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January 21, 2020

January 21st:     An act of regicide and the cry of ‘Vive la Republique!’


Loki has a message for you:
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Wow!   On this day, January 21st, someone is having fun with us humans.    It’s either the Fates, or Karma, or maybe the dangerous Trickster giant feared by my Scandinavian ancestors, Loki . . .



I began the day with “This Day in History,” and a good account of January 21, 1793, the last day of the good and pious King Louis XVI.      However, under his reign, the Revolutionary Radicals, the Leftists of his day, had been allowed to go way too far.   They were a force majeure.     They lied and bullied the French population into a state of hysteria.

(Remember the hysteria of the entertainment-news media yesterday who tried to convince us that we were about to be under siege by the Peaceful Gun Rally participants? Yikes! Noooooo guns! These people are dangerous and must be stopped – or legislated out of existence!)

Using  clever slogans, promises, and murderous force, the Leftists of the late 18th century got their way and produced a bloody, violent revolution which resulted in regicide.  They triumphantly brought King Louis to the guillotine!

louis xvi

(Remind you of some female entertainer holding up the head of Pres. Trump?)

Here are some words of the king’s last official letter, knowing he was falsely accused and unjustly tried:

Dec. 1792 – I, Louis XVI King of France. . . involved in a trial the end of which it is impossible to foresee, on account of the passions of men, and for which one can find neither pretext nor means in any existing law, and having no other witnesses . . . (allowed by the House) . . .


And so what is happening today?

Jan 21

The unjust, unfair, politically motivated impeachment trial is starting today, January 21st.     According to an observer (John Ratcliffe from Texas) : “The House Democrats had a weak case even on a slanted playing field where they made the rules, changed the rules and broke the rules to their advantage.”

But even more eerily, James O’Keefe (of Project Veritas) released yet another tape of Democrat Party operatives  calling for the destruction of their enemies and sending “billionaires” to the guillotine!

You don’t think they mean Mayor Bloomberg,  do you?  Tom Steyer?  Bezos?  Zuckerberg? Any of the super-rich Democrats we know?

Nope. I think they’re referring to the same man they are trying to remove from his office,  the leader of our country   . . . so far in an “unbloody” manner.

These Democrats on video  were  calling for a violent overthrow of the US government and the executing of their political enemies once their Revolution succeeds. (Their words.)

But, sheeesh, you guys.   Be careful what you wish for! Civil War and Revolution is no laughing matter.

Fr Rev
Again:     Wow – on this day, January 21st, someone is having fun with us humans. It’s either the Fates, or Karma, or maybe the dangerous trickster giant feared by my Scandinavian ancestors, Loki . . .


I think it’s more likely that they who don’t know history are DOOMED to repeat it.


If you don’t get the connection,  thank a teacher:



Yes, our Red-Communist-Socialist trainers of our children.


January 20, 2020

This is a post about the many hoaxes we have to live with.

Lies lead to Hoaxes.    Hoaxes often lead to very dangerous results.


So many sources reflect the growing conviction that we are in the End Times –  “something has to give.”    For religious people of the three major religions,  this means the coming/return of the Messiah.

I don’t know for sure,  but I do remember a teaching in the Bible that describes people living in such End Times will “love iniquity”  (doing bad, immoral things) and they will “not love the truth” —  “therefore, God will send them the operation of error so that they will believe lying.”

“They will believe lying”!

Now, the version I learned as a child says it like this,  that these people in the End Times “loved not the truth” – And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.”  *  

That was always chilling to me,  because if you’re deluded,  then how do you even  know you’re not being given the truth?   But they’ll love the lies more than the truth. God will let them have it.

Lies Lead to Hoaxes

Hoax (dictionary):  a  trick  in which someone deliberately tells people that something bad is going to happen or that something is true  when it is not

You take a lie, and then you run with it to achieve a particular purpose.

No one is immune

No one and no normal person  is immune to employing a “little white lie”  once in a while,  or shading the truth a little, exaggerating to make you or your cause look better ,or to make your opposition look worse.   That’s why wise people said things like:  “Know thyself!”    And then,  that’s why Confession is there for us . . .  (unless you like to be the one who “excuses”  your own self.)

But habitual, profligate liars  is of another breed altogether.   We have so many examples today!   Note this sour press piece from the Vatican:

The pope “offered in a speech to the Weisenthal Center –   “a systematic, “connect-the-dots” thought experiment tying selfishness to anger, anger to populism, populism to hatred, and hatred to antisemitism.”

What is populism?  What do the populists want?    The Dictionary again:  populism is “politics that represents the interests and opinions of ordinary people.”   They want the equal application of law for everyone;  a level playing field that allows anyone to achieve their full potential.     They want fairness for ordinary people,  not advantages given to the political elite or the wealthy or special interest groups – to the detriment of the interests of ordinary people.

Well, I  kind of think that populism is a normal, healthy desire.   I don’t want anyone to be disadvantaged in the public arena.   Populism isn’t “hating”  anyone!

But this movement scares our World Rulers.   It scares the present-day occupant of the See of Peter because he works with our World Rulers.     And so they must malign the populists, make populism a dirty word,  populists dangerous people.  Just,  think about that.   There are powerful forces encouraging these lies, and powerful forces picking up the lies to propose hoaxes.

Who are some populists?   The Gun Rights Lobbying movement in Virginia today, for example.    Such “dangerous” people!     Executive Orders had to be invoked to protect the government from their likely violence!   You  can think of more common hoaxes:

Joe Biden, at a segregated Black church this weekend promoted and affirmed the hoax that President Trump called Nazis  “very fine people.”      No matter how many times this hoax has been debunked,  there are some people who “love not the truth …  and believe lying.”

5 ha ha colors   Two Democrat political candidates are apparently calling each other liars.  As one political cartoon said:     Bernie Sanders saying to Elizabeth Warren —  I would never call a Native American woman a liar!”


Perhaps the most troubling and maddening current hoax of all is spoken out on the “airwaves” by local news on the radio, on local TV,  on national TV –  many, many times a day:     President Trump pressured the Ukrainian president to investigate his political rival Biden and threatened to withhold (or did withhold)  American aid unless he does so.

That’s an impeachable offense!, they assert.    (It isn’t, actually)

And it didn’t happen.  None of it is true.  Each of the parts of the statement is an outright lie.    Each component is verifiably  false,  and that information is out there for anyone to see.

And the enemies of America and America’s president are perpetrating a hoax based on these  lies.   What is their end game?

Is there any punishment for these liars?   Is there any legal redress for the American people?

I don’t know.   Who controls many of the courts?   the entertainment-news media?  the education system?   the flow of information?   the flow of funds?    newspapers, TV,  social media?

Here’s another Catholic  prophecy for the End Times, from Our Lady of Good Success:  “In those days, those who should speak out will remain silent.”    You don’t  have to be Catholic to be a part of that!

I’m going to leave this world soon.    I don’t need any more on my conscience to add that to my  list of deficiencies.




.*   II Thessalonians 2:10






January 19, 2020

There are three large groups of mostly Americans this week which will be exercising their First Amendment rights.   First Amendment -good;  but not all groups are good.

I’ll help you sort out the issues that brought about one group.


The first group  is a woman’s protest march in the nation’s capital and various capitals around the country.  It looks rather nasty and emotion-based according to their signs and speeches.

The second group  is publicly lobbying the state government in Virginia to protect their Second Amendment rights.

The third group is a cleaner, gentler group that is calling attention to the tragedy of over 800,00 deaths of Americans in 2018  –  by abortion!    (Although not all states are required to report all abortions and not all types of abortions are included.)   W.H.O.  estimates 40-50 million abortions per year, worldwide.  That March For Life group will be on January 24th.


Not much  media coverage for that third group,  but lots and lots of coverage for that second group.   Here are the issues that brought it about:

1.    Our World Rulers and the Democrat Progressives in America NEED to have an unarmed population.    Otherwise control of people would be dangerous to them.

2   Recently, the voting districts in Virginia were “rearranged” in a way to give Democrats the majority vote in their state governing bodies,  including governor    (The one that escaped Democrat criticism of wearing blackface and posing next to a K*/K*/K  costume sometime in his past…)   Is redistricting for political ends fair?

3.    Newly- elected Democrats went to work issuing dozens of gun control laws, which Virginian’s rightly recognize as oppressive,   dangerous,  and abrogating their Second Amendment rights.*

4.    So the citizens of Virginia are  holding a public Lobbying Effort  – ordinary citizens, good people, concerned people, to show their opposition to the new oppressive gun laws.    The Lobbying Effort/Rally is attracting attention from concerned people around the country.

5   The Democrat Progressive left is opposing their Lobbying Efforts by  discrediting their citizens,  by lies, insinuations, exaggerations, by conflating this rally with what happened at Charlottesville – which was about taking down statues and deleting local history, not at all about gun rights.   This is a deceptive, inflammatory tactic of the Left.   Saul Alinsky would be proud.

6.   To be dramatic, the governor has issued fearful warnings about what “may” happen. He has used an executive order to strip away legal gun carrying rights of individuals, decreeing that guns  cannot be taken to the place of the lobbying efforts….because he fears, what, Charlottesville?   Which was not about guns at all.**

7.  He and the Democrat Progressives also fear White Supremacists groups…of which there are very few in America …. They are powerless, except for the supposed “power” given to them by the imaginations of the Left.   So, three White Supremacists were duly found and arrested.. their leader being an illegal immigrant from Canada .

One man the FBI arrested for his alleged involved in a white supremacist hate group is a Canadian national living illegally in the U.S.       ….
Authorities took three men — who are suspected of belonging to a neo-Nazi organization known as The Base — into custody Thursday morning, The New York Times reported. The men reportedly had weapons in their possession and considered attending a pro-gun rally in Richmond, Virginia, on Jan. 20 in the hopes of partaking in a possible race war.

Prosecutors charged all three in Maryland for numerous federal crimes. (DailyCaller)


News Sources

Anything can happen during that rally.    Anything –  because the entertainment-news media is actively trying to look for and encourage violence.

Because.    Gun.  Owners.  Are.  Violent.  People.   Dontcha know.

That is the message our World Rulers would like you to know.



*  Virginians recognize the danger,  but many Americans also understand that if the lawmakers of Virginia succeed,  these oppressive gun control laws will spread generally throughout the United States.

.**   Remember when Nancy Pelosi stood in front of a microphone and tearfully begged the Tea Party people not to harm her?



January 17, 2020

Some “scary ”  charts below.


We all know the old saying:  “Figures can’t lie, but liars can figure.”    A helpful comeback when debating someone about something.


Well, honest to Pete!     I just read yet one more story about a father who reports that his seven-year-old son is scared to death about the world ending –  due to Climate Change –  and evil people are doing it!

A talking backAlthough it’s gratifying to read several times a week  that yet another highly-regarded scientific organization expresses doubt for and even objection to the idea that  human activity can influence the climate of the earth,    I don’t know how else this  nonsense will stop   until every thinking human being talks back to these people –  challenge their statements,  throw facts into their face, object to their arrogant certainty,  and above all,  expose the global goal behind this Climate Change  Hoax.

That might means confronting your child’s teacher, or contacting your local TV news repeating the required climate statements, or writing to your state legislators, or – hardest of all – gently objecting/correcting  when your neighbor or friend mindlessly repeat stories about climate danger.

We just can’t allow life-changing policies and ruinous taxes to be imposed based upon   false science.

Here are some visual examples of Liars do their Figuring:

Does this chart scare you?  It’s supposed to!A Look scary to you NOThis chart records the average annual  measured high temperatures in the “thermosphere” –  the sky above us.  Look how much the temperatures rose since 2010!

Wow!    Wow,  if that’s all they show you,and  not including all the peaks and valleys from 1950 onwards.    Nah,  just look at the last inch of that chart.

The year 2019:

A chart coldest record


The blues and dark blues show where record cold temperatures were recorded in our country.    Looks like the southeast had some record warm temperatures.  What is usually shown to people is a similar chart during the summer months showing widespread record high temperatures, here and there.  In the summer.

They’d be partly right.


The following chart has been used to show that it’s  getting hotter and hotter:   “2019 was the second hottest year on record . . .  and we can be certain that human activity is causing it.”      (Actually heard on the radio and local TV this week.)


They usually show the public only those bars in red.


Have you been aware of the big forest fires we’ve been having lately?   Summers get dry,  people are not allowed to pick the kindling off the forest floors, the Forest Service is not allowed to create fire breaks in  forested acres. . .  and the results are heartbreaking and costly.

But — have we been having more?   Are human beings creating the conditions for more and bigger forest fires?


About a hundred years’ worth of forest fire statistics.    We’re doing all right today.  We have less forested areas is part of the reason today’s numbers are low, as well as more forest fires used to have to burn out on their own,  covering larger areas.

Now see what the Figuring Liars showed us in official publications, including books for our children:  (same graph)

A Forest Fire False

Only the part in the rectangle is given.   Looks like maybe we should be scared of increasing forest fires!

With all this talk about heat and fires, no wonder people can be talked into believing the world’s ocean levels are rising.

But — should we really be concerned?

A Sea Level Rise 20000 yrs

Yes!  Wow!   Look how sea levels have risen from 20,000 years ago to 8,000 years ago!     The oceans are rising!     Way back then.   Presumably before man-made industrial activity.

Where was all that water before the ocean levels rose?    That water was locked into world-wide glaciers.   Whatever catastrophe made those glaciers  melt all at once, relatively speaking,   the glaciers gave up unimaginable volumes of water – without human help, quite nicely.


Well, just read this, one of many similar quotations you can find.  You’ll see the Official Reason for promoting the world-wide scare about the climate:

A Climate Truth Outs Poster


“Climate Policy”  is the means to redistribute wealth.    Your wealth (small as it might be,  it’s still yours).    Human-caused climate change harms the environment?   Don’t worry.   This official says it has nothing to do with the environment.   The very authoritative and prestigious United Nations and the International Panel on Climate Change say so.




January 9, 2020

Thought I’d do two humor posts in one day:

o humorless

It’s true the Left has control over our media, our movies, our comedy shows, and all our entertainment,  but their “humor”  is definitely of another stripe.    There is NO moral  equivalence here;  there is no “the other side does it too….”:

oPELOSI skewers trump

(Seen in a triumphant Leftist newspaper)

This  was a comment on the “impeachment” proceedings.


There was a Giggle Moment at a press conference today.    The oh-so serious Leftist lawmakers were talking about causalities this week in Iraq and Iran.     But the two young beauties in the background could not restrain their giggles over some shared joke.


When confronted later on with the inappropriate giggles,  Rep. Omar explained that she was suffering from PTSD.     Also not too funny.


Here is a statement recently made by someone famous among the Leftists:

o Tom wishes

“Just Joking,”  right?  “I don’t think he’ll even hire a hit man to do it….”   Really?


How about a Left-Wing comedienne:

o just a joke

No visit by the Secret Service.  It was “just a joke, again”  right?

I had forgotten her name until I saw this and realized our enemies are watching:

o death


I think this was meant to be funny –  again, I forgot this guy’s name –

o Media one of the dems

Truly,  he’s having “fun.”

(Trump disrespected women too?    Right?    But, remember,   he was a Democrat way back then, and it was before he was married to Melania,  a Catholic.  No moral equivalence.)


Is this supposed to be a joke?  In today’s news:   Bernie Sanders just got the endorsement of a new voter:

o endorsezs bernie

Can  this  be a joke?

TIED Most Admired

The headlines say these two are tied for the “most admired” in America.  Oh –  I guess it’s the poll that’s the joke.


More anti-West humor:    I hope everyone finds this guy’s humor un-funny.

Fadi Zraika laughs

Faid  Zreika

This is Faid Zraika,  a M  o  s  l  e  m,   just after he was arraigned in Australia for starting one of the deadly brush fires.   Released from jail until a “trial.  Apparently he  has many compatriots doing the same thing down there.    Over a hundred arrested –  that’s no laughing matter.

Ever hear of the For es t Ji- h- ad?   That is a deliberate policy to start forest fires in Europe, Australia – and the United States.   It’s been quite effective – and costly.

well,  Faid  finds something funny.

Remember,  there are those in our country who hate America.  They are hoping for a Civil War . . .

Civil War FLAMES news

Civil Wars are definitely not funny.     But they can happen.




December 4, 2019

Schools,  by President Reagan in the 1980s:  “If an enemy had done this to our schools,  we would call it an Act of War.”


I’m going to try to stick to my  point, rather than get side-tracked by the embarrassing mantra that the Leftists are sticking to.      The phrase in the title of this  post resembles the main charge that the Democrats are trying to impeach the president for,  in  spite of President  Zelensky, of the Ukraine,  publicly and formally declaring there was NO “quid pro crow”  in that phone call with President Trump.


Since facts or actual evidence don’t seem to slow down this runaway  impeachment train, President Zelensky came before the public a second time and said the equivalent  of “What the heck are you Americans doing!!?   There was no pressure put on us,  there was NO “quid pro crow.”

Nevertheless . . .

Law and Logic are absent from the Congressional hearing, and we can be embarrassed by that.    As well as angry.


I first saw this phrase,  quid pro crow,  in a comment after some news article, and  then I began to notice it elsewhere.   Apparently  more than one person doesn’t understand the term quid pro quo,  other than to use it as a pejorative against President Trump.

As a teacher, my heart broke because it is further evidence that American schoolchildren are not taught the English language:  spelling,  grammar,  rhetoric (usage),  or etymology.

If you don’t know your own language  you cannot use it accurately and it always follows that you can’t think clearly and logically.   That’s not my idea.  All civilizations know that.  And when an ignorant population perceives that they’re missing something,  something to do with “education,   then communication is replaced with attitude and posturing.


American schoolchildren are being poorly served – intellectually neglected –  by the government education system that we call public schools — and that includes any school that accepts government money.

Intellectually neglected and abused.

I was there when that new attitude was imposed on teachers,  the mandate to not teach spelling, grammar, and correct English usage.   Students were not taught how to read and analyze a verbal passage, whether from a book, an essay, or a news article.   Some of us teachers resisted.  We knew better.   But, hey, I taught 6, 7, and 8 year olds.  My influence was long gone by the time they “graduated” from high school unable to read the words on their own diploma.    (In general.)

Trusting parents let that happen.

Periodically,  a committee looks at children around the world and assesses their academic performance.    Within living memory of many Americans,   when I was in school,  America’s schools were the best in the world and American students regularly tested highest in all categories.

We were in danger from the Russian schoolchildren catching up –  but, no,  that would “never” happen.    Our teachers all responded with teaching more and better.  We stayed ahead.

Did you read the summary of schoolchildren performance around the world that was issued this past week?    We came  in an average of 18th in the world –  just above Mexico and Peru!    And we’ve been down there for a few decades.

Now, the point of the article was that if this continues, then America  will not be able to compete economically and effectively with the rest of the world.  Educational excellence produces strength.  In an article entitled   FUTURE ECONOMIC STRENGTH (THE FUTURE IS NOW)\

CHINESE Children

BEIJING: Chinese students far out-stripped peers in every other country in survey of reading, math and science ability, underscoring a reserve of future economic strength and the struggle of advanced economies to keep up.

The OECD’s triennial study of 15 year-old students across the world found that the four Chinese provinces tested — Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang — outperformed in science and mathematics, even if household income is well below members’ average. In reading, the 10% most disadvantaged Chinese students tested had better skills than the OECD average.

“The quality of their schools today will feed into the strength of their economies tomorrow,” OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria said.

Of course,  the viewpoint of the educators is purely materialistic and utilitarian,  so the “solution”  is to pour more money into our failing schools:

We’ve increase spending on “education, ‘ they note, but there is virtually no improvement in performance, since year 2000.

Hmmmmm.  Maybe more money is not the answer.  Maybe it’s our faulty pedagogy.  Maybe we should teach our children  facts and the proper way to use those facts, to think independently and to speak logically and accurately, to equip them for the contingencies in their future..

(For those of you used to hearing socialist rhetoric:  no, of course this doesn’t refer to a mathematically 100% of all American students!)

mary school

The children at this school are given a classical education, every year they  win awards in music,  sports,  art,  and their marching band is invited to perform in Washington DC.  I love to watch the annual Valedictory speech  of the senior class of this school.

“. . .   a classical education . . .”    Like our Founding Fathers had when they so expertly set   the course of this nation.    Here’s what Thomas Jefferson said about educating American children:

*The Greek and Latin languages…constitute the basis of good education, and are indispensable to fill up the character of a ‘well-educated man.’

Why should we care what Jefferson said so long ago?   Because knowing what they did “way back then”  is the only way we keep the promise and the strength of America today. Or else we have some strange new entity that is failing . . .

A runaway train doesn’t end well:

train wreck.JPG



.*   “. . . the Greek and Latin languages”:   This week I watched some videos of young children speaking and conversing  and  hearing stories and answering questions —  all in classical Greek!

Our children are not feeble-minded!!!!!!

But we and our children will stay dumb if we treat ourselves that way.

Anyone ever read McGuffy’s Readers?  It was the series of books used by all our children for decades and decades after our nation began.  What a bold, unafraid,  intelligent way to teach children!

Another study:


school chart


November 23, 2019

I guess it’s not really so surprising, this follow-up on my last post.

People wondered why all of a sudden Chick-Fil-A  stopped making major donations to Christian organizations.    Well, here’s a Paul Harvey type news item,  “the rest of the story”  —


According to FrontPagemag,  the  executive director of Chick-Fil-A  is “Rodney D. Bullard, a former White House fellow and Assistant US Attorney.”    He worked under  the Bush  administration so people assumed he was a Republican, maybe kind of conservative in social values.

He’s not.   He voted for and donated to both the Barack Hussein person  and Hillary Clinton!

Slowly, in the past few years,  Bullard introduced Leftist language into Chick-Fil-A’s  legal and public documents. Social warrior type stuff.    A Rules For Radicals technique.    Fooled Chick-Fil-A.

Then he made his move, this announcement of withholding funds to people who don’t agree with his political ideology.

Right.  “Worked  “under the Bush administration.”      Kept himself under a rock until the time was right.

The only surprising thing, really, is how many of these Leftists have infiltrated every aspect of our society.


Notice his former position?  “US Attorney General.”     WATCH the attorney general elections of your state.   It’s where the global socialists are putting their money.


November 19, 2019


We all choose which master to serve.   It’s called freedom of religious expression, and it applies to you and to me.





It’s very very very important to break up the family and put families on the run.   Otherwise, the Revolution cannot go forward   The Revolution is basically antithetical to families as well as harmful to individual men, women, and children — and whole societies.

To repeat,  it is very very important to break down the family and family values,   “by any means possible.”

To wit:   Once there was a husband and wife and two children who lived in a small city.  It was, for example,  very very important to pound on their doors,  pound on their walls,  and force them to violate their family values.



I used to love to watch these people on a sidewalk near an intersection,  dressed in their neat and spiffy uniforms,  sometimes playing music for us on their trumpets and trombones, sometimes singing.    With their navy blue uniforms they  called themselves an “army” — in a good way.



I know they served food to every needy person, without any discrimination at all;  they got clothes for those who needed clothes  (a crucial act of charity here in the Far North!),  and sometimes they helped them find housing.  Anyone.  No discrimination,  ever.

They were kind and nice people, whose purpose was to demonstrate the love of Christ for everyone.


Goes without saying that they obeyed the teachings of Christ their Lord.




They need our money and our donations, especially around Christmastime.    Big  kettles and “annoying”  bell ringing.

Actually,  there are many other organizations like this which helped the truly needy, although not all of them wore uniforms.


So what happened?     A successful, popular multi-billion dollar corporation that sells delicious chicken in many forms   contributed  millions of dollars to charitable organization like the one in Item # 2 –  the Salvation Army  (and others).

But now they won’t.


And that’s because 2% of  our population, and actually a small percentage of those,  have bullied this corporation into stopping their charitable giving.     They want to pick who gets the  money.

2%.    Consistently 1.8% to 2.2 %.

Just like the husband, the wife, and the two children who lived in Sodom displeased the bullies outside their door,  this corporation also displeased today’s bullies.

The dark green wedge in that pie chart is the 2%.  WE  are all the rest of the pie chart, in all our various forms.    The 2% get to call the shots for the rest of us.  Apparently.   The 2%  want us to not just  accept, but to approve and promote their immorality –  which consists of one of the four sins that “cry out to God for vengeance.”   God’s vengeance,  because it is such an affront to His created human beings.


What a sad day.

What a dangerous sign.

What a loss of integrity.



I wonder why so many people remain passive against the aggression of the 2% Bullies?!

Maybe . . . start them young . . .

DQ bigoted

. . .  and let bigoted people teach our children.

And if we object,  they’ll call us “bigoted.”

Oh, dear.



November 15, 2019

Well, this happened two years ago,  I think.

Happened here:


This country’s  “Bureau of . . .  Corruption”  (that does investigations into allegations of political corruption within their country)  received word that some officials colluded with the Democrat Party in the United States to influence the election.

(To throw the election in favor of  Mrs.  Bill Clinton who was running for president at the time.)

The main person being investigated was tried, found guilty;  i.e.  convicted of collusion with Hilary Clinton, specifically.    That person is in prison right now.

To make it clear:  The Ukrainian government convicted one from their own government  of colluding with Hilary and the Democrats to throw the 2016 election for Hilary.

Just so you know.


As the US former ambassador to the Ukraine seems not to “recall”  or be aware,   so she says while being questioned by Hilary supporters in the US Congress..



Their new Ukranian president and his new government were elected to clean up the political corruption going on,  some of it bought and paid for by the U.S. Democrat party, giving them material goods, finances, and strategic planning for how to overthrow a government  (which they did, actually, under the administration of the Barack-Hussein person and his State Dept. head,  Hilary.    “They were not amused.”

(All this covered in news reports, videos, released documents at the time.)

On a side note:  It is against US federal law for a president to allow American financial aid to go to a country that is steeped in corruption and not doing anything about it.   (I guess you could make a phone call to their president and asked what’s being done about corruption;  is there anything we can do to help.)



If you get your news from one of these places . . .


News Sources

. . . then you may not know these things.



November 5, 2019

“They”  want to give us “smart” everything,  so how about we give them Smart Deniers!


Truly  I’m getting a little bored with the continuing climate change hoaxing . . .  mostly because there is NO science behind it, but we all are supposed to act as though many scientists acting as “scientists”  believe mankind is responsible for climate change.

Now, I  love science.   All kinds of science, which is why I’m not an expert on any one topic —  I’m interested in it all.  Here’s a great photobomb of the Crab Nebula:

Photobombing the Crab

It’s gorgeous if you use just an infrared camera or an ultraviolet camera or many of the other light spectrums we can use,  but this photo is a composite of many of them.   Try looking at the Astronomy Picture of the Day on many websites . . . .

It’s not hard to find true science out there, but every once in a while it becomes evident that the general public really hasn’t taken the time to learn very much of it.

Cimate hoaxing

Kind of funny.   And kind of not.   It’s not funny when international policy is imposed upon the world,  counting on the general ignorance of all things scientific.

But, hey,  if water can be “dangerous,”  maybe carbon dioxide can be too!

I wonder how many people realize that carbon dioxide is plant food?     If carbon dioxide has been declared a “pollutant”  and certain of our Rulers have declared that the goal is to eliminate carbon dioxide from the atmosphere,  I wonder what they think the plants are going to do?  Certainly not grow food for us!

(If we want to eat in the future,  maybe we should all try breathing harder and exhaling more!)

Scientific observations just don’t support the claims of the man-made climate change true believers.

DETH from climate


Oh, phooey — it’s her again:

So, fake science is boring…..    I don’t want to keep writing about it.   Just keep aware of new economy-stifling legislation and restrictions on our personal freedoms.    And just let’s keep pushing back, wherever we can.

Rolling our eyes and snickering is a good start.

5 ha ha colors






November 4, 2019

Poor Greta has a big transportation problem.

Greta squelch critics


(1)    I heard, randomly  on the news this weekend, that Angela Merkel,  who is leading Germany into the New World Order,  has decreed that within ten years she wants there to be one million charging stations for electric cars in Germany.  *

Hmmmm.      You plug your car into a charging station and electricity comes through the cord and into your car.

(2)     Greta Thunberg  (and the eco-fascists that are using her)    is demanding that the world stop using “fossil”  fuels to create that  electricity.

Ms. Merkel,   meet  Greta.  Perhaps the two of you could discuss the fact that there is no viable and economically sustainable way to produce electricity.    Wind “power”  and solar   “power”  and green algae “power”   need massive funds from their governments (tax-payers)  in order to make their corporations even survive . . .  because the technology is not there but the dream  will come true “some day.”

These alternative sources of electricity also pollute,  kill birds,  endanger human health with either strong  low-frequency hums or by creating an intolerable amount of heavy metal waste, that will be in our environment for a very long time.

I’d like to overhear that conversation!     “We must stop polluting …..”     “Oh.”

Speaking of poor Greta Thunberg  (I don’t mean poor in money – her parents are quite wealthy eco-whatever climate change promoters) — but poor Greta has an insolvable  transportation problem:

See, she’s been traveling around this part of the world, being celebrated and giving ecological promotion speeches,   but next she really, really wants to attend the UN conference on climate change in Madrid, Spain — across the ocean!

In an  article called   “Can You Help?”   Breitbart News explains:

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is looking to the world for suggestions as to how she can re-cross the Atlantic after next month’s U.N. climate summit in Chile was unexpectedly scrapped.

Ooops, sorry for the big letters.

Here are her actual Tweets:

As COP25 has officially been moved from Santiago to Madrid I’ll need some help.
It turns out I’ve traveled half around the world, the wrong way:)
Now I need to find a way to cross the Atlantic in November… If anyone could help me find transport I would be so grateful.

Any ideas?

And, speaking of Tweets,  while she likes to Tweet,  she will brook no opposing Tweets.  In another recent news article about her she is considering leaving the Twitter World and Facebook altogether – because they’re not fair to her in allowing criticism of her position on “climate change.”

Again, her words, in a bit of a scolding tone:

The celebrated Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has threatened to quit Facebook if the social media platform refuses to silence her critics.

“I am, like many others, questioning whether I should keep using Facebook or not,” Thunberg wrote in a Facebook post last week. “Allowing hate speech,** the lack of fact-checking and, of course, the issues of interfering with democracy… are among many, many other things that are very upsetting.”

“The constant lies and conspiracy theories about me and countless others, of course, result in hate, death threats and ultimately violence. This could easily be stopped if Facebook wanted to. I find the lack of taking responsibility very disturbing,” she added.

The public has taken to mocking her and impersonating her on Twitter.     And, she says,  Twitter is not protecting her identity.

Sighhhhh….. it’s a busy world out there.   Gotta keep on your toes.



.*  Reported by ABC News,  Bloomberg, and Reuters (UK) —  far leftist media sources.

.**    “Hate Speech”  is any speech  you hate.      (And there oughta be a law against it!)









October 22, 2019

v something


If you know anything about real Vikings,  you’d discover that they are not the marauding oversexed berserkers that television and movies usually portray.

Their culture survived for many centuries, at least four times longer than the U.S. has been in existence!    We have fine examples of their clothing, housing,  literature, even goldsmithing skills:

v sword handle

I’d wear this Viking bracelet!

v id waer it


And how would you like to fasten your plaidie with this beautiful broche!!

v broche

The Vikings even had a kind of proto-democratic organization within their clans.   It was called The Thing . . . all could vote, all had a say in matters of common importance.

V thing

Men, of course, are the interface between family and the outside world, in matters of politics and war.   (Vikings had great love and loyalty to their families, their wives, and to their children.  Do you think they would disregard them during political wrangling and voting and trample all over their wives’ best interests?   No.    Just . . . no.)

Viking men –  men in general, are straightforward, black and white,  right and wrong, let’s-get-the-job-done kind of people.

I like to tell the story of the time my husband and I were sleeping in bed when suddenly I woke up because I heard the sliding glass door of our walk-out basement  slide open.  My husband sleeps the sleep of a self-confident man.   What did I do?  I listened.  I listened more.   I assessed the noises I was hearing…..  Someone  was definitely down   there!

I woke up my husband and apprised him of the situation.   What did he do?  He sat up;  he flew out of bed;  he grabbed a baseball bat from the closet; he sprang forward towards the basement.   

I’m thinking, “Are you nuts?”   “Are you nuts – there’s  a bad guy down there!  You’re only one man!!” 

Well, there wasn’t.    He inspected the whole basement, and its door . . .    I was tiptoeing right behind him.     I guess he was right.  No one there.   And he was kind enough not to ask me if I were nuts!

I got a firsthand view of a man in action (sure, he’s probably a Viking descendant,  but I think this is generally a reaction of men in general)   —

Now,  except for this:

CRYING climate disrupter

That’s a still shot from an Australian video of a grown man who says he’s the father of two (holding their photo in his hands.)  He’s NOT laughing.    He’s sobbing, out loud.   He’s sobbing like my daughter sobbed when she was a little girl – same noises.  He is overcome with the sadness of what his children will face in just a few years:  a ruined world, a dead planet,  oceans overcoming the land;  scorching deserts all over . . . .

The interviewer had to ask him questions while he cried and writhed on the ground.

He is a part of a worldwide movement called the Extinction Rebellion.    Those poor humans don’t want to go extinct and they want everyone to know it.   Those  poor humans disrupt traffic, prevent taxis, truckers, firemen and ambulance from doing their jobs for us.  Those poor humans strap themselves to the tops of airplanes  (as in London recently)  so that  airplanes won’t fly anymore.

I don’t know.  I think they don’t eat meat, which is probably why they cry and sob like children.

The poor man.  The poor, poor man.

Such men may be laughable, pitiable,  gullible, naive, (silly,  dumb) . . .  but those who are promoting them and using them are deadly serious and dangerous — and quite wealthy.

This is not a non sequitur:      You must learn everything about the French Revolution — all the details and developments, because behind the rhetoric and the antics is the spirit of Revolution which seeks to overthrow  elected governments around the world.

And that spirit  (of Revolution)  is rising strongly all over.

I would ask my fellow citizens:  How far is America from 1793?

If there are no Vikings left. . . .


October 12, 2019

(Much information about Christopher Columbus)  – 

First,  I write about Columbus to PUSH BACK against the socialist/progressive project to make white men, to make European countries,  to make the Church, and to make the U.S.A.  somehow ashamed of their past.

SNIPPING Remaining ties

cutting us off from our true past


If they can successfully cut us off from our Past,  then they can re-create a new history and impose a new Present onto us.  — a new Present that serves their own interests, but that doesn’t arise from the people or from their factual history.

Every tribe, clan, ethnic group , country, or nation has always known its history,  its traditions, and  has taken from its past strength and inspiration.   We have always taught our  next generation to know its past and take lessons from it.   Because this common human activity has been assaulted from without,  by “foreigners”  with hostile intentions against us,   praising Christopher Columbus  will sound a little odd.

col ships


Not today, but before our schools were corrupted,   most of us learned about Columbus from our grade school, even high school history books.    children’s books!  Bare bones narrative.   As I grew older and continued to learn,  I was astonished to read more about Columbus, the  man.  Yes, he was a sailor, navigator,   courageous and determined to carry out his big ideas.   His big dream was to find a safe trade route to the Far East   since the M os  lems  had cut off overland trade routes to the Christians.

col galley

Many, many galley slaves on the M  os   lem ships were captured Christians.

Worth repeating:  The Islamic world would not allow trade from the Christian world to exist.   This was crippling the economies of various European regions.   This is why they sponsored explorers to find other ways to get to the Far East.

col not easy     It wasn’t easy!  Monarchs had to be persuaded to give an explorer enough money to equip a successful expedition, to finance ships,  supplies,  and men to sail.

Columbus had trouble getting enough men for his ships because being a sailor was a very dangerous and uncomfortable occupation.   Men (sailors)  had to be obtained any way you can:  bribing, threatening,  kidnapping were not uncommon, and Columbus’s crew included many who were from the dregs of society.  Ne’er-do-wells.  Rebellious and criminal minds.     Ignorant.     Down on their luck.   Immoral.


col chris

Christopher Columbus himself was socially above the men in his crew, though with not much money.      He had a skill,  he had a dream,  and he had faith.   Columbus was above all a devout man,  saying prayers every day,  journaling every day with spiritual remarks, perhaps a daily communicant,  not a perfect personality, but no worse than any other man who had to captain ships and lead men into an unknown adventure.

It was a long, difficult journey with the usual dangers.    It worried the crew that the journey was taking so long, although it’s extremely unlikely that Europeans in general thought the world was flat and that this crew thought they’d  “fall off the edge of the earth.”    You say something like that only if you want to calumniate Europeans and make them sound ridiculous and ignorant.

They came to land.

col map

( Again,  to debunk a common progressive prejudice,  even when I was a child,  no one thought that Columbus was the first and only European to “discover”  America.    I’m Scandinavian –  do you think I wouldn’t know about Leif Erickson, et al.?!!    In addition,  the pre-Columbus westward travels of the large ocean-going ships of the  Mauritanians – from Africa –  the Romans, and even the Chinese were known soon after my childhood.)

What matters is that the timing was right for Columbus’s voyages to spark the admiration and imagination of the Europeans of the early 16th century, when Europe was on the brink of modernism and all the new discoveries which would characterize modern Europe.

col leading

All gave thanks to God for bringing them safely within sight of land.   If you read Columbus’s log books,  you will feel the relief and joy and anticipation and gratitude among the men,  led by Columbus and the priests.

col coming to land

No one who sailed with Columbus would have ever considered leaving God out of any phase of the expedition.  Here they are approaching land.

They met the Caribs,  a naked, disease-ridden,  slave-owning,  superstitious,  cruel, and violent groups of natives who were cannibals.

No, they didn’t know of Christ,  not even in a paradisaical indigenous nature-people sort of way.

No one had ever taught them to not kill babies, to not eat enemies, to not rape the little 12-year-old girls who were kept in special lodges, to place faith in God and not in superstitious sacrifices of human beings, and to be kind to each other.

(Please explore this further in the life of Juan Diego, who lived just ten or so years after Columbus’s last voyage …  see what a difference the Catholic missionaries had made among the “natives.”)

Columbus made four voyages to the  New World.   Although Columbus himself remained honorable, a good Christian gentleman,  his crew were low-class men with criminal behavior.   They tried to take any advantage they could of the natives they met.  Columbus had some flogged and he had others hung,  in an attempt to keep order and rein in the sinful tendencies of such men.

He had  hundreds of  avaricious, rebellious men among his crew.     That he  was not murdered by some of his own crew and that he could keep some order at all testifies to his manly authority, justice,  wisdom,  and perhaps the protection of God.

Do celebrate Columbus Day weekend – with more, perhaps,  than taking advantage of good sales!




The modern myth of the evil Columbus has grown and grown into a kind of accepted catechism about the man.  For example,a poster that summarizes the lies:

col lies

What answer do you have to such a poster?     You are NOT defenseless!

“your people, our people”   — a divisive phrase, also implying that the  “natives’  knew the concept of ownership of land, as well as the development of land for the betterment of society.   The “land”  was plenty big enough for all, especially since the population of the Carib Indians was on a steep decline when Columbus got there.

“with open arms”  —  not sure what “open arms”  would have looked like,  other than a desire to help bring the Carib Indians out of squalor, disease, and violence.

“bibles,  guns, and diseases”    –    all three lumped together to imply equal evils.    Does the writer of this poster know about the diseases that the (fornicating)  crew brought back to Europe?   (Yes,  th ekind of syphilis brought back to Europe is genetically different from the milder form already existing in Europe).

“killed us with your guns and diseases” —  And the Caribs and the Aztecs and Mayans killed many Europeans, torture, spears,  arrows,  and human sacrifice.

“arrogance of calling us godless savages”  —   Savage:  Of the woods (silvan), wild, untamed,indomitable, strange, undomesticated.  Only in the past couple of decades has the word been hijacked and taken to mean an insult.

The word savage was a descriptive word, no arrogance involved.








September 26, 2019

Once, an educated young man would learn the contents and meaning of Dante’s Inferno and its nine circles of Hell.

dante liars hell

The eighth circle is for liars, etc.    It’s good to know what dangers lie ahead for you , when you die,  so you can work to avoid them now.   Hell is forever.

People,  human beings, in the modern world are endangered from sheer ignorance.



If you know some Spanish,  you might be familiar with the “word of the day” –  mendacious.   It’s making deliberately false statement;  lying on purpose;  or more softly put,  “not telling the truth.”

So here is the big lie the American public is supposed to believe:   “President Trump called the leader of the Ukraine, Zelensky,  and pressured him with threats of withholding financial aid that is rightfully theirs if Zelensky doesn’t begin an investigation into Joe Biden to help Trump win the 2020 election.”

Boom!   There it is, with slight variations.   They are  allowed to say this on radio and television not only without any objection,  but also,  I’ve heard commonly,   the false statement is followed by one, two, three, four or more comments from  people who are “outraged”   by the evil corruption of President Trump.

Democrats are running amok with mendacity.

Straight out of the playbook of Saul Alinsky and Joseph Goebbels.   Tell a lie big enough, often enough, and eventually people will accept it as truth.

Do you really want America to be “transformed” in that way, with the methods used by the Barack Hussein person who first announced his plan to transform America?

Each phrase of that statement of Trump’s evil deeds can be easily refuted with the facts that have been attested to by all the involved parties, including a transcript of the phone call targeted by the Democrats.   Each phrase!     None of these deeds were even discussed in that phone call.

Politicians and Liars

Dante 8th

The appointed  unnamed “whistleblower” himself admits under oath that he never heard the conversation he blew the whistle on,   he doesn’t know what was in the phone call,  and now his identity has been revealed as a rabid anti- Trump operative who has worked before in fabricating scandals about President Trump — who was also placed in the intelligence community close to the White House in order to be able to spy on the president . . .  watching for anything that can be manipulated into a scandal.

He is yet another  anti-Trump plant.

The Democrats know the transcript doesn’t support their accusations, of course, which is why they have to cast doubt on the transcript,  but that’s not surprising.

People are getting so angry at being lied to.     After feeling angry and helpless for a while, it’s good to move on to action;  a push-back of some kind, according to your abilities and opportunities.

Make noise!  Tell people!   Inform people!  Write letters to . ..   newspapers?  local television personalities?     to your senators and congressmen?   All disseminators of lies.



McGuire,  the new national security advisor   was reported (especially by CNN) to have resigned suddenly,  disgusted with the White House, and unhappy that he is not being allowed to speak the truth freely.    That was a several-hour long news cycle, complete with all kinds of details to flesh out the reason for the resignation.

McGuire was just one more evidence of the chaos around Trump and his amateurish inability to run a government, as well as his dictatorial ruling style.

Looked pretty bad — until McGuire himself got on the camera and said, Hey, no!  I didn’t resign.    I like this job.    I’m not a quitter.   I’ve never quit any job I’ve had.   And he goes on to say that Trump is good to work with and they get along well.

And –– zwoop! ––  CNN found another black hole to make their story disappear into.

I love it the time all the news media reported that Trump couldn’t be any less interested in the problems of a certain part of the world, couldn’t even be bothered to visit our troops stationed in that place,  and he was not there now:

Media Trump did not visit

I remember being astonished and amused when the next day the media published this photo of Trump visiting the troops (where he was reported not to be).    No correction of their previous stories.


Furthering the Trump fable.

I’ve got so many stories, photos, and video clips of media stories that have turned out to belies that they’re cluttering up my computer.   You can collect your own set of media lies.  Just even keep a mental list of them.

And watch for those political candidates for our presidency to repeat the lies they hear — as though they knew the truth.

“By any means”  –  win by any means possible,  by any means necessary;  anything in order to progressively advance the Revolution.

What’s at stake here?     There have always been liars  – and politicians – of course.  But what we have here is a culture of acceptable lying, from movies and videos creating a false world for us to entertain us, to all the false information we have forming our society from the media . . .

This lying permeates the whole culture.

CNN opinion piece


How bad can it get?  Is it about as bad as it can get?   Is this the end of our society?  our civilization?

The Bible kind of indicates that this is a sign of coming destruction:  In the little second book of Thessalonians, chapter 2, is this verse,  (KJV)  –   “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:  That they all might be damned who believed not the truth,  . . .”

Yep.   The world seems aflame with lies today.

End Time Globe


“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to . . .”    You’d better know how to finish that statement!!!!



September 25, 2019

Behind the scenes.     You should know.

Two phone calls to the Ukraine:

phone ringing 90x70

One:     Someone (unnamed) became a “whistleblower”  when he reported (to the media)   that someone else (unnamed)  told him that he found out from someone (unnamed) who had heard a phone conversation between President Trump and Zelensky,  the Ukrainian ‘president’ ,  in which President Trump talked about possible illegal activities  being done in the Ukraine by an American citizen  (among other topics of conversation).

(“You got a problem with one of our citizens?  I want to know about it.”)

The unnamed people involved assert that Trump  might have talked about Hunter Biden, and he might have put pressure on the Ukrainian government to prosecute the matter.  Furthermore,   these unnamed sources say that Trump could have threatened to withhold money from the Ukraine if they didn’t do so.

And then it was admitted by some unnamed sources that they never actually heard the phone conversation, they don’t know what was talked about.

But IF  this is true, the Democratic-entertainment-news-media reports,  then that could be an impeachable offense.    IF Trump said this.    IF Trump threatened that.   IF Hunter Biden was targeted for political reasons.    IF, when the phone call was made Trump could foresee into the future that Joe Biden would be a candidate for president in the next election . . .  IF Trump knew that ahead of time, then Biden would be a political opponent.

Upon that basis of “might haves”  and “IFs” the Democrats and the Democratic-entertainment news-media are running amok,  declaring that they are going to start an  “impeachment inquiry.”

Start an inquiry?    Do they count on the America public to forget that on Day One of President Trump’s taking office  70  (seventy) Congressional elected officials already  began an inquiry into impeachment — on the basis that they didn’t win the election and they don’t like President Trump.

(Not an impeachable offense, to be disliked by the Democrats.)

The “impeachment inquiry” announced by Nancy Pelosi is not news.    They’ve been doing this during the whole Trump presidency.

Newspaper readers and television watchers are bring told this is a big new development.     And they’re serious about it!

People running amok don’t  do rational things, nor do they think through the consequences of their statements and actions.   They have demanded that a transcript of the phone call be released   so they can be sure.  Only they don’t really care about the transcript, do they.   They already started their new inquiry one day before the transcript is supposed to be released.

No,   the media reporting about what some unnamed sources have said might have happened was enough for them to spend out taxpayer dollars and waste time on an inquiry into something that isn’t even illegal.   Oh,  unless IF they find something out during their inquiry.

Well, good.  Let them spend their time in Congress pursuing meaningless projects and keep their hands off American laws.

phone ringing 90x70

Two:      How about another phone call to the Ukraine,  this time by Joe Biden – when he was Vice President of the United States!   During the administration of the Barack Hussein person,  Joe Biden used his high position in US government to get his two sons into positions of power and influence (lucrative positions)  in the Ukraine and in Red China.    

Hunter Biden was given a position in a crucial energy company that operates within the Ukraine, where he proceeded to amass huge personal wealth and mismanage the administration of this energy company, to the point where his corruption was noticed even by the Ukrainians and the Russians.

(I do remember reading about this several years ago, independent news sources.)

They began a formal investigation into Hunter Biden’s activities.   A special prosecutor, an attorney general was assigned to the task.

At this point,  Joe Biden made his phone call to the Ukrainian government.  We have his account of this phone on video!!!!!   In his own voice,  he seems to be boasting about his power to threaten that government unless they stopped the investigation and fired the prosecuting attorney. 

Fire him – or else.   Or else 4 billion dollars of funding would be immediately withdrawn.  Then Biden says he told the Ukrainian government that “If you don’t believe I can do that, check with the president.  He’ll back me up.”

This is one of the several shady Ukrainian deals that the Barack Hussein person was aware of an involved in, in some way.   Democrats in power see to run amok among foreign governments too.    Remember how the legally elected pesident of the Ukraine got overthrown?   Remember Arab “Spring”?

IN HIS OWN WORDS,  Joe Biden reported that he, himself, put pressure on the Ukrainian government on behalf of his son, Hunter Biden,  during an infamous and politically illegal phone call.

No ifs, ands, or buts.

So the Democrats in Congress are investigating . . . . President Trump.


informastion newsboy

So there’s some information you can use today . . . .


September 12, 2019

(Pardon the slightly scatological title of this post, but it seems ,. . .  appropriate.)
They say it is easier for a man to be good and virtuous when the society he lives in is good and virtuous.

On the other hand, it is very hard for a man to be good if his society is not good.  When society is allowed to become corrupted and wicked, a man will have a difficult time living the way God wants him to live.

And it’s tricky.   We live and breathe in the society we are born into and can hardly discern how much is okay, how much to just let go,  or how much to fight against.  The good and the bad are all mixed together.

So we often support the bad when we’re trying to do good:

WHOLE foods

According to a news article I read sometime in these past weeks,  these men were sponsored by the Whole Foods corporation to mingle with touch molest influence  read to  these children.

Apparently there is a robust, militant movement with many branches endeavoring to put these men among our children:


This is usually done in the context of library children’s story hours — thereby corrupting another institution that parents used  to be able to trust.     Whole Foods, unfortunately is backing this movement.

What are parents doing?    Some parents and some churches have gotten into legal trouble protesting this development.

If these men are someone’s idea of “women” entrusted with our children, there are plenty of reasons why this is so.


The Church, as an institution has been broken.  So weak is the voice of the Church that we can scarcely remember a time when it was a force for moral uprightness and promoted the goodness and safety of families and society.    Indeed,  my guess is that most Americans, most people in formerly Christian nations,  don’t even believe that the Church has anything to say about modern society.

Why should it when this has become a popular logo for “Woman” in Church publications:

Woman icon

Yeah — that agenda-driven ideologically correct image would inspire reverence for Our Lady      . . .     (<<not>>)

Mary sweet

.   .  .   that is, the sweet and holy mother of Jesus, whom the Bible says “…all generations shall call me blessed…”   and whom Jesus Himself on His cross gave her to all of us to be our spiritual mother —  pointing us upward, to Heaven.



If you are a Protestant or a member of the New Version of the Catholic Church, you may not be sensitive to the use of the Virgin for social justice and diversity issues,  but you probably are somewhat aware that the Church is in deep trouble.

Two popes?

POPE Dossier

One of them an avowed communist/socialist (receiving an unfortunate gift)  —

POPE Hammer n Sicle Cross

hammer and sickle cross

Who will sort all this out?   The pope whose chest shares space with the sodomites?

POPE Cross rainbow

God  will.  God can sort all  this out,  but it won’t be pretty if He has to do it.

The public face of the Church is being used by decidedly anti-Christian people whose agenda includes the overthrow of Western civilization  and all its values.    They’d better be very careful there because what takes its place is a murderous,  violent,  oppressive situation where “might makes right”  and the Jackboots come out.

(see Venezuela, for instance)

It is the inevitable result of the overall corruption of the morals of an existing society, usually accomplished one person at a time, one child at a time.   Each person,  each child being “nice”  and “passive:  during the changes.


Of course,  each of us has the responsibility to make our society good — not “better,  but good, where goodness is rewarded, recognized, and flourishes —  and then society must also be made virtuous.  Again,  that is our own doing.

“Goodness,”  “virtuous”;  these are qualities that are objective and philosophically real;  they’re not just a matter of opinion, free choice, or “in the eye of the beholder.”     But like the young lady cashier at Whole Foods yesterday, we too —

SNIPPING Remaining ties

— have been cut off from Western Civilization’s education

I think — I think possibly there are things we can do to heal our country but it will take study, learning, hard work, and courage.

Now what do I do about getting my watercress supply from Whole Foods?!


September 11, 2019

I did promise to tell you about my Whole Foods 9-11 experience.

Last time I had made short, quick allusions to our loss of freedom and privacy after the mysterious Pat ri ot  Act was signed.  Although this had dire, and I hope not fatal, consequences for our nation as a republic, I ended on the most optimistic note I could honestly write.  I said:

We might could change all that.  We might could return to American values and make this nation strong again – and not just economically,  but strong in every way.    We’d have to re-learn what our grandparents and great-grandparents knew and worked for.    We might could become a truly sovereign nation again,  determining our own laws and creating our own culture. 



I do shop at Whole Foods once in a while.  It’s the best place to buy watercress – and I eat a lot of that!   It’s a fun store to look around in, and the people who work there are extremely pleasant.  I think they’re “true believers”  in a healthy food lifestyle.

But corporate.  I know that.

Amazon partnered with Whole Foods,  offering to customers further discounts on your foods if you only “connected”  your new Whole Foods purchase with Amazon, an even bigger corporation.

So, most of the cashiers at our Whole Foods are very young, and since this is a Big Ten university town, many are students.  My last cashier was a very pretty,  very young lady who was doing her best to learn how to use the cash register.     That was okay.  It gave us a pleasant  time to talk a little bit.

Amazon logo

She asked the inevitable question:  “Are you a member of Amazon Prime?”

“Yes.   But I’m not connected.”

“Oh, it’s easy, ”  she said.  “All you have to do . . .”    et cetera.   I told her I do understand how, I just don’t want to be connected.

She looked a little baffled, but I told her I’d like to keep as low a digital footprint as I can.

Then she brightened up and said, “Oh, I’m taking a class about that right now!  It’s all about how we can lose our privacy in this digital world!”

“Every time you get an app or use an app . . .”

“I know – you give up some of your privacy.”

I thought,  great!   They’re finally teaching kids the dangers of having our identity out there in the digital world where we not only lose our privacy but can be easily categorized into demographic groups and approved of or disapproved of by whoever our Rulers are.    Corporate  Rulers.

We chatted some more.    And then as she finished packing my bag, she said again,

“So, all you have to do is give me your cell phone number and I can get you connected to your Amazon account for that discount.”

I suppose my jaw dropped a little bit.  I thought we had been on the same wavelength,  the same understanding about —  well, at least good reasons for not willingly connecting  our activity from one corporation to another.      It had sounded like she understood the reasons.     Maybe she was even learning the implications and dangers in her class; things like that.

When I was in grad school at this same university, from what I observed ( many years ago)  about 100% of the faculty and staff in my department, in some others, and in the administration were all on the Far Left.  Socialists and globalists.  And they were rather militant about it.

So what kind of class would they now be offering to teach young adults about corporate global-socialism?   (See Revelation 13 in the Bible)

Well, looking at this young cashier at Whole Foods,  I think you’d  call a class like that: Lip Service.       (Make it seem like you’re addressing the problems of the day.)

She is not going to be one of those who will  rise up and defend the American way of life.

SNIPPING Remaining ties

being cut off from our past

She’s not going to learn what earlier Americans knew about our country and what it took to defend  and guarantee our freedoms.    She’s not going to be taught about the underlying philosophical structure of our Constitution, and where those ideas came from and how vital they are to us.     She is totally cut off from American history.

I know.   I was teaching during the years when they removed all that from American schools.


Government educational institutions, for training and indoctrination,  paid for by the very taxpayers they are overturning.


American citizens have a lot of hard work to do in order to reclaim that which was taken from us.    One by one,  each of us.  Self-educate.  Inform.  Act, somehow.

(Is that ending on a positive note?)

Flag don't tread





September 11, 2019

9-11-19  is a palindrome.      They happen several times a century, but I heard that this is the last one for this century.  Can hardly believe that.


I can put my “Buffalo Days”  behind me now, I think.  (Might be jumping the g  u  n   here,  but  I am noticeably better and have confidence it  will last all day today.)

Why “buffalo”?    They are some of God’s strongest creatures.   Long shaggy hair of various thicknesses depending upon the season of the year; perfectly adapted to their environment for many, many, countless thousands of years.

Powerful legs that can produce great speeds.  You cannot outrun a charging buffalo.  Want to feel up close and personal to a herd of buffalo?    That then stampedes?   Read The Oregon Trail by Francis Parkman for the feel of an eyewitness experience by a very good writer.   Buffalo  should be able to outrun danger.

And then their chests –  broad, barrel-shaped place of pure brawn; rumbling, resonating vibrations, grumbles, roars, snorts, like a menacing machine; at the ready   all indicating massive power . . .

And yet –  they too are vulnerable to  the vicissitudes of life.   Floods.   Blizzards.   Sickness.    Even they can be overcome.

They can , like us, be overcome by Time.   Here are some 14,000 year old bison (buffalo)  carved into the clay sides of a recently discovered cave.  *

BUFF 14000

The artisans tool marks can be seen, fine and precise.   The buffalo that were the models for these clay figures lived during what we call the last Ice Age.  They passed through near extinction event earth catastrophes, and emerged after the comet collisions,  a sun micro-nova, the Younger Dryas Boundary geological changes,  a refreeze,  then a sudden catastrophic “warming” – worldwide flooding . . .  they emerged slightly different and smaller.

Their first world disappeared.    A good analogy:    Our successive worlds and civilizations change and pass away.    September 11th finds the USA in the process of devolving – probably.   Historical sciences tell us that the average age of a republic is 200 years.   Our nation has passed that lifespan and still exists,   in a way.

But not if we’re vigilant.    “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance,”   our Founding Fathers repeated to us in their writings.     But the biggest manifestation of a dissolving, devolving republic came on that September 11, 2001.

(I’m not talking about American citizens who showed themselves to be good and courageous and self-sacrificing, going all out to help others nearby.   Americans are by    and large good and generous.    But it’s the Rulers above us that can bring down catastrophe on our republic.)

We are good, as individuals, but we are also naive and trusting, with a fatal Bias to the Normal.   We seem to let things be done to us.

Although The New York Times tweeted today that “the airplanes did it,”   we all know who was responsible.   Someone analyzed America’s response to the  (Is – la – mic) attack and saw that from about 2001 to 2003 our response was vigorous, directed, and purposeful,  but then powerful forces behind the scenes put those 18 months to an end.

“Powerful, behind-the-scenes forces.”    By 2004,  an (Is- la – mic)  flag was proudly placed over the vacant space where the Towers stood.   Yeah.   Victory!  Victory over those Towers and everything they represented.   American citizens protested, but they didn’t have a public voice and they didn’t have the power to stop this blatant victory symbol, no matter how our enemies dressed it up as respect or  “homage” – or whatever.

Placing your flag over some territory means you own it.

That’s symbolic.  What is much more of a new mighty force in our country is the so-called Pat-ri-ot Act.    Signed within a couple months after 9-11.   Have you ever heard of the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch of our government working that fast?  And yet we are supposed to believe they created a multiple-thousand page set of comprehensive  laws and regulations, touching nearly all aspects of American life,  in such a short time.

No.  The president was handed these thousands of pages that were pre-written several years before,  under the administration of Bill Clinton and his global handlers.   Every time you turned around you noticed another loss of freedom for our citizens,  and the losses of freedom were accompanied by lies, cover-ups,  denials of evidence, and whatever else it took to keep the Americans compliant with a new kind of legislation.

Keep it quiet.  Do it quietly,  and with the passing of a few years, we’ll have a young adult generation who  have never experienced privacy and freedom and a sense of self-determination.

We seem to be letting anything happen to us if it’s justified by the word “safety.”

I’m going to repeat this for those very, very young adults in case they haven’t heard or realized the implications of this:    “If you give up freedom to gain a little safety,  you will end up with neither.”

Spoken by people who have experienced just that.


We might could change all that.  We might could return to American values and make this nation strong again – and not just economically,  but strong in every way.    We’d have to re-learn what our grandparents and great-grandparents knew and worked for.    We might could become a truly sovereign nation again,  determining our own laws and creating our own culture.

Omigosh.   That would take so much work!   So much reading and true education.   That would take so much strength!

Like a buffalo.

Next short post about a relevant Whole Foods experience……



. *  Bull and Cow Bison found in the Le Tuc d’Audoubert cave, Ariege,  France.   Estimated 13,500 – 15,000 years ago.

PART 2 – G. UN . S according to the Left

August 7, 2019

(What you should know about Gun Control –  skip down to the Red)

(If you love your country, if you love Freedom, it takes a little of our time to learn the foundations of your Freedom.  )


The entertainment-news media which broadcasts onto your television, radio, “music,”  and social media routinely tells us that America is the most gun violent nation in the world.   You buy that?      They cite the “Langford  Study.”   Anyone check into what that study” is?

Nah, it’s one of those things that we accept.  “An authority is cited, so  let’s hear what it has to say.”    Especially because it supports the cause of extreme gun regulation,  gun control, and gun confiscation advocated by the Leftists.

The Langford study declares their findings,  that the United States is the most violent nation when it comes to guns.     And yet —  that’s not true.   By worldwide statistics,  the United States is 62nd in crimes committed with guns.


Extreme gun regulation and even confiscation as some Democrat-Socialist people are calling for,  and now the so-called Red Line Legislation, are all opposed by our Second Amendment.

What did our Founding Fathers know that this current anti-gun-ownership group of people don’t know?    That weapons ownership for the defense of your home, family, property, friends, and village is an un-alienable right.       Sometimes called an inalienable right,  but the Fathers wrote un —  meaning it’s a right that simply can’t be separated (or alienated)  from a human being.

—   Except by a tyrannical government which holds all the governing power in its own hands.    A State that is increasing in tyranny makes rules and regulations which only increase its power.    But, as it should be,  the citizens of the United States have freedoms  because  the State does not hold all the governing power.  That arises from the People.

Change that and you lose Freedom as a guiding principle.

The Second Amendment was created not merely that US citizens could go hunting and find food or defend against home invasion or personal imminent threats,  but it was created mainly so that the citizens can protect themselves against the rise of an  all-powerful governing State which protects itself, not its citizens subjects.

(Is this a good time to say that my Son, along with many others I’m sure,  is NOT PERMITTED to buy health insurance?   He is currently without medical health insurance and must remain so until the Federal Government says it’s okay to purchase insurance.   This is unbelievable to me because I grew up when America was Free for its citizens to live and work in.      I repeat– (because I”m so angry:   The Federal Government will not allow my Son to purchase health insurance.  He is uncovered – until the government says so,which is sometime in October.  I keep thinking he is mistaken.  I keep thinking the insurance agents are mistaken.  )

So what is it that our Founding Fathers knew that our current generation of Extreme Leftists were never taught?   (I’m going to copy some answers):

Let’s start with 384 B.C., a period of time Americans used to know very well.    There was a plan by a man in government named Hippodamus to create a society in which only one class, the upper class, the elites who knew all things better,  would be allowed to bear arms.   Aristotle observed that those classes of society without weapons would become the servants of those who do possess arms.   Aristotle knew and taught that it is in the nature of man,  and not in animals,  to select and use a variety of weapons and that the right to bear arms flows out from the very Nature of Man.

Or else you are a helpless servant of the governing class.

Let’s go across the world to a non-Western area, in the year 124 B.C.    The Chinese Emperor Han, dealing with the issue of gun control,  rejected  a petition by his chief chancellor to take arms away from the people.   Han said no because “When the Ancients made the five kinds of weapons, it was not for the purpose of killing each other, but to prevent tyranny and to punish evil.  When people lived in peace, these weapons are used to control fierce animals.  In military affairs then these weapons were used to set up defense and form battle arrays.”

Back to the West,   Rome,106 B.C.,  Cicero wrote on the natural Right of Man to be able to defend himself and all that is his:    “There exists a law, not written down, but inborn in our hearts which comes to us . . .  not from theory or practice, but by natural intuition.  I refer to the law which lays it down that if our lives are endangered by plots or violence or armed robbers or enemies, then any and every method of protecting ourselves is morally right.   Weapons reduce (these threats) to silence.)       . . . 

“Civilized people, Cicero continues,  are taught by logic, barbarians by necessity,  communities by tradition, wild beasts by instinct and nature.   They all learn that they have to defend their own bodies and persons and lives from violence of every kind by all means within their power.”

I’m skipping some brilliant men from our Western Tradition,  all of which were well-known by our educated Founding Fathers,  but we can move on to 43 B.C.,  Ovid, states: “The Law allows arms to be taken against an armed foe.”

Jesus,  on sending His disciples out into the world:   “It’s different now.   Whoever has a purse better take it with him.   And if he has no sword,  let him sell his cloak to buy one   . . . “

England at the time of the American colonies:  It was part of British Common Law to require all British subjects “to keep and bear arms for the security of the nation.”   (As tyrannical as we Americans are taught to think that King George was,   he was still no Socialist.)

The Socialist/Progressive propaganda would like us to believe that the Second Amendment refers only to a government disprove formal militia.    But all of the Founding Fathers disagree with this restrictive interpretation.   George Mason in 1788:  “Who are the militia?   They consist now of the whole people.”

That’s rather clear.

America spit and sputtered along in its history, trying to get it right.  We eventually improved but look what happened along the way:     In the Southern states,  no  “Black person”  was allowed to carry a gun or other offensive weapon on his master’s estate. In North Carolina,  a Democrat run state:   No free “Black person”, mulatto, or free person of color shall wear or carry about his person . . . (any arms).

In 1920 Democrat laws of Southern States also ruled against allowing Mexicans to carry guns.

In 1968, Democrat-run Congress passed a Gun Control Act.    The basis for this Act, its intention and phraseology,   was stated to be the 1938 German gun-control law used to disarm the Jews.  

(For what purpose?)

Today,   The Gun Control drumbeat is becoming louder and louder,  in spite of the commonsense knowledge that criminals will always have guns, despite any laws that can be passed against innocent citizens owning guns.  

Oh, yes,  this so-called Red Line Gun Control legislation?  Be very careful.     If there is any person in your family who has been identified with psychological issues,  your whole family can’t own a gun.      Now, who gets to decide what these mental health problems are?   Who decides who has a mental health issue?     If you are suspected of being  (something)phobic?   If you homeschool?    If you stock up on food and supplies in case of future hardships?

Even the most well-meaning panel of experts can and will become increasingly influenced by someone’s  ideology and propaganda.

The current ideology we have to guard against is Liberal/Leftist/ Socialist/Progressive/ Democrat-Socialist ideology.   Beware this subtle and pervasive Cultural Marxism.   It’s end game is the power of Stalin, Hitler, Chavez, Pol Pot, et al.









August 6, 2019

Yeah.  Sorry to be paranoid today, but  I’m watching out for the snoop bots:


Also known as Spider Bots,  little pieces of software that roam cyberspace looking for trigger words that will report back to our Elite Censorship Bureau . . . .   So,  sorry for all the weird spellings.    I’ll have a word list for you two posts from now, I think.


So,   this little piece needs to be sandwiched between Parts 1 and 2 that I started last night.     The  “Eff Bee Eye,”   our esteemed and respected go vrenment investigative organization operates under federal law.   Specifically:

 Threatening a US Gov’t official is a felony under federal law:

  • Threatening the President of the United States is a felony under     18  U.S.C. §  871, punishable by up to 5 years of imprisonment, and is investigated by the Secret Service.
  • Threatening other U.S. government officials, such as Sen. McConnell, is a Class C or D felony, usually carrying maximum penalties of 5 or 10 years under 18  U.S.C.  §  875,  18 U.S.C.  §   876 and other statutes. Such threats are investigated by the F. . .

(     . . .  by the Eff Bee Eye)


I know the heads of this organization are as corrupt as can be.    They are political appointees (we apon ized) against Conservatives, as we have seen by their unequal application of the law in the past couple of years and their collusion with CNN.

But those laws cited above are for real.   And we have a use for them, once again:

Mitch McConnell is  a (Republican)  US Senator.  He recently experience a fall and broke his shoulder.    Recovering at home in Louisville KY;  still sore, I imagine, and vulnerable.   Remember the Tom Arnold threat I wrote about in the last post?   The threats from the Left against either Republicans or Conservatives just don’t stop.

I’m going to put up here only two of the new threats:   (  I’ll leave the  cite in here for those of you on Twitter ):

A woman is on Facebook Live, outside of Senator McConnell’s home in Louisville, saying she hopes someone “just stabs the mother f*cker in the heart, please.#KYSen


Kentuckian Ben Goldey, who is Capitol Hill’s Communications Director, tweeted this video of the protest, in which the voice of a man is heard saying (0:24 mark): “Hopefully” somebody will use a “voodoo doll” on McConnell.

Now,  one commenter after this article wrote that he had read the latest book “by”  Mrs.  Bill Clinton;  and in her book he recalls that she described how she used voodoo against some of her political enemies.

voodoo hanging



(Usually that’s the head of our president that is hanging from the hand of a Leftist celebrity.     How many times have we seen that!)


I’m always astonished when I read of the many instances of occult practices among the Leftist elites . . . .   And yet —  maybe I shouldn’t be.    Remember seeing the 2008 (or 2012)  Democratic Presidential Convention in which the name of God was booed by all the delegates?   The television cameras showed it.   As GK Chesterton wrote:

“When a man stops believing in God, he doesn’t believe in nothing anymore,  he believes in anything!”

This is because “worship”  is an integral part of being a human being.   Animals don’t worship.   (Your dog  might adore you,  but that’s different.)     People worship because that’s the way they are made up, and something will take the place of the man’s own Creator if that man doesn’t want to think about his own Creator.

Ideas can be “worshiped,” even false ideas;  an  ideology can be devoutly worshiped or anyone who represents that ideology;  and idols can be worshiped,  in the form of material goods, a bank account,  or even unseen entities that get us into the occult world.

So maybe that Twitter who recommended the use of voodoo is not so unusual at all.


Okay,  this is becoming  an undisciplined ramble right now  —   I was up most of the night guarding my house from a hungry raccoon and a mouse —    but there is one final question:

Do you think our esteemed investigative feds will look into these threats?   Do you think they’re there to protect us?   Anymore?  

M.  I.  A.