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WETWARE DENIED (speculation)

August 2, 2017

“Wetware.”      That’s you.  And me.

It’s a derogatory and condescending term for humans in their relationship to  computer intelligence.  Not just in science fiction,  but tech experts in real life suspect we do not have the advantage when it comes to entering the Cyber World,  not even when we are just using our computers for trivial  web surfing or Facebook.    (More about that in the next post.)

It’s  Wetware versus Software.   Well,  “Software”  versus Wetware, because for a long time – and several decades is a “long time”  for humans —  for a long time we didn’t even know there was a “versus”  going on.

We thought we were in control.  Look how much we’ve achieved!!!!    —

Here is a closeup photo of Pluto –

Pluto early mornng

That’s from our New Horizons space ship  (space probe) flying over the early morning side of Pluto.

Close-up of the topography on  Pluto:

Pluto contrast


Daytime on  Pluto:

Pluto by day

Pluto is so far away  that you can’t see it  from Earth.    Not even with your backyard telescope.     From Earth’s  largest telescopes it looks like a distant and tiny “ice” planet.

As the New horizons space probe began to leave,  we can see that there is ice covering a large portion of Pluto.

Pluto Polar

This was only a flyby.  We wont be seeing more new pictures anytime soon.   New Horizons is off and away to the Kuiper Belt, where there is an interesting object that the astronomers want to check out.    It will keep on going then,  and I”d be interested to  know if it could ever leave the heliosphere – there is some doubt –  but I may not be on this planet anymore by the time we find that out.

At least they’re calling Pluto a planet again.   Percival Lowell would be pleased.  (My visit to his observatory,  here.)

Apart from being a fan of Percival Lowell and happy that we’re able to see Pluto,  discovered by his observatory in Arizona,  these photos of Pluto raise  some worrisome questions.

In the 1960s the whole world watched as the Soviet Union and The United States (apparently)  developed space programs,  apparently capable of putting humans into orbit,  and eventually putting men on the moon.  Apparently.

The whole world watched and applauded and felt proud of our apparent travels into space.

The sky’s the limit?  The whole Solar System is our limit!!  Maybe other solar systems!!!

Only – it isn’t.      Suddenly everything came to a halt.   Space travel was dropped.  It’s like the American pioneers in their covered wagons  went as far as the Mississippi River once  — and then never went back again.

The “sky” was not our limit.    400 or 500 miles above earth is our limit.

It seems we can “look”  (with our space probes)  but we cannot “touch.”

And so, why?

Why were the Wetware stopped?

We thought we were in control.