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Lil Ol’ You

January 19, 2017

(Your prayers,  prayers from little ol’ you,  are needed.   You’re not too little;  you faith is not too small.)

I know it’s not January 17th anymore,  but on January 17th the Church’s calendar remembers what happened in France on that date,  in 1871.    There was a tiny village of “Lil Ol’ You’s” that was right in the pathway of the mighty Prussian army  — and they were approaching fast.

People in that threatened village of Pontmain prayed for help.    Little, unnamed, unimportant people with hopeful faith, faith of all sizes, even the skeptical, doubting kind of faith, turned to prayer.

And the region was  also fighting an outbreak  of typhoid fever.    And smallpox.

And then the Prussians advanced on the neighboring village  and overtook it.

And then there was a weird and overwhelming display of the Northern Lights which put everyone on edge.

And then,  on January 17th, there was an earthquake –  and by then the growing sense that their prayers were not really being heard, although the dangers were increasing.

We are familiar today with a growing sense of danger.  We have an Inauguration coming up with determined Leftists making threats of violence, disruption, and . . .  worse, in our nation’s capital.    The President-Elect is in real danger.   And the danger won’t end on Inauguration Day.

By evening of that January 17th the adults were coping as best they could and children were sent out to finish up their chores.     Two of them  were near a barn on their family’s property and happened to look up and see above the barn “a beautiful lady”   dressed in a dark blue robe.    Then two more children came and saw her too.

I like this apparition of Our Lady because she is dressed in a midnight blue clothing, not the the light, holy colors she usually appears in.   The children described her gown as dark blue, covered with a pattern of stars,  and wearing a darker, perhaps black sash.   Imagine! — Our Lady in dark colors!


This is a plaque commemorating the visit on the wall of the actual barn.

The adults who had been praying for Heavenly help for days came – but couldn’t see anything.   They relied on the children to describe the apparition.   Most of the townspeople came out to watch.    They could feel something was happening and they began to pray and sing songs,  liturgical songs of praise.

There are many more lovely details,   but as the story ended,   the “beautiful lady”  allowed a banner to unfurl and words appeared across that banner:    “Pray, my children; God will soon answer your prayers.”

A painting of the scene of the evening of January 17th:


Eleven days later    ( !! )  the Prussians had still not attacked.  They had been stopped. The Prussian general  reported the reason:   “We can not go farther.   Yonder, in the direction of Brittany, there is an invisible Madonna barring the way.”

A small village of very few people had prayed in the face of danger and uncertainty,  and their prayers had been answered in a visible and definite way.    When troubles pile upon troubles,  no person is too small or insignificant to pray – and be heard.   There are not “too few” people to pray for the health and safety of their nation and of their leaders.


This night I was going to post some of the threats made by the enemies of our  Smooth Transition of Power from one president to the next.    I don’t know how successful their malice will be,  but here is a partial list of the threats:

These Leftist extremists call for riots   

They have published job offers, paying up to $2,500 for the day to participants.  (Help Wanted: Offer of $2,500 to Online job postings offering to provide travel expenses, insurance benefits to ‘operatives’)

CHAIN THE TRAINS!     They are forming a strategy to disrupt transportation, to stop DC  Metro trains from moving on Friday –  by the use of chains on the cars

There are multiple plans to stop people from getting into the Inauguration area

They will shut down DC bridges and highways to block access  into the city

Leftists announce their plans to create   “chaos”  to overwhelm security forces.

Leftists have many plans to target Trump supporters.      (Again!     Paid operatives attacked Trump supporters during the political rallies.  I’ve  posted that already, showing threats, punches,  property damage. . .and the Fake News media dutifully blamed Trump supporters. )

HACK ATTACK:    They have plans to take down   whitehouse . gov   on Friday to disrupt communications

Leftists have shut down several  news sites that don’t submit to the liberal mainstream media “news” agenda, some of them having their homepage  show   previous days’  information-  in other words, interfering with current news reporting.

Leftists plan to set off building water sprinklers on inauguration ball attendees

Leftists were video’d  discussing the best ways to spread Butyric acid through air vents into the rooms of Trump supporters at the receptions and balls

They are preaching HOPE HOPE HOPE that Martial Law can be proclaimed before Donald Trump takes the Oath of Office  — and if not,  to cause Martial Law during the Inauguration.

 Several caches of weapons were recently found in the area near Inauguration activities in DC .  Some are admitting   there may be “a massive conspiracy to stop Trump” being planned exposing the desire of Extreme Leftists  to commit acts of  te*    rr *  or.   

Oh,  I think I’ll stop now.   You get the idea.

We are not Pontmain facing the Prussian army,  but there could be danger ahead, either immediate danger for those celebrating the Inauguration or long-term danger developing for all of us,  by the actions of increasing desperation of the anti-American Leftists that are not stopped.


“The price of Freedom is constant Vigilance.”



April 21, 2010

The week following Good Shepherd Sunday always has me feeling a bit quieter inside.     “We are His people, and the sheep of His pasture….”  the psalmist says.    There is a stillness in a safe pasture, peace beside still waters;  the activities and uncertainties  from outside the pasture fall silent when the Shepherd is present.

In keeping with this Sunday’s meditations, I’ve been spending more time just sitting quietly on the back deck.   Godlfish in the pond down there near the edge and turtles drifting nearby.     Squirrels playing up and down the tree trunks.   Birds all over,  up above.   Deer walking slowly through the woods, snapping twigs as they pass.   

Once I put the camera away, and once I get used to the noise that all the critters make,  then I begin to think about the peace and stillness of this place.   And then I wonder what I can hear in that stillness.

I thought of Knock, which I made reference to a couple postings ago.  I asked:  “Remember this place?”   but I  shouldn’t have asked that of many who have never heard of what happened there, a little over a hundred years ago.

So, imagine another “still place” — a faraway place in Knock, Ireland, and some people are walking past their familiar church, going from one place to another, in a quieter, slower age.     There is a fine misty rain coming down, and a feeling of something pending in the air…something holy….something religious.

The  people sense a  light or a glow beneath a gable  of the church.   They walk more closely to the church, and they begin to see some figures there, not against the wall of the church building itself, but at a  litle distance in front of the wall.   They are in white, and being well-versed in their religion and in the knowledge of the people in the Gospels,  the fifteen witnesses recognize the figures.  

Although the tableau was a little off-center, according to the witnesses,  the figures were focused on the Lamb on the Altar, standing in front of a cross.  There were small angel figures, bowing in adoration.  To the side was St. John, with a “Gospel” in his hands, as though ready to teach the Gospel truth about the Lamb of God.   The Virgin Mary was there, and St. Joseph was there, inclining his head slightly, in respect.   

It was an apparition, plain and simple.  It looked and felt heavenly.  But there was no explanation to them , not from any of the figures before them, neither in their ears,  nor in their thoughts.   No words.  The figures appeared in silence and remained silent.

Why?  What does it mean?   Where is the message?   What are we supposed to learn  from this?  What are we supposed to do?   What is the point?   What is the lesson?

The questions themselves shatter the stillness and bring a kind of utilitarian complexity to the event.

And yet, throughout the 130 years afterwards, the apparition draws many millions, and teaches those who can learn in the silence of their hearts.

I may not write about Knock again, not anytime soon, but I think I can say I know how the meaning can begin to come.

The figure that the people recognized as the Mother of the Lamb appeared in a white gown with four flowing folds, graceful and full of dignity.   But it was her hands that they noticed most.  They were extend slightly and about to be folded together in prayer, but they seemed to be reaching out first, to invite all people to prayer, deep prayer, pure, holy, dignified prayer to Our God.  

If ever we can achieve this, we will have also achieved a state of profound stillness in our soul.   This is when we’re ready to learn what the apparition at Knock came to tell.