers, teachers;  there was  no profanity, threats,  violence,  confrontations,  and when it was over,  there was no garbage or damage left behind.

There was also almost  zero  press coverage from the entertainment-news media.   (Except for theattempted controversy over the aggressive move of a  member of a Separatist “Black-Hebrew”  cult who attempted to intimidate some high school kids who were waiting for their bus to come.    Although the media had tried to make the teenagers the aggressors,  actual video shows they were actually victims of this group’s hatred.)


There was another  “march”  in Washington DC this weekend.    I can’t show you any posters and signs because they are pretty much full of profanity,  bad language,   violent suggestions,  accusations,  X-rated words and embarrassing pictures.  It was ugly and immoral and totally unAmerican.    You don’t convince your fellow Americans of anything by shouting at them.

I can’t show you any photos, but you know what angry faces look like.

The speeches were strident and angry and promoted violent actions against those who disagree with them.     Some spoke of violent things they wished to have done against the president, and again, against his family, including the children in it.   They seemed to not even like differing factions within their group.  Even the press called their movement  “fractured.”

There are a few photos of garbage left behind,  broken things, overturned barrels and cones . . . .

The entertainment-news media gave them many hours of coverage.



I said this was going to be about the power of the media.   I don’t know.   The media distorted and demeaned the first group, so that I don’t even know if it’s in existence anymore except as a term of derision.

The  media lies about and ridicules the concerns of the second group, when they’re not ignoring it altogether.   There are fewer numbers now in that group too,  but I don’t know exactly why.

The third group seems to be destroying itself by its own viciousness,  but so far its basking in glory and great hope from the media.